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Cincinnati Daily Commercial (Newspaper) - March 18, 1861, Cincinnati, OhioSpecial notices. In Hekler a Wilson s sewing machines Wuh new 01m1 foot Aud Hammer Tarrao ted Ith r yearn it wet sum Nee k co., Rahla-3te Pike s opera House. A thin Ger 8 new transverse shuttle 8bw-Jno machine or woj Jamesh Vardon agent few commercial office building Cincinnati Ohio. To Ger a seeing machine alls now known i next and a inv fated in every civilized country in the i London tires. In Mhz l Tea a important to Hout Titan shippers. To the editor of the new York Herald a despatch from in no Lyell Wallace Esq., to resident of the East the Dewesee and Georgia Railroad to w. Mahone Esq., president of the Norfolk and Peter dry Railroad dated. Knoxville 10th inst., Sar a there Are no Tariff olt erection on goods going to Nashville and temp his this Way this May he relied All goods for this Section of the country shipped by the Virginia steamship company s steamers via Norfolk will therefore reach their destination promptly and free from a Tariff obstructions. Cha lbs w. Bib hop agent. No or York March 12, Fusil. Tor . Under this heading see find the following despatch in most of our Kew York Exciton a o a a a. Savannar March 2, 1861. It ital been decided Here that All goods shipped via this port for Tennessee must pay duties Here As tonne see is not one of file Southern confederacy unless the goods were purchased before february 2$, and loaded in the Darael before March 14. To Are authorized by our colty to John a Rohon Esq., to Correct this statement. Duties will not be required on goods passing through this port Aud destined for suites it belonging to the confederated states. Unless instructions to the contrary shall be in coined the Only obligation that will be re re tired is that such goods will in Good Faith daily commercial. Raik ted am f0btihn by d. Potter it co., commercial building. North Easi Corner race and fourth Street. Monday March 18, 18fil. The communication of a Catholic a in reply to the Catholic Telegraph of last week is unavoidably Laid Over until to Morrow. Justice to the lines of and railroads leading through Savannah and other Southern ports a Savannah Republican March 9. It then Eft c Oller Toro new York. Or. Lliam Barney a Tho will undoubtedly Roc Ive the appointment of collector of the venue at this port is a eminently respect motile gentleman personally Mot worthy to the office which he in destined to fill. He is a lawyer by profession of the Arm of Barrio Humphreys k but Fern the Patter a son of the Hon. Benjamin Butler of abolition i get prayer Mewen Gadth Rich go he renown. Or. Barney is also a soil in Law of or Lewis Tappan who was one of tire hardest and most Rol id stones in tie a of original abolitionism and wife probably always bleeps with the latest speech of we Ndell Phil hand his brother started the journal or Commerce under a male k Leaf clock As an abolition Organ and la Nve done wonders in their Way for the a Nigg pts a generally. The new collector is the Optima to Friend of or. Chase the Secretary of Rise Treasury and has let Een the Law agent in new York of or. Lincoln whom he Hia also employed to transact Imai Webb for him in la Lyme. His abolitionism is Black fringed wit red quite philosophical however an not infringing upon the Square proportions of a vigorous intellectual Nunci honorable mind. He wet make run upright and. Outside of politics a popular official Aud if any brain Isable to make sense out of the a confusion worse confounded a of the now Tariff his May be relied on. It is Iti Ost probable How Ever that it will reduce him to a Chron in migraine for which the Only remedy fill Lee its York Herald. A j i a Meed Triumph. Cir Respondence of the n. alb Icv Murch 12, 1861. This morning the Weed party were rejoiced to learn that speaker Littlejohn had been a in tinted Consul to Liverpool. Of course the sky Ion 1 Ittlejohn had been a of course was a congratulated on his Goon Luck and wished Success a dozen time9 Over. He expressed Surprise on learning of the Honor done him remarking that not having been an applicant the appointment was not expected. Cree Ley s friends feel very pore about the matter and Only Hope that there May Lee some mistake. They might As Well make up thedr mind at once to Bear the Load As we have the most indubitable evidence that speaker Littlejohn has received lis or a Litlejohn will take with him to the Mother country the Best wishes of a Large map ritzy of All parties for notwithstanding the a Ariev of opinions concerning his political Dorr Sec he is personally n very popular Man and the Ablest presiding officer the Assembly has had for Many years. A missing Steamer. Considerable anxiety exists in relation to the safety of the Iron a Crew Steamer australian which left fee Aston Ireland for new York on the 17th of february and has not been heard from since. She is built either for sail or team and it is argued thit her Long passage May love resulted from her having to come under sail in consequence of iome Accident to Ber machinery. Am far As we have been enabled to learn she lad about fifty passengers on Board which with the Crew would make a total of about 150 persons. She Liada moderate freight and Eliout $55,000 in specie an Board. The vessel is owned by Burfe k Mclver of Glasgow and she is commanded by Captain e. Hockley. J 8 _ Thi Tariff trouble of the rebel states bids fair to undermine their Sham Union. The port Sumter. It is not certainly known that an order has been issued for the evacuation of this Post though no doubt is entertained that it will be done this week. There is a Rumor that an Der Hon will not be permitted to leave the fort unless As a prisoner of War. If this should be the Case there would be other a military necessities rapidly developed. Fort Pickens. There Are contradictory reports concerning a collision at this Point. It is not believed that hostilities have commenced but there is certainly some reason to apprehend most serious difficulty and that speedily. This fort can be reinforced and there Are ships of War hovering in the Vicinity with troops aboard. There is no occasion for a a military necessity in this the senatorial question. Since the Ca Cusing on the senatorial question at Columbus it is More than Ever apparent that the Hon. John so Kirman is the Man who should be elected senator. We do not entertain a doubt but he is the first Choice of the masses of republicans throughout the state. As he was the Foremost Man the friends of each of the other candidates were anxious to have him out of the Way. He was withdrawn for a time and the caucus found itself no neater the end of its labors than before. Those who could prevent his nomination could not nominate anybody. Now lie is again a candidate and when the caucus meets we Hope that Mere geographical and personal considerations. May be repressed and that the Man w to is so decidedly indicated by Public sentiment As the Man to represent Ohio in the Senate May be chosen without delay. We have much respect for several gentlemen whose names Are before the caucus and it is no disparagement of any of them to say that the emphatic popular voice for or. Sherman is justified by the High and distinguished qualities of the Man. As for Southern Ohio requiring the senator that is a Mere Dodge of the politicians. Geographical qualifications for such a position As that of senator Are properly regarded with contempt. The opposition that comes from Northern Ohio by those who announce themselves friends of or. Wade is so entirely uncalled for that men who look to the fitness of things can hardly regard it with patience. Nothing More Likely to damage or. Wade than the course of his friends in this matter could have been undertaken by them. If or. Sherman is Defeated by their management now Throat cutting Xinjie will come again. The military policy of Jeff. Davis Why he May attack Washington his Opportunity a the possibilities of peace. Improbable As it May appear there is reason to believe to fact the president of the Confederate states a a entertaining the idea of taking Possession of Washington City and is preparing a formidable to military Force with a View to an expedition having that purpose. The Southern press abounds with threats and insinuations to this effect. Davis himself has repeatedly Given Strong suggestions of such a design and those who know him know that he would be exceedingly glad to drive hi6 personal enemy Gen. Scott out of the District of Columbia. It is very possible that he greatly overrated his Power but it would be unwise in us to underrate it or fail to understand the advantages of Bis position. He is the military dictator of seven states and All the slave states Are full of sympathisers with him. The machinery of his government works in silence and Secre eve. He knows All that transpires at Wash correspondent of the Baltimore american sufi the Tariff and Here is a Bone of Contention for the future of the confederacy As veil As the present excite no Little of Public attention. Georgia Mut havea Tarins so must Louisiana and so must Alabama. All three Are manufacturing states and must have Protection. South Carol a Texas Missi Sij and Florida will not agree to it. The Ngi will be conducted on Tifni same Broad principle As in the Widen time. It will rack the new confederacy As i did the old and there will coma another Prospect Tor pacify Catlon. The heart of the lire Union will beat More freely from the effect of the news in cur dispatches to Daf. They Are most Hap indicative of pacification. A messenger bearing general love said that the Garri Foh Sumter by monday a Islip Persat Washington Crawford have received High sources of the r. Lincoln s adminis Mke no present official it it a Ait the action of .<0u. Jour. I the in Pill indicative of pacification. A Messing i passed through Kaj Eijah yesterday bearing dispatches to major Anderson and Genera to it Cott is reported to 1 Bon will be out of a the bout Hern com messes. Forsyth and Euch assurances Fri Pacific intentions o ration that they Wil demand for the forts the lady Franklin who sailed lately from new York for san Francisco has arrived at this port. In letter to or. Henry Grinnel written the Day after her arrival she expresses the greatest grit ii nation with her voyage her kind reception or the authorities at the ports where they touched and the Pasage Mas Quot through the Straits of Magellan. She was to proceed immediately to the Interior of California on a visit to tie Bishop and after a journey through the interesting portions of he a Gold country a will sail again for new lot Eiml a a. York on her return tote Nolan the Richmond of the weekly Otar published at Morgan Tow a va., who presumes to be Well a Aeq United with the people of the North West says in a recent letter referring to the course of or. Hall of Wetell. A Judas Iscariot got i name up for betray eng hit master Ana has never been forgotten Rotl n my opinion if he and l. S. N Terc 10 Runft a the same office in wet Well county to Morrow kudos would beat Hall More than two hjndrqfl4 we Are authorized to state that there is no foundation for the report to which currency Lias been Given in some of the papers that the selection of or. Barney for the collector ship of Unis port w As influenced by professional relations existing Between himself and or. Lin a a Oln growing out Pfistr. Barneys connection pith Hue mercantile a Agency business m this City. Or. Barney was never engaged in such a business nor did or. Lincoln Ever sustain Auy professional a a salons with n. Post. A a Washington Cor resp a tent of the Alexandria Gazette say a one of the warmest admirers of Justice John Mclean of the supreme court informs me that the health of that eminent Jurist is fast declining and that serious apprehensions Are entertained that he will not be Able to resume his seat a the Bench. This will he a painful intelligence to the numerous friends of the j Edge. Of by viral traders who went p n to Charleston in the steamship North Carolina with shoes for Sale says the Boston traveller returned in that Tessel because they found they would ice ted Twenty iriv per cent under a recent Law to prevent non residents from engaging in business there. Their goods were seized but subsequently returned and brought backs �0� esteemed Friend Rev. Theodore clan Ling a month among his friends in this City the Fahoom who has been it warmly attached a Beene of Bis Long and useful pastoral left town yesterday on the Steamer Diana for his Home in Louisville Orleans Cio Yunc 13 Iii. Death of Moc Taib maid suspected Pooh onion a the trotting Mare Mountain maid died recently at Lancaster Pennsylva Nia. And there Are Strong suspicions that she was poisoned by some miscreant who wanted her out of the Way. I the state Legislatures of Tennessee Illi i Xoi Kentucky and Indiana before adjournment voted in favor of calling a National convention. Us Williajm h. Lua Aall the Well known correspondent of the London times will it is said come to this a a Btry to describe Meu and thing at the present juncture. In ton while the authorities there know nothing that is done in Montgomery except that which the authorities in that place see proper to permit the world to know. Davis stands in the dark and looks upon the Federal government w hich is in the Broad Light lie has the advantage that the Savage has w to lurking in the gloom glares upon his foes at their Camp fire. Davis learns All that the reporters for the press at Washington can ascertain by daily inquiry at All the departments by bribing clerks by frequenting the White House and All that special spies can pick up in new York and other Northern cities. But there Are no new York reporters at Montgomery prying into official secrets. They would be hanged As spies if caught pursuing their Ordinary business there. The French press is perfectly free in comparison with that of the Cotton states. The mails Are respected by the Federal government but not by the confederates. What is the sacredness of a w afer or a Little paste or the inviolability of an envelop in a ease of Southern rights a letter franked by Jeff Davis would be As Safe in a Northern mail bag As any other Many a letter. A letter franked by Abraham Lincoln and addressed to some one in the Cotton states would never be delivered up by the postmaster according to the superscription without in understanding As to its contents. Certainly he Cabinet at Montgomery is not ignorant of anything in the Southern mails and on the Southern Telegraph wires that it wishes to know. The experience of Secretary Dix in attempting to communicate with his agent at new Orleans is conclusive on that Point. No constitutional restraints Are placed upon the employment of the military forces of the Confederate states Aifiti Davis commands All the resources of those states which Are by no Means insignificant in population and wealth and in which the military spirit has been Long and assiduously cultivated. He could quietly concentrate along the railroads not fifty thousand men As the new York Herald says but say fifteen thousand who Are now completely armed and Are being thoroughly drilled and instructed in the duties of actual military service. He could Start them All toward Washington by a word. But the moment it is proposed to put the Federal government in a condition to make it capable of defending itself there is a hideous Hullabaloo North As Well As South about the dangers of coercion and the horrors of War As if the Way to keep the peace was to be pusillanimous in spirit and in fact unable to make yourself respected. So con Gress adjourns without doing anything to strengthen the government and leaves it in a helpless condition. The Force of one thousand Federal troops at Washington which was absolutely Nec Essary to the peaceable inauguration of the constitutionally elected president is All that is at Liand to support the dignity or the decency of the government and All the tories in the land hav roared with pain and indignation to see Federal troops in the Federal City. How soon shall we have indignation meetings of thieves in our streets because we keep a police Force we Are coming to the Point when anarchy will be uppermost everywhere or the government must be supported by the employment of Force. The demoralization already effected by the Southern revolution is wonderful and alarm ing. J but we Are a Kedz is the North so weak and the South so Strong that is not it. A despotism has always the advantage Over a popular government in the outset of a controversy. The combination of the executive authority and supreme legislative and judicial authority also Oft France in one Man gives him a prodigious advantage Over even so Well equipped and warlike a constitutional monarchy As England. In the first Brush of a War Between a country controlled by a military dictator and one having a Republican form of government the dictator could strike when and where he pleased and if the Republic Levrud peace very much More than Honor and was willing to accept a badge of servitude rather than put Forth its strength the first blow would finish the War to the disadvantage of the stronger but less compact organization. The country has had some Confidence in the continuance of peace based upon the Assurance that Jorr. Davis is a Cool Man who is incapable of doing a rash thing. He has professed to want peace. He advised against an attack upon fort May All be True but he is the More dangerous for the Possession of such qualities. If the South carolinians had rushed at fort Sumter As the hot Heads 9� a flare Stoh wanted to do they would have suffered a bloody repulse. The National Congress would have been forced to pass the Volunteer Bill and preparations boing commenced in time the fort would have been Reip i it i eed find held. Besides South Carolina even according to the logic of the Union men of the Border states would have been the aggressor and it would not have been a a coercion for the government to defend itself. The coolness and military sagacity of Davis has resulted in the a military necessity for the abandonment of fort Sumter by the Federal Garrison. With the Fame policy pursued on both sides there will lie More a military necessities created. David looks to providing a a military necessity for the evacuation of Washington by the republicans. Can he Cross the Border slave states unmolested Why we Are told that we must not Send a Federal Soldier into Virginia even to protect the Federal property. The Virginia convention is discussing propositions requiring the Federal Power to withdraw its company of troops stationed at Harper s ferry which is the key Hole and military pass Between Eastern and Western Virginia and to withdraw All but a few men from the great fort Monroe at old Point Comfort leaving that most important position virtually in the hands of the a minute men a an organization for the subjugation of the Federal government. And these propositions we believe pass for Union measures in Virginia with such patriots As John Tyler and Henry a. Wise. But we hear no remonstrances from Virginia against the organization of revolutionary armies in the South. There is no a a coercion in that. The Iron works and powder Mills of Virginia have for months been at work for South Carolina. The Richmond and Petersburg papers have complacently told is of the shipment of great Cannon for the floating Battery and the Cummings Point Battery to assault fort Sumter and of freight trains loaded with solid shot shells and powder the material for making War against the United states government. There has been no alarm about this in Vir Giniat no remonstrance against it. The secessionists in the Virginia convention though in the minority have assumed the offensive. The Union men do Little More than Parry thrusts. The Richmond enquirer declares that Virginia must fight with the North or South and intimates that secession or no secession her military forces Are at the disposal of the government of confederates. Henry a. Wise whose fanatical ravings Are applauded by full galleries attendant upon the convention has repeatedly asserted that if Virginia refused to go with the South he would go into the seceded states and beg for assistance to save his Mother that is beg that a military Force might be sent to help his conspirators coerce Virginia out of the Union and drive her with the Cotton states. Jeff. Davis knows All this and More than w e know and looks upon Virginia As a fortification impregnable against movements from the North but open to him and furnishing a Sally port for his army to Spring from upon the Federal capital. He regards Virginia As an Ambuscade and recruiting ground for the Southern army and a Wall of fire against the North. He expects those of that state who Are opposed to him to remain passive overawed by mob violence As he Well knows Many Union men Are in the seceded states. Then he expects the fire eaters to flock to his Standard bringing the rifled muskets and Cannon so liberally distributed throughout the state. Instead of anticipating any difficulty in transporting his troops through Virginia he considers himself justified in expecting an ovation and reinforcements munitions of War and provisions. The republicans have already been told upon the floors of Congress that the Capitol and the White House could be demolished by a Battery planted on a the soil of Virginia a and the a Richmond enquirer has said that general Scott mint withdraw his troops from Washington or every roof in the City shall be levelled with the dust by the sons of Virginia. And Davis calculates upon seeing reinforcements from the North for the Federal forces in Washington City checked in Maryland. There is Only one Railroad reaching from the North to Washington cite and that a company of desperate men coup a make impassable in a single night. Denied Railroad transportation troops from the North would have to March from the Pennsylvania line to Washington a three Days March for Green soldiers or go no the Potomac on steamers. In it Tny wonder that Gen. Scott a first step months ago when the worst of the traitors were thrown out of Buchanan a Cabinet and the danger of a mob at Washington a. Geared was to Garrison the forts at Baltimore and along the Potomac a he was looking to keeping open communication Between Washington and the North. Every Man with an observant Eye can see the strategic importance of the Potomac and the Northern railway in a military combat of sections for the Mastery at Washington and the fact that the channels of communication with Washington Are All commanded by Virginia cannot have escaped notice. For instance the Baltimore Aud Ohio Road would serve the virginians provided they held harpers ferry As a most formidable agent in a flank movement upon a Force marching from the North through Maryland. But it is not our judgment that Davis has such command of the military situation respecting Washington As he apparently presumes. He might have More trouble than he anticipates in passing through North Carolina and Virginia. In spite of the contingent disunion talk that has prevailed in the adhering Southern states there is in each of them a Strong genuine Union feeling and it might not be passive. If the Federal government acts with Wisdom and vigor the contemplated Experiment of the secessionists of forcing the Bordet states to go with the confederates or the Union in a War would be an extremely hazardous one to the enemies of the Potomac would furnish the most certain communication Between the North and Washington and War in the River could keep open the navigation and prevent an army approaching by Way of Richmond from reaching Theca i tal without a circuitous March of some sixty Miles from Aquia Creek the terminus of the direct Southern the Alexandria Road furnishes the Southern All rail approach to Washington and if the Southern army were met South of the Potomac the meeting would take place near Alexandria. But the Montgomery conspirators do not look alone to the South they find great encouragement in the North. When Davis declared his purpose As in speeches from Vicksburg to Montgomery that if War come it should be carried into the North and suggested the destruction of Northern cities thereby promising by implication that they should be sacked and Burnt does any one suppose that he depended upon the strength of the secessionists alone he certainly did not. He believes and he has a right to do so from the tone of such papers As the Cincinnati enquirer that he would find As Many tories in the North As the British found in South Carolina in the revolutionary War. When there Are newspapers and persons of More or less prominence All Over the North crying aloud and sparing not that every demand made by the secessionists must be yielded the effect is to increase the extent of those demands and the insolence of the spirit in which they Are made. Give up fort Sumter fort Hill fort Pickens forts Jefferson and Taylor then fort Monroe give up the territories give up the capital of the country submit surrender to revolution without a struggle in order to prevent the loss of a drop of blood finally pay the revolutionists for their trouble in subjugating us and reconstruct the Union upon the disunion basis. This is the logic these the results of the policy of the a of the North. If we Are to regard the president of the Confederate states As having the disposition to March upon Washington and drive the authorities of the constitutional government out of the City and to understand that he has the Means to make such an expedition an exceedingly dangerous one it is time to con Sider whether any Opportunity that would warrant him As he looks at it in making the movement is Likely to be offered. We will find that the a a Opportunity must be associated with a clamor about the question then arises when will the administration employ coercion a that is to say when will there be anything done towards the preservation of the government at which the enemies of the government will shriek that they Are coerced a the Federal govern ment has just increased and complicated it custom House taxation. It has adopted a very High Tariff one odious to the importing interest. The Confederate states Hare lowered their Baric some the Arti cles taxed highest at Northern ports Are free in the Southern skirts. There Are no Means for collecting Revenue on the line Between states that have seceded from an Ltd those that have adhered to the Union. If the Federal government does not assert its supremacy on the Southern coast the Southern ports a order were to far ret lord in the South at to give a Tente of teen his become the great importing ports. Of course Peop would not import goods at new York and pay a heavy tax on them when they could import them at new Orleans and pay a very Light lax. Permit the Freedom of Southern ports and a enforce the Laws in the North and there will be no Federal Revenue. The government will be bankrupt and utterly without credit. It would be diff cult to a collect the Revenue on ships because the importer hag a right to warehouse his goods and they cannot be warehoused in a floating custom House. The government must therefore surrender to. Secession there will be financial necessities More pressing even than military ones Aad the officers of the government High and Low must evacuate their positions starved out like major Anderson and let King mob reign a or the coast of the Confederate states must be blockaded or their ports of entry abolished. A blockade or abolition of ports of entry would be in Southern parlance coercion / the reply which Davis proposes to make is an attack upon Washington it is possible that we May yet avoid this rugged Issue but we cannot do it by refusing to face the facts. A firm stand for the government by All Good citizens of the adhering states a Resolute denunciation of a raid upon a Washington by All who Call themselves Union men in fhe South the decided expression of Public opinion in the North in favor of standing by the government at All hazards and to the bitter end placing the army and Navy in a condition to be available in Case of an emergency these things would improve peace prospects. Then while matters Drift quietly wre shall see what will be the verdict of the people of the seceded states upon their permanent Constitution and provisional government. It will interest u3 to know what Success they will have in raising Money and whether the conventions will consult the people and what the people will have to say whether they Are or Are not con lifted. A in the meantime state after state will it amp of for a National convention and people will look to it. An extra session of Congress May be called. The policy of the administration will appear at All Points. The commissioners from the Southern confederacy to the great commercial Powers of Europe will be ready to thus while liability to confiscation and All the dangers of uncertainty will prevent or at least greatly Check Southern imports a current events and experience May carry us smoothly pest the a dead Point of congressmen yet to be elected. The states which Are yet to choose representatives and their times for election Are As follows a a n. . 8 . 2 Maryland nov. 6 Kansas. Connecticu april 1 Rhode Island april 3 Virginia May 23 . 1 Kentucky aug 5 Only two of the seceded states have chosen their representatives to the next House South Carolina and Florida. The others thou have chosen in August september and october possibly May do so yet. The members already elected stand thus republicans 102 democrats54 of those to be elected the republicans will probably Hare seven. Communicated. Eds. Com a please Correct the statement made by your Washington correspondent in his dispatch of the 15th inst. Or. Elliott was not a a accompanied a when starting from Washington a a by or. 0. W. Nixon candidate for Post a amp Der a for the satisfactory reason that the doctor has not been absent from this City nor at Washington during the past Winter or Spring. Very respectfully. H. Cincinnati March 16th, 1861. Apportionment of Congress. To the editor of the n. T. Tribune sir one question if you please How comes it about that for the next ten 3rears after the xxx filth Congress there Are to be but 233 members in the House while we have 237 now with the addition of another from Kansas i suppose please answer with a few words in some Corner of your others May be As ignorant As 1 am. Yours for the Union forever. S. C. Church. Wilson Niagara co., n. Y., March 11, 61. Don t a come the Law requires an apportionment on the basis of 233 members and such an apportionment was made under the census of 1850. But Minnesota and Oregon were admitted after that apportionment was made As Kansas has just been increasing the actual membership considerably above the basis fixed in the apportionment. It will be the same this decade. We shall begin with 233 members but new Mexico Nebraska Colorado Nevada and perhaps Dakota will be coming in before 1870, increasing the members to 240, and perhaps More. New you understand n. Tribune. Since John Daniel returned to the editorial chair of the Richmond examiner that meteoric Sheet has burned Blue with vituperation. The latest diatribe is aimed at Gen. Scotta the infamy of this Man constitutes no Small portion of the crushing Load of shame under which Virginia is now struggling. She gave birth to this unnatural monster. She has heaped honors and rewards upon this War mandarin of the abolitionists. That Scott was born in Virginia is a misfortune which can not be remedied but there Are Means by which the state May Brand him with the Marks of her indignant scorn. The treason of Arnold swallowed up and effaced All recollection of his Long deeds of valor and patriotism and his name was blotted from the list of out revolutionary generals. The legislature of Virginia should expunge from their journals every Resolution expressive of Virginia a comfy do nce respect and admiration for this Man. We should offer to pay him a pecuniary consideration fifty times their value if necessary for the medals and swords which we gave him when he was esteemed a worthy and grateful son. A what postage the various cities pay some very accurate tables of the postage paid by the various cities of the Union have been published. The following table from the auditors report of the Post office depart ment the latest published shows the net proceeds of the pos offices below mentioned Abr the fiscal year ending june 30tb, 1859 new fi�loflisville$25.393 24 Philadelphia. Boston san Francisco. Or Jean. Baltimore., Cincinnati. St. Louiz. Charleston Chicago. Richmond. 24,603 92 24.306 07 19,314 a a 114,606 11 ,085 169 993 111,466 1# Buffalo to amp a i . 88.222 96 Wilmington 12,816.54 76,692 64 Nan Tille. 12,7� 53 75,144 91 i it Detroit. 35,647 Washington. 29,641 27 important naval intelligence the naval coast guard. The steam frigate Powhatan hauled into the Stream at the Navy Yard yesterday. Her arrival was telegraphed to the authorises at Washington who have commanded her to remain As she is for the present. Neither her officers nor Crew have been detached and it is thought she will remain in commission. Not having been overhauled in four years since fhe was fitted out for the East indies she cannot advisedly be left Long in Active service. A the Powhatan has been brought Home in pursuance of the policy of establishing a naval coast guard which was resolved upon by the late administration and will be adhered to by the present. The advices by this arrival from the Home Squadron Are interesting. Three ships of War Only will be left in the Gulf of Mexico until political affairs become More settled Here. The macedonian is the Only newly commissioned ship to remain out. No officers have been gazetted to replace those whose resignations from the Fleet have been tendered. The Craft that left for Norfolk had no provisions or stores to spare. As the accumulation of the naval coast guard is a most important movement we print for the first time a tabular analysis of its strength As follows Light draft or Harbor duty tenders amp a. A Cisela. Gunn. Of Fly is. Amp men. Tons 10,220 93 9,436 12 Brig Dolphin. Harriet Lane. Steamer water Witch. Steamer Corwin. Steamer crusader. Steamer mohawks. Steamer Wyandotte. Steamer Bibb. Steamer Vixen. Brig Bainbridge. Star. _ 4 smaller Revenue Craft 8 chartered transport a. Steamer Siar of the great. I Steamer Empire City. 1 Steamer Philadelphia 1 Steamer coat co Alcoe 1 2 other chartered 8team><ri>. 2 100 94 60 m 110 Ino 100 83 90 100 95 200 100 100 it too 260 300 378 280 549 464 380 320 360 400 320 about 600 1,172 1,751 1,000 1,9v 200 probe by 2,000 total Light draft vessels. 72 1,822 heavy draft . 12,307 Vea Aela. Steam frigate Powhatan. Steam Corvette Brooklyn sailing frigate Sabine. Sailing Sloop St. Louie men. Ton. 10 500 2,415 .14 325 2,070 50 m0 1,726 20 800 700 1f4 300 1,726 118 1,92.5 8,637 total heavy draft 118this is a larger naval Force than was Ever concentrated on any one Squadron since the organization of the United states Navy. It exceeds the Paraguay expedition by seven in the number of vessels and by Over a thousand in the number of men. It consists of More ships than the Channel Fleet of England although of Only half As Many men. Every vessel in the list is in commission and manned except the Bainbridge and Dolphin which As Well As the Brig Perry could begot ready for sea in a few Days. Tie Revenue Craft included Are now subject to the rules and regulations of the regular Navy and May be considered belonging to it. About half a dozen regular men of War could be added to the Fleet. In an engagement the five last named ships Are All that could be put in line of butt la. A 30 Pound Ball at Watermark would cripple All the n. York times Friday. Prince Alfred to visit Quebec chronicle of saturday says an official dispatch has been received Here stating that his Royal highness Prince Alfred will visit Canada this summer. He will probably come to Quebec with a portion of the Fleet on the North american station and travel through Canada by the same route his brother did last year. It is not expected that the government will organize any Demon stration in his Honor. His Royal highness will arrive in the Middle of june. Local matters. See Wentworth k Hanlyn a advertisement of wholesale dry goods in another column. A a Arcery innocent looking Felt for horse stealing. Young German name Henrj Fresley is at the ninth Street station charged with horse stealing. We Are unable Al to learn the evidence to be brought Aga Ioil him. Keeping a gambling hour. A detective leaks arrested Boll Lewis on saturday upon a charge of keeping a a a Tiger a Lair Quot at his premises on Vine Street near fifth. The charge a preferred by a Goose that says he was plucked therein. Bishop gave an entertainment at his residence on saturday evening in Honor of w. T. Haynes Esq., mayors clerk of Philadelphia. Many of the City officials were present and passed a delightful evening. Or. Haynes started for the Quaker City last night. Sayers was found about one of clock yesterday morning by officers leaks and Hadley upon the sidewalk on front Street near Vine. He had been stabbed five times and was unable to give any account of the manner in which he received the wounds. It was reported last evening that there was a probability of his dying. 1 in a commercial Hospital a during the past week 51 patients were admitted into the Hospital and 41 discharged. Six died namely William gae Hausen Mary Parker. Fred. Depress Harriet Sheridan Catherine Welsh and an infant. There were 202 patients remaining saturday night 22 of whom were in the Small pox Ward. Vive la to Morrow evening our German citizens will close their Masquer a Ade season with one of these vastly entertaining balls at Geyer a Assembly rooms. Gro Tesque costumes ridiculous blunders and provoking contre tempt United with Fine Good humor and an Earnest desire for pleasure make these entertainments a feature in the world of amusements not to be lightly esteemed. Milk urological observations by Henry War optician no. 7 West fourth a Street Cincinnati of March 16, 1861. Of clock. Barometer. Thermometer. 7 a. M29 23 44 12 m29 23 50 6 p. M29 23 49 March 17, 1861. O clock. Barometer thermometer. 7 a. M29 53 35 12 m29 55 38 6 p. M29 62 32 col. Ellsworth of zouave Fame who has aspired Tobe chief clerk of the War department which is equivalent attijne3 to being acting Secretary of War will be appointed to a lieu tenancy in the army a much More fitting position for him. This appointment will be made Wilh reference to creating a new Bureau in to he adjutant general a department with the idea of rendering More efficient ail to the militia throughout the United states than has heretofore been done. Undoubtedly or. Ellsworth will eventually be placed at the head this Bureau if it is Wash. Cor. N. Z. Herald. The National intelligencer has the following not foe a general Scott to his correspondents be to state that of their innumerable letters does not and it proc tickle being infirm read one in thirty. Applications for Auto and offices Are most burdensome. The former increase with his inability to use the pen and of the latter he has within his own gift but two Small places Long Well filled and he recommends no one whatever other than an old Soldier nor for any office out of the . A in. 1tin new Orleans Picayune passes this opinion on or. Seward a emr. Seward of new York is Secretary of state. His capacity for the duties of the Post a cannot be questioned he has scholarship habits of labor extensive information on Public affairs and experience in nearly All of them. Where his Peculiar opinions and personal objects Are not con earned he service committed to him will be discharged with ability. But it is As a politician that he is to be dreaded and avoided and when Hia influence can be Felt on any question relating to of Ortean slavery it is stated not. However without some Reserve that Francis ii., when he leaves Rome will go to Cadiz for two months and late in a though that he was put unde ill proceed to Munich Althous appear terms not to Nead the insurrection in the the Spring it does not a Abruzzi it is satisfactory to find he does not entertain any such wild project. According to another report however the King went to Trieste Qai a Tel 18th. The Southern confederacy having adopted a Flag with term stars May hereafter be known As the Upu add to Quot and each state of course at a pleiad the Southern heart trill probably be fired with romantic enthusiasm at this heavenly appellation of their a we charge nothing for the Daj Toa journal. The sketch club held a special meeting saturday evening at the rooms of messes. Eaton k Webber to adopt a plan for an entertainment to be Given at pikes opera Hall. A programme consisting of an address recitations vocal and instrumental Musie and Tableaux was agreed upon and the occasion is to be celebrated in an original poem by w. W. Fosdick Esq. The Active members of the association Are also to provide original sketches upon a Given subject which will be drawn for by the audience. The entertainment will be Given some time during the month of april. West end shooting club had another match at the trotting Park on saturday. The weather Wai not very favourable to Good shooting. In the first match single Birds were shot at in the second double Birds were sprung. The conditions were 21 Yards Rise and 100 Yards Bounds John of Hoy and Benj. Higdon being captains of the sides. Up double Higdon Side. Bird. Ili Don. Ferguson frovwm., b. Robinson. Cutter. H. Rob Neon. Rolling. Loft of. Gansen. Stephen. Zimmerman Marsh Xiloj re a Side. Hoy Man Raj. Hariiz., Baffin. Hope. B a a Ler . I Cox Riley Southgate. Hudson Housman. Mink Matt sements. National our mention of this establishment on saturday we inadvertently omitted to a Ata that the initial Porfi it Mance will be Given this evening miss Sallios. Clair appearing in two favorite piece supported by the entire company. a troupe of minstrel who have created quite a furore in the East Are tending hither Ward and will open at Smith a Nixon s half on monday evening of next week. They Are said to be tip top. Silver plate information received Friday by mayor Bishop through the Telegraph one of the detectives has arrested a Man with some three thousand dollars Worth of Silver plate which it is alleged he obtained by false pretence. The place is in the custody of the officers and from indications last night there will be a Lively time about it this morning. It will take Sharp dodging to keep it out of the Way of Replevin writs. Police court March 16.�?two men named Morris and Kimball on Friday drank at a German Beer Saloon on race Street Between front and second streets but refused to pay and were peremptorily ejected. They armed themselves and returned to resent the indignity. One Man was knocked Down by Kimball. An officer interfered in time to prevent a general Row and arrested the belligerents. Kimball was fined $20, and Morris $10. Michael Welsh was fined $10 for beating and otherwise a a treating a fellow lodger at a front Street boarding House. Welsh was walking off with Thomas bakery a hat and was called after to return it. He did so ind in addition beat Baker severely. Sent to the Dungeon for ten coroners Coroner held an inquest on saturday afternoon upon the body of an infant which died the Day previous. The circumstances attendant upon its death were these the Mother brought it to the office of or. Mussey on Friday morning on examination he found it dying from the croup and so informed her adding that the Only Hope of saving it Lay in performing an operation. She gave her consent for the oper a Tion and it died before it could be removed from the table. This Story was circulated with Large additions., and the Coroner Besought to hold an inquest. At first he refused to do so As being unnecessary but afterwards for the satisfaction of All parties held one at which the opinions of Dos. Blackman Foster Clen Decuin Davis Wood and Doherty were submitted All of these gentlemen testified that the operation was justifiable. And that no blame could be attached to the operator. The jury returned a verdict a that the child died from croup Juring the operation of St. Patrick s Day Flag presentation. A an interesting ceremony took place in the basement of the Cathedral last evening and was witnessed by a Large concourse of spectators. It was the presentation of a Banner and a Flag to the St. Patrick a roman Catholic benevolent society by ladies of this City. The Banner which was displayed during Khe formal presentation and which will doubtless hold a conspicuous place at the head of the procession to Day is of dark Green silk heavily of mined with Gold fringe and tassels of the Sajac material and is very handsomely mounted around a Well executed picture of Washington on the one Side Are the words wrought in Gold a presented by the ladies of Cincinnati to the St. Patrick a roman Catholic benevolent society of on the obverse is the motto a Liberty Honor and virtue a and underneath an allegorical representation of the goddess of Liberty and the maid of Erin. Miss Sallie Redmond supported by two Young ladies dressed in White and wearing Green sashes presented the Banner in a Felici Titus address which was impressively delivered and it was received on the part of the society by or. Matthias Shea president of the society in a few Brief words the formal response being made by Michael Kerrigan Esq. V 4 i after these cer monies three Little girls stepped Forward t id presented to the president three beautify a bouquets. The american Flag w As then while a choir of Young ladies Sang theve Star spangled Banner a which was receive of with such applause As to leave no doubt that it held As w Arm a place in the hearts of the Meliers of a St. Patrick a society As their own native Shamrock. St. Patrick s night. In the evening a Large congregation filled the spacious Church of St. Xavier. The archbishop lectured in behalf of Tibe orphan s society from the text a a we Are the children of the saints and look for that life which god will give to those who never leave their Faith in him.�?T1 the Charity scholars of the Catholic Institute Sang some Irish National music and this portion of the Days Celebration passed off with Leasure to the participants and profit to the orphans the procession to Day. The Celebration in Honor of St. Patrick a Day will take place the St. Patrick a society the modality of the immaculate Conception the modality of the holy family and the St. Josephus society will meet at the Cathedral at eight o clock and participate in High mass. They will then form in procession and March As follows Weston eighth to Central Avenue North on Central Avenue to court West on court to Mound South on Mound to fifth West on fifth to Stone South on Stone to third East on third to Park South to second East of second to Smith South on Smith to front East on front to Broadway North on Broadway to Foutty we9t on fourth to Sycamore North on Sycamore to ninth West on ninth to Wal not South on Walnut to sixth West on sixth to Vine South of Vine to third West on third to Central Avenue North on Central Avenue to fifth East on fifth to race North on race to eighth w est on eighth to Plum where the procession will disperse. Business notices. In Oil colors $1> Johnnona gallery 9th and main marl8-5t 00 70 summary. Total Hoy Side total Higdon aide. Bird in favor of Hoy. County were passed on saturday to w. Bellow a son Lime for new jail $20 00 to Brick at l. B. Work it no a. 2 13 to Martin Berwick Culvert. 46 00 to William for directory 2 00 to go Bol for Carpenter wort. 12 00 to Berwick on account of Wood for jail 50 00 to Joku Kiln for 15 Load of Stone for new jail. 71 25 to Jauree Abram for meals of prisoner. 1 80 totalv17 is the Engineer made a report to the commissioners in answer to a certain petition of numerous citizens of Carthage in relation to draining the water from the Low ground near the toll Gate by grading Down the Turnpike in the tillage so As to convey the water to Millcreek. The Engineer advised the Board not to entertain the proposition. He thought however to would be a kissable to open Anc repair a couple of Box culverts about one Hundred and fifty Yards this Side of the toll Gate so As to Gire a hem sufficient capacity to vent All the water in its natural course also to open the gutters on the East Side of the Rood so As to prevent the nuisance complained of. The Cost of the work recommended wont not be Over sixty dollars White the Grid in of the Pike would Cost at least eight Hundred dollars and injure the a Einwag property. For a Good Melain Type. Ambr Typo or photograph go to Gowan a 22 West fifth Street. For Beautiful coloured pictures in fancy Case got Ltd Cowans 22 West fifth Street. Fob a life size photograph Plain or ored in Oil go to Cowan 22 weat fifth Street. Cowan s photographs Are unsurpassed. All size at Low Price a to be seen at 22 West fifth St. The finest show Case with Superior picture to be seen at Cowans 22 West fifth it. It is the beat display you Ever Dick metropolitan main Street above fourth East Side next door above Scanland a drugstore. Call in. Of All the originals Ball a Thomas 120 w eat fourth Street Uear race take the Premium. Their pictures Are original and perfect. Clothing renovated and repaired at 59 e. 3d to. A de28-tf wedding and visiting cards Shipley a Smith 22 weat fourth de26-tf fashionable wedding visiting cards a at Hall 14 West fourth Street. Uol3-tf Smith amp Nixon shall. Cd a on c e r t from the new York Tim Madame Fabbri is the Best we have had in this City. We sat this without t he slightest idea of nude rating the excellencies of he r predecessors. La Grange a finished but cold Giu Iniga passionate but i artistic and soon. Each Singer illuminated a Page of t to at or y by some special Flash of Yonitis. Madame Fabbri lightened up the who #. In the first she sings with the a iowan cd of Rin it strength in the second with the broken accent of a sudden and Stupi fring calamity in the third with Che pro hosting vehemence of one wronged in the fourth with the sunken tones of wretched1, beat use retrospective despair. Her perception or fhe a notional phases of the part Are so varied and distinct that a Perm seeing her in the first where she is All hilarity and voice can form no idea of what she is in the last where by consummate management she presents the spectral and vocal mock other former self. The Antezzo Voce by which this is effected a is the Best that we have heard in a Singer of Feut h prodigious Owen and the acting with which it As not been sure waned in propriety if it has Ever been exceeded in intensity. Madame Fabbris a voice is a pure Soprano with a Clear Range that took everything in the8core of her part last night and showed no evidence of Effort in doing so. It is of extraordinary volume and purity the most remarkable in these respects that we have heard her artistic Powers Are Fine. She can sing a scale with evenness Andi ust intonations. Her to Tui or shake is perfect and her delivery of sound open and grand. We have already referred to her Mezzo vase. It i too masterly we fear Tobe fully appreciated. We have space and time merely to add that the lady a Success was unquestionable. In the first she created a great furore in the second her opportunities were less favourable and like a True artist she did not attempt to Force them in the third she Sang magnificently in the fourth better than in Audi other. It political. Deaths. At his residences in Edgefield on Tine 13th lnt., of paralysis or. John t. Ii ill a Well known merchant of Nasf cell. On the 4th of february at the resilience of we. H. Sayers near Dupont Indiana Samuel Greenup aged 33 Yean. He served under Gea. Scott in the mexican War where he contracted consumption from which he died. In St. Louie on the 15th inet Gora Eugenia Only a laughter of capt. We. 8. And Diana b. Kelson aged three year and four month. Gymnasium. My Nav us there will be a meeting of the Marion gymnastic association thid evening March 18th, for the purpose of electing a Secretary vice j. R. Paddock resigned and other important Businele. Every member it requested to attend. A a j. It. Cd Amer president. Society meetings. Ten re a Chapel lyceum regular meet l ing this evening. Steed. Full attendance it is Ltd Academy of Medicine will meet this menday evening March 18th, at 74 of clock in the Hail of the dental College College Street. The member of the regular profession Are invited to at Tead. By order c. T. Simpson m a Ltd Bee. Bee y. Pioneer association. Republican republicans and All other citizens of Cincinnati w to Are in favor of uniting in the support of the adm Nistra Ion of president Lincoln on the Broad basis of the Union the Constitution and the enforcement of the Law Are requested to meet in their respective wards on tuesday evening the 19th inst., at of clock and elect delegates to a convention to be held on the 20th inst at Melodeon Hull for the nomination of candidates for City officers at tire approaching Spring election. Each Ward is entitled to four delegates and also to one Delegate Fot each 100 voto3 cast for Abraham Lincoln and an additional Delegate for each fraction Over-50 votes. This basis of appointment will give to the number of delegates Lonal Delegate a is of appoint the following votes for votes for Lincoln. Lincoln. 9 484 10th Ward. 9 511 a Lith a a i i. 9 506 12th a a i. 7 259 i3�h a a 9 531 14iu a a 8 420 15th a a. 11 731 16th a a 14 1,034 17th a a. 9 049 convention will meet on morning the 20th inst., at 10 of clock a. Me Odeon Hall. The primary meetings will be held on tuesday evening 19th inst., in the different wards from 7,�?T# of clock to 9 of clock a. M., for the election of Delegate and one member of thou Ity Republican executive committee. Nral7-2tt let Ward. 2d a a. 3d a a. 4th a a. 5th a a. 6th a a. 7th a a. 8th a a. 9th a a. The 17 18 20 7 .4. I. 13, j. 12. 6 1,334 1,381 1,621 255 717 921 801 168 wednesday m., at the eleventh Ward nested to attend a meeting to Yve publicans Xiv of Cincinnati Are requested to attend be held on monday evening March 18th, 1861, at 7% of clock at Daumants Lylall on the Corner of elder Street and Hamilton Road for tort nomination of delegates to the Republican convention to to held on wednesday March 20th, 1861, St metropolitan Hall. By order of executive committee. It i charge times seventeenth citizens of the seventeenth Ward who Are in favor of the Constitution the Union and Tho enforcement of the Laws without compromising to treason and who Are apposed to resurrecting the late democratic party Are requested to meet at fireman shall on tuesday evening for the purpose of selecting six delegates to represent the Ward in the convention to be held to Morrow and transacting Ether to business of importance. If Jno. P. Hooker sex com. E b. Townsend is a candidate for re election to the office of City treasurer. Mhl8-4t Samuel Martin is a candidate for the to office of director of City infirmary subject to the decision of the convention on the 20th inst. Mhl8-3f Many voters. Director of City b. Wyman is. A candidate fur re Ete Tiou to the office of director of City infirmary before convention of the 20fh inst. Wh6-4tt 71 re editor announce John d. Cald Ell As candidate for City treasurer subject i nomination by Republican convention to be held i this City of the 2uth inst. Mhl4-6f Many citizens. Millinery Gubing millinery now opening. A splendid assortment of fancy fed Straw Bon nets misses hats ribbons Flower and All kinds of Bonnet trimming of the latest Styes which we Are prepared to sell 25 per cent less than any other store in Cincinnati at the original cheap millinery store no. 18 West fifth St., near Jain. J. A. Henderson. N. and wholesale buyers supplied of usual very Low. It Tyjai enchants and milliners buying millinery goods for Cash will find shakers it ribbons bonnets Flo web Buches ac., 25 per cent. Cheaper than any other House in the City Call and Bek at Riff. Die Ken it sons 62 West fifth bet. Walnut Aud Vine. A elegant pattern bonnets headdresses and dress Caps receiving daily from new York. Uhls my of a talk bration of the Pioneer a8socia 2 to attn of Pioneer association of fhe City of Cincinnati wih celebrate the 73d a uni venary of the settlement of Ohio on the 7th Day of april next sunday at Wesley Chapel in a religion manner by exhortations and Short addresses. By a Orne of the oldest Pioneer preacher without regard to denomination. It is earnestly desired by fhe association that As Many of the Early Settlor of this City and state whether residents now of Ohio or elsewhere As can make it convenient shall be present and moot Cord Lahy Are the aged minister of theg Ospria invited. The oct alien doubtless will be deeply interesting. Coins one come All. Papers Friendly in Ohio Indiana Kentucky and will a a. A a quoth vote. I a mh4-Lawtaplathenedt president. Dissolution. Of Copartnership. A the heretofore existing but Ween the of Kenn to Dudley a John Kennett and the interest of j. A ties of Tow Lute concern teed by Mutual consent. Guides have purchased will assume that to it a hit outs Aadi ill solution Quot Copartnership heretofore e Bur Ribers under the firm o co., a been thie Day dissolved Dudley in collect its our tending d John w. Dudlik Henbid. Obd dbl cute Naau March 15,11 Nalma and continue the business under he a it odder signed. John k. Retail dry goods. U targe and attractive Stock dress s i Al k 8 Cole amp hop kims Corner fifth Aud Vine Street. We have received a magnificent assortment of Silks be j a in and invite our customers to famine previous to making their Spring Purchase. Check foulard Silks Jaspe ground printed foulard sitk8, Small Check 8ilk8, neat striped Silks cite nil Silks i Quot a a t i brocade bilks medallion Silks Ladrille Silks heavy Plain Silks All colors mourning Silks Plain Black a shepherds plaid Silks Small plaid Black and White very fashionable a new Quot Quot i f e t j i silk Poppins Plain Black Silks All widths. Ole amp Hopkins. N r w c a r p k t i g we Are now opening a very full Stock in All grades English and american Ca r up e to Jug floor Oil cloths matting a Ulos , which to Are offering at lets than former prices. Wholesale dry goods. G p r i n 6 dress goods. Foreign a dress hoods at less than Cost of importation. Special Jyo tue to Merchante. Wentworth a h a if i. Y no. S9 Pearl it Reee would Caw the attention of buyers to their splendid line of new d�ok3� goods this Day received which that offer to Cash and prompt by Pmj at less than importation cos this 8t0ck wa8 bought since the great decline in dbe8sgood8. A All the new styles now in store. A 8plendid Stock of Pacific lawns and challie8, of the very latest styles. Also. White goods shawls hosiery gloves Mitt tank notices. To Nils Law John Sigillito so co., 101, 103 and 103 West fourth Treef. Hardware amp a. 1861. .1861. Hardware r. W. Booth amp co., s. Of. Comer Pearl and i Walnut ste., Cincinnati and to. 16 Platt St., a Mew York Are now in receipt of their Spring Stock hardware. Cutlery of jays. They Call the attention of per chalets to the following desirable Brand pocket Cutlif. By now on Sale Jonathan Crooks or celebrated s pen knives a his of Eph 8atk Mark s p ring bonnets Spring ribbons Spring Flowers. Straw bonnets Straw hats and a full line of millinery goods Junt received in �11 the latest novelties All of which have been purchased very Low and will be sold at Price to Euit the times. The attention of Milliner is called to a variety of pattern bonnets at wilsojy9 s cloak and Mantilla establishment 78 West fourth Street opposite Pike s opera House. 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Mehraby h cab son Mhz Teod 162 Mai a #t., near fourth. G Persona about introducing Gas into their dwellings Stonee or offices will get Superior work and but Tab to Sass than elsewhere at Mchenry a oarson�?T8, lamp and a fixture depot Mhz fit Eod a 162 main Street. A pocket cutlery r. Bunting a Sony Thomas Charlton s a a Geo. Wostenholm a songs Wade a Butcher s a a g. Woodhead so a William Shirley so a a Thomas Turner a a a j. W. Staniforth a a William Nicholson so a Charles Ling amp re a son s a a w. A s. Horrabin s a a John Copley a songs George Savage a songs a a w. A s. Butchers a a Corsan Denton Burdekin a a full assortment of Griffin a Trace butt and breast chains. At Low prices a a a particular attention paid to executing order. Mhl6-2t groceries amp a. I an bark.�?5,000 tie. Tan bark for Sale a Low to close consignment by r. Hosea a co., my 18_conner front and main Street. O. Sugar-80 Hhd if. Fair to prime a sugar Landing and for Sale by r. 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Pike mhl6-lw 18 and 20 Sycamore treat. In Otic to importing merchants and having Como to the knowledge of the undersigned Surveyor of the port of Cincinnati that Good imported via new Orleans have been received or Are now in transit from that port to this City without regular entry or having paid duty to Tho government of the United states now the is to notify All importing merchants or agent to report All such cases to tbs office without delay or the pen allies of the Law will be rigidly enforced parties engaged in transportation from new or office All dutiable Gooda carried by them that have not paid duties to the government of the United states. T. Jefferson 8herl Mali let Surveyor of custom. Crackers. Rohls-6t Wentworth so Hanly o % h7 Pearl Street Cincinnati of pianos and music. Tait m it a m , oot r .1� a Deon without a mauler contain Uig full in Truc Tiomi and a a songs marches Waltzes polkas ac., .4 cents each. Concertina without a master violoncello without a master a Fife without master. Full instruct Ion and music 50 cents each. Violin without a master klute without a master accordion without a master. Instructions and mis sic 30 cents each. Self instructor for violin a tip of instructor for flute self instructor for air Cortleon and Flutina 30 cents each. Sent Post paid of receipt of Price by the publisher. John cd Milf he a my 18 66 West fourth Street. N e w u ladies Delight w Altz. By Julius c. Marringer. A pleasing wait of a Diun difficulty just issued. Price 25 cts., for which it will be sent by mail. John Church jx., publisher of music and importer of musical instrument 66 West fourth Street. Molg Totne second hand ohm a peking Pia a o a i v it. A a a j 7 octaves Ful round Back and front j i i a. For Sale very Low. Smith so Nixon no. 64 West fourth Street. Baltimore m Ide nth Lei m Ore triumphs of pia.yq8. We. Knabe so co., have this fall received in for different state of the Union no les than five first premiums for the beat piano exhibited at their respective fairs in Competition with instruments from the beet manufactories of Boston and new York. 1. Two first premiums at the state fair Montgomery Alabama. 2. Firt Premium at the state fair Zanesville. O. 3. First Premium at the state fair Atlanta a. 4. First Premium at the fair of the Fulton Institute Lancaster a. This shows Well for one year. For Sale by o. Murch dec7 72 West fourth Street. Paper. K we manufacture and keep constantly Oft hand. Jye w s paper of All sires and weights. Also Book paper from the finest fixed and extra calendered Book paper to the cheapest Grade and can make to order an Bize and Quality on Short notice. We keep a constant Stock of English hardware paper j Ledger paper Folio posts 1 wrapping Pape Flat Caps coloured a per French paper v Coyer paper tissue Papke letter paper Plain and ruled commercial note paper Plain and ruled coloured glazed paper lithograph paper printers out cards card sheets Tab boards Straw boards i paper bags Auto which we invite the attention of Dalara and Consumers. Nixon Chatfield is woo 14, manufacturers and wholesale taper dealer mh4-4t77 and 79 a Aln Ift dyes it wrist Adoron a h a d y k. T a the Only Dye. Ever Analysed. The Only Dye 8worn to be Poison less. The Only Dye. For a living Brown. The Only Dye. For a perfect Black. The Only Dye that . The Only Dye that is . And the Only Dye for All who desire to have the color of their hair changed with safety certainty and rapidity to any Shade they May desire. Manufactured by 8. Crista dog 6 Astor House now York. Sold everywhere. Mhl-lmdeoda4tw27 will o n e u t Dollar will a the Hia Watha. It is warranted to impart to the hair or a honkers a natural Brown or Black in one weeks Timpf. To ladies disgusted with the smut inseparable from All dyes this new discovery is a real Blessing. Characteristic of the Hiawatha. It needs no soaping of the hair beforehand. It leaves no smut nor stain on the Scalp. It therefore requires no washing afterwards. It is not a Dye but a restorative. It in a single preparation without Sulphur Soseu. It can be Useden five minutes time. It therefore lays All the dyes of the shelf. The Only Agency in the City is office no. 3 Neave a building up stairs Corner fourth and race. J. 8. Harrison general agent for the West. Orders Rem country dealers solicited on Good term. W by enclosing by mail the Price the Hiawatha will be sent by express to any order. Ja54a hats and Caps. Me f. Thompson a go a invite the attention of Cash and prompt Tiner Bayers a to the Kix Large and complot 8togk, a or Price list of cracker., 4c a be. Soda crackers 5 pc it sugar crackers 68c f crackers 48 f to it. Belou Cracker 5c a a. A for enters amounting to 5 bbl. At a Tima and upward to per cent discount allowed. ,. _ to _ James o. Of opera Fel-3m no a b. Cor. Walnut and water ste., cnn0. Cigars and tobacco. O i e a a mayan a. -. A have just so state am assortment of b 8. A nine which Are the Folio Fuad a Itte Vilaro also a lot of the Geau-3 a or to White a would leu Tau. 238 mate a to teak hate Cape and Straw Goode a i which they offer to Tho Trade at Low prices. Unusually mh3-f Teod s of o o d a notice to hat buyers we invite the attention of merchants to our Large end Choice assortment of hate Cape and Straw goods. As our goods Are purchased mostly for Cash we would ask the special attention of Cash and prompt time buyers with the As it trance that they can find no Stock of Hays More attractive either in styles or prices. C. B. Camp so co., 93 West third Street Rohll. Cincinnati Ohie. Coal Oil Damps amp a. Goal Oil lamps at reduced Pic ski with either the Spring new screw banter. Cone try Merchante and other visiting the stir Are to Call and examine our Stocky f7 requested chasing elsewhere. Chasing Lor where. We have now Tho Spring Burner which is acknowledged to be the very beet Burner in. The Norket a which we invite Especial attention. A Quot and at Low figure by the dozen Orff ,�,.� cannot til yourselves and get lamps at prig Tfaye rvs to please you. Ten band at Elf a a r>�?o1 w lathe Norket at lowest bbo., ugh Lei fat _ a of a a it 8��?~md Quot Quot a a Fresco painting. Bus co paimtin9.-p. Pedrutti Fresco Painter ing no. 4, Seeotis floor. Fluid inks
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