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Cincinnati Daily Commercial (Newspaper) - March 18, 1861, Cincinnati, Ohio1� % commercial but Aldfo Wnok a Lhez St Comer of fourth and vtoeet9re�t�.i a rial Payi by lie week Trtala ten line a Tois Tity Wonit v Inch a i t a a v it a t 1i a a a i Liff it fur Kent or for sole col Emu Woisch insertion i5 adv it Taitl Homo rata la i Rupurt Lon Ltd uni Quot it of tupac of cupid. Term of weekly Pupert one copy per ywr., i1 of eleven Oopik a. -.910 00 the weekly commercial Ike will of onto la thirty 41 x �<1 urn up Noila than thirty two of which will be Tille Wirlin Shotke do Refon pro a Rcd rail Iii in tier ohm ring �11 the Makl Bulit the la re a until we Celieres the Best Dollar newspaper in the if Nln Jet my. To Kysor apr Naif in in wac Itutti Tea Linea or lean eight words each insertion.75 longer advertise inti in a ame proportion. Medical treatment m idl Cal a h v 8 pm 1 i 0 a do. Blow of s a office to. 46 of fort fun Rufi Street Between sym Normand ltwmjway., a where he Given hip Entile a a a a a a a to to t�1410 of Riu Ritac and 8�rc#ry i dry a. Has and private caring certain de will go a re Tih top Umpir Tomt complicated in a Ltd re Jimd Lia vary few Aye. Atm l men in a refill in find and Juriy by a secret at once to or. R de ruled Ninny then Muju ent h persons and will in a hip Pine friends and society. Adige Nentis Peculiar to their sex it re a Rrt hint experience in him Petal Twebe a year to in Josl Iano restore it a a a tsp he Quot ill woman Haring do Ort or read to Call Lor relic 1,1,11, inseam of carefully t tie particular As to the n Royli-tf<kweovr27tf 4� by b or v fated. Line and Nural or. Dlr. W. 0. Brown it fourth ef., Cincinnati. H 8 Cincinnati Hospital a by or. 6 tsp eve a n a a r t�0. 76 weal third a treets Between Walnut and Tine i p Tairi for the Apo do Nruh Peco Anent cure of without the be of Meb air or or change of diet. A a Nve tilt ii ii or 8tf.vkn8. From to of London Paris and Baltimore is the of Tilie Only Cert Aln end Reid ate venue Dies for a in ass of a private character. By his special capt Naif ii in this much nor elected Branch of Nedical a fiend e.,he is enabled to guarantee Acure in the nun ted Case. Rece i t cd flt i of Ijac Morrea or Sypaila a ruled in a few Days without emn Gejoff diet or hindrance from Liming is Ollary 8yp�ha�tlie last age eradicated w without the cum of Mercury. Involuntary ism a of a Miti Mojo dip a Short Lime. Sufferers from a i Potency or Joss fac vital Power restored to full Vigi r in a few weeks a fleeter Gmo Rhea of Long standing where an in Tel a remedies have failed Pernau Eutzly and ship Odily pure let a a Lew treatment. Of inf Man injured in body end mirth from the effects of self , with premature pains in the head Hack and a Tejral a Odily lassitude Norbid a inability to con Art to fruited for. Complaint and thru High the ignore me an a of others or a a delicacy of their do Quot drag out a miserable exit Ulceby infractions of the Moat imperative yet pin be Law of their let a ing 1jaiuubd Den contemplating marriage who Are suffering those Franr Fol Naku Dies should not forget tag upon them not Dugay Weir Eatadal orly c�n1 1 Quot it of thai scrod rot to Gnu in Iii a Ivain diata relic i Isi a be Peculiar to Fetter a care gun Antic in Al 1 a distance Fai l persons at h t Hunt else pm writing a full diagnosis r. a office hours from 8 a. It May Glt a bag 1 a Calo receive prompt Troat remanent cure effected heir ease., addressed to Box our Cincinnati 0. Tab p. M. Oclo of a incl in Ati Vuk Kreal Hospital Stab wished iia the year 1h50,in the. For tar Larr of a private pm scars and under the to it a Rol of two of the most eminent physician a the world. Or. A Bonaparte from the London and Paris hospitals and for he Pasi urn Yeats of the Cincinnati Venerea 1 Jolt Spital arid do. K a Reynolds late of new York. This 1r the Only office a in the cite where a permanent cure of private diseases can be obtained without the use of plur Niy or change of diet. Gonorrhoea cured in b to 4 hours. Crept cured in 3 to 10 Days. Strictures cured in 1 to 3 weeks. Nocturnal finish Ion slopped in 2 Tofft Days. Set Jna weakness cured in 2 to h Reelfs. Syphilis in its primary stages curb in sea a in lto3 weeks. Skin diseases cured in 1 o 3 we eke a. In Potency vigor re stured in 1 to 4 week. Ail .1 a senses of a. Private nature treated with . Drs b. A it. Are the men to consult they Are u 11 questionably Dufo let a the Champion and King of venereal a Tarasca and the Only doctors who Racain monthly Rel Orts from the old world. A Pam Lozieh a i Mai s Isaa afe of tied reliable remedy for Imp Pressie re a and Al female diseases. Frico Piper Box extra l Ine a it a sent by Trail. No letters will be a answered unless they contain a remittance or a upstage b tamp foul or add real a dus. Boy Tapahe to a r1vnold8, >1# Al Roe i hew it a pets Ici Unai office Honre 6 a. M. To i m. Mh5-tn no. Ahtl 8>canvu# Street Between fifth and sixth a tracts Totth Cunati j. 0 g t 0 k 8 11 ail of whits. Doffice no. 55 East thira is reel Between by _. And bin wow a can he Cona Lteif at ail imm a confidentially by the in Fortus ate Jiras if. A p have spout Many Yeara Rafii dying and a Nve Fly gating the particular class Oldie gases which they propose of treat and their anti rates and they now Oil Irto the Itti Actea a Nedies and treatment which the know from Long exp Zionce mt4 disease of venereal Aeve Reet teat will tire Al Faapea of thorough eradicate tie ast Vul Tige of venereal Dpi my from the system. Thy solicit recent. And e i i Auer old cd a dvrs All cases 0ntrusts, a possible time. T Persona Dufferin from Belf abuse to Muld Soffor no longer but Cal unit get res fund to health and Happi ii. A w be for they will warrant d to them 111 the Shurlese a Eye. Drs. Oure All a my cameos. A Viiar to in Balnald. Fui in Criari Iiene a. Of Sui alas can be had of Bra. M and fever a a red in twelve hour a warranted. Are invited to Call and is risk the French Porto focal throws am invaluable remedy a a a females having Dern no Emonts to Cukier to their sex All and be relieve a. Ropa an if males Cai a a Welve Hon i let two con he Ihrig a i its it or a putt office stamp Aldrea Selfo draft at a h White 55 East third at reel Cincinnati pronlptj1 attended to and remedies went to any address.r_jc8-f Foj a Hill it of t i it a l d i a k a 8 e s. All forma of dimes of a private a future Are cured in a comparative a Hurt time without Losa of tune rom Busi Noas if without the be of injurious a do Cines. Persons a sited who by Phyllia gonorrhoea a Minal Eroi Tsiogri Semi Hall debility or affections of the bladder and a Denys of who hav injured themselves by secret l us Genyon can Rety upon amp cure by Cal Linig upon 11 jul. J. Kates no. Is 8y Cincinnati Ohio. i t of the Cincinnati cd medal daily commercial. Letter from. Washington the or. Haa by it instantly treating these diseases Darlng the last Twenty five years Aid is the oldest practitioner in i line i this City or therefore confidently promises a certain and Radical cure in All Ceca. He especially asks those to Call who have been mistreated and Tho Havasi Viust abandoned All Hopes of a cure. J fe2t�-Ltna. A a a % v i u 8 4 a ladies who for any Parps be May need or desire medical counsel or treat ent can obtain the same by calling at the office of . Kats9, no. J53 8ycamo#e Street Cincinnati Ohio. N. B a All business strictly Lonb dental. Fe3�-lm r Adi Gal Cut us to paces h m a teat. The Only drugs that will effect a permanent Enrel will Curry Wlucille hernia or rust Nee when rightly applied and directions full wed. Is have the Sorivi he of referring to i ofe1cirs Vaten Tihe Mott. Of Allard Parker and j. N. Carnot in i of new York professors r d Mussey Geo. C by Ataman j. Fly. Judkins i it a. W. Al. A Omar and Otler burgeon of Cincinnati. To also have the Privily a a of referring to Many per Pons residing in Cincinnati As Well As in new York who have Lawn cured by ih1&Quot use of this truss. 8h0fldu braces. Pc Farsh 8 new Are perfect f elastic giving free Aoi Ion to the Muscles wed will not Cut Ruder the Arm. A m�>09f in a i. j i itch Gra worn with Inch Comfort having shape am pressure graduated to suit Ihl Case. Pfc Ahtl Stockl Nuich knee Caps and anklets for euro if varicose Jeries a Ore leg weak and lamp a olints h i a Tyle of suspensory Bandage for of Vari Ocels. Hydro Cele instruments tar treatment of Quot Bow legs. Our feet curvature of Quot the spine and other physical Dejoras ties.8, n. Marsf1 c0., new York. S 8. N. Marsolf t orli88 a co.,2�0. 5 West fourth St hit South aide opposite the High steam Lac. Cincinnati. A competent female to wait of ladies. Rie to Ofsow i it he enl s. I 111 h h e ii. For a perfectly ool stable Flat Ito and a car to i to bpm. For kit Hub walk 0 Remale auxt of child one that can be worn at the hardest labor or to those engaged in moderate exercise that will be a ure to keep the parts la their natural places and ural to Imp Why he suited by calling at the office of __1 or. Al Kate is b 153 Sycamore Street Cincinnati Ohio. A. Or. Kates Radical Carw Tinaa Haa Bee. In use now far upwards of a Quarter of Century in the West Andl Bouth and a cured thous ands of Paventa and is ova oldest established Trusa ,7wurn_f_um out gains. Fe2ft-la h. Trees. Trees. A Xiba labor 811adr and fruit terms. Persona in want of extra Large Shade and fruit tree by it no. A to West fifth at., ook s Walnut Lilli Nurser it Madison Road a a Oinling City limits. Dakar s line of Omni Moet pass the Nursery every 2tlrli5���?o ted Torner of fifth and Sycamore he s a a Viu 1., go for innate. O. 1 Job it u i x treed i _aah7-tf f u i it t Rei 8 re stoc Bent of a Apple. Harry Plaia Ora. Mao a Large decide nectarine Park quite a Pike a a t and Cut Green Kraw Terrisa Hack berries gooseberries Trau berries to berries a. Rape Bhise plants Over. Dace do Ous and ornamental tree and shrubs. A11 the above Trees. Wire a and blocks est. All orders left promptly filled. Sandy kit re or Are now inspect Iua a Walnut faeries. To fifth Street will a annexed wi6 Walnut Hilla kor Malm a dec innate. / p.8.�?oa nil eee Page the nurse Rise every hour my Irb Khz by Kong 17i he a 5aguerrjbotypb Stock. Is Babi re m i a i t importer and dealer to 4rryp, aah Ratip anti Mela Taelyr s Meek Fernch and a Brigan monday March 1h, 1801. Prow in and Italy. We Art plate to see a Reform of the policy of a a Nubia in to Ilu kingdom of Italy. During the War Between Austria and France and Sardinia the German states sympathized with Austria and threatened to make common oat ifs with her. It was a Mournful and humiliating spectacle to see Liberal Germany on the bide of despotism in theft great Struggis. La Russia and other Liberal German states were not however absolutely opponents of italian Independence. They were indulging their hate of France and their fear of her aggrandizement. A great change has come Over the policy of Prussia. She gives to Italy the Assurance of her sympathy and Good will. Ii bar Vincks of the prussian parliament said in a Spee Okon the subject which has been extensively published in Europe a a is either Prussia nor Germany have any interest in thwarting the Progress and in preventing the consolidation of the new order of thing so in Italy. I blame the government for having attempted to frighten Cavour on the consequences of his policy forts assistance to the King of Naples by carrying Dis Pitt Ches Between Gaeta and mesh him Aud in advising Louis Napoleon to leave the French Fleet at Greta the speech from which this is an extract was made in support of an amendment of the answer of the prussian Chambers to the King s address indicative of a de3re to support the cause of italian Independence. The prussian Pinister of foreign affairs spoke against inches amendment but it was carried by a vote of lf>0 to 140. The Memphis Avalanche the Rifle whisky secession Sheet of Tennessee gets up a Long dialogue Between an unionist and , in w hich the former is perfectly annihilated. The Union shrieked �3 put in an awful predicament As follows Union shirt Kerr i am going to stand by them when Lincoln attacks me or tramples on any of my rights. 1 am not going to break of the Best government on Earth because i lose a negro once in a Whilt and because the fugitive slave Law is not enforced and because negroes a re not allowed to go into the territories and because i cannot take my negro through a free state without having him taken away from me. I have no business with my negro in a free state. Let me go through the South with my negro when i want to go anywhere and keep out of the Way of these Northern Felkis. Secessionist Well i give up you Are right it is the Best government on Earth und it takes More to make them mad than any other people on Earth. The truth is i do not think a i Nion Man trill crr get mad again. Lncoln has perfectly christianize the h Hole country. I begin to think the Mil Benium coming and that Lincoln is the forerunner. 4. The Avalanche thinks it has got the Union shrieked in a fearful predicament and so closes the dialogue. Secession meeting broken up in Louisville by the Union men. J the secessionists had a meeting in Louisville Friday night but were howled Down by the Union men. We extract the following from the couriers report by this time the instruments and minions of Liose dear friends of the people and of tree speech the submission leaders had congregated inside and outside of the Hall in such numbers that they were enabled to drown with to Weir clamors the voice of the speaker and a scene of noi8e and confusion at once humiliating and disgraceful followed until the committee on resolutions through their chairman maj. Thos. H. Hunt appeared witly their report. This report was read amidst great clamor. But with the conclusion of the report the mob assumed Yueh dimensions As to completely put an end to any farther business und after a hour of the most infernal and Damnable demonstrations Ever witnessed out of hell the lights were put out and the meeting dip a erased. It seems that the Union men particularly wanted to hear or. Goth Iii. As the secessionists would not allow him to speak they were not permitted to make themselves heard. Bad Way of paying Bills. 0. Byron Young was arrested this morning Ottist. Louis Street by Lieut. Boylan and special officer m or on a charge of boarding at the St. Cho ies hotel to the amount of $30, and a Jen giving n worthless Cheek for that surr a a this merchants Ward Saunders k h a i who however had 0. B. Neith9u amp their books or pc a it is said is an sex candidate for the Missouri convention and run do considerable in the speechifying Way. Recorder Emerson will hear w hat he has to say one of these new Orleans True Delta tuesday. A a these republics arc think of our magnificent Southern Friend the Man who was resolved to put the Dagger into Lincoln a bosom being arrested and imprisoned for so trifling a matter As not paying a hotel Bill. It is enough to fire the Southern auditor of the state of Mississippi recently solicited the opinion of attorney general Wharton in the question whether or not he bad the Power to Issue licenses to agents of insurance companies not located in this state or in some one of the Confederate states. The attorney general replies in the negative. This will seriously affect tire Security of property As nearly ail the insurance in this state is thereby rendered Vicksburg whig 12th. We learn that Many of the Northern insurance companies Are withdrawing their agencies from the South risks in that Section la eing considered extra hazardous owing to the disturbed condition of society. Heavy losses have already been suffered by gome of them As there is More House and barn and Cotton Gin burning going on than is generally apprehended. Delay is All tie South needs. So says the Mobile Register. It proceeds to demonstrate the proposition a on our part delay is All we need for our preparations Are a continuing without remission and in three months we shall be better prepared for War than the Northern concede Erack can be in six. This also we have reason to believe is the policy of president Davis who knows that every hour strengthens us for the conflict and the chief command at Charleston being now under almost hi3 immediate direction we Are assured against any rashness or ill advised movement. Whatever therefore the future May have in store we shall have time to amply prepare for every contingency and out chief Hope for Pence consists in this that when our enemies Are driven to their last resort we shall be so formidable that they dare not employ it.11 in had taste. In the Telegraph of last night was the following a it is said that Giddings is nominated Consul general at now we protest that this is unkind. The Southern confederacy being virtually acknowledged As a Power do factory or. Lincoln in striking to them the nag of fort Sumter and Giddings having contributed to its establishment and Independence More than any other ten men North or South in so much that he is As justly entitled to the soul Guelte of father of his country As was Washington to his. Now in Justice he should be sent there As minister plenipotentiary and envoy extraordinary to Montgomery or Consul general to Charleston. We believe in a giving the Devil his the appointments. Most of the important appointments thus far have been made by the president direct and without any Cabinet consultation. It is now considered useless to file applications with the departments As has been the Universal practice heretofore since they Are rarely considered and generally Tribune Cor. This Towi at the president comes sooner than we expected. As the pack now Seema drawn off on a new scent they will probably for a time Stop yelping at the Heel of gov. Seward a Albany eve. Jour. We print in another part of to Days Tribune an account of the vessels now constituting the Home Squadron of the United states most of which Are ready for instant service and All but three or four Are now in this port. The list comprises 26 vessels carrying 190 guns and 2,757 men. This is the largest naval Force Ever concentrated in one 6quadron since the organization of the United states Navy. It consists of More ships than the Channel Fleet of England. It is obvious that important naval movements Are in contemplation by the government. To. John Cotton Smith United states minister at Bolivia is so much esteemed by the Junta that his influence has greatly served not Only this but that country and the treaty he recently made will no doubt Enad half a pocketed aun., and All about we fall. Washington March 12, 1861. Wigfall a jubilant. Wigfall is exultant. Wigfall is in a state of beatitude. Wigfall has risen to new Honor and fresh distinction. Wigfall considers himself the favored child of Fortune the elect Champion of the a pc. S. A a and secession a favorite son a proposition has actually been offered in the Senate of the late United states to expel Wigfall Whereat Wigfall gave thanks after the not very devout manner in which rampant Southern gentlemen arc accustomed to offer up their granulation a. In Short not to pot too fisc a Point upon it when Wigfall heard of the Resolution of expulsion aforesaid he at once expressed the opinion without hesitation that it was a a did Good thing a he Wigfalle the illustrious fire eating daredevil bib Ulous Boozy Harum scrum senator and secessionist representing a whole Commonwealth of warriors and wild cats renowned for the fighting qualities of her sons and rendered newly illustrious by the treason of her Twiggs he Wigfall was to be honoured by expulsion from that body whose authority he had derided and against whose government he had declared himself ready to take no Arm. So Wigfall rejoiced inward Hemd gave voice outwardly to his Joy. He was no a in All the honors of martyrdom without Sqq Reris a any of the inconveniences thereof. 4had just thrown his Challenge in the face Khe $ ate a be had said his say an do eur hours to say it in a he his three thousand Dob senatorial mileage from far off Texas by the Oxbow route one had packed his trunk and was All in readiness to depart for the sunny chores of Galveston a and now to put the Climax to his Felicity he was to reap new honors in being banished from the Black Republican Senate could he not exclaim in the words of catiline on a not very dissimilar occasion a ban Lull from la eme what banished but it free from daily Contact with the things 1 loathe a Hud not the Northern hordes taken ads session of the Capitol Warp they not thronging Here to possess the fatness of the land were Thev not already in an immense majority in the House and had they not just to completed their Ascendancy by acquiring a heavy majority in the Senate and taking Possession of the White House and All seven of the departments what better could happen to a sworn enemy of their Power than to be honoured with their sentence of exile after having first pocketed the emoluments of the office a let them laugh that win a a Saith the old proverb and Wigfall laughed did better he look a drink on it. And playing his new role of Martyr to Black Republican sectional ism a he went Straightway to the bar with the first Man he met and took another drink. Then he treated the crowd and so took another drink. Then he grew Loquaci oits and his Throat becoming dry m the profusion of his patriotic speech he took another drink. Then he grew funny after that quarrelsome then noisy then affectionate afterwards confidential and a Little later maudlin each and All of which states of mind he enforced with a fresh drink until at length he became drowsy and shortly after was Fereen collapsed upon a sofa where he continued in a state of profound quiescence for several hours. The next Day Wigfall the illustrious made his appearance in the Senate. His Resolution would come up. He was Well washed Well combed and Well dressed. He was 111 exuberant spirits. The fierce Little twisted lock of hair Over his left Eye brow Ivas perked up with an uncommonly saucy air a As who should say a Damme sir you can t insult me a and Wigfall with his hand in his pockets lounged about the lobbies of thei Senate chamber chatting with Clingman. Hunter Mason amp co. An glancing at the galleries which were filling with spectators. The Resolution was read. Its mover or. Foster of Connecticut a moderate and conservative Republican said he had of Rcd it yesterday without consultation with his colleagues a and upon his own responsibility. He thought it due to the dignity of the Senate. He had no personal feelings whatever in the matter and he went on to make a Cool logical statement of the reasons Why a senator who had made declaration in open Senate of in Civiss and hostility to the government of which he was acting As a prominent legislative officer should be summarily ejected from that body. Clingman replied in a weak Pett fogging speech about level to the capacity of a school boy declamation. He made no Point whatever. Mason of Virginia then Rose with his huge round red lace allo Lime and talked indignantly for half an hour of a allegiance a and a servility a and a persecution a amp a. He would adopt and reiterate the sentiment of the senator from Texas and he would say for himself that he owed or no allegiance save to the Sovereign Commonwealth of Virginia. He had taken no oath of fealty to the Federal government and he v a j o i t f Bumm mme a won the beat Appia Ualat nude of president Usu owl to owed none. He had taken an oath of fealty to the state of Virginia and he intended to keep that oath. It was True he had sworn to support the Constitution of the United states but that did not so bind him that he was precluded from seeking to change that Constitution. A after this Hunter followed with some sophistry Alx it it expelling senators for Mere opinions Sake and after about two hours consumed in this debate which was like the handle of a Jug All on one Side the republicans showing no disposition to take up the cudgels the matter was postponed by a motion to go into executive session. So Wigfall escaped for that Day the much coveted Chance of making himself conspicuous by another speech and the a clarifying which it would have provoked from some of the Ablest republicans. About two thousand auditors were much disappointed by this tame result. To Day the Resolution came up once More in regular order of business. Wigfall was not present. Rumor a it that Wigfall had gone on a Bender. The Resolution svs read. After an ominous silence mar. Simmons of Rhode Island moved to refer it to the committee on the judiciary. This was carried and the matter will now sleep As securely As if it had been consigned to the Tomb of the caplets. Reason w Hyp the republicans although they have a handsome majority in the Senate have not two thirds and it requires two thirds to expel a member from that body. Sigma. By Adams sex pro a Correen Othlen Cincinnati commercial letter from Columbus. Tagged out new operations last night even stand up fight status of candidates influences at work shifty politicians Senate adjourned till tuesday for rest. Cold macs March 16th, 1861. Everybody at Columbus connected with the general Assembly or with the senatorial question is about a flagged labor and the feverish passions engendered by political ambition have proved too much for them. The More aged members of the legislature Are already begging off on plea of sickness and exhaustion and the More Youthful Are becoming irascible through Contention Hope deferred and unwonted exertions. The adjourned . Our facilities for procuring information from the caucus were better than on the previous night. Tuesday night the third House was reduced to the humiliating exp Bedient of employing Sharp eared eaves droppers and the press and Public Ore indebted to their persevering Enterprise for the news which appeared the next Day in the Cincinnati papers. So much for Omali efforts to cheat the papers and Public out of their dues. Lost night communication with the secret conclave was graciously permitted although All persons were excl sea. The history of last nights operations May be successfully studied in the several ballots As dispatched to you. The caucus commenced operations by throwing out feelers for the Sherman men were dissatisfied with the Way in which their candidate was withdrawn on tuesday night and they concluded to bring him on the track again. One of them was detailed to vote for him at the Start while the others agreed to go for Horton and Delano until it should be seen whether anybody would leave the other candidates and go to Sherman. It was supposed this would operate in his favor but the results were not As Brilliant is anticipated. An Uncertain gain of three was recorded Sherman s original steady strength being from 22 to 25. When it became apparent that no nomination could be reached the Sherman and Schenck men carried an adjournment. I omitted to mention by the Way. That at one Feriod Horton s friends intended to withdraw in formally from the contest but perceiving the dead lock of Tjie three principal candidates. They finally concluded to hold fast round him for a rallying Point although he received no votes on several ballots. The most remarkable feature of the night was the general Good feeling displayed. Toward the close however members began to exhibit a Little iras ability and it was perhaps prudent to adjourn. The status of the friends of the three candid dates last night won easily determined. Den in a wow confident Sherman s determined and opel Schenck a stubborn but Pau Cuc. The Tuttoi manifested a disposition to plead for what they asserted to be their Rient to the candidate another noticeable fact in this contest is the conditions surrounding several of the candidates. Or. Schenck labors u under the disadvantage of being advocated by Republican member soothe legislature who have made their a a conservatism offensive to the straight outs. Besides the fact that Schenck stood out in the cold in the Capati to of Spectator during the Brunt of the Republican fight from 1855 to 1859, operated against him notwithstanding his known anti slavery sentiments. His distinguished abilities acknowledged nerve and Nis geographical position together with a Gallant corps of Republican supporters from Dayton however. Constitutes his formidable strength making him a dangerous competitor. Or. Sherman contends against a combination of the friends of three or four candidates a geographical War Aid influences aseged to have been brought to Bear by senator waders friends at Washington. Or. Dennison s strength is derived from All the elements of opposition to Sherman besides he has a faithful party of friends who prefer him to All his competitors. The management of col. Wolcott is his bulwark. Shift y politicians. Two weeks ago or Sherman a friends at Columbus were confident of going into Cau ens with 45 votes. Three or four d�3rs of Active canvassing reduced the number to 36 who were considered pledged to i m. Messes. Delano Horton and Ashley were brought into the ring and carried off a few More upon local grounds. Monday night last some Twenty nine members met at the Sherman Headquarters and from their expression of views it was supposed they were pledged to stick to Sherman. Tuesday evening however they were still further reduced to 23. You perceive therefore that the predictions of your correspondent which have been so sadly knocked into i were based upon the promises of fickle men. It is nevertheless a fact that the opponents of Sherman were As confident As his friends a a hat he would be nominated. 1 agree that it is unsafe to put Faith in politicians but i am not yet disposed to take anything Back. I the bottle is not yet fought and Sherman a Stock is rising. Senate. The Senate elected lion. James Monroe president pro tem of Nwoji Jenate. A House Bill authorizing the conversion of atoll Road in Bath and Miami townships in Green county into a free Road was passed. Also a Senate Bill authorizing marriage records in Perry county to be transcribed. The claim of Charles Rule against the state referred to the judiciary committee. Senators being worn out adjourned till tuesday afternoon. House. The House passed the Senate Bill to regulate the duties of surviving partners. It requires surviving partners to give an inventory of property which shall be appraised and such partner taxi take the assets at the appraised value by consent of the probate judge. -4 a a if a or. Wright of Hamilton introduced a Bill to provide for the a appointment of special boards of equalization of real and personal property in citie3 of the first and second class. Eight other Bills of no particular moment were introduced acid the House adjourned until monday. A. D. B. Law report. Superior court. Before judge stir Era William Brown is. Mcgrew amp Stone Aid Preston and others. The question involved in this Case is one of interest to business men namely whether a mortgage made by % person in failing circumstances and in Monte Platson of insolvency to two separate creditors with a View to preferring them Epes under the statute of Ohio in relation deeds made by debtors in such circus stances and inures to the equal Benefit of All. It is alleged the plaintiff and principal defendants Are creditors of Preston having sold to him a Large amount of Coal which was the subjects of the mortgage. Case under advisement. Argued by t. D. Lincoln for we Ailiff and by messes. Matthews Snow aug. Burgoyne representing creditors. A Joseph Grabinger is. Michael Harlan and m. Schradski. In ljb50 plaintiff gave to ii. A promissory note a so. Claims to have suit brought on it for the Benefit of himself whereas h. Brought it for Hie own Benefit and sold the judgment to s. G. Sues both parties now and avers that s. Had full knowledge of All the circumstances. Or. Gasser who with or. Root appeared for plaintiff desired to submit the Case without argument. The court intimated tha they would wish to hear or. A e argument counsel As i do not to the heart of your Honor submit it. Coutts it is usual to Appeal to the head rather than the heart of the judge. The counsel on thei other Side or. O Connor having agreed the Case was then submitted on the papers. John Beattie is. The Assignee of r. H. Kost. Action of Replevin to recover flour sold by plaintiff to defendant. The claim wits that it was sold for Cash that the Bill was presented several times and not paid and that a few Days afterwards k. Made an assignment. The court held that the terms of the Sale were not fulfilled and that the party had a right to Replevin. Clemmer for plaintiff j. Burnet for defense. Before judge by Adlyn the evidence proceeded in the Case of Amp l. Kinsey against j. D. Park amp Colet Taylor l co. The defense claim that Taylor had no right to endorse the name of the firm on these notes. It is said that a number of other claims against these defendants Are awaiting the Issue of the present trial. A j. Hollister and a. Todd represented plaintiffs judge coffin and Fox amp Harris for defense. Commo pleas. Before judge collins.?. S cock is. Ludlow Fowler k co. Action to recover rent of a store on Columbia Street and the value of fixtures alleged to be in lawfully removed. J. M. Mckee Wras sued As a partner and the chief party contesting and the answer merely denying indebtedness without specifically de Nying the use and occupation or the allegation that he was a partner the court held that it did not make a defense under the code. As such pleading was becoming frequent the court Felt bound to condemn it. Kwiim an adoption of the form in Nash a of Active except that there it was coupled with the More evasive phrase that a defendant is not indebted in the manner and form verdict for plaintiff for $380. _ t. G. Mitchell and Noyes for plaintiff l. Mills for defense Kuder is. The l. M. Railroad company. Case heretofore noticed. Verdict for Plain tiff�?$25. Judge Carter in room no. 1, heard criminal Branch of Thi court has adjourned until menday the 18th. Probate court. A supposed deceased californian application was made to judge Paddack to require the administrator of Benj. Weber to hand Over any assets in his Possession to messes. H. Gaines and Charles Murdock. It i Bearg that Cali a Ink i could move 1 would prefer to Many Alifornia and not movements of the Hong John j. Crittenden. The latest news As to the purposes of the venerable sex senator from Kentucky is that he is coming borne right away to fight the secessionists in his state be had contemplated a new England tour and accepted an invitation to visit Boston. The following is his correspondence with the mayor of that City. A mayors office City Hall \ Boston feb. 15, 1861. J if on. John j. Crittenden sir it becomes my pleasant duty to communicate to you the desire of the City Council of Boston As expressed in the accompanying Resolution that you would gratify them and our citizens by visiting Boston As its honoured guest at such time after the adjournment of Congress As May be convenient and agreeable to you. I beg also to express a cordial invitation to mrs. Crittenden to accompany you As her presence will be a source of increased pleasure and i can assure you both that it will be our Earnest Endeavor to Render your visit As agreeable to you As it will be Gratifying to us. Permit me therefore to express the Hope that i May receive a favourable response to the request of the City Council and my own personal desire. With sentiments of respect and esteem i am yours respectfully Joseph m. Wightman. Washington March 8, 1861. Hon. Jos. M. Wightman mayor of the City of Boston a sir i have had the great Honor to receive your letter of the 15th ult communicating to me the invitation of the City Council of Boston to visit that City As its guest. The kind expressions of your letter and the resolutions that accompanied it. Have added All that could Render that invitation most honorable and Gratifying to me. These testimonials of your approval of my Public services sink deep into my heart. 1 accept Jon invitation and expect to be in Boston i i about ten Days and will write again to inform Yon More precisely of the time when i Hope to arrive. Be pleased sir to n crept for yourself and for the City of Boston Quot my most sincere and cordial acknowledgement. 1 have the Honor to be most respectfully Vours etc., j. J. Crittenden. P. wife or. Mayor feels herself so much honoured by your invitation to her that she is quite determined to accompany me to Boston. J. J. C. Gen. Cameron a resignation As senator. Gen. Cameron has addressed the following letter to the governor of Pennsylvania to his excellency andr tvs o. Curtin governor of Pennsylvania dear sir having accepted the position of Secretary of War tendered to me by the president i hereby resign my seat in the Senate of the United states. I leave that body with feelings of deep regret As Well because it severs Ray irn mediate connection with the people of my native state As because it removes me from the cherished personal associations of that High Aud Dign ined body. But i am consoled by the fact that the change in our Tariff Laws for which i have Laboured for More than fifteen years and which i Trust will add greatly to the Benefit of Pennsylvania was accomplished at the close of my senatorial service. I beg to say to the legislature and to the people of Pennsylvania that in my new position which a deference to their Earnest w wishes induced me reluctantly to accent m Best energies shall be exerted for the Bene of the whole country of which Pennsylvania forms so important a part. I am sir very respectfully your obedient servant Simon Cameron. Years ago a chef went to being heard from during a period of seven years it was supposed i was dead and an administrator was appointed who filed his final account in november last. Some time however during the last summer the gentleman named above received a Power of attorney from the supposed deceased Man to attend to his affairs. Besides affidavits taken of witnesses living in California to prove that Weber was still an inhabitant of this mundane sphere a Daguerreotype was presented that his friends might recognize the individual As the veritable Benj. Weber who heretofore was a resident of Green township in this county. The application was granted by the court. Tariff of the Confederate states. We have received the following note from a mercantile House in Carondelet Street a new Orleans March 12, 1861. A a to the editors of the Picayune numerous letters from the West refer to incorrect and injurious reports in circulation in regard to a Tariff Here upon the products of the soil particularly in regard to some Western newspapers Are evidently giving currency to fhe report a. Will you please refer to them and Correct them in your valuable paper a we cheerfully comply with the request of our correspondents but at the same time we cannot avoid saying that it is almost useless to attempt the correction of the innumerable reports set afloat in other quarters with a View to injure new Orleans. The a act to exempt a from duty certain commodities therein named and for other purposes a passed by the Congress of the Confederate states on the 18th of february Pori deep that the following articles shall be exempt from duty and admitted free into said states to Bacon All kinds. Of All other ref hams lard beef fish of Ana flour of wheat and flour grains Indian Corn and meal Barley and Barley flour Rye and Rye flour Oats and oat meal Gunpowder and All the materials of which it is made Lead in All form it rumours of reconstruction Jeff Davis policy. Corre pon Lenic n. Try bar balt Kors March 14, 1861. In my last i hinted about strange things in Jeff. Davis s councils. Here s something tangible on monday last judge Black who ought to know is said to have openly predicted that there will be no War on the part of the rebels that Jeff Davis will within 90 Days have the Cotton states All under the Federal Flag again Nice and snug and Wilf lie the democratic candidate for the presidency in 1864 our senator Kennedy who was present is reported to leave endorsed this prediction. The How was not discussed. Judge Wayne of the supreme court on the other hand i learn advised the new administration a few Day a ago to reduce the Gas a Garrison at fort Sumter to a Corporal s guard simply As an Ordinary measure Andi to leave to the rebel authority the responsibility of displacing that guard. The excitement in new Orleans a Black Republican Flag in port. A decided excitement was created in new Orleans on the 8th instant by the appearance at the Masthead of the ship Adelaide Bell owned in new Hampshire of a Flag which the Captain of the ship proclaimed to be a Black Republican Flag and defied anybody to pull Down. Intelligence of the exhibition and its accompanying threat were soon spread abroad and the Captain was waited upon by several parties who induced him to lower the obnoxious Bunting. The Flag which created so much attention is the old stars and stripes with this difference that the stripes Are reversed there being a red Stripe next below the Union whilst in the government Flag a White Stripe comes next to the much indignation is expressed at the conduct of the Captain who denies however that the Flag had any political significance and asserts that the Flag was presented to the ship when she was launched town years ago by or. Isaac Bell of Mobile after whose wife mrs. Adelaide Bell the ship was named. His statement is disbelieved the vigilant committee sticking to their assertion that the Flag is known at sea among Ca captains As the nag of the Northern or Black Republican states and has been so recognized for three or four years. _ to the editors of the Louisville journal Cincinnati March 13, 1861. Gentlemen a in a recent Issue of your Naper 10th or Letb you say a , formerly of Louisville was flogged &c., in Arkansas for expressing abolition sentiments. A As you have been imposed on in giving publicity to so lib Elous a charge we will ask of you to Correct a Rumor which is entirely void of truth and without the Shadow of a foundation to beget such a base report. The gentleman alluded to. James m. Chenoweth As having been so maltreated and abused is in our employ As collector ke., has been South since last fall and is now in missis a i and has met with All the kindness and hospitality incident to Southern people. As to the political sentiments expressed or entertained by him or the House he represents they Are Well known in the South where we have had intimate business relations for years and doubtless sufficiently orthodox on the slavery question to be acceptable. Yours respectfully j. S. Cheno Voeth amp co. Missouri u. S. Seat worship. Eight ballots were had in joint session of the Missouri legislature last wednesday for . Senator. The first ballot stood ja3. S. Green 68 w. Scott 7 John b. Henderson 4 j. S. Phelp3, .13 John b. Clark 1 Sterling Price 7 a. W. Doniphan 26 t. B. English 9 Robert Wilson 10 Buckner 1 w. P. Hall 8. Whole number of votes cast 154. Necessary to a Choice 78. On the fourth ballot Green advanced to 69 on the sixth to 72 on the eighth to 73. The eighth ballot stood As follows eighth ballot a it Green 73 Doniphan 27 English 30 Phelps 25 Rains 1. Total 156, necessary to a Choice 79. No Choice. Among the names which have been brought Forward in connection with the appointments to diplomatic posts not one we Are sure will receive wider or heartier approval than that of or. Motley who is pressed upon the administration As a proper person to represent us at the Hague. That or. Motley has not been h party politician renders him none the less Able to Cope with such questions of International politics As pertain to diplomacy while there seems to be a Peculiar fitness in sending As the american minister to the Netherlands the american historian who has fixed the attention of the world non the great struggle for Liberty which was so gallantly fought in that n. World. Washington March 8, 1861. Editors National intelligencer please state that the letter published in the new York Tribune of the 4th instant purporting to have been written by Lieut. Slemmer from fort Pickens on the 20th ult., was not received or published by me and that i believe the letter to be a forgery. Many of the statements Are undoubtedly True but there Are Points in the letter which Are unusual in Lieut. Slemp Fern a family correspondence and besides Lieut. So Enung Ris Brothers Are not Given to publishing private letters j. Chas. Slemmer. J trouble Are Many who confidently anticipate that Jeff. Davis will resort to some Means by which he will be revenged on general Scott and further plunge the Cotton states into revolution. The desperation of a double defeat seems to be fast hastening upon them and we May expect 6ome rash movements. These Are not Idle conjectures say those who ought to Wash. Correspondence new York world. A. _. A general Cameron remarked to Day that some Twenty five years ago he recommended to general Jackson the promotion of a Young lieutenant in the army to a captaincy and to Day he had the pleasure of signing the same Many a promotion to a brigadier generalship. General Sumner leaves Here to Morrow for fort Leavenworth to attend a court of inquiry and will return Here again soon. A Wash. argument is that As or. Lincoln claims that there is a disrupt Ion of the Union he is precluded from recognizing the existence of hostility to the United seates on the part of South Carolina or the other a rebel states and therefore can Deal with the Garrison at fort Sumter at his discretion. Gen. Scott upon whom rests the responsibility of originating military suggestions it is urged by those no favor the reduction of the Garrison at fort Sumter is not bound by the action of the late administration an Pas there is no military necessity for reinforcing that Garrison upon the principles of the inaugural he May for military reasons alone advise its reduction and the Honor of the Federal government will not be in the least involved nor the policy of the new administration. Which is a peaceful one. Military men with whom i have conversed do not deny the soundness of these arguments when viewed from a military standpoint. They say further that the rebel states cannot touch fort Sumter if left in charge of a corp Oral s guard Witheft everlasting disgrace for it would he a confession of their inability to capture it from seventy men after two months preparation. My own judgment is that they will incur the odium nevertheless. J Jeam that the suggestion of our withdrawing from fort Sumter has its origin in Jeff Davis s Council stand that it will be followed by the withdrawal of the rebel forces from the forts now held by them so that the United states can if it pleases re occupy them Asl it before their seizure or leave them in charge of state volunteers for the nonce. The same thing it is said will take place with the arsenals and other Federal property now in Possession of the rebel authorities. Nay it is whispered in certain quarters that since the mint fund seized by Louisiana has been paid Over to Jeff. Davis he will authorize the payment of the drafts of the United states upon it when made by the new administration. The receipt of the news of the fall of Gaeta in Venice. A communication from Venice in the Nord of Brussels says the news of the capitulation of Gaeta having spread from one end to the other of our provinces the Joy of the inhabitants in spite of the Rigours of the police manifested it of in a very striking Maimer. Two evenings Back a great number of people went to the theater filled the boxes and the pit and at be of the piece which Lent itself to any political allusion raised the loudest a Voung Man was arrested and the too famous commissary Bussolin had the commissary a courage to avow to him that it was a crime to go to the theater solely for the purpose of Felting an event which was of a nature to displease the Imperial and Royal authorities. On the following Day the opening of the italian parliament try Turin was the occasion of a demonstration such As has no been seen since 1848. The shops were All closed Tri coloured cockade were worn in the streets flags hoisted even opposite the san Salvatore Barracks and placards posted up the signification of which was not very flattering to the Austri ans. The promenade along the Riva de Schiavoni and the Mele was so filled with people and particularly with ladies in the most elegant toilet Tes thut it was not without difficulty that i could make a passage through them3to reach my House at dinner time. Some ladies wore red skirts and others zouave dresses the police arrested some Young men among outliers my Guglielm to Angelo Rossi etc., acid without any form of trial sent them to the prison of san Severo fro a week. Similar demonstrations Hook place at Vicenza Treviso and at Padua. At Udine the affair was organized on a very Large scale and the Public rejoicings Fere very Brilliant. On the roof of the Palace of the provisional delegation an enormous Flag of the italian colors was Lio isted from an Early hour in the morning without the police having been Able to discover by whom. The words Quot Victor Emanuel. Keg of Italy a covered the Walls in every direction. The Cash of Carl Schurz. Or. St Ward s unexpected objection to the appointment of foreign born citizens to diplomatic posts in Europe is Likely to have serious consequences. The different aspirants of German birth Are Sid to be determined to make Schurz a appointment to Sardinia a test question and Are prepared to withdraw from be Field in a Bolt by in Case of his discomfiture and bring the matter before their countrymen throughout the North at the earliest possible Opportunity. They Are evidently resolved to hold the new administration to its promises , and will not submit to any prescriptive line of policy. It is thought by Many that or. Seward s unfriendly attitude towards the German leaders will seriously affect the Spring elections in the Northwestern cities in nearly All of which the germans hold the balance of Power. It the president is known not to share or. Seward a views on the subject. He informed several of the aspirants within the last two Days that he was anxious for a perfect Equality of rights in the distribution of offices that the objections raised by the Secretary of state had never occurred to him but that As the appointments Canie within the department of or. Seward he was yet obliged to refer the matter to him for ultimate de Cisin. The fact has been made known to the president that car Schurz exacted pay in hard Cash at the time for All his speeches in the late Campaign and that his Assumption now that he is to be again paid with a first class european Mission is considered by leading republicans As impudent in bad taste and n. Herald. Inter state extradition. The decision of Justice Taney of the supreme court in the matter of the Colimon wealth of Kentucky against the governor of Ohio will strike most people As much like that message of or. Buchanan of which or. Seward gave so just and Pithy a rendering that a state has no right to secede but no one has a right to prevent it and that the Laws of the United states must be enforced but there is no authority to enforce Justice Taney says in effect that the governor of Ohio ought to give up the fugitive but if he will not there is no authority to make him do so. The real Point in question however is whether a fugitive demanded by one state shall be Given up by another when his offence is no offence against the Laws of the to surrender him or against the Laws of nations. The evening Post for in a accounted in South Carolina an incendiary publication and a subscriber to this journal residing in that state Ould make himself liable to a prosecution. If however he should Fly from South Carolina Justice to new York Justice doubtless governor Morgan would hesitate to give him up and he would be sustained in his refusal by leaps and living at All products to their natural it is Clear by this that a agricultural pro ducts in their natural stats and therefore us Osbu fractured tobacco Are exempt from duty. A a to there has been a curious rebellion in Louisiana. Seventy five students who were anxious to join ape a Pelican army a and to fight under that Bird of very dirty habits Rose from their seats after been Baid smashed their overthrew the table Pite lessors and then Vamose in Masse. They May be pronounced a most graceless set. I i my Duncan Ingraham this afternoon at the Arjenol the Here of the Koszta affair looks wan Pale and ill at ease Jit was % tre Ronda a sacrifice of everything that a Man to turn ones Hook on a Flag that has him in so Many ways and that he the usual construction or Laws and n. Post. Ven to extradition the new general. A the Telegraph brings the information that colonel Sumner has been promoted to the brigadier Shig made vacant by the exp Don of the traitor Twiggs. The of hewing sket Fth of the life of Thih Gallant office willbe interesting to our readers. Edward v. Sumner was born in Boston mass., but Wau a resident of Bris state in 1819, when he was appointed second lieutenant m the second in entry. In 1833 he was made Captain in the newly raised first regiment of dragoons. From 1810 to 1846 he was almost constantly Engi ged in service on the Western Frontier and in the course of his Many expeditions acquired an unequalled knowledge of the habits character and Mode of warfare of the predatory tribes East of the Rocky mountains a when the mexican War broke out he accompanied the expedition to new Mexico As commander of his regiment but being promoted to the Post of major of the second dragoons then in Mexico he started to join them. He was met at new Orleans by an order from general Scott assigning him to the command of the regiment of mounted rifles. This selection though highly complimentary to major Sumner involved an immense amount of labor. The larger part of both officers and men were entirely ignorant of their profession but thanks to the skill and untiring Energy of major Sumner they attained a degree of excellence which made the corps one of the most efficient in the army. At the Battle of Cerro Gordo while leading the rifles he was wounded in the head by a Musket bail but in a few Days was Able to resume his duties. In Puebla tie was appointed to the command of Hii own regiment the second dragoons. During the Campaign in the Valley of Mexico he was constantly in the Saddle and bore a most conspicuous part. W Hen the Battle of Chru buses seemed to be going against our arms he led the rifles in a most Gallant manner in an attack on the enemy which decided the Fate of the Day at Molino Del he was ordered to drive off a Large body of cavalry which was endeavouring to outflank Worth s division. To do this he was obliged to Brave tie fire of some thousands of the enemy a infantry by which nearly one half of his men and horse s were disabled. With Only about 200 men left he dashed at the lancers and sent them flying in utter confusion to return no More that Day. A More desperate and dashing charge was never made. A for his conduct in this Battle lie was Breve ted colonel haying previously received the Brevet of lieutenant colonel for his gallantry at Cerrogordo. In 1854 he was sent to Europe a on official business and at a presentation of foreigners by their respective ministers attracted the attention of Louis Napoleon by his soldierly look. The emperor after a Long conversation and learning his errand promised him every facility and gave him a letter requiring All officers of the French army to give him any information he might desire., in 1855 he was made colonel of the first cavalry. While in command in Kansas he gained tie Good will of the settlers by his pm Fiess and if the government had followed his advice most of the subsequent troubles world have been avoided. A general Sumner is about sixty years of age but vigorous in both mind and body. The country May rest assured that he possesses the requisite qualification for his thigh position and that the Honor of our Flag will never be tarnished to any act of cowardice or Tovig sism on his n. Post. A a a a a a a a a Quot a the Gaines Case. A the celebrated Gaines Case has been decided by the . Supreme court in favor of mrs. Gaines thus placing that Jady after a struggle of Many years duration in Possession of property variously estimated at from two to fifteen millions of dollars. The history in Brief of this remarkable ease is As follows Zulieme Carriere a Beautiful French girl had been entrapped into a marriage with a Man named Jerome de Grange who represented himself to be a French count. On reaching Philadelphia she discovered that de Grange was a married Man Aud a confectioner. Zulieme fled from her seducer and became acquainted with Daniel Clark one of the Early settlers of Louisiana and a Man of extraordinary business tact and Energy. This meeting was in 18u2. Clark soon after married the handsome French girl but the marriage was kept secret. In 1806 Myra now mrs. Gaines was born. Soon after the birth of her child Zulieme became anxious to have her marriage with Clark made Public and she left for new Orleans to obtain proof of her first husband s villainy. Clark new an influential politician took advantage of her absence to pay his addresses to miss Caton grand daughter of Charles an engagement was contracted but miss Caton discovered that Clark was already married. And the match was . Miss Caton afterwards became the marchioness of Wellesley. On her return to Philadelphia Zulieme discovered this new blow to her happiness. She at once set about proving her marriage to Clark but found that he had destroyed All the evidences of the fact that Lay Witt in his reach. Poor and helpless she struggled on with her child until she met with eur. Gar Dette who Learned her Story offered her a his hand and was accepted. Clark soon after Sou tit a reconciliation with Zulieme but was too late. He obtained Possession of their child and had it brought up by a Friend every care being taken of her education. Clark became immensely wealthy and on his death in 1813, left the whole of this property to his Mother naming Beverly Chew and Richard Relf Bankers of new Orleans As his executors. About the year 1831, Myra Clark who had then become mrs. Whitney took Steps to establish her legitimacy and obtain her share of the property. The Case was hotly contested and dragged its slow length along until the unfortunate lady was beg Gared. Her second husband general Gaines pushed her claims with vigor but without Success. As a last resort mrs. Gaine3, now again a widow brought tie entire Case before the United states supreme court and Here at the last possible stage of the contest she has become victorious. Mrs. Gaines is now in her fifty fifth year enjoyed Good health and has kept up her spirits and Good humor throughout the thirty years desperate Legal struggle in which she has been engaged. By the decision she has established her legitimacy and become the possessor of property q immense value principally in the City of new Orleans. The court in giving the decre said that measures Woula be tit once taken to enforce the decree. The Louisiana act of secession does not affect the Gaines decision As All pending suits in the United states court in which residents of that state were concerned were exempted from interference. Stopping a Steamboat. The world Seldom gives in to any great measure without expressing a grumbling reserved thought or two and it requires no extra of cute ear trumpet to hear numerous friends of peace and common sense murmur something to the effect that while it is All quite Correct that fort Sumter be Given up and so on they a a done like the ideas of South carolinian exultation Over what they will Call our defeat. It in t Nice to be crowed Over not by any Means. And yet there Are instances when the discredit attaches far More to the Crow or than the Crow Cen if such a passive be allowable. Many years ago about the time when old Arch secessionist Hayne was a Riding Young fire eater a Mississippi Steamer was blowing her \ from the Albany evening journal huh lust the impost contest. Whether fort Sumter shall be evacuated or not the authority of the generl government will very soon have to be vindicated. The duties upon All foreign goods now reaching Savannah Charleston new Orleans &c., to be paid to those holding allegiance to the Southern confederacy. These i unties aggregate More than $20,900 per Day Aford to this extent the general government is practically paying tribute to those in open rebellion against its authority i Froin this source alone a including the Money stolen by Louisiana and passed Over to the confederacy More than a million of dollars to solid Gold has gone into the rebel Treasury f by the time fixed for the new Tariff to go into operation nearly two millions of Duars will have thus passed into the hands of Throe who have thrown off their allegiance to the Union this of course cannot be quietly permitted. To do so would be to succumb to traitors and the government. But unpalatable As is the contemplation of what has been w Bat will be is fraught with infinitely greater mischief an less prevented by0 decisive action after the 1st of May the rates of duly will be much lower at the Gulf state ports than elsewhere. The differ ence will be so great that the entire Northwest would find it to their advantage to Purchase their imported Roods at new Orleans rather than at new York. It is a moderate calculation to Sny that the Consumers of full one half of such goods would find themselves in this category. If this be so a new class of a a coercions tsp will very a Oon take the Field. The conservative merchants of the cities of the Seaboard will not like to see their Trade thus diverted. They will therefore be found in sympathy Witti the administration whose purpose it is to Transfer the custom officers for the Gulf states from the Marble edifices which have been erected by the government in new Orleans etc., to the Quarter decks of armed frigates to be stationed at the entrances of the harbours. This will be a legitimate exercise of authority. If bloodshed shall result from it the government will not be the aggressor there will be no invasion. It will be but the simple exercise of an unquestioned rights the collection of imposts belonging to the people. / in ill the authorities of the Confederate. States interfere perhaps they Are making preparations for such an emergency and avow to their purpose to resist any und every attempt to treat them otherwise. Than As an Independent and Sovereign Power whether that attempt tie made on sea or land. Here then and not at fort Sumter is Tobe the Point of probable collision. In t-hu1? collecting the Revenue quite As Well As by holding an isolated fort at a fearful expenditure of treasure and blood can the authority of the government be vindicated. This will be no blockade. That As the Law of blockade is now construed is nearly a practical impossibility on a coast line of thousands of Miles. It will involve us in no controversy with foreign Powers and May be carried out As easily As a floating Light ship can be maintained in Boston Harbor. If this much of a a coercion a not practicable then the government is at an end. And those who shall combat such an exercise of authority must adopt the Here sgt of the Tribune that the Gulf states have the same right to set up an Independent government to Day that the american colonies had to separate from great Britain in 76. From tie o. S. Journal expatriation of a fanatic Nye presume that the banishment of j. R. Giddings to Canada of Consul general will give satisfaction to the democratic journalists who have so Long regarded Hiim As the source of All our woes Quot. We know that it will deprive them of cherished opportunities and that in the absence of the malign Joshua hey will have some ado to make out4hat the republicans Are All that they have believed Giddings to be. But they will cheerfully make this sacrifice from motives of patriotism and if they should at any time be greatly reduced in ideas a possible contingency they can report the Consul general to he engaged in the formation of an army of coloured refugees for the invasion of these states. This alarm will Hare a certain Novelty and May be raised whenever John Brown makes a visit to Canada. It will have an advantage Over the charges of abolitionism and negro Equality which we fear Are Soin what stale. For our own part we rejoice in the old Joshua s Exil Ana a a Trust he May lire Many years to enjoy his fat salary and his residence in the Beautiful City of Montreal. The army and Wavy. The army Register for 1861 gives the total enlisted men of the Arav at 17,095 ogre sate 18,122. There Are 198 companies in the afferent regiments. If All these were subject to the increased allowance of the regiments serving id Distant stations the total enlisted would be 17,547, and the aggregate 18,666. The distribution of our naval forces a Given in the naval Register for 1861, is As follows a stately and state room Way Down the father of Waters. Suddenly there shot off from Shore a very miserable Little Soow manned by two impulsive and chivalric sons of repudiate is abundantly dad in rough whisky and no hats. Right toward the bows of the Steamer did they Row As if bound for Quot the death by Wood and by water a met by the old scotch Knight. They were hailed hollowed to cursed a but in vain. When seeing that nothing else would Avail tie Captain ordered the Man at to Back. At affairs at Pensacola. A letter dated at Warrington Navy Yar March 4th, says yesterday was the busiest Day of the season detachments of troops were at work through the entire Day on the three batteries and teams were employed conveying lumber Aud other materials from the Yard to them. The Tom Murry was engaged Between the Yard and fort Mckee and the Steamer Wyandotte was plying Between the ships and the Navy Yard. In the afternoon there was some excitement about postal affairs but it did not amount to anything and soon passed away it was a misunderstanding which Only required to be explained. A report was current which seems to have some truth . That Lieut. Gilman arrived Here on thursday last had brought dispatches to the fort and ships with Money to pay the men. It is said that he arrived at your City unobserved engaged a Small boat and proceeded direct to fort Pickens. Of this is True and i believe it there is a strange Cionci clench Between his supposed arrival and the commencement of a Battery on Santa Rosa Island by Lieut. Slemmer. Another letter of an earlier Date says there Are but seven or eight companies Here numbering say 650 men. To those who were first Here under the command of major Chase did very Little towards placing the forts Here in a defensible condition. Four Days ago there were but two guns mounted in fort Mckee the next strongest fort to Pickens. Since then linger the energetic command of col. Forney who succeeds cha3e while absent fifteen More have been mounted and by wednesday col. F. Expect to have not less than thirty eight guns mounted that will play upon fort Pickens. As soon As the work in fort Mcree is done col. Forney will begin the work of throwing up Sand batteries All along the Beach to Bear upon the North Wall of Pickens. Slemmer says he will fire upon him Assoon As he begins this work and Forney ays he will go to work As soon As he is ready. So you can form some idea How close we Are approaching a conflict. We want artillery its to Man our Cannon and we want several thousand men whenever the time for storming fort Pickens so Fil come. New York pledged to follow Virginia. The Telegraph announces the important in-4 Telf gence that John Cochrane arrived in Richmond Virginia last evening. This event is of itself sufficiently startling yet As if to a Iye no rest to the Public mind it goes on to say that he �?owa3 serenaded by a tremendous crowd headed by Smith s band a but whether this band belongs to John Smith or to extra Billy it fails to inform us. A emr. Cochrane appeared a we Are further told a and responded to the Calls in an eloquent Union speech. He said Virginia now held the destinies of the nation in her hands and whatever policy she adopted new York would uphold her . Virginia had Only to present her ultimatum to new York As a final one and new York would sustain or. Cochrane of course has Ann bounded right to speak for the state of new York having recently been before the people As a candidate for Congress and having been Beatea by a Republican. Therefore when he that new York will give he the question is settled there is nothing More to be said All we have to do now is patiently to wait and see what Virginia will demand. As soon As she makes up her mind we win of course say a yes a since or Cochrane has pledged us in n. V. Post. How to save fort Sumter. To the editor of the new York times by the times of the 12th inst i see that the seem to be in doubt whether fort Sumter shall be reinforced or the Garrison withdrawn an account of the danger of reinforcing and sending in provi Sions. A a if the president will Issue orders to major Anderson that in Case of his being satisfied that he will be attacked and cannot repulse any Force that the Enki by Cun bring or that he Stu get out of provision before Relief can be sent him to withdraw his Garrison and blow no the fort the president May depend upon tie fact that he will not be attacked and the Charleston ans will see that he is Well supplied with provisions As Long As he remains in command of for Samter for As hotheaded As they Are they will not cause the destruction of a work that has Cost a million the Charleston Prew on the Era Cut ton of Forth meter. From tto Charleston mar Ltd by of the i2th in Sumter sine d7e. The intelligence contained in our Tele graphic column to Day will gratify our read on 18 a be of ifs without a fight. All will be rejoiced that the blood of on people is not to he shed in our Harbor in either Small or great degree. To those who have troubled themselves with vague mrs of War on a Large scale and the horrors of War extensively the Relief will be As Gre it As the apprehension has been grievous. For Orr a selves notwithstanding All the Northern Thunder we have never been big to bring ourselves seriously to believe in the Prybo ability of any More than a few collisions Safe Focient to show Tiit we Are in Earnest and competent to make Good Pur position of Independence against our would be master. A i hese Gentry a hold our valor Liebl a Salau the honesty of the determination of the Pou them Peoples to be quit of them and their impertinent and detrimental interfere no through a government in common it or perhaps yet be necessary to instruct them a i v i. K particulars. Bat it App Matt that for the present under the circumstances in this Case they Are inclined Sei Wibly to dispense with Experiment and its teachings. A How far the discretion will re vilify 0� Hopes Ami stimulate the Effort of constructionists throughout the South is a matter to be discovered by observation. The and intention of the Northern people has now been so thoroughly developed and exposed to a he eyes of All those at the South who will a see that Quot we Trust Union menders Are too Lata in their attempts upon the virtue and integrity of our Peoples. Crushed egg shells and Friendship abused can never by mended. We a have no doubt however that her Cleat efforts will be made in that direction and mat Only take Good care of these weaker Brethren at the South whose sentiments Are stronger than their reason or who live in the past rather than the future. The Strait jacket was a valuable invention. But in the meantime the Prospect of havin Sumter is very ideas aut. F to. F a from the Charleston courier 5 a Conquest of the first tim6 we have authentic and reliable tidings from Washington looking towards peace. It we refer to our special dispatch from Washington which w As published on the courier bulletin Board and read by Many eager friends on monday. I his disc ate h was for two or thre hours in Advance of any others of similar import but w As confirmed through the Day by other messages. It exhibits Naomi or and Gratis living proof a the promptness and Frost worthiness of our5correspondents in Washington Whoso qualifications and merits our readers will acknowledge As Well for their Reserve and caution in withholding rumours As for their prompt Fidelity in giving reports of events or changes As soon As they can be truthfully reported. 7 while we regard the dispatch As entirely reliable it is needless to add that until it is confirmed and carried out by actions arid results there will Wjk and should be no intermission or relaxation of our preparations which have progressed rapidly and a v of ably for several Days. Inquiries and investigations that have been made concerning the accidental shot from Ono of the Morris Island butteries establish the fact that the spotted charge had been left in the gun by mistake and anew charge was put Down. We Only refer to the matter to Corree false impressions confidently and apparently authentic report which w e mentioned in our last Issue. Two of the Large Dahlgren guns hav been placed in full Battery Down on the ship eighteen Hundred kegs of powder were yesterday shipped per order of gov. Pickens from Richmond va., for this City. A will our Abbeville friends or sex Chan Tell us who is judge Robert Lyons of Ain vile s. �,., whose letter is paraded in the t of Northern papers Are Fly Oast understand tha Gen. Beauregard �18 made a Thor Jugh examination of the surrounding country Arotine Charleston and a with the Eye of a True Engineer examined All the Points on the coast that need defense. Governor pickets and general Beauregard in consultation have decided on erecting fortifications at Stone Anat All the inlets. In All probability every place w ill be so fortified in a Short time that it will be impossible for any enemy to Havo Access to More heavy ordnance and ammunition. A we hear that governor Pickens a sixty Hundred and sixty kegs of powder on route which was shipped Hom Wilmington on monday Morniing for this cite having just arrived there from the North. A Bill of lading for Twenty seven Hundred other kteg3 of powder from the North per order of Gover nor Pickens was also received Atli Larington on monday morning making in All thirty three Hundred and sixty kegs of two heavy ten Inch mortars from Richmond ordered by governor Pickens in addition to these already arrived were shipped from Wilmington on monday morning on Tho northeastern Railroad. Also four Hundred nine Inch shells and a Large amount of shot a. Still on the look tha news from Washington has produced the impression upon the streets that fort Sumter will soon be evacuated yet the usual vigilance is kept up at the several Points of Harbor defense and by the forces afloat. A. Beauregard inspected the fortifications yesterday morning. A. I i i tells Virginia that new York will everything she May choose to ask Sivit Cilmo to Tom Pai i Dol <rvn<1 Deleaco Aud be of �,.nn.d a a Lamboy a Quot we omit by Ortonville n. Y., March 8, 1861.Rev. Or. Van Dyke la Charleston. Rev. Or. Van Dyke Drew a vast crowd last night of the elite of the City. Those who sex himself Baa elevated �0 Charleston a the Jtedi-1 How Fie to. .11 Meriter Randal tieet.3 Pacific Fleet a african Fleet. 7 China a speci�la<rnioe.-�?z.3 1 a a Fri a a if w my i 12,196 a stopped a Steamboat 999 particular request the hot Ahot expletives with which the triumphant a auit was ornamented. A it cannot be denied that the chivalrous gentlemen in the scow of secession have succeeded for a Short space in making the great Steamboat United states Back water. Rather than run them Down into that state of disablement americ anly known As everlastingly smashed a capt. Lincoln bos humanely held no his course. Of course there will go up from the chivalric cowards an outcry of Tipsy Triumph. They have stopped a Steamboat for a Short time. They Nave like the lowest order of knaves promptly availed themselves of the Good nature and magnanimity of their betters to Plav upon them to their own advantage. They have a stopped a steam boat a much Good do n. Times. _ governor of Nebra Aksu the Telegraph announces that Hon. Do k. Cartter of Cleveland has been appointed governor of Nebraska. We understand that the Mission to Brazil was tendered to or. Cartter but that he preferred the appointment As governor. Or. Cartter is admirably qualified for his position and will nil it with signal ability Nebraska will soon come in As a state and much of the Prosperity of the territory will depend upon her executive head. Ohio will be at once gratified and honoured by this Cleveland ,-� it 1 Biff a prediction a special dispatch from Washington to the Charleston Mercury says a Aux at Forney general Black remarked yesterday that he would pot be surprised to see president Davis mid lady dispensing the Hospital ties or the White House in less than St cited to hear a political so Rmon were quite appointed. He told his hearers that Cotton was not King neither was Hay nor Grain but god when be began to ale of seeing a strange Flag As he entered i Harbor and contrasted it with Odb he Nad been taught to love from childhood there was a evident stir among the two thousand present and Ono lady of a very Uncertain Ace and of a Verv ascetic aspect Baid to her a whole companion no looked equally ascetic both being in the same Pew with your correspondent that a she hoped the doctor was t going to say that to loved that Nasty after what has happened a the majority o the audience evidently Hope to hear the Rev. Or. Again. No Clergyman in Charleston could draw any such crowd. Our divines Are All eminently respectable and also eminently mediocre if you measure them by an intellectual foot n. Tiros Correa Poydence. _ the president Amo a. im-1 pression prevail my in certain quarters that an estrangement exists Between the president and or. Colfax is entirely erroneous. The former has expressed Feek Ngy of the highest regard and admiration for the latter within the last few Days and frankly acknowledged that were it not for the great usefulness of or. Colfax a the House he would not have hesitated in the face of the up rolled number and warmth of solicitations from All part of the country in i Fedor to place him at the Hood of the of flt office department a Wohha. Cor. Flechl. M w 1 a a fall of the spire of Chichester . From tie London times the Beautiful spire of Chichester Cathedral together with its toy or and supporting Arches fell in one crash this afternoon about Twenty five minutes to two of clock. For some time past the attention of the architect or. Slater has been directed to the restoration of the Southwest and Northwest piers which were in a very defective state. Every precaution has been or was in the course of being taken to give the Tower proper support but on sunday last some of the old Stone work gave Way and workmen were set on to strengthen the supports still wifi believe no fear of such a calamity As we now record was anticipated two eminent engineers and the Cathedral architect holding the opinion that the spire was Safe. During , however a very ominous cracking giving Way of plastering and falling of pieces of Stone gave warning of danger and on the men returning from dinner to their work they were ordered to desist and leave the building. By this forethought their live were saved and up to the present time there is no person missing. Another fortunate circumstance is that in falling the spire according to Eye witnesses crumbled into itself the area of ruin being Little larger than the space occupied by the Tower and its support. The transept Nave and choir retain apparently sate. The fell seemed to be a gradual subsidence. The spire preserved it erect position until the Vape vanished beneath the roof. In about five Seclinda this Beautiful Structure became a mass of ruin. It was an object of Beauty for mile around and served As a kind of landmark to tha traveler go which Way he Wol ild. The Bishop and Fother inhabitants residing a houses adjacent to the Cathedral had timely warning. A he fabric with the exo Eption of portions North and South transept a apparent uninjured. The Gale of the previous night doubtless accelerated the fall. The Cathedral has been subject to Many changes the original Cathedral was founded and the building completed towards the close of the eleventh Century. In the year 1114 it was injured by fire and though restored it was entirely destroyed by a second fire in the year 1186. Bishop Seifrid is said by some historians to have built the Church from it foundation. 3e that As it May it a. Agreed that his building is the nucleus of tha existing Cathedral. It consisted of the Nave with its single aisle Al the Center Are Ade wit�1. Its lower Tower and transept arid of tha choir. Its architecture shows thei Mark of mrstny periods the lateral towers do to the second tier belong to the original Church that facing the South exhibits four elegant examples of Early Norman Arches the Arches in the third tier Are of the tall lancet shape the Central Tower was begun by Bishop Neville in the year 1222. The spire to raised about the year 1387. It is the Centra Tower and spire that have vanished. Rev. Or. Van Dyke in choral Aston. Rev. Henry j. Yan Dyke of Brooklyn . Preach etl a Sermon before the Bible society on the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary last sunday evening. In open a his discourse the Charleston Mercury s us he said that two. Friend who had come to the boat to bid Hua Good Bye had jokingly expressed his regret Attiat he wa3 going to a foreign country. And when after being rocked m the Cradle of tha Deer longer than he had any fancy for he tired our Noble Harbor and saw a strange Flag floating on either Side instead of the one which they would excuse him for saying a loved and should always love then he Felt for a moment How much there was of Sod reality in the remark. Soon however after Landing the pressure of Friendly hands and the sounds of Friendly Roxcea had told Tom that he was not far from Home and he Felt that there was a Union higher and Holm More imperishable than any on this Earth. A Ca Taju Rynders United states m��54 is Here. He thinks it would be bombast a resign before his comm nation if Fiou on 30th instant but say he certainly w�1, moreover he expresses the Hope t�4 full blooded Republican will get b p whom be he might Bijj cd. _ a. A a a Yew we it j am rtt Ata holding i Zug prof amp huh oof now York who would 1� a Isth Kemr. Lineo a. A of pwn i Roll
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