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Cincinnati Daily Commercial (Newspaper) - April 29, 1861, Cincinnati, Ohio8peoial notices. A i Kkt Lka Len 8 d b e 8 s hats. Our Spring style i 1 l k .11 ats Are big by commended for their Beauty Tuil Excel Leat Quality. W invite gentlemen to Call and look at . amp co., ap6tf� no. weat third Street. Daily commercial. Rain to adv Public hex it by pm. O. Pott e r k co., commercial building North East Corner race and fourth Street. Monday april 2�, 1861. If Kentucky to Morrow unfurls the Banner resistance i never will fight under that Banner. I owe a Paramount allegiance to the whole Union a subordinate one to my own Lenry Clay in the Senate 1850. It Are indebted to . A. P. St wart inc Steamer Clara Dolsen for late new Orleans and Memphis papers. The Clara Dol-6en has Laid up at new Orleans for the pres ent. To aleuts. The present extraordinary edition the daily commercial renders it totally impossible to fold All the papers for agents in time for Early trains and mails. We shall Endeavor to Supply each agent with a fair proportion folded papers. To friends in the country. We have a Shower letters from country. Friends protesting vehemently against the Chip tents arms ammunition and provisions which they suppose Are being made from this port to Louisville for re shipment to the Confederate states. A very few words will explain the Mattur to them and account f i Ilc a i �?T.��. A a in d the 4 communications to appear in print. There Are no shipments Arm ammunition provisions made from this port to any Point with which the confederates have Freedom Intercourse. There has been a Little theorizing about unrestricted Commerce with Louisville but practically there is no Bacon flour powder arms exported lie Nee southward. Our Book Sellers refuse to fill orders for military books from Southern Points though they come accompanied by the Cash. There is. Nothing for Sale in this City to traitors to those who would sell to i raptors. A acting the it is now evident enough that if the constitutional government the country is to fail in vindicating its authority it will not be from any Lack Means to do it with. Never in the history any government was there so speedy so spontaneous and so overwhelming an outpouring the sinews War a Flie last two weeks have witnessed. In the scarcely fifteen Days which have elapsed since the stars and stripes were lowered before the Ensign rebellion at fort Sumter a Hundred millions Money and a Quarter a million men have been pledged for the maintenance the government. Every City and almost every Village has sent Forth its quota soldiers while those left at Home have converted their towns into a amp maps and Are actively engaged in learning the Art War. It is already a settled fact that the Southern usurpation has no Hope in a division the North since the legitimate government is receiving a mighty Anda unanimous popular support. Now that it a a made Manifest that the government has All the elements Victory Ita Side strength Money numbers constitutional right and the invincible people a it becomes it to make Short work the War which has been forced upon it. War is a vastly business both directly and indirectly. The sooner it can be honorable terminated the better will it be for the people the whole country. There Are two ways carrying War the aggressive and the defensive. A Lite Erton perhaps As much from necessity As from choices the government Lins acted entirely upon the defensive. Now it has the Means choosing its own path and May with entire Security As to the a result adventure operations which might formerly have been chargeable with rashness imprudence. It is to be hoped that the administration will not adhere to a w a making policy which however natural and desirable it May seem to men quiet and conservative tastes is the most unwise protracted and costly policy which can be applied to the conduct affairs. To merely the defensive with ample a it Ower to do otherwise is the surest Mearis to protract the War to demoralize the army and to dishearten and disgust the people. That hesitation and forbearance which May heretofore have been prudent necessary will hereafter under the altered circumstances the government be the extreme weakness and Folly. The people have had a Noigh the trimming time sewing conciliatory policy applied to the direction affairs. These qualities have brought us to the humiliating condition where we now Are. Our National defences Rie arly All quietly surrendered into the hands the enemy our National revenues being collected and pocketed by traitors our National Fame tarnished abroad anti our National government trembling in its capital at borne these Are the bitter and Burmil iat ing fruits conciliation and forbearance in the face armed insurrection and treason a a let us see what the a strictly defensive policy has done for us. In the first place it was the Means precipitating secession and arming the rebellion with three fourths the strength it now possesses. The quiet abandonment the custom House and revenues at Charleston was the signal for the seizure the custom houses and revenues at Mobile and new Orleans. The successful secession South Carolina carrying off with her a l the National property within her Borders precipitated the secession Alabama Georgia Mississippi Louisiana Texas and Florida. The seizure the Southern arsenals unprotected As they were by the government armed the rebel with Power to make fresh conquests. The total failure the lawful government to Check this Lawless rebellion Lent to it its most powerful and impressive weapon with the people namely Success. In All history the masses the people Are to be found ranging themselves the strongest Side. All the popularity this Southern usurpation has Ever got among the people who Are under its Sway his been gotten by the fact that it Lias boldly proved its Power while the legitimate government has tamely stood aloof abandoned its authority and left the Field Clear to its adversary. A acting the defensive thus Cost us thousands a t he seceded states who never would have joined the Standard secession had the government Mode a timely assertion its Power. A acting the. Defend River Cost us fort Sumter and the disgraceful lowering the american Flag lore the Banner treason. A acting the defensive Cost us Harper s ferry Arsenal Rind the loss 15,000 stand arms and works indefinite capacity to make More. A acting the defensive Quot Cost us Norfolk Navy Yard with eight ships War two thousand Cannon and National property Worth eight millions dollars. A acting the defensive subjected us to the mortification seeing our citizen soldiers shot dead in the streets Baltimore and seeing our govern Ern ment negotiating with the servants and ambassadors the mob for the privilege a passage to its capital this is what we have lost by the a defensive i Cao anybody Tell us what we have gained we have gained the contempt commiseration foreign Powers and an Ever increasing discontent and turbulence at Home. The Loyal have been discouraged and the disloyal have been stimulated to new aggressions. It in big time that this should cease. The people Are up and demand a leadership which is worthy the emergency. They Are arming their government with All the sinews War and they do not expect it any longer to pursue the Pouch peace. It is time for our government to begin to Pluck some laurels from the hitherto victorious brows the Confederate traitors. They have hitherto enjoyed the immense advantage being the aggressive party in the contest now let the tables be turned and let them be put upon the defend Eive. Instead our government sitting quaking in the White House at Washington let it now go out and strike the enemy in his strongholds the soldiers Are ready at . La col my Scall now let him use them. If the government has a tithe the Energy and swiftness the people it represents it will crush out this Groat insurrection extensive As it has become in three months time. The question now is not can Jorr. Davis a co. Take Washington but can Washington take Jorv. Davis a co.? the government must strike right at the vitals the usurpation. It must Deal its blows thick and Fust and heavy. Before the enemy has time to recover from one it must follow it up with another. It will never do to make War the principles the peace society. The More blood there is shed at the Start the Leas there will be in the end. The More terrible and decisive the Battles the Shorter the Campaign. Let us have no More sentimentalism about a fratricidal strife a and a fraternal we Are dealing with Public robbers and assassins and were they forty times our Brothers we should be false to our country did we shrink from the severest stroke which can be dealt upon a Public enemy. On their Side is rancor rebellion and remorseless hate ours i no hatred but an enforced and final struggle against traitors for a government founded Liberty and Law. Now that we have taken no arms let us carry the War into the enemy a country. Instead suffering these audacious rebels to calculate whether Washington can be defended let us set them to calculating whether Montgomery can be defend Deal. Let our government Call Forth the uttermost Force Able bodied Aud select soldiers the country can produce. Let it spare no Money and no men and above All let it lose no time. One decisive blow struck now is Worth a Hundred victories by and by. It tells both sides it Inspirit and kindles the Loyal and it discourages and dishearten the enemy. It decides the. Wavering which Side to give in their adherence. Let the government Only take Possession any the strongholds the usurpers and it will not want for Loyal citizens even there. The seceded states Are full patriotic men cowed and overawed by this fierce despotic successful usurpation. Let it be overthrown and that great mass timid and conservative citizens who always Side with the Strong parly will flock to the Standard the government. If we have begun the War with a surrender let us not repeat the Blunder by a acting the defensive any longer. We Are Strong enough to make the enemy feel our Power. The Fabian policy delay has been tried Long enough. It can bring us nothing but loss disgrace and ruin. Let us abandon it for the Napoleonic policy Swift and decisive action. The ten regiment Bill. After consultation with the governor and upon recommendation the executive and military authorities the Senate saturday reconsidered the vote by which the ten regiment Bill was passed and the Bill was then amended so As to authorize the governor to Call into the service the seventeen Reg ments troops. The amended Bill went to the House and that body went into secret session when a message front the governor was read stating the propriety and necessity for increasing the military Power the state. It met w Ith opposition the ground the expansiveness the military Arm and the Bill was Laid Over until monday. It seems to be supposed in official quarters that the West and probably Ohio May be made a theater War and that it is prudent to make the Best possible preparations for it. We Are not advised concerning the information upon which the executives recommendation is based but the fact that this government is in a state War and that the Best policy is to provide for it in the mo3� vigorous manner possible suggests to us that this is no time to economise a Small scale. A Dollar saved now the Penny Wise principle May ultimately Cost thousands dollars and lives. The new Orleans Crescent ridicules the very idea a blockade either the Mississippi the seaports the South. It contemptuously says a was to our being unable to procure provisions that is All Gammon. We can get plenty provision in Tennessee Kentucky Virginia and Missouri. We can get them even in the Northwest. We never knew the Yankee yet that would Nolt sell what he had for a Good Price. As Long As he gets the Money it makes no difference to him whether he Sells to Friend Well . Crescent did you Ever try a the Yankees yet in time War no doubt there Are Yankees Means enough to sell their souls their country and a we guess there Are some that kind not far from the Crescent office in new Orleans. But if there Are any that kind in the Northwest As you seem to calculate they Are watched a Little too closely to admit any trading with the enemies. As to your getting a plenty provisions in Tennessee Kentucky Virginia and Mississippi a to use your own expression is a fall those four states have got about enough to support themselves and prices in two them Are fast tending to starvation rates already. We have entirely reliable inform Tica from Montgomery ala., fro Privat sources up to wednesday night last. At that time Jeff. Davis was still there but was to leave for Virginia the next Day. Several bodies secessionist troops were moving eastward under orders to rendezvous at Norfolk. No information had reached Montgomery with regard to any attack fort Pickens. The fifteen million loan the a Confederate states was generally said to have dragged heavily. There was no knowledge at Montgomery More than one and a half millions it having been actually taken the balance reported being a fancy bids a telegraphic report for Buncombe. Une application has been made to the Confederate government for letters Marque. It was by a capt. Meyer formerly commander a Mississippi Steamer. The people were ready and determined to fight. Northern men were everywhere in peril their lives. Taxation was heavy and the wish for a raid upon the North general tetters for our �l0 soldiers. A for the accommodation relatives and friends members Ohio and Volunteer regiments who have been May hereafter be ordered away the Adams express gom Pany will make up daily mails at Cincinnati Columbus and Cleveland for the Points at which such regiments Hay be stationed and will carry and deliver such letters free charge provided the same be enclosed in a government stamped envelope addressed with the rank name company and number the regiment the person for whom they Are intended. Letters thus prepaid will be received by any the agents the Adams company and be by them transmitted to either the above named offices when they will be forwarded to their destination. The Wheeling intelligencer Lias the Gratifying announcement that the democratic Union candidate for Congress in the Panhandle a. District w. S. Brown Esq., has been nominated by two conventions and will undoubtedly get a two thirds vote in the District. The election comes the fourth thursday in May. As the secession districts in Virginia will choose no representatives in the United states Congress this will bring the question a division the state right bume to the secessionists. On their own principles they will be compelled to let Western Virginia secede. A Boos for the tikes is found in the a Volunteer s manual Quot compiled from a Char Dies tactics a by t. Worthington assisted by major Burbank and lieutenant Swaine with manual Sharpens Rifle and Colt s revolver by Captain Johnson. Everybody being now engaged in learning the a military business should be provided with this cheap and simple assistant in the rudiments tactics. The education the Soldier will be much More rapid Frith this convenient Mandal in his hands Jit is published by messes. Applegate &co., and for Sale by them and All booksellers. Correction. In the second paragraph our Columbus correspondence there is a typographical error which obscures the sentence. It should read a the governor does not think he can properly remove officers Roger a. Pryor has been appointed colonel in the Confederate army and is to raise his regiment in Virginia. If Gen. Scott wants to scatter Pryor s regiment let him Send for a company Wisconsin rangers armed with Bowie in Ivy. That la do the to naval officer in command the u. S. Vessels from new York which Are to intercept any Jorr. Davis pirates that May come that Way is named Gap. Stringham. If he catches any the rebels he 11 string Mem. Cavalry and artillery. The state Ohio has authorized the enlistment eight companies artillery and cavalry the proportion each Arm to be at the option the governor. While military experience has taught military men that the most reliable Arm under All circumstances is infantry As being More capable endurance and being Mantsu Vered where other arms would be useless an effective organization troops requires cavalry and artillery in due proportions. Cavalry is placed second in importance to infantry a although a says Wielb a modern warfare has developed such perfection in artillery that it has in Many instances turned the tide Battle and saved the other arms from a crushing Well drilled cavalry however saves the strength an army which in its absence would be broken Down by advanced Post duties patrol and detachment service etc., which infantry could but imperfectly perform. A to Render it perfect says eminent authority a it should be composed Strong skilful bold and daring riders and Well trained and Well built horses so that dashing Forward an instant and moving with celerity upon an enemy it rides him Down before he has time to prepare to meet the artillery however in skillful hands is the most effective Arm in the service it inspires Confidence in the troops and if the fire is delivered with precision and rapidity it is next to impossible to withstand it. Two batteries six Pounders Field pieces to one division four regiments foot is generally found a proper proportion. The management a Battery Light artillery is no Holiday business. The men should be Hardy sinewy Active and enduring should understand the care horses and among them should be Many artificers who can work the Camp forge and be Able to mend broken wheels and Supply the wants constantly dislocating harness. Soph men As our Cincinnati fire department is composed would be the very sort material. But above All must they have an experienced head. No officers should be appointed in our artillery corps but who have had a finished military education practical men who not Only possess the necessary knowledge but also the faculty to impart it quickly. It will not do to throw away the heavy expenditure required for arming and equipping cavalry and artillery upon inexperienced civilians. No political preferences personal favouritism should guide the selection officers for these important posts. We doubt not2there Are army officers graduates our military Academy gentlemen who have devoted time and Talent to the study these arm3 the service who would willingly accept the command the Ohio cavalry and artillery companies and whose commands would reflect Honor upon the we Hope the major general the Ohio forces whose military acquirement must necessarily give his counsel great weight with the governor and Heads the military departments will be consulted before any companies artillery cavalry Are accepted in our state forces. Sixty cent rations. The troops in Camp Harrison Are still supplied with rations at a Cost to the state sixty cents a Day for each Man. The contracts for furnishing food were made by commissary general George Runyan this City without inviting proposals from our citizens and now that the governor is convinced the contract is a swindle and has telegraphed to the commissary general to annul it the contractors Handy amp brother claim the sacredness contracts and that come what will the state must pay them sixty cents per ration As Long As there is a Man in Camp Harrison. It is very Well known that the very Best rations can be furnished soldiers at Twenty five cents. We Are informed indeed that the United states commissary would furnish the United states troops with the Best soldiers rations at eighteen cents per Day per Man and we know that persons at Dayton and other places Are bidding for the Job subsisting troops with no. 1 rations at thirty cents per diem and that the a aver they can make Money at it. Here in the Northwest which is full the necessaries life close by Cincinnati which contains vast storehouses food beside a first class Railroad furnishing facilities for transportation rations could be furnished at Twenty cents and an honest Man s wages made in the business. More Ohio troops to be accepted. The Ohio legislature is coming up to the Mark manfully. It yesterday authorized the governor to Muster into the service the state the regiments and companies volunteers now organized Over and above the requisition the president. This will prevent the disorganization the companies now ready and anxious for service and the governor will probably accept them All. He is authorized to accept cavalry and artillery companies As Well As infantry. The legislature appropriated two million dollars to meet the expenses. Under this action Ohio with the regiments accepted by the Federal government will soon have forty fifty thousand men under arms and woe to the rebels that dare Cross her times saturday. \ the publication careless paragraphs like the above causes serious embarrassment to the state executive. He has no authority to accept More than thirteen regiments under the requisition the president and nine regiments and eight companies cavalry under the Law passed Friday last Twenty three regiments in All. All the companies necessary to Complete these Twenty three regiments excepting perhaps cavalry have been accepted and no More will be accepted unless other requisitions for troops Are made unless the legislature increases the state Force. We remark however that there Isa Strong probability that the legislature will authorize a Ven teen regiments for state service a which will be subject to any future Call the president but this is not certain. The ten recipient Bill was reconsidered saturday and amended by the Senate so a9 to authorize seventeen regiments but it is not certain that the House will agree to the amendment. The Mobile Register having received a telegraphic dispatch declaring that senator Douglas had pledged his support to president Lincoln expressed his unbelief in the truth this report but As in Quick succession it was followed up with the news that sex president Buchanan participates in the general determination to sustain the government at Washington that Gen. Cass had contributed liberally to a Large subscription for the equipment the Michigan quota volunteers called out by president Lincoln that sex president Fillmore presided at Buffalo Over a meeting called to Aid the United states government in the enforcement the Laws that governor Sprague Rhode Island just re elected by a Large majority Over a Republican competitor had tendered a regiment troops to Aid Lincoln and offered to command it himself the Register struck with amazement remarks a there is a representative Man every Shade Northern conservatism. We confess that this coincidence and simultaneous Ness action the part men who Are wider apart by their antecedents than even by their places residence takes us by Surprise. We Endeavor in vain to explain it by the supposition that these gentlemen consider Lincoln a proclamation a declaration War Between country and country in which they Are not As Loyal citizens permitted to select sides according to their own convictions As to the Justice the War. Were this the explanation Why this hot haste Why the endorsement the Justice constitutionality tie War a we Are then forced to the conclusion that the whole Public mind the North has been suddenly seized with one Hicie manias by w hich Providence sometimes smite an entire the officers the Steamer Star the West which was captured by the texans at Indianola were in this City saturday night in route for new York. The names the officers Are e. Howes d. W. Topham j. Stevens c. Merritt and p. Devereux. Thomas Francis Meagher the most popular irishman in the United states and whose very name is a Tower strength is organizing a regiment in new to fight the Banditt Jerr. Davis. A Tux new York Tribune saturday says it is rumoured that . Jefferson Davis is critically ill in Montgomery and that this accounts for the presence . Stephens in Virginia As he himself says his Way to Washington. The new York Independent says we May mention what is not generally known that the last food seat from Charleston into fort Sumter was Rice mingled with pounded Sims a Tor Bayard Delaware waa in the City yesterday stopping at the Burnet him. Politics military men. 9 no truly patriotic citizen should Institute a political inquisition into the partisan antecedents the military appointments the state executive at this time. The Only inquiry that should be made is Are the officers capable a remark in yesterdays enquirer however suggests the propriety reference to the political antecedents the most important appointees that no undue prejudice May be excited in the popular mind. We therefore remark that major Gen. Mcclelland and the senior brigadier Are democrats and brigadier general Cox is a Republican. We know that governor Dennison has not considered the partisan character his appointments but has sought officers with an Eye single to their capacity. In this he is sustained by All sensible citizens and True patriots. Some heart burnings May be caused by his selections among Many Good men but it is the duty the executive to appoint to responsible positions those who in his judgment and in that judicious advisers Are the Best qualified for the positions to which they Are appointed. Nor ought personal local popularity to be considered. The question is entirely one military qualifications. That the governor has chosen wisely thus far intelligent men do not doubt. The third brigadier under the presidents requisition has not been determined upon. Two gentlemen Are particularly named for the place a general Fife Urbana who graduated at West Point and general Jones Norwalk who had a command in the War in Mexico. Many Are also pressing brigadier general n. Schleich Fairfield and general Lytle. We Are also advised that the staffs the general officers will be composed generally officers the United states army West Point graduates so that the command the army Ohio will be not Only Able but news from South Carolina . A. G. Jerome new York who has been for some weeks in Florida and was in Charleston s. C., wednesday last stopped in this City yesterday. He says the entire available Force the Confederate states is being hurried to Virginia and that the movement troops northward was commenced immediately after the surrender fort Sumter. The War talk in the extreme South is All about taking Washington. The time when it was understood the capture would take place was saturday last. To use to be made Washington was the destruction the Public buildings and the Possession the archives the government. The southerners claimed that they would be Able to make the attack upon the Federal City a with fifty thousand men. Or. Jerome thinks it possible and probable from what he saw that the secessionists have an army thirty five thousand men within striking distance Washington. They had apparently no apprehensions a failure in their movements upon that City. There were seven Hundred numbers so reported kentuckians in Nashville saturday morning going to join the Confederate army. Cattle trains Are running the Nashville and Chattanooga Road carrying the Best beef Kentucky for the use the Confederate armies. There is to be no immediate attack upon fort Pickens. The word passes a take Washington . Jerome is accompanied by about a dozen ladies and gentlemen who in the present state the country prefer to make their residence in the Northi. Among them Are several Young ladies new England birth who have been teachers in Southern seminaries. The state treason Law. The treason recently passed by the general Assembly and which is now in Force will be found in the letter from our Columbus correspondent. It was drawn by senator Garfield carefully considered by several jurists before it passed and was finally amended and perfected by the Senate. The Only emendations the original Bill which were considered necessary were in reference to a unauthorized military expeditions a which were offered by . Ferguson and the fourth Section relating to convicting testimony which wa3 offered by . Harrison. Governor Letcher. The stories by Telegraph the opposition gov. Letcher to an attack by the Confederate forces upon Washington Are not trustworthy. Letcher is a weak Man and at heart despises the Henry a. Wise Richmond enquirer secessionists but he is now in their hands and has fully committed himself to their treasonable schemes. He has no Power to prevent an attack Washington. The Only thing that can prevent an attack is the presence Twenty thousand u. S. Soldiers. We have a great Deal More Faith in rifled muskets swords Bayonet and rifled Cannon than the words the governor Virginia. New Camp ground for Ohio troops. We learn that major general Mcclelland has fixed upon a location for a new Camp ground to be called Camp Dennison the Little Miami Railroad about fifteen Miles from the City above Milford. The site selected is a healthy and Well watered one embracing five Hundred acres land and is now being Laid off for a Camp by capt. Rosencrans. A Large number the troops remove to Day from Columbus to Camp Dennison and eleven regiments Ohio volunteers Are to be concentrated there immediately. Hon. T. A. Hendricks late democratic candidate for governor in Indiana published a card contradicting the statement that he was disaffected to the cause the United states government against the traitors says �?o1 regard it As the duty the citizens Indiana to respect and maintain the authority the government and to give it an honest and Earnest support in the prosecution the War until in the god it May be brought to a honorable conclusion and the blessings peace restored to our country postponing until that time All controversy in relation to the causes and responsibilities the War. No Man will feel a deeper solicitude in the welfare and proud bearing Indian is soldiery in the conflict arms to which they Are called than myself a _ _ _ a Liberal Orlef in Indiana. The following has been received by gov. Morton banking office Winslow Lanier amp co.,i 62 Wall Street v new York april 20, 1861. J his excellency Oliver p. Morton governor Indiana Indianapolis Indiana sir should your state need More Money to Arm and equip your quota volunteers Tor the defense our country now so wantonly assailed you can rely my advancing her any sum not exceeding $25,000. 1 have the Honor to be your obit servant a. F. Lanier. Major Anderson Kentucky the new York correspondent the Boston transcript has the following interesting item a we have seen major Anderson repeatedly and have been greatly impressed by his Fine military bearing his unassuming dignity and his countenance saddened by his country a sufferings and his own so patiently endured for her Sake. He dines to Day with our Friend mrs. She has just been Here and in the course conversation told us that she asked mayor Anderson yesterday what he would do in Case Kentucky should go out the Union his prompt and solemn reply was a but Kentucky will never go out the capt. Jones not Hung. We printed from the Louisville courier the Story which has been going the rounds that this United states officer who was charged with getting supplies into fort Pickens Hud been Hung by a Mississippi mob. But we Are Happy to see the following contradiction it in the new York world a capt. Jones who twice failed in attempting to get provisions into fort Pickens has been in Washington within a week and is still alive and Well and Able to try to feed Bis friends and fight his foes fora Good while to the a a confederates traitors Are pressing into their army every Northern Man in the seceded states from Georgia to Louisiana penalty Fine imprisonment banish ment. A great Many choose the latter. Perhaps All would if they could get away. It is a hard Case. Query does t the general government owe these citizens its Protection and will it not be its first duty next to protecting itself to go Down there and crush out three abominable military despots ? the new Orleans Picayune acknowledges the receipt a copy the a Jeff. Davis grand March a for the piano. If we Are not greatly mistaken that Roghes March will not be very piano. J. Motto for a government deprived the right Way to its capital by traitors it at Ramum Tiam Apt fact i communicated. A voice from Western Virginia. New Cumberland Hancock go. Va., 1 april 24th, 1861. J eds. Com a we have heard your Devotion to the Union and we Are proud to know that Cincinnati is net behind her sister cities Iii this great work the defence our country and that Flag which is now trampled under foot in the Cotton states. We Are Happy to inform you that Western Virginia is with you in the struggle heart and hand. We never will be dragged into a Union with traitors. Yesterday in this town there was raised amid shouts applause the Flag our country. And the Star spangled Banner is now Floa fog Over us and under its Protection to Hope to live and die. Citizens Cincinnati i we bid you a god be assured that what Little influence a the Palmetto May have that influence will be firm for the Union a Maud the Star spangled ban nor i Long May it wave Over the land the free and the Homes the yours Trull x ours truly Western Virginia. A our Covington reporter was in error Friday in saying the horses shipped South the Cov. A Lex. Road were from the stable . Smith Corner third and Vine. Or. Smith did not sell the horses and knew nothing their shipment. George Law to the president. The new yorkers Are demanding the opening the route to Washington through Baltimore without delay. The idea that a mob Baltim oreans Are permitted Day after Day and for a week at a time to Stop the armies and mails the Federal government is intolerable. Go org Law has addressed a letter to the president styling the manner in which the Road to the capital is obstructed a great Public wrong. He says the Public mind is already excited to the highest Point that this state things has been so Long tolerated and the people Are determined that free and uninterrupted communication with the seat government shall be immediately established not by circuitous routes but by the direct lines communication that they heretofore travelled Over. And it is demanded government that they at once take measures to open and establish. Those lines communication and that they protect and preserve them a rom any further interruption. Unless this is done the people will be Compelio to take it into their hands let the a a sequences be what they May and Lett pm fall where they will. It is certainly most desirable that this be done throng the regularly constituted authorities it Washington and the government is earnestly desired to without delay. The Tribune editorially says . Law we understand . Law is ready to go Down to Baltimore with a Fleet his own steamers and the City his own con7ii. He probably thinks that the Thunder his Cannon would convince even Secretary Seward that there is actually War and open up to the comprehension that gentleman the fact that he is not now teaching school Down in Georgia. Bill to repeal the assignment Taw 1859. Hon. Joseph f. It Wright this county has introduced a Bill into the House representatives to repeal the acts april 6tn, 1859, and March 26th, 1860, a relating to assignments property in Trust for the Benefit it re enacts the Law March 14th, 1853. As follows a fall assignments property in Trust which shall be made by debtors to trustees in contemplation insolvency with the Desigio prefer one More creditors to the exclusion others shall be held to inure to the Benefit All the creditors in proportion to their respective demands and such trusts shall be subject to the control the a its which May require Security the Tro tees for the faithful execution the trusts remove them and appoint others As Justice May again the new York Herald Friday says major Anderson the constant hand shaking to which the major has been subjected Ever since his arrival Here Las been a source great inconvenience to him and now his Hammand wrist Are swollen to almost twice their usual size the flesh is also much discoloured. Gov. Medary says in his paper thursday the army will soon be Large enough to demand is Ottn wants and popular enough to enforce them through Public sentiment. Differ As we May about the War we Are All for the army made up j rom our neighbors and from our own firesides. The following card from Gen. Wool is published in the new York papers a towing to the pressure official business communications private personal affairs from general wools friends will necessarily remain unanswered for the present. J Ltd new York april 25, 1861.�?� the following dispatch to a gentleman this City corrects a Mia apprehension Louisville april 26, 1861. No arms have will be sent from Louisville Kentucky to the Confederate states. The statement that a shipment has been made is false. _ a. 3. Bullock. Gen. Pillow threatens to Humble the Flag the United states. He can never Humble it except by carrying it. Local matters. William Wilkinson was taken to the commercial Hospital yesterday desperately beaten. No arrests that we heard . By referring to our advertisements it will be noticed that a West end Home guard Hai been organized. It will be held to night Clinton Street West Bay Miller. Commercial the week ending the 27th, 36 patients were admitted 42 discharged six died and there were 191 remaining including 24 in the Small pox Ward. The splendid Flag for the zouave guard exhibited at Buellis saturday was made by . We. E. Alcorn who is also making an Banner for the Franklin Ort cards capt. Armstrong. captains companies belonging to colonel j. V. Guthrie s regiment will report their Rolls at Cincinnati thursday May l9t� at Headquarters 141 main Street. Lost Beautiful Black female dog strayed away wednesday last. Has Tan Celor its feet and about the nose. Is very Small and exceedingly symmetrical in shape. Five dollars Reward will be Pai it for it return to the commercial office. What does it mean a we Are credibly informed that during several nights the past week boats have been seen crossing the Ohio in the neighbourhood pleasant run. Signal lights were seen the Hills and loaded wagons were also seen in the neighbourhood. What is going Are articles a icon tartan do being smuggled the City. We understand the Union meetings Between the committees from Cincinnati Covington and Newport have resulted in a Friendly and peaceful understanding and that no further meetings will be held unless specially called. All parties understand the Unity interests Between the three cities and express Faith in the Fidelity pledges the undersigned request a meeting the protestant ministers All denominations this afternoon at 4 clock at the lecture room St. Johns Church Corner seventh and Plum streets to take into consideration their3duties in regard to the spiritual welfare the troops to be assembled at Camp Harrison elsewhere in this Vicinity. Chas. P. Mcilvaine L. P. Thompson e. T. Robinson we. A. Snively. Flag . Megrue the patriotic wife our chief fire department has just completed a Beautiful Flag to decorate the office the fire department the Corner race and Longworth. This evening at clock the Flag will be hoisted to its Peak by appropriate ceremonies. Rev. Granville Moody and Rev. S. L. You tee will make addresses the occasion. The choir Morris Chapel Are also expected to be present and sing a number our country s songs. The entire Community Are invited to be present. Lamentable is a Long time since we have been called upon to record so lamentable an Accident As that which occurred yesterday Forenoon to Young Edward Woodward the son . Woodward no. 118 West sixth Street. The Young Man who is but seventeen years old was showing a Fine pistol to some Young ladies who were in his father s parlor and explaining to them its mechanism when it accidentally exploded shooting him in the Middle the forehead. At a late hour last evening he was still alive and some Hopes were entertained hit recovery. A Wjk a a a a a a a a Public sales. T f a it Thea morning at a a a clock j. Graft a Komi Mil at to. Is fourth stat a Larga Quantity Furat Ture. Of household morning at alar cloak Cooper a voters auction a. Houm Farald furniture at dwelling House no. 308 fifth a Tuet. Be Tomb Central avoids a John stat. Or. Robt. Mcgrew my Al agent the Cincinnati and Chicago line has been super ceded the change to be made the 1st May. Or. Mcgrew has been a faithful and accommodating officer and we regret that political necessity compels his retirement from the postal service. The Steamer Glendale from Memphis yesterday brought 400 passengers. The Hastings also came in from St. Louis thronged with people. The Neptune is also due from Memphis with a Large number passengers. All who can possibly get away Are leaving Memphis and other Southern cities Ohio White Sulphur Are pleased to announce to the Public that the proprietors this delightful watering place Are prepared to receive guests and any that May be desirous escaping from the excitement our Northern Southern cities will find this place a delightful Retreat. Benefit Abe season at the Palace Garden closes to night with a Benefit to its Clever and enterprising manager whose managerial tact and skill entitle him to the popular title the a Barnum the the Garden will be closed tuesday and wednesday evenings to undergo repairs. She will Start her summer cruise thursday evening with clean decks full sail a competent Crew and a staunch commander. Boys do your duty to night and make the Benefit a appointment u. S. District Washington Star announces the appointment by the president Flamen Ball Esq., As u. S. District attorney for the Southern District 0f Ohio. We believe this completes the list appointees for the principal Federal offices which Center at Cincinnati. They Are As follows u. S. Marshall a. Sands. Surveyor Porte. T. Carson. Postmaster Cincinnati a. Baum. U. S. District attorney . Ball. Pension agent a. Borden. Covington. Military Licking battalion is composed Volunteer companies which have been mustered into the state guard and they comprise residents Kenton Boone Campbell and Pendleton counties. Two the companies Are artillery and two them belong to this City Viz the Kenton Greys and the Home guard. The battalion will be attached to the third regiment the state guard which is fully equipped and armed. The branches the Northern and Farmers Bank in this City have donated $100 each to each the military companies in this City and the Covington a Lexington r. R. Co. Have donated $50 to each. The problem human life a funeral Sermon the death judge the Rev. Or. Clark delivered an eloquent funeral oration the death this distinguished Jurist at the Wesley Chapel yesterday morning. His text was a wherefore Hast thou made All Man in in the present crowded state our columns we can find room Only for the concluding paragraph. Less than 16 years ago when dedicating that Beautiful cemetery where his ashes now slumber he said a in a Short time i too must become a tenant this Domain and visitors will look upon my grave As i How look upon the Graves in that same address he added a but we look for a better inheritance. The Savior has sanctified the grave acid broken its illustrious Manl ennobled by virtue and enriched by Faith the consummation thy Hope has been realized the problem thy destiny has been solved and thou Art forever with the lord. Death an eminent venerable Walter Scott an eminent preacher the Christian Church recently deceased after a Brief illness at Mayslick by. At the time his death he had considerably passed three Scote and ten although up to the period his fatal illness he was remarkably Hale and Active and in almost full Possession Fais remarkable intellectual faculties. Lie was almost As widely known in the West As his great Compeer in the work reformation Alexander Campbell Bethany. To pooso0<-d rare Powers mind and great erudition and As a pulpit orator in the Meridian life he was regarded As second to none in either persuasive argumentative eloquence. As an author sacred themes he was also eminent possessing great Power analysis and exquisite descriptive Talent. At times especially after age had somewhat impaired his native strength he was somewhat visionary but his contemporaries always confessed and admired his remarkable Power. His last work which enjoys very favourable consideration especially among the members the denomination in which he was so Long an Earnest labourer is entitled a the Messiah ship the great demonstration a a work which develops his great analytic Power together with some the objectionable peculiarities his mind. Or. Scott was a native Scotland and we believe was a graduate the University Edinburg. Police court april 27th.�?John Cooney charged with stealing flour was acquitted but committed 20 Days for disorderly conduct. Daniel Tiberg tired a a sobering a went Home and abused his wife whipping and beating her. Sent to the Chain gang 20 Days. We done to wonder that he eary in Well doing. A Man who will strike his wife under any pretext Hasni to the stuff out which soldiers Are made. John Podesta an italian vender oranges and other fruit was sorely offended by a sol Aier no passed no picked an Ange and walked off with it. John insisted payment and the Soldier picked up a a a a Coa nut and said that he would take that for the language used by John which he John had him arrested and while he was in custody attacked him for which John was also arrested. Both were fined. A Young Man in court said it must have been a Rauss in a Messina Orange. He fainted immediately and the top staff brought him to by fanning him with a cabbage Leaf. Or. Deball was brought up and fined $20 and costs for an assault made upon John Kavanaugh in a gambling House no. 9 fourth Street the 1st february last. The particulars were published at the time. Mary Sullivan was tried for larceny. A lot furniture ordered and paid for by her husband behalf a family named my Cor Mick was recovered by her in a summary Way the my Cormick not having paid Fox it. No Case larceny and Mary wa3 discharged. Home guards their Central committee have adopted the following which they recommend As the uniform for the Home guard. Each Ward is expected to Supply its own. That private will Cost about four dollars. For privates. T 1. A Cap Gray cloth with Black band the same form and make As the regulation Cap the Ohio militia. 2. A Blouse Gray cloth Cut with a Yoke and Black Collar Black wrist bands Black Waist bands and Black lunettes the shoulders. 3, Gray pantaloons. The Blouse and pantaloons to be made Light cloth for summer and Woolen for Winter. For commissioned officer. Quot 1. A end Gray cloth with Black band edged with White the upper Edge with a suitable device in White the Black band corresponding to the rank the officer. 2. A Gray cloth frock coat with Black standing Collar and Black cuffs Black buttons Collar and cuffs to be decorated with devices in White to correspond to the rank the officer Gilt epaulettes. 3. Gray cloth pantaloons with Black Stripe each Side the whole according to Sample Deposit at head quarters. There was another election officers held Friday evening by company b the second Ward Home guards with the following result capt., Lehman Schloss 1st Lieut., g. Gus. Schott 2d do . Menken 3d do Loew Stein Ensign . Cincinnati Rifle corps a Volunteer association which meets Over George Lewis a store fourth Street opposite the Post office made an excursion to mount Hope saturday afternoon for Field exercise and target firing. This company has provided itself with Colts revolving rifles1 at its own expense and its members hold themselves in readiness for Active service whenever called upon. Or. Lister if their present instructor. Capt. Ellis a cavalry company elected the following officers last saturday evening 1st Lieut. Or. G. A. Gotwald 2nd Lieut. Z. To still 3d Lieut. W. S. White. The company if Well offi Reeed and will do efficient a Enrice. The Captain goes to Columbus tonight to procure equipments for his company 94 expects to be us came a few Days. la a Lull i Luj Hinl Wizir business notices. The largest Home made bread ran be bad at by Iii s bakery South East Corner court and John apm is clothing renovated and repaired at 59 x. 3d it. ? de2s-tf wedding and visiting cards ship it Smith 22 Weet fourth Street. De26-tf fashionable wedding a siting cards ac., at Halls 14 weat fourth Street. Nol3-t meteorological observations by Henry Ware optician no. 7 weat fourth Street Cincinnati april 27, 1861. J clock. Barometer. Thermometer. 7 a. 29 16 it 70 12 m.29 07 76 6 p. 29 94 74 april 28, 1861. Of clock. Barometer. Thermometer. 7 a. 29 28 52 12 m.29 31 64 6 p. 29 28__68 to capt. W. W. Byrnes the . Army recently in the commissary department at fort Smith was among the passengers by the Glendale yesterday. The Captain is in route for Washington City to report at head quarters. The government stores recently taken from the Steamer Silver Lake at Pine Bluff Arkansas were con Jug Ned to capt. B., attempted saturday evening a Young woman named Sarah Waggoner procured a half ounce laudanum drank it and entered a Saloon fifth Street As she said to die. It was soon discovered what she had taken and drs. Edmondson and Bil Lings called in who rendered such efficient Aid that sunday morning it was thought she might recover though her Case was then critical. Destitution and Domestic troubles a Ere assigned As the cause. Marriages. In ascension Church Frankfort the 25th april we. To Dudley to f Franklin county. Kentucky and miss Mary 8. Jouett daughter the late col. We. R. Jouett u. 8. A. I it a Rrt its a a in this City saturday the 27th inst., mrs. Julia Strader aged 59 years relict the late Jacob 8trnder� Lier funeral will take place from the family residence. This morning at 10 a a clock saturday morning april 27th, Charles Rand sen., in the 73d year his age. Funeral monday morning at 9 clock from Morris Chapel i in this City saturday april 27th, mra. Rebecca 8c1imuckeb, Consort the late Rev. Teter pc car end the family Are requested to attend the funeral at Asbury Chapel Ebster Street to Day at Jhu a turn a evening. 27th inst., after a Long and painful illness mrs. Elizabeth Bartlett aged 87 Bethe Funeus a will take place at her songs residence 119 ninth monday morning at 10 clock. Friends the v b re inv Ltd Tel in Inai in Covington �?T1 saturday afternoon the27th inst., we. W. Wood age 30 years. Funeral service in j Christian Church betwe11. Smith and Mound monday at 3 clock. The fiends the family Are invited. In new Orleans tie 24t�? in a a Lewis Snapp. Society meetings. O. O. officers and members it metropolitan Lodge no. 142, i. O. O. ¥., will meet at t heir Hall Corner sixth and Vine streets monday at 1 clock Topay the last tribute respect to our brother. W. W. Woods. All members the order Are invited to attend. The order will leave the Hall punctually at 1% clock. It g. W. Tucker . Chg. a p. officers and members a Liberty Lodge no. 2, the a. P. A., Are hereby notified that at Tho regular meeting tuesday the 30th inst., the Semi annual election officers said Lodge for the ensuing term will be held and the quarterly dues received. By order the Lodge. Ap29-2t w. Boyd r. S. Military. Then tint recruits 250 a hey no voted Camp Harrison saturday april 27. Two Hundred and fifty More Ablo bodied men Are wanted immediately at Camp Harrison to fill the ranks the Guthrie Gray regiment. Apply at the armory the Guthrie Grays Corner fifth and Walnut streets. Capt. Frank h. E11rma�, ap29-2t recruiting officer. Military Ellis cavalry Vidette company completed their organization last saturday night by electing Tho following officers captains a. A. Ellis. First lieutenant . G. . Second lieutenant z. Truxall. Third lieutenant we White Esq. A few More Good men Wanto 1 to till the ranks. The company is ready to be equipped. Andi a sworn in service will be one the Best manned Seiw from this state a it is composed men determined to fight to the bitter end. Armory no. 10 East fourth Street. Jul no the a Phoenix attention the members company o., Montgomery guard will meet at the Headquarters the regiment monday april 29tli, at 9 clock a. M., for the election officers. By order the it. Committee. I attention Union dragoons a the Mem a Bers this company Are requested to meet at their Hall monday evening april 29th, at 7 clock business importance. It chg. Enq-1 w. H. Steavens Captain. Attention sixth Ward Rifle guards you Are hereby notified to attend a meeting at your armory Moseley Bridge manufactory West third Stree this monday evening april 29th, at 7 i clock for the purpose electing officers let b. J. Guibert Secretary. Attention i dragoons. A few a my re Able bodied men wanted to fill up ranks. Roll books and Drill Halls open at Chris. Kellary a Cumminsville and Avenue House Carthage. Ap84-4t b. O. Ludlow. Home guards. Fifth Ward Home guard attention a All members fifth Ward Home guard Are requested to attend a business meeting at their armory metropolitan buildings this monday evening at 8 clock. By order the let committee. _ times copy and cd. Com a we8t end Home a meeting citizens residing in the Vicinity West end Park held Clinton Between Bay Miller and Freeman streets it was determined to organize a Home guard. Fifty citizen have signed the Roll. Other citizens desirous joining Are invited to attend a meeting the company to do held Clinton Street West Bay Miller monday evening 29th fast at clock when officers the company will be elected. Two efficient Drill masters have been secured. One whom is a Ger ran. Let notices. N e Alveo children and aged dependent parents the Cincinnati volunteers in the service the government requiring assistance. The committee appointed by the City Council Fin the 2-Fth april 1861, to whom was appropriated �30,000 for the Benefit the wives children and aged dependent parents requiring assistance will Moet at the Council chamber mondays and saturdays each and every week at 3 clock p. Each applicant for Relief will be required to produce written certificates from the councilmen their respective wards from Well known citizens their wards. The certificate must state the name the applicant residence and number in family also to what company their husbands fathers sons Are attached and that they Are residents the City. Benjamin Eggleston 1 we Theodore Marsh j committee All patriotic and benevolent persons desirous contributing to the Relief the families Volin the Book Trade. Ters will please Send Money checks to the cons __ap29-qr Mittee. Notice to in the Buckeye state insurance company Are hereby notified that an election for two trustees will be held at the office the company monday May 6th, Between the Honra Fiann 12. Ap29-Lw_Isaac c. Fallis. Secretary. / Offick the receiver the savings a Bank Cincinnati Colum bus o., april 3, 1861.�?All persons having claims against the savings Baak Cincinnati other than the Bills issued by said Bank Are hereby noticed to make Legal proof such claims at this office before the 10th Day april a. 1862. John g. Mitchell ap6-6m receiver. Treasury department , april 2, 1861.�?savings Bank persons holding the circulating notes Thesa Viag Bank Cincinnati will present them at this office for redemption where they will be paid in full. A. P. Stone ap4-6m Sec a state. Millinery. millinery bonnets ribbons and All kinds millinery goods at half Price at the original cheap millinery store no. West fifth Street. Ltd j. A. Henderson. To Steamboat men. Notice to a House Cincinnati surveyors office 26th april. 1861.�? the following instructions have been received from the Treasury department and will be rigidly enforced. Masters steamboats leaving for the South will report at that office with their License and enrolment. F. Jefferson , Surveyor customs. Wash Notow april 25,1861. Sieve Job customs Cincinnati Ohio a a Clear no vessels for any ports South Kentucky. _ a s. P. Chase ap27 3t Sec a the. Treasury. Personal. T have this Day withdrawn from the x firm Geo. L. Joh Nastou a co. Benjamin f. Davidson. Cincinnati april 26th, 1s61. Ap27-3tt a wines and liquors lab Roth a importation Brandy. Port Sherry Madeira and Malaga wines Jamaica bum Holland Gin a. Chas. A. Junghanns pharmaceutics to let n. W. Cor. Third and Mill streets. Tobacco. Ruin a City tobacco no re shall Ltd a tobacco Tice that a shall discontinue All guarantee manufactured tobacco sold by us from this Date. Kennett a gedd18, g ap27-lw no. I main Street. Flags. Konts and news boys you can make a handsome profit by Selling the volunteers / i Home guard organizations Volunteer companies and at Camps Harrison and Jackson. Call and see the Book inquire terms and go to work Selling it. Only 35 cents. Applegate co., publishers 43 main Street Cincinnati. Vol a n t in in it e v e it y off would procure a copy the a 1 j r volunteers juju Yuul i and perfect himself in Drill. The Price is Only 35 conts and All can procure it and be his own Drill master. For Sale by All booksellers by the publishers retail dry goods. J ke8s d i c a from new York auctions. Now opening Large lots q it Quot sets Ovanin dress Good Why we offer at about half Cost importation. Close buyers Are invited to give Bacall. Co., John shill i to 101, 103 and 105 ap29-lw West fourth Street. B g n dry go d s Applegate amp co., it 43 main Street Cincinnati. Yff my guards attention just the Book you want the volunteers manual. Compiled from Hardeep a tactics with important notes by general t. Worthington a graduate West Point and late general 2d a. 7th d. O. M., assisted by major Sidney Burbank commandant at import Barracks ky., Aalt t Lieut. P. T. Swaine a. S. A. With the manual t t 1 Sharpe s Rifle and carbine a and Colts revolver a by a capt. W. R. Johnson u. S. A Price. 35 cents. This very Complete Little Book has been gotten do to meet the wants the times and the extreme Low Price 36 cents will enable every Volunteer to possess a copy. No. 2 the series will be published in a Day two. For Sale by All booksellers. Agents wanted to sell the work in every Home guard organization and Volunteer company. Address Applegate s co., publishers 43 main Street Cincinnati copies sent by mail postage prepaid receipt Price. It g in press will be ready in a few Days a nand Book Fob the a Hilary surgeon in the Field a compendium the duties the medical officers with some practical remarks upon it military Hygiene Camp dysentery 4 and the most important subjects in. Militar v Sulger 1\ by Charles s. Tripler a m., D., surgeon u. , and George c. Blackman D., Proi Feezor surgery in the medical College Ohio. H i Robert Clarke it pc co., publishers ap27-2t 55 weat fourth Street. Military goods. Pro military companies.�?8pbar Heads a for Flag staffs manufactured and for Sale at the Union brass works. We. Powell a co. Ap29 249 fifth at., bet. Plum and Central a to. blankets w e can furnish in two to three Days notice the regular Grev Arjev blankets. Samples in store. John Shillito amp co., ap25-lw101,103 and 105 wet fourth at. W a r u t v All sizes and shapes made to order at Ebort notice. Printed Flag All mph and 48 a Quot to Tny add a India rubber Camp blankets Haversack Knapsacks drinking cups travelling bags gun covers buckets for artillery and Camp Wagon covers a a. All the above were used extensively in the mexican War with great Success. Companies individuals furnished at the lowest manufacturers prices. V Bart a Hickox India rubber depot 49 West fourth St., apl�-2w one door West from Walnut. A i i i a a r y 8 h i b t8 in Aplet m r l Richardson a 122 Walnut St., Mason ii t a r y g 1 to swords belts epaulettes sashes Gilt and brass buttons lace etc., etc., apl8-lm John boners no. 36 West fifth St., Cincinnati. O. Pianos and music. Sub present piano Wab rooms being leased to messes. Strowbridge Middleton a co., and Possession promised by the first May at the latest we now offer our Stock pianos at greatly reduced prices for Cash As the Sale rooms inc first floor the same buildings which we expect to occupy jointly with John Church jr., will not hold All our Stock. Smith amp Nixon no. 64 West fourth Street second floor. Ap29 d m fifes bugles and trumpets at the lowest prices. John Church jr., ap20-tf 66 West fourth Street. A Bjork triumphs Baltimore made pianos. We. Knabe amp co., have this flail received in tour different states the Union no lass than live first Premium for the Best pianos exhibited at their respective Fain in Competition with instruments from the Best manufactories Boston and new York. 1. Two fir to premiums at the state fair Montgomery Alabama. A air to the state fair Zanesville 0. S. First Premium at the state fair Atlanta a 4. First Premium at the fair tie Fult ii Uiti Tuto Laura meter a. This shows Well for year. For Sale by c. Much d7_ p2 weat fourth Street. Roofing. W a dose Job italic and slate Hoofer and manufacturer a a galvanized Iron cornices in every style. 146 weat third Street. Cincinnati it a Iceme Raenee the wat excitement l. Buell to i 118 West fourth Street pfc k n f. W store j f will sell his entire Stock goods at a great sacrifice prices barked Down a. In his splendid assortment dress goods Silks Poppins grenadines m0zamb1<�ue3 barges lawns Gingham and prints lace and silk Mantilla shawls silk basques 3acqurs, hosiery gloves mitts fans parasols Par asolo is Natl nun umbrellas / a whoop k t it 71 8 a Juat received a Largo lot table linens Linen sheeting and shirting Huck Tow Jil napkins Linen drills Bro. Hollands 9 a i Mars i lies quilts Pillow Case linens Lancaster Long cloths 1 u setter idem3, Newyl re Mills and All other favorite Brand bleached goods. A lot cheap Ess Silks a Amdy travelling dress goods direct from auction sales and to be sold without it j Reserve. Buyer Are invited to examine my Stock As i am satisfied i can offer greater bargains than any Othor establishment in the City. I ap25-tf be. Buell 118 West fourth Street. Wholesale dry goods. J a y so m a a t l a c kit it no. S9 Pearl Street have a Largo Stock new and seasonable a a a a i dry goods a h soda stands. K a i amp Uin 1.� a a a repaired and by plated with Sil hmm Union brass works. We. Powell 00., 46 fifth St., but. Pun had Central a venae. A a a a print nil beat Brand Gingham and Gingham lawns lawns Organ die grenadines Barege Barege Langlais la Velling Valencia poplin Silks a Halll Poniard Magenta Qew Anjou Law cloth g Oss Fieres 8aflnetf Tweedy Marseilles Nank Netts Linen ducks Farmers wills Denim and Drill shirting stripes ticks Brown Aud bleached Muslin pcs a Large assortment White goods a a p v 1 4 a f shawls a hosiery gloves mitts and r a v f. A a a a i skirts. Notions in Large variety. So Quot to which they invite the attention buyers Al pm cancel cd Al. C a n Quot a Jap e so c 0 a it the undersigned having leased for a term years the property the Western mining and manufacturing company Peytona Boon county va., will continue the mining and shipping that very Superior c a Jay e l cola to Ich is unsurpassed by any other Coal either a English american. The very great popularity which it has gained due ing the Short time that it has be a in this Market in Tlucek Theley it a to believe that with the increased facilities which Quot Hui vol bring to Bear in mining and shipping the consumption Cannel Coal is yet in its infancy in this City. A b. F. Day let . Of to be had Cincinnati fuel company Ross Petti Bone a co., ska ats a an Gevine r. Smith a co., t. A Dods Worth. A Quot ap26-2w cigars and Ite Havana i g a r so we have just received an assortment Havana cigars among which arc the following brands Coosa de Santiago punch Juan Vuaso Ana Ana tie. Of various styles. Also a lot the Genu in Principe gig is Fin flavor to which a would a to a attnu�?~v1 ,,kprn.-��5�3 my to tvs a a a. J junk Quot a crackers. Prick it by cba�oiib8,-butter crackers 4 he v be. Soda crackers 5sc la. Sugar trackers the. Water Cracker 4% v la. To top crackers 5e it to. For orders amounting to 5 i Bis at a time and upward ten per cent discount allowed. _ _ James c. Cooper <�al-3m n. E. Cor. Walnut and water sts., can. O f fluid inks. T f e w More l Eft is i aka Polis april 6,1961. By. J. J. But agent 39 Vine streets Cine a path Miemi exed us by rail 372 Doz. As sorted your excel810r fluid Ink. It sails Well. Yours truly Bowen. Stewart a co. _. Wholesale stationers. Fay a tags _ friction matches matches without bbim901 the Eagle match company. Manufacture and keep hand Eagle safety and traveler a Offles and factory Corner fh�1 a us streets Cine Iupati. Ohio. Sand circular. Upu to def hotels. Sir Vinniti to above Well a Vown How Han parsed into the hands the 1 i. 1 will thoroughly renovated and a for the reception guests that first Day ready Forth t Boarder will be charged 81 per Day. A harder taken the most Mona we &2r air room for a ref a. J bean. Proprietor. Dried peaches. Dhie�>peache8-w�havi�jl 8tbe< to ted. On consignment a lot Fine dried peat has. Halves and quarters which we offer for Swo at fair prices. B b. Block ap37-3t 88 Sycamore Street. Regalia. a a k i 0 0 Amo Odd Fellows regalia depot Huff. Addis 46 sum i Trot fudge the United slate
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