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Cincinnati Daily Commercial (Newspaper) - April 29, 1861, Cincinnati, OhioJmc a la a off r k 11h t r 1> a Gnu log mob Mem wow Ltd. Viand i to Roteth co., off merr a b Midi Corner of fourth end Hace streets. A a n �0 term Ltd Dhiti in Knprr t _ a a a mete a it Sanee i or Yar. 2? us a a Fol new a a tee to a fryers. W of a i1 Vert in nil in built no a a. Or Ord each inner ton. San forty re the a in wanted i r of i i i a a a c Ninn Mitch inn ration a a Pic put a nil Virti Miente Cliff remd at the Abo rate in proportion to amount of Spineo occupied. Term of Werker papers of a str envy per of Sieve cop 1 for. 0 us the weekly commercial to contain the Trot a in column not i a than Tel qty tvs a of which will by ill a with Choice and ear Feuy prepared Reading Luhti Romylta. Inn All subject a 11� us Uit Wizig it the inmost and we believe the beet filter in the United fittes. Trims or in a ten or Lyt a a i eighty to Rill i each us Creon jr5 do ear advertisements in Sadie proportion. Prom the n. T. Tribune of Tiara Daft a journey from North ca.r01i1�a to new York. Vol titty adm Kupreas i to dance Cincinnati cobra medal. 1 letter from Columbus. Concerning management of the item Artmont of Ltd Hio a a Januce to the executive am and a be people neck Matt to a a,<1�?� a a appointments Ciar act incidents of the 5j.&Quot-1 a Quot a. A. Contraband seizures. Como of the pay Tete of Kentucky and i a Quot net see Are howling about the seizure of ar�1�?T and ammunition sent to the Public enemies of the government. What would the War exists by tbs act of Jeff. Davi amp a who have usurped Powers belonging a 5 o the lawfully constituted govern men of nation Tyty have a a a a a Pur Walt of bin Taining usurp p�1 a not of i a f co. Have to. To to put Down acc a Quot a Bdl it quote it a a of by a a b of Quot 7 Power , by treating them from their ferret hostile act As Public Cne Tuie whom it is the Bounden duty of All Citi ens of the lawful Gove Wnent to defeat and injure by All the mean in their Power. Ali is the philosophy of these seizures which Are not Fly of strictly justified by All inc inti Offut but Are Lothera tevely Neces it sary to pm Eva this usurpation and treason from gaining strength Chough to throttle the legitimate government. Every Man who plead for the letting alone policy in this falter is lending direct rid and Comfort to the enemies of states. It is the first duty of every a Tizen of the government to avoid. Every act which a Fiat do ire ogly or indirectly i d the enemy and to expose every such act designed of attempted by others which Rumy come to his knowledge.4 w f Mii t crush out this audacious usurpation by every Means a seizures on Laud find a it by confiscation of All goods consigned or to be consigned to its Active a gents by striking every blow in our Power it it vitals or at any of its Liros. Let a have no More whining sentimentalism a Hen about the atrocity of seizing and to nah rating property. What was the whole foul usurpation of Jeff. Davis k go. But a Gigantic seizure and confiscation from the Start and an unlawful unprovoked and unjustifiable seizure Toad whereas this of ours is strictly lawful justifiable and Necef Gary in Mere self defence. Let us have no More thin Kinu a scruples about doing what the Laws of War and the instinct of self pre Hervatin imperatively require to he done. And above All let us have no More gubernatorial special pleading about a circumstantial evidence and a moral certainties in a Cas where what is wanted and All that is wanted is prompt decisive and Efio Gotual action. Secession Shin plasters. The Richmond whig contains the following announcement a the City Council has passed the following ordinance unanimously an ordinance far the Issue of notes by the City 1. Be it ordained by the Council of the City of Fitch Rhonda that the re shall Lee issued in tie name of the City of Richmond three Hundred thousand dollars in potes of one Dollar \ fifty cents and Twenty live cents for the redemption of which the Council pledges the Faith of the Cit i and which shall be receivable for Tux a a Filer Light. Or any debt due or. A payable to the City of Richmond. A. This Speaks loudly of the impoverished condition of the Richmond finances. The tissue of u a Shin plaster currency represent a aug to lib fractional parts of a Dollar is one of the most fatal signs of a col Lap a which can overtake a municipal exchequer. When the state roads of Virginia have fallen below 40 cts. On fyr Dollar and the Banks of Virginia Are at 25 per cent discount and the. Capital of a Virginia is forfend to Issue its municipal a Shin plasters in sums of from Twenty five cents to one Dollar it needs but Little skill in Vatican action to Sec that ruin is not far off for. The old Dominion. Ill us per. . Mud now and i Bromley Union Home guard. At a regular meeting of the Ludlow to ted Bromley Union Home guard held in Lud Ipp april 25th, c. B. Newton in the chair Geo w. Blinn Secretary on motive the report of r. F., Williams who it a to visit the cities of Cincinnati rpt ton and Newport was received adopted and he continued of said committee on finance. Messes. Venn Finith Newton Cooper Richmond and wive her reported favourably on behalf of their committee. On motion a vote of thanks was tendered the come in tace on. Finance for promptness and integrity. On motion the Secretary was ordered to furnish the daily papers with a copy of the minutes of this meeting. Geo. W. Blinn see. It the reign of terror in if Allmore. The follow ing incident related by the auf Fryer will explain the state of affairs in Baltimore on of Iny informants while walking toward the Adams express company a office a it a Baltimore Streel a Day or two ago met a bund of marauders numbering at least seven a la or eighty who were marching through the City yell i g like fiends screaming like wild cuts and pro nein Kike Indium around a War fire. Lie endeared to escape observation by stepping into a door Way when one of the fiercest of the company with a whoop like the whistle of a Hundred 4irst-Cus? locomotives combined rushed after him Drew him Forth by of the neck while be rest of the Gallant Chevalier gathered close about Liim a a Hurrah for Maryland a you did whelp a bid Tucy. A Kiln rms for Maryland,�?T.�?T said he. A do it again said the rarely of freemen and to it lignin he did. A now then fall into the ranks or we will Cut your heart out and make Yon cat with your own Claret for a sauce said the chivalric band Aud he had to do it. And they wept of whooping Yelling shouting and screaming is if like devils incarnate they were on their Way to their can Lark Home compelling this rather venerable and entirely sedate involuntary a Antic Pant to dance Amr Panoc and show it for Lar Hind in such a Way As almost drove him mad. They then a a borrowed what Little Cash we Loose change he had wit i him and. Cent him off with a kick behind find rough malediction All around him. Hon. V. H. Van Wyck. A to tiring the de Ivery of his speech in Washington in March. 18gi>. Reuben Davis it ked a Hie Hon. C. H. Van Wyck a if he would go out of the District of Columbia to test the question of Eurage with a Southern Man a or. Van Wyck firmly and instantly replied a a travel everywhere without fear of any one he has since done so and proposes to do so again. He enlisted As a private to a company at no Borg but goes on in Advance. He intends to sleep at Washington this week or wet the soil of Maryland with his blood. Let every Patriot follow his example and our capital is no y. Tribune of thursday. We Hope a every Patriot will not insist upon sleeping at Washington. There is still occupation for Patriot at Home. Tick Louisville Democrat disposes of the Hon. John Bell As follows the Hon. John Bell has fallen. He is no longer for the Union the Constitution and enforcement of the Laws. He is fast bound. In Davis Straits and wants to go South. He i the last Man that ought to have deserted the Union since his Only claim for the Suffrages of the people was the uni of. He is tin worthy of the Gallant party that made him their Leader. A Coj. Medary says in his crisis Louis Napolson provisions his army for about eight events a Day for each Soldier while gov. Dennison is paying sixty cents a Day. The one is All system the other All disorder a hic is natural enough in so sudden a change from peace in which we were All reared to that of War Ai Horne a thing wholly to be Learned and understood by the to pm re Bce of the no of boil and provisions a or the North. Gov. Letcher with characteristic promptitude and Energy has issued a proclamation prohibiting the exportation or flour provisions Etc., to the Northern Nashville american. Ilad it the governor better prohibit by proclamation any shipment of furniture to Cincinnati or Coal to Pittsburgh a i Locc tax was forced to leave Illinois last because he asserted that Southern or a were better than Northern ones. Well let them come and we will prove the truth of Louisville Cour a. Of no. If Jot want to prove it you must go and try it. And after that you will know snore than Yon do now. A w�l1ni8> a nor of Wilke s spirit has left new York Toylin m. Clays Reg Ualat at Watta too a Fields a treason lrj6n 4 Columbus april 27th, 1801. There is some complaint against the administration of portions of the military department of the state. There is basis for some of it and yet Many allowances must he made by the people and especially by our Gallant volunteers. Patience and reasonable consideration must be exercised. I know that governor Dennison and his staff have had herculean labors to perform and All things considered Bis administration of the military department has been Able. It is True some of Bis officers Are unpopular Bat the clamor against them is utterly unjust and unreasonable. Intelligent men ought to reflect that Jit is no Light task to manage a entirely new condition of affairs like that which is sofa pulsing the country. Two weeks ago the state of Ohio was profoundly peaceful. Today her people Are inflamed with warlike spirit and Are in Arma. The state administration chosen to Admir mistera peace establishment finds its if violently precipitated into the might of extraordinary conditions of sgt piety. Requiring exercise of faculties which had never been excited to action. A new science of government had to be suddenly acquired by the governor and that he has acquitted. Himself with More than Ordinary ability in life novel position in this crisis is beyond dispute. His chief adv Jer is brigadier general Cox a gentleman in whose Wisdom fell men who know him entirely confide. During the past week he has also had the assistance of mgt Igor . And that of other Able military men and everything that could possibly he done in such Brief time in. The midst of tumult and overwhelming confusion has been done. More indeed has been accomplished than should have been expected. The governor and his advisers have devoted themselves with inflexible Assiduity to their duties Day and night and All Day and All night. Their Haggard countenances and languid appearance unmistakably i Quot trates their intense application Aud the sons sacrifices they have made. It is ungrateful and unjust to Embarrass the governor under such harassing circumstances by complaints denunciation and abuse. He needs All the Aid sympathy and encouragement the people and the press can give him and if they do not approve Gill he does this surely is not the time to require Hairfi to account for errors or to condemn him for the adoption of certain lines of policy which the Public cannot appreciate because the information upon which it is based is not now known to the people and ought not now to be known outside of the governor s Cabinet. Good people i do assure you that patience is necessary to Success and you will in Ture Success by taking things coolly and calmly. Remember that a new army of 30,goo men cannot be organized equipped and put upon a War footing in one Day or in a fortnight by any body of men on Earth. While it is True better qualified officers might have been secured at the head of certain military departments if it had been known a year ago that the people of Ohio would lie in arms in april 13clvit�is no less True that it is a difficult and delicate matter now to make changes in those departments. I suppose Hie governor does not presume that he is endowed with despotic Power and he Refore does not think be can very properly secure gentlemen from positions which in this emergency might be better filled by better men. Do not forget fellow citizens that heretofore our people have sneered at a carpet soldiers Quot and have Given but Little attention to the military Arm of the state. The militia department was organized years ago on the basis Ofa peace establishment and its officers were a of times self Imecs Only by coir Lesy and some were entirely Unwar like in tax in temper and faculties. Ohio gets into Ivor upon her peace establishment and it will take time to Supply necessary deficiencies. The governor has Quot been endowed with Power within three Days to improve his Mil Italy establishment and he Ischer Tising that authority As discreetly find As Neu Getic fully As possible. L appointments. I understand. Hon. Samuel Craighead of Dayton has been appointed assistant adjutant general of the state. Col. Charles Wiit Plesey is assistant Quarter master they Are entirely competent. Commander 0v the Post. Col. E. A. King of Dayton is in command of Camp Jackson. He is a genuine military Many prompt decided affable and courteous. Ii o discharges his duties Well and is universally commended by officers and men. The treason Law of the state. An Ai t to punish treason and other crimes passed yes orday Viz 8nr. 1. Any person residing in this state who shall Levy War against this state or the United states or shall knowingly adhere to the enemies of this state or the unit cd states giving them Aid and Comfort shall be deemed guilty of treason against the state of Ohio and on conviction shall be imprisoned in the Penitentiary at hard labor during life. Sec. 2. Any person &c., residing within this state who shall surrender , or be in anyway concerned in surrendering or betraying any military Post fortification Arsenal or military stores of Oliie state or the United states into the Possession or Power of any enemies of either or shall Supply arms or ammunition or military stores to such enemies or who shall unlawfully and without authority usurp Possession and control of any such military Post fortification a new York this morning where he went to Purchase arms. Fifteen thousand stand of arms purchased by him Are due Here to night. Two thousand a afield rifles purchased by i in in new York arrived several Days ago. It is rumoured that gov. Chase took the responsibility a month ago to order arms to be Pun based in Engla Nafur the government but the report requires authentication. Fremont a name is also associated with the statement. W. D. B. Treason in Maryland a plot to blow up the Federal capital we have seen the first copy of a new Jour no started in Baltimore on the 22d instant called the South and edited by Tromas w. Hall or. In the Salut Atory occur the words a we recognize in the first place that the people of Baltimore and the state of Maryland Are at this moment m open and avowed rebellion against the government of the United the leading editorial of the South is headed a who for Washington a and after describing the interviews of mayor Brown and others with the president proceeds to say a if it be True As or. Lincoln ass Everate with great earnestness that the Protection of Washington is the sole object of concent Rar Ting troops there Theu the capture of Washington would remove All inducement to invade our soil. A few barrels of Gunpowder would suffice to destroy All motive to attempt its recapture. Seize Washington and blow up the Public buildings and an honorable and speedy peace would be More than half con pvt red. Nor would the Enterprise be one difficult of execution. Several lays must elapse before or. Lincoln in be reinforced. In any event we have a breathing time allowed us within w hich much can be Dune towards the organization of our As yet undisciplined and irregular forces and still More towards effecting a proper understanding with the authorities of Virginia and of the Southern confederacy f w by not do it let the authorities in some shape or other either for the state or City give the people a head and beware of restricting his sphere of action to the corporation limits which is not Only giving to the enemy every possible advantage but is forfeiting every claim to the support and sympathy of the the seat of hostilities. The following �3 a table of distances from Baltimore and Washington to various Points whore important military movements May Tekl in Ace hubs. 1. Fila hip Hin Wilmington in a b Titi More Tail i Hil Philadelphia to Baltimore 98 z. Northern Central Kui Road Harrisburg to 15limore 85 Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Harper s Terry to Baltimore. 81 Parker Borg to Baltimore-sa3 Wheeling to Baltimore. 379 4. Washington Branch Railroad Baltimore to Washington. 38 Annapolis to w Ashington. 39 5. A Lexandria London and inn Tahire Railroad Alexandria to Leesburg. The Indiana requisition filled. The requisition of gov. Morton on the citizens of Indiana for six regiment of Volunteer militia to be mustered into the United states service has been filled. There Are some 51 companies More than called for offered. The following is the name location and captains of the sixty accepted companies. A no. Captain. 11.ew. Wallace. 2.�?rugg. 3fahbtock. 4 Normn my. 5. Robinson. 5. M<nlinui�m7 f Qatar. 8./l 0. Smith. 9millar. 10m,.tayl�r.m- 11m.sullirau 12mc, r i 11 a a n de n12bath Man. 14 . Is ferry ism Kiuon 17.b�nton 1?widamar19. Milroy. 2 0carr2 1wood 2 2smith. 2 3brmy my. 2 4.�?z.ander�otim.m.m or a Tripp Brailey 27mcbild� ?8h Firman. 39 cd it Tendon 3 0morrea. 3 1chase. 3 2dunnm. 33. Parrish. 34 m. .4 of Grovom. 3 5mman8on. 3 6blake.�? 3 7cameron3lord 39blake10coakefoir place. Crew Fordsville. Ind theapolis. Do. Do. Do. Do do. Do . My. Do Cadlaon. Do. Do a. Lawrenceburg. Aurora. Lafay Otto. Richmond . .�?~.ladoga. haute. Do Mancie. South Bend. North Union. Greenfield. Washington. Delphi. Anderson knights Tow. Logansport. Do Wabash. A Winchester. G Rawford vill e. Michigan City. Valparaiso. Aurora. Frankfort. Cambridge. 41sh Unk. Marion. 4?Wallace. Tipton. 4�newes Ville 4 4randall. Fort Wayne. 4 5.lone� a a Seymour. 4 6clark1�.�?Telkhart. 4 7oyl�r Franklin. 4 8 . 4 9rabb rising Sun. 5 0harrison a kick Ciao. Al kit a. Lebanon. 5 2.footem 5 3blair5 4abl�. 5 5olds. 5 6burgeis 5 7conkliug.m.m 58.�.morgan 59b Emet differ. Co a a Tribbey. Rockville. Shelbyville. . Brazil. Danville. Greencastle. Greensburg. Do Richmond. 6. Grange and Alexandria Railroad Alexandria to Lynchburg. 7.4 Richmond Frederick and Potomac Railroad a a Richmond and Petersburg Railroad Petersburg Railroad Washington to Fredericksburg. Washington to to Petersburg. Washington to Walden n. A. Washington to Wilmington n. . Washington to Charleston 8. . 8. Norfolk and Petersburg Railroad Norfolk to Petersburg. 8<nal or military stores or having knowledge of any treason against this state or the United states shall wilfully omit or refuse to give information to the governor or some judge of this state or to the president of the United states shall be guilty As accessories to treason and on conviction thereof shall be imprisoned in the Penitentiary at hard labor not less than ten nor More than Twenty years. Sec. 3. That if any person shall within this state begin or set on foot or provide or prepare the Means for any unauthorized military expedition or Enterprise to be carried on from thence against the territory or people of any of the United states every person so offending shall be deemed guilty of a Misdemeanour and on conviction thereof shall be punished by imprisonment in the Penitentiary of this state not Leas than one nor More than ten years. Sec. 4. No person shall be convicted of treason but by the testimony of two lawful witnesses to the same overt act of treason whereof he stands indicted unless he confesses the same in open court and no person shall to get convicted of an offence under the second or third sections of this act but by the testimony of two credible witnesses unless the person indicated confesses his guilt in open court. Sec. 5. This act takes effect from its passage. Anecdotes of the times. A disconsolate wife whose husband is on the a War path a telegraphed to the governor yesterday a Send my husband Home immediately of can to patriotic Wight he is a mustered apropos the sex president of the defunct conundrum club desires to know if a follow is Well seasoned when he so a must red in a with the variations. Another woman writes a i have a parties ular Friend in the Dan let god. I want to go to him. I can disguise myself so no Man shall know me. Will you help me i am willing to go As captains servant. In Man awful fighter and will fight my Way through. Will you please permit me to go a another sent a Bass drum girdled with a rope which she said is a sufficient to hang Jeff Davis with if you can get it around his she hoped the Drums martial sound would a inspire Brave it will be deposited in the quartermasters department. It is a Well attested fact that a Day or two ago a company of volunteers who had been pleased w Ith Hospital ties extended to them at the Asylum for deaf and Damb when about to depart aft r breakfast for Camp gave the pupils of the institution who flocked out to see them a round of thundering cheers. They would have made the thing Complete had they gone to the Asylum for the Blind to exhibit their colors. A ferocious Soldier of ardent temperament who was quartered one night in the Senate chamber wrote a letter to Bis sweetheart and left it upon a senators desk. His professions of Devotion were slightly enormous. Among other Promise made under the inspiration of love and War our hero said to his Amitta a a never will return to your arms until i have the heart of the infernal traitor Jeff. Davis in my breeches w. A b. The following companies of the third regiment have received marching orders deponent Saith not to what Point and will depart at five of clock to Morrow morning Viz governors guards two companies Jefferson guard Springfield Captain Vanada Jatko on guards Butler county Captain Rossman Licking county company Captain Newkirk and All of the eleventh regiment under command of col. J. Findley Harrison. I suspect they a to Camp Dennison Lancaster Pennsylvania. _. Str a. The third regiment elected it regimental officers this afternoon Viz colonel j. H. A suspected Clergyman the ret. Or. Van Dyke of Brooklyn it will be remembered made himself conspicuous last Winter by delivering and publishing a bitter pro slavery Sermon which i was publicly praised by Charles of Connor and in which he attempted to prove that slavery is a divine humane and benevolent institution and that the anti slavery sentiment in every form is at War with the Bible and christianity. On several occasions he attacked the opponents of slavery from his pulpit in to fins of furious denunciation and lost no Opportunity to express his sympathy for the South. 11 seems that a number of citizens of Brooklyn have waited upon this reverend defender of slavery Aud demanded an explanation of Bis position in regard to treason in rfcs South but it does not appear that he gave any satisfactory account or himself. A planter from one of the Cotton states who is now in new York states that or. Van Dyke was in the South not Long ago and told the people there that new York was with them and that they could count upon Aid and Comfort from this Vicinity. Large shipment of United states arms. Of thursday night the Steamer City of Alton landed just below the Arsenal and took on Board Between Twenty and thirty thousand stand of United states arms which had been ordered by the government for distribution in the North Western states. The loading of the boat was uninterrupted and Sheg Otaway for her destination Alton about four of clock yesterday morning. Reports from Alton say that the boat was received with great demonstrations of Joy and that the arms were speedily deposited in the cars for transportation North wred. Considering the Many threats of the secessionists of this City that none of these arms should leave the Arsenal it is a matter of supreme congratulation among All Good citizens that their removal should have been so quietly and successfully effected. No Boring with giblets. It is proposed by some members of the legislature to Issue Only two millions of War Bonds which would be Little More than a Dollar to each inhabitant with an interest of six cents per annul. The Empire state of the Northwest must do better than that. She must put her Brawny shoulder to the wheel in downright Earnest. Five millions is the smallest Ngure that should be seriously thought of. The magnitude of the contest and the vital character of the issues involved demand that Illinois shall put Forth her strength. Let her set an example worthy her greatness resources and Tribune. Professor o. M. Mitchel to the editors of the evening Post Why is it at this time that the state of new York and the country cannot have the valuable services of professor o. M. Mitchel a graduate of West Point who was seven years in actual service and ten years in Volunteer service and has therefore All the ability and experience to make an Active and efficient officer let us have him for adjutant general of thi3 state As we need just such a Man there at this hour. Professor Mitchel is willing and ready at any hour to fat the harness on. Energy. Special dispatch to the Atlanta intelligencer andrew7 Johnson insulted. Chattanooga april 24.�?andrew Johnson has arrived at his Home at Greenville. He was insulted at every station in Virginia and Tennessee. At Abingdon his nose was pulled and his Bat torn to pieces. He attempted to address the crowd but his voice was drowned in the hisses and shootings of the crowd. When he reached his Home at Greenville he had to be lifted from his Carriage. His mind is said to be pandering. He says he wants to die. Lieut. Slimmer takes a threat coolly. While Lieut. Slemmer was in command of fort Pickens Gen. Brown of the secession forces sent a demand for its surrender. Lieut. Slemmer instead of complying with the demand sent to inquire the number of troops besieging the fort. Gen. Brown evidently desirous of furnishing him with foil information on this Point replied that he had 1,700 men under his immediate command and 5,000 More within whistle Call. reply was a you had better begin to whistle a dare Devil . Wilson a hard listed regiment in new York City is nearly full. Thirty men of muscle offered themselves in a body on tuesday. A glad to see you gentlemen a said the colonel a but if you enlist with me i assure you that half of you will be in your Graves in less than three months a pleased with the cheering Prospect held out by their commander the irrepressible thirty clapped their hands gave the colonel three cheers and immediately Enro bed their . J Baltim orians leaving for the North. A three gentlemen who have for Many years been engaged in business in Baltimore together with a lady and six children representing three other families of that City arrived in new York tuesday evening having effected their escape from the monumental City on monday evening in an Oyster smack. Pc. A Worl Ltd s i from the Memphis Appeal important from following dispatch was received in this City this morning Montgomery april 24, 1861. To Sam Tati have sent Yon ordnance Engineer officer and 1,500 muskets. L. P. Walker a Man named Lee was Selling a Lloyd s r. R. Map a. Syracuse n. Y., on monday. Upon one Side of it was printed a South Side treasonable article. The excited mob handled him roughly but the police interfered and the c. B. Commissioner sent him to the pen Hent iary rather to protect than punish him As there it no Law in this state against the distribution of incendiary matter. Hurrah for thinness or a got. Moore has been advised that 1jsoo men Are on their Way from Tenne see to new Orleans to join the Confederate army at Pensacola or any other Point if required. As there Are no quarters a Noble speech from general Cass. Gen. Cass presided at a great Union meet ing held in Detroit on thursday last. We a make the following extract from Bis Sawch i cannot take this seat without contrasting the situation in which i now find myself with that in which i was placed on this very spot almost fifty years ago. Then in the Days of our weakness we were subjected to dishonourable capitulation brought about by the imbecility of the Leader while now in the Days of our strength neither treason nor weakness can permanently affect the holy cause to which All bands and hearts Are pledged. Applause then our contest was a legitimate War waged with a foreign foe our War to Day is a Domestic one commenced by and bringing in its train acts which no right feeling Man can contemplate without most painful regret. But a few Short months since and we were the first and happiest nation on the face of the Globe. In the midst of this Prosperity without a single foe to assail us without a single injury at Home caused by the operations of the government to affect u3. This glorious Union acquired by the blood and sacrifices of our fathers has been disowned and rejected by a portion of the states composing it a Union which has Given us More blessings than any previous government Ever conferred upon Man. Here thank god its Ensign floats proudly and safely applause and no american can see its folds spread out to the Breeze without feeling a thrill of Pride at his heart and without recalling the splendid deeds it has witnessed in Manya bloody contest from the Day of bunkers Hill to our time. Applause and that Flag your worthy mayor has by the direction of the municipal authority Bung out upon the dome above us. The Loyal american people can defend it and the deafening cheers which meet us to Day Are a sure pledge that they will defend it. Applause a Stern determination to do so is evinced by the preparations and patriotic Devotion which Are witnessed around is and in the echoes which Are brought Here by every wind that blows. You need no one to Tell you what Are the the dangers of your country nor what Are your duties to meet and Avert them. There is but one path for every True Man to travel and that is Broad and Plain. It will conduct us not indeed without trials and sufferings to peace and to restoration of the Union. He Whir is not for his country is against her. Applause there is no Neutral position to be occupied. It if the duty of All zealously to support the Gur rement in its efforts to bring this unhappy civil War to a speedy and satisfactory conclusion by the restoration in its integrity of that great character of Freedom bequeathed to us by Washington and his compatriots. His ashes i humbly Trust will Ever continue to repose in the lowly Tomb at it. Vernon and in the United states of America applause which he loved so Well and did so much to found and build up. Manifest your regard for his memory by following each with the Compass of his Power his Noble example and restore his work As he left it by devoting heart mind and deed to the cause. Long continued cheering a woman to be honoured. It will be remembered that Lieut. Abne Smead of the first artillery was sent a Tew a weeks since by Lieut. Slemmer to Washington to apprise the government of the absolute necessity of supplies and reinforcements at fort Pickens. Forgetful of All obligations of Honor and duty Lieut. Smead took Montgomery in his Way northward and having submitted his dispatches to the perusal of the rebel authorities proceeded to Washington whither the news of Hie treason having anticipated him he was not shot As he deserved to be but simply struck from the Roll of the army. The wire and children of Lieut. Smead with the families of several officers on duty in the South were at Fortess Monroe. The Lieut hastened from Washington to obtain his family and remove them southward but his movements were not so rapid but that his crime had been reported before him. When therefore he presented himself at the fort he was refused admission the officer on duty declining a to admit a traitor within a Federal Post the Only favor conceded being that he might have an interview with mrs. Smead without the Walls. That interview the unhappy miscreant is not Likely to forget. Attended by a few female friends one of whom furnished the account which we give of the scene the lady met her husband and in terms of scorching eloquence reproached him with his shame. A go Home with you a she a never our path3 in Thi world Are hereafter separated. I disown you. A Coward and traitor you Are no husband of henceforth you Are to me As if dead. As Long As i live i shall Wear mourning and be As a widow and rest assured i shall educate our children to exec rate and despise your memory As that of a Recreant and a turning with these words the Noble and patriotic woman re entered the fort and gave Way to her natural feelings. We May add that mrs. Smead is., like her discarded husband a native of Georgia and that while the latter went southward to obtain the Reward of his treason the former with her children has come North passing through this City on tuesday and is now at Morristown. N. it is an illustration of the temper of the mob now ruling at Baltimore that it seized upon the baggage of the party of unprotected wives of officers with which mrs. Smead and our informant travelled and but for the interference of an officer of fort Mchenry would have detained their persons. A greater part of the Luggage of the party with Manv valuables were taken away violently and of course will never be n. Times. A highly important from Maryland threatened slave insurrection terror among the White population of the Rural districts. Reliable information has just reached this office that intense excitement prevails throughout the Rural districts of Maryland in consequence of the imminent danger of an immediate bloody outbreak on the part of the slave population. Slaves on a Large null it or of estates have ceased to treat their masters with Ordinary civility. They covertly insinuate that they expect to be speedily provided with arms and there is no doubt that the awful horrors of san Domingo in the beginning of the Century will be repeated upon an enlarged scale unless Providence shall interfere to prevent so fearful a Calam Ity. There is a slave conspiracy organized whose ramifications extend into Virginia. A lady recently arrived at Annapolis and on her Way to the North herself slave owners stated that she did not amp Reto live among her Blacks with no further Security than thet ocal authorities can afford. She says that she had not a neighbor in the District where she reside who does not consider it unquestionable that a barbarous warfare with the hideous concomitants of the insurrection of a brutalized inferior race is on the eve of Deso lating the Region in which she has resided. Maryland should make peace with the Federal authorities. Self preservation and the duty she owes to the mothers daughters and children of the state demands that she should take the speediest measures to avoid the evils a with which she is n. News 25th. Y \ r the boats from Norfolk to Baltimore Are crowded with people hurrying North Many of them invalids and not a few southerners. The destruction at Gosport Navy Yard exp edition of the pair need the burning of the Pennsylvania. Correspondence of the n. T. Time Portsmouth va., april 21, 1861. The Pawnee with the commodores Flag at her Peak and about six Hundred trusty men Shoara cast off from the do a it of fort Monroe about 7 of clock on saturday it a Ning. The crowded parapets of the fort sent a loud and Hearty cheer to the departing ship which was answered with an exulting Huzzah from her populous deck. The night was Bright and still and the Moon at half full shed abundant Light on land and sea. The Pawnee steamed up the roads toward Norfolk easily passing Between the sunken vessels with which the Channel was intended to be blocked and about 8 4 entered the Gosport Harbor. Her coming was not expected and As she glided to her place at the Dock the men on the Pennsylvania and the Cumberland several Hundred in number greeted her with a Volley of cheers that echoed and re echoed till All of Norfolk and Portsmouth must have heard the Hall. The men of the Pennsylvania fairly outdid themselves in their enthusiasm on this occasion. They clambered into the shrouds and not Only answered Ilo the a three cheers a but volunteered a Btl free times three a and gave them with a Hurricane of heartiness. This intense feeling on their part is v3ilj explicable. They have been a Long time almost imprisoned on shipboard in a ship imbedded in the River motionless and helpless and subject to premises from the secessionists of speedy demolition. In the Advent of the Pawnee they saw deliverance from such Durance and they exulted with tremendous emphasis. All Portsmouth and Norfolk were thoroughly aroused by the arrival of the Pawnee. They did not except her Aud were not prepared for her. They were seized with trepidation thinking perhaps she had come and along with the Cumberland and Pennsylvania meant to bombard the towns for having obstructed the Channel and for having the night before rifled the United states Magazine just below Norfolk of about 4.000 kegs of powder. Being utterly defenceless Aud quite terrified tha secession its made no protest against the Pawnee a presence nor did they venture too near the nary Yard. The Pawnee made fast to the Dock and col. Wardrup marched out his regiment and stationed them at the several Gates of the Navy Yard to oppose the Entrance of any forces from without in Case any attempt to enter should be made. Having adopted this precaution the Commodore set the Xarines on the Pennsylvania the Cumberland the Fawnee and in the Yard to work. All the books and papers the archives of the establishment were transferred to the Pawnee. Everything of interest to the government to preserve on the Pennsylvania was transferred to the Cumberland. On this latter it was also said a Large amount of Gold from the custom House at Norfolk had been in Good time placed. Having made Safe everything that was to be brought away the marines were next set to work to destroy everything on the Pennsylvania on the Cumberland and in the Yard the might be of immediate use in waging War upon the government. Many thousand stands of arms were destroyed. Carbines had their stocks broken by a blow from the barrels and were thrown overboard. A Large lot or revolvers shared the like Fate. Boot and Shell by thousands went with hurried pm mfg to the Bottom. Most of the Cannon had been spiked the Day and night before. There were at least 1,500 pieces in the Yard some elegant Dahlgren guns and Columb ads of All sizes. It is impossible to describe the scene of destruction that was exhibited. Unwar idly k was continued from 9 of clock until about 12. During which time the Moon gave Light to direct the operations. But when the Moon Sank behind the Western horizon the Barracks near tie Centre of the a Ford were set on fire that by its illumination the work might be continued. The crackling flames and the Glare of Light inspired with new energies the destroying marines and havoc was carried every where within Tolfe limits of orders. But time was not left to Complete the work. Four o clock of sunday morning came and the Pawnee was passing Down from Gosport Harbor with the Cumberland the coveted prize of the secessionists in town every soul from the other ships and the Yard being aboard of them save two. Just As they left their moorings a rocket was seat up from the deck of the Pawnee. It. Sped High in air paused a second and burst in quivers of Many coloured lights. And As it did so the Well set trains at the ship Bouses and on decks of the fated vessels left behind went off As if it simultaneously by the rocket one of the ship houses Coati new the old new York a ship thirty years on the stocks and yet unfinished. The other was vacant but doth Bouses and the old new York Burnt like tinder. The vessels fired were the Pennsylvania the Merrimac the Germantown the Plymouth the Raritan the Columbia the Dolphin. The old Delaware and Columbus worn out and dismantled seventy fours were scuttled and sunk at the upper docks on Friday. I need not try to picture the scene of the a Rand conflagration that now burst like the a of judgment on the startled citizens of Norfolk Portsmouth and All Tkel or rounding country. Any one who has seen a ship Burn and knows How Liko a fiery 3erpent the flame leaps from Patchy deck to smoking shrouds and writhes1 to their very top around the masts Fiat stand like martyrs doomed can dim set Deidea of the wonderful display that flowed. It was not thirty minutes from he time the trains were fired till the conflagration roared like a Hurricane and the flames from land and water swayed and met Tad mingled together and darted High and fell and leaped up again and by their very motion showed their sympathy with the crackling crashing Roar of destruction beneath but in All this magnificent scene the old ship Pennsylvania was the Centre piece. She was a very giant in death As she had been in life. She was a sea of flame and when a a the Baltimore and Washington news the troops on the Way from Annapolis to Washington. News from Virginia. Iron had entered into her soul and her bowels were consuming then did she spout from every porthole of her deck torrents and cataracts of fire that to the mind of Multori Wou have represented her a frigate of hell pouring out unremitting broadsides of infernal fire. Several of her guns were left loaded but not spotted and As the fire reached them they sent out on the startled and morning air minute guns of fearful peal that added greatly to the alarm that the Light of the conflagration had spread through the surrounding country. The Pennsylvania Burnt like a Volcano for five hour Rand a half before her main roast fell. I stood watching the proud but perishing old Leviathan As this sign of her manhood was about to come Down. At precisely 9 4 of clock by my watch the tall tree that stood in her Centre tottered and fell and crushed deep into her burning sides whilst a storm of Sparks flooded the sky. Marrow of Columbus of lieutenant col John Fiere to receive them they will be stopped at i our informant a the Universal sentiment Beatty Tomt Gilead and major j. M. Pelffer Baton Rouge and quartered in the Arsenal 1 of Union men there that the first meeting of 8t>rittffield tier urn he transportation can be provided i of the armies will with a Large desertions i Quarter master Geo. Wed returned from 1 for 0. Pica Une 23d. A from the bout a Phi a. Paw. Tie danger at Washington. A gentleman Long it resident of Washington who has removed his family to the North my Kes the following statements half the people inside the City Are Friendl v to the Southern leaders. Everywhere i boldly heard secession sentiments proclaimed ladies rejoiced Over the downfall of sum of and the wife of a Clergyman told me triumphantly on sunday morning last a now you see what we can do a this is the greatest danger to Washington and it is one nothing can overcome. The soldiers who have volunteered in the City Are nine tenths of them boys and would not make any show at All if attacked. You would be indignant to hear the open reproach and ridicule cast on the Massachusetts troop. It is said they ran All the Way through Baltimore merely from a mob of unarmed men and it is said with great gusto that All they had to do was to Nock a Northern Soldier Down and take his Musket from n. Tribune Friday. How to guard again the heat. As the heat of a Southern Sun is one of the hardships our boys will have to encounter Ermit an old Soldier to state in 1rhat Way the Rench army in Algiers guard themselves daring the Day when on them Rich or stand ing sentry take a Yard of Thip White flan a Nel. Fold it together once and sew up one end a ribbon or tape May be inserted to draw and tie it around the neck. This thrown Over the Cap or Shako and falling behind completely Shields the head and shoulders from the rays of the Sun. Woolen is preferable to Linen or Cotton is equally Light costs less than the former Aud is easier washed and kept clean. 0 the fire department zouave have received orders for departure to Washington on saturday afternoon next instead of to fort Hamilton As originally intended. About 1,90 members have been enrolled of whom 1.600 will constitute the first regiment and the remainder will lie organized into another regiment to follow the first As soon As possible. Col Ellsworth during the past week has been vigorously drilling them and has already brought them to great proficiency in the elementary manoeuvres. Rive Hundred uniforms were to have been delivered last evening but at a late hour had not arrived. To Day the zouave occupy the Large Hall Over Devlin s store in canal Street where they will be furnished with . Herald thursday. Of Lofessor George Tucker died last week at the residence of George Rives esq., Albemarle county va., in the 86th year of i see. He had been a member of Cone. Atad Fot Many year filed the Ohair o f political Economy and moral philosophy in the University of an old habit. A wet Obi cd crafts Bearett Bis Ooton to Ehara jts a cried s. Re am our Flaey or the Wurm l Row firing a a Apo it army qty ill with a �ao�r7t0uh�ve do Fox u easy As from the Baltimore american of Friday afternoon apr 26th.the City to Day. J j 11 the City is very quiet to Day and a More hopeful feeling prevails among those who Hare not yet Given up All As lost. The military Are still at their armoires and the disposition is general to Calm rather than increase the excitement. Destruction of Rush River Bridge by fire. We announced yesterday that workmen were engaged in repairing Bush River Budge with the intention of opening mail Conr Atun cation and travel with Philadelphia. The work was so far completed As to Promise the passage of trains Over it to Day. During the past night however a party of men having saturated it with Eam Phene set it on fire and in a few minutes it was in a Light Blaze throughout its entire length nearly a mile. The Timber being dry it Burnt with great rapidity and when our informant left the rail timbers were All gone and the piles burning to the Waters Edge. The party who fired this Bridge declared it to be their intention to destroy the Gunpowder Bridge to night so that we Are now permanently Cut off from communication with the North. We learn that the burning of the Bridge was accomplished without the knowledge or authority of the mayor or police authorities of this City. The governor of Maryland. Governor Nicks reached this City about three of clock this morning for the purpose of proceeding to Frederick City and remaining within close proximity to the general Assembly of the state. The Steamer balloon especially chartered for the purpose left Here at night and soon reached Annapolis. Hon. John Thomson Mason the acting collector of the port went Down in the Steamer for the purpose of removing his family to Baltimore. For some time past they have been stopping in Annapolis but will remain Here for the present. The balloon was hailed by a government ship of War whose Captain desired the Steamer to haul him off a Shoal but Fot want of time it could not be done. The Captain of the balloon reports a any Quantity of soldiers and vessels at Annapolis. Displaying the american Flag. This morning the american Flag was displayed from a number of the prominent Points of observation including one at Canton one at Federal Hill and at the Corner of Fremont and Franklin streets Corner of Saratoga Anc Schroedef and Corner of Lombard and Schroeder streets. No excitement was occasioned thereby and peace and order reigned. Gen. Harney a prisoner. It is Learned by the train from the West which reached Here this morning that the old military chieftain whose name Heads this paragraph was taken prisoner at Harper s ferry by a detachment of Virginia troops about 2 4 of clock this morning. General Harney left Wheeling in the train which was under the charge of or. Phelps conductor for the purpose of reporting himself at Headquarters Ashington. Before the train reached harpers ferry it was stopped and a number of troops mounted the platforms and while the train was moving slowly on the soldiers Nassed through the cars and the general being pointed out was immediately taken into custody. Lie was in citizen s dress Atad was treated very courteously there is no doubt that As soon As the executive of the state is made acquainted with the fact he will be released As a the Case of the officer of the United states army who was seized a few Days since in Richmond. Intelligence from Norfolk and the Chesapeake. I the Fine Steamer Louisiana capt. Russell made this port at an Early hour this morning from Norfolk with a Small number of passengers and the United states mail. None a of an exciting character was received. The fortifications of the Virginia troops on the coast of Virginia especially the approaches to Portsmouth and Norfolk were advancing rapidly and it was estimated that nearly six i Fendred men were Bard at work at the various Points especially at fort Norfolk Craney Island and the naval Hospital. The obstructions near to the ports remained though vessels drawing eight to ten feet of water passed freely in and out. At the wharf of fortress Monroe was the propeller Chesapeake. Of the Parker vein or Cromwell line. Efforts were making to raise the steam frigate Merrimac the Sloop of War Plymouth and another War vessel which it was supposed would be successful. Passing the Steamer Georgiana in the Hay capt. Russell Learned that the Steamer had passed three Steamer coming in the Bay from the capes. It is probable Jiey were Laden with United states troops we append the ordinance of secession of Virginia passed on the 17th inst and which has just been made Public. Accompanying the document is a Long schedule setting Forth the time and manner of poll for its ratification by the people amp a. A poll will be opened in each military Camp of Virginia volunteers whether in or out of the state and the voters there suffered to vote this will be beside the regular election precincts. The election for members of Congress for the state to the House of representatives of the Congress of the United a states required by Law to be held on the 4th thursday in May next is suspended and prohibited until otherwise ordained by the convention. An ordinance to repeal the ratification of the Constitution of the United states of America by the stale of Virginia and to resume All the rights and Powers granted under said Constitution i the people of Virginia in their ratification of the Constitution of the United states of America adopted by them in convention on the Twenty fifth Day of june in the year of our lord one thousand seven Hundred and eighty eight having declared that the Powers granted under the said Constitution were derived from the people of the United states and might be resumed whensoever the same should be perverted to their injury and oppression and the Federal government having perverted said Powers not Only to the injury of the people of Virginia but to the oppression of the Southern slave holding states now therefore we the people of Virginia do declare and ordain that the ordinance adopted by the people of this state in convention on the Twenty fifth Day of june in the year of our lord one thousand seven Hundred and eighty eight whereby the Constitution of the United states it Sof America o clock an in Mense train was in readiness on the Washington read consisting of freight and passenger cars to the number of fifteen carrying one thousand Mea and their baggage which moved off for Washington arriving there about 12 of clock. At 2 of clock in the afternoon another thousand men reached the Junction about which time the train from Washington had returned and when our informant left they were about taking their departure for Washington. A Force of two Hundred men were left at the Junction and All along the line of the Annapolis Road picket guard were stationed at such distance As to be Able to come to the assistance of each other if attacked. Every barn and shed had its quota and All the prominent part were so guarded As to prevent Surprise and watch the bed of the Road. At each of the Bridges about thirty men were stationed. Along the Washington Road from the Junction to the capital a Large Force is also stationed and All the Bridge Are strongly guarded. The soldiers mixed among the people and quite a number visited the town of Laurel during the Day to make purchases. It was understood that the military train would continue running All night though it proceeded with great caution fearing that some might be placed on the track. From in formation gleaned from those who accompanied the train and other sources it would appear that reinforcements Are being very rapidly thrown into Washington. One train which passed the Junction this morning was said to have contained 981 men up to the latest recounts�?T3,000 troops had passed the Junction going towards the capital and More were on the March Between Annapolis and the Junction leaving 1,000 at Annapolis. It is said that the government has in us on the Road other cars than those seized at Washington and Annapolis and it is supposed 1hat cars have been transported from the Philadelphia Road by the Steamer Maryland now plying regularly Between the Susquehanna and Annapolis. There is b it Little evidence of ill feeling on the part of tie inhabitants along the line of the read towards the troops. Many incidents Are related a3 showing their avoidance of every thing calculated to offend or in any Way trespassing on private rights. The soldiers were buying freely of the inhabitants striking bargains for poultry and Spring chickens and paying whatever Price was asked. A. One inst inc a squad of new yorkers being bountifully entertained with substantial Maryland Faire fat the nominal Price of a Quarter a head paid their Host a Dollar each As a Mark of their appreciation of the Quantity and Quality of their repast. The War feeling in North Carolina. The War spirit of the a old North state appears to Jive been thoroughly aroused. All Over a death Carolina remarks the Petersburg expire Raof wednesday we hear that the people Are moving in Masse and a gentleman thoroughly a posted As to the militia resources of the state informs us that North Carolina can Muster an army of 75,000 men in one months Tirifie. A a Call for thirty thousand volunteers. The adjutant general of the state acting under authority of the governor issued a Call for 30,000 ordering those already raised to hold themselves in readiness to March at a hour s notice. The Raleigh Register says the Call wiil be promptly and enthusiastically responded to by the men of North Carolina who Are physically Able to strike for their country a liberties. Fayetteville Arsenal surrendered. The stage of tuesday morning brings the intelligence that the Fayetteville Arsenal was peaceably surrendered by the Garrison to 2.20a men under command of general Draughen who had assembled to take it if necessary by Force. The arms and munitions taken were 37,000 stand of arms 6,000 pistols 3,000 kegs of powder and any Quantity of Cannon balls and shells. With this armament the old North state is ready to engage in the contest either to preserve their liberties on her own soil or to go to the Aid of any of her Southern Sisters who May need it. It is obvious now that the Battle May be decided in the District of Register 24 in. From Charleston. The Charleston papers of tuesday last received Yia Norfolk say that the news from Baltimore was received with the greatest enthusiasm and Joy. The utmost willingness and anxiety was expressed to come to our Aid at once. Sevy ral regiments and companies were starting for Virginia or Here if a Cestary. Of front the courier departure of the first regiment of South Carolina volunteers for Virginia. The first regiment of South Carolina volunteers col. Maxcy Gregg left yesterday afternoon for Virginia to Aid in defending the old Dominion from the grasp of Lincoln and his abolition horde. It was the intention of the volunteers Bejare left on sunday night but that was impossible. Col. Gregg a regiment or rather that portion which volunteered for service in Virginia an mounted to Between five and six Hundred Brave and efficient men. We found them in the Best of spirits. Not one of them but was ready to leave Home and friends for the a tented they arrived from Morris Island at a late hour on sunday night and expected momentarily to hear the whistle for tier each Volunteer had made up his mind to perform his whole duty faithfully. They Are fighting in a just cause and must succeed. Richland Volunteer Rifle company. The Richland Volunteer Rifle company one of the first from a distance to respond to the Call for help from Charleston and one of the Best specimens of the Volunteer service of South Carolina has also been the first to answer to the Call from Virginia., this Noble corps has been for months engaged in the most irksome and obscure duties of the Soldier which have been zealously and Faith a fully discharged. In col. Gregg a regiment of enlisted volunteers the Richland Volunteer Rifle corp3 Are designated company a and a3 such proceed to the Relief of our friends in Virginia and Maryland or As far North As they May be ordered. From the Mercury military movements. The floating Battery was yesterday taken from its position at Sullivan a Island and placed in a situation where in future it can do effective execution. A number of mortars shells Etc., have been sent from Here in the last few Days for Pensacola. Was ratified and All acts of the general Assembly of this state ratifying or adopting amendments to said Constitution Are hereby repealed and abrogated that the Union Between the state of Virginia and the other states Quot under the Constitution aforesaid is hereby dissolved and that the state of Virginia is in the full Possession and exercise of All the rights of sovereignty which belong and Appertain to a free and Independent state. And they do further declare that the said Constitution of the United states of America is no longer blinding on any of the citizens of this state. This ordinance shall take effect and be an act of this Day when ratified by a majority of the votes of the people of this state cast at a poll to be taken thereon on the fourth thursday in May next in pursuance of a schedule hereafter Tobe enacted. .1 done in convention in the City of Richmond on the seventeenth Day of april in the year of our lord one thousand eight Hundred and sixty one and in the eighty fifth year of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Y a True copy. Jno. L. Eubank Secretary of convention. From the Baltimore american of Friday Monnig the movement of the troops. We learn from a gentleman who left Annapolis yest Gerdav morning that there has been a pfc at to Fie Page in the number of troops Landing on wednesday and yesterday. The enclosure of the naval Academy wag literally filled with them. The privates were not generally allowed to enter the City but the officers were moving about in every direction and making purchases to such Xan extent As to cause quite a brisk business among the shopkeepers. They were also purchasing horee9 and vehicles and paying Large Price for them. Horses not Worth a Hundred Dollar had been sold to them As High As $250 and $300. Our informant said that there was scarcely a horse left within six Miles of the City. An incident showing the mechanical representation among the forces is related in connection with the seizure of the Annapolis Railroad depot. The locomotive was found to be to Dis arranged As to be useless. A Call was immediately made on the troops for machinists Engineer and fireman when a score or More of these professions stepped Forward from the ranks and proceeded to the dept it. One of the machinists on looking at the locomotive claimed it As an old acquaintance he having been Foreman in the amp shop in which it was constructed. Of course it waa soon put in running order for the convenience of baggage to the Junction a scene at the Junction. Atlo o clock yesterday morning the seventh regiment was at the jul notion having walked from Annapolis a Large concourse of people from the neighbourhood Haring collected in Sfeir the stirring scene. About 11 bag upon the batteries and other Meins of defending the Harbor. The services of Many of these Stalwart sons of Africa have been tendered by their generous owners and they enter upon their new duties zealously and eagerly. A list of thirty two worthy free negroes of this City who have offered their services in the work of defense or in any other capacity required has been sent in to the Captain of the Woodis riflemen. They express an Earnest desire to meet their Yankee enemies or their miserable Sable Brothers of the North in a regular hand to hand fight. Some of those who have offered to serve in the cause of Southern Honor have fought under the old Flag. A Large number of the free negroes of Petersburg have expressed a desire to fight for the South and we learn that 500 will come Down As soon As the word is Given. We noticed yesterday several coloured men in uniform. They came As musicians with the Gallant Georgia Herald. Frown the Baltimore american of thursday stray bricks and fugitive is said that when col. Benjamin f. Butler in command of the Massachusetts regiment landed some of the authorities of Annapolis protested against the passage of Massachusetts troops Over Maryland soil when he replied a sir we came Here not As citizens of Massachusetts but As citizens and soldiers of the United states with no intention to invade any state but to protect the capital of our common country from invasion. We shall give no cause of offence but there must be no fugitive shots or stray of Ipke on the the seventh regiment. The officers of the seventh regiment of new York conversed freely with the citizens of Annapolis and some gentlemen from Baltimore in relation to what they deemed the unexpected and inexplicable course of Maryland. They anticipated no hostile reception in Maryland where each Man claimed to have scores of intimate personal friends. A if in the performance of duty a they added be compelled to meet our old friends of the Baltimore City guard and the Richmond Grays in hostile array we shall return their first fire by presenting arms but on the second fire we shall be compelled to defend later from York. We learn irom a gentleman who came Down from York yesterday that five Hundred u. S. Troops from Quot Western Texas had arrived there. A lieutenant of one of the companies had attempted to desert but was pursued and captured at Marietta. It was reported that a commission of the Confederate states was found upon him. He was a prisoner at York. Cur informant thinks there were ten thousand troops Between York and Harrisburg a Maryland Sailor killed for Diso Mience of orders. The Norfolk Day Book asserts upon authority of a Seaman lately attached to the United states ship Cumberland that Lieut. Selfridge of the same vessel deliberately Cut Down and instantly killed a Man named Nathaniel f. Wolfe of Maryland a Seaman on Board the Cumberland for refusing to set fire Ter the ship United states at Gosport. Seizure of a Branch a text. The Branch mint in Charlotte North Carolina. Was taken Possession of on the 21st, by col. Bryce and the military by order of gov. Ellis. No resistance was made nor the slightest disturbance occurred. The Norfolk Day Book says that governor Letcher of Virginia has found it necessary to Issue a proclamation requesting the Southern troops not to Rush so impetuously to arms but to remain at Home until called out by authority. Latest from Texas movements of u. S. Troops. Capt. Girdner of the we. G. Thiewes reports the following latest intelligence from the Texas coast. It confirms and explains that published in our evening edition Otlie we. G. Howes narrowly escaped being seized by the Federal troops at Rowder Horn. We received information however of their intentions outside the Harbor and immediately put Back to Galveston where we remained but a Short time and then proceeded to Brashear cry the Federal troops Are in Possession of in Dianova and have armed the Steamer fashion and another supposed to be the propeller Mobile. From wk4t we could gather the intention of these troops Lyas to take the i Lewis. Or some other Good vessel so As to make their Way to key a number of a a s. Troop3 in Texas. In regard to these troops the Galveston civilian in Niche the following intelligence there were at Green Lake near Indianola at the last accounts two companies belonging to the 1st u. S. Infantry and one of the 8th, under the command of major Larkin Smith. On the 11th inst the steamship Arizona landed at Indianola companies a i and a 3d infantry u. S. A., under the command of cohr Backus but now commanded by major Sebley and numbering 246 men rank and file. These troops were brought from Brazos Santiago and As was stated were to be transported to new York on the steamship Star of the West of the precise number and description of the other u. S. Troops now at Indianola we Are Una Vised. The san Antonio Ledger of the 6th, said that at that Date there remained of All the troops that were within the Borders of Texas on the Day of the Transfer eight companies of the 8th infantry and the regimental staff and band of the 1st and 8th regiments of infantry. The companies were Allen route from Elpaso and the upper forts on that line. Lieut. A. Cone the Only subaltern with company resigned while at san Antonio his commission in the u. S. Army to take one in the Confederate service and it is a remarkable fact that the 1st cavalry had not a 2d lieutenant in the regiment every commission being vacated by resignation promotion or casualty. R movements in Virginia. Eighty eight of the leading ladies of Petersburg proffer through the express their services to the Volunteer companies of that City for the making up of provision bags packs fori bedding and flannel under clothing. They will also furnish Linen bandages Lini Etc. Concentration of troops at Richmond. The Petersburg express of wednesday states that on the Day previous six Hundred and Twenty troops were passed Over the Danville and Southside railroads. Their destination is Richmond City. Or. H. D. Bird the superintendent of the Southside Railroad informs us that he is now prepared to transport 3,000 troops per Day Over the Southside Road and preparations Are now in Progress which be expects to Complete by saturday that will enable him to transport 6,000 per Day. We understand that there Are now about 1,000 troops congregated at Richmond 4,000 at harpers ferry and 3,500 at Norfolk. The number at Richmond will be increased to 25,0100 by the close of the week. We have not heard their destination. Seized. The state authorities at Richmond seized 500 army revolvers on monday belonging to Williams Peters amp co. The state pays for them it if express. Haiti Eek a ferry and Portsmouth Navy Yard. It is impossible to overrate the value of the acquisition of these two important Points. What is better is that they have been gained without the loss of life. Harpers ferry is the key of the Valley and can be made impregnable. The Portsmouth Navy Yard is the largest Navy Yard in the United states. Its proximity to the ship building materials of North Carolina and it is Only in the South that All the materials necessary to the construction and re a a info ships can be found its magnificent Harbor and Central geographical position give it Superior advantages Over every other Navy Yard on this continent. The acquisition of the vast military stores in the Yard is an advantage too obvious for Petersburg express. 4 important Resolution. The following Resolution was adopted by the Virginia state convention on monday night and the injunction of secrecy removed in relation thereto 1 resolved that it be earnestly recommended to the citizen of the several counties of this Commonwealth to promptly form and discipline companies of volunteers of their Able bodied men and to the county courts to Levy or raise by issuing Bonds a sufficient amount of Money to equip and Arm such volunteers when raised. From the Norfolk paper More Georgia troops. Yesterday afternoon another company of of troops the Spaulding Graya capt. L. T. Doral from Grin in ga., reached Here by the Seaboard and Roanoke Railroad. We understand that their commandant a a minister two of the privates Are printers and two of the officers Secretary and treat Urr and first to tax a a Mac. There Are now two Hundred and fifty Georgia troops at Norfolk and More Are daily expected. Gen. Cushing a remarks at Newbury port. On wednesday the members of the Brown High school Newburyport raised the american Flag near their school building in the presence of a Large concourse of citizens. Among the speakers on thl3 occasion was Gen. Cushing of whose remarks the Herald gives the following abstract Gen. Cushing 3aid that he cordially participated in the present patriotic manifestations. Long May this glorious Flag wave above our Heads the Banner of Victory and the Symbol of our National Honor. Our dear country now indeed demands the Devotion of All people for the dire calamity of civil War is upon us. He had Laboured hitherto for Many years earnestly and in Good Faith at least first for the conservation of the Union and then to Avert the evils of fratricidal War and of what he might have said in that relation he had nothing now to retract. But the Day of discussion had passed and that of action had arrived. He had before him the question which had occurred to Public men in other countries when political convulsions divided Friend from Friend and brother Ronar brother and sometimes arrayed them against one another in hostile Camps and in deadly strife. What in such a Case is the dictate of duty should we retire into Safe seclusion in a foreign country to return in better times to Wear the Honor of Freedom like Hyde or should we remain to affront the perils of our lot like Falkland or vane the latter Cour be if not the safer one is at any rate the most courageous one. He or. A chose so to act. He was a citizen of the United states owing allegiance to the Constitution and bound by constitutional duty to support its government and he should do by. Lie wa3 a son of Massachusetts attached to her by ties of birth and affection Aud from which neither Friend nor foe should sever him. He would yield to no Man in faithfulness to the Union or in Zeal for the maintenance of the Law and the constitutional authorities of the Union and to that end he stood prepared if occasion should Call for it to testify Nis sense of Public duty by entering the Field again at the command of the Commonwealth or of the Union. From Ali Louisville courier appointments in the Southern army. Gen. M. L. Bonham of South Carolina has been appointed a brigadier general in the annoy of the Confederate states. He is now in Richmond Virginia and will command the South Carolina troop9. He is a brother of the Gallant Bonham who fell at the Alamo surrounded by a Heap of dead. A Roger a. Pryor of Virginia �3 colonel and Gen. Henningsen a lieutenant colonel in the Southern army. Col. Lay who resigned his position As Aid of Gen. Scott when the Confederate states seceded has been appointed to the command ants Bip of the Louisiana state military Academy at Alexandria made vacant by the resignation of col. Sherman. When Tom Marshall was in Congress Andrew Stephenson was speaker of the Honse and John Tyler was president. Henry a. Wise had bored the hou9e with speech after speech about the greatness of Virginia when Marshall wearied with it replied to him and his peroration waa this a a xes Nir Washington was great Man and Long have you lived on this legacy of departed greatness. I had rather have one of the mouldering Bones at mount Vernon than every living virginian. _ a masac\iu8ott Man on the route with Alexander h. Stephens. The headed by Sher Many of a Battery going through % Baltimore a gentleman whose respectability is abundantly vouched for and who has resided in North Carolina some time has Given us the following interesting detail a of his j Jurney from Fayetteville in the at state to this City. He left Fayett Evilia on sunday last after having been served with the following Nolice a you Are hereby notified that your name is enrolled in the town militia company you will therefore govern yourself accordingly and observe the Law by order of the being a Massachusetts Man and not relishing the idea of serving against the stats and stripes our informant took Steps to leave and did so that night. At Fayetteville there is a United state Arsenal for construction As Well As storage which contains about 43, stand of arms made at Springfield some Minie Rifle besides a Large number of Cannon and other munitions. There was a Garrison of 48 United state soldiers under command of major Anderson Consin of major Robert Anderson. They were Loyal. It was the intention to seize the Arsenal on monday if Tey could and probably would. At All the stations crowds were assembled and the secession fever ran High. At War i saw where our informant took the train he found Alexander h. Stephens who was of his Way to Richmond. Nothing was seen or heard of Jeff. Davit. At nearly eve Quot a station Stephens spoke. The Rapi ure of watch in ton was the Gra amp a idea Obiah he enforced and exhorted the people Tojo n in the Enterprise to which they heartily7 responded. This was the Only thing talked old it most to done a was his constant exclamation. At m Olden Man supposed to be northerner was whipped and tarred and Fontley red guat before the train or Rived. There a s a larg crowd deeply excited which or. Stephens addressed. Vigorous measures Weri on foot to arouse and Arm the people and they were answering to the Call As one Man. The enthusiasm for Jeff. Latvis was intense. On arriving at Norfolk our info taint took a boat for Bah More the last boat thah would go Over the roote. The United states officers then refused to allow her to go without she took aboard a bearer of dispatches from fort Monroe. Art Norfolk Tho people were much excited. Disturbances had taken place Between the Union men who Are numerous there and the rebels. The boat., can eyed by the Pawnee stopped at fort Monroe and took aboard the bearer of dispatches to Washington also the women and children from the fort. The Pawnee and Cumberland w Hen the boat left were lying under the gun3�?~ of the fort and Gosport Navy Yard was burning. The rebels Are engaged in erecting Bat Merics in the rear of fort Monroe with a Large Force everybody that could work negroes and White men having been pressed into the service. Northerners were leaving. The commanding officer of the fort was confident that he can stand against any Force the rebels can collect a the fort having recently been reinforced. Gen. Beauregard waa at Richmond and the talk was that there was a urge la Ody of men there. One of the dry Dooks at Gosport was blown up. Arriving at Baltimore our informant took a roundabout Way Aud struck the Philadelphia Road at Smyrna about Twenty Miles below Wilmington. Sherman a Battery horses guns and men were at this place. There was a train of fifty or sixty cars containing soldiers All armed. To re were several Large seige gun on platform cars and they were All bound for Baltimore. This our informant ascertained froth the officers themselves. There was a Large number of mechanics along to erect Bridges. The expedition would go As far As possible by train and the talk was that they were to make a March of some distance probably from Havre de Grace to Baltimore 38 Milost so hey freely expressed their deter Minnion to go through and were prepared for the undertaking. At Philadelphia yesterday there were several thousand soldiers Alpo would leave by the same route and for the same destination. We learn from the Philadelphia papers of yesterday that Sherman a Battery arrived in that City from Harrisburg a la Day evening which fully confirms Tiff above although nothing is known of the above important movement at Gen. Wools Headquarters. Speaking of the arrival of this celebrated Battery the Philadelphia Gazette says a the troops Are As i ugly As Are anywhere to be found. They Are now attired in a fatigue dress of dark Blue flannel. The Battery is a formidable affair. Seventeen Large freight cars were filled by the hta Rees alone while ten trucks 1 were tiled with Cannon Halls and Many More cars with the men composing the com Penny. One of the men is accompanied by a huge White Bull dog with a head like that of an exaggerated cat fib the under Jav projecting beyond the upper one about an inulin. The brute is said to be As Savage As a Tiger and Able to bring the heaviest Man t the ground by a Spring at his a. A later i Tom Pensacola. An Alabama Man on Santa Rosa a. S. Flying artillery landed. of the Mobile advertiser Pensacola thursday eve a april 18. I have been on a Reggler War spree for the last Twenty four Bours tat id you must excuse my number of paragraphs. I have been enjoying the War or rather War alarms since morning. The transport Steamer that arrived on tuesday evening acted very strangely yes Day morning and myself and two others or. Woolsey and Little Sam. In inner resolved to visit the Island and sift the matter. At Sundown we succeeded in getting a boat intending to Camp on Santa Rosa but after reaching the Island concluded to Cross the sound and pass the night at the a a a. B. Lire Oak Plantation a which has for a Long time been in charge of or. Grifis Iii. We did so and at 7 of clock this morning we landed of the Island a mile and a half East of where the frigate Sabine Brooklyn Wyandotte and the transport Steamer Lay of the Gulf Shore. V a new made track of men and horses were seen at every we crossed Over rather cautiously and the first object of note was a ships launch lying of the Beach containing the wearing a Naret of soldiers and sailors and some machinery Fri raising heavy bodies probably Cannon. The next object and by or the most interesting was the direct approach of eight Small boats for the Shore w Hile two others Jere beating about and All loaded to their Utmos capacity v Ith soldiers sailors and marines. Six of them landed within a Quarter or mile from w Here we stood. Curiosity was now at Ita very height and we resolved to see what was intended the Landing being effected. Expecting every moment to come on a sol a fart Sentinel or in View of their Camp and Field Battery imagine on Surprise at seeing several Hundred of our sex uncles hessians of making towards us at a 2 40 lick through the Sand with shining guns on their shoulders and dirty looking Caps in their Heads. Things just now began to look rather bilious to your a own correspondent and his fellow con federate braves is Emmer a Handcuffs and Soldier kicks were anything but agreeable to think of and we a played Santa Annas on a Small scale and reached our boat the a firefly in Good condition but rather soon her Little sail was spread to a generous Breeze and its doubtful who the laugh was on we or the United states. After we quit ted the Shore the soldiers spread out on the Hills no doubt expecting to bag somebody before the Hunt Deled. No gun was fired by either Side not on our part for the reason we had none not even a what course they would have pursued had they taken us i know not but certain it is we were spies and on our own Hook. My neck had a nervous fee1i�g. I accompanied a Friend to Gen. Braggs quarters Thi evening he is in Fine health an spirits. I will say something of what i saw inside the lines in my next. We can see a Battery of flying artillery of the Island just landed. While on the Island this morning we saw four Hundred men landed judging from the capacity of the boats. Washington a a Aid and comforts for the army. The army is to be supplied with five Hundred pounds of Cooke fat info daily As a contribution from thee proprietors of the Croton and metropolitan Fluur Milis of this City Hecker k brother Farina and apparatus for that purpose were shipped in the James a Deer on tuesday under the superintendence of Francis c. Treadwell or with Gorge w. Oliver and Edward Waterman a3 engineers. A Loco Mot the Loiler with connections for twelve boilers each capable of boiling a half barrel of Farina at once constitute tha cooking arrangement and will furnish a Verj agreeable de Ert to Many a Noonday mess. Fifty five thousand Pound v. Ere forwarded yesterday a the first n. Ilett lds 25 see it stated that the Banka of Lynchburg in Thi state have resolved to give i Tome forty thousand Dollar to the secession Caus. It i to he hoped for the Sake of a a cesioni8t, that the Lynchburg Banka will not give it in their own Money. Nobody i Here will touch you cannot pay a debt or my a at work j buy a piece of Calico with Eastern Virginia a s1xt6 or busily work-1 Monty a we Weug intelligencer Good new from Kentucky. We learn that or. Crittendon spoke at Lancaster Kentucky a few Days since to a very Large and enthusiastic crowd. The Union feeling is Strong and growing. We have favourable news from Garrard Lincoln and Casey counties As Well As Rockcastle v Laurel Whitley Knox Clay and _ Owsley. Or. Crittenden s speech Stanford also was a powerful and excellent Effort. The Hon. Joshua f. Bell used up a. G. Lal. Hot of course at Liberty in Casey cd unto. The Ball is rolling of rapidly a Louis Llla Democrat. If gov. Magoffin or any officer civil of a military in Kentucky considers himself absolved from the Obliga Fotti of Fri oath to support the Constitution of the United state let Bun state Deli notify at what exact time he think he was absolved and who or what it was that absolved him. This matter ought to be imderstood.--loui3nle to Unmil
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