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Cincinnati Daily Commercial (Newspaper) - April 22, 1861, Cincinnati, OhioSpecial notices. Cincinnati Hamilton Dayton r. It. Co. e Ornen , april �?~�2d, 1861. Camp iia itk180n. To. In Tel Ive it Cincinnati for Camp Ilar �?�9 6 08 and amp Quot a a 1 1 2 we Newto comp Jirounde at 6 96.7 14 and 9 42 a., and i n. 9 3atid 8.92 i. D Clarkn sup us mkt k it y a a l l l sons Hgt Imp it Iem s in i etaul is the Wesleyan Oei a Sci it. Will attend t it their remain a As the Timi Pirr it the web inst a Apa it tie John 8. Baldwin Seaton. O in t x Etta a 8 1 it k to 8 u a t 8 our a Prius 8ij Ltd a silk i a t 8 a highly cd in ended for their Beauty and excellent Quality. We invite gentlemen to cull and look at i cum .0. B. Cabin co., ap6-tf� no 95 West third Street. Daily commercial. Paint i aka rum Liana it in. D. Potter it co., commercial budding North East Corner race and fourth Street. Monday a Phil 2ft, 1861. In Kentucky to Morrow unfurls Tolfe Banner resistance i never will Kkt it under that Banner. I owe a Paramount allegiance to the whole Unfong a sub fun donate one to my own a Henrj Clay in the Senlac 1850. Few. Particular the Baltimore riots re cd i it d by Neil will he found elsewhere. Military movements in the East. The dispatches received last night contain nothing direct from Washington. The presumption is that the wires have beef destroy cd in Maryland to prevent the government from using them for the transmission orders. A Pennsylvania general Aird senator a five arrived at Harrisburg who left Washington saturday morning. As they make no report any demonstration against the cd in we suppose All was Safe at that time Likie new York seventh regiment and a Massachusetts regiment have been heard from at Annapolis. If the Railroad was Good Loroni that Point to Wash Ingfong they used it otherwise they made a forced March. There is no question whatever obstacles May have been in their Way Bat they reached Washington last night. It was thought in new York last night that Washington was Sale. Fort Monroe the great fortress Virginia at the Jun Tiola James River and the Chesapeake Luis received a regiment Massachusetts troops and May be considered perfectly secure. Several thousand troops regulars and volunteers including the Ohio boys were at Harrisburg yesterday and were under orders for Washington with the purpose marching through Maryland. It is reported that the Baltim oreans have had the impudence to talk about the surrender fort Mchenry. The commanding officer told them he would hold the fort an4 if attacked Quot would fire upon the City which is within easy reach its guns. It is Well armed and provisioned and strongly garrisoned it is the fort which so gallantly resisted the British in the last War when Kkt saw the Star spangled Banner a by the rocket s red the secessionists May desire a a our Flag is still there end is Likely to remain there. The Story the soldiers escaped from Harrisburg the presence seven thousand Virginia troops at Harper s Kerry an d the amp to five thousand More Are expected,1 is hardly if such masses troops Are concentrated the Baltimore and Ohio Road they air not about to attack Pennsylvania but purpose to go toward Baltimore Aud take Washington in the rear. They May have thought the Best plan to Cros the Potomac was to do it at Harper s ferry. Once the Baltimore and Ohio Road they would be entirely competent to Cut off Railroad and telegraphic communications Between Washington and the North. They might however soon find their situation Between the advancing massed volunteers from the North and the Federal Jorres at Washington an untenable one. Instead catching Washington let Cen two fires they might themselves be placed in that predicament., but if there should let a seven to Tousand virginians thrown Between Baltimore and Washington and if a bombardment the latter City should be commenced from the Virginia Bills South the Potomac the situation w Ould be decidedly uncomfortable. In the present state affairs in Maryland the volunteers who Are passing through should be marched in masses capable giving a Good account All secessionists they May meet whether they Are Marylander virginians. If it has been the game Davis to throw the main body lis troops upon the line the Baltimore and Ohio Road the first severe fighting May not be far from the classic soil Bladensburg. What constitutes treason a great Many people Are sensitive about the application Lye terms a treason Quot and a a traitors to the persons North South who Are aiding the cause the Confederate states As against the United states government. We Are not in favor an Indis Fimi a Nate unjust application terms odium for which we do not conceive that popular excitement none furnishes any ecu3e. But let any one Institute a fair and candid examination the Law treason and be will hardly be misguided in his conclusion As to who Are pro it Erly amenable to the charge. The Constitution the United states provides Art. Iii Sec. 3 that a treason against a the United states shall consist Only in Levy ing War against them in adhering to their enemies giving them Aid and it also provides Liat Congress shall have Power to declare the punishment treason. In pursuance this provision Congress Quot the 3orh april 1790, passed a Law w hich a the following is the first Section a Abc it enacted that if any person persons Itig allegiance to the United states . America shall Levy War against them shall adhere to their enemies giving them Aid and Row fort within the United states elsewhere and shall by thereof convicted the testimony to witnesses to the same overt t f the treason whereof he they shall stand indicted such person persons shall be adjudged guilty treason against the United states and shall suffer a under this definition the crime treason it is Plain enough that All who come within either the following classes Are traitors against the United states 1. All who Are found fighting against a United states Force firing into a United states Flag attempting forcibly to take posses United states property. 2. All who join actively the Side the enemies the government the United states aiding them by their information counsels. 3. A who furnish the enemies the gov eminent in arms against it with weapons ammunition provisions stores whatever kind. 4. A Large portion those whose judgment in jurisprudence is entitled to respect hold that All who adhere to the Public enemies the United states in the sense advocating their cause by speech by the press Are within the Purview the statute defining Ami punishing treason. The courts the United states have cognizance offences under the above Law. It is the Plain duty judge Slavitt to instruct the grand jury his court As to the purport extent Aud application the Law treason a and it is equally the duty the United Stales District attorney to prosecute All violators the Law who May come with a in his cognizance. / in a time Public peril like this when a powerful and determined enemy a in arms against the government the United states within its own territory this duty cannot be too soon too rigidly. More american blood hated by traitors. It is said that the Only blood shed at fort Sumter was that four five maj. An-drrsok�?~9 a Fin who were wounded at their guns. Three at least the Massachusetts volunteers in the service the United states have since been killed by a mob at Baltimore. It is now record that two the United states soldiers who Ware attached to the Garrison at harpers ferry were pursued and filled by virginians aimed for the purpose seizing upon the Arsenal. This was the in both cases the enemies the United states. The american citizens Llain were in the discharge their lawful duties As the sworn defenders the a United states. Their blood is upon the Heads the leaders the secession usurpation who have inaugurated War against our common government. It will be amply and Sig Pally avenged. What Jeff. Pavla and his army. A great Many Good people do not understand Bow it can be that Washington is in very great danger and possibly in possess the Econos the Genera government when general Scott is there with an array and the i Sponic the North to the Call for so vigorous and its resources so great. We will Endeavor to make the fact danger Clear. The bombardment fort Sumter commenced Friday week. Monday morning the country Learned the evacuation the fort and read the proclamation the president uie United states. When a Kph. Dams read that proclamation he had nearly Twenty thousand troops concentrated it Charleston and Pensacola and some thousands Moro ready to move at Call. The Richmond enquirer the saturday previous had published at the head its leading column a Call for volunteers to follow a president Davis to Washington. Let us suppose that Davis telegraphed at once to Beauregard and Kaoo his Gener reals at Charleston and Pensacola to select two thousand men each take Possession All the running Stock the railroads and hurry northward As fast As possible. Then that Davis left for Richmond. He could very Well have reached that place wednesday night which would have been the night after the ordinance secession was adopted in the convention. We know it wa3 reported by Telegraph that Davis would go to Rich mond. We know that monday last Alexander h. Styc bins the Confederate vice president was at Atlanta ga., having been telegraphed by Davis to go at once to Montgomery. This indicates that Davis was about to place himself at the head Liis army and wanted his vice president to take care matters at Montgomery in his absence. Tows is As far As the Telegraph has reported. It has been ominously silent. There were several Days during which we did not know that Virginia had seceded by the unauthorized Art her convention. We Only heard it through dispatches describing the firing salutes Over the event in the Gulf shit Eft. F a Twenty four hours after Davis might have reached Richmond his troops in the numbers we have mentioned could have been in Virginia. Another thousand two might have followed from Alabama and Georgia and they would have been reinforced in North Carolina. In Eastern Virginia the idea taking Washington has Long been a favorite one and a the secessionists had orders to have their Knapsacks packed since saturday last we suppose five thousand virginian troops were ready to follow Davis thursday morning. We know that Friday a detachment Virginia troops appeared at harpers ferry and have since taken Possession the Baltimore and Ohio Road. Sometime Friday we Are impressed the secret societies secessionists in Baltimore were telegraphed in Cypher to see that no More troops passed through that City and in spite the Union feeling there they have succeeded in blockading the railroads. We Are informed also that thursday morning All the empty cars at Alexandria were sent so eth. The appearance the Virginia troops at Harper s ferry and the riot in Baltimore were unquestionably pursuant to the general plan for attacking Washington. Certainly the Advance Northern volunteers was by those operations obstructed for the period forty eight hours at least that is from morning until this morning. Now what was to hinder Davis from planting a mortar Battery the Hills South the Potomac Friday night and bombarding Washington saturday what was to prevent him from having an army ten thousand men at Hast and crossing the Potomac above and below Washington City with sufficient Force to make a feint assault in one direction and a real attack in another the crossing the River would have let Een a troublesome but by no Means an impossible exploit. Greater things have Boen done by armies making desperate adventures than crossing the Potomac in the night. Wiat Force was at Washington to resist an attack Twenty four Hundred militia the District a considerable portion whom would prefer to fight the other Side while none them were Well drilled and. Staunch troops. Fifteen Hundred Massachusetts and Pennsylvania volunteers full fight. Near two a hons Send regulars including Fakir batteries Hying artillery. Three tour perhaps five Hundred clerks and visitors most whom would keep guard the Public buildings while others would fight in the ranks. Altogether less than seven thousand men under arms. The Federal troops were scattered from Georgetown Hight to fort washing ton prepared to repel an attack in either direction. The City would he hard to defend in consequence its great extent but the streets Are Broad and the plan the City such that troops could be moved in it with great facility. Flying artillery especially would have a Beautiful Chance to play and it constitutes the most formidable in the service. Then there arc several buildings that in the hands obstinate men could be held for some time. The Capitol for instance is quite a Citadel though not bomb proof by any Means. The Treasury building is great strength. So is the Patent office and the Post office. They could not be taken if held by Resolute men without artillery and would withstand anything but siege guns and mortars for some hours. The Chance for Davis to take the City was Between saturday morning and this morning. To lie missed that Chance he is beaten. New York Ohio and Pennsylvania troops will reach Washington to Day at latest by Way steamers Down the Chesapeake and a forced March from some Point near Annapolis. If Davis has not taken the town already he w ill never take it. If he has been fooling away his time in preliminaries his reputation As a military Man will be a collapsed Bubble. Borrowing Money to Kentucky the governor Kentucky wanted Money the other Day to the state proceeded to Louisville to borrow it the Banks. He oily wanted half a million. The conditions upon w hich the Bank Kentucky was willing to furnish her quota were expressed in the following preamble and Resolution adopted by the Board whereas it is represented by a committee behalf the governor Kentucky in the absence the legislature and to avoid the expense to the state a convention another called session the legislature and in View the obvious necessity arming the state for self defense and Protection to prevent aggression invasion from either the North the South and to protect the present status Kentucky in the Union therefore resolved considering the unarmed condition the state As now represented that the Bank Kentucky will agree to make a loan to the state the application governor b. Magoffin their proportion a sum to put the state in a position self defense not exceeding three per cent her capita Stock the Uther Banks Issue a the state loading their pro rata. The funds Only to be drawn and expended As the necessities the state May require. Virgil Mcknight president. The governor being anxious to be a secessionist was not willing to accede to these terms and threatened to Call an extra session the state legislature. It is reported that terms upon which the governor could get the Money were eventually agreed upon. Now if Kentucky can find arms for Sale she May herself. The demand is very great just now in the North and we presume that As Northern purchasers have the longest purses they will be the highest bidders. Roger a. Pryor was among the aids Gen. Brav Riqaud who visited fort Sumter before the terms evacuation had been agreed upon. Roger fat seeing something resembling a Nice cocktail a table in the Lort took it Spand swallowed it at a Gulph. In an instant his face whitened and the surgeon the fort made the awful announcement a sir you have drank Quot Oison. That was the iodide potassium you Are a dead Roger begged for something that would puke him and he was puked and vomited and his valuable life saved. We gather these facts from the new York press which obtained them from the Sumter boys. The Charleston papers did not contain the facts. J _ the authorities Indiana As Well As the troops that state May be particularly congratulated the selection col. T. A. Morris As Quarter master general. In addition to very Superior qualifications As a Soldier he possesses the unlimited Confidence his fellow citizens As a Man integrity and Honor. It is almost a pity that his military Genius cannot be made More useful than it will Boia the a i depot taunt. Do edit part is a the old in my Nam. If it had been in the Early Days it f our Republic the a riot. Virginians who bore so Large a part in laying its foundation4, that the old and honoured a Mother presid Nta and Commonwealth patriots would fall so Low As to join in the destruction that Republic they would never have he lived it and yet this monstrous and incredible Yent has Cometo Paas. On wednesday the a the instant after a two Davs secret session a Virginia Convent Iori Compo 152 members up ords one Hund red whom it Ere elected As the pledged adversaries disunion and All whom were instructed by an overwhelming majority Virginia citizens to do no without submitting it to the people falsified these pledges and violated these instructions by pissing in secret conclave an ordinance secession. This deed so darkly done was kept with equal secrecy from the knowledge the w Hole country save Only the leaders revolt and treason at Montgomery. The conductors the Telegraph were compelled sub orned to suppress All news this movement from reaching Washington the Northern states the Loyal sections Virginia. On the instant gov. Letcher issued military orders for the secret banding Virginia troops to take Possession by forced marches a United states Arsenal other orders to seize a United states Navy Yard and All vessels and munitions War belonging to it and still other orders to seize and appropriate a u. S. Custom House and its revenues in the City Wheeling. All these darkly secret and traitorous designs have been happily frustrated. The capture harpers ferry Arsenal was forestalled by the military vigor and Fidelity the officer in charge who fired the building and consumed the munitions sooner than let them fall into the hands the enemies his country. The seizure the Gosport Navy Yard was prevented by the coolness promptitude and Brave decision col. Prendegast w to declared he would Lay Norfolk in ashes the one Side and Portsmouth the other if the obstructions designed to Aid in the seizure the Navy Yard were not removed. The seizure the Wheeling custom House was prevented by a determined Union population fortunately in the ascendant in that City. ,. These schemes thus foiled at the Start were however Only a part the secession programme contrived in the dark at Richmond doubtless in full concert with . Jurf Ethson Davis Aud designed to end in the capture Washington and the flight imprisonment All the officers the lawful government the United states. What other villainous plots were hatched in that Midnight conclave usurpers time Alobe will reveal. A part them have been successfully executed among which we May number the burning nearly All the Bridges connecting both Washington and Baltimore with the North and the cutting the Telegraph wires North Aud West Washington and through Virginia. Thus foully has the old Dominion been betrayed by her Recreant sons who not Content with falsifying All their obligations to the people the state have plunged at one leap into the Gulf armed rebellion treason and War against the common government the country. They have raised their parricide a hands against that Noble free Republic founded by their fathers and whose Beneficent Power has contributed so much to their Prosperity and Security. They have proved false to All the obligations Honor and patriotism. False to their constituents false to their oaths office traitors to their country and outlaws to its government. They have stained the once fair Escutcheon the old Dominion with the crimes rapine and Public robbery. They have introduced into the heart the Republic the Princi files burglars and the practices bandits. They have league themselves with traitors to paralyse the the government while the cutthroats led by Jeff. A via a co were aiming at its vitals. But there is an avenging Nemesis in the affairs men whose fatal Justice cannot be outwitted escaped. These desperate and unprincipled usurpers May succeed for a time in carrying it with a High hand. They May succeed by playing upon the sectional alarms the people in keeping the masses Virginia from repudiating the damning treason which they have been Guiry. They May succeed in dragging Dragoo Ning the Loyal citizens the state into a quasi endorsement their deeds. But there is in Reserve for them a punishment which in the first flush their usurped Power they Little dream. They Are striking not Only at the rights Aud liberties the people Virginia but they Are striking at the life the whole american Republic. Let them continue in this piratical and insane raid upon the National property and the National defences let them March their victorious cohorts from the Cor quest Railroad Bridges and telegraphic wires to the Conquest the National capital let them sit Down before it and attempt to carry it by siege and storm let them join bands with the Palmetto legions yet drunk with the inglorious Victory Over a starving and smoke be Grimes Garrison eighty men let them even make a pri7.c the Federal City Andhiv deits Booty among their rapacious generals and then when they find the outraged and awakened people thundering at their Gates when therm myriads new York and Pennsylvania and new England and Ohio and Indiana and Illinois and the great North West Are poured Down upon them in overwhelming Power they will begin to realize that they who conspire against the life the Republic most die As the fool Dieth. A to Jirair Wood it Sill Wash out their foul the doom All traitors and Public enemies will be theirs. They who have sown the wind at Richmond will reap the whirlwind at Washington. But there is a sadder picture Len Reserve for the betrayed people the. Old Dominion. By the these usurpers who must shortly pay the great finally their crimes they have been dragged to the precipice ruin As a state. Already within the last few Days the state stocks Virginia paying a regular interest six per cent have fallen from nearly Par to thirty seven cents the Dollar. With a existing Public debt Over forty six millions dollars with the disgraceful stigma secession now forced upon them with the acts violence outrage and pillage for which their existing authorities Are directly responsible with the fatal effects this Dis organizing Law breaking and treasonable course upon the state both at Home and abroad the once proud name the old Dominion seems destined to be linked with an opprobrium fatal to her future Prosperity As a state. So5 Long As the american Republic endures in whose inception she bore so Brilliant a part the sons Virginia will Bever cease to lament that darkest Page in her history which the events the past week have indelibly recorded. Reported flesh ten at and Slaughter Worthem troops saturday a gentleman direct from Memphis by Railroad passed through the City in Rowe for new York. He left Memphis Friday and says he saw a private dispatch there Sta time hat thursday Lieut. Slim mar fort Pickens had ordered the Confederate troops to Stop throwing up batteries with which to bombard him. They declined obedience and he opened fire upon them and in the Cour e the first Days firing three Hundred them were killed. The dispatch was not permitted to be pub Lisiada in Memphis. It will be remembered that we have not had a word by Telegraph from fort pit kens for some time while it is known that fort Pickens has been reinforced arid its commander directed to cause the building Sand batteries to cease. The chances Are that there ha3 been and perhaps still is a desperate struggle Between Pickens and the hostile forts and batteries. The fact that we hear nothing it from the South certainly does not indicate Southern Success. The Law under which the Home guards May be properly organized. The Only existing Law for the proper enrolment and organization the Home guard is contained in the following sections the military Bill Section 2. That besides the Active militia there May be organized from the militia the s ate enrolled under the last any future enrolment a militia the Reserve As follows Viz whenever forty More members the enrolled militia shall Forward to the adjutant general their enlistment Roll similar in general features to that for the organization the Active militia except it May be for a period not less than one year he shall make record the same and cause the big Gaoler general the brigade wherein said enrolled militia Are citizens an election for officers said companies and said election shall take place As provided for election for officers the Active militia except the said company May elect their own judges and clerk election and immediately upon said election and its returns to the adjutant general commissions shall Issue to he officers elect a the militia the Reserve and whenever the Public service requires a Tiger Force than he Active militia said militia the to Erve shall be the por Tion the enrolled militia into such service. Sec. 3. When called into service said Mil Iii the Reserve shall be attached to Surh battalions regiments As the commander to chief shall direct and upon being so attached and uniformed shall he commissioned As Active militia and they shall rank As such therefrom j provided that among different companies said militia the Reserve so called Inte service their relative rank shall be determined by the Date their first in 1 is Linen t. Sec. 4. That the Transfer companies into the Active militia shall be by order the commander in chief to the brigadier general a Given brigade directing what companies within his brigade limits shall be so transferred whereupon said companies shall become parts Given regiments battalions the same As if originally enlisted As Active militia. Sec. 5. The officers said militia the Reserve and the Active militia hereafter commissioned shall consist the following Viz for infantry and cavalry one Captain and two lieutenants and for artillery one Captain and one lieutenant. The troops who were assaulted in Baltimore the Massachusetts men. The following from the new York world Friday will inform our readers who the men were who were assaulted by ruffians in the streets Baltimore arrival the Massachusett troops. The Massachusetts troops arrived in this City yesterday at 7 30 a. M., numbering ele Veu companies and mustering nearly a thou Sai d men. A detachment the officers arrived an Early train. There is but one company from others being from Lynn Acton Groton Worcester Lowell and other suburban localities. This regiment under the command . Edward f. Jones Pepperell mass., his shown a most wonderful promptness in responding to the proclamation president Lincoln. The members the sixth regiment Are residents Essex and Middlesex counties and scattered Over a circuit Miles with their head quarters at. Lowell nevertheless within the Brief period eighteen hours after receiving orders from got. Andrews col. Jones Hud his entire regiment their line March to Boston. Tolfe regimental staff col. Jones consists the following got Tlemcen Viz major b. F. Watson Lawrence adjutant a. B. Farr quartermaster James Monroe Cambridge paymaster it. L. Painted Lowell surgeon. Smith Groton surgeon s mate j. T. Paine Charlestown chaplain Rev. Chas. Babbidge Pepperell. Tier men. Company a Lowell National Greys capt. Josi amp a a. Sawtell company a Groi ton formerly Groton artillery capt. E. S. Clark company a Lowell Mechanic Phalanx Capi Albert s. Follansbee company a Lowell City guards capt. Jas. By. Lilart company a Acton Davis guard capt. Daniel tut Ltd company f. Of Lawrence Warren Light guard capt. B. company a Lowell Watson Light guard capt. Jonathan Ladd company i Lawrence Lawrence Light infantry capt. John Pickering. The Lowell brigade band accompanies the regiment. The Charleston Mercury says that previous to leaving fort Sumter major Anderson carefully pointed out the location the mines which he had Laid to defend his Post. Correction. The Telegraph exaggerated the facts pertaining to contracts made at Columbus with Cincinnati business houses for the manufacture uniforms. Mace k bro., and a shh amp bbo., each received orders to manufacture one thousand uniforms. The Telegraph magnified the contract to ten thousand. The whole number ordered was 8,000, which 2,000 Are to be manufactured Here and the remainder at Dayton Columbus Zanesville and Cleveland. It would have been cheaper to have contracted for All tha Are necessary for troops at Camp Harrison in this City. When Mohrey Marshall heard that the people Cincinnati were preparing for War he declared he would be most Happy to Lead ten thousand men non Cincinnati and destroy it. Come Humphrey. We will ram you Down one our ten Inch column bids great As is your Girth and fire you across the River. The Home guards. The powerful organization citizens known As the a Home guard is hourly growing in numbers and efficiency. It is about four thousand Strong is being rapidly disciplined and will be immediately subordinated to the civil authority subject to the Call the mayor for the defence the City and the maintenance Law and order. The general Assembly will not adjourn sine die tuesday next. On saturday the Senate met in the morning and immediately took a recess till 2 clock p. At this hour there was no quorum and the Senate adjourned until to Day. The House adjourned saturday morning until monday local matters. Drill rooms Good size and convenience Are to lie had . Geo. Lewis 155 West 4th st., next door West Vine Street. Flag Flag Twenty five feet Long will be hoisted Over the commercial Hospital to Day. Commercial the week ending the 20th, 48 were admitted to the commercial Hospital 44 discharged Aud 3 died Viz Alsaad Crofott aug. Kavanaugh ind Alex. Berry. There were 2<>4 remaining including �?~28 in the Small pox Ward. The Flag the Union the Cathedral. On saturday afternoon a Rich silk Flag was hoisted the Cathedral and saluted with thirty four guns. The great Flag which is to be hoisted from the spire is not quite ready but will be run up tuesday. Catron Tennessee associate judge the supreme court the United states with his family and the Hon. W. H. Hooper and family Utah arrived in this City yesterday and took rooms at the Spencer House. I a magnificent supper was tendered to Isaac Iles Berg and Sam. Landauer last night by the Allemania society which they Are both members they having volunteered in the 3d company the first German regiment Cincinnati. J6tthe news relative to the contemplated attack the United states volunteers the Steamer Bostons at Maysville which proved incorrect originated with a passenger the Steamer Marmora. Capt. Brennan and other officers the Marmora contradict the statement. In a the exhibition the Young menus gymnastic association which was to have taken place at pikes opera House has been indefinitely postponed. All those persons who were furnished with tickets to sell will please refund the Money and return the tickets to messes. Healy Rogers Carey at the gymnasium. To for Camp reference to our advertising columns it will be seen that excursion trains for Gamp Harrison will Here after ply from the City to Camp Harrison for the accommodation the Public. There will be five daily trains. See advertisement for time starting. The following gentlemen who were appointed a committee finance at the meeting held in the Catholic Institute saturday evening the 20th inst., Are Rennes de to meet in the Hall the Institute Mon Day evening the 22d, at 8o�?Tclock John Slevin we. S. Clark Daniel Carney f. Lyons Rev. Edward Purcell. Sixteenth Ward artillery at a meeting the sixteenth Ward artillery company saturday evening 20th inst. Or. Joseph r. Brownw amps chosen Captain Fred Wood first lieutenant r. A. Edwards second lieutenant. Committees were appointed uniform ordnance finance and Drill master. The boys Are animated with the right spirit and Are determined to prepare themselves for Active service. The spirit 76.�?a lady in this City whose two sons had enlisted and left was waited upon by a Friend to console her. A i want no sympathy a she replied a i Only regret that these pointing to others her children Are Mot old enough to this is but one the innumerable instances we hear daily the lofty patriotism those women who Are the worthy descendants the Noble mothers the revolution. Patriotism among the r Railroad 11 clock saturday Forenoon tha employees the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad cqmp8ny, under command d. B. Chapman hoisted the american Flag Over the in Trojie Home in s orrs township with three rousing cheers fyr the Union forever. A the girl i left behind <1ny night last capt Bailey s company port Mouth volunteers were quartered in the. Is Nae chamber at Columbus. Iwasa hat by place to write Aud the lads availed themselves the privilege. The next morning the postmaster the Senate Mai de for the company 200 letters nine tenths which were directed to a miss a ac., a. Sorry for the Sweet hearts my lads but you Are marching to glory. Figy sergeant Whitney . The zouave second Vilegi artent Ohio volunteers left Cincinnati Friday night Post haste hoping to overtake hts company before it moved from Harrisburg. Or. Whitney was at Paducah ky., attending to some business for Rickey a Carroll when his company received March no orders and he returned in double Quick time to join them but was one Day too late. We have information which leads is to believe that the Ohio regiment will be marching toward Washington to Day. As an evidence the spirit actuating the ladies in the present crisis we have heard an interesting incident in the experience the fifth Ward finance committee. A widow lady was called by the committee and was told their business As collectors for the fifth Ward organization. Expressing an eager desire to assist them she asked what would be suitable and learning promptly said that she would contribute $10. On milking her reappearance she was found to have increased the amount to $15, and urged that the committee should consider her a willing contributor in Case More should be wanted although her Means were quite limited. Union meeting the citizens Columbia in Spencer township to a Call the citizens Columbia met in the new Hall saturday evening and organized by electing col. G. W. Itolmc4, president major Gest . O. W. Nixon prof. P. Gaddis Robert Creighton vice presidents and we. Thai 1, Secretary. Col Geo. W. Holmes made a thrilling patriotic address declaring himself for the Union As it is and that while he had Many friends Southern soil yet he owed them a subordinate relationship when the Tater his country was threatened. He was followed by i Rof. Gaddis in one his telling Union speeches. Or. O. W. Nixon and several others made Strong Union speeches All which was received with Earnest enthusiasm by the Large crowd. One Hundred and three men curo led themselves under the Columbia Home guard. The usual committees were appointed and the meeting then adjourned with three cheers for the Union to meet again to Day for permanent organization. The Union the cities West Covington meeting was held Friday evening at the town Hall in West Covington and was organized by calling . Henry Hathaway to the chair and John w. Clark was appointed Secretary. A committee was appointed and funds contributed to Purchase and raise an american Flag measures were taken to organize a Home Girard and a committee was appointed to Confer with similar organizations in Covington Newport Cincinnati and Ludlow. Judge Maltas was instructed to make efforts to procure arms from the state for the Home guards. The resolutions a meeting held in Covington the 18th, and published in the commercial Friday were endorsed. On motion judge Maltas was requested to hand the minutes the meeting to the Cincinnati papers and request their publication. Much Union enthusiasm was manifested. The meeting adjourned until saturday evening. Mass meeting Irish americans Catholic Institute Viall crowded an Irish regiment to be Call for a mass meeting Irish american citizens at Catholic Institute Hall saturday evening was responded to by an immense gathering. The appearance the stage the venerable Patrick Considine the oldest Irish resident in the City was the a Igual for vociferous cheering. He had come out from his Home in the Hills to attend a night meeting for the first time in years. Some remarks were made by col. P. Mcgroarty after which . Stephen Bonner was called to the chair. He did not doubt that not Only one but three four Irish regiments could be raised in Cincinnati to defend the Flag and keep step to the music the Union. The government will soon know that we Are not backward in answering its Call and that we will not prove Recreant to the oath taken by us in receiving our naturalization papers. The meeting wa3 fully organized by the election the following officers and committees vice presidents colonel r. Moore Patrick Considine a. Lamb John Ferguson. O Brien and John y. Armstrong. Secretaries we. B. Barry Captain j. O Dowd . Frank Cahill and Pearce Gorman. A it finance. Committee Rev. Or. Purcell treasurer p. Cody John j. Slevin William l. Clark d. Carney and f. Lyons. On resolutions colonel p. Mcgroarty . J. J. Quinn Charles Rule a. P. Ward j. Reynolds and. 0 Brien. Speeches were made by Andy p. Ward . Beck col. Sulliv Arf Chas. Rule s. Mcgroarty and . Cahill. All breathed a spirit patriotism and Devotion to the country that fired All hearts and could not have been surpassed had the Call been to defend the Flag their native Green Isle the Ocean. The committee resolutions reported the following which were unanimously adopted whereas the Irish american citizens Hamilton county recognizing As they have always done their obligation to support the Constitution against any foe pledge their lives their their sacred honors to maintain it to the last. Resolved. That we will support the lawful Power the United states against an inter no a foe a we would have done against the had it come against us resolved that we will raise a regiment for the support the government. Resolved that we pledge ourselves to Aid and assist the families All who shall be mustered into service in the Irish regiment Cincinnati during their absence. During the speaking the books were opened and men rushed Forward and put Down their names As fast As the secretaries could take them. As name after name was announced the cheering that went up was tremendous. We have Seldom seen so thrilling a the irishmen Cincinnati will vindicate their bravery the Field if need be their title to tank with the bravest and the Best the nation. Night balloon ascension by prof. Lowe. A we had space in our saturday edition barely to allude to the Aerial flight the famous prof. Lowe. Or. Lowe desiring to make a purely experimental trip previous to his Long contemplated trans Atlantic voyage conducted All the preliminaries with great secrecy and despatch. His balloon made the Best silk has a capacity Over 30,000 cubic feet and was in All respects the Best made and staunchest air ship we Hare Ever seen. The work was conducted in the West end the commercial Hospital lot a High Fence protecting him in his operations from Public notice. This Freedom from the annoyance curious visitors enabled him to bring everything to readiness for starting Friday. About 11 clock that evening the was turned in rather slowly. The Bright Light the Moon shining from a cloudless sky enabled him and those he had employed to As Sist him to work without let hindrance. The process inflation was nearly completed by 2 clock saturday morning. The car a a Large Willow baskets secured to the Hooks blankets provisions meteorological and other instruments arranged for convenient observation and the allotment ballast required dropped in. No night could have been More favourable to the purpose almost a dead Calm so Little air astir that the huge monster swayed neither to the right nor the left but remained quiet till the signal was Given and it Rose slowly and stately Clearing the fences and House tops and fading out in the night air looking like a thin Cloud and then As a faint Nebula its course Only to be traced by the stars whose Light it intercepted its course for a minute two was Northwest thence it veered to the North and As it Rose to the great upper current it took an eastward direction which course it was pursuing when last observed. It was one the most successful ascension we have Ever seen without a single Hin Drance delay and under the most favourable circumstances. What the desc at May Fate been we have yet to learn. Home guard. First company b. First Ward Home , Samuel p. Garrett luf lieutenant b. W. Oliver 2nd do., w. Nelson Blythe Ensign we. Ii. Armstrong 1st sergeant j. C. Orange 2nd do., l. B. Robb 3d do., h. 0. Mathews 4th do., j. N. Clark 1st Corporal j. Sewage to 2tid do., John r. Lewis 3d do r. Flame 4th do l. Block. Second Companio s organized saturday at Greenwood Hall and Electo 1 the following i company a a. Trowbridge Captain j. R Morton 1st lieutenant f. Latta 2nd do. Company b Al. Shloss. Captain g. Shrott 1st lieutenant n. I. Menkin 2nd do. Company cd a. S. Reukin. Captain a. S. Curr 1st lieutenant a. W. Henry 2ml do. At a meeting the Independent Home guard co. A., the sixth Ward held sunday april 21st, the following permanent officers were elected Captain p. J. Murray 1st lieutenant e. W. Wheelock 2d do a. H. Ogden 3d do g. L. Johnston orderly sergeant Lewis b. Getz 2d do., Lewis a. Martin 3d do j. B. Molloy 4th do Edwin j. Getz 1st Corporal John Mcdonald 2d do George Miller 3d do James f. Hannon 4th do John g. Gallagher Ensign h. Cunningham. Resolved that we Drill every evening until further notice commencing at 7 clock. John a. Cochran Sec a. Ninth meeting he at Union Hall Friday Crist von Seggern president. On motion it was resolved that a committee three be appointed to be styled a the Ward committee a to in concert Vith the Ward Delegate As general government for the 9th Ward Home guard. They shall establish a head quarters for the Ward assist in organizing companies receive companies already formed assign them their proper number in the organization and perform such duties As May pertain to the speedily placing our Ward in a state defence. The chairman appointed John j. Wright Anthony h. Cleiv Cynd r. F. Secor As Ward committee. The meeting then adjourned to the no. 7 engine House with the exception the 1st company Captain von Seggern who at once set to work drilling in Good Earnest. The meeting was called at the engine House and a second company immediately organized. The Ward committee have established their head quarters at the no. 7 engine House Webster Street. Companies will please report at once at. Head quarters. Tenth a meeting the citizens the tenth Ward at Stevens pork House saturday evening f. Oehlmann Ivas elected president and f. Grever Secretary. It was resolved in View the imminent danger now threatening country and the necessity every Man being prepared and ready to defend it we the undersigned pledge ourselves to each other for the Protection our Homes and country. Forty men signed their Nantes. Adjourned till monday evening at the a me place. Eleventh committee organization the a eleventh Ward Home guards Cincinnati a having seen the announcement in the Gazette this saturday morning the election the Rev. Banville Moody As tins Captain the Independent Garibald ians Xenia deem it their duty to say that having previously elected him As the a a armed chaplain a the regiment formed in said Ward the committee hold that his Post duty is at the present time clearly in the Home Force Cincinnati. Thi3 is al3o the opinion the Large society in our City which he is the beloved pastor. Cincinnati is an exposed Point and although we duly appreciate the High Honor conferred our chaplain we most respectfully decline his release under existing circumstances. F r. Hosea chairman committee. To messes. Cary Hunter and Ebright Xenia Ohio. Home guard thirteenth Ward . B. Thirteenth Ward Home guard will meet at no. 284 main Street monday evening for Drill. It is expected that every citizen the Ward Able for military duty will turn put and form at least four five companies. R a fourteenth two an it three Hundred names Are already enrolled in this Ward to which additions Are fade every evening. They will probably form a battalion three classes the Active the contingent and the Reserve. The Rev. Or. Moody the beloved and efficient pastor Morris Chapel is chaplain. He was introduced to the members last saturday evening by capt. Hosea and invoked the Blessing the almighty in a stirring and impressive prayer. Several ladies were present As spectators. The company have determined to build an armory Plum Street opposite the Cathedral a which will be raised this afternoon. Let All turn out and put it through the Swift line. At a meeting the third Ward Home guard held april 20th, Rufus King was nominated and elected permanent president and . Wayne permanent Secretary. On motion the Captain each company was appointed As vice presidents which motion was amended so As to allow the Captain each company to appoint any member his corps As vice president in his Stead. On motion a per Maxient finance committee was appointed composed the following gentlemen Americus Warden. W. Myers j. Hurst Peter Bertram c. Shultz p. Riley c. Campbell. On motion the officers the different companies with the finance committee form an executive committee Fob the general transaction business. On motion the meeting adjourned to meet at Cummings foundry tuesday evening at 7ko�?Tclock. E. S. Wayne Sec y. Company a third Ward Home guards officers not reported. Company by Captain Rufus King 1st lieutenant c. Eulencamp 2d lieutenant j. E. P. Cummings Ensign Anthony Haart Man. At a Large and enthusiastic meeting convened at the town Hall in Columbia saturday evening april 2flth, for the purpose organizing a Home guard for Spencer township motion. Col. George w. Holmes was appointed president Robert Creighton . . Nixon,.m. P. Gaddis Jeff. Sherlock and h. T. Guess vice presidents e. W. Thrall and ii. Cd Stewart secretaries. The object the meeting was stated by col. Holmes in a stirring Appeal to the citizens to prepare for coming events which were threatening the peace and safety our home3 and firesides. Spirited and patriotic addresses were delivered by messes. Gaddis . O. W. Nixon j. T. Redman r. Creighton John Everhard and mayor guess. On motion the following were appointed five finance six regulations and twelve As a rallying guard. The meeting was characterized throughout with the utmost Harmony and enthusiasm. There Are now enrolled in Spencer township three Hundred men Good and True. The proceedings the meeting were unanimously ordered to be published Quot in the Cincinnati meeting adjourned with three rousing cheers for the Ola stars and stripes to meet monday afternoon at 2 clock for further action. Geo. W. Holmes e. W. Thrall president. . Stewart j amp dec its Camp Washington Home to Call the citizens Camp Washington having organized a meeting Friday evening at their Public school House with h. W. Poor president and g. Pc Kerman Secretary enrolled eighty eight member for the a Home guard and proceeded at once to elect the Fol lowing officers h. W. Poor Captain Thos. L. Young 1st lieutenant John Vanpel 2d do. Fry Holder orderly sergeant we. Melcic Thos. Blong j. B. Conklin Chr. Row sergeants h. Beck Ensign h. W. Poor treasurer the. Palmer sen., Delegate. Messes. Palmer and Thos. L. Ypung addressed the meeting the latter is to Drill the company. Meeting adjourned till saturday night. Stores township Home meeting was held at the township Hall in Storrs township saturday night at which the following resolutions were adopted resolved that we form ourselves into companies As a Home guard pledging it yur fortunes and our lives for the fulfilment the Laws and Protection the Law abiding people. Resolved that we will at once proceed to organize into three More companies from the several school districts said companies to be placed under military Drill and to be ready for immediate service when called upon. Resolved that the arrangements contemplated in the foregoing resolutions and All arrangements necessary to Earry them into effect be placed under the charge a Central committee to be styled a committee Public safety and to consist the following persons Viz Thos. , Henry Ives and Peter Stryker. H. C. Lord chairman. The citizens the lower District will meat this monday evening at the school House in sed Amsire for Drill. Or. Chas. F. Sedam a graduate the Kentucky military Institute will be hand to Drill at All times. Second warders the meeting the executive committee the second Ward a Home guard a messes. F. Lat to a. Edwards and j. S. Menken were elected a committee three to collect Money to defray the expenses this wards organization. The committee will Call All who live in the Ward and Hope they will respond liberally to the �mt7se&ent5. Hooky k a Mir Taku Satvir. Thorn we a a Havey Eldoi to a Zenta Oft Lic a our Ibey could pro Lubly liar a drawn a Ood Hou Aesa port fun Trio time bad they concluded to st4�y Looper 1 at it would have been precarious to hat i no so. They perform in Dayton to if Jet. When to Invar i Over we Trust they will come once More a Vit h 8c us to Greet they will Long be Ren it inhere 88 the Best company All in Alt. That Ever visited Cincinnati. A peace and Pai. s minstrels Nina the Garden for one week commencing to in Quot it. They have increased their fore and now have a an Orr extra a any minstrel company in the West. Tie gentle mar we it get Hie name who plays fhe clarinet a certainly a wonderful performer. Hia solos Are Worth Intro than the Prico admission. The Coli. Pony is Well equipped in its vocal department. Mad. Louisa Payne Laura Clifford and a number by other Good cards Are still announced each evening. Pioneer dedication the lot in Spring a Grove. The dedication the lot the pioneers in Spring Grove cemetery took place Friday afternoon. About 150 the pioneers marched in procession to the Pioneer lot which is centrally located and commands a View bloody run. It contains 80,000 Square feet land the gift the trustees the cemetery to the Pioneer association. The proceedings were opened with prayer by Rev. S. J. Browne chaplain the association. R. Buchanan esq., behalf the trustees presented the deed saying . President the Pioneer association directed by the trustees the cemetery Spring Grove to present to you a deed for the lot which we now stand donated for the use and Benefit your association. In making this bequest the trustees conceive it to be but an simple Justice to the representatives the Gallant and Hardy pioneers who redeemed this Beautiful Valley from a Forest from Savage Hunting grounds to the useful pursuits agriculture and civilized life. And it is confidently expected that your worthy object in perpetuating the memory the Early settlers this county by a Monument erected for that purpose May meet with the Hearty approval and co operation their successors your fellow citizens the present Day. The response behalf the association a Irma de by Eden b. Reeder vice president he said that it was entirely unexpected to him to have to respond behalf the association and return thanks for the Noble gift. There were Many reminiscences interest called up by the scene before them. This ground had been selected by the prominent Pioneer who rests not Here but in that Valley for his Home. There were May pioneers who had met and fought the enemy there and whose bravery and untiring Industry bad brought that Beautiful Valley to the state cultivation in which it is. And it was fit that those who remain should rest upon this spot ground fit that i it should be thus dedicated in the present troublesome times As who knows How soon some their number called Agaj to to defend their country May fall and have to be Laid in this ground. He hoped in conclusion that a fitting Monument would be erected which should commemorate the deeds the pioneers in All time to come. Elder w. P. Stratton moved that the thanks the pioneers be returned to the trustees the cemetery As expressive their Heartfelt gratitude for the gift. Rev. David s. Burnett delivered an address. We live room but for one two the closing paragraphs. Alluding to the names memorable in his family and to others who have passed away he remarked with the last year some our notable men Hare gone to1 join this army. John Johnston the Friend the Indian and White Man our late president has gone full years and singular coincidence judge Jno. Mclean who dedicated this cemetery was carried past this spot hallowed to Pioneer memory but two Days before the time originally appointed for these ceremonies its dedication. These men were notable among the members this association As Well As honoured in Church and state. But it were invidious to attempt reference to the individuals Humble and celebrated who wielded the a Sabre who fired the Rifle moved to lofty deeds holy living the Public heart who we Ore the Buckskin were Clad in Ermine. I was first led to particularized thus in an apology for my part in this programme and then to pay a just tribute to the recent dead. A the lathers where Are they ? the prophets do they live forever a closely Allied to those who have passed away Are the few worthy mothers and patriarchs whose frosty locks vary the complexion the living mass before me. Your image sires and mothers blended with living memories just cited and with these fairy surroundings bring heaven and Earth together in one vision love and blis3. The feelings with which we regard you Are those tenderness and veneration. May the Balmy sleep infancy the genial a lays fruitful and Beautiful autumn and the Halo a Western Sunset Point a vision glory the gathering your Days surmounting the whole with the Rainbow eternal and Christian Hope. Then when roused by the alarm the last when this Marble City the dead shall be rifled its treasures and the hearing vault and crumbling mausoleum shall vouch the presence the resurrection and the life we shall meet again a when the saints All Ages in Harmony meet their Hajor Ond Brethren transported to Greet while the anthems rapture unceasingly Roll and the smile the lord is the feast the soul. The thanks the association were retained Rev. Or. Burnet for his address and a copy solicited for publication. Thanks were also voted to the Railroad company for their generosity in placing a special train at the service the association. the Catholic Institute meeting saturday evening a Large stun Money was subscribed the spot for the equipment o1�?T the Irish american regiment. One gentleman headed the lift with $5,000, and others followed in Liberal sums. A business notices. Folt Union i Rourks Union and Union Frame go to Cowan it 22 weat fifth to Reot. For Large go to want a 22 w fifth i Troeth every picture warranted to auit. All for the Union and to arc Cowans pc Ture a com and get one. Cowan gallery 22 w. Fifth Street 1� the Lar cat and cheapest gallery fifth. The Labost i Ohk Maui Borvd ran by had at Smith s bakery South East earner Steurt and Jolin. For Nick bonnets at half Price go to the original cheap mall leery store no is weat fifth Street near main. J a. Henderson. 9�? clothing removal. And repaired at 59 k. 3d to. Da2s-uf wedding and Vitting cab is. it Smith 22 weat fourth de it Gabhi Narle Woddi in it siting cards ac., at , 1� wit fourth Street. A nol3-tf the Hon. R. P. Buckland Fremont o., formerly the Ohio state Senate writes to a Friend Here a we have raised one c in Pany subject to orders and can raise two More if Fig at a called meeting the Sarsfield guards april 21st, 1861, for the purpose reorganization the following resolutions were unanimously adopted 1. Resolved that the Sarsfield guards . 2. Resolved that the reorganized Sarsfield guards meet this evening 22d instant 7 clock for Drill at . Patrick Sullivan a no. 165 Central Avenue. Friends the company Are invited to attend the poll Book will be opened for the signature those desirous a a becoming . 3?, that a committee two be appointed to have the above resolutions published in the commercial Gazette press and times in their a Clit daily Issue.�?passed., John Levy and t. Sheena were appointed said committee. observations by Henry Ware optician no. 7 West fourth Street Cincinnati 0. Atril 20, 1861., clock. Barometer. Thermometer. 7 12 6 m29 54 m29 54 p. 29 40 37 56. 62 clock. 7 12. C p. April 21, .1861 Baum a fkr. Thermometer. 29 44 60 29 38 73 .29 26 73 Public sales. Sixth two lots land near the West end , at 1 clock Cooper a 8tokeh. Auctioneer Felt sixty two land in Mclean a Maka Cwa Audi vision. A the Aale will come team with Lota Clarke Street near Freeman. It at 1 clock Thia afternoon j. Grafe amp Kohl Aell one Hundred Lota the Riddle estate. These lot Muat be sold to pay claims against the property. Advertisement. Marriages. April 21t, 1861, by Rev. J. Walden York Street chit pet. Or. Alfred b. Ashman Aud a Kynik Owen a ail Thea City. F april 21, 1861, by Rev. J. Walden York Street Chapel . We. J. James the Continentals company a., and mias Caroline. thu cite. On the 18th ipst., at the residence we. J. Dunlap. By the Rev. Or. Stewart Benjamin Groff and Amelia it. Wibler All this City. T deaths. Of diphtheria saturday morning at Tho res Douce her Parent in Delhi Sarah Markarit daughter Frederick and Ann diaper it is aged 7 Yoars 1 month and 26 Daya. Funeral Thia it monday morning at if clock from no. 29 weat fifth Street. Friends and relatives invited without further notice. Chg inquirer a no Tsy april 21-t., Clara s. Vooht daughter and to Naan Wright aged 13 months and 11 Days.0 funeral will take place from the residence. No. 271 court Street Thia afternoon at half past 1 clock. 21at. At h if Paat i clock p. M., consumption James to buro in the 67th year his go. Fun Enil tuesday at 10 clock a. M., at the late ref Denoe his son George w. Vosburg the Hamilton rond eight and a half Miles from Cincinnati. Times copy and chg. Com r Aid but goo is. Millinery. S 1 n g millinery bonnets ribbons Flowers a and All kinds millinery Good. Latest Stylos at half Price at the original cheap millinery store no. 1.s West fifth Street near slain wholesale and retail. Let a a. Ifender30n. Society meetings. To. O. Of a the committee Cerebra i. Of Ltd a anniversary will meet tuesday evening april 23d. At Lulf a at8 clock at Odd fellow Viall Corner third and Walnut. By order the chairman _ a 22-21 a sum stat e d Cut Monica tio no f pc a tries Council. R and to. at masonic Viall. Newport monday evening a cd inst., at 7 4 clock. By order the t. I. G. It a. Prim notice ii anti Elmann Dodge 206, f. And a. Stated meeting monday april a evening at 7 clock. The question Ltd to ii corporation the Long coming up a full attend Noe is required. By order the a. It a. amp Sec a. Home guards. Covington. First Public meeting the United Home United lome guard Cincinnati Newport and this City held their first Public meeting at the court House in this City saturday evening Edw. W. Hawkins mayor Newport in the hair and Napoleon b. Stephens clerk Kenton circuit court acting As Secretary. Addresses were delivered by col. Taylor Newport Hon. Barton this City and by Miles Greenwood. J. C. Butler and Rufus King esqs., Cincinnati in which the propriety and necessity a unanimity action and co operation the three cities were clearly and forcibly set Forth and assented to by a majority those present. A report was made to the meeting the organization a Home guard a Ludlow and West Covington and their desire to cooperate with the United Home guard which was cheerfully complied with. An motion the meeting adjourned to meet this afternoon at 3 clock in the merchants Exchange Cincinnati. Absurd is simply due this City to state that the absurd rumours which have gained currency along the route the Kentucky Central Railroad Are circulated from Day to Day by mischievous persons who care just As Little As they Are responsible for their result. There is no truth whatever in the reports that the citizens Covington have been driven from Cincinnati that communication has been Cut off Between the cities and it is to be hoped that before people a up the Road become excited and denounce Cincinnati that they wait for the facts at least look Well to the source their information. Newport. A organization a Home guard at Jamestown.�?thccitizen3 Jamestown held pub Lic meeting at Jamestown saturday evening and organized a Home guard and nearly one Hundred names were enrolled. Resolutions expressive the sense the meeting were passed one which was resolved that we the citizens Jamestown Kentucky will prove ourselves True to each other in time danger and that the stars and stripes shall be our Banner and that under it we will fight if fight we must to maintain the Union the Constitution and the Laws under which we live. The citizens Cumminsville hoisted the National Flag and fired a Salute saturday a3 the troops were marching out to Camp. While they were about it a couple Fellows came along and out pure Cusa Edness shouted a Hurrah for South they were immediately pursued. A Volley stones clattered about their cranium. After a race up the mount pleasant Pike about four Miles they were captured and were being dragged Back to Cumminsville to be duly lynched when some the humanitarian folks College Hill interfered and As we were informed a begged them the Star spangled Banner the River. A the Steamer my Madison capt. J. S. Neal from new Orleans came in yesterday afternoon with the stars and stripes flying from her Jack staff. She wa3 vociferously cheered All along the line the River from Louisville Here. The Memphis packet commercial bearing the a secession Flag a was not permitted to remain in new Albany and lowered her colors while ascending the Falls before arriving at the Louisville wharf. Ufa the express train due Here at 5 a. Yesterday the Little Miami Railroad at ithe Charleston switch run into a freight train injuring a coloured boy gnashing a number freight cars and Liuz go up things general and we be Lacro Apa a we j. Finance committee for the first Ward Home guard in compose the following porno no. Larz Anderson George c. King. William Stoms Frank Ernst let John w. Herron. Of Orth Ward Home guards attention tire will he a meeting company fourth Wash Ilone guard this monday evening april 22, 7>� clock at the tobacco warehouse in i the Pearl Street Market House for the purpose a leptin officers for the company. Let every Man who la enrolled i name Leon had at the hour let. By Ordor the committee. tenth Ward hum e Gua in ally a r the member4 Are requested to meet Tell Ltd monday 1 evening april 23d, at their Headquarters to. it sixth Street so that they May he assigned to their respective companies and Drill. Every member in expected to be hand. By Onorr the let _ president. To a at to Walnut Hills Hom e Ocard. \ j meeting for organization will lie held Mon Day evening a half past seven clock at the new school House near Cooke a Nursery. By order a meeting held the filth. W. W.t�c\rborough, . Cransh w. A. Gudum an a Alex. Todd Aud others. Military. Viran Klin few Able bodied a men will he received in the Franklin guards if immediate application he nude at h , no. 354 Central Avenue. It c. I a. Long Captain. Attention company b. Highland go a ads a a few More Ablo bodied Mon required to fill up ranks. Rendezvous metropolitan Vilall Corner ninth and Walnut is Recta. 1c 5 r. L. Killpatrick capt. Time ropy Aud chg. Commercial then Tion Sarsfield guards a the l re Herx who enrolled their name and All others Fth Orabie to the re organizes Ion the above company Are. Hereby notified that an adjourned meeting will boy held at tile office Patrick no Livau no. 14>5 Central Avenue it 7 1 clock p. for the purpose drilling and perfecting organization. It a volunteers the undersigned a re forming a company riflemen for Active service. Having some forty Good men n it a enrolled they wish to close the Roll Boik by to Morrow night. C. T. Bell Gus. Phillips Jack a Khan it _ Theo. Hilton. Attention Patriot soldiers a the office col. Peter j. Sullivan North we Corner third and Sycamore streets in Thi City is now open for the enlistment bold and fearless men for the support the Constitution and Law the United states and the state Ohio. It it made the Headquarters for the organization a militia company. Several our Best and most respectable citizens have enrolled their names in Thi organization. It g in eral order no 1 3 n e w c a it p e t i n g to Hoie Eale and retail i my b i s i a a a. A a Lar a and vow Pleto a Tock a n b a k r r c a no a up is t Elf to floor Oil loth mattlng4, rugs amp cat l w p k c e 8. John to fill Ito Ltd co we 103 nil 14$ ap2? it a new store 118 wme8t fourth Street Buell i offering he Stock if r v Noons panic Price. To Peijung a amp a 9ummeu a Kerf gym Tow travelling. Dre88 goods Bich Dretz to Silks Low priced Silks Black silk Antilles Blacksill Ras Tiuch lace Mantilla lace Points shawls in great variety gloves parasols fans j Noop skirts fee., ac.,it a Nuiell a. F ap20-tf its weat fourth Rurert. O Hundred e to h a the cheapest g if if amp t Ever brought to the cite Cincinnati ? purchased during recent War panic 11 h p k i if announce the receipt an Impf ask Stock american Ano f Uijun dress go d 8, at Price that will insure a speedy Sal ii 3.000 Yards new Stylo travelling Good., at per Yard. 2.000 cd. Super proc file travelling Good a at 29c a per Yard. 5.000 Yard 4-4 Chintz print r at 12�?~�c., same As Hare before at 25c.4.000 Yard Taconet lawns at 1�?T2�?~ic. 3.000 Yards Plain barges no Colora greatly below the Cost importation. 4.000 Yard ilk and White Check. To pliant new style Aud very dear Latte. 2.000 Yard Jaspe foulard Silks 500 ladies a nose. The Lari 41�?T Volov s u jul jul e r prints Ever before offered by us comprising Over 50, Woy Arda the latest styles at 8/4 and id cents per Yard j 3as we have purchased these Good with a View to the w ant customers just at the present crisis and As we feel confident the Price Are below any other House in the City we take pleasure in extending a invitation to the citizens the City and Vicinity. Cole so Hopkins npl7 Corner fifth1 and Vink. A a Ajla a gym. _ 2 Jug the Book Trade. E w a n e ours. Harriet Beecher Stowe. The .1 is Xth l i May i s r Cox vim i Kab car this y adj tast uen Kraly Borrick it Columbus Ohio april 15, 1361. If the general Assembly provides for payment to the regular militia Ohio a i such sum As it a believed will meet certain liabilities incident to its organization discipline and support. Armed rebellion against the Federal authority putting in peril our Dearest constitutional right create an occasion which Mua Taupea to Tho highest order patriotism and self a Crince. With no Uncertain Confidence in the people they Are called upon to furnish forthwith the complement uniformed troop which will increase the uniformed Force Ohio to six thousand efficient and disciplined men. All applications for the organization new companies will be made to this department in Case no general officer resides in the District within which the proposed company is organized. A Nero officer must however have uniformed himself and complied with Laws and regulation heretofore promulgated and All officers whatever Grade will be held responsible for familiarity with their several duties general and special and for the discipline moral conduct and perfection their command. The basis the infantry organization will be Twenty five regiments the compotes making up the ,00u men to be assigned by general orders to be issued forthwith. Until further orders new companies will consist not less than 40, nor More than 50 uniformed men incl Udine two musicians who will be enlisted the same As privates. Companies already equipped Atud disciplined and which file with his department a claim to be held subject ?, will furn Iuli forthwith a completo Roll the name to be relied upon that in any emergency an order May be issued with practical Assurance the Force at command. The promptness wit i which Gucci tender has bed mad heretofore is accepted As Good evidence that the Ohio Volunteer militia already organized is worthy the Confidence and support the general Assembly the people and the country at Large and that the official endorsement this department to the state authorities the condition such militia is entitled to full credit. By order commander in chief h. B. Carrington adjutant general Ohio. Will commence Agnes Sorrento a new novel by mrs. If. B Stow author a the minister s wooing a a Uncle Tom a Cabin a 4�. This Romance will be continued in1 every number throughout the year. During the Progress Tho Story mrs. Stowe will Trace the Zafiu Coo Tho roman Catholic Faith upon the hotel actual and moral development a Young girl her heroine in Trio same manner and with the same Power with which she depicted in the a a minister a wooing Tho Ittu shoe othe protestant Faith. In addition to the above the May number present tie following table contents. Re to and motion lights the English Lake i. Strict Pink and Blue pomegranate Flowers Tho Rurie state Coa Carneng future years brother Jonathan a lament for sister Caroline original memo rials mrs. Pio i the niger and its explorers reviews and literary notices recent american publications. Terms. Throe Dollar per annul Post paid to any part the country. Subscriptions May by Gin with any number. Back numbers can always be supplied. Clubbing . Subscriber Yujo Par their own postage. Two copies. Fired it a Kwh. Five copies ten dollars eleven copies Twenty dollars. All letters should be addressed to a a a Ticknor so Fields publisher it 135 Washington at., Boston. Flags. Ammkk1can flags made . Rians show card depot 63 West four in it d vast. S take a n d Quot a to i r 1 p e to bilk flags., Hor military con pay yes 6 by 9 it. Price from �?�26 to Fra. It Bunting flags at 91 per running foot. Oil boiled Muslin flags As Good As Bunting at cents per foot. Field pieces for flags flags Cut out to. In printed Flag All size wholesale and Triail. Longley it bro., no 180 Vine above fourth Street. Depot in Krellis music store. It fluid inks. F g e n eral 0 r j e r n 1 4 n w gun Vraz. Ilk in quarters a aug Utah gejieral�?T8 Orr Irp v Cote Jobus Ohio a Cills 1861. The general a Wembly Ohio direct the constitutional enrolment All White citizens lie tween the age of18 and 45 years and that a a militia Reserve be organized additional to the regiments regular militia. Any citizen who shall propose to organize such a company will address this department when if i application a approved he will receive a Hank form for the signatures said Cobi Paay when the Roll is returned to this office to and accepted an order will Issue for the election officers. Rocta officers will to Only commissioned but they will not be required to uniform perform the duties to Gular must in. Unless an emergency should require an increase a latter Force by Transfer companies Theka whenever such Transfer shall become n���1 7�?� commissions officers the militia will be exchanged for commission in l j militia and the rank Sneh transferred oot eem Ana companies will be assigned. In alien ent Ortity organization it i a a Al tuntion the applications Al la and the United people to maintain the government the uni a state in its integrity that the organize and report to by order c0mmulkr4n- to Tona a adj go to eat a 1 u n d l i u n d i , april 10th, 1961. . J. J. Butler. Agent. 39 Vine Street Owoc a Nati pleas. Ship to by do your Al Slot fluid Ink assorted from quarts Down is Juvy a a old us for 5years last cd u Ilder k 4 wholesale druggist. Fay a tags hero. Off Iris trimmings. Rib b n a received this Day a Supply ribbon. Dref trimming k Button Wuich will be sold under usual prices a. Leboutillier amp Boothr to West fourth Street. F i apl-3t Reward. 1004ormation cd conviction the cows will b1 paid leading to the a cowardly scoundrel who ints Mou not Loe w four House to an infamous not toe a a Quot a Quot if var 1
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