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Cincinnati Daily Commercial (Newspaper) - April 22, 1861, Cincinnati, OhioIt ate Stop. Or a a. To it in air a a Gafers a re rfrjsal2a Ftp a a a Gugg Gugg. A Greg Jmel a we a a a a ivus but amp a sets p b t 5 t a o Ano 1�?Tliilislik in a a a a. To. I Otter cw., a it a Pic Lac it in by it rth St co var of fourth and Krio Stre try in of it a or put or i a Quot %1 it teff a a ,.� or a it 10 j3f to Vyon it in us Califa-�,., 1� Tuto or a he to Init in built of it i ism i#i.ty we a a i it Irti Tny tilt it a. 50 Cir Ole mme a cd a to or sol i Jii a a to a a -�m-.�. Pm a i to a a a the ii cd Rifca to Tel a Ove Rato is of Ltd Kiang it oif a to of it a to int Terms to it of Weevil la Peri r re a it. Yer a inf a. ,71. 01 w i to my a Chi it my of a t in a a loot 1>y weekly a Ytol to lib no a i Lon Una. On Elf a tit Huttt tits it Arlin a it fill Reh r1iou>-� d Oati Folly pin Farrd rent Taij n a Tfir pm a it Tii v w few i Nakina a i who Lurtz N1. A a 1-4 6-ve, the by to liar Kew Yiew r a i tit to Tyk or air a a Fisko in Tib to a a or tf1 Inthey w it a a j let ooh or add i a to Ettis a a to to i a ame proportion. Daily commercial Honl it Aye Al Hii imb1, a Dpi exp re. Corrie Pouds Tite of the Ciu Cunati commercial j.e1ter from Columbus. Groceries 1 tto Coache a a to a tvs a i111 my Kurt Cove so \. Rec Tete re a i a. A f�., in it Vert it a a a Cyl Aii a a. A Ami Lar a we Lincton i Ion Hile. I rail in Edoor a t41ij a or Haje Foy a Lar to i fio or her. A in to 00., Wrner Fri i i Duful Milu Arcet. V2 1 Kov 1 a ii Rod or for Salor a a i is. A int t k. Honra a a to. ? _ i Mer frit Hud main Etrole a Fol a Joe it a a a 1 1 hire fir a a be 15f Sloska a co., a 7 Lornor front Arul a try Ete his to t Mil to Utitz use pork who 1 y in fire min. La Orr 8<ed�?~ a a i Ltd Timothy to i a 3.�?~o do Siisi 15 to let be i or a e Ulm to Elvea. Larks a flu7er .too., �710 01>�rv�?T win but it a. 7 a office to a a to Chu ill it co tre. Vav Defio pock note Javo Jav i a Rio Poi kit a m Ift lha <3o�i�?~ a for to Fleer Iki Ink Ion Ato to Ltd w Klaot Prmt. a ii a. No a a ice Kirifi 5 of i a Tel. Vow d and Oft sugar sit i. It l Ilna Quot a thu fir a Vii a i. Hit-4. Jii it is Quot to it a in Alaby a no cnut Zupho and f. I Watt a oof id Atrev. Or a a St i a Bott a Ttoe we ii sky of so i i Alt Ujj a Cpd a i Goth a ref a Brathy i 1 to i it or sin so or. Fort mail Eira a Harry and Ilanga re n v a Ltd v a 3 a or gtd it to it it and Quot anti Rue Ivine a a quote a a quote a a a Ampi. . 4a melt of fist weal of a Houd Traat. A to a it. Fair to Jiri Rno a hoi Ltd k. Jilb a a a. It it. I1<iba�k l Fri we Otila m in Oak cooperage Ltd a a a a in i apr. By a a la Etc Reaud i it Sale or a _ j. Mihov n. A a Torr a Ain Lar ap5 4 a Walnut it Roet. I it a it 1 in ,1011 a ooh Llo prime Ladayne Collet i Fly Baba old Glt t Java la Minera a Fine afto Libr we it i Aguam lug Tara and Tor ram or �p5 a 8toi t a Butler 41 Valani a Root. To null Rikta. V on Kin m int flour Corn re Gaia Rye Baay it Hecate better Pote Toee ac.,Tor j Davis a co., 4 Bint to. 40 Viti t., 1-at. I Root and Columbia. In re a mgt w if eat. By his tie Heth Oripio Whilo a Eliod. A Ruth la Lud wheat in store and for Eal of j. C. Davis co or blk it it re it Mercia of. 40 vipa Street. Medical Phep a rations full. To Kris Cut cad Orafa Duluk Pill quinine. the opium chloroform and alcohol. Had Way Kunii Liot Comiono All that in required for Trio Piu Ireton. rsc��?�11n re it of station. Invigoration Grid to Arnii i Aaliah of a i Llie of Ann of the Huakau i or a Quot i , t Iken a a p a it a tire i at Mitat the Iun Nence of had air Uanis a made in Carange of tempera Uro Iee if inf Chivu. A it. Calm the Throe of till in Wane. a the Trivit a Ltd any Ili enee it Rurup i or tar. Ail Ini cred later it but Penn the Lih in Iii and afford eau Opportunity for i i la re i a it a Quot tacit ill Lull the. Lumpy for tick the lad Iva Tei r nod even y Fig Onyx t important to parents. A. Every Parent no Oman keep a Epply of Radway Ajo eed re i let Elt in tacit in in the huge. It not Only a a lire i it will Ward Jet Ottav a. Of and ague i no Elf thru a at Small por Searh t Frei a Pyp Ihm i enter other matl giant Date ease Aud in Ltd a Ltd of Theu Matiski Nei Fraigia Craitic of Paeai Jaiup. Ali if and Oiler inti unit in a on apply. It it Ltd of the ready Relief externally or a teat you Fol ill a Little a us. R a drink Nill i p the in it cd a Rutlan pain in Trota fifteen to Vinuto. In m vere Atta. T of croup flip Iberia apr Sor i pla/,11 Radako a i Elf i Liat will Uvada be be Fofi it and Ulm Kir it ii yet a Paul it. I or we Iii a Hajii in medication to Quick As Adigwe to it Rndy a lie adj Jemiel. A f in Adway of Raj u lating g arc the rent Pereue Rajive a Kim of thee. Ladle for be re the View i i of a Annm Mii Feen Ming Romp fits of a up ii nature Are loitered to i tie a it end i \ 1 heir a Ait the Oal Inary a fictions of tie uti Bacn Hoard and liver >1 id to i he lire of it from it a y six Pic Ltd but the in tin worst eases and they it it Frei a Ltd a or it in or a a , Siori Clit Btu my than pm f the a it �.-,<�?� it lass Rise 1 m a o u Ting que Anttio. Coated with Salt a t Baverio lihaprettl4e Lav of. They n Tii up in quiz Coli hut Perm i gently at they . Dyve -po�7 who year recover in a few we is tinder t Ting Quanta to. Coated with swe t Emu the Pill Bave to i in a repaid Fla vat. They not Only cure o01- Enrri Neutis and in Lii Bonsnes o have suffered for year recover in a Lew we. K Aimer the paint operation. They powerfully Popou the Cirou Iatrou 4 the blood a it Ndoc ring it uniform and equable throughout the a yet in. 5 renovating resolvent fee Robes lit Driek Eit and purge it of int Lin Wiktory Atid particle. For chronic a Are. to to in taxed in the Tresh and tissue pud All help it Tad he ,re1 nil invariable cure. There 1� not n film or skin disorder Itiat can resist Thi mighty . L a rated Mckire to croat ire a Chattis tribe rules of the. Lungs All form of Uhsra-1,011.-in War it or Onward urn b before its Aati sep i it mud Auti Intis 111 tory action. Raw Tyr remedies Are Wold by Druggie to every a Duvay a co., apl2-1meod �?~a3 John it pet new York. N n l up Kllc to i nov i b s a a 11 v Ion git remedy by its simplicity and most perfect adaptation to All Throat nud lunar nip Laurite from Ihl Ancy to old upe la far a pm tim attention. So strictly Are the law4 Medicine conformed to that i ask the same Freedom of use in disease As its strict natural feature to t i would of food to hunger. Both Are Anala ious Ai d loth untrue Quot unless they can lie applied to the a iter. Therefore from a hooping Couch the terror a it Hud Hood to comm bit commo Uvo All age of is u remedy. s Anodyne the Greet Neor us Glt spasmodic and nervous remedy 4tid also the reate and oily Nat ural Opi a a Ite r Given the tin world. Tht1 perfect Fri doll a with which physicians Are ski to Vest Isgitt Thi splendid and nine needed opiate by fori Aiulu or tri�1 of the Anodyne both of who h w ill Tai sent of , and he fret a Tail a of All v. To 1 a i no Dir. A lid a Sii its splendid ill Ca-0 of i a Tley of Kirthi of i Ier kind. Rheumatism to to and Lai a Tihe los Sot a cup delirium trom uis it ii Olera a forums. Jays Emery. Ac., ac., Ige Youga to Call Atti Liob As 1 �>1. Inc a Ait a. After six i Ira it f Truh it and a stilts the Tolu Ano a ten find l i versa cough id in Ltd Are fairly Wilra the work and i twin cd we know Wilt do to Tho in the to up Toalii a in in trial comp ire Ali it in Tiou �,1 in a he Pampa to to found with All Lati a. �11 will 1 so to rec by me. And 1 Hen by Ali real Murit that e possess aft them above All charge or of a inn Kery. It us within l a Hgt tall. John Ill . Proprietor pact incl pm a Mac a a test. Oft ii no. It Cottini crucial wharf Boston. Buu of Erk Sti i. A co., John 1>. La Erk Edward to can hit a. Tatul a 1 Ier wholesale for Cin-unati./thti. Att to Lor to by dealers m Clov and country. Oils Diode own in o. A. Ir0btjle Radical to re of gonorrhoea and All ban ukr of a ski v at 14 disk Mem car Ltd t this stand Bart Valks. Felt Greg quickly Ai d permanently can a taken at All Tibia with perfect safety without change of dial a let Drawee from t.wstne��, and the Fern in which it a up to Nantes that degree of a Fri by Wei his Dir Able in snob a i warranted to cur. A treatise of the Pim a in All its Forato cab Palt Kag of the Rea Iedy. Prico on Dollar. Sola wholesale and retail at the Southeast Comer of fifth and Broadway and by druggist generally. Anz of Iron manufactures. By Jay r a n r 1 n a 00., architectural Iron u or amp by a manuf Rora of Iron mantels and rates �b0n sailing Verandah us jail work As flu. Fronts inns and lint a flu Down t aps Iron a Spital a is a l a a my Nta 6ardn Valato Bank Satta. Bash weight hitching Post Iron table Ostern top Iron Koda Tead hat Luokla Obair and sett. A of kinds of Moi Girr and cast Iron wore for building purposes. Foundry and office cursor Elm and Pearl Nurceta a ale room store no. 8 born Thorn. A. A a a get 11,1 .,1 a a a a a a architects a builders. ,w7 1�. B. Jib architect net or Anat of the a Ikeole Gaa Trale do Arta it manufacture a paria Braoo. Corner race and Fot both 8trtit8, Neav a but Diug Cincinnati. Mh2-tf Ujka Uhm and a reification a prepared a. Rowell architect and civil Engineer for Inbur and private and of by mail tall a part of rate country. Otic no. 4 Nava a build Tig. Be Rubw to Corner fourth and Kac str to Cincin Iati Ohio. A Yurao tical sex it Reno of 16 year in the prof Aaion. A a Cdr a foot Nucico to 1998. For Ter of la of _ oysters. We a a Tom alti�?Tt�?T8 i pl0 8 oysters v l Travo Cincinnati flu danger if people of i Nduati were Andiff cont to the events passing around them and totally unprepared for All contingencies neat and Remote if Bev were a divided unarmed dependent pusillanimous people and if there were swarms of turbulent Fellows in Kentucky ready to pounce upon us it would be w within the possibilities for a raid to be made upon the City and for it to be robbed of some of its valuables while some of its citizens might be subjected to indignities and perhaps lose their lives. If Over hanging us on the South were four office states each Superior to Ohio in population and resources if we had but Otic Railroad and that connecting with no Railroad out of the state and if the South were covered with a perfect net work of railroads branching in All directions and facilitating the concentration of troops it would be reasonable in us to conclude that we were in danger. But the Case is for otherwise. It is True that we Are Here on the Banks of the Ohio a that the Hills of Kentucky in a military it us com Road the City. But the cities of Kentucky opposite Are Union cities. They Are parts of Cincinnati or rather the three places compose one City. Their interests Are to Nirso manifestly confessedly so. Then the people of Cincinnati Are United there is but one voice Here and that is for the coven intent. Most truly party lines Are for the time wiped out partizan prejudices Are banished for a season unaffected Day so. There Are now in the City military organizations containing at la St five thousand men and there Are three full regiments encamped a the trotting in Ark. There Are several thousand excellent muskets and rifles in the City. There Are in the magazines in this Vicinity at least ten thousand kegs of Gunpowder there Are several splendid Field pieces Here and hundreds More scattered about the country. Every Little town has its six Pounder. Half a dozen ten Inch Colum bids can be brought Here from the Pittsburgh Arsenal by Railroad in a Day. One of our foundries is already casting shot and Shell. The whole Northwest is swarming like a Hornet s. Nest with military preparations and every part of it is pierced with railroads leading by their connections directly Here. If it should be known that Jeff. Davis was about to attack this place that his demonstration upon Washington was a feint that this was the Point of attack if he were on his any Here with thirty thousand men and within forty eight hours March a perfectly overwhelming Force could be collected Here and there would the a vast abundance to feed them and make them in every Wray comfortable. If there Ever has been any danger it diminishes with every Day As the military preparations now making throughout the North on in enormous scale become perfected. One month hence if we were threatened Bya Force Worth making an alarm throughout the North West about an army of one Hundred and fifty thousand Well armed men could Ite concentrated Here. If any on questions the capacity of our railroads let them remember the work they perform on Occa san of great lairs. Our roads would think nothing of bringing All the fighting men from Ohio Ami Indiana in Jofaye Day. And if there were anything wanting to provisions it h an army the Telegraph would order and the roads would bring. As for arms secretory Flotz by no Means sauce edit in stripping the North of All the arms As popular Rumor sometimes has it. There Are first rate Aims Enugu pm now in the North to equip an army As Large As Nai Oleong sat Solferino and left airily we have our Rifle menu Faveto Ries and Cannon foundries find powder Mills. We state these facts for the Benefit of a few nervous ladies who quiver at the Bustle of preparation going on about and hear the Tremp of the soldiery with something of dismay. In our judgment Cincinnati is As Safe to Day As Chicago or Quebec. We Are in More danger of a bombardment from the Moon than Frota Kentucky. Communications from All parts of Ohio and Indiana Are pouring in setting Forth the rapidity and extent with which the glorious Volunteer movement for sustaining the government goes toward. Kenton 0., sends 90 men to Columbus today and has raised $1300. Washington Fayette county 0., a it promises that a Cincinnati shall be protected and sustained by the whole people of the Interior. The last Dollar and the last Man shall be forthcoming to maintain the Lancaster u., has raised two companies and will have a third in the Field this week. Bellefontaine t sends a company of 105 men capt. Ashmead to columns to Day and is forming a Rifle company additional. No traitor a there. Fowler 0., the Mecca Oil Region is raising men and Money. Tha Virginia buckeyes of that Vicinity Are Down on secession and Strong for one government. Kenyon College a Gambier 0.,whose president has volunteered for the country overflows w Ith patriotism. Corre spun dunce Between the it Cambot men of Cincinnati and the mayor of new Orleans. The following correspondence Between capt. D. B. Herron Secretary of the steam Boatmen s association and the Hon. J. T. Monroe mayor of new Orleans per Telegraph f Speaks of itself Cincinnati Friday april 19. To his Honor John Motroe mayor 0/ new Cut a leans will the Northern steamboats visiting your City be protected in carrying on the lawful Commerce of the Mississippi Valley please answer. D. B. Herron Sec a Steamboat captains association. New Orleans saturday april 20. J. B. Herron a Secretary Steamboat captains association yes they will be protected in lawful traffic and we shall expect the same course to be pursued toward us. John Monroe mayor of new Orleans. How secessionists propose to their debts. An advertising Bill from this office was enclosed borne time since to a firm in Memphis tenn., with a request for the Bill was returned last week with the following reply appended messes. D. Potter amp co a your request will be attended to after the close of a your j. B. Morton amp co. N. on the North is now very High will nay you double the amount in our currency if personal application is made at our office. J. D. Amp co. Comment is unnecessary. Kentucky patriotism is getting stirred by the successive outrages and insults visited upon the american Flag Ever since the Gallant kentuckian Anderson was driven from Foft Sumter by an army of eight thousand rebels. Letters from various parts of the state say that in spite of the impetus Given to the Dis unionists by the secession of Virginia the Union men were never More courageous or determined. We Are assured that if the secessionists succeed in resolving Kentucky out of the Union they will have a fight on hand at Home. The South s Pensacola correspondent of the new Orleans Delta says doctors editors sex congressmen state senators lawyers planters merchants and mechanics occupy the ranks Many of them being full privates. Working at the erection of Sand batteries sex co Ogress Man Pugh can shovel Sand and make excavations like a son of Erin hurrying a task Iob on a Louisiana Plantation. Senator Bulloch despite his Bulky condition works with a will and several professional men of undoubted Talent work As laboriously As a new York Hod this is the secret of the South s Power. With such a Nob face Ana chivalrous spirit pervading �11 classes the Deril or Abe Lincoln cannot crush them. 11 a Rulber or Wal Van daily by to Adam exalt by a of i ral text and it Lebrun Croton j blamed balt Tabor Oyster. I fait Supply always on hand 0 that und Famus can of to it by Tom during a in mud of the not Delicio tut flavor. Robert Orr depot na-11 wet fifth Street. A Liberal Ouirt su0wd us trod and far. A pm Ltd amp v the fort Sumter Victory is thus jammed up in one of the journals South Carolina Cincinnati cd with Tho circumstance will Lave their mind or cared for any revolution whatever. We Are rpt to run from one a str Csc to another to anticipate and prevent disastrous contingencies would be the part of Wisdom and patriotism. What astonishing changes a few years arc capable of producing. I told can respectable character it speak of a monarchical form of government without horror. Front thinking proceeds speaking thence to ailing is often but a single step. But How irrevocable and tremendous what a Triumph for our enemies to verify their predictions what a Triumph for the advocates of despot a to find hat we Are incapable of go it Vern ing Ouise 1 ves and that Psi Ems founded on he is s of equal Liberty a re merely idea and fallacious would to god that Wise measures May be taken in time to Avert the cop sequences we have but too much reason to apprehend. Retired As i am from the world i frankly at knowledge i cannot Feci myself a Jiu con Cut rued Spectator. Yet having happily assisted in bringing the ship into port and having been fairly discharged it is not my business to embark Aga Irron a sea of troubles. Nor could it be expected that Ray sentiments and opinions would have much weight on a the minds of my countrymen. They have been neglected though Given As a last legacy in the most solemn manner. I had then perhaps some claims to Public attention. 1 consider nit self As having none at present. With sentiments of sincere esteem and Rita ship i am dear sir amp a. George Washington. A morning Swift of of fifth Tefo excitement increasing at the capital a troops rapidly coming in the re of carte in a Lii aze. Columbus april 20, 9 o c of a p. This has been the most exc Ling Day yet w Kue std in this capital City. The streets have been crowded with people All Day and the governor s office has been hooded with per Sonny and written requests for the acceptance of More troops. At noon the governors guards a Fine company of 140 men organized in this City were mustered into service. After having formally presented themselves at Headquarters in the Cape tol they were addressed by Don. S. S. Cox the Meier of Congress from this District. As there has been some doubt about this gentleman a position i will give you a synopsis of his remarks is Bech of or. Cox. Captain and soldiers a next to the emotion with which Reli Gorti inspires the human soul is the patriotism which leads its devotee to the altar of a common country. Nothing can be More truly Sublime than to see a people Rise in the majesty of its might and assert its unyielding love for its native land unless it be that stronger element which Protta is the soul in adoration Leforc its god now at this hour of great peril this jux Ople Are worshipping with no common to at its Patriot Lonita. This is the inspiration of this body of citizen soldiery. It is no partisan or political feeling which leads these men to Volunteer to the defence of the pc Octal City and to answer the the constitutional Call of the chief executive. Nearly All of them Are my personal and political friends. In these times All distinctions Are forgotten. We May differ As to the causes which produced and the Ireum stauers which justify this civil War. These questions will have hereafter astern and inexorable arbitrage it. But forgetting All differences we forget the in 11, and support the magistracy. Cheer we stand by our , though to May not have selected its present agents. This great peril is on us and around us threatening the civil fabric and social order and we drive All lesser thoughts a Rij As ignoble in the generous rivalry of Bolding a Oft the Constella ted Ensign of or beloved Lind cheers this is not done without sacrifices. Not one of you my friends but h is so tue dear amps Soheir Trion to tear from your heart before you venture pm this expedition. I am reminded by the Earnest emotion of my Friend your Captain that it is no common sacrifice for him. A be is a Southern Many he has a brother commanding a company at Pensacola his ties of blood and love Are close to Many hearts which this unnatural War makes his enemies he has just buried one of his children he leaves a family dependent on his exertions yet with the spirit of that army whose deeds in Mexico he shared he dares do All that manhood prompts in defence of the government of his admiration and love. Let not the Devotion of such men be misunderstood. Theirs is no crusade against slavery but loyalty to that government which Brougham Well called the highest refinement of civil polity the world has Ever cheers casting aside All thought which would Mur the Harmony of this occasion. Implore almighty god to so direct our coun sols and our conduct that this War shall be speedily ended. I cannot say what i fear. God hasten effectual peace. If we cannot have it by the better reason of a cultivated civilization let the Shock of arms which his been invoked by the executive be tested. In the end if Hope be allowed in so gloomy a Prospect inv we dare we Hope that the government we have been Tau Glit to Revere As the work of Demi a feds shall be established still firmer and stand As a Monument a around whose base time May linger and around whose Summit eternity May cheers in conclusion i can Only say to you that my sympathy and my sinews arc yours in any Vaiya which you May command them. May go it cheer keep encourage and bless you a clues at 4 o clock,4be Steuben guards of this City were formally accepted and went into Camp. Their Captain. Or. Snyder addressed them in the Rotunda of the Capitol in eloquent and feeling terms which Drew Forth rapturous applause front his men and a Large crowd of listeners. This is a German company composed of Large Fine looking Young men who Are capable of Good service. At 5 of clock a vast multitude filled the Street in front of printing office Over w hich a Large Flag was being hoisted. Speeches were made by messes. Geiger Galloway and Cox of this City. Or. Cox did not do himself much credit on this occasion by hi9 reference to party action. The people Here ignore party Ana All who cannot at this hour of their country s peril Rise infinitely above anything like Mere party spirit. The a audience gave unmistakable evidences of their Dis relish for such unpatriotic emotions and sentiments. T there Are now about 1/200 troops in Camp Jackson and 3,000 Are expected to arrive next monday. The news from the Northern part of the state leaves no room to doubt the desire of the Yankees to engage in the fight. They Quot Are boiling Over with excitement and Little villages of Only 1,200 and 2,000 inhabitants Are Many of them anxious to have two companies accepted. Here let me state a fact that is known to but few. The Trumbull county guards were the first in the state ready for marching orders. They forwarded a proffer of their services by mail on the 16th, but from some cause the letter was delayed on the route. Lieut. Governor Kirk knocked a Man Down in the streets to Day for uttering Dis it Loyal sentiments. The legislature was in session hut a few hours to Day. The House passed the general appropriation Bill after having disguised it with almost innumerable amendments. Profi Monroe has gone to Oberlin to give Solnie it in actions to the volunteers of his county his constituents Are not trained in the Art of killing prof fee but they will not be found wanting in courage or Zeal when the Dearest interests of their country Are in peril. W. D. B. Fgeorge Washington on coercion. The following remarkable letter written by Gen. Quot Washington in 1786, while yet the feeble Experiment of the old confederation was being tried show s in Clear language the Rock on which the advocates of modern secession would split our we commend the reflections of this letter to the attention of those who ignoring the requirements of the National Constitution which was adopted to cure the defects herein complained of seek to make the Laws and Constitution of the nation subordinate to the will of usurping minorities to John Jay. Mount Vernon 1 August 178g. Dear sir a i have to thank you very sincerely for your interesting letter of the 27th of june As Well As for the other communications you had the goodness to make at the same time. I am sorry to be assured of what indeed i had Little doubt before that we have been guilty of violating the treaty in some instances. What a misfortune it is that the British should have so Well grounded a pretext for its palpable infractions and what a disgraceful part out of the Choice of difficulties before us Are we to your sentiments that our affairs Are drawing rapidly to a crisis Accord with my own. What the event will be is also beyond the reach of my foresight. We have errors to Correct. We have probably had too Good an opinion of human nature in forming our confederation. Experience has taught us that men will not adopt and carry into execution measures the Best calculated for their own Good without the intervention of a coercive Power. I do not conceive we can exist Long As a nation without paving lodged somewhere a Power which till pervade the whole Union in As energetic a manner As the authority of the state government extends Over the several states. To be fearful of investing Congress constituted As that body is with ample authorities for National purposes appears to me the very Climax of popular Absurdity and madness. Could Congress exert them for the detriment of the Public without injuring themselves in an equal or greater proportion Are not their interests inseparably connected with those of their constituents ? by the rotation of appointment must they not mingle frequently with the mass of citizens is it not rather to be apprehended if they were possessed of the Power before described the the individual members would be induced to use them on Many occasions very timidly and Inefficacy piously for fear of losing their popularity and future election we human nature As we find it. Perfection Falls not to the share of mortals. Many Are of opinion that Congress have too frequently made use of the suppliant Humble tone of requisition in applications to the states when they had a right to assert their Imperial dignity and command obedience. Be that As it May requisition Are a perfect nullity where thirteen Sovereign Independent disunited states Are in the habit of discussing and refusing compliance with them at their option. Requisitions Are actually Little better than Al monday arrival of he amp i a Ter boys new Fork. Siege of april 22, 1861. Ill an inside View of the sum Tuil. Special meeting of Council. The City Council held a Steubi meeting on saturday evening for the purpose of pissing be ordinance to loan the sunt of $250,00 it for the use of the Syuth in defense of the general government. The ordinance. Or. Marsh presented the following ordinance an ordinance to loan $25,000 of the sinking fund of the City of Cincinnati to the Tulc of Ohio to be appropriated for the detente of the state and the Suppo to. Of the general government against rebellion. Be it ordained by the City Council of a tie City of Cincinnati that the sum of $250,000 belonging to the sinking fund of the City be and the same is hereby loaned to the state of Ohio the by appropriated in the defense of the state and the support of the a let Era govern it it against rebellion in accordance wry a Resolution of the City Council p staed april 17 1861, and with the ninth Section of an entitled a had supplementary to an re lating to cities of tit Clas having a population of eighty thousand inhabitants passed March 5, i860,�?� passed april �8. 1861. And the City auditor is hereby authorized to draw Tho warrant upon the City treasurer for that amount in favor of the treasurer of the state of Ohio. The ordinance was passed by a unanimous vote. Defense of the City. T or. Fitzgerald offered a Resolution to apply o the legislature for the enactment of a Law to enable the City to borrow $200,000 for providing for the defense of the City. After sync discussion the a Resolution was president in reply to a question put by judge Warren said that lie had the As stir Anceo the governor of Ohio that ample provision was making to place Cincinnati in a state of dete use both in regard to men and arms and that at present no More troops would be dispatched from this City to the East. Or. Weasner confirmed the above by detailing a conversation had with governor Dennison w to assured him that the whole military Power of the stat if needed should be invoked for the defense of the City. Special election. An ordinance to appropriate Money to the expenses for the special election for councilman in the sixth Ward was passed. Military matters or. Glass on behalf of he committee on military presented the following report the committee in military to whom wig referred the Resolution in reference to the defense of Tho City respectfully report that we Are informed by his excellency win Dennison governor of the slate of Ohio that he will use every Effort in Bis Power to Furni Sli the necessary defense of the City. We Ore of opinion that suitable quarters or Barracks should be erected of the grounds of he orphan Asylum lot for the Benefit and use of the militia of the City and for the Safe Deposit of arms provisions. A we would recommend that the sum of a Ilo Llars be appropriated from the general fund to defray the expenses of the same or any other contingent expenses in the defense of the City. The report was adopted. An ordinance to appropriate the sum of $2,000 for the above presented by or. Marsh was passed. Or. Marsh also presented a Resolution from the committee that the Home guard Heap pointed special police to preserve order in and protect the City. After some discussion the Resolution was drawn. Sale of Gunpowder and material Aid. Or. Marsh presented a Resolution to instruct the mayor to request the merchants of the City to suspend the Sale of Gunpowder Saltpetre Potash ac., to any parties outside the state of Ohio. Or. Weasner moved As an amendment that pork and flour be added to the list. Or. Marsh opposed the amendment and n warm discussion endued after which by the a most unanimous request of the b Tard the subject was referred to the committee on military affairs. The captured arms. Or. Glass gave notice that the arms taken from Ibe steamboats Ohio no. 3, Glendale and Moses Mclelland. Were in the custody of the committee on military and on behalf of the committee he required to be instructed As to their disposition. It was finally agreed that the arms should be left in the custody of the aforesaid committee. Y mayors message. A message from the mayor was read by the president in which he urged upon the attention of the Council the necessity of looking Well to the defense of the City serious apprehensions being Felt that Cincinnati would be made a Point of attack. He suggested that in times like the3e, greater Powers than those now delegated should be invested in the executive of the City. He dwelt upon the excitement prevailing an excitement which he upon More than one occasion was fearful might Lead to riot and while he would never shrink from fulfilling his duty he required under the circumstances an increase of the police Force and he urged Council to provide accordingly. He also suggested that a contingent find should be placed at his disposal to be used As circumstances might require and also that he be authorized to employ a Secretary who might also As clerk to the chief of police. The matter was referred to a committee of three consisting of messes. Eggleston Cunningham and Walker. A motion that the City commissioners be empowered to in conjunction with the committee on military prevailed after which Council adjourned. 10,000 is. Us try 8tat�s. Artillery its. 56 musicians.�. 15 officers .6 labourers 30 is jest and a by word throughout the land. If Yon Tell the Legislatures they have violated the treaty of peace and invaded the prerogatives of the confederacy they will laugh in your face. What then is to be done things cannot go on in the same train forever. In is a non to be feared As you observe tint Tow Fetter kind of people being patriots at Memphis. They Are very indignant at Memphis because arms were taken from steamboats at this place. The indignation was we make the following extract from the Memphis Avalanche of Friday an incident that occurred yesterday will suffice to show the state of feeling now existing Here. The Steamer messenger lying at the wharf yesterday morning hoisted a Flag at her fore As a signal that she would depart for Cincinnati in the evening. There was nothing wrong in this but the Messen her s Flag chanced to be that of the United tates. The Star spangled Banner once so revered seemed to Many of our citizens a mockery and in a very Short space of time a Large crowd gathered upon the Bluff. A committee was appointed to wait upon capt. Kyle the owner of the boat and demand that the odious Flag be struck. He met the committee half Way and on learning their wishes at once hauled Down the stars and stripes. This done the people quietly dispersed. Later in the Day information was received that the Steamer Jennie Whipple with 6,000 stand of arms was on her Way Down the River to Supply a United states fort in Arkansas. Three companies of the 154th regiment were ordered out and if the Jennie had come along the muskets said to be on Board her would have been appropriated very properly to our use up to a late hour last night she had not arrived but a steady watch is being kept up for her. We want arms and we must have them. So it appears they Are perfectly at Liberty to take the property of the 8. Government at Memphis and appropriate it to their use. But we must not prevent arms from going to our a a adversaries a As the mayor of fort Smith proclaimed they were. They want arms and must have them he Well they will buy no More in the North. A curious remark was made by a French recently on finding her Lover with her. He said that on a previous occasion when he had found her a a disgraceful situation a then was the c Sion for you to Tvenge the Honor of your tiow the fort was surrendered. What the Fleet was about. The a Sumter Buotote had a great reception at new York. We Gie the following partic ulars which will be found very interesting up Broadway. From Mouth to month the new3 of the arrival of the hero of fort Sumter had been made known Andaman the May thousand s who w Ere gathered on Whitehall Street were Many of our first citizens Ami they joined heartily in the loud Huzzah which greeted him. Hundreds departed with the Carriage running at full Speed and by deeming instinct the people in Broadway saw the significance of the spectacle and joined in the loud cheers for major Anderson. At the Carriage swy up tbs the omnibuses the passengers participated in the cheers. At Iid the crowd of vehicles even old men rushed to catch a passing glimpse and to each major Anderson raised his Cap and gave a pleasant smile. The display of was a notable circumstance and Lieut. Hall remarked a How Good it stems to look upon that Flag again. We have Seldom seen it for months past except the one that was floating Over the Walls of a a amid this scene of spontaneous enthusiasm on the part of our people major Anderson so erred sad and momentarily wre found tears Rushing to lis eyes. To e Carriage rolled Onward and wherever an of a dozen persons were congregated cheers greeted the old Soldier As he passed. This was the Case at All the hotels and even the few assembled in front of the new \ Ork hotel the Center of South in patronage. Could not withhold their tribute of admiration. Turning from Broadway place the Cranage still followed by the crowd and t ii continued until it aved a the private ctr Encevio the Brevoort House where major Andersons family Are stopping Over two Hundred men and boys haying kept Pace with the Carriage from the Battery to the hotel. At the Brevoort ii ouse. Or. Clark the proprietor opened the door and received major Anderson and again he had to run the Gauntlet of a dozen citizens w to desired to extend their congratulations to him. While he was thus momentarily employed his daughter Abba a Beautiful girl of fifteen ran Down the staircase. Seeing her major Anderson ran Forward met her mid was upon the flight and in a moment the soldiers daughter wa�cla8pcd in her father s arms. He then ascended to the apartments of mrs. Anderson where a most affecting scene of reunion occurred. The major. F shortly after major Andersons arrival he was waited upon by the staff of the Headquarters of the array. He turned Over his command to the colonel of the station who ordered it to fort Hamilton that being the quietest and most agreeable Post in the neighbourhood. In reply to a question As to the conduct of the men the Majar said to a gentleman connected with the army a until a Man is half stored a half smothered half poisoned and on the verge of eternity in this state he never can know w hat men i had or understand the measure of the valor that made surrender the last thought with pm of the command is reported to have a Aid that had not the a South Carolina Gen Okmun come to the Steps of the fort to offer his terms for the second tim the Garrison would lie out of court martial a rage the a Tearance of major Anderson. The arduous duty imposed on the Garrison of fort Sumter and the fearful ordeal from which they have just Emir cd hive told fearfully on both officers and men. The officers particularly look worn and those who saw them at fort Moultrie four months ago Carrot fail to be Stimek with their changed appearance. Particularly is this True of major Anderson. Those who have been brought in Contact Frith him and his fellow officers a no ailed to Mark the modesty of their Lea ring which is equated Only by their bravery. The officers As Well As the men of the late Garrison ail love their command. 1 Here is no discord or rivalry among them major Ander son is about 56 years old but now looks something older. Lie is Small in stature and lean in flesh for which latter a Here is believed to live been Good reason new fortunately to vein inside fort Sumter preliminaries to the bombardment. On the afternoon of thursday april 11, a boat Odarine a White lag entwining vol. Chesnut and Captain Lee aids to general Beauregard arrived at fort Sumter with a formal summons to major Anderson to evacuate the fort. The summons stated that the Confederate authorities had refrained from any hostile acts against fort Sumter because they believed that the government United states would withdraw their foree3 from that fort. The government of the United states had not done so and the government of the Confederate states could no longer allow a fort commanding one of their principal harbours to remain in the Possession of the United states. They were now sent by general Beauregard to demand the evacuation of the fort. The following terms were offered 1st. The troops were to be allowed to retain their Arras. 2d. Could take with them All company and personal property. 3d. And to Salute their Flag which had been maintained so Long. Major Anderson replied his sense of Honor and the duty he owed to his government forbade him complying to the request. After receiving this Brief reply the aids returned to report to general Beauregard the result of the conference. At 1 of clock a Little after Midnight on the morning of Friday april 12th, a boat bearing a Flag of truce arrived at the fort bringing col. Hesnut col. Chrisholm capt Leo and col. R. A. Pryor commissioners item Gen. Beauregard. A Jug they brought a communication requesting maj., Anderson to state what Day he would evacuate the work As Gen. Beauregard had understood that their provisions were so far exhausted that the evacuation of the fort would necessarily take place in a Day or two Aud asking if he would agree not to open his Battery unless fort Sumter wa3 fired upon. Maj. Anderson replied that he would evacuate the work at noon on the 15th inst., unless he received supplies or controlling instructions from the government to the contrary and that he would not open his batteries unless his Flag or the Flay of his country should be fired upon or that they did not show some hostile intention. This statement was made in writing and handed to col. Chris Holm at 3% o clock a. M., who after a Short conference with the officer and then pulling out his watch said Gen. Beauregard will open his batteries upon you in one hour from this they immediately left and at 4 a o clock a signal gun was fired from fort Johnson a Shell being the first missile. Second Day. The aim of the enemy was principally directed at our Flag staff from which proudly waved the stars and stripes. After two Days incessant firing the Flag staff was finally shot away. The effect of the enemy a shot on the offi a very portion of the work hurling the Iooss Brick an Ltd atone in All directions breaking Ibe v. Ind a we. And setting fire to whatever Woodwork they burst against. The solid shot firing of the enemy a batteries and parties Laily off it Moultrie was directed at the Barbette Gnoss of fort Sumter disabling one ten Inch columbian one forty two Pounder and two eight Inch sea coast howitzers and also tearing a Large portion of the parapet away. The firing from the batteries Sony Ummings Point wt scattered Over the whole of the Gorge or Reter of the fort. It looked like a Sieve. The explosion of shells and the Quantity of deadly missiles that were hurled in every direction and at every instant of time made it Aln out certain death to go ont of the lower tier of casements and also made the working of the Barbette or upper uncovered guns which contained All our heaviest metals and by which alone we could throw shells quite impossible. During the first Day there was hardly an i Stanat of Lime that there was a cessation of the whizzing of balls which were sometimes coming half a dozen at once. There was not it portion of the work which was not seem reverse that is exposed by the rear from mortars. On Friday before dinner several of the Fleet beyond the bar were a seen through the portholes. They dipped their Flag. The Oom Rry and ordered Sumter a Flag to be dipped in return which was done while the shells were bursting in every direction. The Flagstaff was located in the open Parade which is about the renter of the open space within the fort sergeant Hart saw the Flag of fort Sumter half Way Down and supposing that it had been Cut by the enemy�?T3 shot rushed out through the fire to assist in getting it up. Shortly after it had been raised a Shell burst and Cut the halyards but the rope was so infer ined round the halyards that the Flag would not fall. Rolling powder through Eire. For the fourth time the Barracks were set on Fine Early on saturday Rao Raing and attempts a Ere made to put it out. But it was soon discovered tha t the red hot Short were being thrown into the fort with the greatest rapidity and it became evident that it would be impossible to put out the conflagration. The whole Garrison was then set at work or As Many As could be spared to remove the powder from the magazines which was a desperate work rolling Bank cos of powder through the fire. / ninety Odd. Barrels had Leen rolled out through the flames when the heat became so great As to make it impossible to get out any More. The doors were then closed and locked and the fire spread and became the wind so directed the smoke As to fill the fort so full that the men Cou a not be each other and with the hot stifling air it wasps much As a Man could do to breathe. Soon they were obliged to cover their faces with wet cloths in order to get along at All so i dense was the smoke and so scorching the heat. But few cartridges were left and the guns were fired slowly nor could More cartridges be made on account of the Sparks falling in every part of the works. A gun was fired every now and then Only to let the Fleet and the people in the town know that the fort had not been silenced. The Cannoniere could not see to aim much less where they hit. After the Barracks were Well on fire the batteries directed upon fort Sumter increased their Cann Nading to a rapidity greater than had been attained before. About this time the shells and ammunition in the upper service magazines exploded scattering the towers and upper portions of the building in every direction. The crash of the beams the Roar of the flames the rapid explosion of the shells and the Shower erf fragments of the forts with the blackness of the smoke made the 3cene indescribably terrific a and grand. This continued for several hours. Meanwhile the Oisin Gates were burned Down the Chassis of the Barbette guns were burned away on the Gorge and the upper portions of to e towers had been demolished by shells. There was not a portion of the Fott where a breath of air could for hours except through a wet cloth. The fire spread to the menus quarters on the right Hind and on the left and endangered the powder which had been taken out of the magazines. The men went through the fire and covered the barrels with wet cloths. The exploit of Wigfall. Senator Wigfall made his Appe Aijane at the Embr asure with a White handkerchief on the end of a sword and begged Foi admittance. He asked to see major Anderson. While Wigfall was in the of crawling through the Embr asure Lieut. Snyder Callet tiie kaltim0re mobs. riots thursday and Friday. Full particulars. From the Bajt More Bra of Friday the War . The excitement in the City yesterday Rose to a higher Point than at by time since the a in ounce next of the assault on fort sinter. At an Early hour Large numbers of persons congregated in Tho streets about the Center of the City and a Rumor that troops would my the Barracks caught fire on the first Day Sev eral times and were put out several times by or. Hart of new York a Volunteer who particularly distinguished himself for his coolness and bravery assisted by half a million of dollars will hardly suffice to repair the damages to the fort. On the second Day it caught fire from a 10-Inch Shell the danger to be encountered in the attempt to extinguish it being so great that the major concluded not to attempt it. The effect of the fire was More disastrous than we could have supposed. The subsequent shots of the enemy took More effect in consequence the Walls were weakened and we were More exposed. The main ates were destroyed by the fire thus leaving us exposed to the murderous fire of the enemy. Five Hundred men could have formed on the Gorge and marched on us with out our being Able to oppose them. The fire surrounded the fort on All sides. Fearful that the Walls might crack and the shells Pierce and prostrate them we commenced taking the powder out of the Magazine before the Are had fully enveloped it. We took ninety six barrels of powder out and threw it into the sea leaving two Hundred barrels in. Owing to a Lack of cartridges we kept five men inside the Magazine sewing As we wanted them thus using up our shirts sheets blankets and All the available material in the fort. When we were finally obliged to close the Magazine and our material for cartridges w As exhausted we were left destitute of any incan a to Contil Hie the contest. We had eaten our last biscuit thirty six hours before. We came very near being stifled with the dense livid smoke from Ahe Horning buildings. The men Lay prostrate Ion the ground with wet handkerchiefs Over their months and eyes gasping for breath. It was a Morea of imminent peril. If an Eddy of wind not ensued we All probably should hive been suffocated. The crashing of the shot the bursting of the shells the falling of Walls and the Roar of the flames made a pandemonium of the fort. The following is an account of the firing on Friday shells burst with the greatest rapidity in out to him a major Anderson is at the main he passed through the Embr asure into the Ca Semate paying no attention to what the lieutenant had said. Here he was met by capt. Foster Lieut. A Mead and Lieut. Davis. He said a i wish to see major Anderson i am Gen. Wigfall and Como from Gen. i t he then added in an excited manner a let us Stop this firing. Y of Are on fire and your Flag is Down. Let us Lieut. Davis replied a no sir our Flag is not Down. Step out Here and you will see it waving Over the a Lei us Juit this a said Wigfall. A a Here a a Flag will anybody wave it a out of the Embr asure a Cue of the officers replied a that is for you to do if you Wigfall responded a if there is no one else to do it i will a and jumping into the Embr asure waved the nag toward the tiring still continued from Moultrie and the batteries of Sullivan s Island. In answer to his repeated requests one of the officers said one of our men May hold the Flag and Corporal bin Hurst jumped into the . The shot continuing to strike All around him he jumped Down again after having waved the nag a few moments and said a Damn it they done to respect this Sag they Aue firing at Wigfall replied a they fired at me two or three times and i stood it and i should think that you might Wigfall Theu said a if you will show a White Flag from your ramparts they will cease Lieut. Davis replied. A if you request that a Flag shall be show there while you hold a conference with major Anderson and for that purpose alone it May be at this Point major and son carny Wigfall said. A it am Gen. Wigfall a and come from Gen. Beauregard who wishes to Stop i.�?T,- major Anderson rising on his toes and coming Down firmly upon his heels replied a a Well sir a Quot major Anderson a said Wigfall a you. A leave defended your Flag nobly sir. You have done All that is possible Tor men to do and Gen. Beauregard wisbe3 to Stop the tight. On what terms major Anderson will you. Evacuate this fort a major Anderson us reply was a a Gap. Beauregard is already acquainted with my a do i understand that you will evacuate upon the terms proposed the other Day a a yes sir and on those conditions Only a was the reply of the major. A then sir a said Wigfall a i understand Maior Anderson that the fort is to be ours 1 on those conditions Only i Vve Rywell a said Wigfall and he retired. Wigfalle a deception. During this time the firing on Sumter was continued but at the request of general Wigfall a White Flag was hoisted on the ramparts towards fort Moultrie to silence the batteries on Sullivan a Island while he was holding this conference with major Anderson. The batteries then ceased firing. General Wigfall immediately left Sumter and in fifteen minutes afterwards a boat containing col. Cues nut ool. Miles m. A col. R. A. Pryor and capt. Lee arrived at the fort. These gentlemen came from general Beauregard to in Juire in reference to the White Flag displayed rom the ramparts. The visit of general Wigfall was then explained to them to which they replied a a that general Wigfall had not seen general Beauregard for two Days Quot major Anderson then repeated to them what he had said to general Wigfell. Capt. Lee replied a a these were the terms proposed by general Beauregard before the hostilities commenced. Do i understand major Anderson that those Are the Only terms that you accede to now. Sir a Anderson Are you empowered to treat in reference to this matter sir a capt. Lee a no sir we Are Anderson a a then sir i have nothing More to say on the the negotiations for a surrender were however perfected. A Chance for the educated. White House Washington april 1st, 1861. J the subscriber is desirous of finding a few Able bodied and intelligent Young men capable of speaking a Little French who would have no objection to travel or live in Europe charges it affaires ministers and consuls. That there May be no equivocation or prevarication the undersigned would state that All applicants will be examined in French by himself. A Abra Ham n. Jersey men need vanity Lane eur Libb Asa. Privati in Thi Confederate , april 13�? judge g. W. Lane recently appointed United states judge of the Northern District of Alan Bama and confirmed by the Senate to that position has thrown up his commission and volunteered As a private in the Confederate Mobile advertiser. A John c. sheep of a Nurce leaped from the precipice into the sea because their Blind Bell wether tumbled Over arrive Over the Northern Central Railroad during the Forenoon created an intense sex Cit count. A meeting of the Louthern rights men was held at the Taylor building and it was there determined to offer no resistance to their passage through the City. After the adjournment of the meeting the throng in the Street increased. About ii o clock three or four Young men made their appearance at the Coiner of Baltimore and North streets wearing badges representing the Confederate Flag when they were instantly surrounded by a crowd who demanded that they a Bould remove them. The police interfered and no attempt at violence was made. The Young men then walked Down South Street followed by a crowd and when Between second and Lombard streets they were surrounded. The police again interfered and one of the parties appealed to marshal Kane to know if he had the right to Wear such an Emblem. The marshal implied that he lad a perfect right to do so so Long As he was orderly and a committed no 1 reach Oto the a it each. The crowd then left them and returned to Baltimore Street on the Way cheering for the stars an str Pes. Occasionally the re would be a movement of the crowd w Hen the Polacc would interfere and March off the author to the police Stalion. Shortly after twelve o clock the movement of an unusual body of police indicated that something else was on hand and the were followed to the Bolton depot by a Large number of . Shortly after two of clock the sound of the whistle indicated the approach of a train arid with it came some three or four Hundred troops. A part of them comprised a Battery of artillery and the remainder w Ere said to be recruits from Pennsylvania. The recruits were without uniform of them Ajmo Frt without clothing. A few of them carried Flint lock rifles while More than half the number carried no arms at All. When they emerged from the train three cheers w Ere Given for Bell and Everett which was soon followed by several groans. The crowd seemed to be disappointed in the appearance of the military but followed them through Howard Street to the Camden station. Then it was found that the train had left and it be Carje necessary to March them to the mount Clare station where a train was provided for them. The regulars broke off at Charles Street and marched to fort Mchenry. In the after Foon the crowd increased on Baltimore Street and several times there was hallo oing which the police checked by carrying off several to the police station. At night the crowd again assembled on Baltimore Street and up to a late hour there was a Good Deal of cheering. It was intimated that senator Sumner of Massachusetts had arrived in a he City and stopped at Barnum a. There an immense throng immediately went and after giving three groans began to Call for or. Sumner and cheer him. It was finally understood by the crowd that he was not there and the crowd fell off and dispersed. The police found it necessary during the night to arrest several parties for disorderly conduct besides which there was no violation of the Law. In front of Barnum a the Southern rights men were addressed by several speakers and All was Good order. In Asp age of the Northern Federal troops a their March from depot to depot the feeling of the people. The regular passenger train with an extra train both of which Eft Harrisburg pa., at eight o clock yesterday morning brought to the Bolton depot yesterday afternoon Between six and seven Hundred troops and raw recruits in response to the Lincoln proclamation. The troops included a company of the fourth artillery United states army. Major Pemberton from St. Paul Minnesota Tvrz com Anies from Pottsville a on company from Reading pa., and the Logan guard. The United slates troops were acting As in Fantry and carried Only their Ide arms. The Volunteer companies were not More than if Fly uniformed and armed and presented Nie As hard looking spedmen3 of humanity As could be found anywhere. Some were Mere boys and there were a few coloured individuals in the ranks generally acting As servants to the officers. A knowledge of the troops caused Tun , and served to augment the excitement which bad prevailed All Day. A throng of several thousand persons gathered at the Bolton depot and upon the arrival and disembarkation of the troops about two clock Strong symptoms of a riot were manifested. In anticipation of this probable contingency the entire police Force of the City were ordered on duty yesterday and marshal Kane was present in person with a about 120 policemen who guarded As Well As therould the persons of the troops from actual assault and prevented a breach of the peace. They con la not Stop the Mouths of the people however and the scene that ensued and continued along the March was ludicrous and the expressions not at All complimentary to the military excursion lists. Hisses groins cheers and imprecations were mingled by the crowd who highly excited moved along the sidewalks. The March was Down Ilo Fard to Camden up Camden to Eutaw Paca and Pratt streets to the mount Clare depot where a train of sixteen Burden Tounage cars specially fitted up with seats was waiting to convey them to Washington. The March from depot to depot was a rapid one. And the column moved flanked on either Side by files of policemen about ten paces apart and extending several squares the mass of spectators following indulging in All sorts of pastimes such As singing a away no. 40. Are miss. Taken but from the or at Pratt Street Bridge and the ear moved without their Aid to within a Short distance of Gay Street. Between Gay and Frederick Street a number of labourers were engaged in repairing the bed of the Street and just at the moment when the car reached Gay Street they were engaged in removing the cabbie stones from the principal portion of the Street. Some thirty of forty men assembled at this Point having followed the or from the depot and with cheers for Davis and the Southern confederacy hurled bitter taunts at the Northern Black republicans As they termed them. The troops remained in perfect silence. This continued for several minutes when As the horses were again attached Ane the car moved off it was proposed to Stone it. Before the car had gone Twenty Yards almost every window therein was broken to pieces and a portion of the crowd followed considerable Istance hurling having stones. Those persons not in uniform who were standing on the platform hastily jumped off to avoid the precipice. John o. Breckinridge under takes this atom soft. To a to tote Otis Htiek wether in to to Quiej a Lou invt pastimes such As singing Down in Dixie a Cne Cring for Jeff. Davis and the Southern confederacy the Union pc. While the troop3 were occupying the cars at mount Clare a perfect pandemonium existed and such screeching Yelling hooting and cheering was probably never heard before. Demonstrations of a riot were renewed and everal bricks were hurled at the cars. One party was arrested by the police but afterwards released. A Colora Man received a severe Cut on the head and it was said one of the soldiers was injured. The train departed for a amp Hington about 4 o clock. The crowd then dispersed and the police Force was withdrawn to the Southern police station. Conductor George Rawlings was in charge of the regular passenger train which brought a portion Olathe troops from Harris Burg. An immense crowd assembled at the Harrisburg depot to see the companies off and they left amid the most enthusiastic demonstrations. More Northern troops will arrive to Dayr and henceforth the sight of marching soldiers and beating Drums will be no Novelty in this City. It was understood last night that fort Mchenry was occupied by a portion of the artillery company better known As Sherman a Battery of Light artillery. Other troops will be quartered at fort Mcinenry to be held As a Reserve. About two of clock yesterday afternoon a party of Young men residing in South Baltimore procured a Small swivel and took the gun up on Federal Hill near the Flag House with the intention of firing a Salute of fifteen guns in Honor of the secessionists of Virginia. When one or two rounds had been fired a Large party of men working in the shops in the neighbourhood made a descent on those engaged in firing the Salute drove them off and captured the swivel tumbling it Down the Bill into the River. One of the saluting party received a Cut on the head in the affray. Capt. Bode of the Southern District upon hearing or the affair repaired to the spot with a posse of police out those concerned had scattered. The submerged gun can easily be the Southern rights men yesterday afternoon raised at the intersection of Green mount Avenue and Charles streets the Confederate Flag and fired a Salute of one Hundred guns the Flag is of a Large size and standing upon an Elevation is a prominent object in that Vicinity. From the Baltimore american of Friday afternoon attack upon the troops. Citizens fired upon and kilted. Several of the troops killed. Civil War in our streets. The military under arms. For at the president Street depot of the p Hila Delphia Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad this morning a Large crowd was assembled in anticipation of the arrival of a Large number of troops Fri Pic naw York and Massachusetts. Shortly after 11 a a clock the train from Philadelphia comprising 29 cars arrived at the depot. Without disembarking the soldiers from the train the several cars had bar ses attached and about nine were drawn along Pratt Street to the Camden station. The first wether in the Hope that kentuckians aft his Vuie journal. Six being permitted to be drawn along without creating any marked objection. From some reason the horses attached the the seventh car came restore and were tily jumped Oil to avoid the Shower of stones. The eighth car was treated in the same manner but the ninth car apparently being empty or at Lefet no person being visible except the Driver of the team escaped with Only one Stone thrown. The crowd exulted in their work exclaiming that the Black republicans should not pass through Marylind. A lapse of we minutes succeeded a number of respectable persons urging the crowd to tear up the track. Tbs track torn up. After the first train had passed a second one was observed on Pratt Street Bridge when anchors were dragged on the track at the Corner of Gay Street and a part of the track taken up. Observing this the cars were turned Back to the president Street depot and the men disembarked and prepared to March through the City. Mayor brows with a number of police appeared at Fieira Bead an Ltd led the they came a tog at a brisk Pace and when they reached imn rect space in immense concourse of people closed in behind them and commenced stoning them. When they reached Gay Street where the track Haft been torn up a Large crowd of men armed with paving stones showered them on Heads with such Force that several of them were knocked Down in the ranks. After laying a few moments they crowded into some of the stores on Pratt Street. After they fell there was no further attack made on them and those thus wounded were taken to apothecary store3 for medical attendance. At the Corner of South and Pratt streets a Man fired a pistol into the ranks of the military when those in the ranks immediately wheeled and fired upon their assailants and several were wounded. The guns of the soldiers that had Falleaf wounded were seized and fired upon the ranks with fatal effect in two or three instances. \ after they reached Calvert Street they succeeded in checking their pursuers by a rapid fire which brought Down two or three and were not much molested until they reached Howard Street where another Large crowd was assembled seme stones were thrown at them but their guns were not loaded and they passed on through the dense crowd Down Howard Street towards the depot. The scene pit Pratt Street was of the most startling character. The wounded soldiers three in Numier were taken up carefully and carried to places of safety by the citizens along the streets. J scenes at the Camden station. The announcement made by a number of persons that a Large body of Trojia would certainly pass through on the Way to Washington attracted an immense mass of persons. They were stretched along to such an extent that it would be difficult to compute them however the number could not have been le3s than than six or seven thousand. A Large detachment of the police under the direction of marshal Kane soon appeared and orders were Given to Clear the track near the main depot building. This was done and soon after a Large passenger car of the Philadelphia and to Altir Nore company came up at a rapid rate filled with the soldiers. This ctr was soon followed by about sixteen More All of which were also occupied by the military. Upon inquiring it was ascertained that they consisted of a regiment of Massachusetts infantry the sixth col. E. F. Jones and . Shut Ruck in All eleven companies with an aggregate of 8g9 men rank and file. Soon As the train arrived some of thy troops were compelled to change cars when they were hooted at by the crowd. But no overt was committed. Several Young men appeared at one of the cars and displayed revolvers whereupon a Captain of one of the companies Drew his sword and declared he would protect his Mere soon after which the train wa3 ready to Start under the command of col. Shutt assisted by Richard Armstrong. Many expected that the train would Start immediately but it did not move until a about half past twelve the delay being occasioned by the fact that president Garret had received information that a Large crowd of excited men had determined to tear up the track and blow up the Bridges and thereby prevent the passage of the train. In fact the principal officers of the company took position in the Steeple in the depot of the building and perceived the parties moving a along toward the wooden Bridges beyond the Spring gardens. They were quickly followed by a Large detachment of police who seemed determined to prevent them the Road. During this time the crowd increased in number and the excitement grew intense. Quot a in a few minutes after the train left the. Discharge of fire arms attracted the attention of the crowd to the Corner of Pratt and Howard streets where a body of infantry from one of the Northern states about one Hundred and fifty Strong were seen rapidly approaching the depot and no doubt anxious to reach the cars. The excitement now wa3 beyond description and a Man displaying the Flag of the Confederate states seemed to be the rallying Point of the disaffected people. Some of these assaulted the command with stane3, when a number of the latter discharged their muskets. At least Twenty shot were fired but As far a3 we could learn no person was injured. A horse at the intersection of the Street was struck by a Ball and rendered helpless. There seemed to be but Little discipline among the troops especially As they rushed along Pell Mell. Quot whilst they were entering the cars a crowd of Young men gave them several volleys of bricks and stones some of which demolished the windows of the cars whereupon three or four of the men pointed their muskets through the car windows and fired. They aimed deliberately at the crowd but no one was injured. A whilst this body was passing near the Corner of Pratt and Charles streets they got into collision with the crowd and tiring took place. One of the soldiers named Robbins of a company from Stonington conn., was wounded in the Back part of the heal and fell to the ground. He was taken into the apothecary establishment of messr9. 8weet-Zer k co., and received the attention of prof. Dunbar who stated at the time we left that he was dying. He was a Fine looking Man and very Calm and composed. The train of the second detachment left about one and a Quarter of clock. N killed and wounded. The following persons were killed and wounded one of the members of company d., of the Massachusetts regiment whose name wa3 not ascertained was shot in the breast and instantly killed. Private Keenan of the same company wa3 shot in the left leg and another member of the same company in the left Side. They were All taken into the produce store of a. Bond amp co., no. 106 Pratt Street near Commerce. Francis Ward a Young Law student residing at the Corner of Aisquith and Baltimore streets received a Ball in his breast on the right Side. A or. Davis of the firm of Peg Tam Parater k Davis was shot dead on pro the Street standing at his door. ? a Man named John Mcgeon who lives at no. 2 North Bond Street near Baltimore received a Ball on the right Side above the loins and was expected to die in an hour. We. Reed a youth 18 years of age received a Ball in the Abdomen and was attended by or. Dunbar. He died in an hour after. A Young Man from Wilmington del., in the employ of messes. France k co., was shot in the Abdomen and also had his left leg shattered. He was not expected to survive. Or. S. Constant of new York Willce tepid ing in the doorway of or. In. Robinson no. 81 South Street was shot in the left Arm the Ball passing through and entering the breast of an old Man who was standing at his Side. Patrick Griffin an employee of capt. Leo. Dorman was wounded to the left Side of the stomach and was taken into the House of j. Lupp on Pratt Street near Commerce Street. Do mors troops the several Railroad companies have positively refused to transport any More troops through the City to Washington. Martial Law proclaimed. Governor Hicks immediately upon the announcement of the doings on Pratt Street proclaimed martial Law. The military at the time we Are going to press Are promptly responding at their armoires. No More troops k la be allowed to pass through the City and probably no More attempt will be made to move them this Way it becomes every Good citizen to unite with the military in calming the excitement am restoring order and quiet. The mayor and police will actin conjunction with the military authority of tha a a oui City has been of a terrible tag it Yin. The blood of or citizens has Boen shed and that Hiaty eve Clit has happened which must now All together As Marylander. Rny Cla nations of gov. Nir?k3 and mayor Brown to the people of Maryland Tab governor s proclamation. To the people of Maryland the unfortunate Arete of.iftib-3 now crisis ing in the country has greatly exo Tod Tho people of Maryland.4 in consequence of car Peruli to Pouti it a. It is not to be expecte4 tout the people of the state can unanimously agree upon the Best Mode of preserving the Honor and integrity of the state and of main tanning with my apr limits that peace so earns stay desired by ail Good citizens. The emergency is great. The consequence of a rash step will be fearful. It is the imperative duty of every True son of a hat hid to do All that can tefts to arrest the Tfir ened evil., i Etc Refore counsel the people in All earnestness to withhold their hand from whatever May tend to precor pirate us into pro Gulf of discord and ruin gaping to Reva As. I counsel the people to Abs Ain from All heated controversy upon the subject to told All things that tend to or Minasien and recrimination to believe that the origin of our evil stay May Well be forgotten now by every Patriot in the Earnest de ire to Avert from us its fruit. All Powers vested in Tlle governor of the slate will be strenuously exerted to preserve the pc and maintain i Crio ale Tlle Honor and integrity of Maryland. I Call a on the people to obey the Laws and to Aid the Ifon sutured authorities in their eur Deavors to preserve the fair fee of ouf Tato assure the people that no a rooms will to sent from Maryland unless it May be for the defence of the National capital. It is my intention in the future As it has been my Endeavor in the past to preserve the people of Mary lated Fredra civil War Aud i invoke the assistance of every True and Loyal citizen to Aid me to this end. The people of the state will in a Hort time have the Opportunity afforded them in a special election fir members of Congo is of the United states to express their Devolio Tito the Union or their desire to Sec it broken up. The. H. Hicks governor of Maryland. Baltimore 18th april 1861. R proc Amaroy of the mayor. A m mayor s of kick april 18th, 1861. J i heartily cd cup in the determine of of the governor to Pney a Are the peace an l main Tain inviolate this Honor and integrity of Maryland As set Forth in the above proclamation and will earnestly co operate with his efforts to maintain peace and order ii the City of Baltimore. 5 and i cannot withhold my expression of satisfaction at his Resolution Thart no troops shall be sent from Maryland to the soil of any other 3�?Tate. The great questions at Issue must in the lat resort be settled by the. People of tie gift and state for themselves at the ballot Box and an Opportunity for a free expression of their opinions will Speed r by be afforded at the approaching congressional election. If the counsels of the governor shall lie heeded we May rest secure in the Confidence that the storm of civil War which now threatens the country will at last pass Over our beloved state and leave it unharmed but if they shall be disregarded a fearful and fratricidal strife May rat once burst Forth in our such circumstances can any Good citizen doubt for a moment the course which i Daty and Honor alike require him to pursue go. We. Brown mayor a. Tile course of governor Hicks of Maryland. From the bal timer american of thursday Moro Las 1 the variety of rumours afloat throughout the Day yesterday in relation to the Call a Nado by the general government on the state of Maryland for four regiments ote military received some show of plausibility from an announcement in the National intelligencer a governor Hicks responded affirmatively to the requisition. The facts Are we stated yesterday morning that governor Hicks has As yet taken to final action on the subject and probably will not for some if keys to come. If the militia Are called out in Maryland it will do under the written pledge of the Goverio meet at Washington that they True to be la Ela for he special a preservation of the peace and quiet of top state of Maryland and Are ,.ia any events to be employed beyond to Quot Borders except in the defence of the National capital a hath is part an l parcel of the original territory of the a they Are taken in a the service of the government under this agreement they will remain on duty in Baltimore and not be removed Nenee unless their ser us Are inoperative it re quire la at Washington whither they can he transported in a few hours. We have reason to believe that this is the extent or the action As yet taken by tiie governor he reserving for future consideration the decision of Tho question As to whether he will give a Favora ule or unfavourable response to the re Quill Tion if the War department Exchange of compliments Between forts Sumter and Moultrie. The Charleston courier says of the second Day saturday of the be Impre of fort Sumter in the first Day the major had ignored major Lii Pley Una Al Lale i n the Day but this morning he commenced with All his Energy on Moultrie. It was near 7 o clock when to opened fire and of course was immediately answered. Very warm work than ensued Between these great fort euros. Sumter a seemed to concentrate All her Force on this Point with some , against the floating Battery. Indeed there appeared to be almost a cessation of hostilities everywhere but at the two forts All either Points seeming to be intent on the dreadful struggle Between them or at least their fire was lost amid the continued roaring of Sumter and Moultrie again teach other. It Vya Suying this struggle that old Sumter Firth fifty four guns per hour of Moultrie with her five guns. It was just after the fire from to in irettes Hud began to Slack that the flames in Sumter burst out. The mortar batteries and the Enki rudins batteries had previously been shooting tit certain intervals but As Soojin As the fire Broko out either from orders received or Froin the enthusiasm of the moment they All commenced to fire As Quick As they could Load. A indulging treason. The new York Post says i hitherto there has been no limit to tar forbearance and indulgence of the Northern Ople. Treason has swaggered in Dur streets bragged in our Public meetings unchecked hut this must be endured no what should be the Fate of the Etna Maries whom the Houth sends non us and the Northern men whom she bribes to Jay her agents in the guilty work now leg Rita May deserve some consideration. It is certainly better that they should be drummed out of our Borders Aud sent among the rebels where they can do no Arrn. Than that. They should be caught and hanged. It Mir Only scruple in a this matter won do arise from the danger that when the course of Legal proceeding is once departed from sad irregular modes of compulsion sub Stitaya there is no knowing where the people will Stop. Their anger once unchained and bursting from tie Ordinary restraints which the Law imposes in like the whirlwind let Loose to destroy. In what has already happened both at Philadelphia and Here he tools of treason on this Side of the Potonec have received a warning to beware of provoking its excesses. An Irish shout for War. This weeks Tablet a leading Organ of Tho Irish population of new York say a a the secessionists have now bin the War and not Only do they talk of j Ais Ting the United states government but a making an aggressive War upon it. Walk a the Secretary of War of the so called confederates government in a speech delivered at Montgomery of Friday evening last a tired Tho a threat Thi before May 1st next be secession Ensign Lould the place of the time honoured Jenner of the american Republic Over the a Pitol at Washington. The United states must now prepare to defend themselves. The president Nas called for seventy five thousand men and summoned a special session of Congress. New York Pennsylvania and Ohio have already spoken exit. The United states government rant put Forth All its Energy to put Down the rebellion and every True Man must now stand up amp Ribe stars and stripes. Cod save the Union r capt. Ponder Tasu the Louisville journal says Captain Pendergrast in command of the United states sbip3 at Norfolk on finding that the authorities of that City and of Portsmouth. To defeat the designs of the United states government had placed obstructions in the River thus shutting Hita to turned his broadsides to both cities and compelled them to have the obstructions removed. Capt. Pendergrast like col. Anderson d a kentuckian. Both were born in Jefferson county and both Are worthy to Bear the american Flag through deadliest perils. Toe Virginia secessionists have been proclaiming their determination to seize the Navy Van fat Portsmouth but we have Little debt Toat capt. P. Has Given or will give notice to i Ort so Mouth and Norfolk that at the firs so a it or assault his grim broadsides will belch Natal and the floating Battery w person profoundly impressed with the a Iva do of the secessionist created qute a Titus excitement at but sad he Al Wash a up in ton on monday morning what pretended to be a despatch Hatteras Light announcing Oati of if b from to has Jutt Ped Der sail and steam heading no and lose y pursued by the Charleston floating Battery. A a a fellow citizens we say to you be Eahart a the midst of the fiery excitement around Vou bit undo for umbrage us Trees. Urpin your collars. Unbutton your vet. Make a ipod Pra fan you. Drink ice water. Thief a o res fan you. The frosty caucasus a Icene this morning a .�? Louisville journal in Short tap
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