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Cincinnati Daily Columbian Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1854, Page 1

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Cincinnati Daily Columbian (Newspaper) - June 23, 1854, Cincinnati, OhioA NEWS AND BUSINESS PAPER, INDEPEN DENT ON ALL SUBJECTS. VOL. i. XO. 225.CINCINNATI, FRIDAY MORNINCÍ;' JUNE 23, 1854. TEN CENTS A WEEK. paila (S^flluniljian. I Í5^e paila ©fllumiiiaii. PCBLISHED KVEKV MORNIWU. !■ Ill* CirimMu ButMlnc. TUr4 M.. ke«. W alaiU ait« Viu«s toy ^ AUBKKT O RlCUAItl>iMI.\, PHOPHIKTOR. WIL.L1AM B fcUATTUCR. KOI TOR. It «HI «««talB tk« laM*t    >>•    r«c«ÍT,.d Mars tvoa’ctoek ia UMSMniinit.    tha    moat    ear«ral aa4 aecantt* raporu aT tba principal markats of anr own eaaatry aa4 Barapa, aw4 carr«apoB«atMsa troai «11 p«rta of tba w«ri4. la Ttfforoaa aaterpr.aa aad Indoatry, it will be aarond t« aa aoaiUr pabltcatioa, «ad arill devote apacial attention to tba <a«araM* tba ITaaa, Ita AoaiCVLTüKB, Oonnaaoa. Mapv-fACfvnn, MtnnuAL Bnaovncsn, cci. it wlllba nptiUd in aeaaau bw tba Omt llKbtaing tralnt. and will reach a large partioa of Obia, ladiaaa pad Kentnck^ on the aaaaa day. TEKMS or 8UB8CRIFTIOK. y tiM Year, delivared br «.^arriar...................$d.uO V IlM* We«9k, payable to Carrier................... 10 y MaH,invariably ta advance..................b.00 WRKKUT PbPRR. Tiae Cplubtan pb4    eat otb Weakly, of tba Ureeet claaa, editad and ar- I la a lie fwagod ezarMly for Ae eoantry cucnlatloa. Evary nnmber arill eaatala a popular «ale, the lataat market reporta, articlea mm acrienltnre, valaable eorreepondaoce, a completa aummary of    ‘    - aad^a|^r^ variety of aditoriala. and instmeaive and “    TERMS: One Cepy, mam year..............................*3 00 U»>€e»y.eU»«etha............................ 100 fmmr CepI—. rnmm year, and one to apent, aix montb8,..i00 Mj^gm Unpiea. one year, and one to «cent, twalaw montha 10 UO Htrteni Captes, one year, and ond^ agent, twelve ..a.................««E......eaaa.a.eealftW Captoa, ana year, and oift to agent, twelve maa'lS    .'T. .*.","    .20    00 m^Tmymmut muMrbmmmd^ in ndranen, and thasubacripUoa jrnintlj    at the end ot the time paid for* mil—t g^AMteioae may be made to clube, at any time, on the Poetwtaalera are aatboriaed to act as agenta, and PMuauterslja tbe West and 8ootb-weet. are resi>ectfnlly so-lieltad to rlw bao» prodnctioa a fair trial._ __ ,SPECIAL    NOTICES.~ ¡biPTICK—The parir ••ship heretofore existing betamsn tbe aabecribers. n; w tUs name ef Stanhope S. j^we * C« . ie d«eeolv«d by mi .aal censeat. The business will be eloeed ba S 8. Howe, who will coultai'a to use tba nsme ol the Onu l0f tteu parpoae.    STANHOPES- KUWE, ■or laat parpoaa    ^ Olaciaaati. JaaetX iSM.__Jo23    Iw AM iMUMAANCK levying a tax for Corporation and CaawmTS^lpo.posee in the Incorporated Villsge ot Giif. t SAa tep %he 9 epf 1 Sac I. Be it ordAiued by tbe C.->nncll of the villege of CUf-*— Thrt there shall be k vied and collected upon the grand Sat real aad personal property within said vilUpe, valued appts sed. aad liable and rnbieet to taxation for htate nad oeaaty parpaesa for tbe yesw 18M. the fbHowing per oentegw aaady: Far geacral Oarporat-on aad Boad pnrpostw. aae half milU oa aach dotlar at said aarposas two mills aa each dollar of said vnloarlon, which asmasmant shall ba etwiiSrd by ibc Recordar to the Aoditor mf Uamiltoa Oouiy, lma»ad*«taiy after tbe pMS^ her-of. gac 3. This nrdlnanre tdiaU take rSect aad be ia force from *^ím2Ñrt*ti!é^t5ií2cU Chamber ia Clifton, t^ls *lst day of Jaoe.. A. D „18ft4.    F. BAIX. PresMrnt. RoarkT WLT, Rsoorder. jbSSlt FpsrtM AmmmaI Closing Out Bale DRY GOODS. MetwUkataadiBg tbe oxtiaardiaarj preasnta In tbe m larket. Ooo. White bas determinad on baking tba nsna ssi ebesm sale of leeeoaabls goods, to coaiplotaly close i mooey  _I nsnal an- I ebcsm sale of «eaeoaable goods, to eoaiplotaiy close oat a parsloaefblsexiewslvw stock.    ¿ Determlaod. as formsriy, aot to carry forward from ona saa ttm ip amUmc* rack    Pt    BuBamr    Kllka,    GraBPdlPCP Malagas. Tfosaee, Marege da Lainek Boonecs, Ribbons, Maul Shawls, do., dr. All saeh coops wi!l be soM on anew aftar Hoaday aext, Jana S6tb , at tba nnssnal s« BMT.tbU--------------  -■---■ jstsas ________,________ sacrifice neccs. ta secara their speedy sate. CKO. WHITE. U d «8 Fifth stiaet. Mirarla* Dagscrrelaa Uallery—Cornar Foarth and Walaat, Malodaoa Bnildlnc.—For porUaits of Adnlts, by oar proeaas aad improved lastmmenis, a clondy day ia QoltO mm fovonsbfo aa etoar weather. For ebOdrca, a citar day, (batwean 10 and 2 o’clock,) !s paaforable. la dsasa, avoid WhHc, Blue or Hght Pink. Oar Oalicry wttb ita large aad brilUant ecUecUon ol Da-gwarreotypaa aad other work ol Art. U open at all kours aad pass; rrbetbar viMtore wish pietaiea taksn or noL we shall at all Umas be happy to res them._ jntl-lw Bonus.—The k^kholders of tbe CincintmU Leather innlartai lij Oeen^ny, will please take notlcs, that aa rlaetfoe for I^etoiB as proridsd by tbe ebarter, will take placa at tbatr eOfoe ea SaTVRDaT. the SM of Jaly, 1864. Jambs Toiin.    1 JOSEPH McDOCCAL, I TUOMA8BKOOKS, S CommiMioaen. JOELB. HUNT,    Í )aB.dlm    J.T.    OPTHBIK.    J FBewtli «r JAIF OlebratiM —AU the varlona Civic Military. Trade aad Benevolent Asnociatioaa, of this and BCighborlag eftica. are herebycoñlially a td raspcetfnily isrt* tad ta Jota with tba people at X^nelDuati in booariag the sp-preartiing aaalvcrsary of Amestcan Indepeadeaea, by piopo. aMaaaad ceiakrstioa AU SssBiii ttioas witling to Join tbe prooeasiaa, are reooeet-od to emamaaiaete the same to tbs Ucaad Marabel of tba Day as early as poasibla. By order ef Bx. Coes. JdStAt      C.    W. AMDBB80N, See’y. B—BMiIdd af iAb ttalt lleaee. CMieimfoaa. wiU take Beaaa MuMOaV, tha IPik af Jaaa, haviag aadargonaa retuiag la every dapartagent. Terms, eae dollar I«i7 Iw    8.    K. MARSH, Frepcfetor. OAee OaeteBbti Wmmmrrn RdllrMd UoMsBy.— fTpainnsll,'f «a«^lli Ijjl    Mackboinera of tha «Xncinnsti Wsrtasa B uttread CcaapanT are hereby notilfo^ that tba third JaassBaaeat af five dollars Bcrahaia,dna tba tweatieth Jnly aaab, and tba foarth tBa'aUmaataf five doUsnper.abare, due tba «weatietb Ancwet aast, are called for, payable at the office efrbe eoataaay. Re. 3S West Third at. By erderef tbe Board.    CAL1ÍS B. SMITH, ~    Freeident. 8=:.5i par day. ^MAS0MICClU.BBaAT10/f.—The Masoaic Redar ef Nesrpoit. My., will ecisbrate St. John’s Day, Sdth last.. In Newport. All menbam ia good Btaadiag are cordially invitad to attend and pariici-MSa la the ceramoniee of the day. R4M.'£t^^OKIX I Coaualtteeof Arrange laMU A ___Ta»a*«*    WokDaa    oOms hiamelfaa acaadi- daM lar the oMreet SbarlEef llsailllea eoanty. sabiect to the slnaCf.a by iha popoJar vote mt^mi fitisnas. SboaM he ba ■ ' alactdB, k »J aad snbsegaaotiy hapiadgas btanatl to día- abarge tha dadas mt tba oMoa taliAltely. imgwdaliy, and to T tfoabassefbfoabimy. Wmmmmto rgflkiiiBP Sm> U3f Ptdpefty.—I wiUvx-aba .we iM asTws smaiespibrod Laait wUbiu H ofLafaa-tba Railroad, with ealaabla atiaersl spring, for good tetefSkSarty. Also, at her valnabla Imnd. aa tba Short iJba Bsdraad U Daytaa. RftOAR CONKLTNO. Now Colambian Bnildinr Sdslt ^ NATIVE WINES. OpartdlBC Catawim, (Tba rival ofths Pranch Campaigns ) SeOI C^atawrba, (Corvospandcnca to tha Oarmao Mock Wiaea.) igiidles Wiae, CA deHelaas aad delicate bararsga.i a!I of the **Caraaoopta Braud^ (Prepared by Ooniean A San.) UstBwfca ■rmadr. (A aaw aad terabar article—SuicUy Pnro—for Medical mir-paaas aarlvaiad.) Tha anderstgoad. la additioa to their rrgnlar bosiaess as ■aaafoatarere of «ATlvn Wixgt, have detarBined to oatab-Behageaeral Ceeamems Uodkx; for tha purchase and sala Tall Sitíelas aaaaoasad wish tha ealsara of tba Orspa aad tba ■amtk a mt BASira Wixn; thas aasMiug parties resid-; at a dblnaaa. as wall as others, ta proenra at, or through rweygbb^ aaadad. fromtbs grape viaa euttiug to the Aad wo dsaira ta assoro all persons parchasing _ta    wimaat ears ertll be obpervoa la folfillii^ t« the tenor, tba wtebtl af oar enetomers; and any articles sold by aa, will ba gnaraatoad ta ba proctealy what they are repra-Moasd. I* addHtoo ta anr lUt at Wiaea aad Catawba Bran-dy. aa above will be Iwraishad ta order: dmpa Tiaa Cauiags. or RooU of avery variety af Ctapca; BBB Wtoaia CaakajVocfc WUta Bottlaa; Corks; Wine Casks •f every aloe, tram 4Sta figdS gallooa: Wine Prataos, Uigsaad aasatl; Saccharometers: Caokiag Machines; Bostiliw Tools and Colter aaaarauMi of ovary kind desired. We will alsafar* ateh wrlttaa tastracttasM In detaU. for the caltivatfoa of «he Craps. aad the preparaiton of tha atUl ar dry Wiae—also Tiaayard hands irbo arc thorongbly gnaWftisl fmr tba basi haviag srtaas ef their own ta casks—cither forcig eaa have tfacv bouled ia the most caroful man aB asdars, peat paid, wl reral vcfmatedlate aUentioa ___C'UUNEaU    ASUX. AgaaU. ■a • «ebTSWaat Third atreots. onaostM tbs BametHvnee. t>Aw Mill and Liunb«r Yard. ROBKRT CMBMUrrOX.-Lomber Uwlsr. at Coinm-kta, IvemUae ftrym Cinci.natL at tba Coinmbia Ssatlea aa «be Uttle Miami Batlioad. s.w« to order bridge and Jram-^bar af aU kfada. Joist, bcantling, and Outtoc Sticks, also keeps eaosteatly oa bead a good usortmaot ol Seaeottad dfotsaca pcaasptly ettaudad ta. Jufodly.c « Msa«ty ■MOTAU-Jndia Rubber Uoods. BaUT A HJ.CMtX<X, ^vs lemavod ftom the corner ol Fifth and Baia etreeu, w aad spach.-ae store ror-at. Ko. hi Kent Fourth Wraet. Main aad Sycaasora, wbera they slier for sale the  -,,    ^    Rabi^    Coeds ever bcoaiefat to larally sew inti T^ Arioate aadsktewna, aad tbe pablie geaera d te mmO aad axas^M their etore and new stock. . ^T-ji-B AKT A UICMCOX, mylS-Sm Oaodyaar’s Kew ladfo Kabber Waraboose, Xo h; Bast Fourth suaet, _Between    Main    and Sycaasora. mSARTBRRT.—BaEEK a VON PHT*L, Man,tactnrers and Imitara af Cm Matan» I amtii and t Aanflelfors at every 2'*^ and Styl^ Olraodolea, VoM. Broas*s. Tea Tr.ys. Pfotaa.ware and Faoey articlea.    r — ALSO— Maaafocierfe’e Weetm Ageats foriba rale ol wr^nght-lóo •“<* **■ ■‘«ters. at Phiiadel- pbia I ss pncos. Cm Pipm tatradaeed through dwaUlaga, storca, Ac., te a saperlor aad werbman iika nutanar, at toweat rates. ■s3S__MAKER    A    VON    PHÜL. A B. UULIr llsLJK.CULUHblA STREET, MBTWKEX Rye. and Broadway. (Vmataaily on hand a larseassor sssat or Fiatiarm. Cauntar aad l>mg Seales which in pain efdaraWHty aad cbeapnras. are anaorpassabla by any ftith atsy. Tba Seals» tnrned ant at this rstaUisbmeut, have la tem five years, admit led as tbr acknoa ledged staciiaid Srperiy daae aw the shartret amlcw    drrTdl €r . irttTv A.'Ett BAW JMILL. -Ia addition to ear rsgnlar Saw we aia maonlactnring a rnparfor gnsUly MRI boa UalO-lmdAa] BKU. AM’S BRRASr PUMP-A new srtiela, daetdsdly .-.,.1---   iteafoi t*amf* ri!^SXr    "    ****    ****” '    * JOB* W HAVMAFOBD. Dr^gtet^ I ■aatbiswl aarwor Sixth nad WsMtenáaw FRIDAY MURNINU...........JG.YK    3S.    1M54. wvtta ona el Joba Simpaoa’s Roller Oang Baerds, ehair plank aad bed • ails, saaed by tbo.a > aiw capeilui ta any sawed by siiigl» saw. ewLnx to saHaaa a« d avaatalefcwaaa. Wa have oa haM and ■dsrjotet. scan Uing, boards, ebeieplfwsk. yaHaw pine {mmtr.g aad bridge timber, sawed aad aa ■•buard.. pailiag, Ac., ae Pultoa aear the Tot A I.. GLMNN Ü We hsve seen st the People’a Hat Store, 183 Main at, a splendid variety of the newest styles of Hats. The commencement exercises of the Fairmount Theological Seminary, occurred on Wednesday last, in tbe chapel of tbe institnte, in the presence of a numeróos audience, composed of ladies and gentlemen from this city and other parts of this State and Indiana. Among those in attendance, we observed J. M Hoyt, Esq., of Cleveland, Ohio, presiding officer of the board of directors of the college. In tbe course of tbe day Mr. H. delivered an eloquent address, which is to be published at the request of the society. The speeches ot the stndents were re*, ceived with satisfaction by the auditory, as were the msinenUy practical remarks madh by Prof. Turney, a member of the faculty of this'seminary. The course of instruction commenced last Octo* bet, and the number ot students is already seventeen. They have a very creditable library, and have made, we ate informed, a parchase of some one or two thousand volumes, which vrill soon be added to tbe present library. Victor Williams, with.ihe choir of the Ninth Street Baptist Churcb, were present, and aided in the services of the occasion. Facilities of Travel—The facilities of traveling from Cincinsati, to any point in tbe Eiast. have now arrived at a degree of speed, cheapness and comfort, never before equalled. BuSalo can be reached in, comparatively, a few hours, and at a merelr nominal ezpmse ; tbe Ciaoianati, Hamilton and l>sjtoii Railroad are ticketing through from this city to BuQalo at the low rate of $4.(X). This includes rattroad trayel to Sanduakv. over one of the best of all our Western roads, and steamboat travel across tbe la^«« from that point to Buffalo. The magnificent steamers, Mississippi and 8t. Lawrence, which are uueqoalled in point of speed, comfort and elegance* naafce the trip flora Sandusky to Baílalo in time to ooeaect with the traiiu to Niagaia, Boeton and New York, and enabling travelers to reach the latter point at half-past nine fen the evening, the whole trip being performed without loes of eleep—a great desideratum in traveling. Tbe fare from CinciuhaU to New York, by tbe Hudson river route, is only $10.50, and by rsUmad ^rom BulCalo, $11 AO. New York may be also reached over tbe same Road by railroad all through, via Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, for $16 00, with the privilege of remaining any desired length of time in Pitisbnrgh or Philadelphia. In this busy age, few people will stay st home all summer, with such opportunities as these to see tbe great world of the BasC. All latormation concerning this ronte may be oLv tained by applying to W. A. Latham, under tbe Spencer House, or to H. O. Ames, at the depot, on Sixth street. Tbe Little Miami Railroad Company ate now also ticketing to Buffalo for $4.00, and offer great facilities for reachiog the East by different routea. Stbikr of Bajlboad Exqixbbrs.—At 12 o’clock to day all tha engineers on the first three dlTisiona of the New York and Erie Railroad, strike work by preooooerted arrangement. They do not demand in> crease of vmges, but require tbe company to rescind a recent regulation which causee tlw discharge of every engineer wboee engine runs off tbe track; and after his dischargé, prevents him from obtaining em-plc^nneot on any other Road by posting him. The engineers on tbe Sosquehanna, Delaware, and Eastern Divisions have rebelled against this order, ss be-iog unfair iu its operation. They claim that an engineer sbunld not be held accountable for accidents at switches, Ac., against whiefa, they claim, be cannot ba prepared. Aceordtagly they have banded together to the number of one hundred, to compel the Su-perintendmit to recall the order. Nutioe of their intention to quit work at noon, to-day, on the whole line between Susquehanna and this city, wi» given to the Company a week since. The names of the enginera were aigned to tbe remonstrance in a “roand-robiu,” so that the ringleaders in tbe rebellion cannot be known. Bach matabas bound him-aeir to stop his train on the Road, »t the hour named, at whatever point be naay be, aad to take no engine out of the yards after the boar, unless tbe Company agree to the demand. If the SuperinteBdent, bowerffir, bas had a week’s warning of this move-ment, there ia but Jittie fear but that the trains will be provided witn other men, and leave the stations in time. Mr. M^allom Las declared his intention to hold the Engineers on this Road to this strict accountability. Hte predecessor, Mr. Minot was in the habit of .offering to Ekigioeers a gratuity of five dollars for '«Hch month in which no accident happened to their eugines. The present Superintendent having adopted a much more severe coarse, we shall have AM oppm'taniW te test the working tbe two aystenuk—.AT. Y. Times Jmne 20. Distrsssino AccnDRNT.—Ws are caltod upon to record tbe death of aa estimable citizen, in tbe per-eoQ of Mr. Jacob P. Thomas, ot tbe firm of Thorn * ton A Thomas, liveij atable kemiera on Walnut st, between Third and Foarth streets. The drcnmstances conuected with this painful af fair are about as follows: On IaR Saturday night sboot half-past ten o’clock. Mr. Tfaomss was in the aiattlé, and in passiog along, a horse was atsndiug out from one of tbe stalls, a short distance in the main ecRry. Mv. Thomas stroek tbe animal with his haiHi to make him go back, when thajiorse kicked him with tremendooB forte in the fbieM&d, smashing his skull in so draad/ui a manser tifot his brains ooced out. He was immediidcty carried to his residence cloee by, and died in about two hours and a halt afterward, being perfectly insensibie from tbe time be received the blow nntU hie deaUk—St. Louis BepubUcan._ ATTAcnt rrox Pbacbablb Citizbms¿-A Ladt 8e-BiorsLT Ikjcrbd.—A young lady, wife of Mr. Cbss. B. Dyer, who resides in Bedford-aveaue, Eisst Brook-was seriously injured about half past niue o’clock Sunday eveung, by a ruffian throwing a paving stone, which took effect on her left bresst, knocking her Insensible upon the sidewalk. Mr. and Mrs. Dyer, accompanied bv a voung gentleman and lady, were vralking up Bediora*Avenue towards this city. They were passed 1^ a party ot six druukeu men; one o. them r^arking m they came up, ” There goes a d—d Know-Nothing, with a Wide-A«vake hat on— let’s puooh him.” This gang passed on, however, and MOOD after came op to another young gentleman, accompanying a lady, whom they attacked and knocked down. Tbe yonng man drew a revolver and threatened if they did not desist, to shoot them. Xiis assailants then ran across tbe street and commenced firing paviog-stooee, one of which struck Mrs. Dyer as above stated. Tha blow was very severe, and it is feared that ifflesiras seriously injured.—N. Y. Times Ezcitbmknt im Bedford, Kr Escape of Delia Webster.—Miss Webster, as must ot our readers ktKiw, was indicted some years ago in Fayette county, Ky., for etealing or abduoting a number of slaves, ribe was eooricted and aentenced to tbe penitentiary uf tiiat State for a term of years, and was pardoned out by Uovemor Crittenden after she served tbe State bet a smatf portion of tbe timé sfie waa aeo-tenoed for. Recently seme of these old ihdictmenta have been revived, and a warrant was issued for the apprebenskm of Mias Webster, which was served, but the tody being very sick, could not be rmnoved. Under these cutmmstauces a guard of three áaeu waa appointed to remain, tend and watch her. The guard slept at their posts or were careless, or were seduced, as the keeper qtAhe Muitentiary, Craig, it is said was; anyhow. Miss Webster escaiped ou the “un-uergrouud railroad,” vanished, vamoosed, left her discoi^ate goard to watch the empty house.— Madtson (,/a.) Courier, Jume 21st. ^bpeots-—Within the last few days, Rays the la^na Parmer, we have seen hundreds of S|pes of wheat that will not be worth catting. In the northern part of Preble county, Ohio, there is very little good wheat. In Miami county, it is a liUle better, bat there are many fields totally rained. Tbe bald or smooth Mediterranean has withstood tbe ravages of the fly decidedly the beet. The bearded Mediterranean le piobably the next.— In some fields where the former had been sown along side of aoma other kind, tbe oootrast was veiy remarkable, the Mediterranean ip variably being good, and the other aonsetimes totally rained. In this vicinity there is very liUle good wheat. Miny farmers wiu have to bay for their own use. Out of 15 of our own suwiog, we certainly oennot tiave half mm many bitehels. We are, tioirever, glad to perceive that favorable accounts are still given of the wheat crop in other parts ot tbe country. Miami Univbrsitt.—The 29th annual catalogue tbe whole number of graduates up to 185$ 532. of whom 175 have become miuibters of the gospel, and 158 lawyers. Tbe present number of etn-denU is 3(>6. as follows: seniors, 28; juniors, 23; sophomores. 34, ftmhmea, 48; preparatory department, 45; normal scnool. 63; mode senool. 25. n^y dotell eome bigsturiiM of pigeon «hooting. One party of three were out last Saturday and over oae hundred, in tbe eouun of five hoars.—Aan-dnsky Register. fFrcm tb« New York Courier aad Enqnirer.] Cholera and its Atmospheric connections. We foequently hear tbe remark made that during the Cholera in New York, in 1832, (which was the first year of its appearance upon this continent) that there was but little thunder and lightning. The fact is the very rever»e—for in 1832, when the cholera was most fatal iu New York, and when a deep gloom spread over the whole city, thunder storms were frequent and of fearful energy, and during the two worrit weeks of cholera iu July of that year, the lightning struck eight places within the city. There have been many statements made in the newspapers, from time to time, for many years, that during tbe most fearfbl ravages of the pestilence, the atmosphere waa without its supply of electricity. Such a conclusion is at'variance with the facU to be met with In our minute-and extensive record of electric phenomena. „ , , Tbe first appearance of cholera ^ this continent was at both Quebec and MontreaK on the 16th day of June. 1832- A warm term commenced here on the 16th of June, and terminated on the 18th, varying from 82 to 92 degrees maximum temperature; within this warm term the cholera commenced at Quebec and also at Montreal. On the 14lh, 15th and 16th of June, thunderstorms prevailed in extensive districts over waters running north to the eoeao, past Montreal and Quebec, and sonth to the ocean, past the city of New York. The first death by cholera in the city of N. York, was on the 16th of June, 1832, and between that and the 1st day of July there were eleven deaths by that pestilence. A warm term commenced here on the 22d, and continued till tbe 28th, ranging from 80 to 84 degrees maximum temperature, and it was within this .warm term that tbe cholera made its first appearance in tbe city of New York. A thunder storm visited the city of New York on the 18th of June, and thunderstorms were active on the waters, running to the o(«aa past the city of N. York, ou tbe 25tb, 26tb and 30th, and daring the evening of tbe last named day was followed by a display of the Aurora Borealis. Tbe first warm term in July cqmatetM^d on Sunday the first, 93 degrees, and continued till the 7th; tbe second began pu the 18th, and continura till tbe 21st. Oil tbe 25tb and 30th, the temperature rose to 80 degrees. All the other days in July were low temperatures. On tbe 19th, 25tb, and 30tb, terrific thunder storms visited the city of New York, and on tbe 25th and 30th there were two fearful thunder storms on each of those days. The lightning on tbe 25th struck five times in tbe city of New York, and on the 30tb three times. On tbe 25tb, tbe lightning struck the store of Andrews, Thompson A Co., No. 180 Broadway, and the flag-staff at Castle Garden, and three other places. On the 30th, the bouse No. 146 MuU berry street, the house of Mr. DeLnze, No. 6 Greenwich street, and tbe mast of tbe schooner Borden-town, were etrnck by lightning. Tbe deaths by cholera in the month of July were aa follows: In tbe weeks ending July 7, 56; July 14, 836; July 21. 716; July 28, 686. It will be seen that the worst weeks of cholera in the city of New York were those weeks in which thunder etorme were most active in tbe atmosphere of that city. The record of those thandSr storms and the record of the deaths by cholera unite in this testimony. Id July thunder storms prevailed within t^ia8(afo on the 2d, 6th, 14th, 19tb, 21st, 25tb, 29tklnd 30th. Tbe weather in August was cool. l1ie 4tb, 6th, 7th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16tb, 23d and 31st, were the only days in that month on which tbe temperature reached 80 degrees, the other twenty^two days of that month w re cool. The deaths by cholera in the month of August were as follows: In tbe weeks ending August 4th, 383; 11th, 281; 18th, 222; 25th, 178. Tbe first week embraced two thunder storms in the. city on tbe 30tb of July, and the aecMind week a thonder storm, also in the dty, on tbe 7th of Au* gnst. Tbe only thunder storms which visited the city of New York in August was on the 7th and 3lst of 4hat month, both of which were severe storms. September was a cool month. On tbe 16th tbe maximum temperature reached 83 degrees, and was tbe only day in that month on which the temperature rose above 76 de^es. " Thunder storms visited different parts of tbe State of New York oa the 4tb, lOtb, 16tb, and 30th of September, and were active in tbe city of New York on the 16th, and in the evening of that day the light niifg was almost continaous tbr three hours. The deaths by cholera in September, October, November and December, were as follows: Iu tbe tbe week ending SepL 1,138 ; Sept. 8,201; Sept. 15. 128 ; Sept. 22. 72 ; Sept. 29, 50 ; October (i, 24 ; October 13, 14 ; October 20,11 ; October 27,14; November 3,11 ; November 10,1; November 17,2 ; November 2L 4 ; December 10,1; December 8,1. Tbe whole nomber of deaths 1^ cholera iu the city of New York, reported by the (3ity Inspector, from tbe 26th of June to the 8th ot December, 1832, were 3,541 The whole number of deaths by cholera, reported by the Board of Health, from tbe 2Gth of June to the 29th of August, 1832, was 1,877, and cases 5,133, in tbe cit)T. Iu Bellevue, 277 deaths and 499 cases. At YorkvUie, 69 deaths and 190 cases. In review of what is here stated, we have particularly to remark and refer the readw to tbe sad catalogue for comparison. First, that a public fast, irk consequence of tbe pcstUence, was kept on tbe 3d August. The two weeks previous to this the deathfi by Cholera were.Ahe largest, viz: 716 and 686, aifil the week foUowlbg the deaths numbered but 38 i. And Second, on tbe IStii of December, a public Tbanksgivi^, and tbe week ending the 15th of that month the ($q|era had ocaaed. I quote from s gUltefi writer iBies written in 1832 ; what has since been recorded of Cholera gives to his language the foi^*e of an almost insDired miud . “Was 1 not borne on the wings of the moru. From the jungles of Jessore, Ovrr tbe plain of tbe purple main. To the lar mountain shore ! I ¿eep voice went from the lirmanent, And it pierced tbe caves of Earth— Therefore I came on my wings of flame, From the dark place of my birth ! Sorrow and monrning supremely scorning, * My throne is the bounuless air— My chosen shroud is the dark-plumed cloud, Which the whirling breezes bear. Shadowy and swift the black slorm-drift > Doth tremble the atmosphere. Then hark to tbe beat of my hastening feet. Thou shrined in the sea ; Where are tbe dreams that tbe ocean streams Would be safety onto the    ^ The Cholera first made its appearance in India in the year 1817, and came from a jungle in Jessore. We remained in tbe city during tbe (jholera of 1832,1834 and 1849, (using every caution as to diet and exercise,) and had therefore a good opportunity of observing its approach, witnessing Its stay, and seeing its departure,—as we keep the most extensive and also a minute memoranda of all atmospheric and terrestrial phenomena occurring within vast field of roaea rch. we have the abundant means of comparison.reterence, Ac. Ac. In 1849, on the I7th of May, the Cholera commenced simultaneou&ly in the cities of New York and Richmond, Va., and recommenced at Nashville, Tenn. On that day an extrasive lightning atorm was in operatiim over an extensive surface between tbe places named. The Cholera broke out at Cincinnati, Ohio, on June 1st. ITie same day a thunder storm visited that place. June 2d, the Cholera appeared at Buffalo N. Y. The same day a chorcb edifice in that city was struck by lightning. . JuTv 7th and 8tb, the lightning in a fearful storm visited Cincinnati, Ohio, and tbe Cholera continued its work of death. J uly 8th and 10th, there were lightning storms at Louis, Missouri, and on tbe 12th tbe deaths by Cholera were not only increased, but appalling in their magnitude of numbers. July 13th, a ligbtoing storm visited Montreal, Canada, in tbe evening, and the next day tbe cholera increased, and up to 12 o’clock of tbe 15th fifty-one deaths by the p«»tileDoe were reported to the Board of Health for the twenty-four hours preceding. July 20th, there was a lightniog storm at Buffalo, at 1 P. M. Tbe two days following there waa a fearful increase of the cholera in that city. The connection of lightning storms with cholera is apparent with tbe facts above stated. The ship Constellation, which arrived at this port on Friday, the 25th of November, 1853, lost one hnndred passengers by cholera, and by the published statement of deaths it appesrs that tbe first death occurred on the 23d of October. Om that day there was a great thunder storm on tbe ocean, an unusual occurrence in that season of the year in so high a northern latitude, and tbe ship Ohio, in lat. 49 deg. north. Ion. 41 deg. west, was twice struck by lightning- At Paris, France, tbe weather on the 23d of October waa like that of the month of June, and on Lake Superior, iu lat. 49 deg. north, a farious soow storm prevailed. We nave many records which accord with this, among which is one from tbe tar east. The account is from tbe Bombay Times of July, 1846, and is as followa: “Cholera, in one of its most frightful and deadly forma,has ju.«t visited Kurrachee, and in the coarse of ten days, carried off one-fourth of the tro^, and ooe«half of the inb^iitanta of that atation. Ever sine« tba conquest, the eeaport of Soinde has enjoyed B comparative exemption frt>m those maladies which have bemi so fearfolly tiatal in tiae upper ooontry. Tbe heat had, for the first fortnight of June, been intoiae: but (here — siderable amount of sickness at (be station. The 14th was Sunday, and the atmo*Itbere wa.s more than usually stagnant and oppressive. A thick, portentous-looking cloud crept up the sky when the troops were proceeding to Church, and a sadden burst of wind threatened the building. It passed away almost as speedily n't it came, and when the worshippers returned, the air was as still as when they assembled; at that same hour did the pestilence appear; before midnight, nine of the eighty-sixth re^cnent were at rest, ai/d mea began to be borne into the hospital in such numberelhatit was difficult to make arrangements for their reception—it wa.s a feariul night; with morning came the tidings that the pestilence was overspreading tbe town, and fifty had. in twenty-four hours, fallen victims. Milk in cellars is frequently changed by distant thunder; brewer’s yeast is also sometimes affected by the same cause, ^oung birds and young chickens, in their nests, are also affected by thunder at a distance.    ,    ,    , Noah Webster in his work on Pestilence, published in 1799, says: “The phenomenon most clsarly connected with pestilence is an earthquake.”. Thunder storms are the cffsD|»ngs of earthquakes and volcanoes. I ha^vealready extended this communication to so greatalength that I am admonished to pause. E. Meriau. Miscellaneous Intelligence. There was a great temperance demonstration at St. John, N. B., on the 151h. Itichard Ward Green has resigned the office of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of R. I. It is officially announced that the University of New York ia free from debt. All liabilities having been paid. The Providence Tribune reports three deaths by cholera in that city, last weet. They were all men of intemperate habits. Tbe Coburg (Canada) Star states that the fall wheat crop in t^t neighborhood is a complete fail<> arc. Many farmers have sown tbe ground with spring wheat. By the new liquor law just passed by the Connecticut Legislature, no debt contracted for liquor can be collated. Tlie bill forbids the manufacture and sale of uop beer. Some of the lauies of Boston have pre entcd $153 .to Mr. Joseph K. Hayes because he resigned his office rather than be implicated in the execution of tbe fugitive slave law. It wou'd have been better bad be never accepted the office at all. No election of Bishop was made at the Episcopal Convention in Rbnde Island, and the Rev. Dr.yWil-liains. Assistant Bishop of Conaecticut^hasbren invited to perform Episcopal duties ^ theohxiesc. uu-til the meeting of another Couvention. The citizeus of the town of Groton, Mass., luive accepted the proposition of Hon. Abbott Lawrence of Boston, who gives to them $500 for. a town library, if they will raise as much more. Mr. Lawrence also offers to Groton another $500 in three years for the same object, if tbe town will raise the same amount of money for the same purpose. The Washington Star of June 17, says: The Navy Depaitment having, within the UÍR few days, received satisfactory evidence of thMcession by tbe State of Cal-fornia to tbe United Btws, of the land purchased at Mare Island for a navalMepot and atation, we learn that the Hecietary of the Navy is to-jh^bpsUy engaged in making preparations to order necessary officers to that station, and to carry out tbe directions of law in relation to tbe improvements and buildings at that important station. There have been meetings held at Indepeudence and Westport, Mo., to counteract the immigration from the free States into the new teiritories, by slave immigration. The resolutious adopted declare in substance that th<%e who composed the meeting would take their slaves with them, and bold them, peaceably if they could, and forcibly If they must, against the efforts of organized parties from tbe free States. Thomas Broadman, of Fall River, Mass., bas offered a reward of $100 for the best tract on the fol-loiring subject: the scriptural and political remedy for tbe North, in tbe prerent crisis on slavery. The tract must be original and not exceed twelve pages, and mast, in tbe opinion of the judges, bo worthy of publicatioo. The time for which the c^er U extended is November 1st, 1854. The manueeript must be enveloped under teal, accompanied with tbe author’s name, in another envelope, and forwarded to the sub.4criber. ^ The Baltimore American saj’s: Senator Clayton baa prepared and ú about to introduce a bill providiug that Consular Sea Letters shall be issued to Americsn vessels in toreigu ports only after the applicant shall have made oath that tbe vessel is not destined for a voyage to Africa; also that these letters shall contain upon their face a stipulation that they shall be void it the vessel approaches the African Coast before re-tut Ding to the United State.s. Tbe subject of this bill is to prevent the abuse of the Sea-letter, and the American Flag under it, by prostituting them to tbe nuri>os6 of tbe African Slave Trade. '“The Savannah Republican says that the increase in tbe export* of lumber from that city, from the 1st of Sept. last to the present time, ss compared with the same period in times past, is unprecedented, amonnting to 37,954,200 feet, or 12,675,700 more than for the same period of 1852-3, and 6,415^^ feet more than the entire exports of last year. Vi^en we revert to yet «jariier times the contrast is Xtill more striking. The lumber exports of Savannah^ the year ending September 1st, 1842, were only 8,-390,400 téet, showing an increase this year, with three months still before us, of 29^63,800 feet. The number of feet exported this year will probably reach 50,000,000. Tbe National IlneUigencer of Saturday says:—Ou Saturday last the Hon. Augustus Drum, a Democratic Representative in Congress from the nineteenth district of Peunsyivania, was nominated for re-election. His district is composed of Westmoreland, Armstrong, and Indiana (bounties. Tbe nomination was made by a direct \^.ate of the members of the Democratic party, and turned upnn the Nebraska measure, which was opposed by Mr. Drum and advocated by Judge Todd, who waa presented as a competitor for tbe nomination. On the issue thus made the Democratic electors sustained Mr. Drum by giving him the handsome majority of fifteen hundred and fifty-one votes! In this decision we have further evidence of the weakness of the Administration, upon this qostion, amongst the member s of its own party in Pennsylvania. Tbe following endorsement on tbe back of a1[>ill of liquor, was made by a dealer neat'Haverhill, New Hampshire. We give it as it ajjyeared in tbe original. “The amount Liker is according to my Best Present Knorilege of it vearies from the factesit may Be altenrd accordingly, the prize is Holaale prize in Boston.” liook Before You Kick. A minister in one of our orthodox churches, while on his way to preach a funeral sermon in the country, called to see one of bis members, an old widow lady, who lived near the road he was traveling. The old lady had just been inikiug sausages, and nhe felt proud of them, they were so plump, round and sweet. Of course she insisted on her minister taking some of the links home to his family. He objected, on account of his not having his portmanteau along. This objection was soon overruled, and the old lady, after wrapping them in a rag, carefully placed a bundle in each pocket of the preacher’s capacious coat. Thus equipped, he started for the funeral. While attending to the solemn ceremonies of the grave, some hungry dogs scented the sausages, and were not long iu tracking them to the pockets.of the good man’s overcoat Of course this was a great annoyance, and he was severel times under the necessity of kicking these whelps away. The obsequies at tbe grave comp'eted, the minister and congregation repaired to the church where the funeral discourse was to be preached. After the sermon was fiuiahed, the minister halted to make some remarks to bik^ngregration, when a brother, who wished to have an appointment given out, ascended tbe steps of tbe^jiMpit, and gave the minister’s coat a hitch, to get his attention. The divine, thinking it a dog liaving a design upon his pocket, raised bis foot, gave a sudden kick, and sent the good brother sprawling down the steps. “You will excuse me, brethren aad sisters!” said the hiinister, confusedly, and without lookiug at the work he had just done, “ for I could not avoid it. I have sausages in my pocket, and tha^ dog bas been trying to grab them evér since I came upon the premires.” Your readers may judge of the effect such an an-nouncement would have at a funeral. A Strong-Minded Boy. We saw, on Friday, as fine a specimen of a “ spoiled child” as could wffil be produced. The urchin was about four years old, and was with bis mother, who appeared to be a widow. The boy had a wheel barrow—as big as himself—a curious toy tor •o small a boy, mRny thooght.. After interruptiug travel generally in Tremont Row, his mother took him up. barrow and all, and carried him across tbe street. The youngster again put his barrow in motion and ran against the door-step at Pierce’s grocery store. He insisted upon goiug Ahrough the granite step, aud because his mamma would not let him, be laid down npon tbe sidewalk and howled as if a great wrong had been imposed upon him. His mother dragged him along a few paces, aud presently he saw tbe step at Doctor Lothrop’s manslou. He put out for it With greatdetermination and succeeded in battering his toy two or three times against tbe unoffending stone. His mother had another bout at ooaxing, aud with much more trouble, got her little darling away. A bachelor who happened to be pare • in^, and aaw these little development* of tbe infant mind, waa hfiard to remark, in the words of Mark Antony— Th* «vil that men Uo live* after them ; Thecood U oft interred with their boaee. cmr TRADZ2. Good as WbeatI—“Be snre jon are right, then go ahead,’’ utd CreckeL Ba »ur« ron trj IIostettxr’s Bitters; thergire }on a fine appetite, strengthen yonr narre* and lung*. They are sold by Hotels, Drnggist*. «nd tbe Agent, Mortimer, 4 Water Street. New StTU or Oaiter.—Brardt, on Broedtray, a few doors below the Bro sdwey Hotel, bes got np a new style Of Oenti.emah’s Gaiters, decidedly tbe neeteat we heve yet seen. Go and examina them.    a *9-^1 ATE rou CALLED THEREf—If not, you bhould pay a risic at once to tbe new and ele^pnt store of Messrs. Bart A ley heve a splendid Parasols, Care*. Fars. áe„ Ac., as well aa Irdia Bdsber Goods of every de cripiioQ. Their prices are very low. 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It has been secured for the museum of the Charleston College.—Charleston Courier, June 17th.    _ To-morrow a numlier of Editors from the northern part of this State will meet at Sandusky for a fishing excursion. For the sake of good ’^unh” no douM tbe fish will bite sharply. A “pafT” is often first rate “baiL”—[Cin. Columbian. Do you speak for the “bull beads” and “suckers” of your region? Remember we have no such animal» to fish for up this way. And as our “sheep heads” all seek a Southern market you ought not to betray the easy manner in which they are “taken in,” for fear it will stop the great demand of the Cinoinnati Hotels and Eating Hooscs that buy no cheap “wittals.”—rSandusky Register. AMUSEMENTS. Q UK.KN CITY OOtlRSK—SATURDAY. JUNK B4TH.— GREAT SPORT TO-DAY—TWO RACKS. Firet Race.—Trottinz; mile heata; three in five, in harness' Proprietor’s pnr»e. Entries.—Ó. W. Dimick enter* s. g. Bill Moore; McByrne enters bl g. unknown; W. Peabody enters b. g. Levi. Second Race.—Sweepstakes, for green bcrse*: $26 entrance, play or nay; owner* to drive; mile heats, in harnea*. Entries.—Jamea Porter enters s g.:B .Borns eaters r. m.; J. Scales euters bl g. Canada, J. R. Warwick enters e. m.: J. Neitu enters (pacer) cr g.; John Taylor enter* b. g. First Race tc come off mt 3 o’clock. The Sweepstake Bice will most probably be a most amusing and interesting affair The drivers ere all amateurs, end It will be hard to pick the winner. In conseqnenee of NO many horses stertiog in tbe Sweepstake, the first Race will be started punctually at 3 o’clock. Admission fifty cents. Jn23    JOHN    L.    CASSADY. ^ONCKKT-UREBNWOODHALL-Comer of Sixth W-/and VineBts., JOHNSON’S celebrated Coroet,RaB4, of Philadelphia, nnder the command of J. G. 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Post Office and Deiiverr Boxes, Date Calendars, Ac., en hand and for sale by    C.    F.    BRADLEY    A    CO., ja22    Whofeaaia and Retail Stationers, 147 Main et. IfolEW BOOIL8-Second Series of Fern Leave* from J9Í Fanny’s Port Folio; This, That and The Other, by Ellen Looiaa Chandler; History of the Protestant Chnreh in Hungary from the beginning of tbe refirmotlon to 18f!0 by the Rev. J. Craig, D. D. Heroes and Martyrs ot the Modern Missionary Enterprise : a record of their lives and labors. A few coplfS only left of ihis vainable and interesting work, which should be bad by eyery friend of the “Missionary Enterprise ’’ For Sale at IW Main street, bet. Foarth and Fifth, by jnne 21    A.    WATSON. SPIRITS OR NOT SFIRITd? IS T^E QUESTION! A DEEPLY INTERESTING AND ASTONISHING BOOK—JUST PUBLISHED. IN ONE VOLUME, ELEGANTLY ILLUSTRATED. THE RAPPERS, OR THn MYSTERIES, FALLACIES AND ABSURDITIES or SPIRIT RAPPING, TABLE TIPPING, AND EN-TRANCEMENT. Bt a Sbarchsr -Attbr Trpvh. Price—Cloth, 76 cents.    Pape». W cents. This work U a striking exposHioa of the eo-ealled ‘Modern Spiritualism.’ in all IW forms, trom ‘rappirg’ np to ‘elevated entraocements.’ It is the moat epportuiie work that baa yet oppeare<i on tbe subject. The author gives a graphic aceonatof hla vtofta te many private and, public ’apjrit circles and, althMgh often times hnmorons In hU dceeilptions, be reports with great minnteness and fidelity «II that be saw and heard, giviug literally every word nlleg^ to have bw rapped, tipped or uttered hy spirits, and iMving absnrditiiw and contradietions to appear oa tbe face of the alleged maai-feetattoDs tbemseire*. The connection between Demmolo^, Witchcraft, and Modern Spiritnalism, is clearly shown and a history of aucient ‘rappers’ given. Tbe author also brings, with great fore* of argnment, both science and philosophy to develiop the fallacy of the whole of these alleged - pirit monl festations ; and places in striking coo.rast tbe snblime religion of Christ, and the low and pernicious religion ot rappers It iaa book, in Sset, which cannokfoil to command the approbation of ail wbo are opposed to «vil delnston^ Trade rnpnUed.    H.    R.    PEARSON    A    CO. 1^»    _17 East Fourth «treet London news and punch, ot Joaa Sd.—splendid doable numbera. containing biegant illnstiatiens of the Bombardment of Odessa, Sebastopol and iU Fortifications, ®*Rec^ed this day at 17. East Eonrth ati^t. jnJO    H.    B.    PEARSON A CO. Each hombopathic i-'amily a.iíd humko- PATHIO physician sbould own a copy of the new work by Dr. Teste of Pans, entitled A HOMKOPATHIC TRBA'aSE ON THE DISEASES OF CHILDREN,by Alph Teste. Doctor in Medicine. 1 vol.. 12 mo. Price $l 25. “The work Isintended as a popular mannal to be read by mothers and others who pay some attentloA to domestic medi-cioe.’’    IE. Y. Evening Post. “Á thorongh work. Parents should buy and s ell il. and appW its teaching.”    ^    ^    [Herald    of    Freedom. -tihatever may be said of the mode of treating diseases recommended in this book, it must he aeknowMg^ that t^ advice in relation to pievention of diseases is hlglhy judicious ”    [Boston    Journal. “While the science of Homeopathy has steadiy Increased in influence, it has won the especial favor of mothers—not all, but many—who are anxious to inform fbemselves to tha utmost concerning the nurture of their offspring. The plan cf the book is admirable; what it says is said plsinly andgraco-fnlly while the direction* seem so indispensable that we won-derhow they have been foregone ao long. A wo^ of thU kind has long been wanted.’’    [Buffalo    Expresa. AH oriHIOH FROH TBK DOCTORS. We tha undersigned. Homeopathie Physicians of Cincinnati having examined Teste OR tbe Diaeaaea of Cblldran, in one volnme, duodecimo, would most cordially recommead u to our professional brethren vhroughont the United States. The antbor possesses an original and independent mind; and in the p-eaent work, bas developed new resources in the treatment of disease, the value of some of which we have already satikfoctoriiy tested. -Cincinnati, June 1, 1854.    _ . „ „ E. C. WlTHSRiLL, M. D.,    T. A B. Ehekhah,    M. D , Wm Stphh. V D.,    JesRK UARRcrsoa,    51. i)., A. WHifCLg, M. D.. A. Badkr.M. O. RECKHVLT rUBUSBRO,    , Dr. PULTK’S DOMESTIC PHYSICIAN, Sixteenth thou-"aand. 1 vol., 12mo, $16U.    c    j Dr. PULTE’d WOMAN’S MEDICAL GUIDL. Seoond thousand 1 vol., l2mo. $t.     , Dr. CHOSEBIO’S MANUAL OF OBSTKRICS. Second thousand. 1 vol. l2mo. 76 ceiiU.    ■ Or. RAPOU O.V TYPHOID FEVER. 1 vol. l2mo., 60 cenU. MOOF.B, ANDERSON, WIIJtTACH A KEYS, r    28    West    Fourth    street. Wholesale and B^ail dealers in Medical and MisceUaneona Books.    Jo2t» JAMXa APPLROATR, | IAXDRI. ri.ICRRMaRR, S f A. H. POVHSPORD ( JORM *• RTAM. APPLEGATE A CO., Booksellers, Publiskers & Stationers, 48 MRlte atreet, ClBetaiiuitt. . Wa bavR, fai addition Jo enVown valuable publications, a larga stock of the most dealrable BooksDnbilahed. OnxSchool stock embraoaa ail books of msrit nsad in tbe West. PAGED BLANK BOOKS, Manufkcturad of tbe hast Linen PajieT, in any atyia desired. All orders promptly axecnted. Tha Trade supplied oa the most liberal terms.    octl4 WAR CON TINU E D. DICKSON HAd CLOSED THE SPRING CAMPAIGN, Having ha4 the pleasure of suiting \ over 30,000 : Lady FrItobr 1b their Bonneta «■< RlbhOBR. HE HAS JUST RETUHJfEH FROM THE EAST WITH A FRESH REUSTFORCEMENT, Kmbredns over ONE thousand . Cases or Bonnets, OP EVERY STYLE AND QUALITY, AND A MAaNIFICBNT 6TOCK RIBBONS. And better than all, owing to tha backward stats of Trade aud Finances in tba Eastern cUies, ha bas bought bis present stock at about HALF PRICE I    ^ His effort has always been to takeodvantagaof tbemarkets; this time he has been PRE-EMIN RNTLY suceaksfW, aaabUng him to serve bis cn«tomers witb tha best of goods, and at pripss defying all COMPETITION. HR RBQUBST8 PARTICULAR NOTICE TO OVER Three Thonsand ENGLISH SOFT STRAIVS,  Anda Weedid Stock of Rich „ R ,I,B B O N S . Depend upon It, Ladles, tbat ha can aud will oflor yea the greuteat INDUCEMENTS. AHH DON'T YOU PURCHASE BEFORE lOOKINO .    TUROUOH HIS STOCK. Wholesale enstomera p'.ease make their oalla early iu the morning, aa wa are so orawded dnrtng the day, that wa cannot wait on them as we wish to do. mrOH DICKS FANCY GOODS. mv2Bc- BRTW 30N. fialLuitlUA tUHAGUU.—uaMw'axlra llMa ApoitaU P' A' Ida Tobaeeo, (large and    ^    |o- pi  _[_No    11    Pablie    Landie* HOSTBTTKR’S BITTBRS —a new anpply of this n popular medioine in tha world, for indigeetion and al ta attandant ills, f^ra^ved    by niifiMic and Odd Fellows * FURNISHING STORE. WM. AODlte. Msth ntrsMit, Bacon’s Bulldiag. CONSTANTLY on hand Masonic and Odd Fellows’ RegaUaof every description. Also, very extensive assortment of Fancy Goods, suoh Port Maaias,-ToysY>r all kinds. Card Cases. Gold and Silver Trimmings. Mars, Bos>-tis, Penknives, Ac., far aftlE at tbe loweet prices.    mar    22'ly COLUMBIAN STEAM «IOB PRINTTITVO ESTABLISHMENT. ooLanniAg nciLMRa, wniD mnar, nnr. wAunrt A time Cnfire tire dtetrgv •rCU.kHfJUi N. MORBW. I'he proprietor of tbe OOLDniAR weuld inform the pnb 1 (fiat be has estebUshed, in eeonectfon with bis nnner danart--ueut,nBOOK AND /OB PRINTING OFFIcSTcMonefo I all its arrengenasnu, and of an extent tbat «rlB enabfo tba • i-r-a to meet all requiait'on tbat may be mbde mmott ft «rttb utmeat dlspatre. I HE MATERIALS ARE ENTIRELY NEW, selected witb greet care, and of tbe lataat end moet approved stylo. Tbe best of workmdh are employed, and tbe offieo ia preiiarod to executa evory descripUon of    *■ Book. Job and OmaiQontal Frimting. in a superior manner and with tbe utmost dlspaJr*!». Onr stock or PAPER AND OARD8, sMeetod with groat ft^cM^ete, and comprising a varied assertmant of the THB POteTlHO OBPABTMKNT. of this office t* inforior to nono in the oity, andeocoprisos a fhll assoitmont of tbo fiatmt and latost spaeimeBa of tbo large plain aad ornamental WOOD TYPE manntactnred. Thooflfoe te therefore prepared to print.    ,    i EVERY DESCRIPTION OF POSTING BILLS / nelnding CIRCUS, CONCERT, M£NA(^IE, STEAMBOAT, AUCTION BILLS, BILLS FOR COUNTRY MERCHANTS, Ac., Ac. at the Hhorteet notice, and on the most reasooaMs terms. J*9-Particu!ar attention given to the execatioa of RAIL* BUAB printing of every kind.    ,« Having in nse tha latest improved STEAM MACHINE PRES8B8, we are enabtod to fiil the largest orders at the shortest notice, with on assnraneo that tho exeontton will be, both in style and price, satisfactory to all who may be dispoosd to patroniso theOOLUMBIAN .JOB PRINTING OFFICE. BCHIftiBSS GABD8. arranged vritb tasio. end printed on e Now Card Machine. Tbe best Jot Black apu colored Inksare nsed and warrantod not to rub off—frooa $2.50 to $6,00 per Ttaoarand. Gall and seo Speelmors at tbo DAILY COLUMBIAN. Steam Card and Job Office, my 19    New    Coinmbian    Baiiding,    Sd    street. PIANOS AND MUSIC. WE OPENED ON FRIDAY LAST, some very fine seven octave Planoe,! from tbe celebrated Factory ofH. Worceeiar,! Inrich teeewoodj£Rsea.    [ We havuresSg toen of tho opUfion that these insumments were superior to others of Naw York manoCacrers. and daHy esporlonee oonvinoes es Are iuily that, ip^oll qualities ot a first elass Piaoo Forte, tlCy cannot be surpassed. Cfttr stock of (Thieksring’s, Woodwsrd A Brown’s nnd Worcester's Pianos is vo'y Uign, nnd nearly aH la meet excellent eases, but we thlok oar indneemeats to eashparcbas-ers are snefa diat a superior style of fantrument mré be obtained for the Mine amount of money tbat «ronld lornMrly par-cbaMaplainone.    (lOLBURN    A    FTKLD. 1°»_ 164    Main stoeei. AS WE EXPKOT TO CHANGE OUR location ia about six weeks, and it bsingj desirable to rodace onr stoek as mnch as po«-i sible for that pnrpooe, bnrgains can bo madel and m(»ey saved in the pnrehass of now and second-hand Pianos, Mslodseas, Braso Instrumente. Mnslo, Ae.    COLBURN    A    Ft BCD. Ja29    .    164    Mata streot. ffWl gTOD art pi ANOH—Wo have on band a TTaTtf very large stoek of*Pianoe from tbe abovsl eeiebrsted manofsctory, oonslatlngexclative.f ly of foil 7JÍ and 7 octaves. Tho choractort or these in.miments is so well known that it is Doedless to speak in their praise. They comUaenll tbo qnalltios roqaisite for a first rate Piano A large stock of second hand Pianos for sale awry tew, ssms of them very fine om 8. _    _    .    SMITH    A WRON. Tcnaporary Warerooms, IndeMndence 8«11, No. 65 Fonrth learly oppuMia our regalar ‘    ‘ street, n oppuMia our regalar bas plaoa. JnfiO Wfn PlAAIdte.—Large oofos mod femall preflu. Oar sales of Pianea, in conteqnence of tbe inducements we are offering, have been far larger tbsn ever before, and during the last toso Weeks we have s«dd about one third of onr entire stock, but we are again Utxecsipt of a numb w oZ-invoiees, and can offer a splsodl d agsDrtmoat ot ail stylo*, and at prices to snit every one.    . ,‘S)ftTH ANIXON, Indtpendenee Hall, No. 66 Foarth Étrákt, noarly opposite our usual place of business.    jel9 TBIANO WITH INJUKED TOP.—Wo Jr have just received a very fine and baxd-some Piano from Boston,,antb largo round comers hack and front, rich monldings, Ac.,. ia «very reaaoct a besntifal iassrhment. The* top bas received some injory, and we nraautborimd to sell it at about forty dollars leas toan it oturwise tronid be offered at (to that account. SMITH A RIXON, Ko. 66 sonth aids of Fonrth strost, Jun 91    betwMn    Walnut    and    Vine street, up stairs. Elegant Piano Fortos. OF HALLETT, DAVIS A CO.. Boston, and BACON A RAVEN. Now Tork. From the above named maker* I have r«ceiv-{ ed Several new and very beautiful style* ot l Piouo Fortes, which for brilliancy and power* have never been eqooUed by anj^ever brought to this city. A variety Carhart A Needham’s eelebratod Melodsons. for Parlor and Ohnrch. Second-hand Ptnaoa, very tow. Sheet Music and Musical Merchandise. DAVID A. TRUAX. Jnl9_No.    fit)    west    f    enrtb atrset. MrBAÍÍHAÜSÍ~¿rca!^ AnnrAOTpmnns, ivportkrs axdohalir* iny Musical Ins^umeMts, . 130 Bf«lnat-st, East side, bet. Sd and 4 h riNC^NKATI, O. 99“ Aeoerdoona and all kinds of Musical Instmmaat* neatly repaired.    jaaSt?Iy. FfTTlI irmn TUB BUST tsTOCM or SxcoMo-liAitD PiAXoa In ttie West. For mle at No. 60 West Fourth street by D. A. TRUAJI. ^ Prices Very 1m>w. TULLIHffi'te MtiteH) UOOM.—A eoilootton «if popula «P muvie in original piecee, coaling $6, sold for one dollar b myl?e A. WATSON. U6 Main street, bot. Fourth and Fifth. BOOTS AND SHOES. The BEST IH THE CAEAPEBT.—This isatmisml that cannot be goinseyed, and we bolievo that nol one who patronises J. H. DETERS, the F'akhlenablc V— Boot Maktr, can deny it. Wtaeq a man uses none but the best material, and employs none but tba best workmen in the Union, end makes every effurt to get the lateet sfolee and oil tbe new improvements, it stands to reason that be toads tbe van. He not only has his own inimitable make, but also tlm st} les of five of tbe best Kew York, -Philadelphia and Boston mannfac'oriea. His stock of Pump soled Boots, Fno Pbita-tislphia Summer Boots, Patent Leather Boots sod Sbeoa, blip-pere, Ac.. Ac., should be examiued by everybody who wanu good*work, at a fair irioe. H's terms being CASH, enables him to sell st ressonabie prices.    „ Call and see, at    J.    H. DETERS. _ JnlT_ No.    131 main street. NiCWhi POU ALL.—i wouid desire lo call tbe> attention of tbe citare* *"*1 strangers inthsefty,] to an Inspeetioi of my store, consisting in part of— 1 FRENCH CALF SKIN BOOTS, sewed, pegged, and* pump-soled, of five different makes—«U the most popnlar In tbe Union. BLO VE KID GAITER, tbo moat comlortabto Shoe evor worn. PATENT LEATHER BOOTS, a favorite sty Is. PATENT LEATHER AND CALF-SKIN WAUtUfG SHOES. LO W SHOES. In all varieties. GENTS' AND LADIES' WALKING SLIPPERS. JnS-C.    J. H. DETKKS. No. ISl Maia stroot. V. SI.IKER’S Boot and shoe stoke, 4» and US Lower Market between Sycamore and Broad-. way, Cincinnati, Ohio. KEEPS THE BKSTofLadlT'^. .. Misses* Boy’* and Children’s Beou and Shoes of bis own moke, and also from Phitedeiphla and Boston, of all aasts and sises, nowhere to ba beataa, east or wsst, at wheto -sale and retail. Work warranted. Also, Fraoeh eaif-skins and sole leather, boot webb, laces. Ae.    sapfS ft PREMIUM BOOTS AND SHOJiS, THOMAS SUlsLIVAIf. No. 10 Walnut street, near Third. 'T'HE PREMIUM AT THE MECHANICS’ FAIR was awarded to him tor tho snperior mako, style and qnalily of his Boois and Shoes. He la still prepasod to receive orders, which be will engage to execute, in tbe bvet mannor, as to quality of loathor, good lit and workmanship. Onx Tbiai. is oli he asks.     marlfi-dly itoS^reff. MKiMiHANTS AND COUNTRY DKALLK8 —Purchasers of PBKVOJtBT, BAjrcT abtioi.bs and Mxm-OlJiBS, will pleese noUee tbe house ot WM. M. KOHL A CO, N. E.oor. Fourth and Vine, street, if they wish to find a g eneral aasorment of every thing in tha above lina, at PUiadelphia prices, which we are en abled to do by importlug good* ourselves. In American Per fnmery we have all the popnlar artic.es of the day. vis: Har-risoa’s Basin’s, Houel’s, Glenn’s, Wright’s, Colgate’s, Welh-ereil’s and ethers. Batchelor’s BasU's, Hauel’s Chrlstadpras, Browne’s, Bogle’s. Ballaid’s. Harrison’s. Phalon’s and other Hair Dves. Moon Fan, Lilly White, and a)I popular powders. Jones'and Howard’s Chemical Soaps. Lyon’s Kathalron. Phalon’s Invlgerator, Oliorchugh’s Trl eopherons, Rosemary. Ac, Polishing Powders for Jewelers and others; Sticking Gum, for clerks, book-keepers, Ac.; Feber’s Pencils and Willett’s Pens. Castile and Bro on Windsor Soaps; Lyons’ Rat Pills and Roach Powders, Ac. Hair. Hat, Nail and Tooth Brushes In grest variety. Porto Monatos, Pnrsoe, Wallou, Money BelU, Ae. Fans of new patterns; A great variety of Fancy Articles. Lnben’s Extracts and Cleavm’s celebrated Soaps. Faydon’s and iCiditer’s IndaltbU Inks, Modicinas and Drugs of all kinuik WotPs Sehbldam Schnaps. Pen and Pocket Knives at manoCaeturor’s prioos, wholesale CARPENTER’S PATENT REVEHTING ^FLUES FOR SAYING FUEL Setting of SteanTBoilere^ PinOE.fromfifiU'to $1 96 far ono Boiler. THOMAS B. WIMO, Proprietor. At Harrison, Baton A <fo’s Spies Mills, 101 Watuut atreo Cincinnati. And at 196 Third street, Ht. Lsnis. St. EeuU Ofltee, st Goodin A Tookor, 196 Third stroot. B. S. LAND8RLL, Agwt. ap 11 dAwft marl6-dly teluB. NEW BOOT & SHOE S JH, BRANDT, two doors below Broadway Hotel, • Broadway, bos resumed business at this stand, and ke.ps cqhsututly oa hand, or makes to order, Corksoie BooteAud Quiltod Bottom, Fieueb Itonciug Morning Slippers ana Patent Leather Shoes of every de tion. An experience-of many years and tbe lurge patronago he has always received, are a snlT .lent guarantee for toe s«l-perlor quality of his work. French Over Gaiters—a complete assortment always wi baud.    dseS-lT WH. RAKHALL, 267 Westaro Row. • near Georgb-jttreet; Gaiters, Bus--kins. Slippers, Ties, OhltccMn’B rboee, Ar.. Ae. SPRING STVLE-^NOW OPRAi C. KOEHLER, 175 Main be*. Fonrth «nd Fifth, M..» Has just receivdd a large lot íM the best French ■ML calf-skin aud patent leather, aad is prepared to |M make Boots, Shoes and Gaiters, in the most approved' stylo and to suit the most fastidiaos.    nsorífi-tef HARDWARE. \ DOOR PLATES. MORRISON A CROWTHER», r- Nm, Went FaurtkJStraat, nm»r NssftA 4* Ktren’s #oU. A^ONiil'ANTLY on band aad maktng to order every va^ *%OOR AND NUMBER PISTES, Plated with tbo host sheet sllvor, and warranted of snperior workmansu p, both as to boaand finish. A fnll assortment of Plain Bhtoid, aad OoChte Pattera B Pulls, Number Plates for Steamboat titato Room^ Oariiaga Platos, Cbuteb Pew Platos, Ac.. Ac. Bells hung and repairod. fi^Orders from tbo rethtry attsndsd to proflretly,^E Elegant mbUNBELLH carpet.—1 nave tor taloa beautiful Brnsselis caspot, made up for double parler or ordinary siso. It is a eapital artloie and can be sold tow. B. ORBKN, . A* gutto.*—.«w.
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