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Cincinnati Commercial Tribune (Newspaper) - July 14, 1907, Cincinnati, OhioThe Cosimi Ercyal Tribune sunday july 14, 1907. A a a a a a a \. I i h a soft v m or i % m it by v Wynm w a. Vav a a it a. In. I 1w or a m m 0 m w worn i / my a Quot a Ltd a m my Mem y 8 1 / a. A it a m f 5how3 the Tudi id Chest Devenio percent which. Theto veep expected to Arr Juit Poar a 3ya Phy Quot a ical culture Debutante \ by Marian Martineau. Rss Marjorie Gould daughter of or. And mrs. George a Gould is getting read to make her debut. She will step into the highest society in the world and in the course of her first year out she will be presented at three courts. It is proposed that she will be presented to Queen Alexander at an evening drawing room to the German Empress whom she already knows at one of the great state functions of Germany and to Queen Victoria of Spain at the Spanish court of next year. Marjorie has two older Brothers Kongdon and Jay who Are already a out a and she has four Little Brothers and Sisters still in the Nursery. she is Only one of a big american family. But being the oldest girl the honors of the family will fall most heavily upon her. To prepare for the great event her father is looking for a big handsome House on fifth Avenue even larger than his present fifth Avenue Home which a is far too unpretentious for so important a Debutante. And in anticipation of the event her Mother is preparing an Vej amp pensive a a list including distinguished people of All lands. And in addition to this the family Modiste is gathering data from London relative to the answer in which so important a Young lady should be gowned her first season out. By Well poised. She puts you at your ease at once by showing you How thoroughly she is at ease herself. She is not the bread and butter miss whom you have grown to expect nor is she the Hoyden of whom improvement is hoped for later on. She is the perfectly poised woman of the world. The Debutante is innocent enough. And she is very far from being jaded and of course she is not Blase. But she is fully at her ease. In the last term of her finishing school she is taught what is called Small talk. She is Given lessons in filling in the pauses in conversation so that she is never shy nor at a disadvantage. A say something a is the Rule a 1 then she is taught a Quantity of conventional things that help out in the awkward pauses. 2 she does not chatter but she can be depended upon to say something. The girl who stands blushing at a critical moment who is painfully shy a on being presented who does not know what to say nor How to say it is a girl whose education is unfinished. She should go Back to school. She should learn tact she should acquire conversation and she should learn the Art of self forgetfulness. All of these things Are necessary to a full fledged society girl. And she must be pretty. The Debutante must be pretty. That can be set Down As a Rule. But if it should happen that she is lacking in Beauty in any one direction she should acquire it. She should study her expressions and learn which is her Best smile. She should know How her face looks when in repose and what sort of us -. V a a i Ian i i a is i sols k ill f5x a my i Apoc Solcs Mack jux cd a Yoo to Tux coif Feur it it it my a pose a Chik up 5h otjxjdet3 per re a Irr i Isth Oseid of Vtha feet1 de. A posed 3r a Ilmore in Cost utter Ideal pose a a a mme x miss Ethel Roosevelt will be another a expression to Wear. These things May important Young woman next season. But even the importance of the presidents daughter fades beside the glory of a Debutante of the wealthy House of Gould. A it is number of years since the Gould family had a Debutante unless the very Brief budding of the countess de Castellano can be counted As one. Anna Gould came out in society made her Bow and was immediately married to the count de Castellane. that she knew Little of social life in her own land. The important debut Jite before Anna was her older sister miss Helen who was introduced into society by her father Jay Gould and who made her Bow to new York in her fifth Avenue Home surrounded by the glory of the Debutante of that time. But things have changed amazingly in a generation and the debut of miss Marjorie will be different in every Way and More elegant to a degree. Indeed the coming out of a Belle of today is a magnificent function. It can be compared to nothing in All the world except itself for it is unique. It is in Many senses More magnificent than a wedding and the Debutante starts out upon her social Way with a launching which sends her Well into the Midstream of fashionable life. How the Debutante must look. Everything is Cut and dried for the Debutante of today. All things Are Laid out for her. Even her looks Are prescribed and she must be accorded to such and such standards and she must Wear such and such an expression. The Ideal Debutante is slender and As j tall As possible. There is no such thing As a Little Short fat Debutante. The american society a a buds is As tall a3 she can make herself and she is thin. She must be Reed like and her figure must be decidedly English full in the bust line yet svelte. The Debutante in her finishing school is trained Down to slenderness. She is sent out to walk until her Waist is the right size and in the right place. The High fat Waist of the immature girl is no More. The fashionable Debutante has a Long slender Graceful Waist. She gets it by Basket Ball and by football by gymnasium work and by athletics of various kinds. She gets her slim Ness by walking by golfing and by Arm exercises and she is taught that she must devote just so much time each Day to her task. The Lazy Debutante does not exist and the lackadaisical girl who was the fashion two generations ago is not among the Belles of today. The Debutante is All sparkle and All Beauty. Her skin is a marvelous color. Look at the debutantes and you will find them As Brilliant As Irish girls. They have the wonderful sparkle the shining eyes and glowing Cheeks and above All the Clear White complexion. The american girl of today the american society Debutante looks like an Irish or an English girl. She is slender her Cheeks Are red her skin is Clear and she has All the characteristics of the British Isles. Her Beauty May be Only skin deep but it is a very attractive Beauty just the same. She 18 perfectly groomed. The most perfectly groomed woman in the world is the Debutante. Though Young she realizes the value of grooming and one of her teachings is that she shall be thoroughly a a done each Day. This does not mean that she shall paint or be loaded Down with cosmetics. But it Means that she shall be manicured that her Hir shall be waved that her figure shall be exercised to keep it Down and that her \ gown shall be perfectly brushed and above reproach in every manner. Though the Debutante of today is thoroughly amp woman of the world no one would Ever think of calling her artificial. She is innocent and peach her Bloom is Ripe and her manners Are gentle her voice is soft and her expression is Sweet. But when it comes to Bing posted upon All the things that make a lady she is thoroughly on hand. In Many respects she could teach her Mother a few things in the get of being perfect. The Debutante of today is wonderful sound trivial but they make a great difference in a girls future. The Debutante of today is by no Means an overdressed individual. But she is allowed More latitude than formerly. She makes her Bow in a Pale coloured gown not necessarily White and during the afternoon and evening she carries a bouquet. It is a very pretty compliment to the giver if she will go to the trouble of changing her bouquet during the evening so that she May Honor several persons. A really fashionable and kind hearted Debutante will carry a bouquet of White roses part of the evening then one of orchids then one of say lilies of the Valley and so on changing her bouquet several times during the evening. As she changes she merely selects a new one from the great table upon which her bouquets Are piled with their cards attached. The Debutante makes a great study of dress and before her first season is Over she will have mastered the Art of \ x m it they Are the Best known adjusters of adipose tissue. The woman who sees the Debutante would do Well to give her Mother lessons and the Mother her pounds increasing will certainly would do Well to study her daughter diet. Her Scales will warn her when a Mother can learn of her grown up daughter fully As much As the grownup daughter can learn from the Mother. At that age it is largely a matter of Marian Martineau s letters and answers it is time to do so. The Mother of the Debutante should keep a social Circle All her own. It is a mistake to merge herself and her life give and take. Into that of her daughter. She should j the Debutante Early in her career keep her complexion and her spirits must learn the value of the peace cure and she should not forget that fhe once or twice a year she must take a Beauty Bath is the Best Friend of the week and devote it to the peace cure woman who is getting along in years. She must go away to some peaceful color she wive know which Are her the drinking of distilled water the place and there for a week rest her Best color and which fabric become taking of hot drinks before breakfast mind and body. She must study peace her Best it b a artistic sense which the Ting of suitable exercise and this though the last of the Beauty and she soon acquires if she is to be a real the daily grooming of the hair and munitions is by no Means the least unsocial Success. Gown will keep a woman Young. Portent the Debutante before she makes her Bow has Learned to play Bridge. That is a polite necessity she has Learned Spanish which is now the fashionable foreign language and the language of the colonies. She is Well posted upon most topics and is Able to speak Well. Her accent is Good for the Debutante who does not speak clearly is ii of Apt to make much of a Success in society. This Means that she must pronounce her words Well without slurring them. She has of course adopted the Broad a and her accent is something Between a bos tones and an English accent. Boston and London Are believed to furnish the most perfect specimens of Good English. Her a is like a in far. The Debutante is taught tact. Perfect herself she is careful not to criticise others. She avoids certain topics. Among the Tabooed subjects Are several which Are too frequently mentioned in Good society but which Are in poor taste just the same. I my my a lesson in tact. The Debutante never touches upon the subject of age. She does not Tell her own nor does she Hazard a guess As to the age of others. She does not mention table manners. To discuss table manners is an execrable thing. She never mentions pronunciations. To discuss the pronunciation of words is a sin unpardonable in polite society. She does not talk about Money Ghe does not speak of her family tree however magnificent May be its proportions she never cities see others nor does she repeat gossip. In this Way the Debutante sows the seed of popularity. The Debutante has a positive Talent for dealing with the aged. She treats them precisely As though they were Young. Yet she Humours them a do it it pm told that the fingers will grow tapering if the nails Are Cut off at the Corners so As to make them pointed. firt Gers Are very Blunt and i do not know How to train them. What is Good for tired Muscles for tired Muscles i know of nothing better than a Pine Needle Bath. I will Send you a recipe for soap Jelly to be used with the Bath. You Are quite wrong about the Finger tips. You should let the nails grow Square at the Corners As they absolutely require some support in order to hold the Finger in its place. That is the Only Way to make the fingers grow tapering. I am sleeping with it up on curlers. I consider the curlers very harmful if worn Over night for the reason that you i Are Apt to twist them too tightly. This j injures the hair at the roots and makes it crinkle up. In a few Days the hairs fall out. I think that curlers worn during the Day Are harmless but unsightly. A warm Iron does the hair no great harm but care must be taken not to heat it too hot. I Send you formula for a hair tonic which will help to keep your hair in Good condition. A ullxiotiaire�3s it life Bureau of information x. am a Young woman desirous of becoming a teacher but alas i am troubled with a growth of superfluous hair upon my face. It makes me feel very awkward. Can you recommend something to take off this growth i will mail you Complete directions for taking a growth of hair off your face. I wonder that you have never been anxious to take off this growth before. There is certainly nothing that is half As disagreeable As a heavy growth of hair upon a woman a face. sent you a letter enclosing a self addressed envelope with a Sci Tyr upon it. The editor tells me it was sent to you while you were travelling and of course i never received a reply As a Sci Tyr would not reach me Here if you mailed the letter in new York. I am charged artificially barkeeper Why does Champagne sparkle when it is opened has it been charged with carbonic acid Gas this is to Settle a dispute and a bet. When liquors Are bottled they contain a certain amount of sugar which gradually ferments through the action of spores or minute cells.,these change sugar into alcohol and carbonic acid Gas. When the Cork is withdrawn the Gas instantly makes it escape and rising in bubbles produces effervescence and foam. Champagne is not h. W. i make enough of your skin food to last me some weeks i am Rio a m going out of town and would be glad Tojo Chi st so so a a a take a Jar of it with me. Does it keep age comes when a woman s opinions Are irrevocably set upon All subjects. This Means that her mind has grown old and age bound. And the Debutante respects Thig condition even As she avoids it herself. The Mother of the Debutante is in a vew trying position. Though still a Young woman she has a grown up daughter who eclipses Here a before Long there May be a son in Law and grandchildren. This Means that the Mother is ready to go upon the shelf. Yet the very up to Date society woman does not think of going upon the shelf even in her grandmother Dom. She keeps Young. It is hard to imagine the Brilliant mrs. George Gould As getting too old to care How she looks and it is hard to imagine mrs. Stuyvesant fish who has a married daughter As being past the age of social Belledo. It is even harder to fancy mrs. Astor As being past her elegance even though that woman is a great grandmother. It All depends upon the Point of View. The Mother of a Debutante who sinks into the background makes a mistake. She should Wear pretty gowns and each Day she should go through with the ordeal of weighing herself. This is to prevent an increase in weight. Scales Cost Little and take up Little room. And Jar it keeps perfectly but i would most cordially advise you to take some skin remedies with you in addition to the skin food. You need a Jar of soap Jelly and you also need the hair tonic. I am mailing you formula for making both of these. Dorothy there any Way of making the hair red mine is a queer Shade that is neither red nor Golden. I Send you a lock. Please Tell me what color it is and How i can make it red. Your hair is a Lovely Shade of drab. It is a pinkish drab and in very rare. I would advise you to keep it in Good condition and to make the most of it. Shampoo it once in two weeks with Scap Jelly and do not forget to dry it in the Sun and air. If you still persist in wanting to make it red you can dip it in Home made Henna Tea. But it seems a pity. To s. do you consider the Best Way to curl the hair what do you consider the least harmful at present very anxious to get your advice upon aching feet. I Wear big shoes and take car of my feet but they feel cramped All the time. I think Likely you Wear your stockings too Small. Tight stockings Are just As bad you know As tight shoes and especially Short stockings. Soak your feet at night in hot water rub them with vaseline and Wear thin stockings and very Light weight shoes. Done to try to Wear heavy shoes. Your feet Are too delicate for heavy footwear. there any Way of making the eyes look larger i am a fat woman but my face would be pretty if my eyes were not so Little. I done to know what to do for them. What is your advice upon the subject your eyes probably look Little simply because your Cheeks Are so fat. Reduce the flesh upon your Cheeks and your eyes will seem to grow larger. That �3 one of the Best of All ways of making your face pretty and your eyes Large. am troubled with aching knee joints which do not get any better though i have doctored for them for a Long time. Can you help me i am inclined to take up Christian science. Can you advise me whether it would do me any Good or not i Bellevo you know almost everything. I am afraid dear Madame that i know too Little about Christian science to venture an opinion As to it effect upon swollen knee joints. If you would like to try it go ahead. Meanwhile Why not take hot Baths rub your knee joints with warm Oil take gentle exercises and drink Bot water before your meals say half an hour before it will do your comp1 exion a world of Good and i think it will also Benefit the Knees. ? ? ? ? Frank l., Lawrenceburg Why does a soap Bubble exhibit so Many colors because the film through which the rays pass is constantly varying in thickness. V t 4t. If jul d. 9.�?How did the Slang word a smash a or a smasher a originate singular As it May seen it is said that this common bit of Slang finds its origin in a Beautiful Gypsy word a Mafada a which Means to Charm by the eyes. A i it Quot constant Reader where is the first mention made of Money in the Twenty third chapter of genesis when Abraham purchased a lot As a sepulchre for Sarah. That was in the year 2,13d, As near As i Oan figure it. Silver Money i believe was first made at Argos about 900 years before Christ. I Haven to the record for paper Money though the first printed in this country was in 1690. T ? ? ? housekeeper will you please give me a plan to remove stains from Marble the following is said to be Good but the writer can not vouch for it take $ two parts of common soda one part of pumice Stone and one part of finely powdered Chalk. Sift it through a very Fine Sieve and mix with water. Rub it All Over the Marble and the stains will be removed. Wash then with Salt and water. A a. A a a a ? ? ? ? Young Reader please give me some details about the Island of Iceland. With pleasure but if you have time you can find much that is interesting in the Public Library. It belongs to Denmark and has a population of about 75,000. The inhabitants Are All protestants belonging to the lutheran Church. It has a legislature part elected by the people and part appointed by the King of Denmark. They Are intelligent people there As almost All can read and write. They have a College t attended by one Hundred students. The highest local authority is vested in a governor but a chief minister appointed by the King is at the head of administrative affairs. It is not As cold As most Persona imagine. ? ? ? ? d. B. C., Locust Grove you give me the names of any wholesale merchants of whom i could get dry goods or groceries or both to sell on commission on what terms Are such goods usually sold and How Are the wholesalers made Safe it in not Worth while to give addresses in a Case like this As Large stores do not Send out goods to be sold of commission. They might furnish samples to hustling and capable men and allow a Small percentage on goods sold. The wholesalers Are careful to ascertain the standing and Worth of retailers before any goods Are shipped and if doubtful they might require payment a in full before the goods Are shipped. ? ? ? ? High school have to make an examination in some subjects which have been written about in magazines of different names within a year or two. Is there any Short Way by which i can find the articles and the dates of the various magazines in the Public Library consult Poole a Index to periodical literature. That will give you the information in a Short time. ? ? ? ? B. M., the Moon have Days and nights and Are they of the same length As those of the Earth do the suns rays reflect on the Moon just As they do on the Earth the Days and nights of the Moon Are about fourteen Days Long each. There is no atmosphere surrounding the Moon. Therefore the reflection is not the same. ? ? ? ? Theodore t., England among european nations have the greatest Trade yes when the totals Are considered but Little Belgium has Long been known As a the nation of traders a and that nation does a larger per capita Trade than any of the others. In fact her total is not much below that of France. ? ? ? ? Reader Quincy How Many die every Day Over the whole Earth that is hard to say but assuming that a generation is in length1 thirty years and that the population is about 1,500,000,000, the number of deaths would approach 137,000. This is largely Guesswork however. ? ? ? ? or. there much land in this country owned by foreigners yes a pretty big Boundary. About 22,000,000 acres Are owned or controlled by individuals or corporations that Are foreign. Still the total is not very great when the whole area of the country is kept in View. ? ? ? ? j. D. S., you a be kind enough to Tell the Best cheapest and safest Way to Cash United states 4 per cent Bonds due july 1, or to convert them<4nto other United stages Bonds you can obtain exact information at the sub Treasury offices in the govern-1 ment building or any banker will enlighten you. There need be no Cost to speak of a dept in the Purchase of new Bonds and for that brokers and bankers1 May charge a Small commission. 4 ? ? ? ? g. D. A., is a warehouse Quot receipt and Are they negotiable like a promissory note As the name declares it is a receipt Given by a warehouseman stating that he holds a certain article or articles say 100 barrels of whisky marked in a Way to describe it accurately. This receipt is accepted by Banks As a most excellent collateral if the property is insured. It is not a note but it is ordinarily transferable and in connection with a note is viewed with favor by Banks and Bankers. ? ? ? ? inquirer Are our largest Battle ships at present. The Maine Ohio and Missouri Are the largest with a displacement of about 13,500 tons. Each carries four twelve Inch guns and sixteen six Inch besides the smaller batteries. ? ? ? ? student How Many men and women Are taking the higher courses of instruction in our leading colleges and universities in the United states How Many instructors Are necessary it has been estimated that the aggregate is near 175,000. A few More than 20,000 instructors Are necessary to guide them aright. ? ? ? ? Farmer Clermont county wish to build a Cistern to hold about five Hundred barrels. About what Are the dimensions necessary if you build a Cistern fifteen feet in diameter each foot will hold approximately forty barrels of thirty two Gallons each. From this you can figure out about what you want. ? ? ? ? g. L. O., is the difference in pay of an Admiral in the Navy and the general of the army each receives $13,500 a year. Handkerchief toss. For a summer Lawn party nothing could be easier to arrange than handkerchief toss. This is one of the frolics in which elders and a erect youngsters can join when the company happens to be a mixed one. Each player knots one end of his handkerchief enclosing a Coin or Small Pebble As ballast. A stake is driven in the ground or a tin plate Laid upon the grass to serve As Boundary. The players take up their positions at the same distance from the stake or plate and each when his or her turn comes flings the handkerchief As far in front of him As possible. A the handkerchief thrown farthest wins a Point for its owner the sport continuing until All have had several turns. The largest number of Points wins a prize. Each handkerchief should have written upon it in Lead Pencil a letter or Mark which would Settle the question of ownership should a doubt afterwards arise. Woman who is careless. Careless dressing i its both extravagant and unfair to ones friends. Who Doe not know some loved one whose constant indifference to appearance is a perpetual annoyance and mortification there is trere to be in almost every Home the member who has to be brushed and pinned up before she a presentable to visitors. The neglected stitch in. Time Loose Hooks and eyes skirt band that permit the skirt to Sag nothing reveals to the observer More accurately than do these Little things the woman a True inwardness her mentality. The love of Beauty and Graceful and plea Trig manner Tell of a considerate nature a kind heart. A carelessly dressed woman is frequently found deficient in her moral sense and she is often indifferent in her treatment of those about her. One can have but pity for the girl who a to coax and fix up a Mother who a does no to care a so that her Young friends will not have occasion to say unpleasant things when they leave

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