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Cincinnati Commercial (Newspaper) - October 29, 1866, Cincinnati, Ohio2the Cincinnati commercial monday. October 29, 1866.a correspondence. Germany. Fun 4xk fort of them Ain. Correspondence Cincinnati commercial. Ill of Congress of the rothschilds Heads Frankfort Kuebeck and the legacy the diet the prussian National Bank and its new branches the Kings of new York at Hamburg the incorporation ceremonies in Hanover Cassel and Frankfort John of Saxony his subjects petition for peace and Alliance a with Prussia peace Tobe concluded. Frankfort october 9,1866. The rothschilds. The Congress proposed by the emperor of the Trench has so far not been convened. But another Congress perhaps reaching further and it of More influence than the pour Pallert and sorb a brings of Diplomatist has lately met at Loschl and its important transactions May Felt All Over a Europe. Members of All the houses of the rothschilds srom Frankfort Paris London Vienna Naples and their branches met there in Council to deliberate which course these european Money Majes ties ought to pursue in consideration of the Polit Seal changes proposed and effected in Europe. The financial affairs of Italy Austria Frano and a Mexico Turkey and America were eagerly Dia cussed the new houses which begin to compete a with the renowned Bankers As Erlanger in Frankfort appenheimer in Cologne and a Host of minors were duly sifted and considered the determination of Prussia to establish branches of the Berlin National Bank in Frankfort Cassel a Hamburg and other German commercial centers a was not lost sight of and though not initiated in the resolutions that passed at that meeting it is no secret that important conclusions have been arrived at. It is not without significance that they met on austrian territory instead of in Germany. The rothschilds always favored Austria More than Prussia. They were the a Deus sex Machinay who Many a time saved the Imperial treas Ury from impending bankruptcy. Baron Charles of our City was therefore earnestly considering the removal of his House from Frankfort to some City in Switzerland. He had bitterly opposed the High handed measures of the prussian generals during the hostile occupation of our free town had manfully pleaded the cause of his fellow Citi a Zens in Berlin and won Golden opinions of them and was unwilling to Quot fetch any longer the chestnuts out of the fire Quot As the German adage says. But the family Council resolved upon his re it mauling in Frankfort and he willingly submitted i to the vote of the majority to the great rejoicing of our citizens. If he had left it was asserted that several Hundred wealthy families would have followed his example As the Frankfort ans Are afraid of the prussian militia system. Still the Barons Are said to have agreed not to accept or hold any longer the Consul generalship entrusted to them by most of the great Powers of Europe. Charles As austrian Consul general in Frankfort and Janies As prussian Consul general in Paris have made so Many disagreeable experiences during the late German crisis that they think they can very Well do without the fees of consuls and Are willing to resign. Frankfort. Still Prussia is willing to reconcile the Frankfort ans As much As possible. It is True Decherd. The president of the Board of directors of the prussian National Bank was lately Here to collect information for the establishment of a Branch of this mighty institution in our City a proceed Uro much disliked by our great Bankers. Yet he was soon followed by the prussian Secretary of the Treasury Baron Heydt and his brother a banker from Elberfeld to see what share and interest our banking houses would take in the new loan of forty million thales just approved by the prussian parliament. This is certainly an act of politeness and Good will which ought not to be blighted. Baron Kuebeck Tho austrian president of the defunct diet has also lately visited our City looking after the final settlement of the legacy. According to the peace treaty of Prague the inventory of the property of the diet must be taken within six weeks after its ratification and six months later the liquidation of it effected. The business has been somewhat delayed by the removal of important records to Augsburg whither the Lew remaining members had fled when the prussians approached the City. The late military attaches of the diet have been charged with settling this business assisted by some special commissaries. The papers of particular interest to each of the former members will be delivered to them while those of common interest will be sent to Berlin. An old woman knitting her stockings a now seen Bitting at the door of the Palace in the Eshen Cimer Street the Odly person charged with taking care of the immense building of the diet requiescat in Pace. The Frankfort ans Are still very sore about the loss of their lilliputian Republican Independence. Up to the 8th inst., when the act of incorporation into Prussia was read from the Romer and the prussian Eagle hoisted they were still indulging in the Hope that their sovereignty would be spared. Idle dream their burgomaster Muller and a deputation of councillors Are still in Berlin to receive of count a Nienburg the Secretary of the Interior appropriate instructions. The English envoy sir Alexander Malet has left the continent and the Secretary of his embassy or. Edwin Corbett has gone As minister resident to Darmstadt. England thinks that is enough for the gland duchy. Frankfort has lost by the late political change four envoys four minister residents one charge do affaires twelve Consul generals and ten consuls who besides the members of the diet were spending their Money in our City. No wonder that people look sour. Franco having recalled her minister two months ago has sent or. Chandarday As Consul general. Of americans we had lately Here your minister in Rome or. Rufus King who visited his father professor Charles King of new York in Hamburg. The mismanagement of the commanders of the Federal troops has lately been proved Onoe More by the sanitary commission of our City. They offered their Volunteer services to Prince Alexander Hesse who referred their petition to the burgeon general of the eighth Federal army corps. This Learned Patriot however forgot to take notice of the paper whereupon the commission offered their services to general Manteufel. Who gratefully and immediately accepted them. The committee according to their now published statement have spent in three weeks nearly 30,000 gilders for the support of wounded and sick prussians. Tjie incorporation. On the 6th inst. The document of incorporation was read with appropriate ceremonies in Hanover and on the 8th in Cassel Frankfort and Nassau. To Hanover the resident aristocracy and Burea Uoc Macy had placards posted in several streets calling on the people to stay away from the ceremony and on the ladies to put on mourning a demonstration however which did not interfere with the Public arrangement. At 11 of clock the clergy including the chief rabbi the City Council and a Large number of officials were assembled in the Large reception Hall of the Royal Palace where they were met by the governor general. Waight Sheetz the civil governor Hardenberg. The same poet who last year had written an ode on the lasting glory of the Guelph Ian dynasty and a Large crowd of prussian officials. Auer a Short address by the governor general mayor it Alders read the Royal address and proclamation while All the Bells of the City were ringing Forth their Chimes and a rough Salute of on him red Aud one guns was a re a the ceremony ended in the Palace with three official cheers for King William and was followed by a military Parade on the Waterloo place where the prussian Eagle was hoisted on All Public buildings. 1 to people at Large in Llanover Are very sullen and reticent the Liberal members of the House however led by Benningsen have sent a very Loyal Iress to Berlin in which they Promise to accept cheerfully the altered situation but beg the King first to extend the confederacy Over the whole of Germany including the Southern states and second to appoint a special committee of hanoverian who shall assist the government in assimilating the prussian Laws to those of Hanover without encroaching upon local rights habits and customs a a petition which As to the latter Point will be granted without delay. In Cassel things went off a great Deal better. The citizens formed a procession and were joined by the several associations of the City with banners flying and the bands of music playing. A special hymn had been written for the occasion Ani was Sung by the singing associations and prussian colors were hoisted on Many private buildings and the City was in the evening partly illuminated. This enthusiastic demonstration took place yesterday while Only one week ago the sex elector of ii Esse when returning to i Castle in Hanau was received with thundering cheers and Hurrah 1 the Large masses of Mankind remain children forever. In our City and Wiesbaden similar ceremonies were enacted. The people remained Quiel and indifferent. While the official part of course wont off Writh All glory and commanded enthusiasm. No matter in a few years Noethe Frankfort ans will be Loyal prussians in spite of All their present remonstrances. Saxony. The peace with old John Lackland will after All be concluded. An address was sent to him at Vienna by the inhabitants of Dresden his own capital in which they beg him to hurry up the business and not to ruin his country by useless delays. In the District of Chemnitz the Industrial Center of the country Large mass meetings were held and resolutions unanimously passed that Only such men would be elected to the Saxon diet who will advocate the closest Alliance with Prussia the representation of Saxony in the Northern National parliament and the restoration of the election Laws of 1848. These resolutions were also forwarded to Vienna demonstrating that the time of the principles advocated by the sex Premier Beust was gone by and that the saxons were willing to adopt the propositions made by Prussia. This had the desired effect. The disappointed King has now gone to Prague to ratify the conditions of the peace treaty. He will pay Prussia ten million thales surrender the fortress of Konig Stein to a prussian Garrison recall his army from Austria and join the Northern confederacy. Sic transit Gloria Mundil Hermann. Austria Fetter from Vienna. Correspondence of the Cincinnati commercial. Martial Law revoked peace with Italy a diplomatic changes a an important Imperial manifesto to be issued the hungarian and Germau diets to be convened continued hostile feeling against Prussia Beust Secretary of foreign affairs the Czar the archbishop of Cracow Aud a Luchowski telegraphed so Congress or fish of and the Singer association. Vienna october 8,1866. On the 4th instant the names Day of the emperor passed off without the usual display Only divine service was held in All the churches and synagogues. The emperor had signed a decree by which the martial Law declared Over some parts of the Empire was rescinded but it reached Vienna too late to he published in the regular editions of the morning papers. Hence an extra was issued which caused great astonishment in the capital As the Law had never been enforced and nobody dreamed any More of its existence. To Tho great rejoicings of Vienna the peace treaty concluded with Italy had been signed on the previous Day the 3d of october. Every one expected that a special paragraph would bring the formal recognition of the kingdom of Italy by Austria. But such a declaration was deemed unnecessary As the name of Victor Emanuel As Quot roid italic Quot is several times used in the document and the first paragraph declares Quot that everlasting peace shall reign Between the emperor of Austria and the King of people were not surprised at this fact As count Mensdorf already during the negotiations had been permitted to accept of Victor Emanuel the grand Cross of the italian order of St. Januariu8. Which was equivalent to a formal recognition of the kingdom. In the consular Section of the foreign department they Are now busily engaged in arranging consular appointments for All Italy in order to renew the most Friendly relations As far As the commercial Intercourse Between the two countries is once med. In All important cities and ports Consul generals and consuls in those of minor importance consular agents will be appointed tarried in Paris in order to hurry to Biarritz As the first who will notify Napoleon of the conclusion of the Pace negotiations. All kinds of diplomatic changes however Are now rumoured of in the City. Hubner. Who is gone to visit his daughters in a boarding school in the Bretagne before returning obis Post in Rome is said to have tendered his resignation with the intention of retiring entirely from the austrian Public service. Metternich is reported As his successor in Rome while count Karolyi late ambassador in Berlin is said to be appointed to Paris he is now in Biarritz and As asserted with the intention of studying the situation and the most prominent s ambassador to Florence Are mentioned either Baron Kuebeck. Late president of the defunct German diet or count Paar who was once a Pereona Gratis Sima in Turin. # # As soon As the peace treaty with Italy will have been exchanged an Imperial Manifest of the highest importance is going to be published in which the ministerial changes will he announced and the programme of the resolutions made known which the government has adopted regarding the future Reform and reorganization of the Empire. The Manifest is said to be very hostile against Prussia while it will abound in the most flattering terms toward France. The Manifest is expected with nervous anxiety by All parties. The intense hostile feeling against Prussia is foreshadowed by the certain appointment of Baron Beust the sex Premier of Saxony As Secretary of foreign affairs. His appointment is bitterly opposed by the Volk Freund the Organ of the Ultra Montane concordat party who protest against a protestant being entrusted with such an important office. They predict for the foreign affairs the same calamitous result As has befallen the array under the protestant commander in chief Bene Dek. But this difficulty will be removed by separating the office of minister of the Imperial household from that of the foreign office. The first will be entrusted to count Mensdorf who will take the place of count Esterhazy who has been dismissed and with whom Beust was unwilling to serve in the same Cabinet. Beust is the most inveterate opponent to Bis Mark he is the Man with whom the prussian Premier sternly refused to open any negotiations whatsoever at Nikol Burg and thereby forced him to tender his resignation to his King John of Saxony. The news has of course created alarming indignation in Berlin. It is justly considered a most provoking Challenge the most premeditated insult. Rumor but still Mere Rumor says that As soon As Boust a appointment will have been officially announced the prussian ambassador Baron werther will demand his passports and leave Vienna forthwith. Well an interesting beginning of the end As Talleyrand used to say. The hungarian diet will be convened next week and the German or Cis Lethian diet in next month. The hungarians Are still unwilling to yield one Iota of their demands while the government seems to be unable to adopt the programme they have Laid Down for the duties they Are willing to assume toward the preservation of the whole Empire. If a reconciliation and Compromise can not be effected it is feared that instead of a dualism the old absolutism has to be introduced and then Austria has indeed not yet seen the worst of the crisis. The German deputies of the late Quot Reichsrath Quot or parliament have also held a caucus meeting in the House of Tho wealthy sugar refiners Skene Brothers on the Kolowrat ring. Sex minister Lasser the late president and vice president of the House and some fifteen members More attended the meeting. They Are strenuously advocating As the Only political remedy the immediate convocation of the parliament and oppose the plan of convening Mere delegations from the various provincial diets As another violation of the suspended february Constitution. While the hungarians favor the dualism and the germans Are for centralization or. Fish of one of the most prominent and unimpeachable men of 1848, proposes again As he has already done in 1860, that the leaders of both parties should try to effect a Compromise and Good understanding before they will have to face the propositions of the government. The other nationalities bohemians croatians. Ac., Are also looking up with their diverging claims and it wants a firm and powerful hand to steer the ship of state to a Harbor of a sound consolidation and thorough reconstruction. My next letter of course will bring you unusually interesting items. The appointment of Paluchowski As governor general of Galicia while indicating the intent of the government to win the Good will of the a a polish has called Forth Strong comments on the part of the russian press. Still we Are now positively informed that since the death of Mouravieff the Czar has ordered the suspension of the further a ossification of Poland. It seems As if the nations were to gain a Good Deal by their rulers being at loggerheads. The Czar has also lately consented to indemnify the Catholic archbishop of Cracow for the revenues to be derived from the estates of his diocese situated in and confiscated by Russia. The negotiations Are dating yet from the times of Nicholas when he confiscated All the monasteries and other property of the Catholic Church in Poland. Stem Nicholas declined any hearing in his Case though Cracow had been transferred to Austria. Alexander however has promised a speedy settlement of this affair. Various items. In order to win still More the favor of Napoleon and the French the austrian army will henceforth be clothed after the French pattern red pants and Blue Coats. The protest of the King of Hanover against the annexation of his kingdom to Prussia is praised by the official organs As a Noble and heroic document. The Blind King has even been decorated with the grand Cross of Austria a military order of Maria Theresa. The prussian ambassador has remonstrated with count Mensdorf about these proceedings but was plainly answered that Austria was neither willing nor entitled to interfere with the doings of a Sovereign and if Russia wishes to persecute the press for libels the austrian courts were at her service. The department of Tom Moroe has just notified the Public that the Telegraph offices have been empowered to receive communications written in any language whatsoever provided the letter can be rendered by the alphabetic apparatus now in use in these offices. An important improvement this both for National and International Commerce. Deputies of the four most important telegraphic bureaus of Europe Are now meeting in our capital those of the Vienna correspondence. Wolf a Bureau in Berlin renters London correspondence and the havas correspondence of Paris. They intend to Divide the continent among themselves for the special purposes of their business and to improve and enlarge thereby the system of their communications. Putzki the hungarian Patriot and exile has arrived in Vienna. He will he received a private audience by the emperor As soon As the latter will have returned from Loschl and then fully pardoned. Thanks to the intercession of some influential statesmen. The viennese wish to remain germans. Tho Singer Verein lately celebrated its Twenty third anniversary. The president who delivered Tho oration reviewed the late crisis and concluded with the stirring Appeal Quot let us rally around the Flag of Germany. By German Art we have fostered and nursed our flourishing association. We will remain United with Germany by such Bonds which can be severed neither by Needle guns nor bad the applause with which these words were received Are a gloomy reproach to the government. But we Are Only at the beginning of the end. Mind this Well. A. Arnold. Yew York better. Correspondence Cincinnati commercial. The Manhattan naturalization Bill a Beecher on education a evening schools Brooklyn sunday school Union a Trinity Church corporation to Weir immense wealth a protestant episcopal Centenary medals of Honor to the Brooklyn veterans of the War visit of governor Fenton a enlargement of Beecher a Church or. Parton a Sensa station considered a new Security Relief for the Quebec sufferer so the political canvass in the City and state of new York. New York october 25,1866 the work of naturalization of foreign Horn per sons the Enterprise of transforming non voters into so Many parts of the body politics May be said to be going bravely on. Nothing that has transpired Here in Many years has been so prolific in ludicrous events As this present great death bed struggle of the democratic party. I might fill a Page of the commercial with the details of the Vag Aries and Quot bulls a which have passed under my observation within the last few Days. As usual think that new York can Challenge any other place on the Globe for getting no a first class High handed operation in this particular line of naturalization. Or. Beecher took a Correct View of National Sal vation last night at the Cooper Institute when he commended above and beyond All other things the duty of providing education. He had reference to the negroes. I would apply it to our own hordes of ignorant Whites in whose hands citizenship is a curse to themselves As Well As the Community in which they dwell for every ballot they cast Unworthily is heaping upon them a new addition to the already terrible prejudice which exists against them and which Cau never be wiped out but by our common schools. This leads me to observe at the present time we have in attendance at our Public evening schools 5,744 males and 3,211 females and 140 males and females in the coloured evening schools. The number should he at least five times As Many. In this connection i May As Well allude to the sunday school Enterprise in Brooklyn. The annual meeting of the Union was held in or Beecher a Church the other evening and it was there stated that the number of sunday schools evangelical was 116, in $9 of which there Are 3,327 teachers and 27,090 scholars. During the year there had been 1,715 conversions and the sum of $23,461 had been raised for various benevolent Pur poses. In addition to the schools referred to the Union sustains Twenty four Mission schools. % if the right spirit possessed the hearts of on Trinity Church corporation in this City they could accomplish a vast amount of Good. The property of this corporation is valued at from sixty to seventy millions of dollars and what comes of it eternity Only will reveal that is. If the question should Hap pen to come up beyond the grave with As much interest As it appears Here at intervals. We Are Likely to have the Trinity Church property to keep us company for sometime to come the Sale of St John s bark having brought it to Tho surface once More. To be elected a Church Warden in Trinity is always regarded As the stepping Stone to Fortune one gentleman a Christian gentleman by the Way some years ago w As made a Warden of Trinity and when be got in he began his calculations and continued them till his time had expired but his efforts to calculate or to Cypher out the disposition of the immense amount of income were nipped in the Bud and the result is that his brain having become mathematical he has been engaged on weights and measures Ever since. No Warden Ever comes out Wiser than he goes cd although the suspicion that he comes out Richer is very Strong. We Are to have another grand Centenary Celebration Here next week. It is Nota methodist one this time but a protestant episcopal one. The Centenary ceremonies of St. Paul a Church the edifice which Many of your travelling readers May remember when i say that it is the ancient looking edifice next to the Astor House on Broadway. The Celebration will commence on sunday and continue for three Days sunday monday and tuesday. Of course there will be a grand array of clergymen in Snow White surplice in attendance. To Day is being observed by the people in our sister City of Brooklyn As a Holiday. The military Are out in full Force and this morning governor Fenton and staff went Over and was received with All the honors due to his exalted rank As commander in chief. It is an the occasion of presenting medals of Honor to the Veteran soldiers and sailors of Kings county who per led their lives for the country in its dark Days of the recent War. The Day is auspicious. The streets of Brooklyn Are Clad in Bunting and the Flag we All love and cherish is waving from every Public place and from a thousand House tops. Long May it wave Over us. I learn that the trustees of Plymouth Church Rev. H. W. Beecher a Are discussing among themselves with the Aid of some trustworthy architects. The propriety of raising the roof of their already capacious edifice some sixteen feet and the construction of a second gallery All round the House in order to enable them to provide accommodations for the thousands who insist upon hearing or. Beecher a thoughts As they Roll fresh from his lips on the Sabbath Day. In considering this elevating subject the question As to whether Tho present Walls will Bear the additional Strain or whether they can be so strengthened As to Bear it is to it of course being thoroughly studied. If this programme is executed we will then have a Church which when filled will present one of the grandest sights upon which the human Eye can feast. Or. Parton s article in the North american review. On the subject of our municipal corruptions has made a sensation among our organized Public thieves. They squirm terribly. None of them would Ever have seen Iho review and the article would have remained in oblivion had not the times and Post made bold to feast their readers by its republication in their columns. While or. Parton a article is All True it is but a mite of the corruption known Only to those who Are in the daily habit of observing the modes Operand of the City Hall officials. Or. Barton has Laid some Strese upon the fact of certain reporters obtaining $200 every year for labors never performed and for keeping Back proper expositions of the frauds upon the Public. This is simply untrue. The fact is that or. Parton himself could not have obtained a place for his article even if it had been condensed into an Ordinary column in the columns of any daily paper in this City nor weekly either. I know of instances where unmistakable frauds have been pointed out by reporters in their respective offices and no notice taken of them. Even the Tribune honest As is its reputation has not dared to unfold Many tales True ones which it has had its disposal. The fact is the City and county treasuries Are the gods and oar newspapers the devotees kneeling at the feet of the key holders begging for their equal share of the Money appropriated for advertising purposes and it has been when these applications were pending that Tho City fathers slipped through some of their most wholesale frauds because while the f papers were in the attitude i have described silence reigned in the several sauce us and the facts were similar about the time when the Bills for Public advertising were passing through the committees on printing. It is probable that in this very selfish age even the North american review would have declined or. Parton a Praise worthy Effort had it been an advertising beneficiary of our common Council and Board of supervisors. The Gauntlet is now thrown Down we shall see whether our City press will make bold to lift it. Frank w. Ballard esq., a gentleman not unknown in the weat has changed his business relations in this City during the past week. He has been unanimously elected Secretary of the old and Stalwart Quot Security insurance by this change the a importers and traders has lost a thoroughly practical business Man. Whose Assiduity and Energy was. Perhaps its richest invest ment. Raki that a Spain if a us n a it Vaia mul Una Are Well known to your Western provision dealers i give their names John Hobbs. James goodere John will not John Gordon James Bruce a. H. Phillips Thomas Rigney Alfred Smithers w. J. Preston Samuel Knapp. Our people Are working hard in preparation for the great and overwhelming defeat of the democratic party in november. The state outside of this City is instinct with vitality and Tho canvass is turning up converts and repentant by the scores. The dem Oraey Are evidently confining their herculean efforts to this City in which they imagine their evil deeds can be most conveniently buried out of sight. Of the thousands who have been and who will yet be naturalized before election there will be such a Large proportion terror stricken and frightened that not half of them will dare to approach the polling places. The work of challenging will be done most thoroughly on the registering Days yet remaining. Voila tout. Politico-n1tro-gl Cero e. Speech of Wendell Phillip at the Cooper Institute new York thursday evening october 25, 1866 ment and the Quot Security appears to understand its own Best interests in making the appointment. Our a. Vision merchants do not get exhausted with appeals from unfortunate neighbors. After having done Noble things for the sufferers by the great fire in Portland they make the Quebec disaster their Opportunity of showing that the expansive qualities of True Benevolence do not recognize geographical or governmental boundaries. They have organized a committee to obtain funds for the Relief of the Quebec sufferers by the recent Reat fire. As the gentlemen composing this committee Stead of a bulwark to hide be Stacle to be removed. rebellion Defeated in Virgin Headquarters in the White h of my audience accepted my s tenths received it with hisses new York Tribune a report then and now. and gentlemen this is the 25th Day of october i860. On the 25th Day of october 1865 standing on this platform i ventured to say that the president or the United states instead of being a mistaken Friend was a determined enemy of the Republic that instead of being a Comrade to be conciliated he Wai a foe to be opposed in in he was an of Quot to say that the taken up its a but one tenth foment and nine or silent indignation. An eventful year has rolled Over our Heads since and i think if the proportion was taken in any audience in the land to night the number that dissented from me then would agree with me today. Applause so much the events of the year have taught us. Well friends my Mission As i understand it to night is to warn you again that the danger from that Quarter has not ceased but the greater danger that Lowers ahead is that the rebellion quartered in the White House intends in its next move to encamp under the dome of the Capitol and in the Senate House and House of representatives. It has taken Possession of one Section of the government its present plan is to take Possession of the whole. I did no to utter my prediction a year ago because i feared the rebel lion. Men said i was afraid of the South. A Man does not exhibit any undue fear of starvation when to plants wheat. A Man does not express any anxiety about getting Home when he inquires for the shortest Road. I believed then As i believe now that the masses of Tho Republic duly warned would save it from any enemy inside or out but i believe there never has been any enemy to he dreaded outside of our own lines. No not in the darkest hour of our civil War was there any danger outside the lines. Our whole danger has always been inside in our own fears in the irresolution Tho haste the immaturity the distrust in our own ranks. A Festina Lente. 7 Ohe of the great evils of democracy is that it is too much in a hurry. It would reap almost before it has sown. It digs up its seed every twelve hours to see How it has sprouted. The haste to Day is to reconstruct the form of the Republic in which exists the oligarchic will of a great minority. It never tastes. Without haste without rest i foresee a patient dozen or Hundred men Lay their plans in this generation and the next watching undeterred by temporary disaster a dismayed by any results unforeseen it moves in its steady Way Onward till it reaps the full Harvest of a Complete Success. But one wants to engraft on dem Oraey with patient foresight the Long waiting the Readi Ness to see events unfold themselves in natural proportion and order and every Man who under takes to advise his fellow citizens to Day is to advise them not to be in a hurry to remember the situation in which god has placed them the Strug Gle not of forms but of ideas. What have we been doing the South kept geographical Success by an idea represented by a Faith that repudiated the declaration of Independence that believed that one third was born booted and spurred and the other two thirds saddled and bridled for that third to ride that believed in gags and Lynch Law Bowie knives and Tho flames As the Best test of Public opinion that sent women to jail for teaching poverty to read that made its streets unsafe for free speech to tread. That South Rose in rebellion against the open Bible the Equality of manhood before the Law untagged lips and the declaration of Independence. That South a was whipped now the question comes what that Victory Means and what reconstruction on that Victory Means ? if it Means an7 thing it does not mean dragging South Carolina to the feet of Massachusetts an chaining her with clamps of Iron. It Means that North making Over that South in its likeness till South Carolina gravitates by natural tendency to new England. Applause every other close of the rebellion is a Sham. Every other haste to acquiesce in their seeming close of it is treachery conscious or unconscious. �?oreconstruction.�?T7 now that reconstruction can be had but one Way. The South must be won to the capital and to the Energy to the brains and to the habits of the North it must he a free passage and a free dwelling place for Northern brains and Northern capital As the West has been. What makes the West in the likeness of new England because the old and Rich states poured out of their abundance upon the Prairies and made them Over in their own likeness that strengthened them As sister states that process is the inevitable and unsparing process of the territories South of Mason amp Dixon a line. Men toss about the word As if it meant Alexander h. Stephens seated Side by Side with Charles Sumner As if it meant Wade Hampton and judge Kelley under the roof of the House of representatives. As Well Send a couple of puppets to play representatives and senators reconstruction begins when the South yields up her idea of civilization and allows the North to permeate her channels and make her Over throughout the route which Victory has Given to the better and the dominant idea. Now until that process commences. Reconstruction has not commenced. No sounding names no donning of official Robes makes one hairs breadth step toward reconstruction. It is Only rebellion in a new form it is Only the South assuming her old Power a dismayed and in weakened by this Effort at Victory of her rival. Well now it is As Plain As the sufi at Noonday that the South does not accept the situation. From Wade Hampton Down to the most silent member of her dominant race there is not one single individual anywhere that accepts the situation. On the contrary by every voice and by every act that comes to us from the other Side of the line she repudiates it. She has committed no treason she has forfeited no rights the North has acquired nothing but her old constitutional compromises to use against her neighbor. The presidents a policy Quot and Cabinet. I said a year ago. From this platform that j Effer son Davis never intended to leave Washington he was too Wise a Man for that. He never intended to rebel he was too Wise Aman for that. He intended to remain in Washington to be the government to hold in his hand the army and Navy and to receive the diplomacy of the sisterhood of nations. He and the South were to be the government and we. If we chose were to be the rebels and the South has regretted that fatal step Ever since Jefferson Davis quilted Washington. Urged by the haste of his own masses by the to creasing enthusiasm and red hot Zeal of his own people he was precipitated into rebellion but he never meant to be a rebel. In ninety or one Hundred Days every leading Man at the South saw Tho mistake and every Effort of the rebels in arms was distinct specific Effort to redeem that step. It failed. And when after the death of Lincoln a new theater opened in the Hopes of the South she resumed her old purpose. Failing in fighting the Flag she Means to Rule us beneath it. Her platform is just what it was in 1861�?to be the government and in thirty Days after the death of Lincoln she had her tool her poor confessed avowed tool seated in the White House. Applause men say Johnson has betrayed the Republican party. Betrayed it to whom to Weed to Richmond to Cagger to the democrats no he did not Stop Long enough even to be counted in that Camp. He betrayed both to the actual rebels South of the line. Your children if my instincts Are rights your children will live to see the evidence in Black and White that from the 4th Day of july 1%5, Andy Johnson was hand and Glove not with the democratic party he did not linger Long enough with it even to betray it applause a but hand and Glove with the prisoner of fortress Monroe and Bis coadjutor. Yes the perils through which the Republic has found its Way hitherto unharmed the dangers from which the masses have saved their own government fifty years hence will show As i believe More fearful than the hardest of us Ever suspected. The weak and wicked brain of Secretary Seward i believe planned to remodel this government itself and to Day the South under the leadership of Andy Johnson Means As every great minority has always meant under such Circuns canoes. History does not show us anywhere a single instance where a Large minority Ever surrendered their purposes after one unsuccessful Effort. The South has not needed to do it. She leaped into the Saddle from the very moment that Lee surrendered and to Day encamped in the White House her object is to take Possession of the government and fight Tyft same Battle Between oligarchy and Freedom Oxer again inside the Flag. General Butler says when you Lay before him this programme and say if she does we will rebel i do not rebel the nation is mine. this Battle i to be fought by of Ai a cation and a very other Power on the out Side. Cheers i believe then that the president of the United states for the last Twelvemonth has been the conscious agent of the purposes of the leading rebels South to continue this War on the new phase in the phase they originally meant to initiate it As the government itself seated in Washington recognized by foreign nations Tho Treasury and the army theirs and the North if necessary in the attitude of rebellion. Well what have we to guard against that plot which no Man need doubt after the revelations which the president has made within the last six months. What have we to guard against it is the Cabinet anything what Are its materials an attorney general selected because he would be a tool and because the Long career of the dirty business of his profession made him a fit tool of such an executive. A Secretary of the Treasury who is so much one with his master that if the thing be consummated he will More Likely be the tempter than the tempted. A Secretary of the Navy whose thorough incompetency for his work is such that his very holding of the office is a farce and his utter corruption so notorious that any honest act in his administration must have been an oversight and a mistake. Cheers and laughter a Man who never had opinions but was always ready to surrender his professions at the nod of his master. A Secretary of War whose career is utterly inexplicable his last act May give us that key which will make it intelligible on a theory of Honor but at present it is in a Cloud. Loud laughter and cheers a Secretary of state derisive laughter a whose Best friends deny his wickedness on the sole ground that age has dimmed the intelligence of his prime. Is there any Force in that Cabinet to withstand their chief but men say that Congress and the Republican party Are the bulwark. The Republican party and its leaders. Well the Republican party is mighty. The states that have spoken have spoken almost with a voice of unanimous approval and the a states that Are to speak in my opinion will speak More unanimously still. Cheers so far As the Mere voice of the masses go so far As the endorsement of what has appeared to be the spirit of Congress goes we have strength enough and our Only need is to ask what is the meaning of this Republican Victory How Large and How great a step in this kind of reconstruction which 1 have described does Republican successes As such guaranty to us millions upon millions of popular votes what real National strength in this struggle with the nations undefeated foe does this insure us Well look at it Congress separates on a plan which it Calls the amendment of the Constitution and when Congress separates it tells the world that this is but a portion an instalment of its plan of reconstruction that even swallowed the whole of it it has no pledge to give to the territories South that they shall be formed into states and so admitted into the Union. But no sooner have the parties rallied and marshalled for the canvass than the National Republican committee and the great state committees of that party and the leading journals that undertake to speak for it unanimously say to us Quot if the South accepts these amendments she May count upon an instant Republican Success in this canvass Means the fulfilment of the pledge upon which it has been conducted and that pledge officially judged by its leading committees and its great journals is that the amendment ratified the South takes her place in the Senate and House of representatives. So the republicans offer so the spectators interpret. The new York Herald an astute observer says to the South Quot accept accept now be fore the Promise is Republican Success therefore Means if you can interpret it today in the first place that South of Mason and Dixon s line is South Carolina. I deny it. The territory of South Carolina is there the territory of Virginia is there and a certain person quitting his proper functions and usurping the congressional Powers has undertaken to set up a pasteboard government which to Calls the state of South Carolina. But radicalism and the North ignore it. It knows no result of presidential usurpation. Applause the South gains from what Point when Republican committees and Republican journals talk of the state of Virginia there is none. In duo time Congress will see fit to initiate measures to have the territories of Virginia decreed a state. Applause but in the meantime South of the line exist Only men and land and some old names floating in the atmosphere before them to which in due course of time we May give coherence and locality. But the Republican party undertakes to Promise in this canvass that this amendment is accepted. But you will say to me this is not a fair statement Well i will allow it needs an addition for the state of this political canvass is unprecedented. While All that i have said is True while leading journals and National and state committees hold this language go with me to the caucus addressed by general Wilson or. Ashley of Ohio or. Kelley of Pennsylvania by governor Banks of my state by Boutwell of Groton by any Man from Massachusetts Back to St. Louis standing face to face with his constituents and what is his language i would not admit a single Southern state till the Black Man has a vote. Cheers while the Tribune and Post while National and state committees Are pledging to the South this Boon the leading men of the Republican party face to face with their constituents Are declaring that they believe in negro suffrage and believe it indispensable to any Safe reconstruction. General Banks goes further still. He told his constituents in Middlesex Quot i am not Only most thoroughly convinced that negro suffrage is an inevitable and indispensable element of any just and Safe reconstruction but i know it to be a fact that the majority in the House of representatives believe the same then Why did no to they vote it you go Down into the popular caucuses and every Man is for suffrage hut when you go up into the House of representatives no Man is for suffrage. You know Charles Lamb when he was a youngster was taken to the burying ground and read All the Tomb Stone full of a raise and said to to his Mother a where do bad oils go a so when you have heard these speeches in caucus you go into the Hall of representatives and ask. Quot where Are the suffrage men a Echo answers. Where a or. Waterhouse conce said in Ray own state when the jury brought him in guilty Quot gentlemen of the jury you have my consummate respect and As a jury my consummate so i could say to the people of Pennsylvania Illinois and Ohio you have my unmitigated respect but the House of representatives the contrary. Did you Ever see such a canvass ? what is the reason of it the reason is a hopeful one ladies and gentlemen the reason is one that shows us where our Power comes in. Those men do not sit there As representatives they sit there As delegates. They do not Rise to the Independence of representatives they do not go there to say to each other Quot what is necessary a Quot what is Best Quot Quot what do you think is the Wisest and safest course to make this country Over again a a but one Man says Quot How much will your constituents Bear a a Bear so much a and they vote on it in that Way they show us that As even in Tho past so also in Tho future what we will the House will enact and what we Are to say to them this fall is Quot go Back and enact not what you suppose your constituents want but what you have avowed your own convictions to i take or. Wilson of my own state. Men say that i am hard upon him that criticise him unduly. I Only say in Publio and before his face what All his friends say in private and behind his Back. I Only say that he came before the Public in september and says Quot i knew that Andrew Johnson had betrayed the Republican party last january but i thought i would try and conciliate him and so i held on and kept what do we Send men to the Senate chamber for do a Hundred men govern this country or the masses can the people be trusted with facts or Are they to be hidden in the breasts of statesmen ? you have one half of the Republican party leaders undertaking to Tell us that they have known All Winter that Andrew Johnson was a traitor but meanwhile they have let popular sympathy and Confidence and respect cohere and grow around him until they have strengthened a Nev party whereas if they had told the truth when they Dis covered it if every Man who saw him treacherous had deserted him when they saw it he would not since january have secured adherents enough to be visible upon the surface of Public affairs. Lap Plause i contend in the present state Olathe can Vass. The treachery of the Republican party is in its leaders and that he who knows such facts and keeps them secret for six months letting the people in the mean time Center and crystallize in the wrong direction manifests the Genius of oligarchy instead of the open Day of Republican Confidence in the instincts and right intelligence of the people word for the fair sex and about Greeley. This amendment which we Are told by the official voice a and that is the Only one to which we can listen is to be a Bridge to restore the South to its old place in the government undertakes in the first place to engraft into the Constitution of Tho United states a new feature. As the nineteenth Century opens before us the largest and most progressive minds of both continents Are undertaking to enlarge the political Arena while both sections of the United state stand ready to Day to expand with the opening demands of the nineteenth Cen Tury. Yes the timid and cowardly policy of a party bound Only upon its own perpetuation undertakes to engraft into that Constitution the word a male a confining us. Inthe Onward March of the suffrage question to one sex. I repudiate ail limitations. Applause our fathers left it uncommitted to lace the demands of the opening Century. I would leave it uncommitted. The amendment secondly undertakes to ignore entirely the rights of the negro to the help of the government. Today we have the right to protect him and the Power. The amendment surrenders both into the lands of the dominant race of the Southern territories. We have to Day the right gained by Battle and we have the Power having the whole government machinery in our hands. We Are pledged in Honor and by the necessities of a five years War to exercise both the right and the Power. The Republican party undertakes to give up the right and the Power and Trust to the contingencies of a possible motive. They Call it a Compromise. Compromise is a respectable word. It covers a respectable fact. Compromise is when two men differ on a Boundary and agree to Settle it by Mutual arrangement. Compromise is when two men disagree on the amount due each on a contract or from the profits of a business and they a it Down and arrange their Mutual claims honorable just and equal. There never has been a Compromise in american political history. We have elevated a Mindle into a Compromise and dignified it with the name. The White Raee of the North and the White ramp of of the South cd me together in 1789, and sacrificed to their general advantage the rights of the absent Blacks. A swindle and they called it a compromise1 Prussia and Russia met together on dismembered Poland and separated it into fragments and annexed it to the adjoining kingdoms and called it a Compromise. A swindle the House of representatives and Senate essayed to Amend the Constitution in safety because 4,000,000 of Blacks held their places in the scale when the balance trembled beneath the North and South and they sat Down with a rebel president to Saipale their allies out of their rights and gave the amendment to the country As a Compromise and the new York Tribune bowed to it As it has to every Bare faced swindle for the last Twenty years. Or. Greeley says it i would Quot Only be soft spoken and conciliating a a if i would Only use gentle terms and Lead men without their knowing where a while he Points himself As driving Jefferson Davis into impartial suffrage when the great rebel finds he is running into the confederacy like the irishman and pig that thought he was going to Cork when he turned his face to Dublin a suggestive picture but which is the pig and which the Driver laughter but it is no matter of merriment for the Republican party does not believer that these constitutional amendments Afie conducting them to impartial suffrage. The masses May be deluded for a moment into the idea but the leaders know and accept them because they know that they Are con ducting to the perpetuity of their party and possibly to the salvation of the National finances. They know this in their hearts but they accept and endorse them because they know that in order to perpetuate the party and save the finances they must throw overboard the Burden of the negroes claim. That very same Leader of your great and often meritorious journal eighteen months ago when i undertook by Way of protest to announce that if Ever the Congress of the United states assumed the rebel debt i would agitate for its repudiation until my dying Day and claimed now by Way of advertisement merely my right to do so that same Jour Nal warned me not to run a tilt against Windmill a. But eighteen months later to Day the same statesmanship Hows to the constitutional amendments a swindle As they Are to avoid the catastrophe of finances which eighteen months ago it termed a Windmill. And this is que practical statesmanship which you Are called upon to Trust i do not deny the services of that great editor any More than i deny the services of or. Wilson in any of the years gone by i do not ask you not to respect them i Only ask you not to Trust them. The amendment. The constitutional amendment so far As the negro is concerned is a swindle and done to anybody. With the respectable but misused term of Quot the absent the unheard the disfranchised race is sacrificed Between the upper and nether Millstone of rebel Dom while the Republican party knowingly systematically and persistently sacrifice it to preserve their political supremacy. Why on the sacrifice of the Black the White race resumes its place practically at the Helm of stale How Long will they be a minority How Long on questions of finance will they be a minority they have the same political strength when they re enter that House and Senate that they had before 1861. They had used it for fifty years with uninterrupted Triumph except in the matter of Kansas. Why should they Tail in time to come vice president Hamlin told you if not from this platform then from another in this City How he was approached in Texas time with Bonds offered for five dollars that his vote was to make Worth one Hundred dollars in Twenty four hours. With millions upon millions of that very Security floating in the House of repro natives with fifty or sixty southerners Wield Nahem How soon would the revolutionary enthusiasm chill the Ordinary earthly and political virtue How soon will the finances of the country be a football like All other political questions and the South dominant As of Yore the constitutional amendment is not Only a swindle on the negro but it is giving us Back to that same political per ambulation that ruled this country essentially from 1801 to 1860. Put your foot upon it reject it Send it Drifting with a Hundred other schemes of constitutional amendments and Send Back Congress into its Halls with orders to admit not Southern territory at present nor perhaps till Long after the 4th of March 1869. Applause i done to believe m reconstruction. Streets running with blood the capital in exile free speech suicidal the South repudiating her old maxims she is to be rooted up to be made Over to be smothered to to outgrown to be covered Over with a Rich and prosperous growth of Northern emigration brains and Money before you can begin even to rebuild Tho states. Cheers men say that the radicals hate the South. There is a class of magnanimous christians who talk about nothing but conciliation. Conciliation i who have been the friends of the South for forty years the abolitionists who have stood upon her Borders and warned her of the lesson that concerned her peace who have told her that she was running a race that could end in nothing but a collision with the spirit of the nineteenth Centi iry who told her she was beckoning bankruptcy and blood to be her guests. We told it to her for a Quarter of a Century. We urged her to get rid of an institution that could Only commit her finally to that which a bit eth like a Serpent and sit Ngeth like an her Day has come and bankruptcy and ruin have covered All her Fields. Who stands ready now to rebuild her waste places to make her Fields laugh with Prosperity and every sort of agriculture climb her Hill sides ? who would cover her Rivers with steamboats and set the planter in motion in All her states Why the men that undertook to Tell her that she must come into line with the nineteenth Century if she. Expects to live or Prosper applause a the men who exhorted her to Givy up her Faith in the Bastard Sham and chaff which she Calls politics. Meanwhile Christian ministers to about and urge not that you should forgive iniquity. But that you should take the state prisoners and make them presidents of Wall Street Banks. Why i knew a Man Onoe. A machinist and Locksmith who broke into half a dozen of our banking institutions and finally found his Way to Stato prison. I was one of the sufferers by his ingenuity. When he came out of that wholesome institution he sought me out and begged that i would set him up again in the business of Locksmith and machinist. If i had gone to Plymouth he would have said Quot that is conciliation is twin sister to common sense. The Man who has sinned against the nation is to be conciliated just As fast and As far As is for the Well being and safety of the nation. The Radical will conciliate the South to his own Blessing and to the safety of the nation which we have fought so Long to preserve. This Bastard christianity is like lord Holland and his infant boy Charles James Fox whom he brought up on this system of conciliation. Charles onco Drew his fathers watch out of his pocket Worth 100 guineas. Said he. Quot father. I want to break that watch and stamp on Quot Why i would not do that Charles it is Worth a great Deal of a no matter i want to stamp on Quot yes but i would you see the old Man was kind. Quot i if you keep it whole i will have a Quot no matter i want to stamp on a Well if you must you so certain conciliators say to the South Quot do what you will Tho motive should be in your own breast not to do Well that was a very Good argument in to old times when we were bound in the Salomon Seal of what we called the terms of the Constitution and do any better. But times have changed. You remember the old legend the Fisherman took a casket out of the sea. And found on its cover Tkv Seal of Solomon and broke it and out of it Roso the giant till he lifted into colossal shape and raised his right hand to crush the interloper and then by a cunning Story he got him Back into Tho bottle and shut it and threw it into the sea. Now we stand in just that position to Day. War broke the Solomon Seal of the Constitution and Tho North Rose to her legitimate proportions. Hovering Over her rival Victory placed in her right hand the wholesome Stepter that would crush the obstacle to a harmonious nation forever. Then eaten the pulpit and the Tribune and advised us to go into the bottle. Laughter and applause for one i shall not go into the bottle again till i have crushed every obstacle that Victory has Given me the right to annihilate. No More compromises. No More compromises of the Constitution no More surrender of the omnipotence of the War Power until Louisiana and South Carolina Are made Over in the likeness of new England and run like Kindred drops indistinguishable into one. Applause and in do that the very first task i would set the reassembled Congress before they look at the amendment or utter the word reconstruction is to impeach the rebel at the White House. Floud cheers. J let the territories of Louisiana and South Carolina take cure of themselves. We Are going to attend to this machine with the government that belongs to us. Applause and the first process to commence is to impeach the rebel who has usurped the functions of president. Cheers renewed Liebell too dignified a designation. The great Mobo crat of the White House. Applause yes does he want to mob in new Orleans he ignored governor Wells. Does be want to mob in Baltimore he recognizes governor Swan. Cheers Law or no Law state or no so Tate limited authority or omnipotence no matter w hich a mob is the result. Impeach the Mobo crat of the White House and the second step is depose him. Applause and impeachment is of no value if while it drags its length through Tho Senate chamber the impeached party wields the Navy and the army and the Pat image of the government against the impeaching House and the judicial Senate. The moment the executive of the United states it impeached statesmanship and the Constitution and the necessities of the hour dictate that his place should be supplied applause a until an acquittal restores him to office or a condemnation subjects us to the choosing of a new president and vice president to Supply the places of the dead and the deposed. I know men shrink from this Tep of interfering with the functions of the executive. But the Constitution undertakes to give us the Power of impeachment in such shape that ordinarily speaking it is utterly unapproachable there is a Chance that in any Ordinary time the president of the United states should be even practically liable to impeachment. Such an emergency As the present and such an uprising of the popular enthusiasm As the civil War has left is Only concurrence of circumstances that renders it a possibility and that same emergency dictates that we should exhaust the Arsenal of the constitutional weapons to make it efficient. I would therefore set the precedent. Like the English nation in 178b, i would Butko Tho a fair 0 Tho realm consist with Tho

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