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Cincinnati Commercial (Newspaper) - March 31, 1867, Cincinnati, OhioLek Cincinnati commercial sunday. March 31. 1867. commercial. Published every morning. By m. Halstead a co., a Tom pfc offem Bui dins n. K. Corner fourth and race Sun Ems Ailt without a coat Paprin by mail in Advance one 00 it three month�.9 3 3 Bix Mouths. Too mine month. 1 55 per week my papers it served by Carrier. Í3 Svitil sunday a pubs. Wt.-.14 00 i three 75 vix Mootha. 7 00 one month.1 50 a week seven papers served by Carrier pc a # Quot. , tzar. In a vac rrtpy.00 ten to Twenty �1 75 rivet ten copies. I so i Twenty and j 50 a Quot extra copy sent with each club of ten names for a added at one time. Vorms of . One Square eight Unes. A 00 per line t rns iness notices. On per line wants for Sale. For rent. 10sunday. March 31, 1867. Amund Menam to Morrow eve oiling 7hlatre c0m1quk�? a the babes in the t1i11 news. Gold closed in new York yesterday at 133%. Counterfeit fifty Dollar compound interest notes Are in circulation. It is expected that the Welland canal will be open about the Middle of april. The japanese commissioner and suite sailed from san Francisco for Newyl Ork yesterday. The Corner Stone of the new mercantile Library building was Laid in san Francisco yesterday. The Senate yesterday confirmed general James b. Steedman As collector of internal Revenue at new Orleans. Private dispatches received from St. Louis last night state that the Lindell House was in flames and Woid probably be totally destroyed. John till killed Bis brother Henry till yesterday near Newcastle. Delaware during a quarrel about tobacco. Till was arrested and lodged in jail. A deck hand named Mcl Achlin a resident of Cairo fell overboard from the Steamer Ocean wave near that place on Friday night and was drowned. Or. Lange a Butcher in Philadelphia and his two sons were so badly scalded by the upsetting of a cauldron the other Day that All three have since died. Speaker Colfax was in the chair of the House yesterday. His step father having passed the crisis of his disease on Friday is now regarded out of danger. The Rev. Or. Sears has resigned the presidency of Brown University to accept it is understood the general Agency of the Peabody Southern educational scheme. A Young girl named Lizzie Jones died on Friday in Baltimore from the effects of chloroform administered by a dentist with the advice of the family physician. The nomination of general Rousseau As brigadier in the regulars was not acted upon by the Senate yesterday but will come up in extra session next week. Congress adjourned at noon yesterday to meet on the first wednesday in july. The president has summoned the Senate to reconvene in extra Seijin for executive business on monday. In West Jefferson Ohio last week James and Frederick Carrigan eleven and twelve years old were poisoned by eating wild Parsnip. The elder boy died in an hour the other is recovering or. A. B. Davis whose Throat was Cut though not fatally by burglars about a year ago in Des Moines Iowa died a few Days since of cancer on the neck produced As he believed by injuries received from the burglars. It was Captain m Fin Ell of the third artillery whose blows led to the death of a Soldier cd Jefferson Barracks Missouri the other Day. A warrant has been issued for the arrest of the Captain on a charge of manslaughter. It was expected that the president would pocket the Bill suspending further payments under the Law providing compensation for Loyal owners of enlisted slaves and the Bill giving ten thousand stand of arms to Tenne amp see but he approved both. The Bill to audit and pay the War claims of Ohio and Indiana was not engrossed in time to be presented to the president before the adjournment and consequently fails. It is intimated that there was culpable negligence in the matter in the clerks office. The supreme court at Buffalo on wednesday last on application of John p. Kennard Samuel Gurney and others of London appointed c. N. Potter of new York receiver for the Atlantic and great Western railway company. He gives Bonds in . A fire occurred on Friday night on the Corner of forty seventh Street and sixth Avenue new York destroying the extensive Cabinet manufactory of Henry Volkening. Several other buildings adjoining were badly damaged. Loss estimated at Over 8100,000. Encouraged by the princely sums raised in Cincinnati to Complete our South Ora railway connections lately a delegation of kentuckians from Bayle Lincoln Mercer and jessamine counties Are coming Here in a few Days to interest our business men in the route to Tho South by Way of Danville. The Newyl Ork court of appeals has rendered a decision in the Ense of Stephen p. Clark is. James and Erastus Brooks relative to the ownership of the evening express newspaper in that City. The order directing the paper to be sold so Clark can obtain his interest is to be enforced. The telegraphic Cable to connect Cuba with Florida is to be Laid from a Point three Miles from the Moro Castle to Cape Sable in Florida thence up the coast to Tampa Bay and from there a land line will be Laid across the Peninsula to Fernan Dina. The Enterprise will be completed it is supposed Early in june. The new Orleans papers report that the roman Crevasse is now one Hundred and fifty Yards wide and the water flowing through in a current six to to Walvy feet deep. The destruction of property is very great. The new levee at Algiers is caving in and apprehensions Are Felt that a Crevasse will be formed in it. In Swan Creek near Monroe Michigan the other Day. A Man named Kilson lost an axe and a clairvoyant told him one of his neighbors named Watson had stolen it. Going to Watson a shanty. Kelson charged him with the theft and in the quarrel which ensued Kelson a head was split open. Watson bad not been captured at last accounts. For nearly two years the government has been carrying on part of its mail services without contracts refusing to pay the higher prices that railroads have generally asked since the depreciation of the currency. It has now been determined by the department to weigh its mails Over the most important routes and allow pay in proportion to the matter carried. F or. Nathan Horner seventy five years old. Of St. Clair county. Illinois has obtained a verdict for 87,000 damages against the Illinois Central Railroad company. He was ejected from a train on the Road by the conductor. Some time ago. Because he did not produce his ticket Quick enough to suit that official and when to Brusiloff fell Down an embankment breaking his Collar Bone. \ Man named amt Al Milliken is under arrest in Chicago charged with bigamy. He went there from Hamilton. Ohio a few weeks ago. And. Be tymm acquainted with a wealthy widow married her. A Chance meeting with some old acquaintances led to the disclosure that he has a wife and family at Hamilton. He had succeeded in getting about $3,000from his new wife. A dangerous counterfeit five Dollar note on the people s National Bank of Jackson Michigan i afloat. In another place will be found an Appeal in behalf of destitute sufferers in Georgia. Our citizen tio May be Able to give can not fail to respond to these Calls. Their action should be prompt for the emergency is pressing. A dispatch from Washington received last night announces the conclusion of a treaty with Russia by which All the territories of that Power on the american continent become the properly of the United states. The treaty was signed and submitted to the Senate yesterday the dispatch sars. The consideration for the cession is seven million dollars. In estimating the value of the announcement it May be Worth while to remember that in Twenty four hours it will be the 1st of april and that our telegraphic facilities Are so perfect and extended that we occasionally receive news a Little ahead of apparent time. The election we do not propose to insist upon it that if our readers do not vote to Morrow we will have thereafter to mourn Over the ruins and ashes of a fractured and blasted Republic. There is not the slightest doubt in our mind that the City of Cincinnati contains a very Large majority of Union voters is indeed a a a Black Republican Hole a a Den of abolitionists in fact. Charles f. , therefore being an abolitionist will be elected mayor of the City by a sufficient majority. We will not commit ourselves to the proposition that we Are profoundly impressed that it. Is of the deepest earthly importance whether he receives two thousand or ten thousand majority of the votes polled. He is worthy the Confidence of the City and will receive a new Mark of it. And it is Well to cultivate a habit of voting. Persons who Are involuntarily disfranchised do not seem to like it. Voluntary disfranchisement is More Likely to result from the indifference of stupidity than from an exalted condition of philosophical serenity. In deference to a Good system we intend to vote to Morrow in a very Businesslike manner. T when we contemplate the tempest of excitement in the fifteenth Ward we feel our Powers of expression failing us. The Cincinnati times lives and moves and has its being in the fifteenth Ward. Sta Buckery flourishes there in All its Pristine Luster and it is moved to passion and fifty columns of matter in the times attest at once its i quietude and its helleness. Sta Buckery consists principally of a very Small and select preliminary caucus held in a parlor or Young ladies apartment by citizens of eminent respectability and know nothing ism the class of gentlemen who bought the rebellion to the death in buggies whose sole object is to prevent the setting up of the primary meeting. In order to prevent naughty people from doing this thing they do it themselves. Now if if so be that the people at the primary meeting thus kindly provided for ratify the action of the parlor caucus it is Beautiful. If they do not ratify As aforesaid it is not As Lovely and a fermentation arises. There is said to have been held in the fifteenth Ward a Small caucus that nominated or. Josiah Kirby for City Council. And thereafter there was held As we know a very Large primary meeting and at this Josiah Keck was nominated. Now the question is whether the original preliminary and select caucus had authority in the matter whether there was treason in putting up another Josiah. It will be observed the primary meeting did not venture to change the whole name and kept the same initials merely changing Kirby to a Keck. The great moral question is whether four Hundred voters of the fifteenth Ward in primary meeting assembled had the right to do this thing without a written permit. At this Point arises the Gas question. Or. Keck protests with tears in his eyes that he is in favor of the ownership of the Gasworks by the City. He is in favor of the ownership by the City of every thing save a Bare subsistence for the inhabitants. The Gazette supposed to be the very highest authority says Keck is sound on Gas. But still the question is raised and it is proclaimed that in Kirby alone can we Trust. The author of the famous double edged Kirby Bill that has kept the Consumers of Gas up to their work for two years paying three dollars and Twenty five cents per thousand feet for it until Public opinion is wrought up to its present Altitude of intelligence is the Only Man competent to Cope with the Gas monopoly. Keck and Kirby dividing the Union vote Between them Theodore Marsh appears As the democratic candidate and the shocking catastrophe of his election does not seem to be absolutely impossible. What would become of us if he should be returned to the City Council is More than we feel capable of conjecturing. We think it probable however in that Case that at the next meeting of the Fortieth Congress the fifteenth Ward will be declared incapable of self government converted into a military District and placed in charge of a brigadier. There Are two conspiracies pm foot. The plumbers we Are warned have gone Over in a body to the democratic party. The intention is to Reserve the private right of plumbers to tear up the streets to Putin connecting water pipes. The plumbers Are an institution at once useful and dangerous. They do wonders with our houses and their jobs produce jobs As one word brings on another in a quarrel until the incense of their Baleful soldering pots is Ever in our nostrils. It afflicts us to think the Bosses have All gone Over to the democratic party. The Gazette says they have. The question is whether their inalienable right to destroy All houses having the modern improvements gives them a base of operations from which they can rend our streets at pleasure the directors of the water works propose to carry the water As far As the sidewalk in All cases instead of leaving it in the Middle of the Street. The plumbers would extend their jurisdiction to the main water pipes. Between them we expect to suffer As usual. The second conspiracy is that of the Gas company. That monopoly yesterday passed a Resolution of the most revolutionary not to say inflammatory character. It was to reduce the Price of Gas the company charging but two dollars and seventy five cents per thousand cubic feet for it and paying the government tax themselves. What this portends it is difficult to say and yet while disinclined to look this tardy gift horse in the Mouth we have not Felt during the few moments that ecu have indulged in reflection on the subject that we could safely ascribe the reduction of the Price of Gas to the pure Benevolence and disinterested Zeal for the Public welfare of the company. It will reduce our Gas Bills pending the appraisement and so Forth and for that much we should be thankful but we Trust the effect will not be to protract the period of gestation of the Board of appraisers. Two conspiracies sprung upon us at once and a Ward trembling upon the verge of revolution Are serious things enough for one election Day. A a diplomatic costumes. While the parliament of great Britain is discussing the Bill introduced by the Earl of shafts cry to regulate the sacrificial vestments of the clergy of the established Church the american Congress is considering what manner of habit is becoming to the representatives of the great Republic at foreign courts. There has been a tendency in the Church toward the ritualism of the Catholic Church and an equally marked movement on the part of our diplomats to adopt a More showy and ornamental costume harmonizing with that of the respective courts to which they Are accredited. We must get Back to simplicity in state As in England a return to simplicity in Church is insisted upon. The Resolution requiring our ministers to dress like a simple american citizens was passed nem con. What dressing like simple american citizens implies is not so Clear but we suppose Plain Black coat and pants a White or Buff Vest and a silk hat Are understood. It would be of much More importance if Congress would require that a representative should be Able to Converse or at least read the language of the people at Yvrose capital he is to reside. It has been rather the exception than the Rule to have an american minister who can speak in fluency the language of the court and too often they have been unable even to read it it is an opinion we have Long entertained that the american minister should comply with court usages and regulations in the matter of dress. I a decent respect for established customs requires this. It will not lower the dignity of the nation or belittle us in the eyes of the world if our ministers when presenting themselves at court put on the costume required by court Regula lations. After All it is not what the representative has on his Back but what he has Iii his head that will determine his position in the eyes of foreigners. Mediums of advertising. An advertiser sending a a a want gives us the following information a i advertised this article two times in october 1866, in the commercial. The result was thirty nine letters from correspondents representing the following states Viz Ohio Indiana Illinois Missouri Tennessee. Kentucky Alabama West Virginia Virginia Canada West new York Maryland South Carolina and Louisiana. Quot i advertised about the same time two times in the new York Herald. The result a five letters representing the following states Viz new York. Pennsylvania Texas and Missouri. A and about the same time i advertised two times in the Pittsburgh commercial the result of which was seven letters representing the following states Pennsylvania and Ohio. A the above advertisements were inserted in the daily editions of the above papers. I have advertised principally in the Cincinnati commercial since i discovered the above remarkable by the Spring of 1868, two first class steamers of 2,200 tuns each will be running regularly Between Bremen and Baltimore which will give the monumental City a second line to Europe it already having one to Liverpool in successful operation. Half of the capital necessary to establish the new line has been subscribed in Germany the other half by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. The latter also agrees to furnish a suitable Landing place pier warehouses &c., and to furnish Coal at less than the Market Price. The close rail connection of Cincinnati with Baltimore As Well As the very Large German element in this City Render the establishment of this line to Bremen a matter of considerable importance to us. A the impending epoch is the severely simple name of a Small monthly published at Augusta Georgia in the interest of spiritualism and bad syntax. In no. 5, which is before us we and seven communications from a horribly muggy Shade who signs himself a. Lincoln. The editor or. Henry j. Osborne is disposed to be confidential with his readers and says to them a a me i my work would look insuperable were it not for the help within 1 i never before edited a paper and trembled when my Interior Monitor whispered about this work i considered it resembled somewhat Jonah a Mission. Thoughts flitted into my mind what will All my friends think of me already men who think they Are Wise and they Are in this worlds Wisdom say Osborne a crazy. What then will they say now wont they Call a commission to ascertain if i am not a fit subject for the Lunatic Asylum Well even an Uncle of mine wrote me a cautionary letter and mailed Back to me All my papers in a Batch. He was on the Earth plane. But we shall Seel a this is too bad. When a Many a own Uncle goes Back on him in this manner the aggrieved Nephew would be justified in wishing that his parents had been Only children. That anybody could treat a Batch of impending epochs with such indignity ought to secure for him a speedy visitation of flood fire earthquake trichinosis and Gre Garines. It is bad enough to speak lightly of a single crisis a but to disrespectfully Fumble impending Quot epochs by the Bunche horrible its Flat burglary. Thurlow weeds introductory in taking up his pen in the commercial advertiser office is a Good Deal longer than an average veto message from the president. It consists chiefly in a sort of autobiography. He tells us that he caused John Quincy Adams to be elected president of the United states and has done Many other important things. He gives several reasons for going Back to daily labor on a newspaper. The True one we conjecture is the following a the habit of political communion with the people originating Early continued through half a Century and the temptation returns with every rising it is a Good thing to have Congress talk itself out of breath a just once a As or. Greeley would say. The extra session of the Fortieth Congress May yet be distinguished for usefulness. It is Clearing the rubbish out of the Way so that next Winter some work May be Doris even before the holidays. _ telegraphic correspondence Cincinnati . Reopening of navigation bigamist arrested police business the dog War. Chicago March 30. The Chicago River is once More Clear of ice. There is As yet no general movement among the vessels in the Harbor but on Board All of them Are heard Busy notes of preparation. This morning several of the Bridges were swung open to allow the passage of a propeller outward bound her owners having decided to risk a Short voyage without waiting for Tho 15th of april when Marine insurance takes effect. A Man by the name of Samuel Milliken who arrived from Hamilton Ohio several weeks ago shortly afterwards under representation that he was a widower and owned much property in the place from whence he came succeeded in marrying a mrs. Johnson a widow with some Means. His conduct since the marriage has been very bad. Yesterday some parties arrived Here from Marnil ton in search of Milliken when it was discovered that he had a wife and children in that place. The bigamist was arrested. During the fiscal year ending to night the to a ice court Here has collected fines to the amount of j/3,706 against about $53,000 Tho year previous. It is computed that up to this Date no less than 4.000 dogs hav fallen victims to the consumption of beef and strychnine since the mayor s proclamation came in courts. An unreasonable contract can not be enforced demurrer to a petition complaining of the action of a Garnishee second Day of the trial of Aleck Olgust probate court wills probated administrators appointed. Superior court. Elijah Patrick is. W. S. Merrell amp co. The plaintiff was employed a a furnish the defendants with certain roots and herbs for medical purposes. A certain Quantity of each of the articles was agreed upon Exie ept in the Case of Sassafras pith and of this the plaintiff claims he was authorized to collect and ship to Cincinnati the greatest amount possible. To did bring Down after a lapse of some time two Flat boats and a half loaded with the stuff. Upon his arrival Here the defendants refused to accept it on the ground that Tho Quantity was unreasonably Large they stating that they Only expected to receive ten or Twenty pounds. The plaintiff now brings suit to compel the parties to fulfil their contract and pay the stipulated amount�?$3 50 per pounds for the pith of which there was about 1,686 pounds making up a claim of about 86,000. This the court refused to allow but granted judgment for 8190, the amount due for certain herbs delivered at the same time with the pith. D. Hanover for plaintiff King let Thompson Contra. John Walker is. James d. Lehmer. The plaintiff has filed a petition complaining of the Garnishee appointed to take charge of the property of a certain firm of whom the defendant is a creditor. To this petition the defendant demurs. The Case now comes before the court on this demurrer. Taken under advisement. Challen for plaintiff Douglass Contra. Common pleas. Room no. 2�?bf.fobk judge is. Force. This Case the facts of which have been stated in a former report was tried before a jury who rendered a verdict for the defendant. There is now a motion for a new trial on the ground that the court erred in instructing the jury that a landlord who takes Possession of premises after they have been vacated by a Tenart thereby releases the tenant from the obligations of his contract or lease. Judge Moores and Forrest amp Warden for the motion judge Dixon Contra. Criminal court. The trial of Alexander Olgus for Tho murder of James Hughes proceeded yesterday morning and after several hours of labor the following jury was Imp annexed and sworn g. W. Taft. B. Masson Alfred Hines n. Gregory Samuel bean j. S. Hoffman Jeremiah Muster Amos Winter John Kennedy s. Cosby Michael Mcintyre and f. W. Tepe. Before this jury could be obtained it was necessary to reject fifty one persons thirty six for Good and sufficient cause and fifteen peremptorily. Most of those excused for cause were persons who either had formed an opinion As to the guilt of the prisoner or who had been present and heard the testimony at cases trial the coroners inquest or the preliminary examination in the police court. Three witnesses for the prosecution were examined during the afternoon. Probate court. The last will and testament of Frederick w. Brinkmeyer deceased was admitted to probate. Sophia Margaret Brinkmeyer was appointed executrix. The amount of personal estate will be about 81,500, and real estate about 87,000. The last will and testament of Lucy Winchell deceased was admitted to probate. George i. Winchell Wai appointed executor. No personal estate real estate about $800. Caspar Egger was appointed administrator of Tea estate of Louis Schroth deceased. The amount of personal property will be about 8250. Augustus n. Riddle was appointed administrator de Bonis non with will annexed of the estate of Phillip Leonard deceased. The amount of personal estate will be about 8600 real estate $700. Frederick Schumacher was appointed guardian of the person and estate of William Schlimmer a minor child of Heinrich Schlimmer deceased. The value of the legacy of said minor will be about 81,200. _ suburban Railroad. An adjourned meeting of the friends of the projected Railroad to connect mount pleasant Hamilton county with Cincinnati was held thursday evening at Farmers College at College Hill. Rev c. H. Curtis president of Farmers College was called to the chair and or. Pogue was chosen Secretary. A reports of committees were made that the right of Way was in part secured and could be entirely secured without expense to the company. A committee was appointed to report at in adjourned meeting on tuesday evening next at 7 of clock p. My a at the Farmers College of to funds for a preliminary Survey of the route by a competent Engineer the Cost of such Survey and further on the right of Way. This committee consists of Joseph f. Wright Kev. J. Myse John Snodgrass John w. Caldwell Joel Strong or. H. Badgely and c. Kirby. The plan proposed is to connect at Cumins Viii with one of the railroads running through that place or to construct an Independent line to the corporation line of Cincinnati in the neighbourhood of the terminus of Western Avenue. The distance is so great As to require steam Ioco motive Power. The increasing travel in this direction demands improved facilities for travellers. Six omnibuses now run daily through mount pleasant and College carry a daily average of seventy five to one Hundred passengers. It is understood that the capital to build and run the Road can be had if the right of Way is secured. The Road will be built and now is the time As it believed the necessities of both City and country demand it. Card from the trustees of water works to the Public. In consequence of complaints numerous by made by the plumbers of the City and the misrepresentation growing out of misunderstanding the facts in the Case in reference to the order of the Board dated february 23, wherein the superintendent in charge of the water works is directed to make All the hydrant Branch and other connections with the Supply pipe throughout the City we deem it necessary to inform the Public correctly of the object and necessity of said order a Ping Well satisfied that when properly understood by the citizens that the Board will be fully sustained in issuing the order and strictly enforce its Observance. The custom heretofore of the Board of trustees of water works has been not to extend the Supply pipe until a sufficient number of citizens have petitioned for said Extension which petition was generally delayed and not presented until after the streets were paved the result being that in order to Supply the wants of the petitioners the streets had to be torn up to put in the Supply and Branch pipe very frequently late in the season thereby insuring an almost impassable thoroughfare during the next Winter. Another object was to insure a Correct return of the locality of said hydrant branches As also a certainty that the work so done should be of the most substantial character. And the citizen charged net Cost of Stop cock pipe Ferrule and labor. The instructions Given in order of february 28 Are that the superintendent upon the application of any recognized plumber or citizen have a hydrant Branch attached to the Supply line that he then insert the Ferrule and with a Lead pipe of five eighths Inch diameter of extra strength put Down not less than four feet below the surface of the Street and carry the same to the Side walk inside of the curb and there attach a Stop cock round flow and secured by a cast Iron Box and sliding cover and the net Cost of such work charged to the applicant at Tho Point the plumber makes his connection for hydrant or other purposes. It is further ordered that the superintendent upon the notification of the Board of City improvements that a new Street has been graded and is to be paved that he then before such pavement is put Down Lay a Supply pipe not less than four inches in diameter weighing Twenty two pounds to the foot and four feet below the surface of said Street and also make the Branch connection As ordered february 23. Also that a record be kept of such branches put in and when application for water privilege is made through said Branch that the net Cost of the same be then paid for. The miserable and almost impassable condition of Many of our streets Are attributable to water and Gas pipe Extension and repairs incidental to the same. This we Hope to avoid in future by making the work of such a character that repairs will not be necessary and new streets fully supplied before the paving is done. The Board in issuing the above order have deemed it necessary for the Protection of the works and Best interest of the City generally and not for any particular class of men who May take exception to a Rule which is adopted for the general Good. That Tho Board of trustees have Only acted in accordance with their obligated duty will be seen by the following ordinance passed by the City Council november 2,1866. And also an act passed by the legislature of the state of Ohio. March 1859. Henry Kessler. Henry Pearce Isaac Green Wald. Board of trustees. Part of an act of the legislature of the state of Ohio enacted March 1859. A the trustees of the water works shall be authorized to make such by Laws and regulations As they May deem necessary for the Safe economical and efficient management and Protection of the works and the said by Laws shall be of the same Validity As the City ordinances provided they Are not made repugnant to the ordinances of the City Constitution or Laws of the state of ordinance passed by the City Council november 1866. A an ordinance to provide for the construction of House connections for sewerage purposes water and Gas pipes in streets about to be paved macadamia de or otherwise improved and to repeal an ordinance upon that subject passed september 21, 1866. A Sec. 1. Be it ordained by the City Council of the City of Cincinnati that whenever hereafter any Street is about to be paved macadamia de or otherwise permanently improved the Board of City improvements having Suehy Rork in charge shall whenever they deem it necessary cause to be constructed proper House connections for sewerage purposes leading into All main or Branch sewers water pipes and Gas pipes in All such streets and the Cost and expenses thereof shall be assessed upon lots or parcels of land for the accommodation of which such connections and pipes shall be constructed. Quot Sec. 2. In no Case excepting As a sanitary measure shall the House connections provide for in the above Section extend in the Street improved As aforesaid further than to the outer line of the Curbstone j the water works officials and the plumbers. Eds. Gazette learns that the plumbers of the City have United in a determination to vote for other than the present Tri Stees of the waterworks. This will occasion no Surprise to our citizens when they Are made acquainted with All the facts which have led the plumbers to the determination to vote for new men in preference to the present incumbents. The Board of trustees recently passed a Law placing a monopoly of a great portion of the plumbers work in their own hands or directly under their own control. This the Gazette with its wonted love for monopolies in general highly commends charging a necessity for a new order of things in a reported negligence on the part of the plumbers a statement that has not the slightest foundation in truth. Under Tho new regime and direction of the Board however the work is done in a careless and negligent manner and has been since the first of March it having been Given to one who is not a Mechanic arid knows comparatively nothing about the business. The pipes in the streets connecting Between to lip Supply pipes and the houses which should be placed at a depth of five feet in Many instances Are not Over two or three feet under ground and in no Case at the required depth. If the trustees Are not aware of this fact they should be enlightened by the superintendent who is supposed to know All about it. We can not think the plumbers Are much to blame for declining to vote for men who have taken profitable business out of their hands and conferred it upon a single favorite who in turn a has his particular friends in the plumbing line to favor. The Gazette charges the plumbers with negligence. This is quite a serious charge to to thus publicly brought against a worthy class of mechanics by a respectable first class family journal. It they have been negligent and careless in their work and executed it in an Unwor manlike manner add been guilty As the Gazette charges it was the duty of the superintendent to have reported them to the Board and upon conviction before Tho proper tribunal they would have been fined. But the a looseness has been on the part of the officials of the water works. And the one they favor with their w it re and if this Quot looseness continues the Board of trustees. Superintendent and pets will become a stench in the nostrils of honest mechanics who Only demand a fair show and no favors. The Board had no right to take Tho work out of the hands of Tho plumbers and create a monopoly for themselves and the excuse of negligence on the part of the p Umbers is Flimsy and entirely worthless. And cannot be substantiated by 1 acts. The plumbers in years past rendered perfect satisfaction and were not the subjects of attacks and Sci trility through the Public press and if they decline to support those who Nave first robbed and then insulted them we do not know that we should be greatly surprised thereat. There have been matters connected with the water works which the people have not been fully Noble to comprehend. It was the general wish that or. George shield should be retained but the Board disobeyed the expressed will of the people and put a new Man in the responsible position of Engineer which for so Long a time had been ably and faithfully filled by or. Shield. And now a new order is passed taking work from the plumbers to give to one who is not a plumber or a Mechanic of any kind the same individual who it is supposed in connection with the efficient ? superintendent. Procured the passing of the new order of the Board. It is greatly to be feared that if such legislation is much longer indulged in the Board of water works trustees with their superintendent will be in a worse odor than the Gas monopoly Ever was or could possibly Ever become. It will not do to charge the negligence and looseness of the Board upon the plumbers of the City who have hitherto done their work faithfully and Well., a card from general Mcgroarty. United states internal Revenue v collectors office second dimt., Ohio r Cincinnati March 30,1867. Eds. Com a from your editorial this morning headed a whisky matters a Ijean that you conclude from my letters written upon receiving colonel Darrys resignation As Deputy collector that i approve of his conduct in the Hegner Case. Such is not the fact. I merely intended to endorse him up to the time of those publications. Colonel Darr himself Drew the letter at my request and knows that this was what i meant to have said. The publication of the matter i entirely disapproved. Norman of Donnell will act As my Deputy. Respectfully 6. J. Mcgroarty. Collector second District Ohio. Tile first epistle of Thomas to the fifteenth warders. And it came to pass during the reign of Stach the first that the multitude were called together for the purpose of choosing rulers. And the people crowded into the Temple and to one Hundred and fifteen of the Wise men were there. _ and the chief executive Rose and said. Let us ballot and they balloted. And they selected thirty Wise men and said. Let the people select fifteen from these to meet with the great Council. Now Jenkins the Junior who presided said let us have a great councillor. And the Kirby ites and the Kelkites cried aloud and said let us select but the Rickitts and the Nie kites said nay. And it was proven that Many were ambitious to to chosen to the Council. About this time one of the rulers appeared with a copy of the Gazette and the multitude arose As with one voice and cried Gas Gas 1 and there was great commotion in the Temple. And the Kelkites called aloud for Keksi and he stood up and talked to the multitude. And he said. Let the Eity be lighted by the City and his followers cried. Good go for pm and the Kirby ites called the senior Josiah and he Saku let there be Light and let it be the City slight with Economy and the Kirby ites cried. Ever thus and the dust arose in the Temple and the Kelkites called for their Leader and to arose and cried in a loud voice Gas from the City for the City and the Rickitts rejoice and wore exceeding glad. Then the Nie kites called for their Leader and he also stood up and talked with the people saying. I am now always have been and always expect to be in favor of City Gas then the multitude cried out. Satisfied. Then again a voice was heard. Let and they balloted. And the Kirby ites were triumphant and there was much Oon fusion. Second ep\3tle and it came to pass that ule a a regular appointed rulers called a mass meeting of the people. And the people gathered together from All parts of the Ward and cried aloud. Down with the caucus. And the Kelkites and the Kirby ites were out in their strength and All the people were excited. And the chief committee Man Rose and said. Let us ballot and they balloted. And to after the ballots had been counted the judges declared that the people were for Keksi. Then the Kelkites cried aloud with one voice saying let us see Msj. Lawrence 3ut the Kirby ites remained and said one to another this is offal. And the Nie kites said this is up careful and shall be stove in. And they murmured one to another let us again Call the multitude together in the Temple. Let a Little while and to they having no Oil i their lamps it was found they had departed. Covington. In motion for a new trial overruled Covington and Louisville Railroad the Falmouth accommodation train time of holding criminal courts arrest on the charge of horse stealing the new Christian Church judge Doniphan on Friday overruled the motion for a new trial in the Case of Byland is. Jones and Brannon the main Points of which we have heretofore published. Work was commenced yesterday on the Flemings Hill Tunnel about eight and a half Miles from this City on the line of the Covington and Louisville Railroad. This Tunnel is to be six Hundred feet Loog. The accommodation train which the Kentucky Central Railroad company propose placing upon their Road Between this City and Falmouth Wilt commence running on the 15th of april. The train will leave Covington at 6 30 p. M., and arrive Here in the morning at 7 10. We consider the hour of arrival too Early and the hour of departure too late. The next term of the Kenton criminal court will be held on the first tuesday after the second monday in april and by an act of the last legislature All the criminal courts in this judicial District will begin hereafter on tuesday. Deputy marshal Riffe arrested a Man named John Ireton yesterday on the charge of steeling a horse from Richard Garrison in october last. Or. G. Lived in Kenton county Kentucky at the time the horse was stolen but is now a resident of Scioto county Ohio. The series of in meetings commenced in the new Christian Church on fifth Street about a week ago Are still in Progress. The audiences Are Large and the interest steadily increasing. Several persons have made confession and immersions take place nearly Evory night. Elder Errett is a gifted speaker and his discourses can not fail to impress All who hear them. The Christian Church is rapidly gaining in numbers and influence in this Community and All impartial hearers Are getting to look with much favor upon the decided scriptural plea which they make before the people. They plead for the Union of All christians upon the Bible alone and contend for the Faith once delivered to the saints. They claim to be anti sectarian ignoring All human creeds and party names. The meetings will be continued to Day. Preaching morning and evening at the usual hour. Newport. The assessor of internal Revenue in this pity gives notice that the time for making returns of incomes and applying for business licenses of All kids is at hand. Those who fail to make returns of incomes by the 15th of april will be liable to a heavy san Francisco news and Market. San Francisco March 30. The Golden age sailed for Panama with 8843,000 in treasure. 8615,000 of which was for new York. The ship Blue jacket cleared for Liverpool with 41.2wo sacks of wheat. Flour is quoted at 86 50 for extra and $5 75 for superfine. To Days Steamer carries Over 86,800 barrels for new York. Wheat is quiet with Good shipping brands at 81 75@1 85. Legal tenders. 75.preferred specials. Dress making. Wilson a. The latest Paris fashions for the Spring have been received comprising Many novelties both in style did trimmings. Mourning wedding and evening dresses made on the shortest notice. A strangers visiting Cincinnati will find this department a great convenience. Wilson a dress making department it pm and 78 West fourth Street. Special Sale of sugars Ano sir up at auction. Will be sold at our warehouse nos. 57 and 59 main Street on wed Neada morning april 3, commencing at 10 of clock w 60 Hhd Cuba sugar. 25 a ids p. R. Sugar. 50 boxes Havana sugar. 75 barrels syrup. Terms All sums under s500, Cash Over $500, thirty Days approved paper. James h. Laws a co., auctioneer. Groceries tuesday morning april 2. Boots Aud shoes thursday morning april 4. Lips James h. Laws a co., auctioneers. Umbrella parasol and walk Ino canes at reduced prices wholesale and a stall at the original manufactory 167 main St., West Side bet. Fourth and fifth. ®h3l-3teod-ps m. Thompson. Cd re water a health l1shrent, estai at Columbus. Ohio located three Milee from the City. A Superior Retreat for invalids suffering from chronic disease has been in operation fourteen years. Address mh27-3t<od-p� w. Shepard m. D. Closing out Stock of lumber. Raving disposed of my lumber Yard with a View of retiring Kom the business i nows offer for Sale in quantities to suit purchasers the following Irge and varied Stock of seasoned lumber on terms More favourable than can be bad in this Market comprising Tho following qualities 1,300,000 feet 1, in and 2-Inch Clear and 1st common. 200.000 feet 1, a and 2-Incb common to,000 feet 3d common. 300.000 feet Pine and Hemlock joists. 200.000 feel Pine and Hemlock scantling. 50,000 feet Pine Timber. 1.000 Locust posts. 500.000 first Quality shingles. 100.000 lath shingles. Also 4 fins match mules 2 wagons and harness 2 flue draft horses 2 wagons and harness 1 Large office Safe and office furniture. Will be offered at private Sale until the 25th Day of a it Ril at which time the residue will be sold at Publio auction without Reserve. Jambs Carson at the old stand s. W. Cor. Flint and Freeman its. Arai9-tap20-ps

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