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Cincinnati Commercial (Newspaper) - July 28, 1889, Cincinnati, OhioThe Cincinnati commercial monday july 28, 1879.loitering about canvassing in the Home of genuine old Indian legend. Ireat men and the debts their a native places owe them. A Wing a Home family character amp a. A fellow citizen of his interviewed Ewing As a Labouring Man s Friend As a financier As a Railroad maker a8 a politician matters adut Lancaster a the poverty Dodge the Republican Stalwart voters in the ii Arvest Fields a. Correspondence Cincinnati commercial. Lancaster july 26. A matter of prejudice. Ono unconsciously forms Strong likes and dislikes for places just As he doc3 for persons the disposition depending somewhat upon the circumstances and conditions existing at the time of tie first visit to the place or first meeting with the person. A Friend of mine was once roundly abusing that forlorn wide rambling far reaching Gas bag of a place called Indianapolis and a moment after remarked that Job always liked to go there. Somewhat surprised a asked him How that could be and he replied that a liked to go there because it was so Shueh pleasure to leave it. Jim Dolman used to be a Loyal Cincinnati boy in the insurance business on third Street. He got a Cid Cago fever and went up there to live. In a few Dava he had his hair and eyes and ears full of Chicago wind and lie wrote Book that he was bound to stay and that he d rather be a lamp Post in Chicago than mayor of Cincinnati. Such is the Power of prejudice and Lake wind. Nice town. In Lippy moments years ago,-1 used to come to Lancaster and the More i came the better i liked it. It is a Nico old town. It Don t pretend to be anything it in t. It puts on very few airs. It is a splendid place to loaf and go to sleep and dream dreams and see visions. There Are no Groat men except two to worry you and no pretty women except three to take your mind from a Calm and Serene contemplation of nothing. The houses Are not the smart Perky upstarts of a modern american town but Are the Brown quiet aged comfortable sleepy and perhaps a to Rifle shabby structures of the Olden Days. The people seem sufficient unto themselves and done to hanker after additions to the population. If you do not seek acquaintances you May loiter Here for weeks Aud polish chairs in front of the Mithoff House or Chew toothpicks in the Tallmadge House door and nobody will the slightest attention to you. If 3roft desire to make acquaintances and friends the people will take you into their Good graces gently and gracefully provided you behave yourself acid keep your nose clean. A legend with dressing. Lancaster is a historic Eity of course and has its Indian legend of course. No Well regulated Ohio town would be Complete without it. I Don t know that i can Tell the Lancaster legend correctly but i will try. The scene is Laid on a couple of Hills which lie off to the North or East or West of the City i done to remember which. Once upon a time Long Long ago when Ohio was populated by the members of a secret fraternity called the reformed order of red men three mighty scouts and Indian slayers came scouting Over the Lancaster Hills. The names of those famous Border men were if i remember rightly Geo. B. Mcclellan Eli Perkins and Jim Anderson. They were out after scalps. They were three bad men and when the red men heard their hoofs upon the Hills they trembled in their wigwams and covered their Heads with their blankets. On one of those Bills one morning these fearless scouts discovered three fair Indian Maidens bathing in a pellucid Pool of rain water. Now these mighty fighters considered Squaw Hunting their Best Holt and they rushed upon the Maidens and each seized one and endeavoured to drown her. Perkins and Anderson soon had their squaws defunct and were sitting on the Bank eating their bodies when the Maiden Mcclellan was trying to drown shouted out in English a let up you old Sou of a gun push me under again and in in Knock forty different Streak of Blue lightning out of Mcclo Llau paused in amazement while Anderson remarked a did you Ever a and Perkins replied a hardly Ever a and a Large Bear rushed out of the Forest and ate Perkins up. Said Mol clean a that voice surely in be Beerd it before. You must be me Long lost sister who was a captured by Tho indians in the cold Winter of �?T16. Have you the Strawberry Mark with you a a you bet i a Maud now i think of it a said or. Mcclellan Musingly Quot i remember seeing a notice in the enquirer random notes that you were visiting in Lancaster but i did not expect to meet you thus. Hadnot you better put on your duds and come Back to Cincinnati by the 3 30 train there a a Thomas concert at the Highland House a what and desert my Hubby a a part wedded a a i Art to one of the biggest and strongest Snell tug braves of the Lancaster chapter of red men. 1 will stick to my and she stuck. I am not sure that i have told Tho legend with immutable accuracy but that is not necessary in Indian stories. It Baa been the basis of hundreds of Border romances by mrs. North Worth and Ralph Waldo Emerson and others Aud Sandy Griswold once wrote a novel about it in 2 13ej, with one hand tied behind him beating sleepy Toms time half a of cond. The Street. Lancaster Lias but one Street. There Are rumoi�?T6 that others exist and some of the oldest inhabitants still assert that off to the Oast and West of main Street other streets still re Naiu and that they saw them in their younger Days they often c Une across them when they were foraging for apples Aud watermelons lint the present generation put very Little Confidence in these Idle tales and Are Content with Tho single Street which is called main Street. It starts at the Mit Hoffhouse along past the Gazette office Tho Eagle office the free press office. Saloon and the tall Mango Jonse. Pauses at the Post office and City Hall Aud then climbs a Steep Hill to the courthouse and the residence of general Thomas Ewing. His residence is the social political and general Center of Lancaster. Lancaster should love Ewing and treat him tenderly. That it is the Home of Tom Ewing is about its Only claim to distinction. Indeed Ohio cities should be \ thankful to their great men for by them Are they known and designated. For instance Fostoria is known As the Homo of Foster Fremont As the Home of president Hayes Toledo As the Home of Morrison r. Waite Frank Hurd and Jim Steed Man and his baby Cleveland As the Home of Jope of and Cowles and Billy Armstrong new Lexing jul is the Home of j. N., Caldwell is the Home a of Dalzell Hamilton is the Home of Jim Neal and Lewis d. Campbell. Cincinnati As the Home of Deacon Richard Smith Dayton As the Home of we. Bick Laid Chilli Othu was the Home of we. Allen my. Vernon As Tho Homo of general Morgan Athens As the Home of general Charles Grosvenor Mansfield As the Louic of Secretary Sherman Springfield As the Home of coif. Nichols Columbus As the Home of Joo Geiger and Lancaster is known Only As the Home of general Thomas Ewing. So Lancaster should cherish Thomas As a Sweet Boon Aud boost Hui up tenderly handle him with care. The Ewing mansion has an air of Comfort but not of elegance or Lur Ury. Like All the other houses in Lancaster it a pretends to nothing More than it Cau prove by inspection. Tim a entry Quot is wide Roomy and old fashioned. On the left As you Euter is the parlor with a smaller room in the rear. It is a plainly furnished room with Little attempt at ornamentation Aud few articles beyond those required in the regular furnishing of a parlor. To the right is a prettier room the Library and sitting room. This is a Cosyhomo-1 Ike room full of Kuick quacks and pretty evidences of the presence of ladies of taste in the House. Father and son. A handsome Stein Way piano stands open in the Corner and Over a Fine portrait of Thomas Ewing or. It is interesting to compare it with the face of the Sou. Its outlines Are More rugged its brow broader and More commanding its Mouth firmer and Law Squarcy. The Eye is steady almost Stern Aud looks at you unfaltering by. It is a grand old head a Noble face. The souls few Efa his fathers softened rounded weakened handsomer in purely physical Beauty Aud More sensuous. The one has More the air of a Reasoner a thinker a fearless speaker a Man of principles and convictions. The other More of a politician a strategist a trimmer a shrewd calculator and Diplomatist a Man to win a personal following by ornate address und courtly manners. At present general Ewing a family _ a Are All at lome. Will the oldest is principal of an Academy in an adjoining township. Miss May who is ayoung lady about Twenty years of age apr ears to be the lower of the flock. She Lias the Wing face Aud appears to be a general favorite every one Flo knows Bor having a warm word of Praise for her. Slip is a. Young lady of Strong character and decided convictions Aud entertains with the Grace and ease that Cuoio of birth and Breeding. There Are three other children two Boya and a girl Belle who is about fourteen the youngest being a Bright boy the baby of the family. So far As concerns social Intercourse general Ewing is a favorite in Lancaster for he is always genial gentlemanly and generous. His neighbors All like him Aud his family for Ewing is the born gentleman. They have Only friendships and admiration. When he is considered As Ewing the business Man or the politician Why that is a different thing. Not Brilliant. Most of general Ewing a career can to characterized As a successful failure. He was a failure As a lawyer a failure As a military commander a failure As a business Mau a failure As a politician for he never held but two offices one was a membership in the Ohio constitutional convention which made the Constitution which was a failure and the other is ins seat in Congress where every measure to proposed was a failure. And now he is running a race for another Honor and that will be a failure. What he has had he owes mostly to the Sherman interest and relationship. That relationship procured him his rank of brigadier in the War Shioli enabled him to witness Ono fight. General Ewing attempted some great things in tie line of Coal mining Railroad building and general Fina Ciering and the result was disastrous to. Him and about everybody connected with him and the end is not yet nor the culmination of the calamity by a Long ways. Into big affairs general Ewing carries tie same sort of business capacity that led him when he came to Lancaster to live to pair $15,000 to a brother politician to repair fix up the Ewing place a place that would not sell for More than $10.000. He left Kansas because he failed to be sent to the Senate by the republicans of that state and went to Washington. He came to Lancaster and turned Democrat because it was in a democratic county and congressional District. In Lis remarkable speech of Welcome to Ewing the other night judge Silas ii. Wright n. Wright is a seeker for the vacant geat in Congress Ewing will leave if he is elected governor. That a the milk in his Coco Anutt dwelt tearfully upon the statement that Ewing left the Republican party when it was at its Zenith and he could have had from it any position he desired and that he came to Tho democratic party when not even a supervisor ship was within reach and Many democrats including himself had about concluded that the democratic party had outlived its usefulness. Now its a solemn fact which judge Wright was probably too a flush with metaphor to mention that Ewing came to Tho demo ratio parly and to Lancaster at the time Tho congressional District composed of Fairfield Hocking Vinton Gallia and Meigs counties were overwhelmingly democratic and could Sond their nominees to Congress just As easy As rolling off from a log. Perhaps that fact Lead nothing to do with general. A Winch a change of heart and his appearance in Tho role of Greenback Democrat and Workingman a Friend. Dull rogues affect the politicians part and learn to nut Aud Smilo and shrug with Art. Who has nothing to lose Tho was bewail. And to who nothing pays afe taxes rails. Ewing s popularity. By the Way Ewing a popularity in politics in his own Bali Lowick May be estimated from Tho following figures 1. The congressional District which the general represents and which elected him last fall by a majority of 438, gave governor by slip in 1877, a majority of 1,558. A falling behind of 1,120 for general Ewing 2. In 1s76 Tilden a imyprit3t in the same counties was 806. A falling behind of 368 for general Ewing. 3. Last fall Paige the democratic candidate for Secretary of state on the same ticket with general Ewing had a majority in the District of 815. That is general Elf big ran behind the head of his own ticket in his own District where he is Best known 377 votes. There Are Strong reasons for this Lack of popularity and it is certain that he will not this fall poll his congressional majority by a Long ways. One trouble is the passage of the fish jaw by the last legislature prohibiting permanently the taking Offish b r nets. There is n Large number of families who have Little Homes on the shores of the Reservoir and for years and years their principal source of Revenue has been from the fish Thoy caught for the Market and now that legislature has taken this honest livelihood away from them they Are the next thing to destitute. But they will not tamely submit to tie injustice. They Are fully aroused and will make their wrongs Felt at the polls this fall. All those residing within the limits of Fairfield couut3r, As Well As those in Perry and Licking Are determined to retaliate at the election in october. They Are nil democrats every mothers son of them and have already hold two spirited meetings at Aud it shells tavern on the Southern Shore of the Pond and have called a third meeting for the purpose of forming an organization and agreeing on a course to pursue. They say they must with their bread Aud butter in the balance go Back on general Ewing and it will Tako an endless amount of cajoling and labor to whip them Bank into the traces. Another bad thing for the general is his connection with that great failure and swindle the Ohio Central Railroad. About these two matters Sandy Griswold says a this fish business will take at least 400 votes from Ewing and the Ohio Central Railroad fraud will take about 600 More making a total of 1,000 votes the general will fall behind his congressional majority. There is no exaggeration about this it is simply the unvarnished truth and Only too Well do Tho democracy know it. I have taken a trip up through rus Creek pleasant and Walnut townships and am acquainted with tie animus of Tho democratic Farmers along the Way. Particularly Thomao who got a slice of general Ewing a Railroad. They will never vote for him again for any a fellow citizen on Ewing. Now about that Railroad. In the following interview. With or. F. C. Whiley president of the Eagle machine works and cashier of the Fairfield county Bank will be found some statements concerning it. I asked or. Whiley a what is general Ewing a financial standing a he answers a the has a has be no Money at All a a no i done to believe he has Money enough to buy a breakfast for his family. He is completely broke and is $200,000 worse than a the can town anything then a a no. He owns nothing Quot Aud is not Able to own anything and he is overwhelmed with debts he can never . When he came Here from Washington he had about $45,000 or $50,000. The old Man willed him the Homestead and the first thing he did was to spend $15,000 on it and i give $15,000 for the whole property. He has no idea of Money or business. A do you think All the democrats Wil 1 vote for him in Lancaster and Tho couut3�?T?�?� a a a it a no Means. A leading Democrat who is one of my empl03 is or. Whiley employs from 60 to 100 lands was up Here and i asked him if he was going to vote for Ewing and he said a not much i a but a said i a he is Tho working Many a a we know what sort of a working Many a Friend he was Tho answer. A prominent Farmer from below was in the Bank and i said to him. A Well Wolf As you Are a Democrat i suppose you will vote for a no sir a was tie answer. A i will do nothing of Tho kind. I have no Confidence in that a or. Whiley continued a it is the greatest and most ridiculous farce in the world the appearance of Tom Ewing in the role of Tho working Many a Friend the Patron and Friend of the labourer it acc. Wh3, Tom Ewing is a born aristocrats clothed in Fine Linen proud of Bis blood proud of his birth proud of his White hands of his High relationships and of his fathers Fame. He drinks the choicest wines and lives on the dainties of the land. He Tho working men s Friend indeed Bah if Tho honest Labouring men can to taken in by such a transparent Dodge As that they deserve to have Tom Ewing for a governor. He is a Friend of the poor Man till he can get the poor Many a a How about the Ohio Central Railroad a a that was Tom Ewing a scheme. He proposed to make a Railroad from the mines North to Lake Erie and solicited subscriptions for it. He went to Bremen and raised $5,000 there and be raised it on ids Assurance to the contributors that there should to no further responsibility attaching to the contribution and that the cars should be running inside of six weeks. Of course the cars did not run inside six weeks and Are not running yet. In Fairfield county $03,000 were subscribed of which $60,000 is Good. About $500,000 were raised in All. Now suit is brought by creditors of the Road against the subscribers for a big sum of Money the indebtedness made by Ewing before the whole scheme collapsed. Under the Law these subscribers Are treated As stockholders and Are held responsible for double the amount of Stock subscribed. There Are 700 of them in this county and if they Are Defeated in the suit Many of them will be financially embarrassed and numbers completely ruined. Most of these Are democrats and you do not need to be assured Clifft none of them will vote for Ewing. They hold that Ewing knowingly misrepresented the facts when he said he would have cars running in six weeks and especially when he said that no further responsibility could attach to the subscribers when he must have known what the Law was on that Point. There is a deep bitter feeling among those men who have lost so much and Are in danger or losing so much More and they want nothing More of Peep into the past. Ewing a famous order no. 11, his resolutions so bitterly attacking Tho democrats at Tho organization of the Republican party in Kansas and his speech to the alien county a new departures tsp on the 30th of july 1873, Are All Well ventilated. There was another notable speech made by him in Lancaster in december. 1876. General Ewing after he made that speech took every pains to suppress its publication As uttered and i Gisolf wrote an entirely different speech which was published As the one delivered. Afterwards the real speech through a concatenation of circumstances got into print. Among other things in that speech he said a i have addressed audiences from this stand Many times but never on an occasion As truly momentous of this. 1 wish i could congratulate you on the election of titled but i Cau not. He is Olej Ted but great god if it be declared that Hayes has been As i fearfully apprehend it will be. Then tre hate before us the dread alternative of civil War. Such a declaration can not have the slightest degree of legality or of Justice in it. It would be tiie despicable spawn of corrupt returning boards. What a shameful farce it would be and what dread realities it would tamist upon the american people to make Hayes the next president. A that ignorant dangerous and treasonable Man. Grant has dispersed a state legislature and he will do Tho same by the United states legislature. His acts Aro with treasonable purpose. A it la a spirit of the Republican party will Lead to the overthrow of the constitutional privilege of which tie Rej Blic is merely Tho fruit. A a the Republican party intends Tho commission of the grossest frauds or a civil War. If Hayes is inaugurated after the exposures of the Nalo Rity Over Hayes would be who bet As confidently on Republican frauds in the South civil outbreak is these prognostications wore about As reliable As Ewing a predictions on majorities for he was never known to get within forty rows of Apple Trees of right. He predicted with the utmost Confidence that Allens Raj 40,000, and Many that statement have had very sore Heads Ever since. One better in this place lost $1,500 by Faith in that prediction. Said or. Whiley a general Ewing is looked upon about Here As the greatest Humbug of the Sharte. Thoy Hove another Blessing Here to Tho shape of a Man named Robert Sharpe who is the democratic nominee for the legislature. When he was nominated he made a speech in which he declared that the democratic Congress proposed to hang a picture of that great Patriot Jeff. Davis in the Rotunda of the Capitol at Washington and make every Yankee Radical Bow Down before it. He Shook his mane Aud pawed the air Aud puffed and danced and at the end of every sentence roared a ooh my country m3�?T country a he is a dignified feature in Lancaster politics. His speech Drew Forth the following from the Lancaster Gazette a during Tho War Fairfield county Copperhead ism was of the rank est to be found in the country and it is becoming evident that there is yet that in its smouldering embers which favouring circumstances May kindle into a More Baleful flame than Ever. A belief in coming Success Al-wa3�?Ta infuses into the Radical democracy a Dev lishness that is dangerous to the country. It does expect Success because its inmost determination is to achieve it at the expense of whatever Means May be necessary for that purpose. A and wait till we get the Power of Tho government a is the chuckling secret inwardness of the sex confederates Ami sex copperheads a and Well show these radicals a trick or two they did no to dream of weft they were shouting Over the smashed the smooth words of Silver tongued Southern Confederate orators equally with the 8�h3�?T, but significant utterances of their Quot Northern allies Are to be distrusted by republicans everywhere. For unless the proper interpretation be put upon them and the ruinous designs of their authors be met with the patriotic energ3�?T and Resolution necessary to produce the work required for their defeat republicans May too soon fall upon times when free speech and free voting on their part will be imperilled wherever a powerful democratic Ascendancy May exist. A emr. Sharp May be returned to the legislature by the full democratic majority it of old Fairfield but to accomplish it the shameful spectacle will have to be presented at the polls of Many who wore Tho Blue in the fight against rebellion voting exactly opposite from the Way they not a Good Dodge for democracy. Frank Mckinney a remarkable debt on the stump Here thursday evening is still a matter of some talk. Franks amazement at the Energy and shrewdness of tie Republican executive committee expressed in such a frightened Way makes laughter. His remarks about Foster cause Auger and disgust and his energetic unfolding of Tho a poverty Dodge causes Somo curious comment. It is generally considered a very poor electioneering Dodge that to proclaim to the whole state and All Tho workers and Summers upon whom Tho party depends for Success in Advance that they will get no and that the committee has and will have no Money is very poor policy. The shrewd old democratic managers denounce the Lodge and declare that it is making votes for the republicans for Mckinney to get up and declare that their committee is rolling in Money that the republicans have All the Money they want with which to carry on the Campaign and that the democrats have not got a cent. Said one Democrat to me a that is the do no St fool thing i Ever heard of. John Thompson would never have done it. And if Mckinney invented it head better go and souk Bis head. But there is one Consolation. I done to believe it is True and i believe Mckinney has just As much Money to spend As Robinson. If to has t he should keep still till after election and he can use it As an excuse in Case he is politics among the pots and pans. While i was at a late breakfast at the Tallmadge House i heard suddenly a great uproar among the Kitchen and dining room girls in the Kitchen. It sounded like a regular riot the shrill voices of half a dozen at a time ringing out in fierce argument and inter operation. In some alarm i asked a waiter what on Earth had broke Loose Aud what was the matter and she replied that the girls were arguing about Foster and Ewing. A How do they stand on Tho question a i asked. A five for Foster and two for Ewing a was the reply. Just then one of them who appeared to be named Lizzie a broke away in great Wrath and event out upon the Pooh declaring that there were a couple of dirty rebels among the girls and she would not stay in the Kitchen to hear Foster insulted. That a the Way politics run in Lauvas ter. The crops. For three weeks i have been travelling most of the time in Ohio and in All the Vears i have been Over the state i never saw so fair a Promise for a Bountiful Harvest. The Miami valleys and the Soi Oto Valley and the Hocking and Muski Ngum Are like gardens of the lord. As far As the Eye can reach in All directions wave Tho Golden oceans of wheat. The air is full of the music of the reapers All Over the state. The sections i have named Are but samples of what exists in All other parts of the great state. For Miles of Miles stretch the yellow Fields of wheat and Oats and Ryo Ond Barley and rustling Corn. Everywhere the mowers and reapers Are worked to their utmost capacities and Barus Are filled a to bar song and Ricks Are clustered together by the dozen and the dust from the threshers ascends from a thousand Fields All the Long summer Days. The Corn crop is going to be much larger than was at one time anticipated owing to the late Welcome Aud timely Rains and peace and plenty is Over All the smiling landscape. Everywhere Over the state industries Are reviving business looking up capital growing bolder. The music of Mills Long silent is heard again. The so joke from furnaces Long cold and tireless again Bla Okens the air the pick again is ringing in the mines Long deserted. Here is the strength of the republicans. Those ranks of Cornstalk those rows of wheat Ricks those clusters of haystacks those endless acres of waving Barley Are the Republican voters. What does the Farmer who raises forty one bushels of wheat to the acre and Sells it for $1 05 a Bushel and gots Money Worth 100 cents on Tho Dollar care for Tojo howling of the democratic demagogue from tie stump that want Aud famine Are stalking Haud in hand through the land that people Are Peri Shing and All industries Are palsied and that poverty is hanging like a Black pall Over the land and that the Only Way to bring Back Prosperity is to put out the republicans and put in the democrats and have All the paper Money printed the presses can grind out. These Farmers gathering in their splendid crops Are not going to trouble themselves much about the wails of the politicians and the sorrowful cry of the a a outs to get in. The republicans did not make the crops but they made the Dollar for which they Are sold Worth to the seller 100 cents. F. My a a local news from sunday a paper. Jennie Ball Landlady of a bad House at 145 Long Worth Street killed herself with morphine last saturday. Her father or. T. H. Metzger lives at Medway a Small town Between Dayton and Springfield where he owns a saw Miu. The following letter to her father was found on the bed of the dying woman my dear father i am very sick and i wish you would come and take me Home. Mothers pictures Send it to Sis at Steubenville and the Little picture is yours. Dear father i wish to god i had taken your advice and come Home and been a Good girl but it is too late. But now if i should die i would like to be Laid with my Mother and not to left in Cincinnati. Your daughter Jenny. A or. T. Royse who for More than fifty years has been identified with our citizens and Well and favourably known throughout Ohio and Indiana died at Goshen Clermont county on Friday night in the seventy fourth year of his age. A he was an undo of Captain Thomas s. Royse and Noble k. Royse Esq. A the democratic Board of commissioners have resumed the task of discharging republicans because they happen Tobe republicans. Third Street station. Martin Nolan and p. Mulhern were arrested on saturday my Dwight in a Saloon at 106 Elm Street where they were trying to sell some female wearing apparel. A number of boys were taken in custody yesterday for bathing at the foot of Wood Street in Daylight. De. Morgan living on front Street was found last night with a dress and some shoes in his Possession. Being unable to give a satisfactory account of ownership he was looked up. Vicious dog. Joseph Walker living at no. 158 West front Street was locked up in the third Street station yesterday for harbouring a vicious dog. A Little daughter of sanitar3�?T officer de. Daly who is now doing service at Delhi was severely bitten on the hand by a Savage dog of saturday evening. From Memphis. Ti10 health officer received the following dispatch from or. R. W. Mitchell at noon yesterday july 27. Thirteen cases and three deaths since last report. Total deaths for the week -71 from yellow Over 34 pernicious or malarial fever 10 other causes 7. Mighty men of mighty minds. Ewing is brewing mighty games of Chance Mystic schemes. Wildest dreams in Domain finance. Tilden is build no mighty Hopes on him in White House to would browse. Should Friend Ewing la. Thurman is squirming with a mighty fear lest this Plao should win and head be left to rear. Cary has nary mighty thing in View. Just anything. Lord everything he ready stands to do. Wilmington Outrage by the police. Or. Sam. Greer the Well known livery Man was yesterday morning subjected to an outrage by the superintendent of police and one of the detectives Duffy that has not had a parallel in this City in a Long time. Greer was taken out of his House on the Avenue near Chester Park at about 2 o clock of the morning brought into the City and finally landed in ninth Street station As a a Safe at about noon he was unconditionally released. This malicious or idiotic performance had for its excuse an Idle Rumor that Greer had murdered a negro at Chester Park and then sold his body to a medical College for $30 notwithstanding the Absurdity of the Rumor it was followed up some weeks ago by a times reporter and subsequently by a commercial reporter and found to have no foundation in any fact and so was not mentioned. Recently a times reporter mentioned the Rumor to superintendent Wappenstein who 011 saturday instructed Duffy to arrest Greer if he should find Auy ground whatever on a Jiichi to do so. Duffy hunted up an enquirer reporter thinking he had a big exclusive item for the sunday Issue of that paper. They took a Hack no. 44, at 11 of clock at night and went out timing their movements in such a Way supposing Thoy had something of a startling nature on hand that the reporters of the other papers should not get the news. After bringing Greer in at 3 or 4 in tie morning they were still so Uneas a about a late Call at the stations by Osiier reporter that they took Greer to Narding a restaurant an let detained him 4here until a later hour when they finally lauded him in the Kintli Street station. The Only memorandum made opposite his name 011 the slate was a is. K.�?safe-keeping. He was released at noon the object of the arrest having been accomplished a sensational account of it in the enquirer. A fact in connection with this stated by Greer a friends is that Greer recently gave to Jim White a Point on which some horse thieves were arrested. White is an Independent detective Ono of Tho a outs a and the a a inst did no to like it. Greer could have been arrested on Vine Street any time saturday Naglit up to 11 of clock but that would not have suited Juffy in his newspaper combination. These Are the facts of a most disgraceful affair on the part of Wappenstein and his detectives who appear in the position of committing a Gross out rage upon a citizen merely to give a newspaper a Opportunity to enjoy an a a exclusive sunday school superintendent remembered. At the conclusion of tie Sabbath school connected with the ninth Street Baptist Church yesterday afternoon the superintendent or. Geo. B. Nichols was made the recipient of an envelope containing a leave of absence for two weeks and Tho Money necessary to meet tie expenses of a trip for himself and wife to Lake Chautauqua. The package was the gift of the teachers of the school and was presented on their behalf by or. H. W. Sage with the remark that a Sabbath school superintendent is Apt to get 1. The impression that his work is not appreciated an impression that if it existed in Tho present Case his associates were desirous of speedily correcting. Or. Nichols replied by saying that nothing could give him greater pleasure than to attend the Lake Chautauqua meetings As the representative of the ninth Street Church school and that if other duties permitted he would thankfully accept the Opportunity to attend which was thus afforded him. Ii orse thief arrested. William Taylor claiming to be forty four years of age. And owning a farm of Over a Hundred acres near a seven mile a in Butler county was arrested in Cumminsville on saturday morning by officer Borgman and locked up in the tenth District station As a fugitive from Justice upon information contained in a postal card from the marshal of Richmond ind., giving a description of a Bay horse that had been stolen from j. C. Thomas of that place. Taylor was Riding the horse at the time he was arrested and was going South. The marshal was notified by Telegraph. Or. Thomas arrived in the City yesterday and after paying the Reward of $50, was Given Possession of his property. Taylor was taken Back to Indiana last night by detective Steve Meade for trial. Inquiry by Telegraph to seven mile and Somerville developed the fact that Taylor is not known there. Quarantine. Everything quiet at quarantine yesterday no boats passed up. The people of Delhi were possessing their souls in patience for the effervescence of feeling to night. Before they resolve themselves too indignant for utterance it will be Well enough for them to take into consideration Tho fact that the quarantine established by or. Minor under the Daws of the state is several feet outside the corporate limits of the Village of Delhi and therefore beyond their Legal control. Tiie current history of appointments by Deacon Wilson a City commissioners on saturday last would be incomplete without mention of the fact thate. W. Tutwiler who got the place of l. W. Matthewson sidewalk Engineer is to less a person than a Cousin to the great creative Mogul himself who appointed the Board sitting in one end of the City buildings while be balanced his figure of the other end. The rewards Aud favors Are now being dealt out and the Public at Large begin to see and understand what it All meant when Rowland sold out the committee of safety at Columbus Aud lobbied to abolish the Board of Publio works. There appears to have been an overstatement of the Case of or. Wilson up from Holly Springs miss., As far As or. Minors opinion Quot As concerned. Or. Minor did not pronounce the Case yellow fever. He merely coincided with the Cincinnati Hospital medical opinion that the Case was suspicious. The patient was suffering from sore Throat merely last night. A Carriage trimmer named William t. Bornell was exhibiting a very bad Gash on his hip yesterday morning that he said he had received at 10 of clock in a Saloon on Vine Street near Long Worth. In first regiment of the National guard comprising six companies will go into Camp at Franklin Ohio on wednesday night. The a boys Are to remain there six Days. J. J. Foley Esq., of new Orleans is in the City and will remain during the summer months. His purpose is to study the politics of Ohio and the practice of her courts of Law. A Small portion of the goods stolen from 51 West court Street night before last was recovered yesterday by the Hammond Street patrolmen. Charles Walker living at 148 East eight Street was taken to the Hammond Street 8tation-House yesterday for obstructing the streets. William h. Moore of Madisonville died last saturday in his ninety second year. A sketch of his life has appeared in the commercial. Longworth Street arrived in the City yesterday and visited Coroner Carrick. The Coroner learning that or. Metzger was desirous of returning Home last night took his testimony in the Case. The Only important Point in the evidence was the fact that the deceased Nad been married to n. Man named Harry s. Ball Aud lived with him two years. A sensible notes a by an outsider. To the editor of the commercial your a nonsensical notes Man asks. What does Dola Ware i am not aware not being familiar with that lady a wardrobe so i will put your Munster to the test where has Oro Golf How much does Wyo my not who did Kan Sas where did Mary land whose Corn does Ida hot who is mi88 Flori Dat f How much does Ohi of what does venues set. What does new Hamp heart who says that a Kan Saa Why does Wisconsin with what drug did in i Anat what does Connecticut what does Colora do How much does Iowa she has never been weighed nor found wanting either. S. The friends of James Gordon a Well known retired flour merchant would most respectfully present his name to the Republican convention As a candidate for the legislature. His nomination will add much strength to the ticket in republicans. Chew Jackson a Best Sweet Navy tobacco. It a in Clara Louise Kellogg is said to have taken a ears Supply of Magnolia Balm abroad with her. Jul necessary for it is sold everywhere. In e preferred specials. Take Ayres pills for All Tho purposes of a Purga Tive for constr Pattoni indigestion. Headache and liver complaint. By Universal acc orc. They Are the be to of All purgative for family use. Burnetts cocaine is not Greasy nor Sticky. Marriages. Kranzy Bensell at grand Isle. La., july 23, 1s79, or. John h. Krauz to miss Mary Catherine Bensel. Daughter of Henry Bensel jr., both of new Orleans. Deaths. Buffington sunday morning of summer com plaint. Bell infant daughter of Lewis c. And Josephine Buffington. Funeral takes place to Day monday at 2 of clock from family residence 15t? Eastern Avenue. Friends invited. A Dubrule sunday july 27, at 4 of clock am., Cyriac Dubrul. Aged 60 years. The funeral takes Ulace at the residence of n. Dubrul tuesday the 29th, at 7 45 . Friends invited to attend.3 Moore of saturday if uly 26. At 1 of clock p.m., William h. Moore in the 92d year of his age. Funeral will take peace tuesday morning july 29. At Lolo clock at Tho E. Church at Madisonville. Moore at Madisonville o., Juty 26, William h. Moore aged 92 years. Funeral tuesday j uly 29, at 10 of clock ., at E. Church. Wartmann Harry l. Wartmann son of Jesse l. War Mauu at daggers Springs va., of consumption thursday july 21, 111 Tho 21st year of his age. Funeral to Day monday at 2 . From the residence of his parents no. 350 Kemper Lane Walnut Hills. Burial private. Watson mrs. Marie d. Watson. A a a Marie Denis at Milan ind., july 26, 1879, of Haemorrhage of the bowels. Society notice. Advertisements published under this head for ten cents a lines each insertion. I Yale at armory to i Day at 12 m., in full dress uniform to attend the funeral of our late Comrade Harry l. Wartmann. By order. W. M. Smith Lieut. Comdr a. Notices advertisements published under this head for twelve and a half cents a Une each insertion. Office of Board of City commissioners it Cincinnati july 19,1879. 5 the general Assembly of the state of Ohio passed a act on june 3. 1879, a to provide for the payment of the amounts of assessments in excess of seventy five per cent of the value of the lots or lands assessed for a improvement in cities of the first Grade of the first class a whereby this Board was authorized to Issue Bonds to the amount a of forty thousand dollars to Settle such claims. Notice is hereby Given to All persons holding claims provided for by said act that the same must be pro seated to this Board in a certified form within thirty Days from the completion of this publication otherwise such claims will not be considered. By direction of the Board. Caldwell president. John d. Banks to hotel keepers. The Fountain hotel company of Baltimore md., owning and operating the Carrollton hotel desire to rent the same to a responsible tenant who will buy the furniture. The hotel is the Best modern Best arranged and furnished in a City of 350.-000 inhabitants doing the Best class business in the City and presents a grand opening to tie right Man. For further information apply by letter or personally toe. Larrabee per Lieut or f. W. Coleman manager. Holman . Holma Sague and liver a a never failing cure for fever and ague dumb ague remit tent intermittent fever indigestion pain in so elders and Side periodical and life Long sick headaches rheumatism liver cough often taken for consumption heart disease not organic kidney difficulties female weaknesses bilious Colic diarrhoea cold extremities and partial paralysis. It is also a sure preventive of yellow fever diphtheria. Pen Mounlia Small pox Scarlet fever and All malarial and Miasmatic diseases that Are developed in blood Poison. Wholesale and retail depot 103 West fourth Street. Consultation and Sale rooms nos. 3, 4 and 5 Over butterick so. H. Miller amp co., managers. Political. For county treasurer Charles c. Reakirt. His name will be presented before the Republican convention for nomination for above office by his numerous . Bennett to. Nor of Green t0wn8nip. Is a Republican candidate for Hoffman is a candidate for the office of clerk 1 of common pleas before the Republican 1>. Disc Crews is a candidate for the legislature l. Subject to the Republican Hoff Isa candidate for county commission-1 e a subject to tie decision of the Republican Zinn is a candidate before the Republican convention for nomination to it the House of . W. W. Highlands is a candidate for the legislature subject to the decision of to Republican . F. Bultmann is a candidate for county commissioner subject to the decision of the Republican . T. J. Harcourt is a candidate for county treasurer subject to the decision of the Republican convention. A Benj. H. Cox ill a candidate clerk subject to the decision of the Republican convention for county amp county treasurer. John a. Clark is a candidate for county treasurer subject to the decision of the Republican convention. Bonds stocks see. We shall offer for Sale at Public v y auction on merchants Exchange in this City of tuesday. July 29. 1879. At 1 15 of clock p.m., to the highest bidder without Reserve for Cash for account of whom it May concern,60 a shares Enterprise insurance company Stock. Shares $20 each. Doors of the merchants Exchange will be open to the pubic at the above hour. A to. Eustis co., Stock Bond note brokers and auctioneers -_75 West third St., Cincinnati or. R. . Godwin former it a with John Ltd co., has accepted a position to travel for Hood Bonbright amp co., of Philadelphia. William Conklin has been missing from his Home no. 118 West sixth Street since saturday morning last. Nettles a condition was unchanged last night. The wound As yet exhibits no signs of inflammation 1 a p. R. Metzger father of the woman Sarah Jane Ball who committed suicide on saturday at 145 summer resorts. United states hotel Atlantic City a. A a a a the largest and leading House is now Ipen for Tho reception of guests w. Whitney. Manager. Thos. Chase. Cashier. . Morgan musical director. Brown amp Woelpper proprietors. Suits. Our end tre Stock of ladies l4w3� suits to be closed out. �8 Lawn suits marked 4 00. A is Law a iwo a a it a Lawn suits marked s3 �4 Lawn suits marked 82 00. A 93 Lawn suits marked is 50. Xun handsome White Organ die suits marked stylish Percale wrappers marked Down to 75c $1 $1 25, sol 50. White la in wrappers at $4 50, $5, $6, $8. Travelling stuff suits at $12. Blk Grenadine suits at $25. Sold Early at $40. Linen dusters. Linen Ulster. Children a Madras Gingham dresses from two years to six years old. At 75c and $1. Children a White Lawn dresses from two years to eight years old. At 75c, $1, $1 50 Aud $2. Children a cloth Jacques from two years to twelve years old. At $2, $2 50 and $3 50. Ladin so travelling cloth circulars of. $3 50 and $4 50. Thos. Livingston amp it , 120 West fourth Street near race. Fancy Goohs Anh garnets Quot t your own Price. Closing out every a t Hing to make room for fall Stock. Go Ana see. Harms Pala 1s-Roya l 128 West fourth St., n tear race. It i b her guns. Improve rubber target gun. Shoots arrows or bullets almost As straight As a Rifle. Spend id for boys to Hunt with will kill rabbits pigeons Fec. Price with 5 Metal pointed arrows two targets and Globe sight $1 six guns to one club $5. Of sell stamp for catalogue of scroll saws. J. J. Watko�o8, 38 Arcade Cincinnati $ educational. 150 a Wear Boa re and Seminary. Boys Academy. Haddonfield . Al Rose chill school for you eng ladies and children Greenfield mass. For circular address miss Sabra Wright Greenfield. Irving female College Mechanicsburg. A. A healthful Beautiful College Home and school. Opens 24th year sept. 10. Lerv. T. P. Ege .,. R i ver vie w a Ca Demy Polo he e pie. Y. $300. Good st3fio. Good work Good Faro. Reopens september 11. Otis Elisbee . Principal. A school of the highest Grade with charges reduced to tie Low est practical limit. The Archer mks. Arciser. Late principal of a Patapsco female Institute a near Baltimore Lias removed her school to Washington City. School duties resumed september 26, for circulars address mrs. M. R. Archer 1401 Massachusetts av., Washington. C. Williston Seminary East ii am Pton v t Massachusetts fits boys for our Best colleges and scientific schools. Tuition $60 per year. Free Tui Tipu to needy and deserving students. Good Board at Seminary word aug Louse $3�?Tper week. Fail Tern begins september 11, 1879. For catalogue containing full information address j. W. Fairbanks. Pm. principal. To to Vernon Institute 46 it. Vernon place. Baltimore my. English French and German boarding and Day school for Young ladies. A Large coins of professors. The 20th animal session will commence sept. 18. For circulars address the principals Mats. Mary j. Jones animus. B. Maitland. S t. Louis Law school. Law department of Washington i University. Thirteenth annual term commences wednesday october 15,1879. Course of study two annual terms a even months each. Students admitted. To Renior Elass on examination. Tuition $89 per Terra. Address be Koltl i Tutock Dean of . For school year. No extra charges. Special attention to both advanced Aud backward pupils and Young boys. 10 teachers All men and All graduates. English business scientific and classical courses of study. Weekly lectures illustrated by the Best apparatus. Highly recommended by ba3ard Taylor. Hon. Fernando Wood governor Routt. Judge Hoesen. Rev. J. A. Childs d. D., 4c. For circulars of Spring summer including vacation school at sea Shore a ape May Aud 1879-80, address Swit Liin c. , Harvard University a. A Media pa., 12 a pics from Philadelphia. Mount Auburn Young ladies Institute Cincinnati. H. Thane Miller president. Forty third session opens september 24. Send Foi Seminary for Young ladies. Potts town Montgomery Ltd of. In. Thirtieth annual session begins on thursday september 11. 1879. Limited in number. For catalogues apply to Geo. G. Butler . Erie female Seminary. Painesville 0.1 mount Holyoke the 21st year will commence september 4, 1879. Board tuition fire and lights $170 per annul. Send for illustrated catalogue. Miss Mary a. Evans military Academy Chester. A. Opens sept. 10. Thorough instruction in civil engineering. Chemistry the classics and English. Degrees conferred. For circulars apply to Geo. R. Sage Esq., 14 masonic Temple Cincinnati orto col. Theo. Hyatt. President. Steamships. A3ntchob. Lhnt33. United states mail steamers sail from new York for Glasgow. Every saturday Aud regularly to London direct. Passage a to Glasgow. Londonderry Belfast. Liverpool. Saloon Cabins. #60 to 9s0, currency. Second Cabin including All requisites #40. Steerage #2#. To London by direct Steamer no Steerage. Saloon Cabins. #35 and #�5. Excursion tickets at reduced rates. Passenger accommodations unsurpassed for elegance and Comfort. All staterooms on main deck. For books of information plans a acc. Apply to Henderson Brothers 7 Rowling Green. New York or to Bepler amp co. No. 6 w. Third St., near main or g. H. Bussing it pc co. Walnut Street Bank or Virgil Gilmore. 110 w. Fourth St. German Lloyd. New York London Paris steamships sail every saturday from to new York for Southampton and Bremen passengers booked for London and Paris at lowest rates. Kates of new y Ork to sont Hamp ton. London. Havre and Bremen first Cabin $100 second Cabin $60 Steerage $3c. Return tickets at reduced rates. Oelrichs amp co. 2 Bowling Green n. Y. Heidelbach. Baur amp co., i. _. Bepler amp co. 6 w. Third i agents Virgil Gilmore 110 w. 4th St. I Joseph Niehaus j Cincinnati. amen d uen Senate joint Resolution the Oakwood. Green Lake. Wishes no tonal is a Auinger resort. Send for circulars. Address Quot David. Green Way Dartford p. O., wis. Proposing an amendment to sections three and five article four of the Constitution reorganizing the judiciary of the state. Be it resolved by the general Assembly of the stats of Ohio Oliree fifths of All the members elected to each House concurring therein that a proposition to Amend the Constitution of the state of Ohio be submitted to the electors of the state of the second tuesday of october. A. A a. 1879. As follows to wit that sections 3 and 5 of article 4, entitled a judicial a be amended so As Tobe and read As follows sect Fox 3. The state shall be divided into nine common pleas districts of which the county of Hamilton shall constitute one. Which districts shall be of compact territory bounded by county lines and said districts other than said county of Hamilton shall without division of counties be further divided into subdivisions in each of which and in said county of Hamilton. There shall be elected by the electors thereof respectively. At least one judge of the court of common pleas for the District and residing therein. Courts of common pleas shall be held by sue or More of these judges in every county of the District As often As May be provided by Law. And More than one court or sitting thereof maybe held at the same time in each District. Sec. 5. In each District there shall be the electors at Large of such District Oue judge of to District court by whom the District courts in such District shall be held and he shall receive such compensation As May be provided by Law. District courts shall be held in each comity at least once Overy year. The general Assembly May increase the number of District court judges to three Quot m any District or districts Aud ma3&Quot provide for having a judge pro tempore to hold any court whenever necessary by reason of the failure disqualification absence or sickness of an judge and the amount of allowed a judge pro tempore May be deducted from the salary of any judge whose default causes the necessity of having the pro tempore judge. The times of holding common pleas and District courts shall be fixed by Law. But the general Assembly May authorize the judges of Sakl courts respectively to fix the times of the holding of said courts. At said election the voters desiring to vote in favor of this Anfe Numen shall have placed upon their ballots the words a judicial constitutional amendment., yes a and the voters who do not favor Tho adoption of said amendment May have placed upon their ballots the words a judicial constitutional amendment no a and if a majority of All the votes cast at said election be in favor of said amendment then said sections three and five herein specified shall Beaul constitute the sections so numbered in the said judicial sir Ticle of the Constitution of the state of Ohio and said original sections three and five shall be repealed. James e. Neal. Speaker of the House of representatives. Jabez w. Fitch president of the Senate. Adopted april 10,1879. Un1tko statk8 of am Filca Ohio. I office of Tiik Sucu Taky of state. 5 i Milton Barnes Secretary of state of the state it Ohio do hereby certify that the foregoing is a True copy of a joint Resolution passed by the general Assembly of the state of Ohio on the 10th Day of april. A. 1�73, taken from the original Rolls filed in this office. In testimony whereof i have Hereunto sub Sci Beu my name and affixed my official real at Columbus the Lluli Day of april. A. In 1879. Milton Barnes of but

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