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Cincinnati Commercial Gazette Newspaper Archives Jan 13 1891, Page 1

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Cincinnati Commercial Gazette (Newspaper) - January 13, 1891, Cincinnati, OhioThe Cincinnati the Cincinnati volume a com Mucial. Number 104, Cincinnati. Tuesday morning. January 13, 189l / Cincinnati daily Gazette. Volume clix. Number is. Left alone the Only one found to have had criminal connection with the celebrated ballot Box forgery Case. Report the investigating committee Congress which finds that Halstead and Foraker did not know the paper was a forgery after publication until reference to the publication Campbells name alone and Tea suppression the others. A i can not agree a Contin yes . Mason Quot that the publication a paper a part it which they published believing it to he genuine and the suppression a part it ranks with the crime forgery especially where the suppression is not a part the subject matter the paper. A the publication the forged paper by . Halstead Long before election is conclusive to my. Mind that he was thoroughly deceived and believed it to be genuine and when he found that he was mistaken he at once Pool shed Oyer his own signature the most Complete retraction. Both messes. Halstead and Foraker have furnished All the evidence within their Power to this committee even submitting their private and personal correspondence that everything could be shown to the committee. A being deceived is the Only Ense messes. Halstead and Foraker. They each have made reputation and character equal perhaps to Auy the gentlemen who were outraged by the forgery. A Ince they found they were have done All in their Power As honorable men to make amends. ask More seems to me to be unjust Aud believing As Ido that the evidence does not warrant the censure indulged in by my associates the committee their above additional findings against such additional findings i most respectfully but most earnestly struck by a narrow escape a coast Steamer from going to the Bottom. A huge wave strikes and knocks a Biff Hole in her. Only suggesting that More Diligence should have been exercised to test the integrity the document be Ore giving it publicity to which . Mason does sets. Paper Are declared Nellon whatever scheme. J governor Washington january 12.�? special a the Long delayed ballot Box report was submitted today. The document in full would fill about three columns the commercial Gazette. About half this is a history the Case and the rest findings. Ail whose names were the forged to have had no con with any ballot Box Foraker and . Halstead Are declared to have had no knowledge that Tho paper was forged until after . Halstead had printed it and it is set Forth that the moment he discover edit to be fraud a Ai Lent he at once exposed its character. All Al the committee except chairman Mason Bolte in the opinion that sufficient care was not exercised in testing the character the document before using it and they also criticise the use governor Campbells name and the withholding the others. Chairman Mason very strongly dissents from these views and presents his reasons with much Force. The report excites Little attention Here owing to the fact that the newspaper publications the Case were so full As to leave Little to be discovered and no interesting Point to be discussed. The Eepoh in full together with a supplementary and minority Keport containing additional find a Ings and criticisms. Zumstein in Washington. He will have a talk with the president Day. . Washington january 12.�? special a . Zumstein and . F. S. Spiegel arrived to Day. Judge Caldwell visited the White House in the interest the former. The returns both in the shape recommendations and protests Are still coming in. Or. Zumstein will have an interview with the president to Morrow the Case is Likely to be settled before the week is out. The a soft snap other damage done end Cabin flooded a a another vessel loess two her Crew and a passenger is injured. In the roster department the adjutant general a office. A vigorous investigation to be made by the legislature. Washington january 12.�?the report the House ballot Box committee which last session made an extensive investigation into Ohio political affairs in connection with alleged subscriptions by members Congress Stock in a Patent ballot Box was to Day presented to the House by Mason Illinois the chairman the investigating committee five. The main report which is signed by All the members the Ommittee says in response to the first inquiry directed by the Resolution Viz a by whom said alleged contract was prepared and whether the several signatures appended thereto Are forged genuine a we find that a Aid alleged contract was dictated prepared by Richard g. Wood Aud that All the signatures thereto Are forged. In response to the second inquiry directed by the Resolution Viz a if forged what person persons if Auy were directly indirectly aiding abetting assisting knowingly consenting to Tho preparation and uttering said forgery and for what purpose a we find that Richard g. Wood Frank l. Mil Ward and Frank s. Davis were the Only persons directly indirectly aiding abetting assisting knowingly consenting to the preparation said forgery with knowledge its character. That Milward and Davis were without evil intent in the part they took in the transaction and had no other purpose than to accommodate r. Wood and at Woods request that said Wood uttered said forgery for the purpose procuring governor Foraker a recommendation it himself to Tho mayor Cincinnati Sohlo. For appointment to an office that City designated in Tho evidence As a Smoko we further Flud that j. B. Foraker Aud Murat Halstead aided in Ute ring said forgery . Foraker by exhibiting the paper to several persons and thereafter delivering it to . Halstead Aud . Halstend aided in uttering the forgery by publishing the forged paper october 4,1889, la the Cincinnati commercial Gazette but we find that neither said parties Foraker and Halstead in uttering said paper knew that the same was a forgery. In response to the third inquiry directed by the Resolution Viz a whether Auy the members whose names appeared said alleged contract had directly unlawful corrupt Fhi proper connection with interest in the ballot boxes whih Are subject matter said alleged contract a we find no one the persons whose names appear said alleged contract had has. Either directly indirectly any unlawful corrupt improper any other connection with interest in the ballot boxes which Are said to be the subject a Ala alleged contract Aud that there never was any other contract relating to said ballot boxes la which either these persons alone jointly with others was in any Way interested. W i. E. Mason War. Cogswell j. H. Stat bulk ii. Turner War. L. Wilson supplementary report. The supplementary report signed by All the members the Commilee except chairman Mason reports the following additional findings a we find that the conduct Wood during the negotiations with governor Foraker. And also pending the execution their agreement disclosed his depravity. We also believe that a careful scrutiny the face the forged Puper must have shown its false character. The High stations attained in Public affairs and in pm Blic Confidence by the persons Whoso names were forged should have suggested verification the corrupt paper before it was uttered pulls information As to its real character was near Aii easy Access As disclosed by the report the committee. A the publication the false paper in the commercial Gazette Slowi kor. Campbells name Aud suppressing All Othema natures was almost As Badas the original fabrication the paper. It was a spoliation evidence. The entire incident the committee have been instructed to investigate is an example political methods deserving the condemnation All parties and All Good masons minority Kpor . Mason in a minority report jays that he can not agree with the additional findings his Columbus o., january 12.�?tspecial. A the article in the commercial Gazette the other Day about the roster department the adjutant general a office has caused quite a flurry and facts since obtained substantiate the statements therein made. It is a fact that nearly All the Republican Force clerks expected in november 1889, to cease drawing pay Early in 1890, even if the Foraker administration bad been continued for the reason that there would not be any work in the roster department for them to do. The inability to procure further data from the War department at Washington until some indefinite time in the future was known officially la the adjutant general a office about the Middle november 1889, add that fact itself was sufficient to Render unnecessary the employment the full Force All through the year 1890. Therefore general Hawkins defense does not old Good. Even by his own showing he spent As much Money practically doing nothing As general Axline spent in getting out two volumes the roster in 1889. General Hawkins neglects to give credit in his defense to the former administration for the fact that there was turned Over to him january 14, 1890, most Tea manuscript ready for the Printer for volume the two volumes now necessary to Complete the set not course including the missing records from Washington. In the executive documents for 1889, parts pages 720-727, is a report by j. Yvo. Knox chief clerk the roster department the work done during the fiscal year ending november 15, 18o9. These paragraphs Are in the report a we now have copy for cavalry organizations Well under Way and if successful in obtaining missing records from the War department will have All the copy for volume a a. All ready for the Printer by the close the present administration january 13, 1890. A if the records the three months troops can be obtained from the War department at once it is believed the entire work preparing copy can be completed by the 15th july new Bedford mass., january 12.�?the Steamer City new Bedford Captain Webber which sailed for new York to night at 6, returned at 8 30 with a big Hole stove in her port Bow her Pilot House badly wrecked and her Strib merchandise damaged More less by water. The boat was in her regular course Aud when about a mile West the Hen and Chicken lightship there was a sudden Shock Felt by those Board and Tho Steamer seemed to stand still and tremble. Captain Webber first officer Burnett quartermaster Johnson second Pilot Whiting and Bow watch Mcdonald were in the Pilot House and the first they knew a flood water burst through the Pilot House windows and sent Glass and water flying into their faces. All were knocked from their feet by the Shock and deluge water Aud had their hands and faces Cut by the broken Glass. When the officers recovered the wheel they put the 6teamer about As soon As possible. It was found a Comber bad struck the ship her port Bow and stove a Hole eight feet Square near her Stem breaking two feet thick timbers and Inch planking As if it had been paper. The door leading 10 the Saloon was broken by the water and tiie entire Bulkhead to the captains stateroom directly aft the doorway was burst in and the room filled with the do Bris the broken timbers. Other staterooms were flooded and washstand broken and the main Saloon flooded with water six eight inches. The front the Pilot House is badly sell uttered four the sashes Are broken out and every pane Glass gone. The volume water which rushed Luto the Hole made by the Comber rushed into the foredeck and breaking through the partition into the hold drenched the cargo largely composed Cotton cloth in Rolls. When the big sea struck the Steamer about fifty feet the rail was washed away and was afterwards found half Way Down tile Hurricane deck. The engine stopped when the vessel was struck. If the wave had struck the vessel broadside she would surely have been wrecked. A the storm 18 the East. She wasted div0h0e, and mat getting it Elope with Bee amour. Far upper Sandusky o., january 12.�? 3pe-Cial a a week ago Friday the divorce Case Mary e. Allison is. Jonathan Allison was Beard by judge Smalley. The couple hailed from the Southern part the county and the plaintiffs plea was adultery. A lot Vry racy testimony was in but adultery the part the defendant was not proven. On the contrary mrs. Allison was placed in a rather unenviable Light herself it being charged that she Baa been unduly inti mate with a Man named , residing in her neighbourhood. Judge a Marley decided in favor the defendant Aud adjudged the plaintiff to pay costs. Day the report reached the City that mrs. Allison and the . Snyder Afore spoken have eloped for parts unknown. Mrs. Allison is a Young lady about Twenty two and quite Good looking. The freshest and gales throughout new land do much damage. Eng there will be a vigorous inquiry into this matter by the legislature. The Covington Case. Nomination looked Lor to Day and Cem in Gore a friends confident. Washington january 12.�? special a the nomination Lor the Covington collector shop is looked for to Morrow Aud . Coming Ore a friends Are confident his name will be sent in. Or. Bowen has been Well supported by Kentucky influences but Comingore seems to be ahead in the predictions. \ new York january 12.�?tidings storm the new England coast and Inland have been received from Many Points. At Birmingham ct., a freshet in the Housa Tonto River broke up the ice and swept it Over Meadows and through Bridges. Three Hundred feet piling the Derby Railroad were snapped off like pipe stems. The pier one the Railroad Bridge spans has been taken and the Lou Span is toppling. Over one thousand tons ice must be removed before travel can be resumed. A boat houses and barns have been floated away in the Naugatuck Valley. The Derby Del Vitug dark buildings Are submerged Aud battered by ice. The Meadows Are six feet under water Aud losses will be considerable. At fall River mass., gales from the South piled in the Java tors Aud the wharves Are flooded. Large Quad titles goods have been washed away and the Harbor is dotted thick with Cotton Bales casks and goods boxes. Large quantities Coal a lid it into the River from pockets whose sides wore burst by the water. A Large pile lumber was swept into the River and is floating about. Two schooners were blown upon Anthonys wharf. The american printing con Pauyo a works and the met Comet Mill have been compelled to shut Down their fires having been extinguished by the incoming tide. At Providence Railroad tracks Aud wharves Aro under water. And a the East Shore buildings have been beaten Over. The tide was the highest in fifteen years. Wharves Aro flooded at new pert i. At Highland Light mass., the High Southeast wind and rain which began there last night developed into a terrific Southwest and Northwest Gale to Day. Which cont uses to ugh with very Holch tides and Low barometer. The indications Point to a Baa night along the coast. Heavy gales Aud extremely High tides Are reported along the Maide coast. At Camden All the wharves Are flooded Aud the water reached higher Point than Ever before known. At Eastport the wind reached a velocity forty five Miles an hour the barometer dropped lower than for Many years Aud the tide was the highest since 1869wharves were covered with water and damage was done in the lumber Yards near by. In Machias the water was the highest Ever known and much damage was done to wharf property and Bridges. The worst Snow storm the season struck Montreal lust night. Reports from the country say that traffic is generally impeded. All incoming trains Are delayed. At Allentown. Pa., rain has fallen heavily. There is a washout at a Steubens the Lehigh and walk Escarre Railroad. At Sla Lugton the water is in a number houses caused by an ice Gorge at the Franklin dam. The Parryville wire Rod Mill Johnston amp a Wartz a furniture and Tho Adelaide bilk Mills Are Idle. Three Hundred people Are not working. At 3 clock this morning the Schuylkill River at Reading was nine feet above Low water Mark. In Vermont Bridges have beep swept away and trains Are delayed by storm and freshet. Presb Teriah i Meh. A question whether they May Deaconesses not yes determined. A a. Be new York january 12.�? special a the overtures the general Assembly the presbyterian Church relating to the question Deaconesses were vigorously discussed la the presbytery to Day but after an animated debate lasting nearly two hours the subject was Laid Over until the february meeting prof. Warfield Princeton theological Seminary was the Champion for the women at Saratoga and prof. Brown Union theological Seminary stands at the head �1 the movement Here. Or. Lampe presented the principal argument for the majority the Colet Mitilee in opposition to the overtures and prof. Brown made an Earnest and forcible speech in behalf the minority report. V i an Avalanche within gun shot. A thousand the hostile indians just outside Pine Ridge they Are not permitted to enter the Agency nor those within allowed to communicate with them. Troops preparing to press those not yet near the Agency. What to Day will bring Forth is problematical. If anything untoward occurs and it is possible terribly bloody work May be done. Overwhelms a portion the town Lino Bosnia. The bodies seventeen Damp and and Many in j tired got oat. Vienna january 12.�?information, received Here from Sarajevo the capital Bosnia shows that a serious disaster be visited Lino. An Avalanche crashed Down Tom the mountains close by that place a uhf a number houses in the town wore completely burled in the Snow. The immense amount show crushed the houses upon which it fell and their occupants were burled in the ruins help dwellings. Attempts were immediately Mads to recover the bodies the dead Aud to Quot extricate the to Vang. far the rescuers hate succeeded in recovering the bodies seventeen persons who were crushed to death. In addition to the dead they have removed a number persons who Are severely injured. The Seine Frozen. Paris january 12.�?the River Seine is Frozen Over Here and there Isa Prospect considerable Jollif cation the nations in Luok. Hematite Ore most promising Quantity struck in a mine in we Ipoh they Are interested. Wounded knee died to Day. He refused to have an operation performed which would have saved Bis life. His wife and three children remain wounded in me hospitals. General Miles has written a letter to brigadier general w. F. Cody a Buffalo Buie a and brigadier general Colby both the Nebraska National guard stating that All the hospitals Are wet Luln a mile and a half the Agency and nothing but a Accident can prevent the reestablishment peace. General Miles says also that he feels that the state troops May now be withdrawn with safety Aud thanks them for the Confidence they have adorned the people in their Frontier Homes. _ within two Miles the Agency. Washington january 12, Schofield received a dispatch to night from general Miles saying that the hostile indians Are now within about two Miles the Pine Ridge Agency the Indian situation. interesting letter from Captain Burns Merly inspector the Ohio National guard. For new York news notes. New York january 12.�? special a the importance the Limerick speech . Parnell is chiefly in the proclamation it makes that the Irish Leader is still leading and that he is pressing the question upon Gladstone and his followers what do they mean to do for Ireland . Gladstone is Only sure that . Parnell is gone and that is a mistake. E Buckeye a 26, at a been drilled Tel that the Ore r. General us. W. W. Eral k. Ders i u leave a Peta win Mckinley if he wants it. Judge Burke Gays the major May be governor if he desires Foraker As a political Factor. New York january 12.�? special sex judge Stevenson Burke Ohio prominent As a Republican was at the fifth Avenue hotel to Day. No one understands better the political situation in the Buckeye slate than he and what he says is to the Point and never evasive. Chatting with a reporter he said a you ask me about sex governor Foraker whether he is still a political Factor in Ohio Well 1 must say that he is a decided political Factor. The last Republican convention in the state showed that the sex governor was in politics by electing him chairman. is a Brilliant and incisive Man and can not be kept in the background. I must say though that i did not approve his course just previous to the election which Defeated him for a who will be your next governor a a major Mckinley if he desires the All up with Ingalls. There seems be earthly Clounce the senator s re election though the Republican chairman claims it. I. Topeka kas., january 12.�?tbe Kansas legislature will Convene la regular biennial session to Morrow. All the members Are expected to be present. A majority the Farmers Alliance members have been the ground for a week past anxious to begin Belr Public labors. When the Roll is called to Morrow in the lower House 93 Farmers Alliance 24 re pub can and 8 democratic members will answer to their names. The upper House stands forty re Ambli Caish and one Lone Democrat joint bal the Farmers Alliance has a Clear majority Overall 21. The combined opposition to . Ingalls re Lection is composed 93 Farmers Alliance and 9 democratic members 30 More than the Ingalls forces. Frank mag Al president the state Alliance and chairman cause the legislative committee Are confident that whoever is nominated in the Alliance caucus will be elected to succeed . Ingalls. They claim that the Alliance forces will present a solid front the senatorial question and they scout the idea Auy desertion from their ranks. Telegraph Ebsa tb0ubles, operators the c., m. Amp st. F. Railway threaten to resign rather than accept a reduction. Perilous situation members a Crew a vessel which has been dashed to pieces. Portland me., january 12.�?the u. S. Revenue Steamer Woodbur noon to Day discovered signals distress from a shipwrecked Crew a Lone Rock known As a junk Fork a lying outside Green Island about five Miles East Portland head. A terrible sea is running. The Breakers Are fearful and they extend Hundred Yards More outside the Rock. No boat could live for a moment once within the Breakers. The vessel Bas been ground to atoms Aud six her Crew Are the sock Well up out the Way the sea. They can not be rescued until morning and not then unless the sea goes Down. They have no food shelter. The Woodbury Lay till dark vainly endeavouring to get an oppor Zulty to lower her boats and go to the Rescue the men but was compelled to leave them until Daylight to Morrow morning. Dories have been procured Aud an attempt to catch the shipwrecked men will let a voyage and fatalities. Fort Monroe va., january 12.�?the Steamer City Washington. New York for Havana has arrived Here. She encountered a Tornado off Hatteras last night and had her forecastle Ana Quarter deck washed away. One the Crew was killed Ana another is missing. One her passengers was badly injured. Wabash ind., january 12.�? special la a blinding Boow storm is raging Here to right. The ground is now covered to the depth two inches and the storm bids fair to continue All night. A Brilliant wedding and a very quiet divorce big sensation in social circles at grand rapids Mich. Laprairie/minn., january 1&�? special the wildest excitement exists hereon account the striking Hematite Ore i mine Section st town 55, depth fifty feet. The Lodo four feet Wiloh develops Tho increases in Quality As they go j. H. Baker Mankato Braden st. Paul r. Cowes Cincinnati the mine Are now in u the latest machinery _ Purchase such Mac Luery Aud ship to the mines at once. A Force at least 150 men will accompany the machinery. They will meet general manager Fisher the Duluth and Winnipeg Railroad for the purpose having a Road built from Laura Luis to the mines which is eight Miles from Here. There is a divergence opinion whether this Ore is the Vermillion mesabi Range. The Ore now being taken out assays not less than sixty two per cent. The North a Star and Diamond mine in the same Neighb orhoo expect As soon As the water is pumped out their shafts to strike the same ledge. There seems to question but this part Itasca county is As Rich la Iron Ore As in the neighbourhood Tower the go Gebic Wisconsin. The Buckeye mine is owned by a company composed principally Cincinnati men among whom Are general Cowen and messes. Brown Doepke an claimable. Yellow Springs sensation. Pine Ridge s. D., january 12, via Rush Volle the morning a number Bucks Aud squaws from the hostile Camps arrived horseback and in wagons in All stages dilapidation. The arrivals however were not As numerous As had been expected. The main body indians still remain near the Mission. As the refugees visitors reached the outposts they were deprived their arms by the guards. The wily Hostiles however displayed Only a few weapons and these were later returned them when the owners went Back to the hostile Camp. It is not at All improbable that Many the Bucks had arms concealed about their persons. Shortly before noon Frank Gourd who had been to the hostile Camp arrived Aud announced As he flew by that the indians were not coming in. Up to midday the chiefs mentioned in these dispatches last night who were expected to hold a big talk with general Miles had not made their appearance and it began to look As if Gourd is report was Correct but shortly after noon it was discovered that the Hostiles had made a rapid Advance and about one thousand them had arrived to within one thousand Yards the pickets outside the Agency. General Miles and Staft went to the picket lines Aud after a Short inspection the bands returned to the Agency for the time being. The indians will not be permitted to enter the Agency and communication with them Iron within has been prohibited. When they do Ceme in the Ogallala Sioux will be stationed near red Clouds Bouse West the Agency while the rules will be placed the East. General Miles has had a Short talk with american horse and his baud. Colonel Baker ass staul paymaster Bas returned from his trip to the several commands in the Field save that general Brooke which will receive its Tuoney when it reaches the Agency. This arrangement was made at the suggestion the general himself. The announcement that a Large number the Hostiles had at length arrived within gunshot the pickets spread with rapidity through the Camp the indians near the Camp fire. Immediately hundreds squaws Aud children gathered in the Vicinity Headquarters whence u View the Bluffs beyond which the Hostiles were stationed could obtained. They waited patiently however for their Brothers lovers and husbands to appear but As evening Drew and their Devotion was not rewarded they gradually retired to their Tepee. Day colonel Henry who was expected with his four troops the ninth cavalry the Agency la company with colonel Rev. Clarnc brings suit Tor 610,000 damages against Sternberger. Xenia 0., january 12.�? special a so far there have been no new developments in the suicide murder Case miss Effie Taylor at yellow Springs. Rev. Clark the coloured preacher who with his fourth wife was arrested in Dayton and brought Here a warrant sworn out by . Sternberger and who was so quickly acquitted doth the has entered suit in the common pleas court this county against . Sternberger for 510,000 damages for false imprisonment being represented in court by Liis Aitor Neys L. Maxwell this City mud Vanscoik Daj ton. As Clark is a non resident be will be obliged to give Bond for costs which up to the to meow writing this Thebas reverend gentleman has been circulating around in Yel. Low Springs to Day but whether for the purpose securing Bond not to Oue seems to know. From the number his friends who came Over from Dayton to the trial and the great enthusiasm manifested by Thorn in his release there should not be much trouble la obtaining the necessary amount Security. The death the Taylor woman is the one subject conversation at the Springs. Little else is talked and there Are Many opinions held and very quietly advanced concerning her sudden taking Otto and the queer statement she 18 alleged to have made. There is something very singular about the whole matter which time May eventually reveal. Who a repentant b�ob6lab, attends Church at Peru ind., wants to be prayed for. reach _ Wheaton Aud hts command was ordered to White Clay to Chllow the neighbourhood general Brooke whose Headquarters Are established with colonel ban Ford a command. The latter is now within a Lew Miles the indians and to Filo Row �v111 press them More closely unless lu1 Tho meantime they shall have Goue into Camp within the Agency. Colonel Sanford a command co pulses one troop each the first second and ninth cavalry the Cheyenne scouts formerly com Ina ded by the late lieutenant let sey and now in charge lieutenant Getty and companies a a g and a the second infant colonel Wheaton is now about eight Miles West the Agency with companies by t and the second and unless otherwise ordered will reach Here to right. Colonel Uffia is following general Brooke with six companies infantry. At this writing there is no certainty As to what the indians Wilt do. General Miles himself is in doubt us to what to expect. They May he says get to within gunshot the Agency Aud then break away to the Camp they have just abandoned. Fear All kinds punishment seems to have taken Possession them Aud it is generally understood that Oue injudicious act the part the soldiers the mad act some implacable hostile would precipitate a fight the consequences which May be scarcely imag. Sued. Lieutenant Taylor the ninth cavalry has gone to meet the indians with a couple scouts with the intention leading them at the proper time to the places designated for their Camp at Agency. W Here they Are now resting the ground is rolling Aud offers advantages to the cavalry which were denied to them at wounded knee. They Are virtually surrounded by troops Aud in a disadvantageous position Ana revolt would most surely result disastrously to them. Major Whitesides now in command the seventh cavalry has his men ready to move at a moments to tace and says to can reach any Point the Agency within five minutes. The same is True Captain Capron with his Battery and Gattling guns As also the first infantry under colonel Shaftner. The latter has about 300 men. About 260 whom Are to be mounted ponies for this purpose having been procured. All testimony regarding the Battle wounded knee has been collected and to Day will to submitted to general Miles by whom it will be forwarded to Washington. The evidence has been sworn to and will to accompanied by photographs Aud diagrams the Battlefield the latter showing the position both troops and indians Aud where the greater part the squaws who were killed fell. People who Aro Well posted the testimony say that it will dispel the idea that colonel Forsyth a command in that engagement deliberately shot Down women and children. _ location the indians. What is to be Soseu from the breastworks which command the Talley in which they Are. Columbus 0., january 12.�? special a adjutant general Hawkins has received an interesting letter from Captain j. W. Burns the seventeenth infantry u. S. A., who is now stationed with his regiment at Pino Ridge Agency. Captain barns is Well known in Ohio having been detailed by the government to inspect the National guard the state and having been in that capacity connected for some time with the adjutant general s office. The letter is As follows Camp White River s. D., january 4,1891. My dear general we Are still in the same Camp waiting for something to turn up. We Are about six Miles from the a Oselles Aud could attack them any Day but i believe it is not the policy those High in authority to fight them if possible. The fight last monday was a most unfortunate affair but it could not have been avoided. I believe it was a cunningly planned scheme the part the Savage to massacre our men. They bad promised to surrender their arms and did surrender about Twenty them. The officers knew that they had the Rost them concealed and in order to make a Complete search directed the indians to form line our troops in front and rear them. The Tepee were searched and Only a few old Rusty worthless arms were found. It was then ordered that thelndiau8 be searched. As the first one was being searched Aud at a Given signal the scoundrels threw off their blankets and opened fire our unsuspecting men. For a few Momenta the fight was hand to hand our men clubbing with their muskets and the indians using their War clubs Aud knives. In a few minutes the forces became separated Aud our troops opened them with Hotchkiss and Gatling guns and the Slaughter was terrible. Two Hundred and forty six dead indians were counted the Field and about sixty four wounded. Cut a band 320 ten Only escaped. They had fur their ghost dance shirts before the fight believing thut these would protect them from the bullets the Whites and for this reason i would say i believe the affair was deliberately planned by the indians. One Little girl who was wounded and who is now in the Hospital at Pine Ridge says she had her ghost shirt Aud that she was told that it would protect her from the bullets the soldiers t is to be deplored that women and children were killed and wounded but if the indians had been successful these same women would have been the first to Scalp our dead and dying soldiers. It is also to be deplored that we have to fight these poor ignorant mortals but it is brought about by a false Aud fraudulent system dealing with them. The government Bas made treaties often with them none which have been kept. And when the government makes an appropriation for them they Are fortunate if they receive one half the appropriation. While no Indian this reservation has actually died from starvation yet they Are hungry All the time and this is what caused the whole trouble. 1 wu8 talking to Oue intelligent gentleman at Oelrichs 8. D., a few Days ago who has considerable dealings with the indians and who has occasion to visit Plue Ridge Agency frequently Aud he said that the indians at that Agency were in a starving condition and that they have been for the past thre i years and it matters not what the agents Tom Indian department say such is the fact. J we have Hopes that the indians now in our front will in a Short time return peacefully to their Agency Aud we believe they will As soon As they Are convinced that the ghost dance shirts will not protect them from bullets. We do not want to fight them As there is less glory in such warfare than in fighting a mob. What is absolutely needed at each a Goudy is a Force troops sufficiently Large to guarantee the settlers near the reservation absolute Protection Aud when such a Force conf ones them they will keep quiet unless starved into lighting. A a Why France prospers is a head line in the Star. One reason is the French people have Money sense. They know the value Public credit. They Are by medallists and sustain Silver by the limitation its Issue a Par with Gold. No free coinage foolery for them. No outcry about Bodholt is. And yet the Silver Cranks this country Are pointing to France As the land that shows the Beauty their system. A a Why the free coinage Silver would Tumble France from her financial position at once. And Toledo o., january 12.�? special a the Teleg Raphers this City belonging to the order railway Teleg Raphers received a confidential circular to Day from the Teleg Raphers Tho Chicago Milwaukee and 81. Paul railway with regard to the troubles that Are just now agitating the order. The circular states that the operators the Chicago Milwaukee Aud 8l Paul have decided to resign rather than accept the reduction contemplated by the company. The Cou Stith colleagues first because they Are not within the us not the order prohibits strike so they land to simply resign their positions. The circus propounded by the Resolution under which Tho committee was appointed. Or. Mason expresses his inability to agree with Bis associates in Tho statement that a careful scrutiny the forged paper must have shown its false character. It is easy now to know in january 1891, what we ought to have known in september 1889. Whether not Foraker and Halstead treated Prell the gentlemen who were outraged by the forgery by not seeing them personally. Is a question ethics. Not involved in this nor does it throw any Light upon oar subject As to who forged and who uttered the for a . Tha Tret can a said the with Lur also contains an Appeal to Tho Der for Back ing and funds to support the men who go out. The operators the Lake Shore Road arc just now agitated Over the order their company requiring them to separate from the Union. This they do not intend obeying Aud Bev watch with interest the fight the Chicago Milwaukee and by Paul men. Their Case will be a test strength. Hops for american Bacon. Berlin january 12.�?the fre Sinnige party the suggestion Herr Bart has resolved to propose in the Reich Stag that the prohibition against the importation american Bacon he abolished. Grand rapids mien., Jannary 12�? Spe circles Are Ruffied Over the announcement just made that mrs will a. Hofstra wife a prominent and wealthy Young business Man Muskeg an Hod secured a divorce from her husband Aud that she 1 now in Chicago preparing for her marriage at an Early Date with Hawley Newkirk a travelling Man. Formerly this City and who was Oue the Ushers at her we Dlug with Hofstra. La this City ten years ago. Mrs. Hofstra was formerly Antia Vinton this City Aud before her marriage was a leading Belle in local society she is Worth Over 5100.000 in heroin name and her marriage in 1881 was an exceedingly Brilliant social event Bishop Gillespie officiating. Be went to Denver a few months ago ostensibly to visit friends but look advantage the easy Colorado divorce Laws to sever her connections with Hofstra. Who did not contest the suit. Tern and Unco geniality disposition caused the rupture but even her Best friends Here and at Muskeg an did not know her contemplated divorce. Small pox Soave. Cabin boy the Steamer mat f. Allen suffering with the disease is put off at Wheeling and a panic is the result Wii Eeling a va., january 12.�? special a Wheeling is in a turmoil to night Overa Case Small pox. The patient will Williamson Cabin boy the Steamer mat f. Allen arrived Here this morning and Hedog sick was sent by the officers to u. S. Surveyor the port Farls for admission to the Marine Hospital. Captain Farls gave him a note to surgeon Ulrich to whose office he went in a Stree car full people. Or. Ulrich refused to receive him and be went to the Public buildings where be stopped in about every office and asked for health officer Garrison. When finally found . Garrison put him in a secluded room and bad a tent erected in a Field East town. Nobody would drive the patrol Wagon and . Garrison had to take him one himself and when he re Tornado the keeper would not let the Wagon be put in the House. The county health Board has issued a quarantine order against the Allen and a genuine and widespread Janie prevails to Musiu Peru ind., january 12.�? special a while services were being held in the Baptist Church Here Aman dressed in ragged clothes entered. He sat in the Back the Church and became much affected by his thoughts. When the minister asked if any remarks were to be heard from any one wishing to be saved the Man arose and asked if there was any Chance for a wicked sinner Oue who had broken every commandment. He was told there was Aud then be said lie Hud made All his plans to commit a great burglary Here and break open a Safe but before to went be bad been drawn by something he did not understand into the Church. He Bas left for Iowa where be says he has a wife and two children living. His wife prayed for him he said before be went away. A Brave woman who deserved to live but Fate decrees her death. San Francisco january 12.�?anna Kem Ermann. A Young Swiss Domestic in the family j. K. Lynch Alameda yesterday saved the lives her employers by rousing them while the House was burning out was herself burned to death. She discovered the fire which was due to a defective Chimney got every one out Aud then rang an alarm and got the fire department to the scene. Then foolishly she returned into the douse to save her clothes. While Paek lug up her poor belong bugs the floor fell in and she was a need to death in sight the horrified crowd who were powerless to save her. Rumoured revolt the chilian Navy. New York january 12.�? ape Coz a a dispatch from Valparaiso was received to Day by R. Flint a co., saying that the Navy lid 1 had revolted and declared against president Bach Zaleda and his arbitrary act. Fourth arrest an incendiary. New Stork january 12.�?john Cronin aged for teen san Francisco is under arrest Here the charge Baving set fire two years ago to st. Vincent a Orp Naa Asylum at san Rafael about lit teen inf Les from san Franciaco. Three lives were lost by the fire. Cronin has been arrested three times before for the crime Bat has been Able to escape. He has Mads a full Cou Masslon. Paying off Clearing House Loans. New York january 12.�?clearing-House certificates amounting los59u,Uoo were cancelled to Day leaving the amount outstanding 55,825,-000. Since last monday h,930,000 in certificates have been cancelled. Endorse the Farmers financial scheme. Raleigh n. january 12.�?a Resolution passed the Senate to Day unanimously instructing the u. 8. Senators from North Carolina to secure if possible the objects financial Reagas is the Douala Piat Tersa. Pine Ridge via Rushville neb., Janu Ary 12.�?shortlyafter the announcement that the Hostiles had gone into Camp a Short distance beyond the picket lines this afternoon the associated press representative was Given permission to visit the breastworks from which a View the hostile crap could be obtained. The works Are about three quarters a mile North the Agency. They occupy several prominent Bluff s and command the Valley which is nearly two Miles wide and about As Many Miles in length. They Are guarded by a8.2-10-Inch Hotchkiss gun which a a Range four Miles. This belongs to Captain Capron the first artillery. There Are also companies b and a the first infantry. Both Battery and infantry Are under command Captain Dougherty. At the Northern extremity the Valley beyond White Clay Creek and at the base a Semi Circie Pine covered Bluff the Hostiles have tented shelter. Their Village comprises about three Hundred Tepee with about eight Hundred Luciaus. Who seem to be Well supplied with ponies. Allot the Village however is not visible even under the Glass because a number Tepee it is suspected Are concealed in the draws which Lead out the Valley and in the direction the Mission. The View is picturesque and the site one from which the indians might easily retire were they not closely followed by general Brooke and his command. The latter at this writing is a few mile North the Mission and less Tau five Miles in the rear the Hostiles. What is to be done with the indians is a question Chieti has not Yel been answered. The disposition seems to be to let them roam in peace and for that reason All communication with them even by the newspaper me is being rigorously prevented. Morrow they Promise to Send a delegation chiefs to talk with general Miles. The result this conference can not be divined. It Lias been said that some them will insist upon going to Washington to Lay their grievances before the great father and the Opi Uton prevails that the suggestion will be respected notwithstanding that general Miles bus the settlement the Case in his own band. At this time everything seems very favourable to a successful close the War unless the factious within the Hostiles should recommence their tribal quarrels. The associated pee a correspondent was told by Frank Gouard the scout and no neck and Yankton Charley All whom spent last night among the Hostiles that the latter Are still fighting among themselves. Yankton Charley and no neck Are two a a Bat Alo Bill so men Aud like All that band Are perfect by reliable. They claim the Disse Tsiou is As great As Ever and that it can not be imagined How the Hostiles and the others will be Able to arrive at an amicable understanding. It had been general Miles intention to ship big foot a band South after the Manue Rof Bis disposing several hostile tribes but the Battle wounded knee rendered their transportation unnecessary. It is thought general Miles will demand these in Dias the surrender the leading bad nieu and ship them As he had in leaded to ship big foot Aud then Settle with the others. Whatever plan adopted the next Twenty for hours will Likely witness important events. Private Harry b. Stone troop a who was shot t stabbed wounded knee died this after noon. He was born in Monterey. Mich., and enlisted at Landing in the same state. Aunts alone in Indian Aleo wounded Ohio teq0p8 Beady colonel Bocock the seventeenth in a offers the services tits regiment to the government a a Columbus 0., january 12.�? special a some Days since colonel j. Rocock commanding the seventeenth regiment N. G., telegraphed to president Harrison offering the services his regiment in Oase it was needed in the Indian War then threatening in answer to a second offer the regiments services made by letter the presidents private Secretary to Day sent word to colonel Pocock that the offer had been referred to the Secretary cheyennes to be transferred. Pine Ridge january 12.�?Captain Ewers will Start in a few Days with Little chiefs band 490 Ohey Eunes to take them to the Tongue River Mou Taua. Little chief and his band have been ugly fighters in every War for the last Twenty years. In 1876 they were sent from this Region to fort Reno i. T., and in i�78 fought their Way Back through the settlements Kansas and Nebraska to the hand Hills near Gordon where they were captured. Hence then they have been Good friends to the Whites and have made excellent police and scouts. The baud have about 9 4 relatives the Tongue River and have begged for several years to be transferred to that reservation. Captala Ewers Aud his party will go across the reservation to rapid Creek thence to fort Meade next we Nesella Aud from there along the stage Road to the Agency. The settlers along that route Are too Well acquainted with the cheyennes and Sioux to be unnecessarily alarmed by the movements so Large a body indians. Extra a ensa Loual reports May be looked for All along the Trail. It wanted a wife and was willing to pay 64,000 for one latest break the bib Ulous sheriff Bartholomew county lad. St Columbus ind., january 12.�? special a a bereft Wra. C. Smith this City who has been a protracted drunk for some time created a profound sensation Here to Day by going into a store in which a number Young lady clerks Are engaged Aud offering 54,000 for one them laying Down 5100 in Cash to close the contract declaring that he was madly in love with her and that nothing but her immediate consent to wed him would Lead him from the a infernal Smith is a widower thirty five years age at Oue time a drunkard Aud who Bam again got to drinking. His Bondsmen Are Pai it a to a6k Relief the court and the up reeling Herl will then have time to repent at Leisure. \ murder and suicide. The perpetrator the double deed said to be a Cinci Natian. 9 the More the mugwumps and the democrats who Are afflicted with ardent admiration their own statesmanship study the recent letters that passed Between Salisbury arid Blaine the less they have to say. They discover that Blaines letter is unanswerable and it is not in the mugwump stomach to likes fit. At first we were told . Blaine had followed . Bayard. Then that herbal frightfully refused to a arbitrate As Salisbury suggested. Next that he had and he had not insisted that the Behring sea was closed. At the same time there was a threatening array american warships at san Francisco menacing the peace the world. Finally . Blaine was not a lawyer and his object in annoying the English was to gain the Irish vote. It is highly becoming the Cleveland mugwump Crown to talk about the Irish vote when for the she that vote Cleveland kicked the British minister set the country because he in a few words that to behaved to be confidential allowed it to appear that he As a tory truly sympathized with the democratic nothing could repair damage like that but a brutal insult to the minister himself and it was promptly administered by the highest authority. Then Cleveland sent for the minister to England . Phelps to come Home and be his chief j ustice the supreme court the United states and when that gentleman came there was a delegation from Boston that overruled . Cleveland account the Irish vote and there was a change. So much for Cleveland and the Irish wrote. Or. Blaines letter proves to begin with that the Behring sea has been held distinct from the Pacific Ocean. There Are 105 authorities the subject in maps All standing for the american Contention. The analysis treaties proves minutely and comprehensively that the american claims Are grounded in history throughout and there is an explanatory note interpretation russian authority the treaty made with . Adams showing that Russia reserved for herself and therefore Lorns when she sold Theta to us the fishing rights in the Waters North the Aleutian islands the very Point we have occasion to assert and establish. The russian Seal companies existed forty years and the profits divided exceeded ten million rubles and no poachers Ever presumed to interfere with the russians. American whalers frequented those Waters and they never took to the massacre seals. The russians were undisturbed. We bought All the rights that the russians had. How is it that the renegade americans and the adventurous canadians have the Protection the British Flag is destroying our Seal fishery the most valuable in the world Are we especially subjected to outrage must we submit to an injury that no presumed to inflict upon Russia it is asserted that . Blaine desires to close the Behring sea. He never said so. Russia Dick not close the sea. We want and propose by the exercise authority Over a limited space for a season to protect an Industry to Stop a system Wanton and irreparable destruction that has already Cut Down More than three fourths the yield the catch the Lur seals Aud England interferes the ground that we have no jurisdiction the Waters except within a Marine league the shores. Why England has not regarded that old arrangement As a holy Law. Why does she Rush at us with it to take care those who Are using Ner Flag As a piratical Emblem Salisbury wants to arbitrate old lawyer fashion about the distance jurisdiction extends from Shore. That would be no arbitration. Or. Blaine proposes an arbitration that would come to business and if it is not the British policy to punish us for the Irish vote and to Back up the Bumpious tories Canada in their willingness to be quarrelsome with us and Aid them in imposing annoyances upon their neighbors we shall have a real arbitration. The Plain question is whether As we purchased and paid for Alaska we have As Many rights there As the russians had the right to the unmolested fur Seal fishery that the russians enjoyed Lor forty years profiting ten millions rubles whether we Are at the Caprice the British government to accept a standing less favourable. The new York Sun has a poet after . Cleveland with the Silver question. The following shows How he shines As he flow tons letters Miles speeches. Full virtuous saw Aud sentence celebrating the mugwump ego Caine fort from the prophets word shop set the weary world to yawning filled with wicked suicidal thoughts the much enduring printers but Silver not a syllable. Not a syllable Silver though the industrious jaws prophetic never ceased their steady working from them came no word Silver worlds words but never this Ona. Broad and shallow ran the current ceaseless current commonplaces. But no Sliver Light gleamed through u. Of and still Rau the Prophet talked everything that people did no to in the least desire he Bould but the one thing they wanted his opinions As to Sliver his present �?T91 opinions. Not wild horses could drag from him. It is very sad that Tbs mugwump hero and Martyr does not speak out the Silver question but he is not alone. We understand Iron the Herald that . Charles a. Dana is a candidate for the u. S. Senate and he has not told us whether he is for the Silver Standard. St. Louis january 12.�?Frank f. Mitchell a Well known race horse Gambler shot and instantly killed Dolly Mayo an inmate Maud Brownings Baguio at 2019 Chestnut Street the line the democratic party is running if is i shortly before 2 clock this morning. He then fired a Bullet into his own brain and died a few minutes afterwards. Mitchell called at the Bouse about 11 clock last night and spent the time Between Bis calling and the shooting in quarrelling with the girl. The girls real name is said to be Bailie Hendrickson and she is said to be a daughter respect Abl parents living at Pittsburg a. Mitchell balled from Cincinnati where Bis family now reside. A 00rner in rubber. Formation a Syndicate to control the Fara product. A a 1 1 1 is 1 new Yolk january 12.�? special a a Syndicate has been recently formed in Brazil with be View controlling All the products that country. That something mysterious was going in the rubber Trade Bas been known for some time but the ambitious Ness the scheme has just been made known. A person familiar with the line the syndicates intended operations seems to be convinced that if the Syndicate does not wholly realize la objects it will have at least considerable influence the future output the products Brazil in attention will directed chiefly to cornering the Para rubber crop which is the Lur Gost in the world. That they can succeed in producing considerable effect this commodity is evident when it is known that the capital the Syndicate amounts to 520.000,-000. This sum has already been taken up. But ail the subscriptions have not yet been paid. Enough Money has been paid in however to begin operations with the coming crop rubber. A Lipton Green the new York agent the red Cross Alae steamers to Brazil said to Day that he thought that the operation the Syndicate would increase Tho Price this years crop rubber. The Price crude rubber is now seventy six cents per Pound which is about the same is that a year ago. The Price however will be materially mor eased when the effect the syndicates operations have bad a Chance to be Felt. The Money has been principally subscribed by Brazil be added but some foreign capital Bas been invested in the scheme. The capitalists came together As late As last August when the Syndicate was founded it is stated that speculators have already control fully one half the Para crop. If the speculators were to succeed in securing control a single crop it would make their fortunes. This is especially True when it is considered that the leather Market has began to improve Moet decidedly and there is an excellent Chance that the Price leather boots and shoes will Advance i Quot a a Al v Quot Albany correspondence the times yesterday contained the cheerful announcement that governor Hill proposes to sell the place in the Senate. That would be perfectly in Accord with democratic principles. If there is a Democrat about who is Worth a few millions and would be willing to contribute a Quarter a million to democratic Campaign funds within a year Why he probably could take . Evarts seat and it would be precisely Ira to Btu should occur. What governor Hill wants to insure him the nomination in the next National democratic presidential convention is the Assurance to give the dem Oertli business men the presence within reach three Hundred to Sand dollars in a lamp one Hundred thousand for the last Days the Campaign. The seat in the Senate must go to a millionaire. There never has been a Public question greater interest to the people the greater new York the bigger Brooklyn the mightier Manhattan than that flow being debated in the Senate the United states the question whether we Are to stand by the worlds Standard values descend the the Silver Standard. Another form putting it in whether the Dollar in a Coin a the True and Only Standard shall be eighty cents and perhaps less one Hundred cents. Are we to stand beside England France Germany As High credit nations sink to the Grade Spain and the states she founded in America in financial position shall we contract currency by throwing aside Gold and wages by reducing the purchasing Power the Dollar the one contraction would destroy Enterprise a the other cripple and impoverish Industry. The democratic newspapers new York new Jersey and new Euglena Are not giving this enormous question serious attention. They Aro running away from it dodging it and going with twaddle about Tariff. Are the democrats new York Silver Mono medallists Are they in favor the exportation our Gold and the debasement the Public credit and the Money Standard they Claun to be entering upon the Possession the country. What would they do with it it is Likely every Democrat in the Senate will vote for the Silver Standard. Is there to be no protest from the sound democracy this neighbourhood m. H. Dan Ryan a second term. Columbus o., january 12.�? Specia a at noon to Day Hon. Daniel j. Ryan Secretary state was sworn in by chief Justice Minshall for Bis second term and he filed a new Bond in u09.0ux

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