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Cincinnati Commercial Gazette Newspaper Archives Dec 15 1890, Page 1

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Cincinnati Commercial Gazette (Newspaper) - December 15, 1890, Cincinnati, Ohio e Cincinnati volume x commercial. Number 70. Cincinnati. Monday morning. December 15. 1890. Cincinnati daily Gazette volume cxv1ii. Number 349. The Kilkenny Campaign a number meetings by both factions yesterday i mood wus warmly welcomed by an audience i three thousand persons. The clonal Ltd Board guardians have denounced Parnell and have resolved to wit Hotd i the collection the tenants fund. At Temple More a meeting the town com i missioners called to protest against the Parnell a test action was invaded by citizens who cheered Stormly for Parnell. The Carrick Suir Board guardians have rescinded their vote Wanton Confidence in . Parnell. And though a great Deal noise there is no trouble. Messes. Maurice Healy Leamy and Morrogh Branch the league expressing approval . Day delivered addresses before the Doug the priests denounce Parnell from the altar. Heavy has a notably Large meeting at Castle Comer and makes an exceedingly fierce attack Farnell. Parnell a new Banner he says made Kitty Shea s Petticoat. A Moat a serious riot at tipperary where the anti Parnelli ies hold a meeting stones and 8tlcks used. Kilkenny december 14.�? special Cable copyright by Jame Gordon Bennett a there was mounting in hot haste to Day for both factions determined to he the ground Early. As no trains were running outside cars were in great demand and some the processions which left Kilkenny this morning were quite imposing. It is rather a pity they started so Early for some the fighting Force might Havo enjoyed As some would not have enjoyed the words spoken in nearly every Church in Kilkenny. From nearly every altar in the constituency the manifesto the archbishops and Bishops Ireland was read and Parnell denounced As unfit to Lead the Irish people. It is impossible to overstate the exertions the priests in the struggle. They Are working night and Day in the Church in the House and the Roadside against Parnell. The in fluence Parnell a name among the masses is magical though maybe the nost unruly and ignorant the population yet at a time like this their extraordinary enthusiasm and Pugna City May draw Many Milder mannered men to their Side. Still the anti Parnell Les Are overflowing with Confidence though like the indians they take no Cabucos. They Are working overtime. Kilkenny was absolutely deserted to Day. Healy left last night for Castle Comer and this morning Early Davitt Hennessey and Tauner were whirled away. An hour later Parnell dashed off accompanied by Scully Fitzgerald Pierce Mahony Joseph Nolan Clancy Harrison Kelly and Dalton. The first meeting at tul Larvan was Small but enthusiastic. They went to fre Hford where Healy was hooted two Days ago. They were met outside the town the horses taken out and the Carriage drawn to the place meeting by a dozen Brawny Fellows. There was quiet for a time but the moment the speakers began the shouting began. On one Side the Street stood Parnell Les in the Middle the Street police the other Side the Street a number priests and a Hundred so their supporters. The latter groaned when the Parnell Les cheered and Vic versa. They also asked Parnell How Kitty was it a still it was a fairly peaceable meeting for no leads were broken. Two meetings were held at by Parnell the other by Davitt. Fortunately they did not clash undertakers might have been needed. Buvitt. Hennessey and Tanner also spoke at Freshford and Johnstown. Davitts meeting at Johnstown was a Success too. Ile Quessey made a remark pleasing to the Auti Parnell let crowd. He said he entered parliament in 1859 As a tory and when it was proposed to ext cud the divorce act to Ireland he had the Honor to give rejection to the act. It was rejected. He saw no reason Lor its introduction and could not imagine tie Irish people condoning an offence which could make such an act necessary. The reference to the Shea divorce was cheered. Healy spoke to a great meeting at Castle Comer. It was estimated that a thousand electors were present. Miners from Clough were there in Force. The meeting was opened by Canon Cody who said Parnell reminded him Lucifer. Healy received a vociferous Welcome. He talked with great deliberation but made a terribly fierce attack Parnell and every thrust was wildly applauded. There were yells Wrath when he told Bow Brien at the time the tipperary evictions went to London to find Parnell and Atter wasting several Days in the search called mrs. O Shea. Be said she had not seen Parnell for three months. A voice a who was hilarious laughter succeeded by groans for Parnell. Alcaly said Parnell talked about his services As 1he had got nothing in return. The party had Given him All the credit for everything a Luce 1335. Harneu had clone nothing except prostitute his pos Iliou. Harneu intended to raise a new Bauer. It would be made out a piece Kitty Bhear a Petticoat. The crowd was do lighted by this vulgarity. Three cheers were give for beggar As Hearty As if Biggar was alive. When Henly said that Shannon who worked up Tho Piggott letters for the Loudon times was electioneering for Parnell there were More groans for Parnell. When he asked Why Parnell no longer fought against Balfour vice versa a big Miner called out a sure they Are half Healy said Scully no is now Parnell a candidate came to the National Liberal club two weeks ago and uttered himself As an Auti Parnell candidate lie challenged him to deny it. It la rumoured that Captain Hamilton in est logo will to nominated in the conservative interest. Its not Goue rally believed. A meeting at tipperary held by the opponents Parnell almost results in a serious riot stones and Sticks freely used. Dublin december 14.the anti Parnell faction held a meeting to Day at tipperary at which about 2,000 pc sous were present telegrams were read from messes. Healy and Sexton both whom apologized for not attending the meeting the ground that their presence was required elsewhere. Or. Davitt telegraphed a impossible to leave Kilkenny. The Fate Home Rule depends upon the struggle Canon Cahilly a taking the chair was the signal for a band fifty Parnel Lites to Start cheering for their Leader. This was responded to by the anti Parnell men and the cheering was kept up by the two factions for fully tin hour making it impossible for the speakers to be heard. Father Humphreys and others tried Bird to pacify the opposing crowds but in bite their efforts stones were thrown and Sticks used freely and a serious conflict was averted Only by the final withdrawal the Parnell Les speeches were made by father Humphreys and messes. Condou and Patrick Brien nationalist members parliament Ana a Resolution Mas carried in support . Mccarthy and his the scenes at the tipperary meeting Are regarded As a prelude to u Campaign violence that May reach a degree Little Short civil War before the question at Issue is finally decided by the Irish people. A gang forty roughs captured the meeting temporarily and carried everything for Parnell. But the contingents country people from a radius Twenty Miles Arouna came in and the situation was speedily changed. After a Lively series scrimmages the anti Parnell Les got control the meeting and the most violent the partisans Harneu were expelled. The latter had come to the spot armed with heavy Blackthorn au0 there is no doubt that they had premeditated violence. Buch events go far to sustain Davitts assertion that Parnell a following is made up the Riffraff the cities As be puts it the st0bmy meeting at Newby and meetings at various other Points both la favor and Agni st Parnell. Dublin december 14.at a Stormy nationalist convention at Newry. Resolutions were adopted strongly denouncing Parnell and the Freeman a journal and calling for the resignation Justin Huntly Mccarthy who represents Newry in parliament because his having supported Parnell. Ata Large meeting at Moughal at which Canon Keller presided resolutions condemning Harneu were adopted. A procession four Hundred Torch bearers accompanied by bands music waited for Parnell at the railway station at Waterford last night when be failed to come the Parade a marched to the town Hall where they were addressed by the mayor and members the municipal Connell. When the speech making was Over the gathering adopted by acclamation a Resolution in favor Parnell . Parnell was expected to speak at Limerick to Day. But owing Toa change in his programme join Redmond appeared in his Stead. Or. Bed Parnell a deposition. At Westport county Mayo to Day . Parnell and Bis followers were denounced from the altar. In Many other Catholic churches similar denunciations were uttered. The National league branches in South and East Down have voted against the Parnel Lites. At Midoleton Cork the local league Branch voted 44 to 2b. support . Parnell. A circular by the Bishop Ioyne read in the churches to Day says a in consequence the deplorable state things produced by . Per Uelli a unprincipled and unpatriotic action it is the utmost importance to reorganize the league branches this diocese. The leaders ought to assemble the members and explain the necessity withdrawing from the control the Central league at # f an Independent candidate in Kilkenny. Dubin december 14.mr. Stephen a graduate Cambridge University Las issued an address to the electors Kilkenny in which he announces his candidacy for parliament As an Independent supporter the government. Russia and the jews. The st. Petersburg novae Eremya protests against outside interference. 8t. Petersburg december 14.tbe novae Eremya protest against English other foreign interference in regard to Tho treatment the jews in Russia and says a the to being in London will not Advance the cause the jews one step. At the Bottom the movement is the fear the Eug Lesb an invasion their country by the jews who might deprive the poor their bread and enter into Competition with the Rich As Well. It is not religious intolerance that prompts the measures relative to the jews in Russia where their synagogues stand proudly by the Side Christian churches it is the absolute necessity for saving the Rural population from being drained their resources by the jews who have already ruled the peasants id Galicia Roumania and Pomerania. A Russia will save the jews themselves from popular retribution. Bhe does not assume a false liberalism but acts openly in protecting the Prosperity the nation. It if the whole Europe should attempt to Force a distasteful policy upon Russia she is in a position successfully to defend her heavy Ocean mail. London. December 14.the Steamer Servia from Liverpool which sailed from Queenstown for new y Ork to Day carries 1,061 sacks mall the greatest Quantity mail matter Ever taken out by a single Steamer. Victoria at Alberto a Tomb. In Inion december 14,�? Queen Victoria and other members the Royal family attended today a memorial service at Frogmore mausoleum where the is Matusof Prince Albert Are buried and this being Tho Twenty ninth anniversary the death the Prince Consort her majesty according to her custom this anniversary was attired in deep mourning. Foreign notes. A a decree has been issued announcing that the emperor China will Grant a yearly audience to All foreign ministers. A the armenian patriarch officiated at constantinople yesterday for the first time since the rupture Between the Porte and the armenian Church. A All the railway men in Scotland will strike sunday next for Shorter hours. There is a Prospect traffic being entirely suspended during the Christmas holidays. A note in a watch p00ket wins for a Young widow As second husband Thelt Lan for whom she made a pair a evening to Epler and Zanesville o., december 14.-a marriage License was issued last William f. Daylon and Charlotte thereby a real Romance is unfolded. Mrs. Epler is a Yonng and handsome widow and has been employed As a Tai Loress by w. M. Reich amp Bous. While finishing a suit clothes a year since which were ordered from California she mischievously slipped in the watch pocket a note to the effect that if the wearer wished Alcor respondent he might write her. A letter came in reply others followed pro and con Aud finally came a proposal marriage from the Pacific coast Lover. He is a Railroad Man at Needles the Union Pacific and in Good circumstances. He offered to furnish mrs Epler transportation to the coast and return with the provision that she could stay As his wife if she was satisfied. His proposal was Manly and free hearted Aud stated ail his business prospects. But while mrs. Epler hesitated to reply a Telegram came that he was his Way to Zanesville Aud would Call for his answer in person. Or. Daylon arrived last week. That his trip was not in vain was evidenced by the proceedings in probate court yesterday and he will leave with his Bride Lor their far Western Home the coming week. Co operative housekeeping. The scheme being tried in a Chicago suburb and Bald to Promise Success. Chicago december 14.the first seven Days the cooperative housekeeping scheme inaugurated in the fashionable suburb Evanston Are said to have proven the plan a Success. Over live thousand orders have been served from the Central Kitchen to the stockholders. There has been no fault found with the food its lessened Cost. Considerable friction and temporary panic however were caused Dur lug the first three Days by slow delivery but this is declared to have been remedied. No action has yet been taken by the fifty displaced domestics further than to employ a lawyer to look after their interests. Just what a lawyer can do in the matter has not been made Public. A parents reconciled. Happy termination years estrangement their baby the cause. Indianapolis ind., december 14.three years ago a Chance meeting Between a. O. Freeman Terre haute and miss Minnie Hackney Columbus a Niece judge Hackney Shelbyville resulted in a Case love at first 6iglit and subsequently a Clandestine marriage followed by parental forgiveness. Just after the birth their Only child two years ago some circumstances estranged the couple and their separation continued until saturday. The father who had returned to Terre haute Learned that his wife was going to reclaim the child which by the agreement separation was confided to the custody an aunt who resides in the Northern t the state. Saturday fre Etnan appeared at the Union station with a determination to intercept the Grandfather who was escorting the baby and secure it even at the Price an assault. While waiting he saw the old gentleman and the Little one approaching but at the same instant his wife who had also been waiting rushed past him and folded the child to her bosom. Freeman a determination 5 Zeldea to a nobler impulse and he promptly offered a reconciliation which was accepted and the couple became As Blithe As in their honeymoon. / succ1 thinner than Ever. He takes plenty water and his regular Hose elixir. New York december 14.�? special a Succi was thinner than Ever do Day the thirty ninth Day his fast. He weighed 107% pounds a loss nearly forty pounds in thirty nine Days. The faster a temperature was Normal. His pulse registered sixty seven and his respiration was Twenty. His Bill fare was noticeable for the amount cracked ice consumed seventeen ounces. He Drauk Twenty ounces Croton water sixteen ounces Sulphur water and Twenty drops his elixir. Koch s remedy. Results obtained by physicians experimenting in Washington. Washington december 14.dr. Koch a Lymph cure is now being tried five patients in various stages pulmonary tuberculosis at Garfield Hospital in this City. The first inoculation was made several Days ago and the results Are watched with great interest by the Hospital physicians Aud the doctors the City. far in Noue the cases has the patient grown worse under treatment. In one the earliest cases the Rise in temperature and other symptoms observed by let a. Koch in his experiments have been noted but in another Case the expected reaction has not occurred. The doctors however Are far from being discouraged and the inoculation will be continued. It May be a month yet they say before they will be ready to announce their conclusions us Bev intend to give the Lymph a most thorough trial. New York experimenters encouraged. New York december 1�.although it is not expected by the physicians who Are using . Koch a Lymph in several the principal hospitals the City that positive results will be shown until the treatment has been in practice for several weeks months perhaps they already feel encouraged by the symptoms produced by the Early inoculations. Redway a Burton going to st. Paul. St. Paul december 14.�? special a a st. Paul Syndicate yesterday purchased the stove factory Redway amp Burton Cincinnati for $300,000. The works which have been located in Cincinnati since 1858, will be brought to st. Paul together with about 850 men. Among the gentlemen interested Are a. B. Blackney Albert babe offer Henry Castle and Geo. V. Farwell 1 a signal fire which is said to Quot indicate an Indian declaration War and that the hostilities will begin within one san. Three regiment cavalry and militia under orders to March for the bad lands Battle expected to Day. Omaha neb., december 14.tbe been a special from Pine Ridge Agency b. via Rushville says about 9 clock last night a great Light suddenly blazed up in the Northwest in the direction the bad lands. The Light faded to a sudden glow and then rapidly spread along the sky for a distance a couple Miles. Men posted in Indian signals in the Camp said this meant that the indians in the Baa bands had determined to fight. It is thought that the conflict Between the indians and cowboys Battle Creek yesterday in which three the former were killed has inflamed the indians. The indians in the Camp the friendlies being asked what the signal meant declined at first to talk but being pressed finally said it meant that their Brothers in the bad lands would be the Warpath within Odb Sun Aud that All the indians who did not join them would be dogs and enemies forever. The Friend Lles however disclaimed any intention obeying the signal. The guards will be doubled nevertheless and the Friendly Camp kept under the closest surveillance. The sixth seventh and eighth cavalry and three Hundred state militia Are under marching orders amp do will Start for the bad lands either to night to Morrow morning. It is the general opinion Here that a fight with the Hostiles is inevitable. A Hotchkiss Battery Bent to general carry a command indians been going North declare they will not surrender. Omaha neb., december 14.a special from rapid City s. says a Battery Hotchkiss guns was sent to Day from fort Meade to that Point to reinforce general carry a command at the Mouth rapid Creek. A number straggling parties indians have been seen going North. They Are under command Short Bull and kicking Deer and say they will not surrender. Short Bull is Oue the worst indians the reservation. It was he who incur bored agent Appleton in cold blood at pipe Ridge. It is expected that the main body the Hostiles will attempt to follow him. General Carr has orders to intercept Aud disarm these indians at All hazards Aud it is expected a collision will occur to Morrow in the Vicinity the Mouth Spring Creek rapid . Mcgillycuddy surgeon general the South Dakota militia has been ordered to join colonel Days command several old Indian fighters have volunteered As guides Aud scouts. A company Sioux and Crow scouts from the North Are the Way to join general Carr. A special from Pine Ridge says part the seventh cavalry has orders to March at Midnight. The azte0s, Mexico afflicted with the Messiah craze with an added feature human sacrifice. Is Kansas City mo., december 14.luis Del common Cholula Pueblo Mexico was in the City to Day in route to Chicago. In an interview to night he said the Aztec indians Mexico Are afflicted with a Messiah craze very similar to that which is disturbing the indians in the Dakotas. All the Aztec tribes scattered throughout Mexico Are said Louis Del common believers in the Prophesy that a Messiah is soon to appear to free them from their foreign conquerors and restore to them their Domain and their Pristine glory. At Cholula Are the ruins an old Aztec tem be. This is the Mecca the believers in the Essiah and there Are now encamped about it a Hundred aztecs who Are engaged in performing All sorts mysterious religious rites. Of these Fites a human sacrifice was a part accompanied with a Flower dance. The sacrifice has been done away with and now Only the dance remains. The Aztec prophecy is very like that which is believed in by the Sioux. The Messiah will cause the Volcano Popoca Tepetl to erupt and overflow the country with lava which will destroy All but the aztecs. The peace pipe shot to pieces. Pine Ridge s. D., december 14.the indians sent out by general Brooke to bring the bottles in were roughly treated and their peace pipe shot into pieces. The seventh Aud ninth cavalry Are preparing to Start for the bad lands at Daylight to bring the Hostiles in. The sixth and eighth cavalry from the Black Hills Are advancing the West. Trailor again. A warrant interrupts his Confidence work in Terre Hauter a also taken in. Terre haute ind., december 14.�? 5pe-Cial a a. W. Trailor Tho Confidence Man who was a month so ago run out Cincinnati by the police that City where he had been representing himself As the agent a British Syndicate buying up Cincinnati breweries was locked up in jail at 5 clock this morning suspicion along with a companion who gave the name f. W. Fuller. The two men came Here several Days ago for the purpose working up the City 011 Bunko jobs Aud the police got onto them last night resulting in their arrest. The police have ascertained that the two worked off the loaded Dice game a Man saturday night and they will try to prosecute them that Case. If that fails they will be compelled to leave the City. Trailor is a distinguished looking very Well dressed Man Over a in feet tall with a Mammoth Black Mustache. He is a talker out sight and has been a successful Bunko Man. He was compelled to leave Here about a year ago by the police. His partner is not known Here tit Ashe has been trailor a close companion Here for several Days that was thought sufficient to warrant his arrest. A five million estate to which it is Bunici a Shin Riveter is one the heirs. Chester pa., december 14.Moses h. vey a Riveter at Roaches shipyard is one the heirs to an estate in Staffordshire England valued at something Over $5,000,0u0. John Devey the Grandfather Moses h. Devey emigrated to this country Over fifty years ago Aud settled in Schuylkill county a. The estate a Sletto John who never heard it As he was working in the mining District and had no communication with friends in the Mother country. About two years ago Moses h. Devey had some curiosity to know about Nis ancestors and wrote making inquiries. His three Brothers who had been left in England had died leaving him the Only survivor the family. Boon after this he received a letter from the probate court England stating that there was an unsettled estate there and they would like him to Forward such evidence As to his parentage As lie possessed. The evidence was sent Ana . Devey received word last week from the court officers that his claim bad been received giving assurances that his prospects receiving the Money were Good. There Are four cousins living in Westmoreland county who Are joint heirs with . Devey. Conspirators in custody. Mansfield o., december 14.�? special a Lysander Payne Plymouth implicated with Mary Hills in the abandonment her illegitimate old is also now in jail with the Mother in this City. Herl Tressel followed him last night arrested him eur route Home at Shelby Aud reached Here with him Early this morning. Payne who is suspected being the father the child is also charged with attempting to extort Money from other Plymouth men besides Sawyer. The Hills woman and Payne will have a hearing to Morrow. Strong the Norwalk lawyer also charged with complicity in the blackmailing will be arrested. General Miles starts for the Indian country. Chicago december 14.general Nelson a. Miles commanding the division the Missouri accompanied by Captain Marlon Mans Aud the general a private Secretary . Mizen left Chicago for st. Paul to night. Just before leaving the general said he should remain at by. Paul a couple Days and go then to the Northwest Indian country he could not say How Long he would be absent # indians kill two White men. Tombstone. A. T., december 14.two White men Jack Bridges and Burk Robinson were killed by apaches in the a amp Uda Loupe mountains Friday. Two Farmers Frozen to death. Wheeling. W. Va., december 14.tbe bodies two men were found lying a county Road a Tew Miles from Clay court House saturday. The unfortunates were George server and James i me. Farmers who had started from their Homes wednesday morning last to go to the county seat and Are supposed to have Frozen to death As no Marks violence were found them. No rabbi age intended Only an hilarious outbreak one Nash Villers Yonng men and miss Eddy the Fakir company. Nashville tenn.,-decemberli.�? special a society circles were this morning startled by seeing among the published list marriage licenses issued during the week that Van Leer Drouillard and miss Jennie Eddy. Or. Drouillard is one Nashville a most dashing Young society gentlemen being a member one the leading families this City. His father is a Well known Southern capitalist and miss Eddy is a member a the Fakir company which appeared at the vend me theater during the week. The marriage License was the sole topic conversation among the local 400 to Day and much curiosity was expressed As to whether the marriage had occurred not hut it has since been Learned that though Drouillard was deeply infatuated with the actress the issuing the marriage License was done in a spirit bravado while the couple were in a hilarious mood and that no marriage was intended. Not 0h0leka. The disease doing such deadly work in Guatemala is the Snail pox. San Francisco cal., december 14.a sad record mortality in Guatemala was brought to this port yesterday by the arrival the Pacific mall Steamer ban Juan. Among the arrivals was Joseph Mcmullin a newspaper Man from new Fork. The Republic Guatemala he said is besieged by Small pox. The disease has made fearful Progress recently. He says that in seven weeks there were 1,2uu deaths throughout the country and the number at last accounts was the increase. But few sanitary precautions were taken when the epidemic first appeared. The result was that the people have been mowed Down by hundreds. In the City Guatemala dozens deaths have occurred daily. All the hospitals Are crowded Aud there is an open Field for a score .More physicians. Contrary to dispatches last night no cholera is reported from Guatemala. Fb0m a f0�oeth-3t0by window. Death the Orner daughter presumably a wealthy South a suicide. New York december 14.�? special it. P. Sorrenson a guest at the hotel Stephen saw a White object pass his window at 1 clock this morning. There was a loud crash in the Yard immediately afterwards. Or. Sorrenson and the hotel clerk went Over to investigate and found a woman lying her Back groaning. They picked her up and carried her into the hotel office. Bhe was conscious but refused to answer questions. A doctor was called and said that the woman had been injured internally and would Srob Abiy die. Bhe was taken to the new York Hosp Tai in an ambulance. Bhe told the ambulance surgeon that her name was Frances Ryan age forty. Bhe said that she had a room the fourth floor but would not Tell How she got out the window. Deputy Coroner Don in made an investigation and the Little that be could learn seemed to indicate that the woman had jumped out the a judo with the in Teuton Eudin Gher life. She died in great agony at 9 clock this morning. Her name As Given to the police is Frances bind age forty seven Aud the police say that her fathers name is Charles Rhynd a wealthy southerner. Tee Bienio collision. A train dispatchers error causes the wrecking thirty five freight cars and two engines. G the Man with two Homes where does senator elect Brice belong anyhow and is he really an ohioan for senatorial purposes ? full details the enumeration his family in new York City now for the Lima returns. Washington december 14.�? special a it is not strange that . Brice new York since his election As a senator from Ohio should seek to discredit All evidence that shows him to be a resident new York. It is natural that he should feel peculiarly sensitive to evidence proving that he himself considers new York City As his residence. But it is strange that he should venture to meet with a denial the fact that he and his numerous household were enumerated with the greatest possible detail in the new York Wilcox pa., december 14.�?-one Fobe worst wrecks in the history the Buffalo Rochester and Pittsburg Railroad occurred at Ridgeway Elk county Early this morning by a train dispatcher running two freight trains together. Both engines Aud thirty five cars were totally demolished with a loss about $40,0u0. The trams were going at a High rate Speed hut happened to meet a straight track and the train men jumped and were uninjured. A new swindle. Ohio merchants taken in by a fraud who claimed to represent the. Jeunesse Miller garment company. Lima o., december 14.�? special a about ten Days ago a Man arrived Here and registered at the hotel As w. W. Clark new York he claimed to be representing the Jenness Miller garment company. He called a number merchants who Are dealers in ladies underwear soliciting poders. With each order Given the merchant was required to Purchase a special show Case in which to display the goods. The show Case must be paid for in Advance. Clark obtained Many orders and quite a Large amount Money. After waiting a considerable time the Miller company was communicated with and a reply received saying Clark was a fraud that he had no connection with their House that he had operated extensively in die rent cities and that they had detectives Bis track Aud had heard his operations As far West As Denver col. Clark has swindled merchants All Over the country and obtained several thousand dollars. Hungarian riot. They misjudge the spirit two americans and a bloody tight ensues the americans May die. Scottdale pa., december 14.a terrible riot took place near Jiu town a mining Hamlet situated about three Miles Distant from this place last night in which several persons were badly Hurt. A gang hungarians nearly All whom were fired up with whisky were returning Home and about half Way Between Dawson and Jim town they met two americans named Watkins and Hunting. The huns who were out for a Good time decided that the americans must get Down their Knees before they would be allowed the pass. Both Watkins and Hunting indignantly refused to comply with the demand whereupon a bloody riot ensued in which knives clubs and stones were freely Aud effectively used. After great difficulty the belligerent foreigners were finally driven off. Watkins and Hunting were both badly injured and Are in a precarious condition. Champagne is expensive and the average Book keeper can to afford it . Wulffe a indulgence and its result. Milwaukee4 december 14.one the firm A. Gross amp ., wholesale milliners while dining at a restaurant Friday night last was surprised to see their Book keeper Emil Wurfl drinking Champagne at one the tables. As Wulffe a salary did not warrant such luxuries an investigation his accounts was begun yesterday morning and soon after a shortage $50 was discovered. Wulf said he could easily explain the discrepancy and went out to Hunt up one the customers but never returned. Further investigation revealed a shortage $3,000. Nothing More was heard w Luff until 8 clock this morning when he was found dead in an outhouse at his boarding Bouse with a Bullet lights right Temple and the revolver clinched in his hand. Run Over a cow. An Accident the Hocking Valley that will Cost two lives. Nelsonville,0., december 14.�? special a an Accident occurred the c., h. V. <6 t. Railway at this place to Day resulting in the death Engineer Charles Eckles and the fatal injuring 01 fireman Robert Hickman. As an engine was backing with a heavy train loaded cars a cow stepped the track Aud As the engine was not provided with a Pilot the cow was rolled Over under the engine completely wrecking the train. Several loaded cars were piled top the engine. Engineer Eckles was instantly killed. Or. Eckles was an old and highly honoured citizen this place. He was married and a prominent k. Of p., which order will take charge the funeral ceremonies. Or. Hickman is single and the son . Hickman a prominent citizen the county. Murdered in front his House. Salem mass., december 14.James Lane aged forty five was shot dead the sidewalk in front Bis House just before Midnight last night by a Man named Callaghan Peabody. Callaghan and a Man named Charles Chute Lynnfield Center had been in the House. The shooting is believed to be the result a Row begun in the House. Callaghan and Chute were Tallen into custody. All the parties were More less under the influence liquor. Lane leaves a Wile Aud family. Woman Dies in Church. New York december 14.mrs. Catherine Quaid sixty nine years age died to Day in a Pew while attending services in the Church by Thomas Aquinas in Brooklyn. Mrs. Quaid was the Mother in Law Thomas f. Nevins chief Engineer the Brooklyn fire department. Reputed Man wealth arrested. Chicago december 14.s. F. Winch said to be a wealthy citizen Omaha was arrested Here this Afler Nood. Charged with larceny As Bailee. The complainant is mrs. F. W. Stanton who resides Washington Boulevard in this City a matter $3u,Uoo in notes is said to be involved in the ease. Lived quite a Long time. Providence r. 1.� december 14.Mary Brown died in this City yesterday aged 104 years. Census. The following special to yesterdays Cincinnati enquirer contains the Brice denial Over his own signature a the agitation which has been started As regards the residence Benator elect Calvin b. Brice has brought from that gentleman a statement which should Settle the question conclusively. As is known the charge has been made within the past few Days that colonel Brice was enumerated by the census officials As a resident no. 693 fifth Avenue new York. This statement circulated with the evident intention discrediting him As a citizen Ohio the state which be will in a Short time represent in part in tha u. B. Senate. Colonel Briceus attention having been called to this use the official papers the census Bureau which was being made for the purpose placing him at a disadvantage has sent the following Telegram to congressman b. S. Yoder who represents the Lima District a a a new Yoke december 12. A a a Hon. S. S. Yoder House representatives Washington d. Cd a a the Cincinnati commercial states that superintendent Porter authorized the statement that 1 was returned in the census returns As a resident new York. Please see him immediately and ask him for his authority for the statement. Advise him that the new York enumerator was personally informed that a return would be made for Lima o., Aud that a return was made to the enumerator there. Please wire answer. Calvin b. a the receipt this Telegram congressman Yoder visited the census office and had an interview with the superintendent. Or. Porter stated that colonel Brice had been enumerated As a resident new York but that he Porter had not authorized the statement. He explained to congressman Yoder that the enumerator had the privilege deciding after hear lug the statement the citizen whether not his residence was at one Point another. The probabilities therefore were that colonel Brice had Deen enumerated both in new York City and in Lima He promised judge Yoder that he would make an investigation the Case and in a few Days he would advise him the facts As they appeared from the returns the enumerators at the two places aside from the direct denial what is absolutely True there Are four Points in this that Merit attention. A first there is the intimation that the official papers the census office had been used to place him at a disadvantage and the inference intended is that the census office has violated the Law As to the confidential nature its papers. The fact is that this enumeration colonel Brice came out la a congressional inquiry which was forced by tammany democrats to discredit the census new York. This led to a comparison certain police enumerations with the government count the same districts in new York. The examination these lists uncovered colonel once. The census office bad nothing to do with it except to furnish to the committee its entire enumeration the District which the new York democrats had insisted were erroneously counted. Second colonel Brice very shrewdly telegraphed that the gave superintendent Porter As authority for the statement that he had been counted As a resident new Quot York and asked colonel Yoder to see . Porter and obtain a denial. The fact was that the commercial Gazette bad not cited superintendent Porter As authority but the Brice idea probably was that when . Porter was asked if he had authorized the statement he would at once reply that he Lead not and this answer could then be made to serve As an official denial the whole Story. Superintendent porters reply shows that he is at least As keen witted As Tho new York senator from Ohio. Third it is evident that the enumerator who had the privilege Deoldine whether the residence colonel Brice was in new York Ohio did decide from the evidence submitted to him that it was new York. Fourth colonel Brice himself admits that he was enumerated in Lima As the commercial Gazette has heretofore asserted. As this is a Case considerable interest and May become Oue importance when colonel Brice appears in Washington from new York to be sworn in As a Benator from Ohio it is Well to reproduce the specials this correspondence which colonel Brice so flatly denies. These were two in number As follows a Washington december 9.�special. A the new York census controversy before the House select committee has brought out the interesting fact that Calvin 9. Brice u. A. Senator elect from Ohio is enumerated in the returns the United states census As a resident fifth Avenue in the City and state new a Washington december 10.�? special a those tammany democrats who have been so extremely anxious that the official returns the census shall be examined at the capital have not done Calvin s. Brice a service. They have officially proved that he is a resident the City new York although his credentials Asa u. S. Senator Tor elect from Ohio have been Laid before the Senate. At All events one the schedules the census shows this schedule no. 1, population and social statistics City county and state new y Ork signed by James Watson enumerator shows Calvin s. Brice june 6, 1890, to have been a resident new York City 693 fifth Avenue Ward Nineteen. The schedule also gives full and Complete answers to the Twenty eight questions addressed to him in which he gives himself As head family forty four years age. Married born in Ohio father born in Pennsylvania Mother in Ohio. He also says that his Home is mortgaged also gives Birthplace wife and wife a parents and says her age is fifty years. Also gives names and Ages five children All students three sons and two daughters. He gives names Ages and birthplaces seven servants which Are enumerated As follows maid housekeeper maid Cook Kitchen maid Footman and laundress. A below will be found the essential facts though not All the details which Are entered the family schedule Blank colonel Brice As returned from new York City and the original which was last week produced before the House committee the census. No Reader will have any difficulty after examining these entries. In determining whether the enumerator was furnished the facts for Bis new York enumeration whether a the new York enumerator was personally informed that a return would be made for Lima �?T a it can safely be assumed that All readers will promptly reach the same conclusion. The schedule for colonel Briceus family covers four pages a Large Blank two for the seven Mem ers the family proper and two for the seven servants. The heading is As follows a eleventh census the United states family schedule supervisors District no. 1. Enumeration District no. 665, new York City state and county new York 693 fifth Avenue Ward 19. Enumerated by me the 6th Day june 1890. James Watson the Blank under the proper headings then runs As follows number families in this dwelling House one number persons la this family fourteen. ,. Calvin 8. Brice u. S. Soldier head the family forty four years old born in Ohio lawyer can read write and speak English. Catherine Brice wife born in Ohio. Stewart m. Brice son Nineteen years old single student. It Helen Brice daughter single eighteen years student. Margaret k. Brice daughter single seventeen year6, student. Walter la. Brice son sixteen years single student.,John l. Brice son twelve years single student. House lived in is owned by the head the family and mortgaged. Post office address the owner 693 fifth Avenue. New York. Kate Delaney Homes tic White Twenty eight years single born in Ireland two and ode half years in the United states employed As maid. Martha Mulvine Domestic White forty six years widow Mother Twenty one children born la new York House keeper. Mary Duff Domestic forty three years single Dorn in Ireland Twenty three years in the United states employed As maid. Annie fore Domestic White forty years single born in Ireland eight years in the United states Cook. Mary Dooly Domestic White Twenty five years single born in Ireland two years in the United states Kitchen maid. We. Winch Domestic White Twenty five years single born in England seventeen months in the United slates Footman. Mary Hartney Domestic White Twenty eight years single born in Ireland Teu years in the u United states laundress. Against each the seven servants names it is set Forth that he she can read write Aud these selections comprise rather dry details but is seem necessary to decent them at Suffi Lieut length to show that no enumerator could have prepared them and that they must have been furnished to him from the family. The filling up four pages Blanks for fourteen persons where fifty questions Are arranged to be answered by for each one and five additional by the head the family could not have been done by a enumerator upon Mere general statements knowledge. As colonel Brice was at his Home in new York when he telegraphed his denial he is barred from pleading that the enumeration was furnished by some Oue in the family without his knowledge since being at Home with his family he had simply to inquire. Entries could not he made upon so Many Points in regard to fourteen persons without most if not All them know lug who filled the Blanks. The subject now becomes interesting. The Lima return which the e colonel says was made will probably attract attention. Meantime the old question is up in a emphasized form for answer namely. Is colonel Brice a resident Ohio for senatorial purposes s h. V. B. Murdered his door step. His two sons and another Man arrested for the deed. St. Louis december 14.harry Hartman left his House 2307 Lemp Avenue at 1 clock this morning to go to a Saloon in the Vicinity so his daughter says to indulge in a smoke. He remained in the Saloon two hours and Eben returned to the House. While attempting to gain admittance at a rear door the Bouse four shots were fired in rapid Sucre air and As Many pistol bullets entered Hartman a body and caused almost immediate death. Henry and William Hartman sons the dead Man and Jon j. Brenner were locked up. Mourning at Buchtel. Two the fair victims dead and two others lie in a critical condition and not Likely to recover. Akron o., december 14.�? special a this is the Saddest Day in the history Buchtel College. It is indeed a House mourning and hut few eyes there were closed in sleep last night. It is expected that the faculty to Morrow morning will Call a cessation work for the balance the year out respect for the two ladles no now lie within the dormitory burned to death. The scene last night was horrible beyond any description hut the end is even More horrible. The shrieks Aud moans seven Young ladles each enveloped in flames that burned Ana stung them to desperation were heartrending. The flesh some scarred and cracked under the torturing flames. The details this terrible conflagration As Given in this mornings commercial Gazette Are substantially Correct. All possible medical Aid was Given the suffering but nothing that could be done could save misses May Steves Clitton 8prings, n. Y., and Lula sep grayer Attica The former died Early this morning in great agony. The Only Eart her body not burned were the soles feet. She was a Brilliant and charming girl a Sophomore Twenty years old. Her father died recently and her Mother now lies very ill it her Home. In a room not Many doors from where miss Steves died paced a Young Man last night nearly crazed with grief. It was feared that he would go insane so terribly did he suffer. The two were lovers and the extinction the life his betrothed so cruelly brought a blackness desolation to him. Miss Steinmyer died at 5 clock this morning. She Arlthea in agony up to the very hour that she died. She was a freshman aged Nineteen. Five other bodies were burned from head to foot but will recover. Many who in desperation Tore the burning clothes from the prostrate forms their a companions suffer from severe scorches that prove very painful. Misses Mary Baker Johnson Creek n. Y., and Aurelia we Rick storm Lake la., Are in a very critical condition and there Are very slight Hopes their recovery to night. The others Are resting easy but the doctors say their Burus Are such that Many complications May set in Aud cause death. Ail the ladies will Bear scars for life if they do recover. Impressive exercises were held at the College this afternoon and were generally attended by Akron lans. The parents miss Steinmyer arrived from Attica this morning and left for Home to night with the remains their daughter. Relatives miss Steves have Alio arrived and will depart with the Corpse in the morning. Shot by a jbal0u8 l0veb. Young girl has a narrow escape with her life her assailant kills himself. Wilmington o., december 14.�? special a a Ira Gay is reported from Cherry Bend about seven Miles East Here. The daughter mrs. Sarah a. Cochran was shot three times by a Man giving the name James e. Johnson who was jealous the attentions other Young men to miss Cochran. Johnson then shot himself. Johnson had procured work at mrs. Cochrane a in March 138% anti had not been there Long when he became infatuated with the daughter aged Twenty five. About 10 clock last evening the family were sitting in the parlor together with a caller a Young gentleman by the name Faulb who lived at Sabina when mrs. Cochran made a remark that it was about time to retire. While the visitor was making preparations to leave Young Johnson stepped out the room and almost immediately returned. As he opened the door Fauch and miss Cochran were standing near it. Johnson remarked that the room was rather cold without a Frej and presenting a 38-caliber British Bull dog revolver fired three shots Pointblank at miss Cochran. The girl screamed and fell to the floor while the Mother ran from the House crying a murder a Johnson thinking that he had killed miss Cochran stepped to the outer front door and placing the revolver to his head 6ent a Bullet crashing through hts own brain the Ball entering the right Side the head just above the ear passing through and coming out at the left Side. He fell dead instantly his feet resting upon the Steps Aud his body lying upon the ground. Each the shots fired at miss Cochran took effect the first bait entered the Chin and came out at the Side the neck the second made a flesh wound the shoulder and the third just Cut the ear a Little. It is thought that miss Cochran will recover. Coroner j. G. Outcalt was notified the matter at 4 clock this morning and immediately drove out to the House. Jobu souls body was brought to Wilmington and deposited with the under take. In his pockets were found a nuff Berof extra cartridges and a flask whisky. The revolver which he used was picked up from the ground. It bad two Chambers loaded and four empty. The body the suicide was identified by John Kumery As that Sherman my Nealon whose Fathey lives three Miles from West Union. O. Sherman had killed a Man there and ran away from a warrant arrest assuming the name a Johnson As a Blind. Tho Coroner has returned a verdict in accordance with the above stated facts. Mutual Rascal ties. Two clerks in different establishments caught stealing for each others Benefit. Grand rapids mich., december 14.�? ape Cia Cornelius de Ruyter clerk in Lajarge dry goods store and K. Miller clerk in an Art store have been detected in a Long continued system robbery their respective employers and their speculations amount to several thousand dollars. Ruyter stole dress goods for his own and Millers Benefit and Miller provided Choice engraving and Art goods for de Ruyter a new $4,000 residence and for his own Home. Both Young men Are Good family and have influential friends who have saved them from prosecution by making up the loss. Both belong to the was Thanong club and Nave been asked to resign. Both Are prominent in masonic circles and will be blacklisted. Miller has already resigned from the Schubert club and de Ruyter who had positive assurances the chief clerkship in the office the new Secretary state and gave notice to his employers a week before his detection his intention to leave will forego political preferment. Statement to creditors. 1 the Druid manufacturing company solvent a erroneous report another failure. Baltimore md., december 14.at, the meeting the creditors the Druid ills manufacturing company the statement submitted showed the company to be solvent. The liabilities including the mortgage the Mill property Are $450,, while the assets Are $716,000. The Mills at Woodberry Are carried the books the company at $600,000. The balance the assets is in the hands the trustee. The indebtedness is equally distributed no Large amount being held by any one creditor. The trustee was directed to apply to the court for permission to continue the in guess for which it was said sufficient Money could be obtained without difficulty. V the statement telegraphed from Here to the effect that the Gambrill manufacturing company had failed was entirely erroneous. It was the Druid manufacturing company manufacturers Cotton Duck that became financially embarrassed not the A. Gambrill manufacturing company prop Letora Tho Patapsco flouring Mills. A had been identified with the Druid manufacturing company hence the Blunder. Rich Silver strike in Wyoming. Cheyenne wyo., december 14.wyoming�?Ts first Rich Silver strike is reported from the mine state senator Chatterton near Saratoga. The manager sends word that at 850 feet in the Tunnel they uncovered a six foot vein Sliver Ore Aud that assays gave not less than $600 to the ton. This mine is across the Platte River from Brush Creek where the Gold finds have been made and the report apparently bears out the theory that the mountains Southern Carbon county Are Rich in minerals As the Range continues into Colorado. A a a a a Ocean scheme. New York december 14.a. Sachse ministerial director and h. Petzoid Obe Post Secretary. Both Berlin arrived Here to Day the Steamer trave from Bremen. The object their visit is to Endeavor to make arrangements with the Post office department for the appointment postal agents to Ais tribute and inspect the malls Board the steamers their passage to this country so that the mails will be ready for delivery the arrival the steamers thus saving twelve hours time. The German government is willing to Supply Agente Board the steamers going to that country. Secretary Windom return to Washington. New York december 13.Secretary Windom left Lor Washington this afternoon. New York news notes. New York december 13.�? Ufama a . Parnell remains the most interesting Public Man m the world and Baa pushed the fighting n Ireland with extraordinary Power. His Manifest in reply to Gladstone was a revelation to those who did not understand the resources the Irish Leader. His crowbar assault upon a newspaper office shows the fighting Quality that is in him and May be taken a a compliment to the press. He would carry Ireland with a Rush if it were not for the priests. They May be Able to turn the tide against him but they will do it at considerable expense to themselves. It is easy to say the better classes Are against Parnell but the better classes Are not much in the habit carrying elections. The Kilkenny fight has a week to run and everything Points to a desperate struggle to the last. Or. Harneu has been Lucky in his candidate and plucky in starting first. The loudest cry against him is that Tho tories Are for him but the Irish boys who swing the Blackthorn Sticks will be slow to believe that. There is no doubt however that the tories Are enjoying the Kilkenny Campaign. Or. Gladstone has made a speech in England but not an impression. The eloquent old gentleman does not come to business and it is considered a great outrage to push him for a Bill particulars. Or. Mccarthy has produced a paper that seems 10 be feeble. It is no reply to Parnell with his fiery utterances and his crowbar. Or. O Brien is expected to do something for peace when he gets to France but . Parnell wants Seace Only his own terms. The stories that in. Parnell is unable to endure the Strain excitement and much speaking Are probably True. Those who know How delicate he has Long been have expected from the first that his failure would be physical. He has had the reputation for years suffering intensely from dyspepsia and has been thin and Haggard. What the effect . Parnell s vehement assertion himself at a time when he was expected to shrink from the Public gaze May he can not As yet be closely estimated. This much seems certain that in response to Gladstone a demand that he should retire he has retired Gladstone. When Parnell a leadership was challenged the ground that it would make Gladstone s position a nullity the surprising reply was that . Gladstone did not mean anything intelligible beyond proposing to be Premier again. It Parnell was to go what was Gladstone to give Ireland the question was a fair one and it has not been answered. As to the Irish opponents Parnell Are they dissatisfied with his leadership personal Public grounds Tho cause Ireland is not Likely to suffer detriment. Perhaps it would be advanced rather than retarded by two parties. There is such a thing As too great popular unanimity for the highest Public Good. The solid South our country would be much helped if the solidity were shattered. Possibly the Farmers Alliance May Render valuable assistance m breaking up the disheartening Monotony. I Ere is no subject comparable with that Money in the general estimation just now. There is no dispute the tact that As Money is tied up there is not enough it for those who Are in business and something is to be done. There is a message from the president expected. The Secretary the Treasury was in new York yesterday consulting financiers. A Shower projects Are before Congress one to extend the time in which bonded goods May be taken out under the old Tariff rates another to Issue greenbacks in place retired National Hank notes one to buy Twenty millions extra Silver at once and put Forth Silver notes still another to take in the seventeen millions subsidiary Silver Sand furnish currency that would be current. I the scheme tha. Seems to Promise most As tile Case stands is that Secretary Windom last year to take the entire american product Silver and make it the basis u. S. Notes at the commercial value the Silver. It might do to go beyond this and take All the Silver that comes and at the Good figure it produce paper for it. That would be better than to go slamming out Silver under the Standard ratio. We could at once cling to the Gold value and make the Silver men dizzy by using All the Silver the world might Tumble upon us. Then we should be standing tip toe As it were the Rock Gold. An interview with . Gold is published this morning. There Are Many striking passages. I select these a the National Banks have served a very Good purpose. It is very hard in the Best condition things for an Active country like ours to have no it Backset and we have been running along since about 1877 quite prosperously counting out the Little flutter about 1884. The trouble with our National banking system now is that we have been discharging so much the debt that we have abolished retired the vehicle for Hanking. But this action Congress to go coining say five million ounces Silver a month supplies a basis Lor thirty millions business and by february i apprehend the thirty millions we have commenced to put out will All be out and that it will be Felt very decidedly in the Money Market. Indeed it May have the effect the inflation the currency and stimulate things More than enough. The United states and France being bimetallic countries now have it in their Power under the Good feeling dependence which exists Between All the great commercial countries to bring about the restoration by met amp Lliam. You see that the French have shown themselves with a Silver coinage to be extremely saving and hence the Bank France in spite All that France has had to since her War has come Forward to the assistance England and Germany and it seems to me that the nations and the Bankers must take a better View that prudence which in France has conserved the Silver and helped the condition everywhere. Now we Are i think the richest nation today in the world not merely Rich in our extensive country and ils great Fertility hut Rich in accumulations. Indeed i have no doubt myself to a about one Hundred millions dollars Are now hidden away in stockings. I do not mean literally stockings such As the old ladies use but the Coin has been taken out business and put into Safe deposits and private but the French ways Are largely not As our ways. They have ceased to Coin Legal tender Silver and would look upon the free coinage Silver As madness. Then they adhere with Pertinacity to a valuation Silver three per cent above our valuation they make 15% instead 16 in Silver equal to one Gold and an International convention has always meant that we must go to them. The French care More than we for real Money. They like to handle Gold and Silver and keep an enormous amount it moving. The americans have a passion for paper. We can not reach an International agreement with the latin Union. Our Hope emerging from financial difficulty is the line the Sherman Jones Law currency based Silver Bullion at the commercial value. That substantially converts the Silver into Gold makes All our Silver mines Gold Mjones and the Extension the system would afford immediate Relief. M. H. Bloody murder. A Man who was a prize fighter in England the victim. Peoria iii., december 14.the Coroner and a half dozen Deputy sheriffs have been to Rirong the murder Case at Chillicothe All Day but have found no Clew to the murderers. P. E. King the murdered Man was a giant in size and Siren to and letters found at his room go to show that he bad at one time been a prize fighter in Englana. His Wile and five Alldren live at Manchester. Three years ago they separated King coming to this country. The separation was due to his drinking but he Promiana to Reform and had done so. Shortly after the big fire in Chillicothe he arrived there from Streator. He was enticed to a lonely spot near an elevator and murdered. The ground where the body was fou a bears evidence a terrible struggle and Kings Throat was literally torn open by the fingers Bis murderer. The blow which caused death was Given from behind with a heavy Iron bar and it crushed hts Skull to. There were bloody Fluger Marks All his outside pockets but a Wallet cont Alulus forty eight dollars in an inside Vest pocket bad been overlooked. An examination the ground Day shows that the body had been dragged tally Twenty feet Aud thrown into a ditch near be c., r. L amp Depot. _ mrs. Lipp Lozott in jail. Atlantic City n. J., december 14.mrs. Juila Lippi Scott indicted the charge forgery in this City was to Day brought from Camden by sergeant Jesse Leeds the police Force and being unable to furnish bail she waa this afternoon taken to the May a Landing jail where she was incarcerated awaiting trial. Against senator Ingalls. Atchison kas., december 14.this in the borne senator Ingalls. The Farmers Alliance Atchison county at a recent meeting adopted resolutions recommending the retirement a . 1 mra is from the Senate and the election a Hie

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