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Cincinnati Commercial (Newspaper) - February 17, 1877, Cincinnati, OhioMy the Cincinnati commercial saturday. February 17. 1877. Up ii stalk. What tee cheat cd Trees Bell Bozen Bis 70 St audit Hall Ltd Ioc my politics. The taking of testimony in the Cox ii Armon crf6 in Emit in Ted by or. T. C. Campbell yesterday the Moat important evidence being that of end. Holland vhf is charged with having Mau aped the outrage oui frauds perpetrated it the october Csc Tiou to the interest of the democratic party. proceeded a follows que Tlona state your name ape residence and Bow Long you have tved it a his City answer my Nat no is 1 dlr aim Hollan i going of forty two year s of age 109 1 i Fly Trett i liar it lived Here Over forty Oue years. Q. State Ali Eolior or not you were in the City on the loth of october 1876.�? the Day of the state and county Yeti of a. I was air. Q. Had you been absent from the City previous to the election a. Yes fir. ,. Q Tiow Lona a. 1 Leit Here Alona about the 12th of Nen Temoer. I boiler it to and a. Rived bore Souie Vii re about tire 1st of oct bar. I am not positive of the Date or aiming Here but it was not further Hack Tolian that. <1. Did yet a return then of your own motion or were Yon requested to do so a. I requested to return 1 receive As Manv As a dozen telegraphic dispatches. Q. Let of you remember from whom you received the dispatches a. A Ell part of them was from my Broth it at the solicitation of utter parties to Send them and a �-011101 Irot j parties whom 1 doubt care to Teri their names. _. Q. Upon your return to the City state whether or not you took a Active part in Revard to the election that was held on the Lith Day or october a. 1 did. Sir. I also received a letter in new York from prominent parties Here rating that there was a gentleman representing the interests of or. Tii Neu Here that wished to see me very much. Q. Have you that letter in your Possession now if so. Would you please Mark it and attach it As part of your testimony a. I have not. I destroyed it at Jatoi t Hamit ton. I received it at fort Hamiltou. Q. At whose to quest did you take an Active part in the said election a. At the soc ligation of most of the candidates in Tot nearly All the prom meet politicians of the democratic Paity. Q. What candidate on the democratic ticket spoke to von shout taking part in the election a. Well i was talked to by Wallace Banning and in fact most i them. Q. Where did Yon meet Wallace a. Well i met. Wallace on Vine Street ser ral times at the grand hotel. And Oil one or two occasions at the Burnet House. Q. Where it in you Meer Basra aug a. I saw him at the grand hotel and of the Burnet House. Q. A iliac conversation did you have with Banning a. The conversation i could not i collect it ally was in Rogai <1 to the election to Saij thug in it. To knew that i was a pretty Active worker and could have a Orne v i k done for the party. The Gouvei station was to that eff i t. Q did you have any private Consul fact ont a. I had n private Gouvei station with him in one of tho rooms at the Uia Urt hotel. It was Only for a few moments though he was interrupted in the Cove Isaiou. Q. Hat w As the Tenor of that conversation what Din he want you to do and what was he going to do for you a. He wished to to turn 1117 attention As much its possible to the District he lived in for Congress that 1 would be looked after also asked me if i was ac-<1 unrated with a certain gentleman that was stopping it the grand hotel Lluu in not i should be made acquainted. Q. Whore was the gentleman from to whom he referred a. New Yolk i told him i was acquainted that the gentleman had been made acquainted with me on Vine Street i did no to stat by whom or whereabouts on Vine Street he afterwards saw me and conversed with to frequently in the Rotunda of tho botel. Q Olio was the gentleman a. I dec Liuo telling at present a a q. La Case state the conversation von had with the gentleman we Ith regard to Banning a. Well he was very in Lions about Banning. He got be to go and see several patios and lev to buy them All tho workers that i possibly could to at Wero favourable to or. Matthews and have As much work done in that District As i possibly could. Q. What was meant by a work a a. Well i inferred from i hat that he meant to got As Many votes As we possibly could. It did no to Mako any difference How it was we got them. Q. So ate whether Yon Are a resident of the District that or Banning represents a. No sir i am not q. Let id this Gen Lemau know that you Weie not a resident of that District a. The gentleman from new York q. Yes and or. Banning a. No. I think net. Or. Banning said in his conversation that he regretted did not live in his District. Q. What Money did or. Banning furnish Yon to do this work in his District ? a. Or. Banning did not furnish Money directly. He Ford bed Money to the fund 1 Drew Money from. I was made to understand to. Q. What Promise did or. Banning Mako in Case you aided him materially a. He promised me i should be w Ell look d after. It. Hid be name any definite sum a. No. Sir. V q. Hid you have any conversation with Banning Eritee the election a. I met or. Banning once on fourth Street be Ween pm non and Central Avenue Down there near that Way somewhere. Q. Hid you have any conversation then concerning the work that was done a. Well he was with a gentleman. And he passed by me he must have got Twenty feet by me. And turned around and hallowed at me i stopped went Back and Shook hands with him he said he was sorry to hear that i Lino been indicted that it their was anything he would do for me he was will lug to do it he showed a disposition to of very kind a pout my . There were two parties with me at the time. I remarked to them when 1 went Back that he was the Only democratic politician la Hamilton county that had showed a Dis position to like a Man to me in this Aff or also my opinion that a lot of politicians in Hamilton count were a lot of bloody frauds. That was what i said a ter i had Lett or. A auning. Q. Hid he then or since make any move to make Good ills Promise a. 1 have never seen or. Banning from that Day to this. Q. Has he sent any word a. No none that i have Ever received i have never been in a position so that i could see anybody. Q. Did this Man whom yen speak of from new York Tuke any interest in or. Bann Iuga a Success other than m the rest of the democratic ticket Here a. He was interested in the Well being of both congressmen hero but More in doubt As to Banning election be was Over Aux iou on account of thinking that it would be a Verv Coso contest. Q. What Money did that Man pay you a he paid no Money directly to me paid to to other parties for me. Q. How much did you get through him then a about a thousand dollars i told tills party that any part i took in politics was a Money consideration. Aud i expected to be Well paid i was promised to Lee Well pud Aud was not paid a cent after the election was Ove thy played me fora sucker the same As they Aid the balance. Q. From whom else did you receive Money besides the Quot amount paid you on account of the new York party ? a. Well. I took Money out of my business. 11-ok i with the understanding that any Money 1 raised was to be paid Back to me. 1 took $1,000. Q. What was rhe Tenor of your conversation with or. Wallace a. In Tegard to his election i was to do All 1 could for him Une thing Aud another. Q. Hat was he to do for you a. He Didus to directly Promise me himself. Lie Sii Owen me to select a position is one of the Deputy sheriffs that is to make an appointment q. For what Piare a. That he did no to name. Q. What place did you select a. The criminal Dep a Tashir. U. To you know or. Is Hoffman and. If so did you have any conversation with lust a. Yes sir frequently. Cd. With or. Bernard a. I done to think t have met or. Bernard at the hotel have met him on Vine Street frequently 14. What was the purport of the conversation with these people a what did they say to you a. They talked of interest in tho election Aud of Moas i sting. I Given to understand that the Republican were going to have a lot of marshals around the polls and a lot of p a Ken Republican police to pull and haul and drag i people away from the is the democratic v. Torso on Flat Day. And i was selected to pick men und locate them in tho end of the town i lived in to of it anything that they should do. J Weil what did they want you to do Down Thore Arvi How did you Doit a. I had some Good trusty there in tact All Over the City in Case it should c. Me to any to hold their own with them and to help the democratic my in any Way they could vote 01 anything Eide that they could. Ltd. A any Liine s Iid by those parties As to furnishing you will mans or Money to defray exp usos ac.? a. Money was Tunis had my there a portion of it not All of it. Q How dirt you get your men a. I sent away from tho City Aud got them a Poitou of them Sioui new York. Q. Whom did you get from new York a. A Man by the name of Gle Mirou fetched out eighteen Tutu i think to was eighteen. Q who else came from new York besides Gle amp Sony a. Nobody no to me. Michael Gleason is a new York lighter who goes by the name of a a Mike the biter a he 1s an Emigrant runner. Q did any other City furnish men besides new York a. Yes i i have got some men from Chicago. Q. To brought them irom Chicago a. A Man by the name of Burns. Q. Who did you communicate with in Chicago relative to the matter a. Well Burns came to me with a letter from a Man by the name of Barney Aaron. Q How Many men did Burns bring with him a. Twelve men. Y Ary Otter City besides Chicago and new York a. Yes sir we had some men from Pittsburg Fairchild fetched eight men from there. Q. Dirt any come Itom Kentucky a. Yes sir. Q. From what part a. Up along maj Viii about the it neighbourhood. Q How Many men came from there a. I done to know about ten or twelve 1 done to remember the exact number. Q. Was there any other City that furnished men a. A there were men from Indianapolis but i had nothing Todo with them. Q. Do you know anything about parties being Here Fiona another Eastern City a. Vos air there were parties Here from Baltimore. Y. Who was it that was therefrom Baltimore a. I done to know. 1 did t operate with them at All. Y. You met the Leader a. Yes air at the grand hotel. Y do you remember his name a. I do not sir y. Can you describe Liis appearance a. Yes. Sir he a was a thick heavy set Many a Man to at weighed about two Hundred Pound. He was about five Leet eight and a half inches High. Y. Do Jou know How Many to a Ere were with this Man from Baltimore a. I done to. Y How did you meet that Man from Baltimore a. I w is introduced to him at the grand hotel q. What was said at the time of the introduction a. Fie said there waa a Roan who would allow Good work in the City and that 1 should be acquainted with him. Q. Who was it that introduced you to the party from Baltimore a. 1 Doolie to answer for the present. Y. Was he a politician a yes a democratic worker and an sex office Holder. Q. Ilow Oft n a lid you meet this Paity from Baltimore a. I met him Down there three or four times. Y. What did you do for him in the was of aiding him a. Well i gave him an invitation to come Over in the East end of the town. 1 aided la the location of the wards. Y. What report did they make to you afterwards if anal a. Thev the sorted that these men bad been voting through the City and been very sue Ess Ful. <4 did they say How Many votes they had got in a. They did Nowc y. Weil How did it come that Yon could take men Irsai nuts York and Chicago and Baltimore Here of that Day when they belong to other cities and have work to Ltd it in other cite St a. They had 00 state elections there in october Tut we Baff Here. Q. They Inid at Pittsburg. A. They did no to at new York and Illinois these parties that came Here would go any where of make Money. Q. What kind of men were those that were sent to you a. Consider Adas Flauter and roughs men competent to do Good work at elections. Fairchild was a three card Monte Niau. They were Geuer Aliy sporting men. Y. Where did those men stay previous to the election and How Many Flay were they in the cosy before the election came Oft a. They got Here about two Days before the i Tion the biggest portion did All with the exception of that Baltimore Man and i doubt know anything about him. A. Where Del they stay after getting Here a. That i done to know. Uliey generally located themselves around the Empire in there the biggest portion of the time in the bar room and in these different saloons around Vine Street. Y. You say Money was promised you to pay these men to their services. Was any Cash in rushed ? a. Yes. Sir. _. Q. How much and who by a. Well i done to know the exact amount Agneas something in the neighbourhood of $4,000. Q. Was any of it paid by parties m this City 1 a a yes sir. Q. From whom did you receive Money in this City. I received the Money at the committee room Down there. Q. From whom did you get it a. I got some of it from the chairman of the committee. Q. Who is he a. 1 believe or. Miller is supposed to be the gents Iuan. Q. Liow often did you get Money from or. Miller a. I got Money from him once. I believe. Q. Do you know How much Mousy you got from or. Mii Leif a. I got$2tk> for him. Q. 8tate whether or not you received Money it Ora or. Bannura a. Not directly. I received $1.000 through the new York Inaa i ret erred to. Q. Did you h Ive any conversation with or. Saylers a. I Mot or. Sattler nearly every Day. Q. What did he Uay you a. Or. Bayler did no to pay Oie anything. He is a personal Friend of Mike. Anything i did for him was free Gratis. Q. Or. Wallace did he pay you any Money a. Not dec try him beit. He left Money though q. With whom did he leave it a. Well i decline to answer at present. Q. Was it a business Mant a. Yes. Sir. Q was there much talk Between or. Wallace or his Frioud and yourself before this Money was paid a. We were two or three Days negotiating. Q. Liat Lino of by Siuss is the Man in that paid it. That i decline to answer too. Q. From where else did Yuu get Money besides these parties a. Well i took a thousand dollars out of the Empire my place of business. Q. Why did Yon take Money out of your business House to Aid in political matters a. It was to be returned �0 me but it was not. Q. Did you receive Money from any other parties a. Yes sir i got some Money from the East. Q. How much did you get from tho East a. Well they made a Pool and sent Here in the neighbourhood of $3.600, with instructions to bet the Quot biggest porn of of t on the election Aud use whatever 1 thought necessary to use. Did or. Hoffman pay Yon any Money a. No sir or. Hoffman was receiving rather than paying. He got quite a sum of Money some $2,500, i was informed. Or. Huffman is supposed to own a Section of the democratic party. Q. Did he pay Money to any person that Yon know of a. Well i suggested the idea to or. Hoffman to pay a Coupie of men some Money Down there which he said he would do. Q. W to were the men a. This Man White and the other Man i Don t remember what his name was. I thought it would be a Good idea to give them about $100. Q. Did Yon pay White any Money a. Yes. Sir. <4 How much a. Well i guess i paid him about $100�?a Little Over $100. A a who else did Yoa pay Money to besides White a. I paid it to the Meu that fetched these Mon Here Gleason Fairchild and Burns. Q. How much Money did you pay or. Gleason a. Weil 1 doubt know tho exact amount that a did pay him. Q. Dirt he receive Money from other parties in the East a. I understand he received $1.000 there. <4. Do you know where Jim Whites office was a. Yes air. <4 state whether or not you Mot any parties concerned in the Elorion there and 11 you paid any Money 10 them a. Of yes. Q. How Many persons did you pay Money to a. Sonnet eng in the neighbourhood of thirty people thirty two i believe. How much did you pay them a. I gave them the night before tho Ete Tiou ave dollars apiece. Q How Many did you pay More Thau the ave dollars a. Funty dollars to one Man. <4 no Washer a. Aux policeman i done to know his name. Q can you describe him ? a. Yes sir. <4. What kind of a Man is be a. A Man about my size and a Little heavier of dark complexion dark hair and Black Mustache. 4 when was he a policeman a. I think it was Anner Johnston a first administration i doubt know i paid thrive Meu Twenty five dollars apiece. Q. Was this All in Whites office a. I paid a portion in his off Lou and a portion i paid on the Street that is to the three Meu i gave Twenty five dollars Aud to this Man i gave fifty dollars i gave this Man i paid fifty dollars to forty dollars on the Corner of fifth and Vine q. State whether or not you Are acquainted with Charlea Youngl a. Yes sir very Well he worked Lor me. Q. Did he take any part in the election a. Yes. Sir. <4. In whose gang was be a. Going around Here with a Man named a Ondon. And a lot of them voting. 4 did you pay Young any Money a. No sir not a cent. Q. Did you Promise him any a. Yes sir. Q How much did you Promise him a. I did no to Promise him any certain amount told him i would pay him Well for his work. Or Why did you not pay him a. When he met me on Vine Street he Stattel then that if i Didus to Settle with him he would indict me. I told him he might go to hell so far As i was concerned and 1 would not give him a cent to save his life. Q. Was this after he threatened to indict you a. Just at the time right on the Street. Q. Were you arrested a. Yes q. W Hen a. Well i done to exactly know the time when. Some time after the Bill was found against me. Q. Do you remember the month a. I done to Kuzuw some time Atter the election took place. Q. What Bodd were Yon pot under a. $6,000. Q. Were you tried a. No. Sir. Q. Why a. Was not Here the Day of my trial when the Case waa called. Q where were you when your Case was called a. 8omewhere near new York. Q. How did you come Here now voluntarily a. No sir a couple of dig file Nice gentleman came to show me the Way Hack. Deputy marshals i suppose they Call them. Be. I was arrested in new y Nofu. City. Q. Are you under Bond now ? a. Lam sir. <4. In what amount a. $10,000. I was arrested la new York City and Pat m Ludlow Street jail and etched Buck the next Day. I was arrested last wedges Day about 12 of clock. <4. What Money did Yon pay Burns a. I pud barns $500. 4. You say there was an Indianapolis party Here. Did they report to you a. No sir. Q. Do you know How Many were in it a. 1 done to know How Many there were. There were at least seven under the leadership of a Indianapolis dete Tolve. In tact i saw Urondo Here. I guess eight or ten of them. They Are men i bad nothing to do with it was understood that a gentleman on third Street attended to them. Q. Dirt you see them at your Ward a. Yes sir. <4. Did any of the Paity vote there a. 1 think five of them voted there. <4. For what ticket did the Indianapolis party work a. The democratic ticket they voted Over there i suppose they were doing the same thing All Over town. <4 do you know anything a ont the total number of Voles that was cast by the Indianapolis party a. No i done to. Q. Do Yon know anything about the total number of votes cast by the Baltimore party a. Well i done to re collect the number. Q. Do you know anything about the number of votes cast by the Maysville party a. I done to know but Whit i Beard them say there was a Deal of Bounce Aud bluster in that party they did no to vote As often As they said they did they said Tivey voted fifty or sixty times. �4. Are you acquainted with Duke Hill a. I have St on tho Man am not personally acquainted with him. Q. With Duke Fleming ? a. I know him to speak to. Q. Were both these p Artiea Here on election Day t a. I saw them on election Day. Q. Are they both Maysville men a. That i done to know. I suppose they came from there. <4. How Many men had Condon in Bis gang a. Well 1 done to know exactly. I think he had eight or ten. He Nad men out of gangs of mine. I Bolies he had eight. Q. How often did you see the men with con Don vote a. Well i saw them vote about Thiee different times in the first precinct fourth Ward. Q. How Many votes did they cast in the first precinct of the fourth Ward a. 1 believe eight of them voted tho first time and All of five i know the second time. Six of them voted the last time. Two of them were challenged. To. How Many votes did Whites party report As having cast altogether in the City a. They reported Over sixty votes. Q. How often did rhe Gleason party vote to your knowledge a. The votes to my knowledge that i seen them cast they voted in the first precinct of the fourth Ward ail of them and Nota Man was Chai legged. 4. How Many a. He had eighteen men they went from there to uie Pecoud precinct i went with them 1 walked on ahead of them they voted there All of them went into the fifth Ward i went there too both precincts and went into the sixth Ward and voted at the precinct that Jim Fitzgerald waa one of the judges or. Fitzgerald recollects Nee. He was challenging a couple of niggers. I told or. Fitzgerald i knew the boy he was a voter and he took his vote. They All voted there. They voted then at the other precinct of the sixth Ward. Q. Did All the men get their votes in a. Every one. There was not a Man lust his vote in ail of the precincts of the three wards. A what ticket did they vote a. The democratic ticket straight ont. I gave them the ticket. <4. Please Exume that tickets handing democratic ticket to witness and state if it la a fac timid of the ticket they voted a. Yes sir. Q. No scratches a. O no did no to believe in scratch to Gnu. Where did the Gleason party go after leave nil a. I left them there in the sixth Ward and sent them into the West end. Q. Did you direct them where to go a. I showed Gleason two Days before the election the direction he should go through the town. <4 what report was made to you As to tho voting done by that party after they left you. A. Well i met him at three different times that Day. Had an engagement to meet All the leaders of these men at the Empire. They said they him voted in the neighbourhood of 150 or 100 times. The total at night was in the neighbourhood of 125 times after leaving ont those three aids. A these men whom you paid at Whites office did any of them Votca a. I seen the biggest portion of them vote in the first precinct of the fourth Ward. <4 did they make any reports a. No i Didus to see much of them. They did no to amount to auth aug. Men around in Cincinnati everybody snowed them. There must have been Twenty voted in the first precinct of the fourth Ward. I never paid much attention to it afterwards. <4 How Otten did you say bums voted in the fourth Ward a. They came there twice to the first precinct. <4 How Many men was with bums a. Burns had 1 believe ten or twelve i Elsie Meinberg now which in the beginning but the lust time he voted Only Saveu. A q. It in they vote Ai the first precinct of the fourth Waid a. Yes. Sir. Q. What ticket did they vote a. The democratic ticket without a scratch. Q. What report my bums a Kew the total number of votes cast by his men a. 1 doubt remember the exact amount. <4. Who is Fairchild a. A three eard Mon e men. <4. W Here from a. Makes his at Pitts Burg of late. Q. How Long have Yuu known him a. I done to know the exam it Timo i gut acquainted with Fairchild. In the Ailen Aud us Cutie first fight Ai St. I culs he him Xiv Tell Congress second session. Self Acqua need with me. He was Here at the Goss and Allen fight. M <4 when was the Goss mid Allen fight a. On the 7th of ser Tom bar. Q were there Many of the sporting fraternity from other cities Here at the time a. There was a Lew not As Many As i expected. A a was there a Tew Hundred a. Of no. I met this Man Benrus and Fairchild Here. <4. Did Yon Seo Fairchild vote a. I seen him in the first precinct of the fourth Ward. 1 Toul Lum not to vote hut he is a very stubborn Man. <4 Why i j you desire Fairchild not to vote a. I instructed ail of the leaders i Gauss not to vote. For if aites Tod they would be harder to get on. Q. How Many Meu voted there Al a. Eight voted tho Deli or tie ticket. Q. What report dirt he make to you As to the total number of votes cast by him a. Over Al Ftp. A. You Saul that Yuu had appointments with leaders at different tunes ii Outi the nay what was that tor a. To see How they were progressing with their work Aud to see if any of the men had got into Tio Abio a. What kind of ? a. Get arrested. Q. What would Yon have none if they bad been arrested a. Furnished them with Straw hoi and get them out of the station House. Q. Can that be Dune a. Teuch Thines have been done. 4 was any of it done at this election a. None of the men in my employ got into much . Q. You report Over 100 votes being cast in the fourth Ward nearly allot them in one precinct How do you account for the last that the Ward cast a smaller vote on that occasion Tolian it dul 011 elections previous to it a. That is Verv easily accounted for because we could not get at the ballot boxes 0. In what was at the ballot boxes a. They Hac sent Over a judge there that was not acquainted and the party also had a clerk tree of the name of Pierce. There was no Chance to operate. Q. Operate in what Wray a. It would be very easy to operate it we had the consent of the clerk. Q. How would you operate with the consent of the Cle a a. Get him to wite Down More names than there were ballots in the Box. Q. Then a. Then when the polls close at no Cut get interested and Hustle things around. Have a Tittle Dis Pate there. Cast ail the votes right into Thelio to do percent. Correspond with the tally so the clerks would give the Ujj \�00th then withdrew another amendment sch amount of names they had written of the tally. That untied by him last wednesday giving to Congress the Western associated press report. 8enate. Washington february 18 or. Logan a Bill for the Issue of Silver a tin and to make the Silver Dolar a Legal tender introduced in augus last was made a lie special order for monday next. The House amendments to the consular and diplomatic appropriation Bill were concurred in and the Bill passed. The House Bill to provide for changing and axing tho boundaries of property ceded to the United states by Memphis was . Or. Mcmillan presented a joint Resolution of the Minnesota legs tui a asking the donation of land to Aid in tho constriction Anu the right of Way to rough the Public lands Foch to line of Railroad from St Paul Aud Minneapolis to the Falls of suit a a to. Marie. Kef Erren. At the expiration of the morning hour the consideration of the Bill to create a sinking fund for rhe liquidation of the indebtedness of the Pacific Railroad company was resumed. Or. Booths amendment to the second Section of the Hill reported by the commit tue on railroads was rejected�?24 to 28. The following is the vote yes so messes. Anthony. Bailey bogy Booth Chris Laucy Cockrell coopt a Harvey Keman Mcdonald Mcmillan Merrimon Morrill Oglesby Randolph. Robertson Sargent Saui Abury Stevenson Wadleigh Wallace. Whyte. Withers and wtlglit�?24. Nays messes. Allison Lanium Blaine Boutwell. Bruce Burnside Cameron of Pennsylvania Clavton Conkling Cragin Davis Dawes Dennis Dorsey Goldthwaite. Gordon Hereford Hitchcock Ingalls Johnston. Jones of Florida Keijo is Igau Mitchel Norwood Patterson Teller and west�?28. The amendment rejected provides that the companies should pay $750,000 each per annul to the credit of the sinking fund until a Aid amount should be sufficient when added to the other sums to the credit of the sulking fund to pay off and extinguish the Golem meet let Quot ads advanced at maturity with interest thereon at Ich a Nice majority. Q. Was there any repeat Long of peat the november is the Way the fourth w Ard Gav Eucl it tace election. A. None that. I know to i was not present myself i was sick the Day of Electon. Q. How then was to that the november election showed an increase of votes id Fiat Ward a. I suppose it waa done in the Way 11 leak of. They did no to have no Republican judges or Cio is at that election they were All demo Crata. Tea was fixed before the election came off. <4. Have Yon named All of the sixties from whom you received Money a. Yes except the new York people and Wallace a Friend but w Allan few a Friend did not pay much. Cb08s-kxam1nat10x. Q. Are you not now under die tent into Eunite a states court a. Yes. Sir. Q. Have you received from any one any promises inducements. Or any consideration whatever for your testimony in this Case a. No sir i have not q. Have von not been promised that in Case you testily in this contest the indictment against you in tho United states court will never be called for trial a. No sir i have not. A. Do i understand you then to mean that you give All this testimony which Criminate you to Sucha great degree of your own free will Aud accordingly without expectation of denying any Benefit in aug shape or form from your testimony a. I do expect some Benefit irom it. Certainly. <4 state upon what that expectation is based a. It will have a tendency to make matters easier in my Case certainly. There will be a great Deal of feeling and prejudice in my Case and 1 want to show the Public that the prejudice Aud feeling against me is based on wrong grounds entirely. A it did any candidate on the democratic ticket at any tune before the october election employ you to procure illegal Vutera for the democratic ticket a. No candidate on the democratic ticket asked me in As Plain language As that. No sir. Q. State what language was used. A. They employed me to work. 1 they knew that i was a Good worker and would command a Good Many votes and get a Good Many. That was the sum and substance of the language. <4. Then i understand Yon to say or mean that when the candidates employed you to work for the ticket it was an inference of your own that they intended you should procure illegal votes a. Yes sir 1 doubt Tii Ink Many of them have conscientious scruples against anything of that kind. <4. Who Wero the candidates on the democratic ticket that have spoken to you about the Success of the Deli of ratio ticket a. I spoke to or. Wallace and or. Banning in fact pretty much ail the candidates on the ticket. Q. Did you have any conversation with Judson Harmon the contested in this Case in reference to wording for the democratic ticket a. I think that. I Aid nut. I done to think that i have Ever talked with him about any illegal votes. Q. Did he Ever at any time ask you to work for tho Success of the democratic ticket before the october election a. Yes sir. He told Rue he was a candidate and would like for me to assist in his election never said anything about fraudulent votes or having anything wrong done. Q. What ticket did you vote a. I voted the democratic ticket. I never voted anything Eise. <4. Did Yon vote a is Laught or a scratched ticket a. I voted a straight ticket this tune. I Geuer Aliy vote a scratched ticket <4. Dlr i you vote for judge Cox a. I talked of voting for him but it did no to court <4. What do you mean by that a. I scratched off a name in rhe wrong place. I personally desired to work for the Success of judge Cox. 1 made up Ray a Niue before the election to work for him. On the Day of the elect Lon there was one Man on the Republican ticket i wanted to vote for. They came to see me about it. And said a just let him go. To will drown him with the i had made up my mind before the election to work for him. Q. Are Yon acquainted with one l. M. Hazen a yes sir very Well. Q. Did you not. At a time very soon before the elec ton state to or. Ila zen that you intended to run Stu use Cox away ahead of his ticket in the fourth warn a. I did Yea sir. At the Adams express office i made the statement i think. <4. Did you not Endeavor to get some parties whom Vou have spoken of As Belg Here for the purpose of voting illegally to vote for judge Cox at the october election a. I stated i had spoken to them before the election about it countermand it my the order and told them we would have to drown him with the rest q. Do i understand you to say that Yon endeavoured to procure the parties who were Here Lor the purpose of voting illegally to vote for judge Cox a. The parties were Here subject to my order and they Didus to know one candidate from another. A did you not Endeavor to get the parties who were subject to your order to vote for j Edge Cox a. They had nothing to say about it. I fixed the tickets myself 1 took the tickets Aud Toro them up and i gave them new lots. <4 did von not at the Start fix some tickets for these parties to vote which contained the name of the democratic candidate for judge erased and the name of judge Cox substituted a. I took a portion of them fixed them and afterwards destroyed them. <4. Why did Yon countermand this order and change the tickets a. It appeared to raise a kind of kick Down at Headquarters and i stopped it. <4 Why and for what reason Ilid Yon first prepare these tickets with the name of judge Cox on them a. Well it a is on account of a Little matter. There was an indictment against me in that court a gambling indictment pending against me and i went up Thero one Day to stand on trial la the cause. I was drunk at the time and judge Cox was on the Bench. Never had exchanged ten wont with the gentleman in my life. I think a nip was prosecuting attorney at the time. He got me in there and i had no attorney with me and he got me to put in a plea to the ind Cement Ana i pleaded guilty i think to the wrong count in tie indictment and Cox postponed sentence in the Case until 2 of clock in the afternoon. Edgar Johnson wus in there. He called me out and told me i Didus to know what i was doing. Told me to Hootne Hack at 2 of clock. He attended to the Case for me and i retracted the plea 1 had put in and in place or Cox Semi ing me to prison he fined me four or five Hundred Dol sri and i to d or. Johnson at the time i waa very an Ful for the kindness he had shown toward me. And if it Ever Laid in my Power 1 would try and repay it. Asa matter of course or. Campbell asked me if i could do anything for him As a personal triad who would like to see him elected. In the course of his examination Eph. Was asked whether or. J. W. Fitzgerald had Ever talked with him on the subject of election frauds Aud his reply was a ooh. Yes he came to me to have a talk but he had no proposition to make and i told him to go away that he did no to have the nerve to do anything with the boxes and it was do use talking with him about the Eph. Accounted for about 156 fraudulent democratic votes that came under his observation and for about five Hundred that were reported to him by the leaders of the various gangs. Or. S. W. Hoffman. City auditor was also examined. In reply to or. Campbells questions he said he Hart not received any Money from John r. Mclean for political purposes that he knew or. Smith Weed supposed to he the person referred to by Holland a having indirectly Given him the thousand dollars and had had. A conversation with him la company with or. Mclean hut that Weed gave him no Money and he a old not know Weed was Tilden a manager in this part of the country. All the Money he handled at the october election was $200. Which he received from the Quot citizens committee a or which he and or. Holland were members the Money was devoted to a a legitimate electioneering Hollands statement that he Hoffman had paid White Money was untrue. The taking of testimony will be resumed to Day. Or. Moses f. Wilson haying Cross examined Holland As attorney for judge Harmon in this Case a reporter for the commercial sought that gentleman last night to hear what he might have to say about his part in the affair. He sold in answer to questions in the first place Holland stated that no candidate on the democratic ticket and no party connected with the Campaign committee asked him to procure illegal votes. They bad asked him merely to work for the ticket the illegal work waa an inference of his own. He had never received any offer to induce him to testify he merely expected a favourable consideration on account of it when his Case in Only come no for hearing. He said that he was personally favourable to Cox and worked for his election. Once when be had come no before Cox. In a rambling Case that judge had merely lined him when he could have sent him to prison. He had Felt grateful to Cox for that and bad remarked to r. G. J Ohsoo that he would remember that favor. Tom Campbell had said to him that he desired As a personal favor that he should work for Cox. He had sought to get in his work for judge Cox and had the tickets fixed accordingly hot the boys kicked and the people at the grand hotel objected and so be concluded to let Cox take his Fate like the others on the ticket. Holland stated that while one of in this Case waa to make As favourable an effect As possible in the United states court another was to get even with a lot of Fellows who had not treated him right . W. Baird. T. J. Cochran r. A. Lyman a. B. Lyman and e. C. Dvis have associated themselves together and organized the Cincinnati Supply company. Capital Stock �T�25,000, divided into Twenty five Dollar shares. Power to alter the amendment or repeal the . Or. Christ saucy move a to strike Cut the cell Aud 7th sections of the Hill reported by the on railroads which provide that the shall be construed As a final settlement Between the government and the companies if accepted by the companies within four months of the Date of its passage nud so repeals All the acts Aud parts of Acta inconsistent with the . In lieu of these sections or. Christiancy proposed to insert ti6 Section providing that Congress shall at All times have tho Power to Aiter Aud Amend As w Oll As repeal. The . Or. Cd 1 free submitted an amendment to that of or. Christiancy so us to provide thu the should be construed As a flu Al settlement Between the government and the companies. If within four months after its passage it be accepted by tie companies and provided that the said companies shall faithfully co apply with All the provisions of the and shall not to in default of any of the instalments when due. After a Long debate tho amendment of or Chaffee was agreed to�?yeas-30. Rays 22. The que Estius Ihen being of the amendment of or. Christiancy As amende 1 by or. Chaffee it was agreed to yeas 36. Nays 15. The question Theu Reen Rod on the amendment by or. Booth submitted wednesday last to strike out tie fifth Section of the my reported by the railroads committee which allows a company to anticipate their Semi Annai payments discounted at the rate of Bix per cent., �fee., was agreed to without division. Or. Sargent gave notice that to Morrow tho committee on appropriations would urge the consideration i one of the appropriation Bills. Or. Wright said he desired the Senate to remain in session and vote upon this Railroad bin to night. Several senators said a ooh no. We wont do or. Allison modified the amendment submitted by him yesterday in tie nature of a Suhs Tiitto so As to provide that the shall take effect upon its acceptance by t he Railroad companies within four months from us passage. The Senate then went into executive session and when the doors were reopened took a recess until 10 of Plocic to Morrow. House Washington february 16. At 11 of clock the House went into committee of the whole or. Buckner in the chair of the Bill fixing the rates for the transportation of freight and passengers across the Bridge at Omaha on tho line of the Union Pacific Rai Roati. Without disposing of the Bill the committee Rose and a new legislative Day began. Or. Eden reported a Bill making the appropriation for the payment of claims allowed by tho commission of claims. Made the special 01 tier for tuesday next. Bills of a private nature were then presented Aud several were passed and the House went into committee of the whole or. Cox in the chair on the Pii Vaie Calendar. The committee Rose and passed the Bill supplementary to an entitled a an to carry into effect the convention Between the United states and China concluded on the 8th of november 1858, at Shanghai and to give the court of claims jurisdiction in certain cases it allows certain a Menean insurance companies to go before the court of claims to make a Case against rhe chinese in Riem nity fond. Recess until to Morrow. _ state Legislatures Ohio. Reported it the Cincinnati commercial Senate Columbus february 16. Nett Hon presented. By or. Ellis from citizens of Muski Ngum county for a Law to cheapen school books. A common Nicanon waa recurved from an Indiana Muger setting Forth that the memorial St has a cure for hog cholera which has proved eff Active in 89 pet cent of several thousand cases treated and offering to impart his information for a valuable consideration. Bill introduced. By or. Rates to regulate insolvent insurance companies ant provide by trustees the machinery for subjecting the property of stockholders a in their personal liability. i As sed. House Bill authorizing the City of Xenia to pay Bonds heretofore leaned. House Bill in relation to a Park in Litchfield Medina county. Senate Bill by or. Johnson to provide tor the safekeeping by the auditor of the state of titles to lauds of the state. House Hill authorizing the Board of education of Portsmouth to hot Row Money. Hen ate Bill to create Roc a Way special 8ohool District Seneca county. House Bill to authorize township agricultural societies to acquire and hold not exceeding forty acres of land. Bill introduced. By or. Sehenck�?1to authorize the trustees of Rook port township. Cuya hoga county to Issue $4.000 , Aud Purchase Laud and erect a and maintain an infirmary. Recess. Afternoon a joint Resolution was adopted to print 1,000 copies of the report of the fish commissioners. The remainder of the afternoon was spent in routine business and in committee or the whole on the Bill relating to Codl-1 Vang tie general Laws. The House occupied the afternoon session in committee of the we Ole on the codification Bill. House Bills i trod Ucb. By or. Groom to Divide Jackson township Franklin county and create the new township of Liberty. By or. Myers a Autho Taing a Transfer of fund in the Treasury of Orange township Ashland county. By or. Night authorizing the commissioners of Lawrence county to fund the infirmary debt and Levy a tax to liquidate the same. By or. Thresher to authorize the City of Dayton to build and maintain a Sta Louary Bridge across tho mad River feeder 01 the Miami and Erie canal. By or. Bards for the Relief of Thomas Gilpin of Hamilton county on to Cunt of material in Risnel for Mimna the infirmary. By or. Conversed to authorize the commissioners of Franklin county to build a Turnpike from High Street in Columbus u Green Lawn cemetery. By or. Stone Money stolen from Jonah w. Robinson. Treasurer of Morgan township. Gallia county. By or. Seli Ards to provide for the construction of township roads from any tract or tracts of Wichtor Timber land to any comity township or state Road or Sawmill. By or. Dempsey to fix the term of office of solicitor of the ciry of Clevel Antl at tour years. By or. How lauds to provide for the Sale of real estate by guardians of Imbel Lxi and to authorize such guardians 10 of Replete contracts of their wants. By or. Hollow ave my aug the Grade Aud Width of a Turnpike heretofore authorized to be in tit from Liverpool Columbiana county to Warren Trumbull county. By or. Boyce to authorize county commissioners to offer a Reward for the detection of horse thieves. Petti 10x8 presented. By or. Cleaver trom 490 citizens of Belmont county and or. By adv from 534 citizens of said of duty for tie enactment of More efficient Laws to suppress the traffic in liquors. By or. Schehle from sixty Citi a ans for the allowance of damages sustain a it by j. C. Bradnex on the Wafi Ash and Erie canal. By or. Nerrick from 636 citizens of 8tark county for a Law Requinta that sheriffs sales be advertised in German newspapers. By or. Zug Mateiu. From 200 citizens of Cinton Natl for a Law to prevent the Cincinnati Southern Railroad from occupying Mclean Avenue in said City. Bills pa8skd. House Bill by or. Sherrick to so Amend the for the Relief of the poor As to Sut Boyize township trustees to take charge of he nest made to a fractional part of a township. Senate Bill to authorize the trustees of Geneva township. Ashtabula county. To Levy a tax to Aid in the erection of a soldiers Monument. Senate Bill fixing the minimum number of directors of a Street Railroad company at three. House Bih by or. Nigh requiring dealers in scrap Iron to keep a record of purchases and parties and limiting the trans actions in scrap Iron to certain hours was received from the Senate with an amendment which the House concurred in thus oomph eting the passage of the Bill a Little Breeze was raised by this Resolution offered by or. Converse a whereas there were about five Hundred Union soldiers during the late War Between the states buried in Green Lawu cemetery in this state and. Whereas there Are no headstones marking said Graves and whereas the general government has made provision for marking the last resting place of Union soldiers therefore. A resolved by the general Assembly of the state of Ohio that we respectfully Call the attention of Congress to the subject and request the erection of some suitable Monument at Green t Lawn cemetery to Mark the last resting place of the Union soldiers buried there. A resolved that the governor be requested to for Ward this Resolution to our senators and representatives in or. Wiltsee moved to Amend the resolutions by striking out the words Quot War Between the states a and insert the word or. Converse said be had no objection to the Amend neut but preferred it shool go on the record. The yeas and nays were called and the amendment agreed to yeas 79. Nay 14. Voting not messes. Baker alien Cogsil Aylor Groom Hart Johnson Krimmel. Measer Neal. Scifert Smith of Lack org Smutny. Thresher and Toberen All democrats. Or. 1 moved to insert the word Quot democratic before Tae word rebellion. The last name was Only the Hanifi name. He wanted the full name. The baptismal name was democratic. This amendment elicited speeches m opposition from messes. Converse Ami Light democrats and Monahan and Holloway republicans. Or. Light was Lively. He claimed to have done As Good service in putting Down the rebellion As or. In Loeb the author of the amendment and he ret far de the As an insult. He had fought on what to believed to be 1 to right Side ant whenever an a Tampt was made 10 usurp an office in the government. As he believed was the intention of the republicans at the s time he was ready to take anus and of Fot the again. Sir. Converse deprecated this open tug of old wounds a my compared it to feuds in which the parties would fight Over a coffin. Or. A Zelig a amendment received Bat 4 affirmative to 80 negative votes und the Rte of ution waa adopted. It a Diana. I reported tor the Cincinnati commercial Indianapolis. February 16. The Honse passed a great grist of Bills during the Day. Among Thi m were a Bill giving employees of corporations a Lien non the property of Sochi corporations. A Bill to pc vet private persons trom opening roads leading into the Turnpike with intent the avoid payment of toll. A Bill authorizing county commissioners to offer rewards for the horse Mii evea. A Bill to provide hens by agricultural or Meghan Cal societies upon tho property of exhibitors at state fair and allowing the societies to appoint a police Force to guard the same. A Bill providing for the construction of fish ladders Over the dams in St. Joseph River. A Bill euro Piug insurance companies to establish a file patrol. A Bill requiring Surv living partners to give Bond for the settlement of deceased partners estate. A Hill making forcible entry into a House at any hour burglary Aud punishable As such. A Bill my i King a certificate of authority from the auditor of state necessary for foreign insurance companies to transact business in the stale. A Bill for the oppression of obscene literature and prescribing penalty therefore. A Bill to Amend the divorce Law so As to provide for the collection of a Lunone where there is no other notice of a divorce except publication in a newspaper. A Hill authorizing county commissioners to contract for gravel or m cad amazed roads non the written petition of a majority of the resident property owners. The Senate passed fifteen Bills. Those of any importance were a Bill giving partial discretion to judges m granting changes of venue in civil cars. A Hill to for bul marriages of first cousins and boys under eighteen Aud girls under sixteen years. A Bill to relieve persons from prison after twelve months Wiio Are confined on charge of Bastardy. A Hill limiting appeals trom justices decisions in cases under $25. A Bill compelling parties to file claims with county boards before Thev can serve to freon. A Bill prohibiting persons not train Emph Vas jumping 011 and off of cars and locomotives when the latter Are in motion. A Bill providing for the Protection of the valuables of guests at a hotel. The Senate spent the afternoon in committee of the whole on proposed constitutional amendment. Illinois. Reported for the Cincinnati commercial Springfield february 16.�?in the House on account of the Hare quorum present the third Reading of bin was postponed. Or. Watkins presented a memorial to Congress asking for adequate appropriation tor lir of navigation on the Mississippi especially that part below tie month of the Ohio. Refe red to the Federal relation committee. J or. Clover submitted a Resolution a Lep coating presi Neur Grane Recomb ii Law ions for specie re sumption As dangerous to the business inter. To of tie country. Same reference. Or. Cd och a Resolution for a joint Eom Mitlee to con Eider the question of assessing real estate ouch in tour year was tabled in sections. Ale much talk or. Easton presented a Resolution instructing the judiciary committee to prepare a Hill for simultaneous town cite Coupin and state election. Adopted. Many bins were tabled and thrown out entirely by committee reports. Or. Kedsch a to make Silver Corn a Leca tender and to provide for rapid coinage of both Gold and Sliver was reported Back favourably from the committee on Federal relations Aud adopted. Adjourned till to Uio Row. Senator Castle introduced a Bill for Tine five inspection by the general Public of the accounts assets liabilities �fee., of Railroad companies. Also a Bill for a commission of chemists surgeons and other named experts for the investigation of hog cholera. Or. Shuttle s Bill for completing tie new state House appropriating $700,000 therefor if the people so vote at the next election was ordered to the thud Reading. Adjourned. Lecture by prof. Horse. Last evening at College 1111, a ulnar Street prof. E. S. Morse the naturalist delivered tie first of three lectures which he proposes to give in this City at the present time of evolution and the origin of Man. The Hall was entirely filled with cultured people. The professor is a pleasant speaker his delivery being perhaps somewhat too rapid for perfect distinctness and his aptness in blackboard illustrations of what he has 10 say aids much towards making Plain and entertaining the subjects which he introduces. After stating what was his intention to discuss in the lectures he gave a Brief history of the subject and the Progress that had been made in it. Ten years ago be said the theories of durum were much laughed at but now nearly All naturalists believed in the doctrine of evolution and Nice out of ten were darwinist. He referred to different species of organic life Aud said Obeso were much More numerous Tau popularly gup posed. For instance Thero Wero four or five Hundred thousand species of insects and about six to Boucaud species or Flics alone. While All naturalists recognized specie3, Here the Light on evolution really began. Differ once of opinion obtained As to division into this difference increased As the division progressed into families and classes. Animals of the same species varied greatly a fact due to differences of conditions such As water temperature and food and thus were Many led to in Diego that animals of the same species belonged to different ouse. In 1853 eminent naturalists recognized Twenty four Speets of squirrels but investigation had since narrowed the number Down to Only five. Plus rations were Given of differently appearing insects and Birds of the same species round in different localities i an explanation was Given of the disproportion in the number of various aug vials Aud the retention of the same relative number of each kind from year to year. This Bias not due of much to degrees a it of reproductive qualities us it was simply to a question of food. Borne of tho most numerous Hll Mals Weie not As reproductive from year to year As some of the scarcest. Where there were the favouring conditions of plenty of food animals were Many. But beasts of prey dec uding on the precarious chances of obtaining sust Eunuce were few. The lecturer dwelt some time on the statements that certain peculiarities Are inherited and that certain organs Are a Levy loud or jest by use or nou exe else. Darwin a views he said were first that animals of the same species vary in characteristics second that peculiarities Are inherited 1 ird that animals perish from the Earth As fast As they Are born fourth that they retail the same relative proportion of number from year to year fifth that those creatures survive that Are adapted to the conditions surrounding them. Hence the survival of the fittest weakness cowardice stupidity May constitute this fitness As Well As strength or alertness yet the a run Ciplic remains the same. The subject now Well introduced will he continued in a More entertaining manner to the other two lectures to be delivered of next tuesday uni thursday evenings. Medical. Re n r r. R Rad ways ready Relief cures the worst pains in from one to Twenty minutes. Not one hour after beading this advertisement need any one suffer with pain. Radway a ready Relief is a cure for every pain. It was the first and is the Only pain remedy that instant by stops the most excruciating pains amass inflammations Ana cures congestion whether of the lungs stomach bowels or other glands or organs by one application. In from one to Twenty minutes no matter How violent or excruciating the Para the Khz mimetic bed Ridden. Infirm stippled. Nervous or prostrated with disease May Sutler railways ready Relief will afford my ease. Inflammation of the kidneys inflammation of the bladder inflammation of the bowels congestion of the lungs sore Throat difficult breathing palpitation of the heart hysterics croup diphtheria Catarrh influenza headache Toothache neuralgia rheumatism cold chills ague chill a chilblains. And Frost bites. The application or the ready Relief to the Oart or Pari where the pain or difficulty exists will afford Easa duo Comfort. Thirty to sixty drops in half a rambler of water Wilt id a few minutes cure cramps. Spasms soar stomach heart bum. Sick headache. Diarrhoea. Dysentery gone wind 111 the bowels and All internal pairs. Travellers should always Cairy a bottle of Rad Way s ready Relief wit i them. A few drops in water will prevent sickness or pairs from Chance of water. I tie belter than f Rench Brandy or bitters 03 a stimulant. And Agui. Fever and ague cured for fifty cent. Liere is not a remedial agent in this world that will cure fever and ague and All other Valarious bilious Scarlet typhoid yellow and outlier fevers aided by railways Pill so q a ick As Rad ways ready Relief. Fifty cents per bottle. Bribery in the Bofird of councilmen. Terry Riley represents the fourth Ward in the Board of councilman. He is a Bard wolking Man being employed by the City water works in the labor of Liftig and laying pipes in to streets. Terry is the terror of Street Railroad monopolies. He thinks and says that Street railroads Are he makes fiery speeches against of Chin every time the subject comes up but the Mill grinds on notwithstanding. Yesterday however Terry put an extra Edge on his uniform observations by stating specifically that he knew that Money was paid councilmen to put the eighth Street Railroad through and he knew the men who got it. An Effort was made by or. Berninger to have or. Riley give names but the Effort was smothered and the session Cama to a close before a Chance was had to renew it and Terry retired from the chamber with i Peculiar and damaging information locked up in his Manly bosom. His charge is so specific that the body can not afford to Overlook it. If there Are members who have been bribed by the Street Railroad companies and or. Terrence Riley knows who they Are it is in order to give him a full bearing on the subject. He has asserted in the most emphatic manner that the thing was done that be knows it. Now the question is whether the other fort nine me Aimers of the Board will sit still under the charge or compel or. Riley to Trot out Bis facts most of the Twenty five members a boat terms expire in april Are candidates for re election. Yet they not More than the Twenty five who bold Ever for another year can afford to look the people in the face after a sweeping charge of this kind made in regular session by one of their own number. There is no joke about it. The thing is and they owe it to themselves As Well As to the Public to compel or. Riley to prove or retract his 0barge. # on thursday evening a select party of guests Mot at the Home of mrs. A. Scott 66 Linn Street to witness the marriage of her daughter Mary to Rev. Francis j. Parry pastor of the Baptist Church at Cooperstown new York and recently of the Pine Street Baptist Church. Of this a Ity. The marriage ceremony was performed by Rev. S. K. Leavitt assisted by Rev. Or. Lasher editor of the journal and messenger. The bridal presents were numerous and band some anti the wedding throughout waa characterized by a Graceful quiet blog . After a bridal tour through the Pennsylvania Oil Region and a week at Niagara Falls the Happy pair at once in their Home at Cooperstown n. The wishes of Many a rinds go with Rev. Or. Parry and Bis Bride. 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Los of sperm and All wastes of the life principle Are within the Eara Tive Range of this wonder of modern chemistry Aud a few Days use will prove to any person using it for either of these Lorms of disease its potent Power to Core them. If the patient a Laily becoming reduced by the w Sites and decomposition that is progressing succeeds in arresting these wastes Aud repairs the same wit new material made from healthy blood Aud this the Sarsaparilla an wiil and does secure a cure i certain for when once this remedy commences its work of purification and succeed in Dimitui slug the loss of wastes its repays Wilt be rapid and every Day the patient will feel himself growing better and stronger the food digesting better appetite improving and flesh Aud weight increasing. Not Only Doe the Sarsa Akillian resolvent Excel All known remedial agent in tho euro of cd ironic so Romulous constitutional und 8kiu disease hut it is uie Only possible cure for kidney and bladder complaints urinary and womb diseases gravel diabetes drop so. Stoppage of water incontinence of urine. Brights disease Albuminuria Aud in All cases whote there Are Brick dust deposits or the water is thick Clondy mixed with substances like the White of an egg or threads like White silk or there 1 a morbid dark bilious appearance and White Cue dust deposits Aud when there is a pricking burning seus Tiou when passing water Aud pain in the Small of the Buck and along the Low. Tumor of twelve tears growth cured bar a Adway a resolvent. Bks Tuy Mas july 18, 1869. Or. Rad wave i have had Svanau tumor in the ovaries and bowels. All the doctors said a there was to for i tried everything that was recommended but nothing helped me. 1 saw your resolvent Aud thought i would try it but had to Faith la it because i had suffered for twelve years. I took six bottles of the resolvent and Oue Box of Radway spills and two bottles of your ready Relief and there is not a in of tumor to be seen or Felt and 1 feel better sul Trier mud happier Tolian i Bave for twelve year. The worst tumor was in the left Side of the bowels Over the Groin. I write this to you for the Benefit of others. You can publish it if you choose. Hannah p. Knave prick 91 pi1h Bettiie. A important letter. Ann Akbar mlch., april 30. 1875. Or had Way kind sir i have been taking your re. Solvent regular no pills and also using the ready Relief about Oue year for ovarian tutors on the Abdomen which the most eminent physicians of our medical Rouege pronounced incurable. They were like knots on a tree. When i was sitting in a chair they Hung almost to the Rotor. And my weight was two Hundred Aud seventy five pounds when i a Jom Pic nce a with your remedies and now it is two Hundred and ten pour tvs but they Are Aoa All gone yet., i Bave taken Twenty four bottle of resolvent nine of Relief nud Twenty four boxes of pills. I get the Medicino from g. A Revvill. Please Send me your Book. Foals Anil True. Mies. C. Krapf. Another letter from mrs. C. Krapf. August 18, 1875. Or. Radway kind sir i take the Liberty to address you again. My health is greatly improved by the use of your Medicine. Three of the rumours Are entirely Goue and the fourth is nearly so. Dropsy is gone health still improving and my weight decreasing very fast. I have had a great a amp by Call tins summer to inquire of the wonderful Enre your Medion Lias Doue lot me one from Ohio Oue from Canada Tyiee from Jackson and Emte a number from this place. Your with respect mrs. C. Krapf. We Are Well acquainted with mrs. Krapf. She is an estimable lady and very Beuc Rolett Ohe has been the Means of Belling Many bottles of the resolvent by the druggists of Ann Arbor to Persou afflicted with internal tamers. We have heard of some wonderful cure a melted by it. Yon a respectfully. J Eberbach it pc cok Ann Arbor mlch., August 18. 1875. Or. Radway a regulating pills perfectly tasteless elegantly coated with Sweet gum purge regulate per Fly cleanse and strengthen. Railway pills for the Enre of All disorder of the a stomach. Liver bowels. Kidney. Bladder nervous diseases. Headache constipation Oost Veness. Indigestion dyspepsia Bivion Soso Buoo fever inflammation of the bowels pile and All derangement of the internal viscera. Warranted to effect a positive cure. Purely vegetable containing no Mercury minerals or delete Lious it Trifa by observe the following symptoms resulting from disorder of the digestive organs constipation. Inward plies fullness of the blood in the head. Acidity of the Htom arh Nantes heartburn. In gust of food. Fullness of weight of the Stoma of sour a rotations. Sinking or flattering in the put of the stomach swimming of the head. Hurried and diff cult breathing flattering at the heart. Choking or Shaffo Cating .>0081400 when in a lying Poiure. Dimness of vision pots or web before the sight fever mid Dali pain in head. Deficiency of perspiration Yellowness of the skin and eyes pain in the Side cheat lit be and sadder flushes of heat Bai using la t li�3? i Lily. A few doses of Radway spills will free the system from All the Ai it Ove named disorders. Price 25 cents per Box _ read to false and Send one letter stamp to Radway it co., no. 311 Warren Street new Yora. Information Worth thousand will be sent von. No2-Ly-Tuthsa-3p-l/tf-ll %

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