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Cincinnati Commercial (Newspaper) - April 15, 1870, Cincinnati, OhioThis Cincinnati commercial Friday april 15, 1870.the commercial. Published every morning. M. Fall glad amp lo., to. Us. Foj torn building fourth hid race streets. T gift. I a nd1ti omitted j a Kilt. Ujj �o5 ,.114 w by the fit no sin a Costa 00 fix in 7ouch a a. His ten do., etch. 1 05 a it. Mob us a a a -7 1 tree i a it lug amp i Twenty do each 1 so liw mop. J a 1 2. An extra copy with a Tek it by Carrier i my week by Carrier 0 3t3 each club of ten. It three to Mil few Ltd a. The Day to boar it Ltd by the mitc Iber on year sit i youths in a Nodal a t Maluno. One year. $2 sit months a it am is Vhoid Ltd a made by , express or Roet Olieo Money order i san Okiw us la ail eases payable to Advance and no a net continued after the expiration of the Kiaie raid for. The me at which the subscription it tires is printed Cluj Wrapp i and to avoid Iii Zahig a number re Rev i a a Firth this of fios before the time i int. Not Eimu Topi a will be for Raun a at any time to App least. A _ n so in mar Rintel deaths notices Vaits. Boards a to rent it it a Sale lost and found w cents a in.-. A ii Tiwu notice a 2p cents per line. Displays a no or Nae. Of lit lines solid Agate Quot Ali spec us 1 Kyj it or Iuar it. Column fit Page it. Eighth Pat of $40 cats eighth Page Only. $2 per extra Lisnay. Eighth Par univ. $1 so per ski to no nil Tori cont Roe Vivod for less than 25c. It i in i ?.tat try a a , af1�il 15. 1870. Amsi men i this evening. Woods 1 i Teltz the Irish National theater the mend Oaut or stricken to Quot Art Hall Allen k Pettengill s minstrels. Alki. A Mem Quot Hall Shay s troupe. A new Tiivi. Mornin Gold closed in now York yesterday at 113 the id a last trial Lias been adjourned till a monday. I or iian Eltoh corporation at Lowell Wassus Penuell the Faaui inc cure of print cloths for two Walt l s. Die Seii Atis pursed the appropriation Bill Bostc j. A Afi Sis Riding out the provision for he me Rajaa Ruid claims. To la fio ency Bill was agreed to yesterday to Bath houses of co Ress. As passed it a Pic Gelnna . O to the work on the new a a Nad $.d0,0�d to that at Boston. Til. Wal Micro turned suddenly cold at Omaha a a so a Day v. Atli i l Satlos of Snow. At sever i to n Iho far pc to a heavy Snow storm a led with a furious Gale from the North u it prov West. I Hiler ski it or Rostov in Louisville Rece for no a Twenty Dollar counterfeit note. Lias brought a i against Tho courier a 1 f v pub Rishi g the fact laying his Dain Aget at & is great activity in military circles Thomi hour the Canadian Dominion. Although Ziy minorities Al it to Umi Elioso that a fenian Rai l is co Tetu a Ted they Are taking precautions to or it it. J me 1 to p kit in Tho Terre in Auto Vandalia and it. Gnu it Railroad West of Wabash a fiver was j drive re yesterday at the sate line. Tho Bridge of r a Vrba hat the Fri tank a will be a us i will completo Tho line. It i he a non along for trustees of state , Soa to the Senate some Days ago by Goh a rec Hayes were confirmed yesterday except. Put or Tro tee of the agricultural Colet it a Mie Bligh teen District action on w be h was deferred. Forskin st7mmakt. Tin workmen of Lyons of a granulate the la it in Quot w at is not state the so to of workmen will advise Tom to Kuien of Fra Rae who favor the Republic to vote Blank to Eitts on the Pici Scutum. Tie n h it Sivills was suppressed without i of y t in d aria i karst be revolt in Arre it. A or about by Cabau Money. The demand for american securities in Frankfort is falling Oil there was a Nna in Nous to e in the Council of the constitute 1 re toe London Chiu oilman thinks Wie i try a 1. Aba Idon the education Billoc. Tin re n. Ero no american i i the party of travel f it recently captured by grecian brigands. A g ineral a Triko of workmen w la commence in fans on Tutsi a next the r signal ions of Dart and brr Foj. R will boy la scially announced to Dey 1 a is it Iver ment will Trout that i lace l in the a to riots with unusual sever i. 7 lie Jubilee be Torday was a memorable Day for the coloured Copie of Cincinnati. With military Potap Ami civic festivity with Dags and i ners and Gay colors of swish Aud Belt and personal adornment and Songa of rejoicing and every demonstration of . Tley moved in Juro cession through the Street of the it to celebrating the final act by a which they Are indeed m Ide citizens of the United state.-, invested with equal privileges. And trusted with equal responsibilities. 1 e never remember to have seen happier Falt Csc faces in which gratitude to friends without malice to foes was so plainly expressed. The kindly spirit these redeem. Propios displayed disarmed opposition Ami icy were everywhere received respectfully and Here and there enthusiastically. We do not envy the Manor woman w to looking upon the scene hid in the the wish or desire to return them to the condition from which they have been Dis n thrilled by the Strong Arm of the government. T he thought of the amazing change that has taken place was forced quite As pm Sai Cly upon the minds of the Wiite spectators As upon the minds of the coloured participants in the demonstration. Sixteen it ars ago a body of men belonging to i. Party w. H i had declared its hostility to t in Extension of Lavery beyond the limits of the states where it then existed moved in procession through the same streets but wit i a reception very different from that a i coi 1< i negroes yesterday. To opprobrious epithets Aud curses were added Bri bats and stones and every conceivable missile that a pro slavery mob could employ to express its hatred. A procession of coloured people in those Days in favor of Freedom would have been impossible. Those who might have had Tho nerve to join it would have congratulated themselves if they escaped alive. And yet Many of the same people who would have hunted them to their Homes Aud mobbed them then yesterday received them if not cordially at least in respectful silence wondering themselves probably what had become of their prejudices Aud resentments. The silent revolution of opinion has gone on for years amid the Froise of Battle and a a the uproar of politics. One prejudice after another has broken Down and from considering the negro but one remove from the ape a creature of such limited capacity that it was a question with some whether he possessed a social it has come to be the. Convict in a of a majority of the people that he can at least become a useful citizen and with fair advantages May grow to the average intellectual station of the White Man. The badge of servility once taken off the negro has steadily grown in popular estimation and it had some time since ceased to he profitable to the demagogues of party to Appeal to the old prejudices against him. It Only needed the crowning act which is accomplished by the fifteenth amendment to give the negro his just importance in the eyes of the politicians. The portentous fact that he is now a citizen holding the ballot in his hand with a Fine sense of the use to be made of it can not be overlooked by those who calculate the chances of an election and the probabilities of Success. We do not suppose that democratic orators and stump speakers will hereafter find any More difficulty in addressing the coloured voters As a fellow citizens than did Jackson after his Campaign in Louisiana. Our Only apprehension is that they will Rush to the other extreme and Hail them As men and Brethren with a fervency unknown to the intense Sec abolitionist. To us the special significance of this jubilation is that it puts an end to a Long and wearisome agitation. With the Grant of a Jual rights political and civil the duty of the government so far As positive legislation is concerned is discharged. It must of course see to it that neither states nor communities deny or abridge in any respect the enjoyment of these rights. But beyond that it can not go. The negro must take care of himself or the White Man is obliged to do it. The privilege of citizenship does not Confer As it did in Rome the privilege of being fed at the Public expense f and we shall protest As earnestly against special legislation in favor of the Blacks As we have in times past protested against Laws discriminating against them. Left to themselves under impartial Laws both Whites and Blacks natives Aud adopted citizens Mast work out their own salvation temporal As Well As spiritual for the largest individual Liberty under just and equal Laws constitutes in our opinion the True idea of a democratic representative government. Aud it is because the fifteenth amendment seems to make this possible in the United a states that we rejoice with the coloured people Over its incorporation into the Constitution. The pig Iron infant. In the course of events it seems to have been concluded Byrthe Wise acres who kindly consent to run the government for us that the natural proclivity of people who wanted it to buy pig Iron where they could get it cheapest unless restrained would bring this nation to ruin. To minds not sharpened by exercise in Ward and township politics the ferruginous pigs were but the raw material out of which were wrought countless indispensable wares and utensils. That the less the Cost of this material the cheaper would be the manufactured articles and As every one wanted More or less of these the better it would be for us All was maintained As stoutly As though it were self evident. It was even argued that if pig Iron or for that matter locomotives stoves hardware plows tools machinery Aud the like could he had for nothing the entire Community would be Richer Aud More prosperous though the pig Iron Industry ceased to he Aud the labor Aud capital employed in it were applied to other undertakings. Those holding such views obstinately refused to understand that cheap pig Iron would bring to grief the Laud w e love and nothing less potent Thau a Hydraulic engine could have impressed the great truth upon them. But As stated the gifted beings who manipulate primary meetings and make Laws for us saw it As did the Furnace owners. These latter from the beginning had coolly assumed that by carrying on their business they put the Public under special obligations to them which could Only he cancelled by the enactment of Laws to put into the Quot in purses Money exacted from the people. Cheapness was the result of Competition. The pig Iron Industry in this country was continues and bids fair Ever to remain in an infantile conditions too tender to Bear exposure to Competition. If so exposed labor and capital finding other enterprises More profitable might abandon it. This which adepts in the pig Iron logic would Call the destruction of their pet Industry they admonished us Wotila be a great National calamity. Unless other employment naturally More profitable is deserted for the Sake of making pig Iron they assume we can not be virtuous and Happy. Destroy Competition they said and cheap pig Iron will disappear from our markets Aud our Industrial infant will Wax fat and Lusty on the monopoly secured to it. The nearest practicable approach to this was to impose a tax on those who yielding to the seductions of the natural enemies of the Republic bought foreign Iron in pigs when it was cheaper than that of Domestic manufacture. The Tariff is such tax. Since its passage the buyers of the wretched pig Iron product of effete monarchies and tottering despotism have been mulch to the tune of about thirty five per cent of its Cost which however goes into the Treasury along with the fines imposed on other evil doers. But our manufacturers add the like amount to their prices and pocket the extra profit. About sixteen seventeenth of the Metal in pigs used in the United states is the product of our own furnaces so the Tariff operates to yield one Dollar for Revenue while it puts sixteen into the purses of the manufacturers of whom there Are about three Hundred in the whole country. Such pampering of this particular infantile Industry proved disastrous to All other Iron working industries. They too were Aud yet Are in that juvenile stage beyond which no american Industry Ever advances. Tho increased Cost of the raw material went hard with them. In fact it has totally destroyed the business of ship build ing which alone gave employment to As Many people As the pig Iron works do. And now the ship builders with the rest of the industries stuck in the first stage of existence Are crying aloud for government Bounty. They ask that the duty paid by them on imported pig Metal be refunded that for what they consume of american manufacture they shall be paid a subsidy equal to the duty in Short that for every Dollar received from them for reve Enue the government shall bestow on them seventeen in Bounty. It is demanded for the preservation of their but the great american system As Eppu idea by or. Greeley and other old folks is to find a lome Market for All our products and to import nothing. For what then Are ships wanted ? a All other mechanical interests Are in like manner setting up As infant industries and clamouring to be taken in at the National Nursery As the pig Iron suckling has been and of course it will he done. But to the agricultural classes who comprise seven tenths of the entire population the Only Protection extended is against their ruining themselves by exchanging their products where for what they have to dispose of they can get most of what they want whether manufactured articles or not and or. Greeley and other old folks assure them that they will be enriched by giving two bushels of Grain or two pounds of Cotton for what if Trade were free might be got for one. If anybody dissents to this All the protected infants yell in chorus a British so Are cherished the Industrial infants. They Are As expensive As so Many elephants but we Are told that in some inscrutable Way it is All for our Good. Revolutionary trouble in Crope. The recent revolutionary troubles in southwestern Europe have thus far led to no serious results and prove that the so called party of action in France Italy Aud Spain is unable to bring about anything but local risings of Little importance. The recent disturbances by the republicans in Italy had evidently been carefully planned and the leaders of the party of action confidently counted upon the simultaneous breaking out of insurrections in All the principal cities of the kingdom. But their expectations were grievously disappointed. No revolutionary manifestations whatever took place at Florence Milan Venice Turin Naples Messina and Palermo and it was Only at Pavia Pia it Enzo and Bologna that Public Tranquility was slightly disturbed. The 24th of March had been selected As the Day on which the decisive blow was to be struck but on the morning of that Day at Pavia Only a crowd of some forty highly excited individuals unfurled the Banner of the Republic. With loud shouts for Mazzini and Garibaldi this mob made a desperate attempt to take Possession of the Barracks of the Garrison in order to obtain the muskets swords and ammunition stored in the Arsenal. A single company of infantry was called out to disperse the rioters acid it speedily succeeded in so doing not however without losing some men and killing some of the assailants. The same evening a numerous mob entered the City of Piacenza and hurried toward the so called Benedic Tine Barracks. There they succeeded in obtaining plenty of muskets and ammunition having thus armed themselves the rioters marched toward the St. Auna Barracks where a battalion of the forty second infantry regiment was stationed shouting a a Down with the monarchy Long live the Republic Long live Mazzini a the rioters tried to Force an Entrance into the building but when the officer in command marched his troops into the open Square in front of the Barracks the mob dispersed without being fired upon by the soldiers. Still less serious was the Republican demonstration at Bologna. And thus lamentably ended the latest attempt of the Mazzini Systo Over throw the government of Victor Emmanuel and establish a democratic Republic in its Stead. Old Giuseppe Mazzini gifted High minded and Clear sighted As he undoubtedly is has never yet Learned in spite of so Many humiliating failures and discomfiture that the Active republicans ate in a Small minority in Italy and that the masses of the people invariably refuse to make common cause with them against the existing government. In France too the revolutionary party has raised its head again but this time it did not As in january Aud february last try to strike the first blow in Paris and in the other Large cities of the Empire. The present movement in France is More of a socialist than Republican and democratic character. Its leaders live in London and in Switzerland and their object is believed to be the Complete overthrow of the present economical system in the Middle and Western states of the european continent. This object is to be attained by Means of Gigantic strikes in All the great manufacturing districts of France Austria and Prussia. The great Iron works of president Schneider at Creuzot in France were selected As the Best place where the first blow was to be struck. Those Iron works a a one of the greatest manufacturing establishments in Europe the ten thousand working men employed there Are Well paid Well fed and Well housed. A general strike there would immediately become known throughout France and be followed by strikes in other places the More so As the working men employed in other branches of Industry for instance such As the silk weavers of Lyons and the cloth weavers of Roubaix a have much better reason to be dissatisfied with their than the hands of m. Schneider at Creuzot. Thus far these strikers although they have attracted considerable attention have made but Little headway and the evident determination of the Imperial government to put Down by main Force any serious disturbances of Public Tranquillity that might arise from these strikes shows that they will terminate in lamentable failures. Finally in Spain too revolutionary troubles have recently taken place. They were principally confined to the province of Catalonia and the pretext of the insurgents was the new and stringent conscription Law. In reality however the grow ing opposition of the catalonian to the Central government at Madrid was at the Bottom of the rising. If the revolutionists had been Able to hold their ground in the great City of Barcelona the insurrection might have become quite formidable but As it was the troops were not Long in dispersing the revolutionary bands and in restoring Public Tranquillity. The weather bulletin of yesterday shows the curious fact that at noon the thermometer indicated greater heat at Cincinnati than at any other Point in the United states or the Gulf. At Havana for instance the Mercury Stop at 73�, at key West 74�, at new Orleans 69�, at St. Louis 73� and at Cincinnati 77�. At but one Point in the Guli states Mobile did it Rise higher than 70�, which was the precise temperature at Cleveland while at Saginaw in the North of the Michigan Peninsula it was but three degrees lower. The Belt of extreme heat As appears from the bulletin extended from Leavenworth eastward and. Culminated Here. At Leavenworth the thermometer recorded the Mercury at 72�, at St. Louis 73� at Louisville 72� and at Cincinnati 77�, while at Richmond it was hut 56q and at fortress Monroe 60�. At new York it was As warm As at the fortress or Augusta Georgia or Wilmington North Carolina while at Bangor Taine the Mercury Rose to 63�. The heat was seven degrees greater at Saginaw that a at Augusta and but six degrees lower than at Havana. These figures show an extraordinary distribution of heat Over the face of the continent for this season of Ute year and is the most satisfactory evident we could have that the Winter is Over Ana gone and the time 6f the singing of Birds come. The news from the Dominion has the flavor of War in it. The red River rebels Are to be subjected and soldiers and guns Are coming Over Tho water to assist the Canadian volunteers in the business. The indians Are also to be enlisted and the Campaign will open As Early As june. People should get Down their maps and make a study of the Remote country a which is to be the theater of War if the Ltd voted subjects of the Crown conclude to resist to the death. And by the Way this furnishes the fenian an excellent occasion to do something for Ireland. Let them go to the assistance of reel. Oncu at Pembina and across the line a Sharp two Days March will bring them to fort Garry and to the rebels who will give them Welcome and As Fine an Opportunity to have a whack at the oppressors of Tfir race As heart could desire there should no foolish raids across the St. Lawrence. The Heel of Achilles is in the wild country of the Stidson Bay company and that is the wound him. I new publications. A a the Bazar Book of decorum a is the title of a neat volume published by the harpers of new York in which the author pleasantly treats of the Oare of the person manners etiquette and ceremonials. It takes its title from the fact that several a articles Are embodied in the text which were originally published in harpers Bazar. 1% is rather a Book of hints and suggestions than rules and May be instruct ively read by Young and old for it takes up the subjects of manners etiquette and ceremony a the Point where the child verges upon Man or womanhood and carries them Forward through courtship marriage social life to the grave. Robert Clarke amp co. To the scent Flo and experimental agriculturist the new treatise on the atmosphere and the soil As related to nutrition of plants under the go ueral title of a How crops feed a by Samuel w. Johnson professor of analytical and agricultural chemistry in Yale College will have absorbing interest. Some knowledge of chemistry is needed to understand it but no profound knowledge is required. Or. Johnson explodes some Long standing notions Oonner Nung the assimilating processes of plants and furnishes the results of the latest investigations. The advantage of such a work to the Farmer is that he becomes acquainted with the Laws of selection which govern the various useful cereals a Vassei plants and vegetables and what soil is needed for their successful culture. Published by Orange Judd amp co new York. For Sale at the Book stores. Those who have read Elf help. With illustrations of character conduct and perseverance by Samuel smiles a will hear with pleasure that a revised and enlarged edition has been issued by the messes. Harper. A rambling and discursive Book it is but full of sound advice and encouragement enforced by anecdotes and to counts of men who have risen from the ranks to distinguished positions in All the avocation is of life by their own Energy self Reliance and persi8tenoe. It is a readable Book and deserves the great reputation it has gained. Robert Clarke amp co. The name of Madame de 8tael, the most Brilliant Aud intellectual woman of the Era of the French revolution and the first Empire is known the world Over. Her life too had its romantic Side and furnishes ample material for the historical novelist. Amely Boltuc a German writer of distinction has taken advantage of so fruitful a theme and written a novel full of graphic pictures of the life and times of this extraordinary personage. It has been translated from the German by or. Theodore Johnson and published by Geo. P. Putnam amp son of new York uniform in style with this firms a Library of european r. W. Carroll amp co. _ the fifteenth amendment to the poultice pavement was signed sealed and delivered yesterday under the personal direction or or. Marcus a. Finch. The Prince of poultice gave it his critical attention raking it clause by clause and stamping it with the great Seal which he carries with him when an amendment is in order and As the evening times remarked of the creator after his six Day is labor he a surveyed it with infinite satisfaction and pronounced it a Good _ the impression made upon the Concrete yesterday by a horses foot with the thermometer at Only 77�, induces us to chronicle the Lively Hope that under the fervid heat of a summer Sun it will liquid ize flow off through the Gutter and empty itself in the turbid Waters of the Ohio. The Springfield Ohio advertiser utters the following in its happiest vein a a the readers of that repository of stale wit and Rotten a chips and splinters a the daily Republic were again nauseated with a specimen of intellectual tumbling in last evenings Issue in the agony of despair at the loss of an important a item a the editor seized his pen plunged it into his in stand full length Aud then dashed off half a column of idiotic Phr Ensy. This is not the proper time to discuss the question which the Len Orange of the Republic has thrust upon professor Griscom of new York is illustrating with the Aid of a doll a Glass Case a rubber tube and a Bellows How a the first breath was forced into the first Man letter. Gorst Daponde amp be Cincinnati commercial. Washington april 12, 1870. Theodore Tilton. Looking Down from the reporters gallery of the House one Day i saw upon the floor a tall slender Man with a Boyish face whose appear Anoe and manner Mode a strange Cross Between the Rev. Cream cheese and Uriah Meek. Upon the unctuous self aft certion of the first he carries the sickly deprecating Smirk of the last. I asked a brother Quill River the name of this individual and my Friend replied a Theodore t i out Edwards made the acquaintance of this singular compound of disagreeable humanity and found that Providence had written an unusually legible hand. Theodore is All that his appearance indicates. He is a theologian without Oon lotion a poet without poetry and a moral editor whose pen is at the service of the longest purse. What his intellectual Caliper May have been originally i do not know nor do i care to know for mental Sef indulgence super induced by overweening vanity and egotism has Long since worn him out. If the Independent. Theodore was then As he is now the editor of the new York Independent a moral dry goods advocate of isms that tend to free love and a general Ute Ettling of All that we hold near and dear and sacred. One half is Given up to praises of god and the other to putting Money in the pocket of its proprietor. Some fourteen years since doctor Gamaliel Bailey a great Man whose heart Only equated his brain told me that the Independent was corrupt and its proprietors unprincipled Money getters. That was the Oon Dlton of the Independent then and it has been failing Ever since. Under the Guise of religion it puffs dry goods and i speak advisedly when i say that the columns Are and Ever have been open to Purchase and any quackery possessed of sufi sent Coin Oak find insertion and a religious tinge to make it acceptable. Theodore a business in Washington was to work the Independent into the lobby and to this end he smiled and flattered and humped his empty head upon the floor in the presence of men As corrupt but not so weak As himself. He failed dismally and through his failure oame near losing the Oon fluence of his employer. One fast alone sustained him and that was that he could do More dirty work under a religious Guise than any creature the Sharp Money getting unprincipled proprietor would find. How Theodore has since been worked to increase the circulation and extend the influence of this vile Sheet would make an additional chapter in the life of count fathom. Among the latest is a pretended attempt to harmonize the different factions of the Strong minded women. Theodore advertises his journal by fall ing on All the women of the United states to Forward him their names. The response will be a copy of the Independent. In the meantime Theodore has himself elected president of the harmonized Petticoat ass and demonstrates Equality by showing that if the women Lack strength necessary to serve As men Here is one Man weak enough to be a woman. Small wonder that such Large brained Stout hearted females As mrs. Stanton and Julia Ward Howe snort out their Wrath and indignation at Snow a silly and ridiculous intruder. And now we have a tremendous illustration of the independents Twenty one years of sinful existence in which Theodore is represented As an Angel blowing a rams Horn at the Catholic Charob. Had Teodoro been represented As rising from a store Box with the Horn of plenty pouring out jobs instead of Gabriel a trumpet it would have been far More illustrative because True. The new York Independent is a representative of a class far too prominent and powerful in our country. The Republican party in its first organization based its platform upon human rights and made such an Appeal to the moral sense and generous impulses of humanity that it swept the country. Its Success has proved suggestive to hypocrites and rogues. Every vile scheme of plunder is now sugar coated with religions pretend see and almost every Reform movement covers plunder. 8uoh journals As the Independent Are not slow to seize on and follow up such Effort and the louder their voices the deeper their villainy. Hundreds i May say thousands of Good but credulous people take and read the Independent believing that it is As sincere As it professes to be Earnest and Tho principles of the family Are slowly sapped and undermined. In this Way a deadly Poison is flowing unseen and unheeded into the very foundations of our social and political fabric it is time for the honest and thoughtful to protest this evil. For myself i would not have taken off my gloves and attacked this thing with a closed hand for i have a heavy enough contract in carrying out my daily engagements but that the Independent has Quot gone out of its Way to assail me. Stealing its wit from an obscure Rural paper it defines d. P. As a a dirty politicians a and asserts that i till my letters with abuse of Graut to a disgrace of journalism. The poor toadies Are distressed of course at any criticism of men in office. I offer no defense of myself. 1 have sought in this a to Nail a foul Bird such As the Independent is to the bar door of Public contempt and there i leave it to fall piecemeal rotting out of sight. The fenian. Information has reached Here of a serious sort that one is disposed to doubt from the fast that it indicates that our Irish patriots have at last secured some sense Aud a Little discretion. This information will not be Oon filmed at the British legation from the fast a a amp to this interesting locality in Washington about the Laet to learn anything of import auce to Tho government it professes to represent. If there Ever was a time when the British government required an Able Man in Washington it is now. The Only shrewd Active dipl mate Here that i have met with is this Man Roberts and he has managed the White House and state department in the interest of Spain admirably. A but what i meant to write for your better information is that the fenian organization in the United states is and has been quietly but effectually taking advantage of the Winnipeg rebellion. Men and arms Are being sent to the insurgents and to cover this and to deceive both our own and the British government an open demonstration is to be made in the old Quarter i doubt this Story although it reaches me in a Way to make one believe it because it exhibits As i have said More sense than the Irish patriots have heretofore shown. A few thousand irishmen in the red River country could for years hold that Region against All England. The sympathy of the Border where Uncle Sam has his patriots also favors the move and that there May be something in it one can believe from the hold defiant attitude of the Drunken fellow who Heads the rebellion. The matter is of As much interest to the government of the United states As it is to great Britain. 8ucb an event As the one proposed of coup a not occur without involving us in Tho trouble. Aud one has Only to read the editorials of the Washington chronicle every morning where the Winnipeg War goes on with great vigor to realize that we have in this of in everything else a lobby that looks Only to its own profits regardless of consequences to others. We do not want the red River Region we do not want the Canadas at any Price or upon any Terras. What we do want is honesty in our officials fewer taxes and les9 debt. Awkward. My Friend and brother Quill Driver George Alfred Townsend dropped in at Milburn a last night to drink a Glass of Vichy and encountered my distinguished statesman Tho Hon. P. Pig Iron engaged in the same laudable Pursuit. Pig Iron is excessively dissipated on Vichy and perhaps to this May be attributed his general flatulent Oon Dlton. Be that As it May the meeting was awkward for Gath has been slightly personal upon the great Pennsylvania protectionists and had the last named taken from his coat tall pocket a Good sized specimen of the pig Iron upon which he lives and assaulted the correspondent then and there it would not have been unexpected. The great Pennsylvania embodiment of pig Iron immediately manifested a disposition to study astronomy. Since i have entered upon the business of criticising these fools and knaves in office i am relieved on meeting one that i have punctured to see him go into a study of astronomy. When the scamp on the contrary Oasis Hla eyes upon the Earth As if in search of a Brick i prepare for immediate hostilities. Your solons of the Cave Aud fog Bank Are great astronomers and on this occasion the Hon. P. P. Threw up his congressional nose like a Swine in a High wind and looking Ever the head of the correspondent gazed earnestly into vacancy. As the two oame in Contant an offi Olous Gen. Leman attempted an introduction. A a done to you know or. Townsend or. Kelley a he oried. Or. Kelley responded with his nose in the atmosphere As if he smelled something. A yes sir i know or. a Townsend done to Yon know or. Kelley a persisted the Intro user. A no sir a replied Gath a and i done to want to know at this the Hon. P. P. Tossed Down his liquid Gas and retreated. But now in this trying moment the Peculiar trait of the protectionist oame out. He left some one to pay for the medicated water. D. P. A fifteen years old sport of Ansonia conned Trout Drew All his Money $15 from the Bank the other Day and squandered it on peanuts and kisses. Exposure to his fathers Wrath frightened him to a dose of arsenic but the stomach pump removed Candy and Poison and he still lives. Seats at the new York Stook Exchange ar6 now quoted at $4,500, purchasers having to pay $500 Entrance fee in addition. Should the legislature Grant the charter asked for seats will sell for $9,000, while $10,000 will be the initiation fee. Or. Beecher is not getting along very rapidly with his life of Christ. He is bestowing great Oare upon it however and those who have seen portions of the manuscript declare that it will be much the finest and most important of the authors works. Mrs. Bloomer was in Des Moines Iowa the other Day and gave a reception there. Her feeble health prevents her from speaking in Publio. A a. A a 1 a Henry Drayton the baritone of the Richings troupe publishes in the Mobile Tribune an original poem entitled a the tree and the the new York Sun Speaks of two men who have gone to Albany a pressing their dishonoured soaps to their scarred mrs. Patrick Connelly of Stockbridge Calumet county Wisconsin has Given birth to six children since May of last year. Balfe has written Twenty five operas. The poor Many a Story the attic. A. Kentucky Iti citation Over the remodeler african. From the cynt lion news april 7. Last saturday evening while the old rain was falling and the people were voting and singing and everything was passing off peacefully and quietly so to speak for an election Day in Cynthiana an old Darkey whose limbs had born him up perhaps for a Hundred years had come to town to vote and had reached a Point nearly opposite our court House door when about to raise his foot upon the curb to get upon the pavement lost his balance and fell to the Earth. For a moment or two every Eye in Range was upon the old Man but nobody moved to help him up and a f Heiing we have a right to assume possessed some minds doubtless As to the Poi boy of risking ones reputation upon a proposition of the kind to wit rendering assistance to an old Darkey set it publicly a until we observed a Good Samaritan fearlessly stepping Forth in full View of All the people and took him by the hand Ana raised him up out of the mud and Sert him up. That was a Good act and we commend the Niau whoever he was for doing his duty and facing the world the unpopularity of the Ozior of the Mau who fell to the contrary notwithstanding. When the feeble old Darkey had been straightened up we noticed that his head was Bald and his Teeth were All gone yet without sufficient strength to stand up having exhausted himself by much walking Lio presented an appearance at Onoe touching in the extreme. Look at him for a moment. All the live Long Days of his life he has served his masters faithfully. He has worn himself out in serving some three generations. Without being Able to say Why it is so he finds himself free Aud he has not Tho reason to appreciate his new condition. He hears of a a a proclamation among his people and he drops his work and comes to town to the excite Mont of the too asian gives him strength and he comes within a stones throw of his destination and then Falls. Should he be permitted to Lay there would it be human or Christian like in Auy particular to refuse to lend the old Darkey a helping Liand in his time of deed. Had his old master Heen living and found him in this woe Begore condition he would have received As Mance but the old Darkey has outlived them All and his friends Are few. It is human to hate and to do wrong but it is godlike to be charitable forgiving Aud sympathizing. Charity reaches far from this Valley of sorrow into eternity add if there is any principle that gives a mortal the appear Anoo of immortality and life beyond tins sub Lunary sphere it is that great and Good spirit which moves us to do right and to not charitably and when our 8avior shall finally elect his people it is said that he will take those with him and give everlasting life to those who have fed the hungry visited the Siok clothed the naked and furnished Relief to the needy. Anna Cora Mowatt Ritchie writing from London to the san Francisco chronicle makes bold to Tell some old things in Plain language regarding what n. P. Willis used to Call ladies suppositions. In England she says to fall a leg a limb would be regarded As indelicate and a footed. Then she notices the slander in the Galaxy that a a handsome leg is a rarity we had almost said an impossibility among american women a and remarks that see does not believe it. She you tines with this statement a what we Are about to relate appears at the first Blush so incredible that we hold ourself responsible for its exact truth. Upon the draw Long room table of a lady of rank in London a lady of High position and irreproachable character May be seen beneath a Glass Oase a Lovely dimpled Little foot delicate ankle and rounded calf up to the knee joint it is the cast of the leg of lady a. The hostess. In Soho Square there is a Small rather Humble looking Shouf in which Vou can Purchase for five shillings a cast of one of the most exquisite of legs the original in the flesh belongs to lady de who went to this shop vncog., and had her perfect leg folded and afterwards generously gave the Shopman the privilege of Selling copies of the cast which Heamee daily for it was quickly discovered to whom the beauteous leg belonged. One lady the wife of a mayor of a town in the provinces came to London and had two casts taken of her leg one nude Aud one with the neat Little shoe stocking and Garter. Strange to say though no artist will Call it strange the leg with the stocking and Garter produced an effect much further removed from modesty than the leg quite duo lad. Brucciani the cast vender in co vent Garden drives a brisk Trade in casting ladies legs and has any Quantity of models of All descriptions taken from life and chiefly from Noble life for Sale. How this leg mania originated we Nave not heard but there is cents some explanation for this sudden passion among the aristocrat to fair to have their tags recognized perhaps it is Only because a to Niue of Beauty is a Joy for a Paris correspondent of a ays a last evening we heard m-m1 e a Ophelia in the opera of he built she Lias a very Beautiful voice by Lahaut a a a Sho is not at All sympathetic rim Flora Anil abandon which a one of Patti a Sites of harm As to the Nilsson a personal a 1jfranoe Bhe a tall and fair but you think Heftel Bussi Itsell at last than first sight for the same coldness per Vades her person that characterizes her voice and makes Tho Muslo seem to trame Only from her Mouth instead of burst ing from a a soul of song

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