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Christian Times (Newspaper) - October 20, 1854, London, Middlesex October 20, 1854. The Christian times. 6c 9 and to remit sins is a orly unknown to the Christian Disic nation. Tho whole Economy is of Nulod upon the fact that Iii is Jesus Tho loud has or Rcd a Sulla Cint sacrifice once for All Ever lives to intercede with gon for Man forgives the penitent who trusts his cause to him. All his people Are one with slim. All possess Cupial privileges one with another in him. No Man whatever i gift to teach he May possess or whatever authority to Rule has any spiritual Rij he or Privit go above his brother. The Little child who believes in , is As much a priest unto gon is As Welcome to present himself a a Eillce to his fati iks in heaven and has As much Power to pronounce the remission of sins to All believers As the archbishop of can n i us y. A licence then is it that this term Pivot is found in a professedly Christian Community to an order of men who in the Bishop of opinion enjoy Powers denied to All other Cliris Lian men l a t k s t f 0111 r a n in v l i 10 i i n c i it is True indeed that thu word i list comes from the old greek Rishi scr. J it it is equally True that the word priest in the English Nev testament docs not Bear the same Signild cation Asho word presbyter in the Vek and in fact priest is never employed by our translators As the correspond ii term to pres Lyter. The priest of tie r i k is invariably the " ii Kriis of the greeks. The " presbyter of the geeks is invariably the  elder of the English version. It is Plain therefore that though priest be derived from " presbyter Tho words have two very dil verent meanings. Such being the Case the re july generally Given to justify the retention of the word " a priest in the Rubric is ins Lucient and y. " Triest it is said is after All Only the contraction of " presbyter and is equivalent to cider. The first i Art alone of this apology can stand. The second is incorrect. The Book from which the people at Large derive their knowledge of ecclesiastical terms never uses " priest Russia and Tuu Kry. File m announces Ali it Trio aters Liiva minister of Avn acc Civit lespatc.lie-, Dascil it. Vivoni the ilium my Iii a Lief of Ilio army of Jului Kast. No new Uii Pitary i aet Lead occurred Simiu c Tali big Possession of . Trio two nannies i ave stall Islic Plienis Clvis in no Excello it Ini Liliy position Llic Ivi Glish Bruiy Roc Civins Tutu Ricl and provisions Vivoni Tia Laldan Trio l Urciuli army from two Small Days to Trio nov Lar of pc Clicks Ocsus. Titis position of tic two Armit s has naturally Mclen Uinci Tho stations Lluy oco apy on tic ground in front of Sevastopol duri Wilc Tho Sago. Trio French army will Tako lilo a it of Iho attacks from tic sea to Iho Southern fori Tho a Inglish army will Piave the right from Tho sonic can Lort to Thi ruins of Iii Kornman. Trio Inch army is divided into two bodies the first corps under general l orc7. And composed of there and 4lli , will Piid Artuko Tho siege the see Iid. Under Iho command of general Ai net and comp rising the 1st and and divisions will form the i s of Olise Valion. The Ruikis division is in Reserve in order to act according to . Tho King Lisle army Lias made analog oils dispositions one part of its Divi icons will conduct the attacks the Idace the other part forming a chirps of , will join general i Osipick s corps. J Heso tire of such a nature As to leave no dont the Issue of Tho Sien a which was a ont to he ill. According to Tho Sci oils of tie deserters the s Irit of Trio Kussian army appears to have he ii Niue depressed since its disaster at Tho Alan about thu cd a mile distance from Tho Arrow. Unless there arc incr Dilc stores of ammunition in Schas Topiol such a Mode of fighting must soon leave them without a the Disi. I of the Mali contains 11 Telegraph despatch from Vienna of Tho Lulli inst., stating that Tho Coninis Simiers of Trio Western Powers and of Austria and i Nikey had met at Konstanti nope to Arraio Tho quest Ion of the on the basis of the proposal made by the austrian Cabinet lord Stratford do a cd lilo had obtained a Firman suppressing the Traelic in circassian and georgian slaves. A Spain. We learn Liy letters of the Loti the important Intilli Cuco that loss Arturo s govern int has resolved to assume the of proposing a Constitution to the coast Theiu Cortes. As the equivalent of " presbyter or a Lder and therefore whatever Tho grammarian May contend the mass of Man Kiihul must still regard a priest As a successor in of iliac and duty to the old Levit local Are things. They have Power with men and Jire Vail. As Long As the Wod is found in the a Rubric the r Islip of Fox Kaki will not want a hundreds and thousands to Ai Plaud his sentiments and to deplore with him that a congregation should be deprived of Jirl Estly absolution when the service is per binned by a Deacon and nothing More. Our reformers in the six tenth Century knew Well the value of a term. The minds of the people had Ever associated the ideas of remission of sins and special sacramental Chi Mcacy with the word priest. They Felt that the surest Way to get rid of tic false ideas was to abolish the use of the term with which they a arc Connie cited. In the prayer i awk of a need Elizadi Tii the word was accordingly omitted and the terms pastor minister or presbyter introduced in its room. The can by of the restoration were Wise in their Octie ratio As the reformers had been. They too were convinced of the Power of words Over the multitude. They believed or Jiro fessed to believe that they had authority to remit sins a most convenient and profitable belief for a godless and ambitions clergy. They resolved on restoring the banished term As their greatest help in reviving the favoured Dogma. The papi tical Charles for whose determined depravity the external whitewashing of romanism was the Only religion possible supported the aspiring Parsons. From that time to the present the absolution which had previously been read by the minister was restricted to the priest alone and the " Bishops pastors and ministers of the Church in Tho Litany were converted into " Bishops priests and once More it is proposed to effect a change. As the word priest was reintroduced into the rubrics for the very purpose of restoring the romanism doctrine Tho advocates of liturgical revision desire its removal. Of the Wisdom of their decision to secure this alteration tic re cannot to a doubt. To Many it May appear a Small matter but so is the key Stone of an Arch Al Rich gives its strength and compactness to the whole building. Where it is slated to have lost Between seven and Eglit the n ind men. The following despatch has been received from Marseilles " Tho i Hiir Amodid has arrived Here with general Thomas on Hoard convalescent. Shu Hrin is Aib secs from come Antonoplo of the uni and Balaklava 8ih of holier. The Sieo works were covered with in Tricie ments against attacks from without Orincci a Nsefik in had not made any Olve Sivo Inove Iii edit. Tho Sicko Nia Erial amounted to 400 guns. Tiie Kirin was shortly to commence. It was thought that a breach would to made in forty Eil it hours was a rfcs try . The Porto sends 10,001 men there the half of widely embarked of the Jill. Tho turkish Anil Cassador on leaving Persia was Decin ated by the Soliah and escorted by a Cuin Pany of guards to the Frontier Llo leaves in charge d All Aires there. Or to i Rozich had left Tho Pii ious f u Tho Crimea on Hoard Tho Squadron of i Arbor do advices from Seli Stopol of inc i Iii received Trouy i Vionna Ivy sort that nine batteries of the first lines were Iliou Iund on Tho 8th. Largo Elliis Sianii Roku were going to the Crimea by forced marches. Tho lion Ai a Merit with a howitzers commenced on Tho 1 lib. The allies had already received Consin Lerable reinforcements. letters of Tho 12th state that 3, 0 men of Tho foreign in i Ion and 1, turks Lead left for the Crimea. A lius Sian corps estimated at 15,0 10 men was posted on the Tali Aniaya near Sebastopol. To learn from St. Petersburg that a despatch i from Prince had been ref fled and statin. That there Luul been no att ick up to 12th. The Siosi Titi of the allies was until Torch. Trio Gravid dikes Nicholas and Mic libel have joined the Southern army. The of the j Mes writing from Balaklava on tire iust., says was tire of Nihil i Tincu of the enemy s Osi Tiou yesterday by lord it Aglan am Staif. Sir John i Urgo Yuo also in Ido an engineering . The enemy lived on them but without direct. A Largo body of Llu Siaus left Sebastopol this morning and Mare lied towards the Norelli cast. General Airoy and a in Rwjr came upon a body of about Jinks Iii troops Marcilin a asian re ii our right flank this morning and later in the Day a in Euch of Lear Rode across to Tho Camp with that a Lary Chiody of russian infantry was being concentrated on our Rig lit. Sonic firing was heard towards evening yesterday which was Supi posed from the direction to to intended As signals to the beleaguered Garrison. It is probable that general lira Iii s division May have eur Ector a Junction with Menshikoff s Defeated battalions and some people think of in Sacken May have arrived by this time clo a to Simferopol. Whether they will attempt to meet us in the Field remains to to seen. " twelve o clock. " the report of the Advance of the itus sians on our flank is Coli firmed. Lord Ita Laii has just received fresh information to that Cal Tho to Esse states that As a Conse inc acc of the correspondence which fell into the hands of the allies at tic Battle of the Alma come very important arrests have taken place at Varna. " one of the Long Range Lancaster guns says a correspondent " has been mounted on Tho Arrow and its tried upon the fortress. Its Success exceeded the most sanguine exit citations and there is no doubt that Iliad we More of them to might in a fortnight destroy t critic. Tho Auti Iliof rap i of the Rev. William Jcj with reminiscences of some distinguished contemporaries selected from his correspondence he. In listed by ii Wougk i i i onid.d., ll.d., and John Angell . I p. 581. London Hamilton Adams and co. May have wondered As the editors apprehend at the delay of this Public Alaon we do not for although to the uninitiated it May seem easy enough to get up a volume whereof the materials Are said to be at hand it is not so easy to vanquish All the Little occasions of delay which occur even Wei arc Tho author or editor has Only to sit Down within drawn curtains and bestow his vigils on the preparation of materials that lie printed on the shelves around him where correspondence is necessary and investigations of dates and incidents have to to carried on with other persons far and near weeks and months waste away at a rate Bluit experience alone can calculate. Here then in Good time is or Jay s autobiography with additions that were indispensable to the com Lillion of the volume and that convey when taken All together a full and exact portraiture of the Man just As he sat before the Mirror of memory Ashen seventy four years of age and sketched it with his own hand. If the Mirror was rather Dull and the hand a Little to Candous that id no matter of Surprise acid Tho pleasant verbosity and of age pleasant to those who Revere the aged lends a Charm to this particular performance. To All it strengthens the evidences of identity. Passing Over the preface Ted introduction of the editors which Are very Good we come to the Psi Stiina Verba of William Jay. Lie writes his life in the form of letters addressed to his children and is As easy and As communicative of All sorts of intelligence As if his children were to be the Only readers so habituated was in. Jay to addressing his own Circle of the Public with a patriarchal consciousness that he had a reverent Lic Aring. Yet he wrote these letters for the very purpose of having them read even to the ends of the Earth. Attended in his native Village of Tisbury Wiltshire was a Clarneau aria but preaching Little doctrine and Little indeed of anything else tangible or impressive but being a Good natured Man and kind Neighbour As he did them no Good by preaching so did he them Little harm but in other respects helped them to get Good independently of himself. To William Jay especially he gave Watts s " history of the Bible and Binyan s " Pilgrim s Progress which books were highly prize and read Over with avidity but the aged Auto biographer takes no credit to himself for what he Calls " he was nevertheless a though fid and intelligent child As his account of his Early habits testifies and like such children he was moral and Well conducted. His account of the Grent event of his existence his passing from death unto life is so remarkable that it must to quoted Liere without abbreviation i cannot speak As some do of going great lengths in iniquity and thereby rendering a work of Grace More sure and More divine. I bless god i was from my childhood free from i moralities. I remember indeed. Olio aet of Gross transgression it pains me now in review it was Ilio uttering in of a known and repeated falsehood accompanied with an oath to carry a Point As i was intensely at play. Por this my conscience so smote Ine that i was soon constrained to withdraw from Niy companions and went Home and retired to Ini love for4ivcncss. But though free from vice i now began to Sec and feel deficiencies with Roliard to duty and to be with Tho state of my heart towards god. I also Felt my need of something Moro than was held Forth by the preaching i heard. Without knowing Tho nature of this Good i was just in Tho condition of mind that would Welcome and relish the truth commonly called evangelical. On minister too from some things which i had said for he a Vilys allowed and encouraged me to speak freely strangely it into my viands a letter which he said had been written to a father by a Young Man who had Uiese were his own words Bec Oino a methodist and wished to convert him. I had never the name before but when soon after persons of this description were reported to to coming to preach in the Village my curiosity was the More excited and from the instruction and impression of the letter which was a very striking Onei longed to hear them conceiving Ami hoping it would relieve my concern of mind. The private duelling which air. Turner had purchased and licensed was first used for worship on the saturday evening i attended. The singing the sex Temperanc Rusness of the address and the apparent advection and earnestness of tie speaker peculiarly and dec cd me and what he said of the faithful saying and worthy of All acceptation that Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners was like rain upon the mown grass or cold water to a thirsty soul. I scarcely slept Itiat night for weeping and for Joy and As Tho preaching was to to renewed the next morning at seven o clock not to interfere i h the service of the established Churchi happened to he the first that Caine. Irs. Turner who had come from Trowbridge to superintend things for the time opened the door herself and taking my by the hand bin ii Only asked " Are you ii Una ering for the bread of life she continued talking to to most willingly for some minutes till others began to enter. 3ut Liis seemingly casual and trifling circumstance was important in the result for from that Day Forward she particularly noticed me and As i had been recently apprenticed and was returning from my work which was then at Fonthill Tiloi Istrin the evening she often met me and conversed with me till i reached Home and her information and addresses were More useful than Many of Tho sermons i heard As she adapted herself to the state Slio found i was in and to the present kind of knowledge which i required. The Good natured Arian minister who put that letter into his hand Little thought that it would be the Means of sending his Young Friend to the myth Otliss there to be converted As the writer wherever those who love him have wandered i and he gives reasons for comp ing with the bed that he the Arian might be. But eve ii of his family that he be his own of it was. And this lad after hearing a Sermon biographer. In the first place it was right that i " is of i y Porshin went Lime and at once a life of or. Jay Shodd be written if it were her to undertake it but the Only to give glory to god by Whoso Grace he of her not knowing How to perform such a duty became useful As Well As eminent. But it was up l to of walks and the Princess Royal have each a Small Garden at Osborne which Lioy cultivate themselves. Great rivalry exists amongst them As to which can pro acc the Best Flowers and fruit. The Prince had failed in Tho of something and to solicited help. Prince Albert when he found this out forbid it adding to did not wish Tho future King of England to receive assistance in anything Thiu to could to himself the whole town shipping and fortifications of Sebastopol without the loss of a Man on our Side. The first few shots fired by Tho Arrow at three Miles Tho gun was too elevated and the Ball passed far Over Tho whole place. After warily Tho Range was precisely taken and for three hours shot and Shell were thrown into the nearest Battery until it was completely destroyed. Eor Tho last half hour of the firing it never returned ii shot. But this it appears is by no Means Tho sole Inoris of the gun. It weakens the resources of still More fatally than by knocking up Liat trios under the natural belief that because their works were in Range the vessel which fired Mast to in Range also Tho a russians return ipod a trom Cudonis fire but very hot go Uli jul Tho a not right that persons irn perfectly informed should be left to Grope alone Larkly in their endeavours to enlighten posterity concerning matters which they could not Fally understand. In the present Case where the subject was not eminently a Public Man yet was extensively known and wielded influence Over considerable numbers a compile the memorial of Luiu would be such As a Mere observer could not w Rita and yet it ought to be More than could be gathered from a Diar if even such a document Avert Forth coning. And As for the question whether his own views and motives in the composition of an autobiography ought to be trusted he knew that at any rate he could steadfastly Ell the truth. And that he would not wander from the truth ave May be Well assured. Beginning of course with his parentage the late or. Jay congratulated himself that he had not to Trace a Long and proud lineage and after India Jingiu a few i pleasantries described his own Brief Pedigree Grandfather a Small Farmer father a working Stone Cutter ail Mason. Of his father and Mother he Speaks most respectfully As of " persons of slender education but of Good solid understanding and of much common sense upright conscientious kind tender charitable according to their Means and much beloved and esteemed in All their Tull a Obj Sci Iau i Riuter of whom the Irwy sort of Domestic chaplain praying also at Tho private meeting or in other words the Wos Leyan class meeting at the Chapel " which he did with no Little backwardness and also with to Little As yet however the Evan Geli Sers of Tisbury were of different denominations and we should guess that their teachings Onnist have been diversified by a rather grotesque mingling of calvinism and arminia ism and that their prayers must have some incs agitated the Little companies even when upon their Knees As they seem to have done in one instance which the in Ger hearted reminiscent places in i1i3 record it was this tic had prayed that our names Maii be written in the Lamb s both of life but a Iii i toned brother from a neighbouring congregation who saw things , took him aside and rebuked him for Tho impropriety of his expression saying " you know that Book was filled up from eternity and if our names arc not written there they Nevei Ca n be sweetly does he sub join to this Little anecdote bless god my children that from your infancy you have been familiar with a testimony too Jilin to be mistaken " the spirit and Tho Bride say come and let him Hearth say come and let him that is Atli is come Ami whosoever will let him take of Tho water of life among the various supplies who clinic to preach at Good mrs. Turner s on the lords Days was a devoted Independent minister the Rev. Cornelius a inter who observed a lad in Tho congregation of we must presume very pro possessing Apica Iauco 

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