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Chillicothe Constitution Tribune Newspaper Archives Sep 21 1957, Page 4

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Chillicothe Constitution Tribune (Newspaper) - September 21, 1957, Chillicothe, Missouri The Washington Mirry go round i 1 peace has brought dramatic change to Balkans Canadian province answer to previous Puzzle Edito form of Arnolds no for or a in to on s column today takes the Balkans to his grandson Drew de Utu would like to learn More about this part of Illy which i visited Many years ago at the started out As a Young Man to try As i if president Woodrow Wilson s ideals about High turbans and Ion italian troops with hit by Bra w pm Filson Salonika Oret sept 13, 1957 Drew you wrote me the the world. I am now end of world War i thought to carry out a War to end War. This City called Salonika was then a great War base it was tile seaport at which the allies mobilized a great army which finally advanced North into Serbia and broke the Back of the Kaiser a army. And All about you in this City when i arrived you saw the effects of War. There were British troops and French troops Indian sikhs with Ards indo chinese troops wearing Straw hats Peen hats and White russian troops stranded in Salonika by the bolshevik revolution. Outside the City i used to i Ide for one hour through the Allied War dumps looking for supplies which might help rebuild Serbia. For Miles along the seacoast were spread out the weapons the tools of War Railroad ties Railroad tracks Drums of gasoline mountains of Drums steel Cable locomotives rusting in the Sun Railroad cars artillery carriages the weapons of War that had taken months to accumulate and Cost millions of dollars. Now they were wasting rotting the usual after math of War. There were even two threshing machines which i persuaded the British to give men and i took North to thresh the first serbian Harvest after the armistice. That was what this part of Greece was like 38 years ago. You cannot realize what War does to a Countryside until you see a City like Salonika and i Hope you never will. The change from War this week i came bark i found a new City. Tile houses had been rebuilt. The Streetcar tracks had been pulled up replaced by buses. The turkish cobblestones had been smoothed out tile two american destroyers that were tied up to the docks As late As six years ago generating electricity for the town were gone replaced by a Modem electric Light Plant. And out along the Bay where the Allied Supply dumps once stretched mile after mile i Rode along Miles and Miles of Little farms patches of Corn Cotton and tobacco. Up the Vardar River just outside Salonika i visited a dam being built by the greek government with american Aid under the direction of an american Engineer. Forrest Varney of Sacramento. For hundreds of years the Vardar has rushed Down to the sea and no one Ever bothered to harness its strength or use its water for irrigation. I have seen bombed Bridges and decrepit locomotives lying in the Vardar blasted there by the germans and the Bulgari. Nobody Ever bothered to remove them As the water rushed Over them. And one night when it was cold and the wind was howling Down the Mountain pass and our locomotive hauling a Jugoslav train ran Short of steam i carried water in petrol tins from the Vardar to fill the boiler of the Quot amerkan a Quot a which Means a american lady a a the name Given by the serbs because the locomotive was made in Philadelphia. Well the unruly Vardar will be harnessed now and its Waters will spill out peacefully Over the Plains of Macedonia to help feed the greek people. Modern fair in Macedonia in Salonika i watched the american ambassador and the prime minister open the Trade fair. It was like the Gaithersburg fair i take you to in Maryland and i was sorry we missed it this year. Only this fair does no to have the Side shows and Rodeo and the horses which compete with each other to see which can pull the heaviest loads. This fair featured farm machinery from America and Many other countries together with modern up to Date exhibits unheard of in the War torn old turkish City i used to know. They even sold greek hot dogs and hamburgers Little different from ours but still pretty Good. One american exhibit supplied by the american farm school showed How to Hatch chickens showed the Chicks coming out of the Shell while you stood there showed different sized chickens growing and a machine to Pluck their feathers after they were grown and finally a Barbecue spit to Cook them. The greeks were fascinated. Well that s How things have changed since i was Here As a boy. And that s How any part of the world can change when ifs Given a Chance for peace. The trouble with Southern Europe in the old Days was War constant never ending War. We Hen i was Here the greeks and serbs had barely got Over the War of 1912 against Turkey when they had the War of 1913 of Ross i Canadian province a Columbia 8 it has a a a area of 8,978 Aguada mile 13 state anew 14 idolize 15 Blackbird of cuckoo family 18 correlative of neither 17 untamed 18 bops Kiln 20 cooking utensil 12 Conger 13 Symbol for Indium 23 pattern 27 fates la Symbol for Lithium 22 male Swan 35 individual 38 prelude 38 egg 39 female mint a 10 Boulevard in Madrid 11 soak flax 42 scatter As Hay 43 babylonian deity 44 Willow 48 sea Eagle 48 comparative suffix 49 brightest Star Astron 81 towns a 83 fourth arabian Caliph 36 fortification 38 indonesian of Mindanao 60 greek letter 62 get up 63 Victoria is its 65 doctrine 66 horse Down i feminine under garment i City in Nevada i egyptian goddess 4 size of shot 5 John looking Back thu re i a million Tribune to now bbl would Hitler two or gel some As the More c Herman Day succeed next fuehrer la do ii students i at tile Chillicothe Busine re re ado enrol is col barbs Constitution Tribune Chillicothe to Page saturday sept 21, 1957 Twenty years ago today enrolment in the chilliest 26 Chinky gaelic 27 mail 6 cease i egret i air Force woman 9 revoke a legacy 1 1 ripped 11 of an Era 12 unit of reluctance 19 twitching 21 Spanish City 24 Knocker 28 poker stake 29 Bambo Olike grass so wandering 32 Apple Center 33 above 34 baseball Sticks 37 on account a 45 Man s name 4fi expunge 47 make into Law 49 Wax 30 Norse god 82 heavenly body 84 Nat Ive of Latvia 55 italic a 56 rodent 37 Seine 59 mimic 61 drink made with malt 64 it in Western Canada the that school Chilic it 1937 is Maxim 1.4 Pri Emp urn mar a Quot h a 4 7 it r to ii 12 i w ii a 4 4 of ii ii h 74 Llic st ii ii to ii 7? h it Hill it w id Iii a ii a a u to Quot % w i 4 by by j Tibi 49. I a underwent the Chilli Jack clerk Al the sol Austin. Miss i icon lira the cd miss Low Aru Der Wei the i Rev. Of band closest tire Here the mint Meadville ration at Austin Boehne i of i Tan Mami he a. Eddie n. Re turned he but a he line Lorain Hepwor Hugh a it ? married in st Christian r Chil attend a Liege f Lud dwell of kiddie parlor of Church the the Verne l. Rudolph offic there Erma Ouk who Illarion or. Josi in pm thirty years ago today petitions asking the state fish and game commission to Purchase 1,800 acres including Swan Lake Southwest of Sumner were being circulated throughout Northwest Missouri. A Man and woman believed to be wanted at Trenton on a liquor transportation charge were held in Chicago the annual Wheeling Flower show was to be held on nov 19 the first heavy Frost of the season was visible the temperature dropped to 35 degrees or and mis h w Druen returned from Lancaster. . Where they had visited his Mother. Norma Shearer starred in Quot after Midnight Quot a local movie attraction. Miss Nellie Bonderer general delivery clerk at the Post office was ill at her Home on Vine Street. One automobile was nearly de Les smart to let Pride help your neck hold your head up. A a a doctor says too Many people eat too much food Are you one of the Little pigs that goes to the Market a after you be run up a Nice medical Bill that Apple a Day wont have much effect on the doctor. A you can always Tell the know it All neighbor but the trouble is lie won t listen to you. A hard workers smile the most. Says a doctor that s what we Call a rare sense of humor there is Only one Good thine about a bad headache it May bring on Good resolutions. You re not a i h simply be polished and another sustained minor damage in a collision at the South approach to the Washington Street Bridge Hus ii you von >11 to ides Loui when string t tile i end old wont say As Many things hour Dnn to if you breathe Brough your nose and thus keep our Mouth shut. Let us clean your fall Winter garments Quot dependable Quot dry cleaners phone 5 be in it drugs save every t. A Junior editor Bible quiz Aluta Pettett shopper watching is fun and an inexpensive Hobby if you want to have some fun next time you go shopping make a private Survey of the types of women shoppers you encounter on your expedition. You May find Many others but Here Are a few types you Are bound to spot. Mrs just looking. If a customer admits openly to the clerk that she is just looking she May end up a purchaser mrs. Just looking in t so Frank she pretends she really wants to buy something but she has such a Quick fault to find with everything shown her that she gives herself away also she seems mighty unconcerned about the Price of what she looks at that a because she has no intention of buying mrs somebody. Shopping trips give her a Beautiful Chance to throw her weight around. She casually or so she thinks lets the Saleswoman know that she wants Only the Best that her closets Are already bulging that she is just Back froth a trip to some glamorous spot or just about to take one Shell be More interested in the labels than in the clothes her captive audience e mrs neighbor. She s the chatty Type. The one who takes up a Busy Saleswoman a time talking about her children her grandchildren her diet or whatever concerns her at the moment to her a salesperson is a captive audience and she chats along relaxed and Happy to have a listener miss teen age if she is alone she May be a Quick and expert shopper. But if mom is along she will probably have to try on everything mom likes As Well As everything she likes. And All too often there is a pitched Battle before daughter gets to buy her own selection. Mrs. I can t decide. She will have trouble if she is just buying a pair of Plain Black gloves. To help make up her mind Shell ask questions ask the salesperson s advice ask the advice of any shopper who happens to be standing nearby and then probably leave the store without having made up her mind. If she does make a Purchase chances Are Shell return it next Day. You can spot All these types and More too in just one Days shopping trip like Bird watching shopper watching is an inexpensive and amusing Hobby. All rights reserved Nea service. Inc again Bulgaria then the world War of 1914, then the War of 1922 Between Greece and Turkey then world War ii in 1939. Actually wars began when Philip of Macedonia went Down to dominate Athens and his son Alexander the great marched East to conquer the persians and later when the turks marched up the Vardar to the Gates of Vienna in the 14th Century. We have been Lucky in America because for almost a Hundred years we have not been desolated by War. I Hope we can remain that Way. I Hope our influence with Europe will keep it that Way. I confess that i have sometimes been discouraged since those Days when i went off to try to help promote the ideals of Woodrow Wilson. However i Hope you will never get discouraged and that when you grow up you will always keep working to prevent War. Love from your Grandfather. Copyright 1957, by Bell Syndicate inc an Quot invisible profit no matter where you Are in this vast country and no matter How far you May be from the 270.000 eating places that serve it. And that int All. Only about half of a meat animal is meat. The rest consists of by products. And by saving and Selling these by principal livestock producing re products the Packer is Able to question Why was Joseph sold into slavery by hts Brothers ? a t answer Joseph was the eleventh of the 12 sons of Jacob. He was a Bright boy and soon became his fathers favorite. This made his bothers jealous and they became even More bitter one Day when Joseph then 17, appeared in the Fields with a Beautiful new coat Jacob had Given him. They stripped him of the coat threw him in a pit and then sold him for 20 pieces of Silver to a passing band of ishm elites. They told Jacob a wild beast had killed Joseph. The ishm elites took Joseph to Egypt and sold him to a Captain of the pharaoh s guard. In Egypt Joseph gained a reputation for interpreting dreams. Tile pharaoh heard of him and asked him to interpret one of his dreams. Titus Joseph gained favor with the pharaoh and eventually became his prime minister. Twenty years alter he was sold into slavery Joseph became reunited with his family in Egypt. Jacob wept with Joy and Joseph forgave his Brothers. For you to do the Story of Joseph is powerfully told in the Bible in genesis. Read the entire Story yourself and color the picture for your Bible collection. A 0 Ross Cooke jr., of Parrish ala., won $10 for this question. Send yours to Violet Moore Higgins a news features in care of this newspaper monday where did the first american indians com from # �2i Gions you can Stop in at a store and get any Cut of meat you want j in any Quantity you want. Back of that fact is one of the most efficient and most competitive of All our enterprises the meat Industry. Meat is perishable and it must be moved quickly it is also a tremendously varied products for instance More than 200 varieties of sausage Are actually produced and the volume of meat is staggering. Each Day the country a 4.000 packers ship an average of 66 million pounds of meat to sortie 300.000 stores that sell it and some a cancel out a Many of the costs of producing meat a which Means lower prices to Consumers than would other Wise be the Case. Competition is hard at work All along the line. Producers compete for the Best prices for their animals. So do the feeders who fatten steers. And the packers Are in Continua Competition for the Best animals available. One More fact is of interest to everyone who buys meat. In a typical year the meat packers net profit from All sources amounts i to less than one cent of each i Dollar of sales. The Chillicothe Constitution to Bune Charles e. Watkins. Publisher we. R. Plummer. News editor f. P. Bohn. Managing editor entered As second class matter at the Post office at Chillicothe to. Return postage guaranteed Chillicothe publishing co., 504 Washington Street member of the associated press the associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of All the local news printed in this newspaper As Well As All a new dispatches. Daily Constitution Tribune published Dally except sunday and Holiday in Chillicothe by Carrier per year $1000 per week 20c by mail in Livingston and adjoining counties per year $5.00 by mail outside territory 7.00 weekly Constitution Tribune published every thursday per year 2.00 our boarding House with Mal. Hoople out our Way by Williams h r e c k l e s there Ive finished ill knit nn6 your. Try or sweater Lapp v a r on mama is a Peel one Short it Bov sleeve a a new mow sir Back and enjoy the Sonc Parade with Nae

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