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Chillicothe Constitution Tribune Newspaper Archives Oct 30 1965, Page 4

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Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune, The (Newspaper) - October 30, 1965, Chillicothe, MissouriTM WASHINGTON MERRY GO ROUND New York Election Rips Republican By DREW PEARSON NEW anil a Mire S tf bf Hut nn r important national Thp Republican in N as Tom ami will h split wido upon The kind of u Which has such UIP in N Spn and n Looking Back Through ire Third Thr Twenty Ago i H returned to v iMr had n an in DIP program at the for He i drawing and xt of j Thirty Yearn Aao Today An Oklahoma man who in m a traffic on i in the hospital to hospital in Kansas Members of thr county court and flerk went TIZZY i by Kote B IHHI timi rId hi Mc anil rmer pour All will he William HI Conservative Party to i the of Hie of the Joe a cio tough nf Today snide v and by veneer of humor of thr pi has not k p fun at what would do if h OLD VOTE Buckley walked into a given it With nobody or the I support of who nrr against tion with the old Christian rmi the and the rnh WH HP hns his heaviest Germans and A lot of them vo even though registered Democrats And though registered Buckley isnt even a New He lives m nim Bobby Kennedy showed that yu i an run in New York without being a and is in on According to present he will roll up 11 oou which will be more than the Liberty headed by Dave and Alex and will detract from the pivo position of brine able to tip the political scales m Liberal Party in this election has deserted the to sup Republican John Buckley is taking both Republican votes from Lim and Conservative Democratic votes away nun Ib s blasting Lindsay much harder than and this is bin tun Heame with Jewish Originally Beame was considered a sure bet to carry all the very heavy Jewish but it isnt out that Jewish the Reform supported Herbert Lehman and consider Heame an honest luit the captive of the boodle the ward heelers and the racetrack opera They are Beame for the man Buckley is attacking NEXT GOP CANDIDATE Meanwhile Beame is getting only token support from the other e giomi trv The i of two e i The tWi u r I e World U ar II Daw a and chased i v on from Mrs Delia A new the Ni was to open lii si I be oper 1 hv and i iel o came here from s Ann who had M confined to her home by in her duties at Clarks candidates on his Democratic of now running for president of he city iure in win no matter what happens in He will eet II ot the Irish Italian vote ami will be us oi Uie Democratic in New York As such he wiU dominate York Demo cratic delegates and be able to nominate as a Democratic can for next It has been exactly 30 years New York elected a Republican the dynamic Fiorello La known to millions In English translation of his first The Little La was the son of a and an Italian bandmaster in the After an irreverent and hectic career m the House ot Representa not unlike the independent caicer of John La j was elected mayor of New York in a revolt Hall and the leaders of the Democratic Ho had the tacit of President Franklin D La a strident one 01 iie nn portant Republicans m the And some Republicans that it Lindsay is elected he could be the next iOP candidate tor LOOKING FOR A LEGISLATIVE LULL Now that otic of the most active congressional sessions in the his orv of tiie country is people are wondering what the will do for an encore when its session gets under way next There would seem to be very little left to The Society has been launched on a tide of laws whose ripples will be felt for The presidential proposals which Congress turned down can he counted on the fingers of one hand such as repeal of the clause of the raising the minimum he i inline rule for the District of Ml The answer eiven by most observers is that Congress will do very i little ma tor law making in although President Johnson says he will ay pul a must label on about bills in another Society Compared to the energetic first even this will amount to more or less tidying up of legislative odds and ends and cor rection of shortcomings and inefficiencies in some of the Great Society The overall impression will be of moderate Demo cratic leadership which deserves approbation at the polls come Novem The real question in will be whether il will get The people have given a president a majority of his own party in the legislative branch although seldom so decisively as they did m they have taken or reduced that Frank attorney j in election It President Johnson can convince the voters to break that pattern in and him another top heavy Democratic Congress for 1967 and it will be an accomplishment fully as as the uses to which he has put present By MURIEL LAWRENCE Dispel Little Ones Fears But with the two largest California w Editors Quiz on SNOW I My grandson is so demand ing that he is wearing down Ins mothers He is very jealous j ol any attention she gives his baby He cant even let her visi with me without interrupting with excuse to get her He i wont take his afternoon nap unless my daughter sits beside his crib and at wont go to sleep because IIP says there are spiders in his bed It is pathetic to see my daughter plead with him to believe she loves bun as much as the baby ANSWER Telling a frightened little child we love him mean much to Its grownup He isnt interested in ou being too young to understand tbe words meaning to He interfiled in hearing that he can count on us to take care of Help dependent as he is on us for what he wants ro know i were not going fo leave to reassure we tell him just Perceiving that his per demands tor our attention are in fact demands for certain ul our continuing we take him on our lap and looking deep into I am not going from I am going to stay with 1 will be here when you need We may have to say this limes before the promise deep enough to he childrens certainty of our continuing presence is inevitably shaken hv our modern habit of disappearing into hospitals to have new develop fear of perhaps disappear in us winch will expose their helplessness to unimaginable dan a hv us which they may express as fear of m beds because the actual tear is loo terrible to know or tor them that we love them doesnt reassure them because e of ove do not contain the concrete and specific promise ur When we are three vears such pro up to an mi noise talk that has whatever to do w itll our basic terror of mothers permanent i HI discussions concern i the future of atomic vere to begin in Washington 1 between President Tri rime Minister Alt lee of and Canadas Doc tad been discharged from to St Joseph tn v isif County patients at the state hos pital A thief entered the Slifer Laundry one and 22 A daughter was to and i at their pur i in the Oakland street She was named Sally A number of Chilli to attend a of thp ir in Masonic District Associa i i me to Chillicothe from Pat to be the pastor of Catholic Medical men brought thr nation word that public could be suppressed with the i of the A mad dog bit 10 school children and to attack a at The chil dren were given preventative treat ment for A Junior Domestic Science club Halloween dance was held at the service resumed his employment at I city May Kevin siphon a pint of gas from your car He Ms own Want Ads Pay ill It lut in stt it can a in anil a glass lul always have It u ol ot a day hit oi looking purr 1 of a flashes of oil U the snow crystals ait so tin i In look at ihc louin 11 in are no sharp there to mua iu a a you it the have out die ally dull or gray Bui right country badly enjoy it n uu 1 like to tins habit ot ours of blaming demand behavior on of new brothers and sisters is both In the end all is fear of desertion by did we are jealous of the attention mother gives i brother or the attention our husband gives to a flirting our m our tear of losing mother or the sonn else So demanding children pii not at ail in reaching their basic fear of All New il Ut ot FOR YOU TO drips as they suddenly on m a they pulled by they ate round but as they run the ft me while the lower U pulled by tiny Gary Duckworth of wins of cash plus hi lui Questions and Answers Q In what country near Panama wai a linking the Atlantic Pacific Oceans started and abandoned A Q Who wdi tbe last surviving of the Constitution A who died III a iH ace ol Q a have 100 legs A m il Some hav e as as pairs of and Q What does the distress sig nal SOS stand for A It is A combination of letters transmitted and re by win less called A A g a take to tin is a flock of geese on the ground or kern when the geese Page 1965 open between Republican atu es and national ot a running on Hie Republican Republican I must m Men like of New Vurk Ronald ot plus Uie and the lii maj hold lln t in io Hit OUR BOARDING HOUSE With OUT OUR WAY by William A CO OH V V GOT THE SERVICE AM P ALL THE WELL MEEP TO I CAM TELL YOU HOW TO STEP BY WHERE ACE YOU TO CALL THE AMP ILL SO START ILL WITH HANPS AMD EUT IM NOT TO JUST BECAUSE YOURE SOT I WHY MOTHERS GET AHEM WHEEN I THERE OS YOU MUST HURRY Of ANP MAY PROTECT YOU WELL AT THE FIRST ITS JUST AHEAP ABOUT THIS STOP SREEN WITH MV BASS ANP PAPERS BY IW ARRIVE HEUT HOMER NOT HOLD CLINKER JUST BECAUSE VOU A YACUB IF YOUR WIRE STRONGER CATCH EXECUTIVE I ATS LUNKUS THE CROWN OF MOO IS RIGHT WHERE SEIZE THIS IM OF THAT ROYAL MOVE WHEN I PAY IN IHt I HED MEET LP HERE IN ILL TALK AND SEE B6 DO HAS SEEN ANYTHING HE WALKED OUT Of MY ROOM BUT I HAVE THE FEELING KNOW WHERE He HL 70

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