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Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune, The (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, Chillicothe, Missouri Conlu Cote United press full leased wire service volume Xxxvii daily edition Chillicothe Missouri monday june 23 1930 eight pages a 41 Norh Jeff at a to the crop stole 25 chickens from dome of Clarence 8ipes near Avalon Chicken thieves visited the Home of i Clarence Sines 1 12 Miles Northeast of Avalon last night and stole 25 Fine Rhode Bland hens not satisfied with stealing the Chick ens the thieves visited the Cave at the Sines Home and stole a Quantity of fruit the theft was reported to officers Here who began an investigation in an Effort to ascertain where the were sold veterans Bill May be passed Over the veto Republican congressmen Confer today in Effort to reach agreement on pension subs it Ute May be offered com see but very Little Relief in sight today from the torrid wave which has swept Down on the Middle West Over the weekend skyrocketing temperatures an to i alleged to much suffering to the City dwellers the Mercury soared to 97 miss Jackson denies wedding miss Lyllis Jackson of Eldon in a letter to the Constitution Tribune denies a report published i this paper some time ago regarding her marriage Mcdaneld which was occurred at Kansas miss Jackson says the reported by measure satisfactory to majority not yet been worked out by committee the weather Missouri partly Cloudy prob ably showers and cooler in North West and in extreme North portions tonight tuesday partly Cloudy probably showers m Northeast and East Central portions cooler in North and Central portion 3x again tire atom death Washington june Senate republicans in conference to Day were unable to agree on the ques of supporting president Hoover in opposition to the pending world afternoon dropping Twentyfive remarriage was a mistake this Correl j Grees sunday night this was the not test Day this season saturday Theson the made m fairness to miss Jack was 93 degrees dropping to 71 during the night St Louis reported the highest tem fire at Gibson Home fire shortly after 11 Oclock at the venture for Missuri the government Gibson Home on Madison Street burned registering it was the hottest Day St Louis has expert extinguished since Isis and marked the third in five years the Mercury has above the 100 Mark a Small Hole in the roof before it was itto were reported Hist City the Only persons Happy Over the heat wave were the banners who have appeared pessimistically As Cloudy drop iring skies for several weeks prevented their wheat from ripening the warm i of the past few Days however caused the Grain to Ripen rapidly winners announced the winners of the tiny Tim Golf course contest to establish a Par for the course Are autumn Walker and Mich Brown miss Walker will receive for the ladies Low score of 54 and or Brown will receive in Gold for the gentleman Low score of 42 fire at Breckenridge a Small fire Early this morning did a Large of Chiric oheans and today the could be damage to the Home of in a number of Fields in Livingston Benson Beckenridge the fire started from snacks blown from a Bon fire in the Benson Yard undergoes major operation miss Roberta Young the ten year old daughter of or and mrs Herman Young of near Laredo underwent an operation for the removal of her a took advantage of the swimming Pool at Simpson Park in an Effort to escape intense heat there were record crowds at the Pool both in the after and at night reports from Atlanta stated a storm visited South and Cental Georgia saturday night so the storm that i areas Hail sued up on the ground to a Pendix at the Chillicothe Hospital this the child who was taken Aften ill sift week was not thought to be in a serious condition until yesterday she depth of six inches ruining hundreds was brought to the Hospital this morn of acres of Cotton Corn and tobacco several deaths by drowning were reported in the Middle West Over the hot weather to the of persons ing pools ing Wilbur Young who resides on Church Street is her brother in Paxton the bodies of four persons were recovered from the Shal Low Waters of rides Lake a summer resort near Here they were p b Shepherd 30 of Lincoln t t Robert son of insurance Salesman and St Johns of Kearney neb unidentified woman Back from Camp Ray Howard sponsor Dow Broyles Claxton Stewart Ben Raines and Noah Seymour members of the c b c returned sunday from Hollister where j War veterans pension Bill which was expressed in a vigorous statement yesterday the measure was to be voted upon in the Senate this afternoon under a unanimous consent agreement Twentyfive representatives of Var ious Republican groups including both the old regular leaders and the so called Young guard were split three ways at today meeting after an hour of discussion in the office of Republican floor Leader Watson they confessed the inability to reach a decision Watson said the discussion indicated the Bill would pass in its present form despite the presidents warning that it might mean an increase in taxes in the fall Watson also was doubtful about his ability to prevent the measure from new Yorks maniac murderer has apparently changed plans since sat urday morning new York june police were investigating several reports that the maniac murderer had been seen the self styled Man behind the gun appeared to have selected an other victim today and the mass of clues at hand became More confused than Ever the third Man marked unless he returned an important Meyer Newmark of Brooklyn received a letter warning him making the score to Date two murders and nine letters if the latest missive actually is from the same Man who wrote the others he changed his murder Over the Charles is first name for nations most famed baby but Lindbergh Haven agreed on Middle name for new member of family Englewood n june it was understood today is the name selected for the son born sunday to or and mrs Charles augus Tus Lindbergh what the Middle name of the famed aviators child would be was riot revealed Lindbergh went to new York today to Greet at a hotel rear Admiral Rich Arder Byrd who arrived from win Chester a Byrd extended congratulations on the baby birth and Lindbergh replied with congratulations on Byrds latest exploring achievements a Rumor had it this afternoon that mrs Lindbergh was insisting on Char Les Augustus and Lindbergh was hold ing out for Charles or and mrs Morrow it was said were not participating in the discussion the worlds most famous baby weighs 7 34 pounds has Blue eyes and curly hair mrs Anne Morrow Lindbergh gave birth to the child at p m yester 24th the mor Row Home Here a White House on a Hill weekend after checking his list of where she herself was Horn one Wing important International saturday 3x informed the news papers in a final note that the two murders he had committed and the saturday longest Day son was visible fifteen Hows minute that Day saturday was the longest Day of the year the Sun being visible i Chillicothe for fifteen hours and one minute during the Day the Sun made its appearance at Oclock and disappeared at the reason for saturday being the longest Day of the year was because the Sun had reached its northernmost Point starting today the Sun will be a trifle farther South each Day until december 21 the shortest Day of the year when it will Start moving North again name a suspect in Lingle death but Chicago Are still in the dark regarding motive for murder Chicago june combined agencies of Law enforcement hunted a suspect today in the assassination of Alfred j Lingle Chicago Tri Bune reporter on trails that led toward of the mansion had been converted into the powerful liquor gang of George persons marked for death he said he being passed later by a two thirds maj warnings published had put fear into Jority Over the veto which or Hoover june hearts of those holding out on j indicated he would administer two allowing him to reprieve the substitute proposals More to the presidents liking were offered in the conference by senator Reed rep and Bingham both lower the estimated a Hospital where the nurse and two specialists who attended mrs Lind Bergh found every facility available today mrs Lindbergh and the child were reported to be doing nicely Seldom has the birth of a child been surrounded by such secrecy reporters who waited at the Gate of the Morow had nothing left to do but mount his Home were unaware of the arrival of speedy monoplane and take off on a the boy until More than two hours nonstop flight for the russian head after the event inside the Home How quarters of the red Diamond society annual Cost of the pending Bill which he was the avenging hand around they would Elim u seems Newark has document Nate the feature the president found provision allowing vet Erans to get pensions for prior to january 1 1930 neither of these substitutes found general favor with the republicans who have pledged themselves to the Pend ing Bill legion auxiliary a and Fate wife or and mrs o a Jackson drowned while bathing in Locust Creek near enneus to b 16 was drowned while battling in a Lake near ind Epen they have been attending the annual y m c a Camp they report an enjoyable and interesting week daily programs were beneficial the c b c y has a membership close to 100 weekly meetings Are held on monday and the general programs Are always interesting and instructive or Howard left Sun Day night on his vacation he joined mrs Howard and their infant daughter to mattock could not swim j Constance Rhea in Leavenworth where had gone in bathing in Defiance placed along the Banks of the talk convention plans with the decoration Sale almost abort of original estimates members of the american legion win discuss plans tonight for completing the canvass of the City As Well As for housing and entertaining delegates and visitors who they have been visiting her parents or and mrs j w Spears leave Fob West or and mrs Milton v Sanden of Evanston Illinois will leave june 29 for a five weeks motor trip through the West they will visit Denver Colorado Springs Salt Lake City san Francisco san Jose los Angeles and will be the guests of or Sanders parents i Chico California they will return by Way of Portland Oregon Seattle washing ton and Yellowstone National Park mrs c o Hatcher who has been the guest of mrs Sanden the former miss Alda Blanche Moorman returned Home Emery using j yesterday following a Short visit in St will be Here in August for the state m m Louis with her daughter mrs w w convention preparations Are now Well letters have been sent to of the legion and to posts in the state explaining room plans reservations should iting within the next two or Trower or Trower and their daughter Jean by turn from East or and mrs John Ryan and Daugh j Ter miss Martha arrived in Chillicothe yesterday afternoon from a three weeks motor trip through the North and East to meet tonight ladles afe making final plans for entertainment of visitors at state convention in August the Chillicothe american legion auxiliary will meet in the county court room of the court House tonight at the meetings of the auxiliary Are being held on the second and fourth mondays of each month at the same time As the meetings of the legion Post both organizations Are now Busy making final arrangements for the u j and hed better return it any morning Between now and Satur Day or suffer consequences for Grant request for greater Chillicothe coming state convention which will bring legionnaires and auxiliary Mem Bers from All parts of the state to Chillicothe for four Days the latter part of August funeral of Bishop Partridge is tuesday Rev Walter Kings Rector of Grace episcopal Church will go to Kan Sas City to attend services funeral services for the right Rev Sidney Catlin Partridge whose death occurred at his Home in Kansas City sunday night will be held in that City tuesday meanwhile the body will lie in Trade territory of this City is to be included in request asked from the census department according to word received by or Frank c Fay supervisor of census for this District the census department at Washington has granted a request from or Fay and the chamber of Commerce to include this cites Trade territory in that the population of greater Chillicothe would be approximately while no definite figures Are obtain Able at this time As to the population of the Trade territory it was forecast today that the population of greater Chillicothe would be approximately while Chillicothe Trade territory extends in some directions 50 Miles the i Appeal was made Only for the immediate Trade territory adjacent to Livingston county this would include the entire population of the county the East part the news was being broadcast a Friend of the family called the United press and gave the news Refus ing however to Supply anything except the fact that the child was a boy that it had been born at p and that it weighed something More than seven pounds Dwight w Morrow mrs Lindbergh father who went through his Success Ful Campaign for the Republican nomination for senator from new Jersey without once losing his Calm judicious bearing was reported to be jubilant and excited Over the birth of his first grandchild Lindbergh however apparently retained his customary calmness and found time in the midst of the exit ment to Send a Telegram to the new York office of the United press congratulating col Roberto Fierro mexi can aviator on his nonstop flight from new York to Mexico City bugs Moran and Joe Aiello two of the big four i Chicago racketeer ing the suspect hunted was James red Forsythe Henchman of the Northside gang leaders and branded a potential murderer by circuit judge when he was arrested last year wailing Wail claims heard at Jerusalem of holds first session at Alem today to determine its of nebs unless Montion is Btl neck jews and be Mev tame it be editors note Webb Miller european news manager for the United press who has been in in Dia several weeks reporting the in dependence movement there flew from Delhi to Jerusalem and pre sents in the following article a sum Mary of the conditions there re Garding the wailing and its significance in the recurrent clashes Between the arabs and jews by United press staff correspondent Jerusalem june the league of nations began today its Active interest in the troublesome questions regarding the wailing Wall a commission which was sent Here by the league in an attempt to Settle the ownership of the Wau which has been blamed for most of the troubles Between the arabs and jews in pales Tine sat today for the first time during its inquiry Here it will Bear the claims of ownership of both sides the wailing Wall controversy has stirred much bitterness among the mos lems and jews and last August Pree Ipi convinced that Forsythe was the rated the outbreak in which 270 per actual murderer of the reporter the j sons were killed and More than 500 authorities seemed hesitant about a wounded the knotty religious prob dancing a motive reports that Lingle had refused to ask favors from a for Mer police administration for Moran gang were discounted by the authorities As having anything to do with their belief that Forsythe was the who walked through a pedestrian sub Way with the reporter and shot him i the head from behind rumours that Lingle paid with his life for a partnership in gang land still Are part and parcel of the investigation the Tribune editorially has said that the rumours were being investigated pm has hitherto defied solution the authorities fear unless a solution is reached further bloodshed and Dis orders Are inevitable both the moslem and the Jem Are making a Jiuu uber a worldwide Reg ious Issue the moslem nations of in Dia Egypt Syria and others Are Send ing representatives to urge that the question is one concerning the entire islamic world close watch being kept Over american j h Meers is held i jail at Juarez Mexico charged with the slaying of a Saloon keeper Juarez Mexico june Mexico Federal troops today kept close guard Over j h Jeff Meers an american held in the Juarez jail on the of Caldwell county and the West part charge of slaying Antonio Visconti a of Linn county Happy Smiths family in danger from bandits police fear reprisals from friends of convicted slayers against victims Home Kansas City june moved today to protect the family of slain patrolman Happy j state at the Grace Trinity Church the j Smith for whose murder three bandits services will be conducted by Rev i Are scheduled to be hanged july 25 their first Stop was at Chicago Illinois 1 where they were joined by or ryans g Walter Kings Rector of Grace episcopal Church of this City will attend the services unconfirmed underworld rumours said friends of the condemned bandits plan Ned reprisals visited the Grace episcopal Church Sev the Post number of requests which indicate perhaps the largest us s Al Vienne and or Vien eral times each year and held convention Missouri legionnaires have who Lajom denied them Tion services Ever had Bishop Partridge was Well known and while Little credence was attached loved by Many Chillicothe ans until Ito the gossip it was hinted friends of his health failed him a few years ago he condemned Trio might attempt to waiter in a Juarez Saloon precautions to protect Meers against mob violence were increased after Sev eral Hundred residents of Juarez participated in a demonstration sunday demanding the death penalty for the american Roque Romero a Juarez labor Union Leader averted violence when he pleaded with the mob which was led by ban ners of the c r o a labor organization to let the Law takes its course Seymour Gale Dies at his Home Here passed away at Oclock sunday night it funeral tuesday from Norman funeral Home Chapel Seymour Gale a resident of this county practically his entire life died at his apartment in the James j mar tin Home 116 ninth Street sunday night at Oclock after a lingering illness the body was removed to the Norman funeral Home from which place funeral services will be held tuesday afternoon at 2 Oclock con ducted by Rev j n Boyd burial will be in Edgewood or Gale was born near Galesburg july 16 1855 and came to this county with his parents when an in Fant after growing to manhood he continued farming and Dairying until 1920 when he disposed of his farm and moved to delegates representing the whole jew ish world will present their Case to the commission the delicacy of the problem arises from the fact the jews and one vet sides with Hoover v f w National commander opposes pension plan As written Kansas City june n Duff National Corn Kidnap and hold As hostages Mander of the veterans of foreign regard As sacred the strip of Wau a Lew Hundred feet in is All that remains of the Western wan 01 Solomons Temple destroyed by the romans in the year70 a d to the jews the Wall represents the last tangible relic of their ancient glory and nationhood the holiest shrine of their religion to the moslem the Watt is the sacred place where Mohammed tethered his horse when he went into the mosque to Pray at present the Wall adjoins the mos que of Omar one of the principal holy places of islam the property on which the Wall stands and the narrow pave ment in front of the Wall Are owned by moslem since the third or fourth Century throughout the world have Wor shipped before the Wall bewailing the destruction of Jerusalem and the Dis persion of the jewish race the mos in 1881 he was married to miss Lizzie t Lem owners always permitted them Houth who died May 21 1922 july 2 1928 he was married to mrs Cynthia Moling who with the following children survive Alonzo Gale Syracuse i Access to it but the controversy became Active in 1928 the jews then introduced certain innovations including a screen to Sepa a w Gale Chillicothe a h Gale rate the men and women the mos Chula and mrs f a Thompson Mays lems objected on the grounds the Trade Ville to he is survived by eight ional situation had been altered grandchildren and one great grand child endurance plane roars on approaching goal flyers Are moot optimistic Chicago june Hun Ter Brothers Hopes for a refuelling James h Smith widow of the slain of wars said today he Felt president j flight record increased finer and Rodney Smith 65 father of i Hoover is right in Many respects in j Nouriye today As their air plane the City the United press interviewed representatives of both sides regarding the claims they intended to make the Lea gues commission Jamaal Husseini Secretary of the supreme moslem coun cil member of a family reputed to be descendants of Mohammed received me in the Council Headquarters overlooking the site of Temple the meeting tonight will be held in the basement of the elks club at de at Points in Canada Niagara Bishop Partridge had been in failing Philadelphia and Washington d c health for several years and the bound Force in Washington they visited a Cousin Iless Energy which characterized the Here had been j he had been a Bishop for 30 j London june 23 rung and a Salute fired at win Point Anapolis and Points in Kentucky years the first of which were spent in Here Castle today in Honor of the Prince saturday they spent the Day in Qunicy the diocese at Kyoto Japan the patrolman the pair would be held while an attempt would be made to commutation of the bandits death sentences the rumours said the the expected vetoing of the veterans pension Bill now up in Congress Duff said he Felt the pension Meas ure As now written was not fair to All of Chicago droned on in its 14th Day claim he said is simple this place is purely moslem property we i Are going to insist it is a purely Legal i question not political we Are Noc of continuous flight Over the sky Bor Airport prepared to give anything More than at the Home of mrs the sturdy endurance ship completed Access to the Wau of veterans in that it made it its 276th hour in the air at a i question now has become sex much easier for diseased veterans to Cost today shortly before that time the i tended to the whole moslem world of Wales Mth birthday Sec Taclas set with diamonds Mujat the optical Illinois to visit in Missouri the last sacrament was administered sunday afternoon by the Rev Edwin w Merrill Rector of St marys Church obtain compensation while wounded i veterans would have difficulty in prov Clarence Jenkins formerly of Chula Bishop Partridge died a few hours will arrive within the next ten Days later from California for a visit with pfc 4 j want ads pay Clarksburg w june ing eligibility for pensions Davison Post Well known writer of mystery fiction died in Clarksburg Hospital today after an illness of two weeks he was 95 years pilots Kenneth and John Hunter i some sections even want to withdraw Brothers of Sparta dropped a note j permission for the jews to go to the to Field attendants saying were Good for 500 hours j a spokesman for the jews who Saft Bellefonte june a policeman Slayer John Pierce 31 negro was overestimation in the courtship is the j i he preferred not to have his name Useo electrocuted at forerunner of disillusionment alter the jews Are not disposed to treat Penitentiary at a m today wedding

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