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Chillicothe Constitution Tribune (Newspaper) - January 23, 1961, Chillicothe, Missouri News notes of local a happenings a he Constitution Crifone condition critical vol. Leu i the condition of Orville Jones. Red 4. Chillicothe a patient at the Ai Al a Chillicothe Hospital for the last Kod Iii do of nov week. Remains critical. I in Iii a a a son for John emersons or. And mrs. John Emerson 1206 Polk Street Are the parents of a son born at 2 o clock saturday afternoon at the Chillicothe Hospital. A a a important meeting an important meeting of the Livingston county chapter of the american red Cross will daily edition Chillicothe to. Monday january 23, 1961 eight pages a it Likely to stress Summit meetings state department indicates president to stick to Normal diplomatic channels. Channel 9 May be Back Here tonight officials of pm by to said today transmission difficulties to the Northwest and Southwest of Kansas City May be corrected by tonight. John Schilling general manager. Said it was necessary to reduce the Power while work was being done on a coaxial Cable from the base to the top of the transmitting Tower. He said the trouble first Washington. Jan. 23. It it be held president Kennedy intends to stress showed up thursday it at 7 30 thursday evening in the the use of Normal diplomatic Chan Blue room at the strand hotel. A nes Rath a than Summit Me�t-1 Ings in tackling major foreign policy problems the state depart j ment disclosed today. The announcement came As Ken Good attendance is desired. A a a Krautmann have girl or. And mrs. Edmund Kraut Lonnie Beaird is found dead Mann. 510 eleventh Street Are the Nedy met with his top foreign parents of a 9 Pound 10-ounce policy and defense advisers in a daughter bom at 11 18 of clock yes session on How his new administration will push its quest for solution of the myriad of foreign affairs problems. Death of Well known Chilli Otheim a from Shotgun wound. ? vie wry Ard 55 a web seven men killed in fire aboard aircraft Carrier Blaze in engine room area also injures 23 More order court of inquiry. Athens. Greece Jan 23 a a fire at sea aboard the . Aircraft Carrier Saratoga today claimed the lives of four officers and three enlisted men. One person was seriously injured and 22 were under treatment for minor Burns and smoke inhalation As the big Carrier put into nearby pm Aeron Bay. The fire occurred in the engine room area shortly after Midnight while the Saratoga was on patrol with the . 6th Fleet in the East Ter Day morning at the Chillicothe Hospital. A a a. A a guests from Wyoming the White House session began Vnod a Choli Cotchan. A food can med lug Rran Ean the Navy said. Or. And mrs. Laverne Kininson a mid morning with a recess for deed 0z a Boffin wound the sat a did nods a Bat caused the of Buffalo Wyo. Were sunday eve un1. Those attending Ere urday in a room in a building that Bro n no and monday guests of mrs. Bead by Secretary of slate Dean form Rev Boi red vhf a Vav air vice George Anderson. 6th Kininson s Cousin mrs. Cecil coff Park of Chillicothe Fleet commander has ordered a or. Coff and son. Gary. 1617 Jav slate department press officer or 1 p a he o Inester a a a a Al Quot was the cond lire Al Nard a nags pm. They also visited or. And Lincoln White to dec women that Coroner. Said the wound e 1,000,1 aboard a invasion Alert is off cuban militia soldiers gather in Havana at the presidential Palace to hear Premier Fidel Castro announce the end of the invasion Alert. A in general terms it Means a de emphasis on the idea of trying to cure International ills by Rushing into meetings of Heads of state. Mrs. W. M. Edwards 620 Clay Street. A a a Mike Kanan Here Mike Kanan returned last night to Iowa City la., where he is a Washington Jan. 12. A Psi senior at the i a varsity of in was president Kennedy and his new Mike was a member of the White administration s top defense and Haas wedding party yesterday at diplomatic officials today started the methodist Church. He also via j a far reaching review of the nation item his parents or. And mrs. Carl a1 Security program. Kanan. Seeking a safeguarded peace a a a with the communist bloc. Kennedy or. Mergenthal improves began talks with key aides at mid mrs. G. J. Mergenthal returned morning and arranged to resume saturday night from Kansas City the discussions after a recess for where she had been with her bus lunch shrine club honors girl 15 was self indicted a 12-gao<�p Forrestal clean Carrier in just Over Shotgun had been used. Or. A month the other being aboard Leaird had been shot in the right 1,16 Constellation under construe approximately too Nobles of the Distant Rah Han Thomas Hunter and Chest. For 20 year or lion at Brooklyn Navy Yard. The Chillicothe shrine club and guests mrs. Hunter. Oriental guide Fred Leaird was fire dec. 19 Cost 50 lives. Met last night at the strand Coffee Hoffman and mrs. Hoffman Tress Plant Foreman at Henderson Mill. I key spokesman at Naples at shop for dinner and to Honor Norma user Lloyd Walker Ami mrs Kalife also had been with Milbank to hated the Saratoga fire to a Jean Bennett on her 15th birthday Ker. Secretary Everett trunk and Mill. Broken Oil pipeline and said the Norma who lost a leg in a mowing mrs. Trunk. He bad been missing since Fri Bamos were brought under control machine Accident la years ago was other guests were or. And mrs. Dav afternoon. Officers were called into the search late Satur Dav morning about 6 of clock that evening. Chief of police Wilbur Pfaff reported finding Leaird car near the former air Nark state trooper r. L. Defreese. Deputy sheriff Roger Hoyt and a Friend of a patient at University of sitting in with the president at to family were summoned and 1 the conference in the Cabinet room to 010,1 marched the building. After a two hour fight. Accompanied by her Parent or. Jim Stone Brookfield or. And Chillicothe High gives Honor Roll and mrs. Carroll Bennett. Mrs. Harold Nielsen. Chula. Or Dalton b seeking support for his budget proposals improvement needed now mental health officials complain. Jefferson City. Jan. 23 a gov. John m. Dalton said today he has asked All state Agency directors to go along with his budget recommendations in a team Effort to make ends meet. He said he approved a letter to this effect sent to state officials last week by John w. Schwada comptroller and budget director. Dalton said he wanted to prevent a some fellow with Good connection putting on a Campaign with the legislature that might result in his department getting More than his fair share of funds. He said the budget was based on consideration of All the state agencies needs balanced against the amount of Money available. A when in a team i expect the quarterback to Cal the signal and i expect to follow them a Dai ton told his news conference. He pointed out there is Only so much Money available and if Tho legislature wants to spend More it must find the Revenue to pay for mrs Milton g Klein. 1103 Hill the higher expenditures. Side drive a been Seler furl a v suede As newsmen commented it might mrs. Klein Young woman of year honoured for work in Church girl scout handicapped children activities. Harold Council outgoing presi and mrs. Roscoe Craig. Or. And the a outstanding Young women har ? Dent presided. After dinner All mrs w. L. Fair. Or and mrs of Chillicothe for i960 and was jail a Bobby we of event. Band Kansas medical Center. Or. Mer Benthal who underwent Eye but Gerv saturday morning to a prov my but will be hospitalized a few More Days. A a a at the White House were Secretary of state Dean Rusk and Secretary of defense Robert s. Mcnamara. Also on hand were Mcgeorge joined in singing a Happy birth Wood. Or and mrs. B r. honoured at a Tea sunday afternoon Day to Norma. Russel Palmer mrs. E. E. Nowlin and mrs. Fran by to Jake jills sponsor of the past president of the Chillicothe Ces Woodcock. Shrine club presented Norma with officers for the ensuing year were several gifts including a Check installed by potentate Handley the Chillicothe r u High school to la Temple for $25 and As Twenty one make quote Quot list for first semester. Tort of some state officials and the governor conceded that was True. But he said he hoped most of them she picked he. of judges from or. Addison m. Duval director among six Young # a a president. Herb Parsons fir Twymon who Quot arc nominated by a division of mental disease. Son of James and Harriet l. First semester Honor Roll was an usual the Chillicothe shrine club vice president Frank Fendorf Sec j Are us Quot Rona of. A a j a a bounced today by principal George save a $25 savings Bond which is Ord vice president or. Sam May a u re inborn aug. 8. 1905. At Wheeling. P. It my i,.ih m w 1000 of Welcome w various women s organizations of 0p Ess a disappointment Lait Klein was the Nom-1 Wook Thalda to a had not allowed p Newbold there we 21 on the he a a Trust for her future duct Theny third vue pres Dent. John a j a a uj0l coh Ruti it. Is i f Honor Roll. Lion i a cheer treasurer Al Tucker i ,. Bundy. Kennedy s personal aide on High school. He had been a. ,. _. A a. I she will he onion nth a. The governor said Hia mental National a Curtis matters under member of the Christ an Church at the Quot excellent Quot Honor roil a1 . From to la Temple. St Secretary. Leroy Stoehner sent Atiye in it. A met Init Hillh . We a Secretary of state cles Ainee he ,2 year. J Quot i Quot or. in a a he was a graduate of Wheeling visits parents mrs. Joe Walker and sons. Uch j or bowl est and Paul Nitze design old seniors a Dee Ann Heimbrook Bandley chief Rah Han Don k Brenda and wend a Fields Joyce Al and Allen of Columbia a United assistant Secretary of stat Al he married miss Ruth m Ander Joyc Jacot it a. Vernia Richter Jane Spaulding and mrs. Spaulding. As James and aggie Steen Rived during the weekend to spend in charge of International affairs son on dec. 31. 1938. At Des Moines. To it a the week with their parents and j including disarmament planning. I he a survived by the widow of Junior a Raymond Jeffords. Grandparents. Or. And mrs. Hugh Carlin. Or. Walker a at Deot in thac Bool of veterinary Medicine it the University of Missouri will arrive after completing final examinations. A a a admitted to Hospital admitted yesterday to the Chillicothe Hospital were mrs. Ray Darling. 82s Jefferson Street surgery mrs. Erma Ellis Brookfield surgery mrs. Leonard Robertson joint chiefs of staff. Pierre Salinger White House press Secretary said several other also present was Gen Lyman the Home 308 Calhoun Street a Mary no Yber a Bara Toyne. L. Lemm Tzer chairman of the brother Arlie Beaird Chillicothe. Sophomores Gene Bates mar three Sisters. Mrs Herman Lalah a am grouse. Cynthia Linton. Tish Braun Wheeling mrs. Floyd Rutherford. Juanita Schaller. F Kila Cranmer Chillicothe and freshmen David Austin Larry officials were joining in the a i. Elmer Mamie Arthaud. Hershberger. Marjorie Van lome Cussion. He did not immediately Trenton and 12 nieces and eighth Grade Marcia Cummings name them. Nephews. Mary Hamrick Anita Jones. To Tho conference Starte a or Beaird was preceded in Lionberger James Smith Joyce a. In. An hour and 15 minutes after death by huf parents Wybrow. Kennedy turn Vij Ned meeting funeral services will be held at Superior Honor Roll in. The Pstir White House staff 2 of clock tomorrow tuesday seniors Janet Adams Shirley w paid Phi off Salinger said not croon at the first Christian Allen. Sandra Buck Carol Cantwell woman minus $5,000 after lonely hearts club Romance in working w eth and for Handi-1 t0 Alan al1 Tat needs capped children and w As one of the a a the rental Holt und organizers of the Peter pan school re it Luest allowed for higher Educ in addition she was Secretary of l o0�?~ i the child guidance organization Ete state hospitals contain Only about 13,000 people he said while the colleges and universities hav More than 30.000 students. Everybody got to five and Here for three years in Church affairs she is a sunday school teacher at Grace Epis Chicago. Jan 23 its a police told her he a a silverware Many Copal a hurry and is vice chairman have started a search for a 42 facture hut she said she never and former Secretary treasurer of a a Dalton said. Year old Man accused of abscond found out the name of his firm. Church s altar Guild she also a my with a Missouri widow s $5 ooh mrs. Rippling told police that a 0,1 f 1 a Jaff of the daily Caca Jay cos to Honor after wooing and winning her $145 of the Money her husband Lon f dip school last summer through a lonely hearts club. Took was the amount she received j mrs. Klein presently is serving top Young Farmer police said mrs. Adelaide Kipp for Selling her six pedigreed cats a girl scout commissioner for at dinner meeting Ling 42, told them she married at his request. J Hilli Iother a officially known As Cole rippling on dec. 17 after he she said that a Friend knowing neighbourhood Barman under the the Chillicothe Jaycees sent her $50 to come to Chicago of her loneliness after her first my and Empire Council she was Honor four outstanding yes Jackson Twet surgery Clar a a a,1btionsalitr other a Church. Per Gousias. Joyce Frazier enc Gladieux 427 Wise Street prevented it Bunal we the eehn8 Frances Carr. Gayle Hedley. Man a a u a Counselor at the girl scout ,.ja my a i. Bu8,nes# Preven Iea cemetery. W Hill Vij from her Home in Aurora to. Husbands death a year ago. Had00,108 100 it re a it Farmers of Livingston county at , do to la a to us living the body win i., in but the. Jam Judy Maramon. Bal Morsh. Id a. Old her Horn. In unt her Nan to. Lonely . T a a Ozz Quot of Tor Jan Ltd a la 7 to. Rf., to. M.rfu.1 . Al or. A nne Gordon Home for funerals until ban r Ltd. Vurr Yackin Phylli Aurora a fore coming to i hic ago club. H ,. Mph Junior Day night at palmate a. A presumption of the. cur noon tuesday to which Tim. The. Not Shena r h r d to marry rippling. Ile disappeared a i they thought they were Sorori. And a. Send a top Young for i960 nisuiiih1&Quot a Racket will hts Clisch and re i. will Young a tues a a a bos Hall Erichs Here Ity talks was scheduled for 2 30 or. And or. Bob Hallence of p m. Rua Viville mo., Vire overnight guests in the Home of or. And mrs. Gets commission in Don Hall and attended a birthday c army reserves dinner honouring or. Hall. Other casket will be closed and re main closed. The body then will be taken to the Church. Contributions in or. Beairde a memory May be made to the building fund of tha Wheeling Christian Church. Smith our Len. Smithers Ruth a in Ltd thursday. Doing in. A favor Quot he re flowed s�?T.1 0 Steele Louise Stilwell. Mary Street a Kerpl Nufi Aid her husband sadly. A the Only left me 16 cents Karen Stuver Mary Jean Thomas. Marilyn Willard. Darryl Willis. Ice skaters make use 20 men Cut Wood for Tommy Reeder in a member of la. It. A. Of the. 1 i a itt a do inc. Higg Navill. Stale school la. I. The n a we for a it Hok it re Sou of children and the United cerebral palsy organization of Missouri. Association for ro., riled Public us a let Tara the Jagt Cees will also present a she of Check to the Peter pan school. Guests were or. And mrs. Henry Keith and family of Utica and or. And mrs. Lloyd Estes and daughter Janice. Mrs. Hall Erich us the former Julia Proffitt manager of three Sisters in Chillicothe. A a a Silver wedding or. And mrs. Vincent Ross Thomas place son of or. And mrs. Lewis place of Chillicothe received a commission of second lieutenant in the United states army reserves saturday morning at the Missouri school of mines and metallurgy. He has completed four years of r. O. T. Training and received a b s. De and Gree in mechanical engineering. in Kansas City and commission in sunday. They attended the Silver wedding anniversary reception saturday evening honouring or. And mrs. Charles tory and or. And mrs. Keith Williams. Eighty guests attended. Ted Martenson Railroad strike in new York is Over Goldberg act a a mediator in settlement new York Jan. Agreement on a new sawed she is a graduate of Christian of Lugt re do undo mroueh i College. Columbia and attended m my up Al project the University of Missouri one and year. Bonnie Pendleton in juniors Lyle Anson Ronald a of City Quot Bink Kins Betty Bauer. Judy Brown Ortis Carmichael Carol Childers the new City ice skating area at 111 in Hospital Carter Coberly Lyn Cowles Susan the West end of Lay Street got Cummings Barbara Cusick Diane heavy use during the weekend j Twenty men Cut. Edwards. Marcia Foster. Pam a a a hauled Wood for Tommy Reeder of or and mrs. Klein who have College swim club it Al. Karol Hawkins. Bill Hutchin pm War 8a,d additional water was , to Bolt n residents of Chillicothe since son. Joyce Looney Margaret my put 10 nday a he is d the tha a Mim unit n a March 1957 have two children a miss Bonnie Pendleton Daugh Merrow Sharon Spray Barbara do a path rankr8 from 7 to 8 inches Laredo thursday afternoon or. Daughter. 9 and a son 3 a. Fer of or. And or. A. Pendleton we Arren at ont Corner to i Ini he at a feeder is ill and is in a Columbia other nominees for the a out .1606 Bryan Street recently be Sophomore Roger Basket,1 hat in he Dri Imd Hospital for tests and possible sur banding Young woman Honor came a member of the Sigma Phi. 23 in Dorothy Cooper. Carol Courtney. I i i fiery. Were or. Machael Alt. Sponsored Dolphin club a swim club at work pact to Nancy England. Janice Foz san i the Man ut4tl Mhairi a arid Hgt .s mrs Oretta Carter. Northwest Missouri state College. The men took to Chain saws Ana women of fhe Moose mrs. Vir Maryville. Kinta Glover. Chillicothe culture miss Pendleton will take part club Domestic science club. Jam in fhe annual Spring swim show a Lota and i Alpha Kappa Cha which Uit a of prot enter in the mrs. Reeder is in Columbia with tors of Beta Sierra Phi sorority Earv Spang under direction of and his orchestra furnished music j Cain products refinery co., in by after noon that the settlement Bower. Bob Willis. High school w ill hear represent he i a Quot cd 10 and miss Wib Ayano Smith 1 Busi 0000,0 Mcgill. For when Charmaine Bear lives from the army Navy Droit one of whom has the mumps Ami m s Wuria Wane Sun a Usi mass Pendleton a member of at the vow Hall 48141 pros a begin work feb. I until leaving to 2 More. Marcia Bigelow Judy Cash air Force and reserves wednesday a Quot being cared for by relatives. To. Al the Delta Theta it Tor service. He will return. To mediators inc Udog Para idiot a a. Carl Cole c Ooper sh. afternoon Nee Kansas City. Inn Rev. A a of for j fad. 1 Edward. Judy fish the program will Besin at i 3 a goods. Mar Era Hebo Floweree. Barbara Gale with one of the representatives out Ishmael. Max Bennett Oscar pet project for the jills. I Peggy Ginther. Beverly Greener lining the military obligations of Larson. Louis Collins. Claud bowl it is a pm myer. Cynthia. I Quot Quot a a a 0 Bob Haas 1.011 Janet Vounce men of aces 18 to 26 after Junior Vandevender the Rev k 3mdmnn my he Day ended two week old Harbor dra Griffin Shirley Ireland hath win go an Active duty april 3 at Snake Thal suited in a paralysing Leen Loney Karen a it to. Larry Lut-1 an armed forces Day Aberdeen proving grounds md., Railroad Geum throughout much of Trell. Trenna Pickett. Richard Phil for six months duty. The East. Lips. Bill Plummer. Linda Robert he has accepted a position with striking unions announced Short on Nellie Schwab Sandra Sula Ain products refinery co., in for the reception which was held North Kansas City to. And will had been ratified by a vote of 262 at chs the senior by of Chillicothe Oscar Peterson had a circular saw. Several trucks hauled the Wood to the House a a a leave Hospital mrs. E. In Shields. 1605 Rose Wood was dismissed saturday night from the Chillicothe Hospital. Dismissed sunday were Gary i k attending the ceremony Saifur j Kenned now Secretary of. Day were hts parents and hts w de. Goder net a a City has two weekend Ewing. Red 5 Woodrow Kline traffic accidents 400 Clay Street master Jay Tir Rell 38 Herriford Street mrs. There were no in Everett Hayes 427 Raynard Street traffic accidents in c Chillicothe Clifford lamp 127 Asher Street James Roberts. 1415 Bryan Street with the announcement of a Settle a a air a Puiu a a 1. 7. C.,0 a Mcnally Mary Miller. Betty -.this information the class will ment at 6.lo . _. _. The strike of Railroad tug and try Ann Henhouse. J. T break up into groups with each ferry boat workers against la rail Oliver Carolyn Perry. John Rion senior boy attend info the one of. A a announcement of the Winner was Quot a we sorority was woodcutters were Oscar a. A a sunday a or it it Home during the weekend to spend Raymond Hall Andrew a Musamano chairman of the la mid semester sea lion with her parents. She will resume it ice Jill president. Co.0kr studies Fob. I. Presided at the Tea held in the continued on Page four fanes in two a is a Quot a a Spears. Roi it Stilwell Bandie Wal speak Chillicothe Dur ,ranp0rtat0n forc no j Taylor Susie Vandiver Diane Wal about i. Branch of sen curved a a t 11 36 in. Sat 10 a or 0, lard a Quot by Wytort. An a we answer Day at Jackson and Elm. of getting to and from work. Iam the service ii w. Peery Emery Ishmael far Highway room of the strand City vehicle License Dillard. James Tapscott Sam hotel. Among those introduced deadline is for i Schmidt. Donald Boone Jack were mrs Marshall Smith mrs. Mark Shoush. Norma Smith. James Bis Choice. In these groups Earh Gardner venue Paul. Harvey Ronald Wilder and mrs Kenneth deadline for obtaining Rity motor briefly Lamb Dale Hartley Dale Hutton Eads. Past presidents of the Jay vehicle stickers is feb. I and that my the weekend. Ice and and Pearl Reeder question and Urdaz Dol v. Copple jr., 19. Dawn. Had the walkout of the 664 workers stopped for traffic and Robert r. In three Marine unions on Jan. To eighth Grade a Sharon Allen i by provided annual for the senior Ciao make Driver whose car hit Utility pole is fined Cee jills Ronald Wilder. Jaycee for dog licenses is feb. 15. President and the contest judges. The City Council set the dates mrs Russell White mrs Ben at their last regular meeting on White. Mrs. B r Harris the Rev Jan. 9. The weather stopped Tor i ran it u Buell Applebury. Tommy Ashbrook. Available information that will be Smth 18 Kansas City. Drove up had also virtually shut Down the _ a u behind and was unable to Stop on new York Central and the new cd a belly cd be a cat the icy Street surface. There was Haven railroads. Cool Man Cool Northwest Missouri generally fair this afternoon through tuesday colder extreme South this afternoon and colder tuesday Hinh this afternoon near 30 2nd Low tonight 5-10 North to 10-15 South. Official temperatures saturdays maximum. 26 saturdays minimum -5 sundays maximum 20 sundays minimum. I today a minimum. I precipitation 3 of p. In. Imn River stage rising. 5.67 damage to both vehicles. The one driven by Smith belonged to her a Lafever earns Bert Lamb of Dawn. Autos driven by George Atkin res Eire promotion son 53. Of 217 Jackson Street and John Greenwood. 25. Breckenridge collided and Cherry Day. Both Street was f ried $10 and Given a by. Diane Baker. Paulette Cavel the time of making derision that 60 Day suspended sentence today Man. Nancy Chrisman Karen col Quot i be influenced by and related in judge Sam Long s City police Medford speaker and Roger Hoyt. Mrs. Eads and mrs Smith As Wayne Cheney. 6.1 of 1403 pop. Its fed at the Tea table. Laugh it off ton Linda Cooper Donna Cran to their military obligations Mer. Richard Couch Terry Couch. J court on a charge of careless drive telephones Are stolen from two laundries so. Cv., by i l.. , fair Board plans Ewing. Larry Ewing. Brenda Lynn w la fever a been pro Field. Wend Fields Beverly Fik 1961 event Here in the intersection of Clay moved to master sergeant in the Linda Gellert. Kerry Glover. Karen a Hrry at 4 44 p in. Yester la s. Army Reserve. He has been Gordon Roberta Hamilton Robert fun a \ h cars were damaged. With the armed forces to years in Han. Fusser<.k,on. Virtue Jen a Quot pay telephones were wrested from Walls in two do it yourself laundries sometime last night. Polite were notified at 1 05 a 3a two nights this week by Centra Missouri state College. Warrensburg. Will be telecast in parts at 9 45 tuesday night on Channel 6. A jazz band of Tau Kappa up meet at 2 of clock tomorrow after Silon fraternity member will noon in the Community room of the my and leaving the scene of an Accident. Or Cheney reported to police yesterday that the car he was Driv-196j Board of directors for no ran into a Telephone pole at of clock this morning that one was and f f a. Fair will meet Dickinson and directory Street on missing a the easy Wash 1327 eluding air Force Reserve unit of l a Quot a u at 2 30 wednesday afternoon at the Jan 21. Officers said the car went Mem Ion it it the 4th reconnaissance Squadron. ,. _ 4. _ Rea building to set a Date and site Over the curb and hit the pole taking other self service latin 4th cavalry . Army Reserve. My pm Tneia a a Iez. 1hf i961 fair. Breaking it Loose and breaking a ered the phone gone from the ii Ash lock. Harold m or Bonnie e Hamilton 17. Kid 5, ditch maid ii East Jackson. Magee. Mary Miller Shirley my a a my Leru quo Quot i 1 Quot h i Quot j Quot Quot Quot �j0 Quot and a it Quot a the Telephone to Nally. James Ogan. Larry opens Vry a l t a a Quot Quot Bce Cour it he break then open and remove _ e. Noah and Reuben fumes charged with drag racing at 7 1< coms pm. Friday on Washington Street from Kansas City j a flirt. Half Teil Arn Nyrl Raj fire alarms a the seem to have the same interests jazz band with him Cole to be on to. Sergeant Lafever is a son of Kirby Linda Knouse. Mary act play being presented Fri Carl Shirley 0f Chillicothe. A Linda Ixmgw�-1. Gary q. Tiitu this la a Ai or k fun Toj i of to. Of he. Cal i a j Vav ii l 601 Hardesty. Kansas City. To. Hon �?T?rordai1 Richard kenyan the Board composed of Bob re wire visiting nurse Board j r. D 1 Carol Phillips Jimmy Popham the visiting nurse Board will Mary i a Rensch Ronald Scott. Rita Simmons. Janice Snyder Aga police ticketed Arnold tha Steen Karen Stilabower Judith Frank Brotzer of Kansan City a Between third anti it la. Firemen were calling to 302 so Rise. Jim Cole son of or. And Chillicothe state Bank. Officers of Taylor. Don Thompson. Gayle a dinner Cue yesterday of h from Kansas it to. On a charge of pm Street at 2 to p in. Saturday. Mrs. A. J. Cole. 401 Peacher Street the City federation of women s Vahrenberg. David Walker David sister. Mrs Seth Side Bottom and speeding on Washington Street at i he alarm was caused by heat is a member of the band. Clubs will meet at 2.30. J Wentworth Dorothy Wilson. Or. Bad Obol Tom. 2 o Dock sunday morning. I from a pipe through tha Root tuesday is Cash Day oust prize this week $40

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