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Chillicothe Constitution Tribune (Newspaper) - April 19, 1937, Chillicothe, MissouriPack two the Chillicothe Constitution Tribune Chillicothe Missouri monday april 19 a Nice dress is More than just a dress if s a tonic fancy can roam in jackets this Spring in this season of Stark simplicity a simple Navy Wool dress with Short sleeves is the perfect Basic item around which to build an interest ing Early Spring wardrobe let it be Ever so classic in design then use Paris wears two evening modes romantic Silhouette rivals modern Sheath i your imagination on jackets to Wear the in the be so Why did the creator of the Paje is drab Brown dress that had Coine to world paint the grass Green the seas chartreuse the childrens he men somebody Blue and scatter a thousand colors missionary bundle moved to the on the petals of Flowers and the Side of her seat she didst wings of the Birds if he did not a jacket the teacher to Call on her she mean to encourage a sense of knew the answer to the question Beauty and she liked to recite that is she cinderellas glittering gown didst was sure she would have liked to change her it was the sense of in 4 if it haunt been for the old Brown Ortance As an individual which came from the wearing of regal her other dress was Gre the Grey Robes that gave her courage to re of a dreary wet morning reciting spend to a princes advances in that was As bad it would be the typist in a shabby Black suit even worse now for the rest of the applies for a Job May know the year because Spring had come Black and White keyboard much f wrapped up in a Gold and Blue pack better than the girl who wears a age and All the children in the simple tailored Winfred frock with t seventh Grad except for a Sprink accessories White As Snow or pop Ling of orphan were wearing fresh Cornball the latter probably will get the she gives Forth a sense of Confidence inspired by her own self appreciation clothes Are not a frivolity unless vigilance is Best Home fire alarm Parisienne make her Choice whether these Spring nights she will Bloom Forth As a romantic or As a for these two distinct evening lines have appeared both Are equally Good equally exhilarating both Are expressed in a Hundred different ways according to the imagination of the creator the Parisienne is making her Choice according to her mood her character the nuance of her per Sonal the formal functions of the next few months will witness wide therefore the Little girl from the childrens Home Hung her head withdrew into herself and the unspeakable holocaust at new London could have been pre vented if the authorities had realized that danger lurked near or in sweeping skirts attached to Dimin the schoolhouse but they evident utile bodices with generous Decol by did not know letes Side by Side with skirts so How terrible it is then for us skintight that they cannot be who do know of potential dangers slipped Over much More than a pair to put off the of stockings but As swirling wit Nares into Nesseu Ana pretended she didst know the answer when a the teacher called her name of As clothes Are More than external sons we bleed their uplift and drawings for the body they Are a in avenge for the happiness the spirit undoubtedly there is a mental first of All like to suggest who smells hour of correction sweeping hems Are the order of the Day even these super Sheath gowns in the Spring with House Leaming have some sort of fullness introduced sometime Well below the Knees to and Small repair jobs on our minds Point All of us should make it a to be on the Side of safety f Loicl c the Confidence of the wearer they reason Back of fashions rhythmic that any Householder n a o Trio fro of i universities might teach Politi tenets Are a Medicine a tonic a stimulant Man whose earning1 ability and interest in his work have shot up f ten Points when he bought a new Necktie any woman who has lost a Beau and bought a red hat to improve her cardiac condition will attest to this fact it int the Gar the thing that it does to the wearer hat matters we live near one of the smaller w Armor in which to fight lifes colleges and daily i meet groups of Battles the Young men on the Street clothes do make the Man or wow Ether i know them or not off Man or child More often than the come their hats if they Wear any Couturier know they provide a usually they dont and before i Sel Confidence that is a spiritual know it i hear a Friendly Good fortification and bravery or Good fore mrs i l Huff superintendent then i catch up my manners and of the Western Oklahoma state reply almost too eagerly of Good Home for 304 White children de evening Good or Good of nitrated a sympathetic under morning or whatever it is standing of the problems of her boys the other Day a couple of Fine and girls the other Day when she upstanding youths who Are work let them dress up Twentyfive ing their Way through school were girls for whose stooped shoulders Here under the gardeners Tutelage the doctor had recommended braces rolling the Winter swelled Lawn one received tight fitting silk dresses i spot in a Triangle i was afraid mrs Huff had asked the they forget so i called boys f it pit pop on Little make the substitution the Reci please everybody forgets cents of the new frocks improved and one of them replied Well their posture at once they wanted be sure to look out for and he to show off their dresses to the Best added thank advantage evade a boy who had been playing naturally i thought i was dream hookey fro school was Given a tag lived near a uni pair of dark trousers a Good looking varsity where crowds of boys and shirt and Necktie instead of about at most any hour i alls he Hast been absent since the Day i want used to such adornment follows natural scheme of things the Possession of a Large Ward comply with this new Mode in Between these two silhouettes there Are gowns that Are full or reasonably the slightest Gas and can slim which Means that every con not locate the cause get a plumber mui1 Tnp of woman can readily at once we once lived in an old House that had Gas pipes All through its Walls these were capped when electricity was put in and in some cases pipe ends had been thrust Back into the Walls and papered Over i smaller Gas one Day the cause could not be found the rest of the family didst notice but i persevered and finally had experts go Over each Wall thorough Ceivalle Type of woman can readily find a gown which will express her personality without being obliged to resort to either extreme if neither happens to be becoming to her jackets included with nearly All gowns Paillette Cabochon and Bead embroidery rank first in the Decora Tive elements and have been enthusiastically received by smartly sure enough in the upper Hall women As nearly every evening the trouble was found take no in another House i had almost the same experience one evening after dark i got the Gas company to Send an investigator two sep tical youths appeared they searched and smelled and tapped and they were ready to depart i held them they stayed and went at it again finally one of them called we found it lady Hall ceiling was throwing out a Long Blue flame it was fixed in ten minutes this whiter the flame under our water Heater blew out one Day it never had before for Gas gown carries its complementing jacket in the same or in a contrast ing usually features the bulk of the embroidery with a edition of the Motif on the skirt or bodice of the gown on the other hand allover beaded or Paillette jackets Are very smart too Mai Bocher reports that Many of his clients have selected Black tulle or Chiffon for formal evenings nearly All with wide skirts with Paillette embroidery or Trimi ried with some contrasting medium crepes in the new faded Blue or Pink Are next favourites fit for a Princess out of a fairy tale is belongs evening ensemble in a sheer sued finish fabric its name is White night and the tailored basques jacket with three Quarter sleeves is entirely embroidered in colourful Ruby Sapphire Emerald and Topaz cabochons encircled in Silver thread embroidery the simple dress with skirt flaring softly from below the hips is hem med with the same Cabochon embroidery which makes it hang in statuesque folds every form of pleating and Kilt ing is to be seen not Only through out daytime clothes but in evening gowns also in the Patou collection there Are several creations which show a very Clever use of this very decorative effect one especially attractive Model shows panels with the killing used diagonally and vertically on the skirt and two very full kilted panels starting from the Back of the decollete in a fluttering Wing movement colourful stripes Are in Best of taste stripes either the colourful rain Bow variety or those equally vivid of Oriental inspiration Are indicated for the slim and Lithe figure Maggy ruffs egyptian gowns Are spectacular both in colouring and style they Mold the figure from decollete to Knees in a swirled movement reminiscent of the figures seen on Bas reliefs Rainbow striped chif Fons on the other hand Are usually expressed in wide skirted dresses with the stripes used vertically Al though Marcel Rocha hems the skirt of a vertically striped Gypsy gown with a wide band of the fabric used horizontally evening bodices Are either Mere wisps of fabric revealing a Good Deal of Throat and shoulders sometimes completed by two narrow straps or else they favor the Halter decollete with the bodice gathered into soft folds in front there Are a Good Many slashed backs speaking backs Are very Low and shoulders Bare Cheste Fieldian Courtesy indeed often their actions were entirely the opposite i am not one who goes about Possession i a pc ugh Robe merely to make a sartorial Dis Tcatch what Are Young play May Well meet with criticisms Silky Leopard innocent Little fires in their Yards choose Safe cleaning fluids As for cleaning fluids never have i searched again any kind of explosive substance in usual the Only one who the House noticed it usually i am told it is after Reading an article by the my imagination but three times head of the fire commission in one now i have been right of our cities on the Tri Kiness of so fix up the Gas pipes gasoline and naphtha i wired my it is also now a season for Bon daughter to throw out anything of fires and wind i have lost two the kind she had she was amused friends in my life who were tending but i slept better i knew her habit of cleaning Small apparel in the dramatic embroider in palliate Fawra at tree colors the materials mothers must never let their children see tears paired accessories Are smart idea no sense in Rich scents in summer House to be Brave for the childrens How Many mothers have this is the season to match accessories in pairs with a beige dress try Black Patent shoes and bag Scarlet hat and gloves or Black hat and purse and dark wine shoes and gloves build your wardrobe on a foundation of conservative rather to keep you from being tempted Neutral dresses and a suit then now is the time to put aside All pour melt stoppers of prevent evaporation until fall woes can Worsen Neui Rai a Reboca i thought one time that the end enliven it Wittl some of the new colourful and interesting accessories to but surely no one can quarrel with that Pride of appearance which to sends us out unafraid to dress up and scraping id rather they didst mind your manners to Usu Vail is a natural tendency the most to be natural goes further with me 1 Savage tribes have an instinct for i dislike superficial people intensely adornment any Little girl chooses but these youngsters around Here a Bright Blue Sash in preference to about it differently they Are a dark Blue one at to love courteously it is right too that this should think that Way to take orders with a smile and in Good old Par Lance show a willing spirit and a Friendly one parents need not feel that this is any reflection on them or their efforts to ingrain culture before the going away time is reached but the influence of the crowd is Strong and in surrounding Miles away from Domestic habit manners Are prone to take a vacation an Opportunity missed naturally schools feel that Stu dents outside its Walls Are old enough to know what they Are doing besides they Are not holding classes on that kind of culture test tubes Are their business More than cordiality however one cannot help feeling that Here is an Opportunity for in fluence along lines that May be quite As valuable to youth later on As Short hand political Economy or different calculus one can be polite in any language Good spoken so sin Cerely to a stranger no wonder i am pleased no end and commercially speaking what an asset to any College to have its representatives go out and please a Public rather than irritate it one almost gasps there Are a few gentlemen under fifty after All in this rattle bang hurry up test your knowledge of Correct social usages by answering the following questions then Check ing against the authoritative answers below 1 outside of the classroom should boys and girls Rise when addressed by their teacher 2 should school children hold up their hands for permission to talk when another person is re citing 3 does it show appreciation of a Good Assembly program to stamp feet and whistle 4 should children Greet their teacher with 5 is it Good manners to laugh at another Childs mistake in class what would you say you were a boy or girl answer ing a a yes b yes miss c answers 1 yes 2 no 3 no appreciation is shown by careful attention and applause at the end of the program 4 Good morning miss rus is preferable 5 no nor in any other place Best what would you do during the hot months substitute lighter summer scents reliable Well established the Click of a shoe on a floor Nail whispered this to themselves since of everything had 7o tote goes on eternally with company is featuring a old Wax on polished floors should out trouble sometime it comes whom tragedy had Fol housewives take note from the find something else some compound with a crash again it is the slow i know better we lost land of Glamour comes a Veport that he y a too he avy of what marked deadly pull against adversity of know now that dust will explode on occasion if Many kinds mixed with air wrap it up and whatever form it takes death put it in an outside can oiled rags sickness Money worries or some should not be kept in the House or ones trying disposition the Mother through will so stacks of papers either dry or Damp tries not to let it affect her children Peop e own seem Nap pier perhaps then we can smile for the children and be a bit Gay not All unhappiness is Hope less much of it is not really trag her washable Ott Hou e in store rooms give air spaces be tween boxes spontaneous combus Tion is absolutely unpredictable too vitally but what a terrible Strain it is to smile and keep swing to act As if everything was smooth and Are summer a pleasant Cross Between Forth perfume and Cologne this is Cooling no and refreshing yet the odor lingers desk at the Hru Spaso office to freshen up arms and neck Nave Esso by to launder that a Verbena Are Only two of the put on a clean one every morning p local Man wants a women ticket in politics Here or the Dona of mount Waialeale one of the better perfumes if everything was smooth and much of t is not Reany an Harmual rainfall packaged with three Smau Lovely with that Load on her heart Gay All we must try to govern e 0 words Snow a Satin Sachet envelopes in Matching it is easier to fight an enemy with thoughts and hearts and of 476 inches the r Dor of you Felep these Little bkg 10 it join a our own thoughts and hearts and arms than to wage War against this then not Only the children will Ben rainfall of Only kind of thing that fights in the fit but ourselves As Well away dark and against which there is no defense the real Soldier Man or woman is the one who endures and tries to keep Normal at the same time there Are More heroines among mothers than Ever graced could women take the affairs of government in Chillicothe into their hands hand motioned manicured and jewelled and run including a climb a stage fathers Burden lighter i say rather than sent a jewel eur fathers not because men escape your guess is As Good As ours but tragedy but because they can get k we like to consider the examples out away from the family women the most Beautiful Mem already set by such women As have music stay and put on an act before Hydrangea family Are had affairs of Community and state the children whose happiness they French hybrids which Are forc and nation in their and have try to keep at a level Woom Early m the Spring the Flower Heads Are in size like the outdoor their delicate color give a in your lingerie drawer and Wear the perfume in the daytime you need have no fear of being surrounded by conflicting doors of perfumery incidentally a perfume and Sachet set would make a perfect mothers Day gift shrubbery Hydrangea with its around the Plant roots the popularity of lilies the Heads of Blom is a familial because of their Large leaves and Valley corsages they were seen in parts of the country Flower Heads Blooming hydrangeas profusion in easter parades have big Hydrangea blooms keep Well inside Chi us Lilly j f excellent types of require a tremendous amount of made Llly of the Valley perfumes i Cuculic a Iii Suc Ilij water especially in the dry air Besic eiders on cosmetic counters its a Nice idea to match your per fume to the Flower you happen to be wearing on your Lapel not let things go amiss there have rhe in Lidren of course May been a Good Many of them Tow about the worry in Many Mere Man never gets his name cases they should unless Cir Tim we on this Page of the Constitution stances make the knowledge ind refinement that makes them suit Tribune but w j Olenhouse City a Sabie clerk is an exception because w another and not finest Homes j Olenhouse would like to see r rather that women in Public office id like to have a women ticket o or put up Here this year i 1 Able for gifts or enjoyment in the some people prefer v it those with White children Are miserable if they florets or bluish Pink Are equally mothers attractive put up Here this year i worrying actual troupe or sorrow this Early by coniing Hydrangea is care if they were democrats or re t Firth Jess unbearable than their one of the very few plants whose ars or sad eyes or general color of Boom can be changed by expression of distress the treatment Given the soil cer to Fly Ilioiu icon Ullic us Lilc vol j publicans id vote for Olen s tears or sad eyes or general color of Bloom can be changed by House says when pressed a Little shaped in Hows for sleeping Comfort if you hate draughts Down the Back of your neck or if you like to sleep face Down an Elbow Pillow that has a shaped space for your shoulder is something to consider these Are quite decorative on any bed and its possible to get slips Cut to fit them spectacularly exciting is Marcel n that coat is uned with further As to Why he wanted a women ticket he said hed just to see what women could do spiked rubbers for golfers both golfers and go fesses who plod the links under april showers will find that Golf rubbers Are Handy to lungs to have in Caddy bags the rubbers have spiked soles and heels we a strap across the instep prevents the Loose draping of the bodice and holders of Public office them from slipping off in the mud the High neckline is it any wonder then that the Tain chemicals added to the soil Mother of a family tries with All when the Plant is Young cause the that is in her to smile and carry Flowers to develop a Lovely Blue tone instead of the usual Pink Hue old perhaps if she tries the com time florists sometimes brought and sporty handkerchiefs a new breast pocket hand c Hydrangea is one of most Beau for men intended to be worn Tifful indoor Blooming plants sports clothes 53 made of dark line Home or office in solid colors the sports Motif is every Day carried out by cutout figures in con keep the plants out of All tasting colors appliqued on dec Rocanas Cream in Tuiai j Tuiai i k Hue old soak the soil thoroughly every aay carried out of Cui oui usurer m Alfh Olenhouse is a believer that to n Home Florist brought and keep the plants out of All tasting colors appliqued on dec also men do the thing by folks perhaps if she tries the com time of color draft i which will cause them to orations include Tennis Polo and the Scarf tie at the Waistline note he thinks women Sollid be All right Parison idea she May find stren0i to the Soa wait very quickly boating figures 1 Trio in Fripp and ant inn nip y to look and feel happier

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