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Chillicothe Constitution Tribune Newspaper Archives Apr 3 1965, Page 4

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Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune, The (Newspaper) - April 3, 1965, Chillicothe, Missouri THt WASHINGTON MERRYGOROUND LBJ Himself Generates White House Steam Mixups Answsr to Previous Putilft i Editors Noli travrlmc in The column tculav is written his Anderson WASHINGTON show of efficiency on lap K from his power center in the While llnu keeps the cumlcriime legislative machinery hum Thr Ki IKIMI I IK HI lull wriirn I boss this remarkable political engineer crankand I lie creakold machinery to cet the most mileage out ol u He cnnstaniiv on the phone to key senators and congressmen n llv in auakr in the morning or cooing to them through their bedule reciivrrs H With Ihe Ireident homes in on the doubters and recalcitrants who are hoUhnu up his priority legislation He alter nately prods anrl ever liis own experience on the as one of the most skillful Demo cratic leaders in Senate has lauuhl him whom to butter up and how to apply the At the he is pushing with all his might to got the Negro votingrights bill tnrouuh Congress by mill This would be an un paralleled feat since il rightbills normally jam up the congressional maduivrv lor MIRACLE ON CAPITOL HILL His most optimistic advisers Msrrl Congress wont act on voting rights uniil June at tin But it I Infinal mil call should come if it wouldnt be the lnt hrilativ e miracle he has His anltpov bill providing mil to the depressed Appalachian thnmh o that it leM the lawmakers breath 1 ne Presidui not onl plioneu ev i rv ciMuresmaii who counted but he sent IIMI Irom gov ci nmciit departments and agencies swarmniL over Capitol Calling thrm together for a strategy IIP urged I want you people to allout to sell Congress on the for this 1 have a louuli job lalkmg to SOUKmembers ms he acknowl edged with a wry Kdna Keliv and Tip ONeill D alvvavs want to discuss their own for ONeill never fails to tell you about how employment is falling off in the Boston Navy Listen to like 1 and then tell him how employnuiit is suffering in the Appalachian TALK AND TEA For every prod the Proidcnt he also holds out a He has divided the members into groups of for and invited them lo the White House lor talk and When 1 was a Irchman he explained to the President invited the whole Congress down to the White House for a mass He lined up to shake his then wandered off looking for a glass of 1 want to give these people a real eve ning at the While To this he has invited his cabinet officers lo each congressional After the he sends the wives off with Lady Bird to inspect the While House living Then he turns the con gressmen loose on his cabinet inviting any questions they Some of the sessions have developed some When the Presi dent tried to explain his reclamation policies to Congrcssvvoman Cath erine she snapped back 1 cant accept that FLAREUP AT WHITE HOUSE And Bell bitter over his rebuff from House Democrats and sour over events in into Attorney General Nicholas Williams aired his then demanded the FBI file on Martin Luther the civil rights There is no file on bristled Now dont try and kid shot back Both you and 1 know there is a Katzenbach and the President remained Is King file going to be made available to Congress to the appropriate committees repeated No snapped the attorney Then a legislator in the rear cut in I believe this conversation may be petting out of so 1 movp we break it But despite occasional LBJs wav of handling Congress is paying INSIDE THE KLAN The House Activities committees preliminary in vestigation of the Ku Klux Klan has produced some startling and dis turbing facts about the Klan One imperial became an alcoholic and drug To pay for his he misappropriated money from Ihe Klan The head of a Klan terror squad was discharged from the army as mentally Another klavcrn officer was classified by the army as a The leader of one small Klan came out of the mental ward at Nesv York Citys Bellevue where he had been treated for a ACROSS 1 Chess piece 5 Article 8 Hare 12 European stream 13 Eternity 14 Operatic solo 15 Otherwise W Masculine nickname 17 Secure 18 Parts of flowers 20 Boys nickname 21 Observe 22 Little 23 Roundup critter 26 Scorifier 30 Dance step 31 Accomplice slang 32 Wife of Aegir 33 Scottish alder 34 Fruit drink 35 Rustle 3fi Seesaws 39 Men 41 Before 42 Golfing term 43 Adolescents 46 Make possible 50 Roman poet 51 Through 53 Tumult 54 Learning 55 Boundary Sfi Brazilian tapir 57 Oblique glance Sfi Sesame 50 Hardy DOWN 1 Retain 2 Otiose 3 Arboreal home 4 Lubricant 5 Verb form 6 Garden implement 7 Conclusion 8 Celebrated 9 Golf club 10 Carnivorous mammal 11 Feminine name 19 Celtic Neptune 20 Ribbed fabric 22 Escutcheon stripe 23 Petty quarrel 24 Weight deduction 25 AngloSaxon theow 26 Bounders 27 Soviet stream 28 as a ship 29 Biblical character 31 Reduce 37 Frnpilo 38 Hitter vetch 39 Hip boy 40 Biblical mountain 42 Posit ion of jeopardy 43 Payment for privilege 44 Cry of bacchanals 45 Ireland 47 Flexible 43 Kind parcels 49 outcasts 5t Pool cards 52 Biblical name Looking Back Through Constitutiontribune Files meetine of the Khvanis Cc ommeni Twenty Years Ago Today Ray who entered Ger many with thr First ssas in a hospital as a result of in juries received when a brick wall A flight officer whose home was in Kansas was injured fatally in the rash of a fighter plane northwest of The maximum temperature here on April 2 was the minimum Firemen responded to two alarms in one One involved a I blaze in a car and the other grass British anrl Canadian troops ad vanced to within striking distance of the Zuider Zee and North Sea in1 an effort to trap all Germans in1 Lucy Philp resigned lierj position at the office of the Price and Ration She had been employed there 22 1 Ensign Harold ai Navy arrived for a visit with his and Jeff j Eadie Was a starring j Ann Miller and Joe was a local movie Hal Me Intyrcs orchestra also was fea Kugenc county extension spoke on gardening at a TIZZY By KATE OSANN Thirty Years Aao Today Boucher was victorious in a five man race for county super intendent of superintendent of announced thatthere were 89 in the gradualinc class of the Chillicothe High The Chillicothe school levy was approved by a vote of 773 to I Russell White completed land seapinc the front lawn on the west side of the city hall New uniforms arrived for mem hers of the local National Guard unit and were distributed at a meeting of the The glee club of Washington Uni was to present a program at the Chillicothe High Members of the Rotary club and their wives planned to hold a reg ular rural acquaintance meeting at Marvin Cunningham went to Kansas City to join her husband who was employed The forecast for this area called for rain or snow with temperatures near the An area conference on land use was lo be held in Chillicothe on April There are two tides in 24 hours high and The ConstitutionTribune Page APRIL 1965 4 It wouldnt be fair to go steady with I couldnt do that to all the other girls ConstitutionTribune Want Ads Pay OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Hoople OUT OUR WAY by Williams TESTS UNDER FIRE Intelligence been such an accepted term m the language for so long that it may come as a surprise to learn that this old cnw is not as sacred among educators as it once The latest attack on the whole idea of tests and national norms was made recently h 1aul research director of the Educational Testing Sen ice in He thinks they have caused parents and students needless anxiety and ought to he elim Contrary to popular intelligence tests dont measure general intelligence or a persons mourn capacity to They are useful only for predicting possible academic Measuring him against a national intelligence norm only discour ages the underprivileged No matter what he his parents or his teachers he cannot possibly look good against more favored Why do we need to know where he stands among all pupils of his hge in His real competition lies in his own The kids seem to have different least those who look part in a just completed study by the Russell Sage Foundation into the social consequences of standardized ability A questionnaire survey ol nearly Uith and 12lh grade students in 59 schools across the country Unnui that must of them think they are smarter than they actually Reports Orviile Brim president of the foundation The American secondary scnuol population estimates their intel ligence to be somewhat on the than that of the other in their They also believe they are brighter than the general high school Private school boys thought thev were brightest of Parochial students and were exceptions to this general pattern and savs he flagged lor lurlher II nuy he mat the parochial school environment creates a feeling of and lack of self deermmation which leads lo a decreased estimate of ones As lor the tendency of girls to downgrade the ques linn is whether they really hclicvr it or whether they have learned in mans smart girls a little It is a the Sage man to which males may not soon know the r Junior Editors Quiz on FLOWERS LOOK AT THOSE PINK BUZZ FOR A LOAD OF NECTAR By MURIEL LAWRENCE QUESTION What makes lie colors in flowers a o ANSWER This is a thoughtful We all look forward to the flowers pulling on a radiant color but we frequently fall o realize why and how the colors arc The colors aie there because insects and birds know there k sweet nutritious nectar to be found in and the colors wctt as the the birds anil insects where to go to find the In getting the visitors pick up pollen from one plant and carry U to llms aiding in the creation of seeds which will develop Into new The petals of flowers show colors because they contain materials which reflect away certain of colored light rays and appear to be of that a flower wiH have more than one color in its There arc certain colors called such as icd and These opposite colors cause each other to glow more to stand Why are there so many red floweis This is because of that same comple mentary The grass arotuid die red flower makes it stand out vividly and helps a bird or insect to find FOR YOU TO DO Besides red and here are some othrr Complementary colors orange and yellow and will often find these colors contrasted in the flower Ixxik carefully through a garden to find sonic of complementary and notice how they give sparkle and visibility to the Daauy Michaud ollort wins this weeks grand prize 20voluinc nl iionpions Iictuicil IMH Mail yours oil ft to Junior ia care of Dont Be Afraid to Quit DEAR LAWRKNCK Please help me uel alonR better with my 1 think he enjoys needling Id quit except that this is a sniall city and jobs are hard to He changes his mind about what he wants said in a letter and then blames me for lakmu incorrect dic 1 have worked on holidays lor him and he hasnt paid But he criticizes me in front of ANSWER Dont tell me you cant You may not have to if youll stoo being so scared of the idea of 1 want you to let that idea take up lodemq in your head so that you can used to il and Ciien finally embrace not as an awful prospect but as a promisinc 1 wont say one word about how to uct with this sadistic nan for whom you Its his knowledge that youre afraid lo quit hat enables him In abuse Its that fear of ours which ropes you o the mast so that lie can keep vmi bound and immovable while he loss you You cant You cant Theres nothing to do but ake The only way to beat him is to take thai whip ol knowledge away mm Why cant entertain the notion of not just this oh but this small city of This bully isnt the Its own submission to restnc And thats all ol vour submission to his It s be you cant even imagine anv thing bigger and better and happier or yourself than mis enslaving job and unpromising town that your boss fnds it easy to make you feel small and Im not telling you to Im asking lo let the notion of luittmg into that Imagination of Write to your slate employment agencs about jobs in bigger Ask friends iiovv work is in other Inlorm yourself so that the prospect of quitting begins to lose some ol its lorbidding error for Create a choice for yourself between staying and If you this bullv will know it right aw And the moment he knows sou can run if you want hell start treating sou thats what Personally 1 would want no part ol All rights Newspaper 30 i TMifX A O WClSLU zTCOPTO r MOST BS LEASTDtR6 1 CAM 6E OP A DtSPtRATE D VvlM THE BcT AMV PLACE ANV PLACE IM rrry TWSAVCE IT cove OUT THROUGH AAV you WISH vou COULD MAKE IT COME OUT THROUGH VOUR I EYES J THE ALL OUT nervous Another Klan leader was described in FBI re ports as mentally and an exalted cv clops was termed simple U will be interesting to sec whether Ihainnan Kd who has been listening lo the clamoring ol the Klan back in will bear down on these misfits with ihc amc enthusiasm that he goes after the Bell I do want sou to wiggle around with Do not copy French American Be Indonesian unls m every one of your Sukarno ol addressing Ihe voung women vho will be guides for the Indonesian pavilion at the New York World s The all for not class is the sign of our Gorman Chancellor A democracv which despises the Billed as eggheads is a democracy has abdicated the QuuUon S H O R T R I B S M o r t Y M e e k i e C A P T E A S Y A L L E Y O O P OMNI POTENT MA3KTV YOUR TfAisSCsNCENT ETriiHS OUSt SOINS TO F R E C K L E S THATVVA6THg TOWN ILL ID ANV ROINir ATLBV3T FIFTY CITY IVE TOLD VOU A HO LULU HEALED THE 50V A FEW VEftR kINDHEARTEPi IM YOULL VERV FONP OF ILL LEARN YOU TO ANF GET ME ALL PKWtD HIS CALLOUSEPy FOR THAT MOLL THEN DROP ME WITH OUT WO APOLOGY1 VOURETH HEIR TO A FORTUNE WP HAVEHEARD OF EXCEPT FOR 05 THAT IF YOU AGREE TO REPAY WITH A MO PEST CUT NOKWA 511S 651 WHY A PRETTY I I iH n S kSTA HBRES AN HEAVY BUT DRIVE S v f IT tiiVP V THAIS TME WHY OME OF MY N WHATS THAT TiRES HAS A HISSING SOUMDP SLOW LEAK

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