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Chillicothe Constitution Tribune Newspaper Archives Apr 3 1965, Page 2

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Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune, The (Newspaper) - April 3, 1965, Chillicothe, Missouri SCHOOL MENUS High School Cafeteria AprilS9 Monday Schoolboy Sandwich Round Buns and Butter Spanish Rice Tossed Salad Applesauce Cheese Stick Cinnamon Rolls Milk Tuesday Spaghetti Hamburger Cottage Cheese Green Beans Hot Rolls and Butter Tomato Juice Cherry Pie Milk Wednesday Vienna Sausage Navy Beans Sauerkraut Hot Rolls and Butter Pumpkin Pie Cheese Stick Milk Thursday Chicken Tetrazine Cole Slaw Lima Beans Hot Rolls and Butter Jade Peach Salad Cookie Milk Friday Tuna Salad Bread and Butter Scalloped Potatoes PineappleApple Salad Chocolate Pie Cheese Stick Milk Dewsy School CofftttrUt April 59 Monday Baked Ham and Navy Beans Catsup CeleryApple Salad Hot Rolls and Butter Chocolate Cake Milk Tuesday Weiners Coney Buns Buttered Vegetables LettuceTomato Salad Peach Pie Cheese Milk Wednesday Pizza Baked Potatoes Butter Cold Tomato Juice Banana Cake Milk Thursday Roast Beef Slice Bread Mashed Potatoes Butter CarrotsCelery Sticks Cocoanut Cream Dessert Milk Friday Fish Sticks Buttered Spaghetti Hot Cinnamon Buns and Butter Cold Orange Juice Milk lossoms Wheeling School Ccdeteria April 5 9 Monday Toasted Cheese Sandwich Baked Beans Tomato Juice Applesauce Prune Cake Milk Tuesday Turkey Mashed Potatoes Gravy Green Beans Bread Butter Pineapple upsidedown cake Milk Wednesday Meat Loaf Sweet Potatoes Carrot Sticks Bread Butter Milk Sliced Peaches Thursday Schoolboy Sandwich Potato Chips Corn Tomatoes Cheese Pickles Catsup Mustard Onion Cupcakes Milk Friday Salmon Patties Peas Applesauce Bread Butter Milk Peanut Butter Cookies Central School Cafeteria April 5 9 Monday Vienna Sausage Whipped Potatoes Kraut Bread and Butter Banana Cake Milk Tuesday Navy Beans and Ham Buttered Spinach Cornbread and Butter Fruit Jello Milk Wednesday Roast Beef and Gravy Whipped Potatoes Applesauce Hot Rolls and Butter Milk Thursday Schoolboy Sandwich Green Beans Carrot and Celery Sticks Snickerdoodle Cookie Milk Friday Fish Sticks Creamed Corn Combination Salad Bread and Butter Frozen Dessert Milk possible with men are possible with Several dramatic examples will be read from the illustra ting the availability of divine power in overcoming the discord ant conditions of material exist The subject is Citations from the Christian Sci ence textbook will include these lines From beginning to the Scriptures are full of accounts of the triumph of over man is governed by the everpresent Mind who understands all man knows that with God all things are pos sible Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Wheeling High School Seniors Ludlow Methodist Church Daniel Pastor Church Lee church school super Morning Lee church school super You are invited to worship with THE CHURCH FOR All AUtFOR THE CHURCH The Church is the prealest fac tor on earth for the building of character and good It in a storehouse of spiritual val Without a strons neither democracy nor civiliza tion can There are four sound reasons why every person should attend services regularly and support the They are 1 For his own 2 For his childrens 3 For the sake of his community and 4 For the sake of tha Church which needs his moral and material Plan to go to church regularly read your Bible When the buds burst into fragile and their breath is and a warming breeze caresses the damp earth this is more than This is the time of For these same festive branches shall lift a precious burden of fruit when the redgold mantle of harvest falls across the When human souls awaken to the reveille of and hymns and prayers fill the arches of and the warmth of an ageless hope reaches from heart to heart this is more than For the faith which blossoms today will bear its own precious Love Joy Peace The harvest of souls like yours and mine is beginning anew to Copyright 1965 Keitler Advertising Independent Baptist Church Hall Albert Pastor Sunday Morning Evening There will be evangelistic preach ing April 12 to 17 at each eve Ernest Baney of the Grace Baptist church in Brookfield will be the The public is son of and Clarence of is a curators scholar ship winner and plans to attend the University of Missouri at Kan sas LINDA daughter of Mr Eugene plans to attend the University of Missouri and has won a curators She attended Missouri Girls State as a junior Church of God Second and Ryan Streets Dale Pastor Sub IN THE GARDEN By Art Gaus Extension Horticulturist University of Missouri Sunday Isaiah Monday Isaiah Tuesday Matthew Wednesday John Thursday 1 Thessaloniani Friday 1 Petor Saturday Revelation t t the Golden Text Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of Classes for every Call Ml 61787 for transportation on our church Guest Paul Revival services and special That best portion of a good mans unre membered acts of kindness and of public is Ushers Ron ald Somerville and James Rey Hospitality committee Joseph Jack Reynolds and Jack Wednesday Luncheon will be served in the Gold Room of the Strand hotel for the 18 Sunday School teachers for the year 1964 The Lonergan will speak on Modern Trends in Re ligious Guild work day meeting in the parish hall starting at Covereddish lunch eon hostesses Beaty and Altar Guild meeting in the parish YPF meeting at Linda Turners Window Box Environment Are you one of many gardeners trying to grow plants in a box at a south window How are the plants doing Sort of spindly All stem and little or no foliage Pale green color and leaning toward the light This is the usual situation ex perienced in trying to grow plants in the It does illustrate a Many of us are not aware of the importance of environment in the growth of Or we may be aware of its but sort of look the other way and hope we can sidestep its mighty If you obtain some pleasure in growing vegetable plants such as cabbage or tomatoes in the And where we have no control of humidity in our the rela tive humidity may go as low as 20 per cent during cold The tea kettle on the old time wood stoves used to humidify kitchens So remember the big three in environment and They are respon sible for the growth of your veg etable Another factor of environment in growing particularly when we use soil as a growing is fungus The ones we are particularly concerned with are called dampingoff Several species are but they produce the same symptoms on the plants the stem either at or just below the soil line begins to shrivel and in a short time the plant topples Little can be done to check this condition once it Fungicidal drenches are sometimes but they may prove more harmful Free Methodist Church Curtis and Graves Forrest Pastor Sunday Clem ent Morning Message by Evangelist Hunt Spiritual Emphasis Week Rally at the high Evangelistic services with Hunter of will con tinue through Sunday April each Womens Missionary Society meets with Theita 327 than Best method of avoiding prob because of if all you can grow the environment are spindly dont set them out in your garden See your local plant grower and set out some sturdy You will be better off in the long What is this thing called environ ment Its many To trying to grow vegetable plants in the it is basically and humidity lems with dampingoff is to germ inate your seeds in vermiculite feed with a weak nu trient solution until the first true leaves have fully transplant into flats of soil or peat First Presbyterian Church 401 Elm Street William Minister all The James guest min will preach the first of four tend Religious Emphasis Services as a Religious Emphasis Week Serv ices at Religious Emphasis Week Mens Prayer Strand Carol Herald Chapel 7 Religious Emphasis Week serv Martha 2 in the church Wes ley Religious Emphasis Week First United Pentecostal Church Corner of Green and Williams Paul Pastor Ml 63149 Sunday Morning Evening Apostolic pentecostal Everyone sermons on the Dimensions of overall His Take The average person simply does not appreciate the dif ference in light intensity experi enced inside the window as com pared to just outside the Your plants will tell you of this difference by growing toward the And since darkness is more conducive to cell the items become long and Another environmental problem to the average house with respect to raising plants is For a plant such as the night temperature should be be tween 50 and 55 degrees Day temperatures are not usually important if night temperatures can be maintained at the desired Tomatoes require a night temperature of 60 degrees fahren Temperatures in most homes exceed these minimum night tem and in some homes far exceed High temperatures result in rapid growth coupled with inade quate produce spindly Another environmental factor es sential for continual optimum growth of plants is mois ture in the for our comfort in the the relative humidity of our homes should be near 40 per For our veg etable ideal relative humid STOKES MOUND By DORA GARBER and Kell Colliver were Friday supper guests of and Rex and Seth Minnis were Kathy and Karen Garber spent Saturday night with their grand and Norman The PTA executive committee of TinaAvalon met Monday after and Ralph Colliver called on her and Roy Wright Sunday Dora Garber spent Tues day in Tina with Sarah Plum Patsy Frakes and Kathy Garber attended the 4H meeting at Ava Ion Monday and Kell Colliver spent Monday at the Carl Harrison Aneta has Several ladies met at TinaAva lon Tuesday afternoon to finish their health Me topic Your Relationship with Because of the Union Service at Chillicothe High School at the Youth Fellowship will not meet this Spiritual Emphasis Week Sched ule The Preaching which begins with the Sunday morning will continue on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 8 Belt will preach on Your Relationship with Peo Your Relationship with and Your Relationship with Child care will be provided at all will visit the Tuesday circles and present the devotional at both the morning and afternoon meet 7 devotional period for the men of the church will be held in the Fellowship This will conclude by Immediately preceding this coffee and doughnuts will be Calvary Baptist Church Third and Locust Streets Harry Pastor Sunday Rex Morning Worship Evening Worship at High Prayer meeting each evening April 7 Revival meeting each evening April Beginner and Primary Sunbeams and World Friends will meet at church after Intermediate lAs will meet with Katie 1217 1 Saturday Royal Ambassadors 0 Altha Garber day with the Harold spent Mon ity conditions would this nearly be We are very proud of the show ing the TinaAvalon students made at the District Music held at Those who received 1 ratings will go to the itate Faith Tabernacle West Green Street Sunday Morning Evening moeUng Bible study in Thursday Midweek Blessed are the peacemakers and for they shall be called of children The Methodist Church 1414 Walnut Earl Minister DeLoss Minister of Evangelism Dorothy Educational Assistant This Sundays message was de livered last year on Passion Sun It is being repeated by the request of The Life For A Worship School Worship Sunday Peter Pan Sundas School Emphasis Week Union Service a the High 3 Girl Scout Troop Boj in 1874 At West I Scout Troop 1 then at Questions and Answers asteroid WM named In honor of an American president It was discovered in 1920 by Professor Palisan of the University of and named for Herbert the flrtt woman to be elected to the Senate Hattie Caraway of Ar kansas in WM our firit pretldent born west of the River Clark born First Baptist Church Vine and Clay Streets Medford Pastor Don Music Director George Morning Worship The Lords Mxisic bj church rhoir The Head that Once Was Evening Service at the High Emphasis Beginner Choir Re ival Bill Wallace and Elsie Clor cir les will meet next Monday eve so that all may attend the evival this Tuesday Primary Choir 30 Junior GA 1721 30 Junior GA at 118 Intermediate 1108 Revival Golden Circle class will attend the revival in a group and have a short business meeting in Browning hapel following the Wednesday Inter mediate Choir Revival RAs will attend in a Church Choir rehear Thursday Junior Choir Revival Revival serv Revival ser North Carrol By ALVIS SPERRY and Kenneth Koster and children of Charles spenl the weekend with her Mr and Ora and fam iiy Jim Key spent the week end with and Raymond McCracken and and Roy and Everett Haynes and and Edwin Haynes attended Laredo funeral services Warner Wednesday for at First Assembly of God 815 Elm Street Dial MI 62807 Orville Minister School Sub the We have a class for each member of the Morning There is no right way to do a wrong thing Service at High Service at High Monday through Friday will be devoted to special revival services with Evangelist Thurmon Swift and family from This family is talented in music and The public is welcome to Christian Science Church 916 Locust Street Sunday 11 How the power of God operates in human affairs is explored in this weeks Bible Lesson to be read at all Christian Science The Golden Text is from Luke The things which are ini LITTLE PEOPLES PUZZLE First Christian Church 900 Jackson Street Walter Minister The Work Of The Church School for all Walter Light From the New Bing ham and Joe Rho Fellowship Youth Fellowship Services at Chillico the High James Jef Monday through Friday Spiritual Emphasis Ervin evangelistic minis Fellowship each evening in the Community Room following the Wednesday Intermediate Choir Junior Choir Chancel Choir Day General Assembly of Charley and Kenneth Hutchin son and Miss Hildred Hutchinson spent Saturday with and Lee Anderson and and Elmer Tygart of and and Lauman Rosier of spent Friday night and Saturday with and James Porter and attended the PorterCrews and Kell Colliver spent Friday evening with and Rex and John Suddith and family spent Saturday evening with and Wayne and Arnold Shipp and Timmy and Jay Carl and James Porter and Miss Nancy Campbell were dinner guests Sun day of and Bill Hoyt and and Otto Denker spent Sunday with and Alvis and Kenneth Koster and family and and Ora Rounkles and family spent Monday evening with and John Rounkles and and Hall and family spent Sunday with and Wayne and Ercel Colliver and family soont Sunday evening with and Howard Durnil and and Norris Duncan spent Monday afternoon with and Alvis and 3DV L 31UO8 9 3HUDS 3DNV1M C 3NVD Z AddOd 311SIHM 8 SNV39 9 ff 3Nld t iNldfKHIOd Iwwav Grace Episcopal Church 421 Elm Street Rector Communion service for the 5th Sunday in Communion service with choral music and a sermon entitled Our Lords Pas School serv ices and Nursery service in the parish services for Religious Emphasis Week in the high school James Director of Fel lowship of Christian Paxton Keeley and Joe Evening prayer and Spiritual Emphasis Week Preacher Gerald executive sec retary of the Department of Chris tian Education of the Episcopal Diocese of West What In The World Is God Do ing A fellowship hour with re freshments will be held after the Service ushers Harry Brown and Harry Hospitali ty committee Paxton Anderson and Lee prayer and Spiritual Emphasis Week Preacher Gerald What In The World Can We Do The Bert Maberry were evening Mr Kenneth Hutchinson spent Sunday afternoon with and Jack Evans and family in Family Dinner and Ora Rounkles had the pleasure of having all their children and grandchildren at home for Sunday Those present were ami Kenneth Roster and Charles Mr and By LENA PETERIE Ronnie and Gary Watkins spent the week with their and Paul Ina Willis who spent the winter months with her Dixie returned home Tues and Frank Stella Peterie and Peery spent Tuesday in The Russells and Peterie vis ited the Russells Charles and family and Peery visited and Farrell Warren and children of Chillicothe spent Sun day with her and Max and Dick Figg and sons of Hale spent Sunday with her par and Wallace and John who spent the winter months left Wednesday for New where he will be employed by a pipeline The Urichs took their and Frank Clodfelter accompanied his Frankin Clod Clndfeltpv and Kent of Trenton Sunday and went to Mo to spend the day with and John and Dale Karen and David of and McLey and and Skeet Flowers and Frank all of spent Sun day afternoon with Gwinna Dott and Gerald Searcy and sons spent Sunday with her par ents and Floyd Thomas at and Jess Jackson who were cared for by their Roy for several weeks were taken by ambulance Sunday to Milan and Walter Searcy had guests at a family birthday Guests brought baskets of food and gifts for the honored and James Chillicothe and Marvin Hennin and Chula and Bill Hobbs and and Jim Rob erts and and like all of Trenton nd Hess and and Billy Searcy and son md and Lyman all of wore the Peery spent Monday Graham Alter and family and John Rounkles ami Joe and Jim Callers in the Rounkles home over the weekend were and Mrs Irvin Loren Sum Ida Faye and Mary Rounkles and Glen and Raymond Young of South and Arnold Shipp and family and Mrs Minnie Hoyt were supper guests Monday of and Bill Hoyt and Local Markets EGGS 20c COX 2C Ib HENS afternoon Dott Cecil Rhennard called on Herbe Coffin an and Mary Bullock at Russell Nursing and Ronnie Pcterip and of and Pay on Woods and Giiy Squires and Ina Willis were dinner guests Sunday of Dixie ART REPLACES WEAPONS SHOW local police station has been brightened Gone is the usual display of guns and other reminders of a policemans In place of ilu exhibition of le thal Carlsbads new po lice Earl West has put up a showing of art work con tributed by the Carlsbad Area Art ConstitutionTribune Want Ads The ConstitutionTribune Page APRIL 1965 The Chillicothe ConstitutionTribune CHARLES Publisher BOHN Managing Editor PLUMMER News Editor Second Class Postage Paid at Chillicothe Publishing 818 Washington 64601 MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republica tion of all the local news printed in this newspaper as well as all AP news Daily ConstitutionTribune published daily except Sunday and holi days in Chillicothe by carrier per year per 30c by maii in Livingston and adjoining counties per by mail outside Weekly ConstitutionTribune published every Thurs per year

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