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Chillicothe Constitution Newspaper Archives Jun 2 1891, Page 2

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Chillicothe Constitution (Newspaper) - June 2, 1891, Chillicothe, Missouri J j h in c Dairy and sem weekly by Hitt son if Taal Pap of the City and county j editor and secy and City supt address to and v in Sontan Wau Minton Unree doors South of advertising o Ivo j Fot two insertions or less in the a Tocalis four without Orange in the Dally four Cento per line each a locals inserted one in Dally i without two cents per line in the Dally times Landsem weekly once at a fifteen cents per line for the seven in five cents per line each to Laden will be charged for until ordered special rates on local and it Spur Adver including sunday edition per sunday per month sem weekly per Gix to clubs of Send Money order or dress Constitution printing county for future reference and for the Dene Ritof outside readers and Stran a directory of the names of the a Putty officials been prepared and is As living circuit m i Jhog county James of District f anger a Cali r cowl ii o j on e in j any one it whom cheerfully Yuqu r concerning Liy Ingston con by locution be to keep cd i and i n to s Jort the party that comes Neatis to Fher de tits not exactly what the Republic pcs they Ood r to see a cd and la apr a not a 9 policy seek to prejudice the Farmers Jug artist a y0 i ther and resolves published m the votes by states there is Abu Addi f publican hatred of the a Anc move ment in the Aale for by reason of the s Enoch of to t Organ nation thee should be no Choice of president by the Electora Republican Pisa would be much at v a discount in cd bid d be in the event of in elect Ron of presi ident by House of Reurer state would be taken by j it v to found that Here be of the pc your states do less than Exteen Solic demo Brauc delegations and More where the of the delegation is there Are but Tan states Wuh re id Republican no Wii Republican Majori Tif of the r of tire states two have Alluto v majorities the in vae one state Are three demo one Republican and one Alii Ance so that the on is democratic i Tankage Sermon dontaue Derbm yesterdays Ana Tefter a few baffles nothing More was said about Northern mud Sills and Southern it was an army a f Lions against an army of it As a flock eagles Minsky with Iron beak against another flock of eagles Iron it was Thunderbolt against Thunderbolt it was archangel of Wrath against archangel of it was Han Cotik against it was Wade it was against it was Howard against it was Sherman against Stonewall it Grant against and the men who were tinder them were just As and some of them Are arid i detain file two garlands that i have twisted for the and in recognition of ii Onesty and prowess put the coronal upon these living federals and North and we will make a great fuss about them when they Are there will not be room on their Tomb stones to much we appreciate we shall Call ont the military and explode three volleys Over their making All the cemetery ring tinder on command of Firel we will obituaries in newspapers what Battles they what sacrifices they what flags they in what prisons hey but All that will come of one word in the living ear of raise for their honesty and courage Rill be Worth to them More than a uni tary funeral two Miles or a pile of Flowers half a mile and ten hands of music playing Over the grave Star spangled Banner or Down sous in while they Are in their declining and their right knee refuses 10 work because of the rheumatism they got sleeping on the wet ground on toe Banks of the or their digestive organs Are off on a furlough Jee Ause of the six months of prison n which their rations were big slices of and1 their ears have never been Alert since the cannonade in which they heard so much they have been Able to hear but Little these cases i Call upon the people of North and South to substitute a Little Ante Portem Praise for the Good Deal of these two Gar lands that i twisted for Northern and Southern Graves shall not be put upon foe grass of the Tomb until they have first encircled the foreheads of the Liv i will let the front of the Wreath come Down Over the scar of a Scalp wound made by the sword of a cavalry Man at and a Little Over she Eye that lost its Luster in the mine explosion at Huzzah for the living 1 Calla lilies and camellias and Amaranth and Palm branches for the living they but we must no detain the two Gar lands any longer from the pillows of those for a Quarter of a have been prostrate in dreamless slum never oppressed by summer heats or chilled by Winters both Gar lands Are fragrant both have in them the Sunshine and the Shower of this the colors of both were mixed by him who mixed the Blue of the and the Gold of the and the Green of the and the whiteness of the Snow and i do not care which you put Over the Northern grave and which Over the Southern does any one say what is the use none of them will know tour decoration Days both sides Mason and Dixons line Are a great waste of a i see you have carried too far my idea that Praise for the living is better than Praise for the who says that the dead do not know of the Flowers i think they the dead Are not the body but the soul lives and is no two cities on Earth Are in such rapid and constant communication As Earth and and the two great decoration Days of North and South Are better known in realms celestial than with what interest we visit the place of our birth and of our boyhood or girlhood Days and have the departed no interest in this up he Denotra he a font re he to the i a of o rhe Damoc in tvs cd Sta a on the preside Nuet or any other ques reply a a style of Tutje Jhaj the for o r ii Ennis is therefore a f 01 Pigi them s ki1 off inc 4 stnc1i publican Stales that Rory Jefne de and be time must i so the u led rim feel demo Haft on f special Prem s at in com r Livingston county Fai must being notice of the some to cok Jtitus Tion office at the Are being prepared where they were born and ran and where they suffered and triumphed my Bible does not positively say nor does my catechism teach but my common sense declares the departed do and the mannered procession that marched the Earth yesterday to Northern and the mannered procession that marched a month ago to Southern were accompanied by two grander though invisible processions that walked the of the pro Cessions of the processions the they heard the anthems of the churches and the Salvo o the and they stooped Down to breathe the incense of the these August throngs gathered thl morning in these pews and aisles an corridors and galleries Are insignificant compared with the mightier throngs o heaven who mingle in this service which we Render to god and our Rountr while we twist the two Hail spirits multitudinous Blest martyred ones comedown from the bongs palaces 1 How glad we arc that Yon have come Back Tak this kiss of Welcome and these Garland of be who languished in hospitals or went Down under the Thun Ders and the lightnings of Fredericks Burg and cold Harbor and Murfreesboro and Corinth and Yorktown an above the Clouds of Lookout among the thousands of at the North and at the South for dec oration Days i am conscious that thl service is and that it is the Only one in which there has been twister1 two one for the grave of the Northern dead and the other for the grave of the Southern i god of the american is it Tim that we Bury forever our old grudges my my can we not be peace on Earth when this moment in heaven in perfect Ulysses Gran and Robert William Sher Man and Stonewall and of thousands of and Southern men though once looked askance at each other from the oppo site Banks of the Potomac and the Dick Thommy and the James and the now Are on the same Side of the keeping Jubilee with some of those old Angels who near Nineteen centuries ago came Down one Christ Mas night to chant Over glory to god in the highest on Earth Good will to there should be no i have been waiting for some years for some one else to twist the two Gar lands that i today no one doing in the love of god and my country i put now my hand to the and next Spring about this if i am living and i will twist two More garlands for Northern and South Ern and every until some Man or woman whom i May have cheered a Little in the struggle of this shall come out and put a Pansy two on my own but if the time should Ever come when this land shall be Given Over to sectional rancor and and North and South or East and West shall forget what the Good god built this nation and it shall halt on its High career of right Rusness and Liberty and and be come the agent of tyranny and wrong and then let some Young Man whom i have baptized in infancy at these altars go out to Greenwood and scoop up my dust and scatter it to the four winds of for i do not want to and i will not sleep in a land accursed with sectional ism or of and now i hand Over the two Gar both of which Are wet with Many of widowhood and orphan age and tears of suffering and tears of and As the Cere Mony must be performed in there not being enough Flowers to cover All the take the one Garland to the Tomb of some Northern Soldier who May yesterday have been omitted in the list Nunon or me Sacran Renick of to and the other Garland to the Tomb of some Southern Soldier who May a month ago have been omitted in the distribution of the sacrament of the and put both the wreaths gently Down Over the hearts that have ceased to god bless the two garlands god save the United states of America a great John Jay was one of the truly great men of our revolutionary his character was without and he was More anxious to do right than to acquire popularity or on one in an exciting political Cam he procured a vote of censure against a member of a committee whom he thought the committeeman lost his temper and abused Jay on the next Day Jay Learned that his suspicions were not Well founded and that the Man had acted in All he went to the Man promptly and said you were and i was ask your the Man was and i have often heard that John Jay was a great Man now i know York an indirect Lozing speak to your miss Cole miss Vera is i can never be your wife 1 me i wish to speak to him about that five pounds he borrowed from me the week before last in getting a Little nervous about injustice to the weary Little Imp look at yourself 1 youre As dirty As a Willie Mamma says Imas dirty As a pig what do you think of that papa think mammas pretty harsh on the she has Given up spiritualism since she married because he objected to i sup yes for whenever she went to table rapping Farrar began to get Mes sages from his first the end of a what a pity it was they haunt known before what Good Fellows they both they kept feeling better and an none of it need Hev said of your Tom haunt shot he didst do said he the denial was too much for cum you lie he and then in minute All the sworn Friendship of the last half hour went to the four winds and and those two closed in a deadly each was trying to reach for the others they surged All Over the no one interfered for a then the other who had not rusted the newly made and had kept close stepped up to and putting his pistol to cum shot his head All o and that ended the the other Forton was killed shortly afterwards in an Ordinary and Dan is now he Only one it usually comes when there Are enough in Viton to take the Hatfiel Mccoy feud May be and it May not in All the cases Ever known the feud died Only when one of the families did the the Morto Cummins feud in Texas be longed to this the Only Man left of those two fam Ilies now is Dan three years ago he was dealing Faro in Al his face is like and he is Abonal As fear is a thing he does nol he will probably die in his because men of that sort Are never pleasant to have and the Community revolts to go How the thing started Doest matter prob ably in the same Way that it a Saloon this much is known a Cummins shot a Morton then the thing went on with deadly regularity until some six or seven had been killed on either finally there were Only two Morton and one Cummins left the latter had just one of his opponents and he lit out for other parts and kept away for a Good Many one Day Cummins came Back everybody was offering bets that Dan Morton would shoot him on sight Cummins thought but he had come Back to try and Settle the thin peaceably if he otherwise if i had to the two met i the natural course of and both started to reach for Cummins Sai his before the other go the cinch on he this things Goni far an i reckon we might As Well theres Only me an you now whats the use of it anyway it struck Dan sort of and he put up his believe Yere about he said with that the two went into the bed front and in another ten min utes the two were patting each othe on the and telling each othe a curious fact about Nickel and in the interesting process which has lately come into Vogue of plating Iron with Nickel by pressure Between Rolls at a welding the Nickel is ingeniously recovered from the clippings and hearings of the simply by the action of dilute sulphuric acid at a Ein Pesature of 55 cent that he Iron is and the Nickel is obtained in the form of thin sheets As t was melted upon the Tho opera Aon being Complete when the evolution of Hydrogen ceases oven fresh acid at lie same temperature has practically no but though Tho separation of the two metals is thus apparently perfectly a curious fact is Naine that when the residual Nickel is chemically examined it is fund to Dif Ler from its original the amount of Iron present being notably an example of this is noted in Tho Case of a Nickle containing Origi Nally per cent of 2 per cent More being found when it was re covered from the plate and even by a Long continued treatment with dilute acid the Iron could not be sensibly this Peculiar behaviour it is to the possibility of positive chemical combination taking place be tween the and that alloys of Iron and Nickel Are produced in the process of it being a la Well known to chemists and metallurgists that with but even a Small proportion of resists Tho action of acids much More than Tho pure York fuck three d Wel in Good repair and adore Manning Laid Taw Laving secured the services of the two celebrated manipulators of the concave Proffitt of and Tim Brady of Are now pre pared to wait on the Public with promptness and under sew York electric bitters remedy is becoming so Well known and so to Punk As to need no special All who have used electric bitters sing the same song of up or Medicine does not exist and it is guaranteed to do All that is elec in bitters will eve f 1 d Wees of the liver and will remove Salt Rheum and other affect Lions earned by Imp will drive malaria from the system and prevent Pawoll As cure Ai cure of constipation and ingestion try electric to the satisfaction or Money f Rice 50 and f per bottle Swetland rheumatism Caw be cd bed although it has baffled our Best it can be permanently cured by the proper use of Hubbards rheumatic which cleanses the blood of All poisonous matter and induces a healthy action of the kid Neys and to secure the Best hibbard8 rheumatic and liver and strengthening and rheumatic plasters should to used in connection with the for Sale by n j Tiwu tand co by in two parlor lounges and chairs we have bought an immense Stock of these goods at t and will make prices to close them out we quote a few prices parlor five 50 eld Price Virlor divan parlor Rocker 2900 3360 3900 67 so 4 50 6 750 390 4co 55 00 0060 6500 j2500 750 9 00 1200 1 650 750 Sale from june 1st to 13th Orrison 1216 1224 main Kansas making Tho bout of go into the room and bring that Cako on Tho said an Austin Mother to her its too dark in afraid to go into the go right into that room this instant or ill go in and bring out the replied the boy suppl cloth i believe that Young Man who comes to see you is not above mar Garet nonsense i Why should Yon think that to treats Johnny As if he fairly loved and you know Johnny is not the Best Little brother in the Carney Sells Milwaukee Beer at wholesale and business mens lunch Hul germans Chophouse from to apr27dtf Carney Sells Milwaukee Beer at wholesale and buckling Arnica the Best Salve in the world for Salt fever clipped and All skin eruptions and positively cures or no payment it is guaranteed to give perfect or Money Price 25 cts per for Sale by 8wetland a furnished re pm for rent apply at 920 West Jackson South Eist Corner of a spy Glass or Ampi talc o ill def whiskers removed without pain at Manning Loi Laws to sorial Par worst do Lodics periodical Ereat French act Only Upo i the menstrual system and Curt suppress Sion of the menses and All periodical troubles Peculiar to a reliable reme warranted to promote menstruation or Money Tho larger proportion of ills to which ladles Are liable is the direct re sult of disorders or irregular a package of 3 for sent by mail on receipt of sold Only by Bens by we Lams Fob of Exceen Bee hives for Aure at Frank scrubs 4 if you want to sell House goods give a we pay Cash Meek Public first publication Juno notice is hereby Given that t to under signed Public has formally taken charge of the estate of Margaret All persons having claims against Saidi estate arc required to exhibit them for allowance to the said Public administrator nip act aft Orthis or they May be any Bone flt of said Allf such claims be not exhibited within too years from the Date of this they shall be forever oms 29th Day of May p Public Pear cider at the Cool est Healthiest and Best dark in june demo Milwaukee Beer by the Case or bottle at this Organ is painted or papered up soft Wood that Cost and is sold for see me for a piano or no snides All Small come and see me or address for catalogue or regular the specialist of the Feln and Roar to Mew who by Tho Trown of imprudence or Folly Buner from Ner Voos i the Foust Ansof affecting the body and should consult the celebrated Hata Sway at re member Nervo mils eases with or with out dreams or debility and loss of enc Job with gnat it makes no Dller Lenoe what you taken or who Bai failed to care and All weakness of the sexual organs absolutely feb axe Juise Areej cured Homo without instruments a wonderful Cata Jowui and diseases of Tho liver and the most c and effective a Complete 8khv diseases of All kinds cured wheat others have Arshat Inias Nitcha Nicum prompt cured in a few Bure and this Iff eludes Gleet and free consultation at theofice or Jujj i thorough examination and careful a that Cash patient treated Tets the and Santako special study and and a specially la of his or her n nov mint 4 moderate charges and easy terms of in Monu a Home treatment can be Given in majority of on e refer to Banks in and Edmund from a letter in Stenby Ada e hard of we quote was taken with a bad which settled on my cough set in and finally terminated in consume four doctors gave me up saying i could live but a Short i gave my self up to my determined if i could not stay with my friends on i would meet my absent ones my husband was advised to get new discovery for coughs and i Gaye it a took in All eight bottles it has cured me and thank Godi am now a Well and Hearty trial bottles free at regular 50c and Une event o2 will be the dosing dancing party Given by wednesday evening june an exhibition German will be an entertaining feature of the every one is promised most enjoyable be Blossom positive cure for All female Unnur of tilt Cru Thuc a i Nirom Low spirited and de Ponden some do the Bym Lumo in the Pouw Crow the dumb i ii if i 00000 pile Catarrh lady can treat f for Ono months i St Macri i i kidney Panorama ill by wholesale and Piukku undertakers Corner of Ann and Locust to Metalic burial Wood orders by mail or Tele graph filled Day or personal attention paid to All private Corner of Washington and second w negations of abstracts of notary and Money local and Eastern to loan on Short 8 and 6 per privilege of prior payment at any interest 802 Jackson Cidh Cote vill a effective purify blood Clear the brighten the sweeter the tone the the utter and bv1u up the we oils system to perfect s Polo Phyllis pills now receiving a new line of Spring and the latest novelties of my Spring clothing is now arriving Fand is the mos Complete Stock in the mens shoes a specially Spring clothing we ask a kind inspection of Henry East Side
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