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Chillicothe Constitution Newspaper Archives Jan 20 1891, Page 1

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Chillicothe Constitution (Newspaper) - January 20, 1891, Chillicothe, Missouri Ditto Chillicothe tuesday evening january 20 i89i volume in no series a Dai is he House dilatory tactics of the Democrat Over the journal awaiting the elections Bill contend we Tiv the sneaker ovo his de Neil Flowers washing Tox Jan intention of the democrats of the House to Resor to obstructive tactics until a determination should be reached by the Senate o the elections Hill was manifested the or Bland of Missouri demanded the Reading of saturdays proceedings full instead of in the abbreviated form then or Mills of Texas Rose an moved an amendment to the Journa relative to the refusal of the chair to recognize his motion to reconsider the vote fridays journal was approved or Camion of Illinois inquire whether it was in order for him to mov the previous question on the a Proya of the journal and the speaker after an examination of or Mills motion ruled that it was not an amendment t the journal whereupon or Cannon Der i the previous question then came a chorus of democratic demands for the Reading of the Amend ment whereupon the speaker with apparent astonishment said o gentle men Cal for the 3eading if the Amend Menov the chair Pardon the will repeat the the clerk read is follows which said ruling of the speaker is disapproved by the the speaker regarding the proposed amendment As not proper recognize a or demand on a standing vote the demand was to 75 the be Publ dec is gathered strength and seconded the 130 nays 103 thereupon or Springer of Illinois took the floor under the Rule allowing forty minutes debate after the order ingot the previous question the House was in a Good Deal of confusion during and after which or Springer and the speaker indulged in some bad Inage As to the action of the voters last novem Ber in which the speaker came out Sec Ond Best or Mckinley of Ohio sought to justify the ruling of the speaker saturday is against dilatory motions he declared that the Lle publicans were read to refer to the people again their course and charged the present actions of the democrats to their desire to defeat the elections Hill or Flower of jew York replied dec Vojt that Issue and stand upon democratic or Mek Ihley retorted i want to say to the gentleman from isow York that this Issue will not or Flower answered it will Down the Republican democratic laughter j or Mckinley replied gentle Anen secured Power in the House of representatives by the suppression of the votes of thousands and hundreds of thousands of citizens you May have a temporary Victory now and then derisive democratic laugh but the party that stands against an honest count can not longhand permanently hold Power in this applause on pie publican after further discussion the journal was 137 nays soon afterwards the House adjourned Western Kansas suffering Railroad commissioners address governor Humphrey on tic subject aka great Deal has said about destitution in West Orn Kansas and the raft airs has perhaps in some cases been overdrawn there is no doubt however that in Irmy of the counties there is suffering and much destitution last year no crops whatever were raised in Many localities and the people who were de pendent entirely upon the products of the season As Many of them were Are now left with absolutely nothing upon which i to depend for sustenance and without Money and without food they must either be relieved or starve the Railroad commissioners have received Many letters and have done what they could for the sufferers but their Power is limited and the necessity for immediate Steps for Relief Are set Forth in the following letter to the governor Foci it to our imperative duty to in Giorni you that this office is in almost Dally re evidence that great destitution Ami suffering exists upon Pur Iron tier Jav you arc a Jire the measures for afford ing Relief have been carefully matured and every precaution and safeguard which i pour Donee and regard for suffering humanity could suggest have been carefully considered we Liay Tiitu particular pains to possess ourselves atthe earliest possible moment of in regard to More urgent eases of need that might be forwarded without delay much has been More evidently remains to be accomplished the situation is painful Many people or absolutely destitute they jircol5 and hungry Aud a deep Snow covers the today mail brings a most pitiful Appeal from the Aid commissioner of Rawlins lie says the Snow covers the ground to a depth of twelve inches of a level Aud Many families Are burning their Housel Oil furniture to keep themselves from freezing we need Coal right now than v this is one of the Many letters of the same Lenor 011 flip in this office la View of this condition of facts we Sug that you Lake inn Appeal to the legis lature to have the product of the state Coal mine at Lansing put under contribution at once for those imperilled people Clerc cer la Silv can be 110 More legitimate use of the resources of the state than to meet this cmdr Geney works closed Down Kansas City Jan is re ported that the Kansas City car wheel company entire Plant at Birm Puglia in on the Hannibal St Joseph Railroad nine of the City in Clay county was closed this morning for Iii indefinite period of time the works employed Froin 150 to 400 and the town of shout 700 entirely upon then Mgrath exonerated the Kansas Alliance invest Izyk thug com Mittee find nothing in Mir charges against him Topeka Jan Alli Ance executive committee who have been considering the Turne Mcgrath i trouble since monday made their report last night they unanimously exonerate Mcgrath and report they have not found a Shade of evil in his conduct in that matter Van b Prather state lecturer of the Alliance when interviewed said i acted As prosecuting attorney and con ducted the Case against Mcgrath 1 j came to determined to convict him and punish All traitors in Camp i serious failure news notes the american National of Kansas City goes to the Wall Clearing housemaid Tho failure of the Amori Cun causes a run on the Kansas City savings Mil lion dollars itch Elrud to pay Ttorp Tho american Kansas cite Jan the doors of Luv american National Bank not Only conducted the prosecuting Bei did not open for business today the fore the committee but i also had three detectives at work on the ease and i Here declare that Megrath has come out of the trial with a character As White As Snow and unsullied As the Ether in the heavens the vindication is full and Complete As you will see by the report of the committee or Prather was particularly Earnest in his denunciation o the disreputable methods employed by the enemies of Mcgrath and the chances Are they will be disciplined in a manner that will make them wish they had never become Alliance members shot for cause Tracy thu Iii Brooks shoots j or Eglit brakeman Jan 20 j l Tracy a freight brakeman on the Rock Island Road was shot and instantly killed by William Brocks of this City Tracy went to the Homo of Brooks for the purpose of meeting Brooks wife with whom he had been quite intimate in the past As was brought out in the evidence before the coroners jury to persisted in his attention after finding the woman husband at Home and after being put out of the House once by Brooks he kicked the door in and started to enter when he received a Bullet through his heart from a Ose Aliber bulldog revolver in the hands of her husband Brooks delivered himself up to the City marshal and was locked up in the jail it is thought that he will be bound Over but will be acquitted when he conies to trial mrs Brooks bears a very bad reputation but her husband has always been a quiet and peaceable citizen Tracy is a Bachelor about s years of age his parents live in Freeport where the body was sent last night a round half million the number or immigrants lust year seeking Homes in the United states Washington Tan official statement of the number of immigrants arriving in the United states for the year just ended will show the total to be in round numbers about which will be More than 10 per cent in excess of last year of these Over 000 arrived through the port of new York the remainder Caine mostly through the ports of Boston Philadel phia and Baltimore Austria Hungary furnished Over of the number Ger Many supplied nearly England Over and Ireland about the same number Italy Over Sweden and Norway about and Russia the total immigration since the begin Ning of the Century is in round numbers of which have come from Germany from Ireland and from England and Scot and Extension illegal Kansas City put in a a lightly a decision of Llic supreme court kax6as cite Jan 19 the supreme court at Jefferson City today decision declaring the Ordi Nance extending the limits of Kansas Ity illegal the court also declares he Park Law to be unconstitutional the decision in the Case of the Park Law is a matter of but Little moment in that the Law itself was undesirable in Many particulars and another Law if it be desired can readily be passed by the Reg Slature the decision on the cd Case however is a matter of he gravest concern and will More or Ess affect every department of the City a reciprocity Kumor Chicago Jan special dispatch from Ottawa ont says despite de Nial from Washington it is positively mown that or Blaine has recently made overtures to the Canadian govern ment with a View of establishing closer Rade relations Between the two coun tries a Cabinet minister said that he Vas bound by his oath of office not to divulge condition of affairs and even he at Liberty to do so it would be impossible at this Jan euro to Tell Low far matters Hail progressed he lad Hopes however shut matters at Szuc Between the two countries would be amicably the Onliest legislator los Dos Jan Charles Vil hers father of the House of commons altered upon his Ninetieth year today Laving been a member of the House of commons since 1s30 a life Long Libra he line at Irish Home Rule and became a Liberal unionist being turned unopposed by his old cons tit Tency of Wolverhampton he was one f the powerful leaders for the repeal f the Corn Laws and this was his great St Public service a refused peer go his health is excellent and he will probably be a candidate at the next election Moody slay miss it i Kike s Jan lie pub leans at their caucus were unable to Rree unanimously on a candidate for senator although the proceedings Bank is in charge of National Bank examiner y e Marshall a run is in Progress on the Kan Sas City Safe Deposit Savin Bank which located in the same building there is no excitement Side from the interest of the depositors in securing their Money Money is being paid out As rapidly As called for though the savings Bank Ronld if it wished de Mand thirty Days notice of withdraw Al for All the deposits upon which it pays interest for excellent reasons Tho closing of the american National Hank is in no Way indicative of the financial conditions prevailing i Kansas City the other Banks of the City Annot Only in sound condition but were ready and Willingto Advance All the Cash needed to sustain Tho american could that concern have made a proper show ing of securities Tho americans Busi Ness methods have in some particulars varied from those countenanced by the other financial institutions and its fail ure has no significance beyond its own affairs it is generally considered certain that the depositors of the american will be paid in full my that the stockholders will lose a part of their Juat what proportion can not now be estimated i the of Tho Kansas City Safe Deposit savings inn assured Vari Ous Banks this morning that they were in no need of assistance they have to Joey declare ample Cash to meet the run however Long it May continue j for three months o More Thrain Kricun National Bank has been regarded with growing distrust in financial circles i since the 1st Day of last october the amount its deposits hns decreased nearly when the Bank closed saturday night it was responsible for in deposits und had about in Cash and in Exchange 1 not immediately available it owed of borrowed Money about the Middle of last week the Kansas City Clearing House association decided to take formal action in Tho Case of the american the affairs of which were apparently rapidly nearing t a crisis i the embarrassed Bank had made no i request for assistance but the association on Friday met and unanimously passed a Resolution offering to furnish or As much More As was Nec Essary to sustain the Bank provided that the american could produce sufficient of securities to protect the loan or if p Stimson the president of the american Bank was notified of this action but declared that his Bank needed no assistance on saturday he decided to accept the proffered loan if it could be made and a committee consist ing of Vitten Mcdonald president of the Midland National i w s Wood president of the Bank of com Merce and f p Neal president of the Union National Bank was appointed to meet upon Call of or Stimson and investigate the Banks affairs and exam Ine the securities which it could offer f 10 Wallace National Bank exam Auer who had been drawn to the City by j the keen scent of the government was requested to accompany the committee and to act with it in the investigation this committee found that a million dollars would be required to pay the depositors and that securities which the Bank could offer were inadequate the Best securities which had been in the Possession of the Bank were hypothecated to secure the borrowed in the East the securities thus tied up were Worth largely in excess of the amount of the loan the committee began its work yesterday morning at 0 Oclock and concluded it at 5 Oclock last evening a Call was immediately issued for a meeting of the Clearing House association that meeting began at Oclock last night and lasted until i Oclock this morning it resulted in a decision to withhold the loan and per Mit the Bank to close the Case of Tho Safe Deposit pc Sav Ings Bank did not go before the meet ing because that institution is not a member of the Clearing House association however the officers of the Sav Ings Bank were prompt this morning in j assuring the individual members of the prof the eminent scientist is improving in health the czars Uncle Nicholas is said to be recovering his mental balance i Bangkok Sims capital is said to have been damaged by fire Nii Guobi j four Man Werc Fau Llly Ancl two j killed by an explosion near Havana Cuba the Bill for the improvement of the Mississippi River will probably carry an appropriation of the needy members of the Mccarthy faction of Tho Irish parly threaten to revolt unless they can obtain their Sal Aries King Kal Katia of the Sandwich isl ands was reported lying at the Point of Cisco on the 10th thirty thousand orderly Trade unionists paraded the streets of Edinburgh to demonstrate their sympathy with the striking Railroad men in the Case of the state is i off at Vinton judge Kinney held the Wil son Bill constitutional and the Iowa prohibitory Law in Force As to imported liquors sheriff Houston of miss Ulit Mont has received word that five men were shot by two masked men it Meca Thys Ville a town on the Northern Road Miles North of Flat head Lake Hros t of Montreal one of the largest wholesale dry goods houses in the Dominion Are in financial difficulties the liabilities Are Between 11 nil a company with capital has been incorporated at Albany n to construct a Tunnel Between now York City and Brooklyn Many noted Man Are subscribers to Stock it is reported that agents Butterfield c m Parker and of the a Mcvinn company at Stjoseph have been discharged secret charges of crookedness the cause train wrecked i train on the Rio Grande Between Ville and Point Isabel Mexico besides the mail and Money from Pas sengers a brakeman was badly injured news from the South seas Stales that King Moli of the Solomon islands has been poisoned and that Gorai of the Shortland islands molls enemy made a raid on the settlement and stole six teen wives of the deceased King the City of Alamosa has been almost destroyed by lire most of the buildings in town Are of Wood when the fire started a High wind was blow ing the flames spread rapidly and swept the main Street from end to end while a polish christening was in Ogress at the Bouse of John Garlick in Galitzin Mike Yeruski a Polander walked in and shot the Mother of the child the Ball passed through her lungs the Ruffian narrowly escaped Lynching advices from Senegal in Avest Africa state that commander Archinard at the head of the French troops has routed the remnant of the Sultan of Ahma Dours forces the French it is ascertained have taken prisoners among whom Are All the Sultan of Ahmad ours wives reports Patent Kansas Ian 19 finlly Funcy i wheat nominal no 2 hard Cash Etc bid May sic hid Tsu asked no 2 Rod Cash Csc bid 91c asked steady no 2 Cash to May 47140 bid a veil to 2 while Cash bid 5iuy 50c Bill no i3ibid Jdc asked ave no 2 Glt bid pro fuck clutter weak fancy Creamery 2uc fancy Dairy eggs at Iso hams sugar Haduc breakfast so mess pork Tierce lard steady beet and ship Ping coins stoc tors and feeders la riot at lower tops bulk St Jan 10 steady family Choice fancy Pati its is 703 no 2 red Cash my july bin lower no 2 Cash 47viim7v4c Hay july quiet no 2 May to 2 70u Bill is utter Dairy Mic Liangco at 19c pork new mess lard Bacon Bux cd j4 75 Longs and ribs Short Clear steady at is 1 1 weak Good to Rio ice steers Active common to fair buttons association that the Bank had made ample arrangements in anticipation of a run and that they would have no difficulty in meeting All demands the officers of the american National Bank were h p Stimson president j e Mckee Vic president w j Hal Lack second Vic president m c Curtis cashier in w Black assistant p moors ii p Churchill j g Stowe w b Grimes h p Stim son b b Parker Andrew Drunin j i Reynolds c a Brockett l e Davidson e l Martin and William Huttig directors the Bank was incorporated under the National Bank ing Laws in August 1sso its capital Stock was and its shareholders arc liable for ver kept secret it is Learned that five j More if necessary among the first my who nor apr stockholders of theban was James g hogs firmer at Jan 1j Unchu Zgud Spring patents Winter patents lower to 2 Spring so Abuisi no 3 to 2 red 1w quiet no 2 474rs4se fairly to no 2 no 2 White 4jc no 2 extra team Ory Ostrun Dairy eggs firm it port Mesa lard Short rib sides Loose dry salted meals boxed shoulders Short Clear sides boxed distillers finished goods steady Good shipping steers Fol 4 65 steady Nuvil n Clio Iee Active Light heavy vill refuse to support Moody under any j stockholder circumstances All signs Point to a pro Maine rated struggle d v Kieger was cashier of the Bank i from its organization until the Early when he re v Cut in wages part of the present Winter when he Pittsburg in Jan has became president of to semis Een issued to the the cams our rational m c Curtis for Ria Iron company stating that 0111 be Merly assistant cashier succeeded or 1 a 1lrt nary 1 their wages 0 would be reduced per cent this reduction 000 men from Iron workers to miners the employ of the company new York democratic caucus the cashier was Rice but the has with it recently the Banks resources less than t i by w p connected new York Jan 19 and Ilell Winter wheat Low grades fair to Faucy patents so red in elevator Govi afloat f o no 3 ungraded no 2 red january May july de Comber no 2 in elevator january 691jc May 58 and heavy to 2 White mixed Western White 51 a dec quiet Western Dairy i Western Creamery Elgins eggs Furni Western 26iic easier old mess 10 75new mess middles quiet lard depressed Western Catt Edun native steers steady lambs for United states i cd o p o cd cd he k p pay o o q cd cd o 0 cd m o g i o p cd cd cd soul o o by cd w a r o to i h Thul o Vima i cd 4 cd 4 p ool o m i p Vick ills cd s up h 3 Mcd in o h cd h 4 m co o h f
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