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Chillicothe Constitution Newspaper Archives Dec 15 1890, Page 4

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Chillicothe Constitution (Newspaper) - December 15, 1890, Chillicothe, Missouri Business m sooth Washington three doors South of Mausur Gemes of Lebanon Talmage twelfth Sermon on the holy a ii my roil thousand Xiii in Hie great but a 1ew Trees still attest it tie Lle often Oulu be today Tal Niage preached the twelfth of is series on Palestine Ami the adjoin ing after delivering it in the morning in the Academy of music in this he preached it again in the evening in new at the service held under the auspices of the Chris Tian before commencing Hie Sermon Tah nage stated that in spite of All the efforts that were being put Forth to hasten the completion of his new the work was on so magnificent a and the sity Lor care in its construction so in that judging by present Indi cations it would not be ready for Dedi cation before he was Happy to that the hospitality of the Christian through Wlinich these sunday evening services in new York had been would be and the publisher of that journal had already secured an Extension of the lease of tie Academy of he would therefore be Able to hold services there every sunday evening until the new Tabernacle was owing to the i clemency of the weather he Avold discontinue the Cus Tom of giving an address out of Dolif after the regular exercises to the crowd of people who had been unable to gum admission to the but the publisher of the Christian Herald was Endea bring to the use of a Church or Public building in the neighbourhood Iii Suhich i overflow ser vice could be Ahuage then announced As his text psalms Cedars of Lebanon which he hath and preached the following Sermon in our journey we change Stirrup for it is i Oclock in the morning at and we Are among the lanterns of tie hostelry waiting for the stage to a Mohammedan in High life is putting his three wives on Board Avi thin an apartment by them Aud our party occupy the main apartment of one of the most noncom fort be vehicles in Avrich mortals were and half the must not it tiie discomforts or disparage who Are rolling on Ancl out and up the mountains of to Weir forehead under a Crown of Avrich Coronet the fingers of the hottest summer can not cast we Are ascending Heights around is garlanded much of the fluent Poesy of the Aud Are rising toward the mightiest Dominion that botany Ever reigned Over by flip tree Liat eager swayed a Leafy Lebanon Cedar a tree eulogized in my test As having grown from a nut put into the ground by god and no human hand had anything to do with its planting the Trees of Lebanon which he hath the the average height of this Mountain is seven thousand but in one place it lifts its head to an Altitude of ten so higher than six thou Sand feet can but Bulow that line at the right season Are vineyards and Orchards and Olive droves and Flowers dash the Mountain Side a very carnage of and will the air with aromatics the and the celebrated As the smell of at height of six thousand feet is a Grove of the Only descendants of those Aast forests from which Solomon Cut his Timber for the Temple at and where at one time there were one Hundred thousand Alinen hewing out the beams from which great cities were but this nation of Man Leo Noelani Uia sacred until Only a Small group is this race of giants Psi Early but i have no doubt that some of these Avert Here when Kins of ordered the assassination those Cedars of Leb anon lord from the multitude fuses to which it May be put and to reemployment of it in the scriptures the Cedar is the divine when the Plains to be seen from the window of this stage in Avrich we ride today Are under sum Mer a grass Blade sur Vives this tree stands i Luxuriance the summer and when the storms of Winter terrify the and hurl the rocks in Avalanche Down this Mountain this tree grapples the Hurricane of Snow a and leaves the spent fury at its from sixty to eighty feet Hish Are tie branches of great sweep with their leaves Needle the top of the tree a throne of foliage on which might and splendor and glory sit but so continuously has the extermination of Trees gone the most part the mountains of Leb anon Are Bare of i Ani sorry to the Earth in All lands is being likewise the a is slaying the forests All Rotina tin to Stop the Slaughter god tie Coal of England Ana Scotland and and practically saying by Here is fuels far As possible let my Trees and by opening for the human thereat quarries of Granite and the human family How to make Brick god is practically Saviri Here is building material ave had better Stop the axes among the we had better Stop the axes in All our its it Avold have been better for Syria if the axes had Long ago been stopped among the mountains to punish us for our reckless assault on the forests we have the disordered now the because the uplifted arms of the Trees do not Pray for their presence according to All scientists disposing the descent of the showers and then we have the cyclones and the hurricanes multiplied in number Aud because there is nothing to prevent their Aav Ful Gous Plant the Trees in your Parks that the Aveary May rest under Plant them along your that up through the branches passers by May see the god Avo first made the Trees Aud then made Man to look at Plant them along the that under them Chil Dren May them in your that As in Eden the lord May walk there in the Cool of the Plant them in their Shade like a mourners Aud their leaves sounding like the Rustle of the wings of the let Arbor or the Day for the planting of recognized by tie Legislatures of Many of the be observed by All our and the next one Hundred years do As much in planting these Leafy glories of god As the last one Hundred years have accomplished in their Long before his i Saav on the Banks of the Hudson in his glazed Riding on George the great song Ariter of 1 found him grandly and 1 could understand How he Wood spare that tree the verses of which Many of us have Felt like Quot ing i belligerent Ashen under the stroke of some one Avit Hout sense or reason we saw a Beautiful tree prostrated that tree touch not n single Bonugli in youth it sheltered Aud ill protect it teas my forefathers hand that placed it near Lis cot let it thy a shall harm it not when but a Idle boy in ill Luicir gushing Joy Ziy Sisters 31 y Mother kiss me my father pressm my forgive this foolish jilt let that old Oak stand 31 y hearts triers round tree clips close As thy old Here shall the wild Bird and still thy branches old tree the storm still Brave leave the while Ive a hand to thy a shall harm it not As ave ride along on these mountains of Lebanon we Bethink How its Cedars spread their branches and breathe their Aroma and cast their shadows All through the Solomon discoursed about them in his botanical works Ashen he spoke of Trees the Cedar tree that is in Eyen unto the Hyssop that Springer out of the the psalmist the right sons shall grow like Cedar in Leba and in one of his magnificent do ologies Calls of the Cedars to Praise the and Solomon says the Conn Tenasie of Christ is excellent As the Aud Isaiah Day of the lord shall be upon All the Cedars of and Jeremiah Ami Exekiel and Amos and Zephaniah and Zec Emriah weave its foliage into their is i by it Hist to f is a howling wind sweeping past and a dash of All the better enabling us to appreciate that description of a tem which no doubt was suggested by what David had seen with his own eyes among these for a Soldier he carried his wars Clear up to and such a poet As i spent Many Day on and perhaps while he was seated of this very Rock against which1 our Carriage jolts to write that wonderful description of a Thunder the voice of the lord is the voice of the lord is full of the voice of the lord break eth thu ced of the lord the Cedars of Leb lie Marketh them also to skip like a Lebanon and a Young the voice of the lord divided a the flames of As the lion is the Monarch of the Fields and Behemoth the Monarch of the the Cedar is the Monarch of the and i think one reason Why it is so glorified All up and do Avn 1 he Bible is because ave need More of its characteristics in our religious we have too much of the and Are easily Bent this Way or that too much of the and we tremble under every Zephyr of assault too much of the Bramble Trees and our Sharp Points sting and wound but not enough of the Avide branched and heaven aspiring find tempest Grap but the reason these Cedar stand so Avell is that they Are deep they run their anchors do Avn into the Cav erns of the Mountainland fasten to the very foundations of the and twist around and Clinch themselves on the other Side of the deepest layer of Rock they can and Bluit is the Duie rence Between christians who stand Aud christians who it is the difference Between a superficial character and one that has clutched its roots deep Down around and under the Rock of abide in Svekla Slect Ono of the Lebanon Cedars avos examined by a and from its con continued in tomorrows daily will sell or Trade my property on North Locust immediately East of Normal and on Avreet on which Street cars will run to fair it consists of six my residence stands House six rooms for Kemp Wal for Well All take if you want your moneys Worth in oysters not water leave orders for Garrelts Wagon to Call Aud deliver in if you want water in cans sealed go around to these would be arc sets and a if you want oysters Call up Telephone when we Cors Meiji run Ning a water Wagon will Sprinkle the d9tl3t specimen new was troubled Willii his stomach was i word his liver was Ala Niino Appo Titi fell to Anil he was terribly reduced in flesh and three bottles dec tric bitters cured Edward Burg and a running sore Psihis leg of Gigli pc years used three bottles of electro bitters Aud seven boxes of Buck Lons America and his Leisi sound and John Catawba jars five Lar Joe fever sores on fris said he was one bottle of Elco Tribit Persand Patja Box of buc Loiis America sold by drug store 3 on december 14th a new time table will take effect on the the important Point will be the restoration of the train commonly known As the Between chill Coho and Kansas this train will leave Chillicothe about 7 in arrive at Chirico the about 8 to the the old reliable veterinary 01 has come to Lin Vlug secured a lease of the in the rear of tie Alliance Cor Ner of my Eijiu Zhitai he has converted into i hos whore he Cai to i mud luring business Ami Al ight can be found at his on most first House oust us lumber 1 wiil accommodations for Ami Sood care Jakir anted to All Stock entrusted to my i successfully Trout nil diseases Inci Dent to the Domestic All Tronio discuss prompt attention to nil i Sells in the City or be Memler the dwt or Lias Beon Wotli you for four and it is Tuy desire to stay four Ohilo Cote Wilson ire still in the livery business with Fine line of rigs and Good they wish to especially Call the ladies attention to the fact that they have gentle family whom any Sisuly can drive with a Ltd when baby was pro gave her when she was a she cried for when she became Sho Clung to when she had she gave them a the undersigned hav Iuar purchased the Saloon known As front adjoining the Union hotel on Booth Locust be to state hint we will hereafter be fully prepared to furnish in any quantities pure liquors Etc to the pub everything neat and orderly give us a iwmarl4tf b notice to tax papers the tax books of Chilli Cote town Are now a Tuy hands for collect and i am ready to receive your taxes for at Beasley Wil Liams drug penalty of one Lent per month charged after township All we Are now ready to receive Staves and heading either by the Cord or in for full information regarding our office at Corner of Ard Hickory Hastings to full a Long for an pure which can be recommended conscientiously to those seeking it for medicin1 Al we have secured the Agency for harpers Nelson county which stands atthe very Bead of Fine whiskies made in shipped to us direct from the distillery where it has been stored for five it has become As soft and Mellow As a june in flavor equal to the imparted Cognac and in purity far exceeding sole Cox boots and of the Best makers in at Rock Bottom Rensch shoe store West Slilo Al i have opened a lunch counter in the i incl front Saloon on South Locust and will keep fresh and game of nil All times served to order tit nil at the lowest first class and everything neat and Short order meals a special Public Patron go satisfaction l front South Locust nov nth m at notary removed Jineal insurance Ami loan to the Barney rage building door South of oilily Fellows Law 160 acre finely improved 1 Noilea South West if for Sale cheap 14 balance Long time t cent Tyr machines Chillicothe savings Assoc at Ion Southwest Corner officers h mid Meto president cashier Bank attorney Dike toys ivus Isaac Sud Deltou c h paid 10ulu does a general Daking business Oti lib eral Couff tiros made and promptly deposits you can always get something to read at North Complete line of school new and always in also liquid a Large line of miscellaneous the poets in the latest style just to a special Tofu stationery and never permit poor goods to be sold to any one Price to oct of and us i Evans monuments largest Stock in the City to select Pirk headache and relieve All the troubles full car Seaf Lacho Yot Carters Litho liver so Hal arc and tout Ioratti liver but by their Ganue notion please a inc sat Luil iktlalsat25cents Boll aug Giulta or a entry Carter new York Small pal Small smallpr1g attorney at Law Doe Law a the Phoenix of can of citizens of mid of Loivai commercial insure no v prosecuting notary pub All ice Tiu business promptly und in tended collections made Ami Money Loi ined it re son Uncle rates Nonn Sido of Over Keyn oms Book to highest of All in Leavening govt i absolutely pure Over Williams culls promptly attended inf Fly a in tracts oft1tme Complete to Dat for All farm porn nov in livings ton Money to lowest lice second door of Hoge uces licensed will hot to most Lily pales Baxter fill Leiton i very Iho first saturday in each if you have a horse or or fifty of bring we will do the Silvor to will ulivo Stock men Froni All Parle of the of barmy physicians and Ollie Gurncy Corner Pulitic Jackson Oll co residence will practice in tie cite and Calls any and Davis notary attorneys at and insurance Moncito Lonn on copy Ihil fend promptly so try work Iii Ermir room ver constr Tuloa nov Uxa Anio physician and office Oscr bongos druse North Wisi Corner of the Walunt in inc in my Block and just West of county All any or promptly action and real estate personal wares and merchandise Ai Pule or private Tio rih of auctioneer the big Sale we have had on overcoats cleaned out our first but we have put in the second lot at prices that will astonish the same goods that we got in this second lot Are they Are in and Light and dark the line we have now for Lias been and they Are at we show you goods sold in other houses at to we have made big reductions in broken lots of we have reduced the Price to on a on All broken and Small lot the time to sell goods cheap is when the Trade wants we will offer big bargains in every department for the balance of very Stephens Ames attorney Law and notary i collections and it Ohl off s Justice o tie peace and notary collections Niile mid u try 2t ill vice Iro Sukul 11 Leach la scr Frank Horney milk actors James m capital is the leading on Price clothiers and furnishes the Low priced surplus does a general bunking your business is and will be Given ii Oisin we Are before you again requesting a snare i your patronage and on the following inducements we base our request of avd manufacturer orders promptly 1jrick on half Jill contracts taken for any and nil satisfaction National Bank k 00 00 Thos l a Chap vice Freibu w w v e assistant cashier Bank first we carry a line of goods from which everyone can be second we Are striving to establish a reputation for fair Deal incr and to Merit the Confidence of the we a special Point that the Quality every garment shown you shall be As represented and must give Thiedke take pleasure in showing you through our line whether you come to buy or merely to look and compare prices fourth we do not want the Earth we Only want a fair Price for our goods and will convince you of this by an inspection of our Starkey g at business Rosdet Tull North Side Kuli Fles Golden specific icon a Colvon in of by it operates so quietly and with such or Walnty that the patient undergoes no Incon and soon Liis Complete reformation is Page Book to he had Gor laundry i i i Muff proprietors la it me work a children cry fo7 pitchers lace and ingrain and rag
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