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Chillicothe Constitution Newspaper Archives Dec 15 1890, Page 2

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Chillicothe Constitution (Newspaper) - December 15, 1890, Chillicothe, Missouri the City Stltt Pat Toht w business office to Costi Tatios building South three boors South of Mausur bumpers business 4 editorial booms 104 advertising rates cents per line per Issue for two insertions or in the four insertions without in the four cents per line each inserted one week in the without two outs per line per inserted in the daily sir times and see biweekly once at fifteen cents per line for the seven to locals in five cents per line each local inserted one to info in Eitler Dally sem weekly Lor less than locals ordered inserted until for charged for until ordered Asj special rates on local and is Adver sements made on including sunday edition per if paid m sunday per 2 sem weekly per six 75 in clubs of Send Money order or draft at our address Constitution steam printing Chiu a Force Bill with special reference to the indians might not be entirely Moke potatoes and the retirement of Parnell Are among the urgent needs of Ireland just at this Kansas City the Force Bill May but it will not save the Bacon of of the gentlemen who Are trying to Force it upon the country now that even his friends admit that his defeat is the newspaper Are referring the senior senator from Kansas As John the following advertisement lately appeared in an Irish daily wanted a gentleman to undertake the Sale of a Patent the advertiser guarantees that it will be profitable tothe the Fate of the Force Bill is to be decided this that the re publican party leaders Are about to decide whether or not they will go to the end of their rope and strangle the party with esteemed Republican contemporaries go on announcing that is when As a mat Ter of fact he has been chosen Sena Tor by Over plurality on the tote of the people of the latest reports from the scene of the Sioux troubles would seem to be similar stories have been sent out before and have proved hence readers of the papers had better wait for official news before becoming unduly the difficulty with Fie publican Man agers is to get Cleveland out of their Way As a presidential their first attempt was to concede his believing bal such an endorsement would weaken Hie now they Art naming him Lor and Eyen mayor of new the Fiat has gone and Tariff revision will be the rallying cry of the democracy in there is no does not relish a free complimentary puff from a but after the editor Hae exhausted his machine and lauded them to the there Are some men who Are too everlasting stingy and penurious to carry a 81 and in their Home is there no hereafter for such individuals since Penitentiary convicts Are going to draw a salary for their confinement in is not there some Wise legislator who will offer a Bill for the Protection of poor editors from tue hands of tub unmerciful humanity the draft upon the National treas Ury for pensions will be much larger than in former and a Large per cent of this Money goes to men who Are abundantly Able to earn a Liveli thousands of captains and lieutenants Are feasting off the government and the if the incapacitated Only were the recipients of this them would be no but when the president of the United drawing per annul for his and As to dual pen Sion the men who have to pay an additional tax for everything they Wear and to keep this horde of veterans from have just grounds to the Mckinley Bill was passed to meet the additional draft upon the and All pay end was snot advanced in Paterson ribbon weavers Are out on a strike on account of a proposed reduction of Brickm skers in key port have struck because they Are paid in time checks of depreciated the potteries have decided to reduce and a strike there is every Day brings new reports of cheap wages to the working int it about time for the Republican managers to hurry up those High Mckinley wages that were promised along with the High Mckinley Tariff the new Tariff put duties High on linseed Wool and Woolen in order it was to enable employers in these industries to increase prices have been but not the Haiti More Sun prints dispatches from Many Points indicating that in Stead of being put wages Are being put the american paint works at fall will shut Down for an indefinite the Oliver Iron and steel of have been throwing hands out of employ and the same number of hands went on a strike at the Clark thread Mills at the House that circulated the forged from London times during the Campaign of 1888 failed some time ago from a heavy drop in the sati net and since the passage of the Mckinney Tariff the president of protective Tariff league and a con trolling stockholder in the Kitten House Woolen manufacturing com Pany has failed by reason of his hav ing bought Worth of Wool for a Tariff what do mishaps in Indus tries relying on the Tariff indicate that High duties by making prices High and curtailing sales Are injurious to wage earners get no profit from and even the Tariff lords Are sometimes floored by Joe sex i respectfully solicit from All residents of living Ston to a for the Pur pose of establishing a Home within our state where All disabled Exco Feder ate soldiers find food and Protection in their enfeebled for the few years that May be allotted to before passing the last Sentinel of their earthly sex this is a proposition in which in a full sense is there no possible Hope for any legis by which the Exco federate cripples could look foward with any Assurance of there it behoves every in his Bas a spark of genuine sympathy for suffering to do his very Best for this most worthy i have not the slightest idea but that every patriotic heart in living Ston county will respond liberally to this those of our citizen who fought in defense of the Are by their among the most Liberal contributors and supporters All Over the and More particularly in Livingston Tindall deserves the thanks of every Exco federate in the coun every one in the for their action in taking the Initia Tive in the by making Liberal contribution to the Home i earnestly desire that every woman and child in the during Christmas Send to the undersigned a Liberal let us not be behind our neighbor this Grundy has a credit of nearly four Hundred dollars already sent let it come in True let it Jome Jin the cause of suffering human let it grateful hearts will acknowledge your bounteous agent for Exco federate Home fund for Livingston five Oclock at the Parlours of 1st me Church dec12th kill of hot Vienna and Cream hot baked baked hot Bicker cold Tongue and beef served with Cranberry sauce and fruits dinner m pickles and Tea and served from 5 Oclock till file Holiday goods this is the time of year for them and i have got them in great variety and Low prices my Stock of Piave books of poetry and travel and adventure Are come and see and satisfy your selves that this is the place to buy my line of photograph albums is unusually Large and attractive and prices away fancy calendars for 1891 booklets and cards for Xmas and new my room is Chuck full of just what what you come Early and get Mil Wrath look out Tor the cold wave is i buy Only the Best grades of soft cold and and give pounds for a try to this office on South Locust at Blackburn feed do Dow East or the towns along the line of the arc especially favored with through train service to both the East and West from the fact that any train starting from either Termi Nus Kansas City or Joseph must Stop at or pass every the Best known train is the the solid Vestibule sleepers free chair this train makes All connections for the East at Chicago and for the West at Kansas Atchison or the next will known Are the two it will be borne in mind that until recently there was but Louis Denver butout account of the in creasing demand for double service a Day train was put on to Coo Iodate the travel via this popular by taking either of Tebee Passen Gers for the West arc enabled to reach the cheap lands along the line of the Csc ill Northwestern Nebraska More Parlick arly on Ltd extensions in North Western Nebraska and Wyo Miuji where there ii still some government lands awaiting the Ine Hus lately been extended to new the Metropolis of the Black Ami thereby a Large extent of country Rich in immense Coal deposits an Dull tha More Valu ble has been Send for one of our Beautiful Wall maps and descriptive folder of lands As they Are for free further information Call on your or a for Sale or one 20 horse Power engine one 80 horse Power boiler one 50 foot Smoko stack one Trever lathe one bolting machine for saw ing out material for Bedstead slats squares for handles All attachments will sell cheap Tor or will Trade for Good or improved for full information regarding Call on or Hastings Chillicothe 29th 1890 notice to tax Paters the tax books of the City of Chillicothe Are now in nay hands for taxes can be paid to me at my office in the store of Stewart North Side of Dell Dow English Spavin remove soft or calloused lumps and blemishes from blood spa All swollen save by uses of one warranted the most won Persful blemish cure Ever sold by wetland be drug 23 by Liis is to certify that 1 examined the formula and prescribed la dues periodical of Paris i have concluded that if Thig combination will not excite the that there is nothing in Medicine that trill do it is a us terrain containing All the Well known harmless drugs that act upon the generative know them to to positively harm Lees and Safe for All kinds of suppression from any i have used them in my practice for the last four and found that the most stubborn cases i tried them on three months suppression with Hap l1d 4 my 1 say King of pianos you see the cheap piano had to be made a Little different for the better gotten a Standard a Star or a Crown is far Superior to any sold in the see them and you will buy no remodelling for any school at the sign of the 3 brass South Locust Are therefor the purpose of assisting you if you want to borrow Money on personal hire secure or anything known to the peo if you have Stock to their commits ions Are and saturdays sales will prove a to the citizens of Chillicothe and Livingston co the love of its people i a country Only Safe when Prosperity and wealth Deaden their patriotism when personal ease and safety become of More moment than the welfare of the country defense must be delegated to hire Hunga then a the end near at teach the Young that patriotism is not a show them that death on the country battlefields is not to court not by Slat us to successful but by monuments to those who have Laid Down their lives in their country defence you will teach them that it is great and glorious to die for ones country you will teach them to pm not the ambition of the successful but the pure loyalty of the with All the soldiers furnished by it to the cause of the North Missouri has today not one memorial to the Union it is now proposed that we no longer rest under this the Chillicothe cemetery association has donated to the grand army Republic a plot of ground in their Beautiful cemetery for the burial of such old soldiers As have no place of their own for their last Lonj so that no defender of his country cod res pose m Tho potters on this plot Tydall Post proposes the have erected a such us will be an Honor to the City and coun and commensurate with the sacrifices it is intended to the committee having the matter in Calls upon All patriotic citizens to Aid them according to the Prosperity which the benefits of this Roe land has enabled them to give the Little ones something to up to january 1st i will receive subscriptions for these Well known childrens annuals at the Fol lowing reduced baby Lind 0 cents per be Fular Little Ken a women 75c Ponsy super regular wide awake per regular Story Teller per regular Al these arc All published monthly and Are among the Best juveniles Holiday on 25th and the a will soil round trip excursion tickets at one and on third fare for All Points within 200 Miles of Cash grocers w Holt it o grocery House in Dollar Halle groceries both Staple Sixl fancy Glass wooden and All shapes and a specially of pure ground spices and teas of All full line of dry Salt and smok cil foreign and Domestic grocery machine and Coal Oil a Bottom prices Borax a 11 Kun of Laun dry and toilet remember handle All kinds of farm produce and meet All Competition at Home or Low prices we do a strictly Cash business or us Chango for country produce keep no Book nor make no bad accounts for Cash buyers to make one Price to Hll and Divide profits with our no trouble to show goods and we know we can save you please Call Anil exam goods and get we remain yours Summerville Chillicothe Moorman has opened up a Butcher shop on near Mil Waukee and will keep the Best Salt and cured the famous meat is in my i can guarantee attention the second hand old Johnston tobacco on South Locust is the place to buy or sell All second hand if you want to buy or sell anything give us a satisfaction guar Aprl 10 of have you noticed the new rigs a Myers the finest Phaeton and carriages Ever in the City new harness and horses As quiet and gentle Drivers As any lady Ever drove and prices As Ria Sobble As any ones in the give him a trial and he will guarantee satisfaction or charge you Calls for his Carriage made Day or night for any leave orders at barn or Leeper the West Side Fura Lur see us Lor Christmas Christmas novelties in Reed rockers and finished in i6th White and and natural novelties in fancy in Wilten silk Plush and silk tapestry finished in i6th Century and new line of students rockers and chairs in new finish and unique designs in parlor cabinets in the new finish i6th Century on for the dining room we have new designs in tables and new rockers and chairs for the a Large Assort ment of also a new assortment of we bought paid spot Cash and will make prices that will insure speedy the much talked Mckinley Bill does not increase the Price on come and see us and be convinced we make the lowest Road overseers can find Road tax receipts for Sale at the Constitution Call and get Whf for infants and i known to ill Oxford without the cent car it warm t Mas is to u will All want to buy something for your friends visit the Farmers store and see the Many Beautiful and useful things we Are offer ing at very reasonable among the Many articles we mention ladies and gents silk and Linen work Collar and cuff boxes in Plush and table and Dresser table Linen and napkins to we Are now taking orders and delivering Complete sets of the at the very Low Price of per lust about half you could not buy a More suitable Xmas present than the grand when you want any thing in ribbons Call at our 600 bolts pure silk ribbon at about half Conger do West prices the 1 gallon sugar cider i b Gunpowder 1 in Jii Pun 1 in package 1 in soda 2b can Corn 1 2lb cuu bu9 1 3lb can Black 1 2lb 1 in chose 1 dozen family Meeker my lib White 1 in lib tapioca a sold at Bedrock to to parties buy me for Chr Limmi tree or t Southeast Corner Public first door West National dealer in watches carried a full of jewelry
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