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Childress Index Newspaper Archives May 12 1974, Page 1

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Childress Index (Newspaper) - May 12, 1974, Childress, Texas The Childress Index extended forecast fair monday. Increasing cloudiness and warmer through wednesday. Showers and thunderstorms tuesday night and wednesday celebrating our year vol. 88 n0.58 Nea associated press Nixon has n1 i 11 i the Childress Index Childress Texas two sections sunday May 12.1974 Price 10 cents 16 pages resignation plans news in capsule Fri May work in killings College station. Tex. It al a vice president Gerald r. Ford said today he told president Nixon he has been telling the nation a the government in Washington Isnit about to in a speech for the commencement at Texas a&\1 University. Ford referred briefly to the one hour meeting he had Friday with Nixon before launching his latest speaking tour to Buffalo n.y., and through Texas. Without direct reference to the House impeachment investigation of Nixon Ford said he told Nixon his message to College graduates has been that a the constitutional processes Are working As the turn to news Page 9 you never know Tavares. Fla. A Charles of Neall fertilized his Lawn with three ions of sludge expecting it to produce Lush Green grass. Instead he ended up with 40,000 Tomato plants. A Ripe or Green. 1 like them said the 63 year old of Neall. A Cabinet maker. A but i m not a nut Over them and in a sure i wont be after this is of Neall said that when he started hauling the sludge in a sewage Plant official told him he would probably later find a few Tomato plants growing in his Lawn. Quot naturally we thought wed have some Here and there but certainly not this Many. Of Neall added a a we be even got four or five Watermelon and pumpkin vines in with three different kinds of tomatoes surround the couples White two bedroom Home in Tavares located in the heart of Central Florida s Lake country. A a we be got Cherry tomatoes the regular ones and one kind in a not sure of quot said mrs. Of Neall the plants Laden with tomatoes Are about two feet High and will be ready for Harvest in two weeks. Asked How the sludge produced Tomato plants. Of Neall explains a Well. I Don t quite know How you say it politely but they came from people. Tomato seeds Aren t digested. They just pass through a child Day care nans abandoned plans for the development of a child care Center in Childress have been dumped for the time being according to an announcement today by the Board of directors of the Childress chamber of Commerce. A spokesman told the Childress Index that private facilities have been instituted and Are now taking care of the present need. A no further action will be taken until a need arises the spokesman said funds which had been donated by organizations and individuals have been returned to the donors. Funds which had been Given by the methodist Church fund for reconciliation have been distributed throughout the Community to the following. Little league $200 girls softball league. $300 satellite Day care school $400 and Childress Public Library $95.49. The charter is to be retained and members of the present Board w ill remain As appointed and will act if and when the need arises. By Richard Pyle associated press writer san Francisco a Federal authorities May join the investigation of san Francisco a Zebra killings under a conspiracy Law that has been w idely used in civil rights cases Well placed informants say. The sources said atty Gen William b. Saxbe and top aides will decide within a week whether to bring in the of big a investigative resources. Federal interest the sources said focuses in part on the possible nationwide implications of the slayings which mayor Joseph l. Alioto contends were carried out Bra Black racist cult called the a death Angels which is dedicated to killing Whites. Seeks lower super Market prices Washington a agriculture Secretary Earl l. Butz says supermarkets should to lowering their prices but administration economic advisers say not to expect it. A Farmers have taken a major adjustment in Price in the last several weeks. Prices of major farm commodities have dropped 20 to 40 per cent since january and february Butz said in a statement Friday. A it is High time that these lower farm prices show up More fully in lower retail store prices. While food prices at stores have levelled off some margins Are still higher than Normal he said however. President Nixon a chief economic adviser indicated that food prices will continue to Rise the remainder of the year although at a slower rate or Herbert Stein chairman of the Council of economic advisers said. A retail food Price increases which accounted for about one third of the 12.2 per cent Rise in the consumer Price Index in the first Quarter should slow substantially in the april june and or Gary l. Seevers a member of the Council said. Quot we done to expect food prices to fall this year. Any reductions in the Price of individual food items should be Felt now if they come at All. He added. Stein said the slowdown in food Price increases should offset an expected Rise in prices of goods other than fuel and food and result in a a rate of inflation substantially below recent even so. Said Stein a a we re not painting a very Rosy presidents economic advisers argued against any major cuts in next years budget. The speech in Cleveland by Treasury Secretary William f Simon has urged a deep Tum to seeks Page 9 thirteen persons have been killed and seven others injured in the random Street attacks Here since last october. All were White Alioto claims there have been about 80 such attacks in California since september. 1970 and that the operation is run by a Leader in a midwestern cite the sources who Are familiar with Justice department interest in the Case said Federal authorities have nothing at the present time to substantiate Alioto s claim that the cult exists outside California. Consideration of a possible Fri entry into the Zebra Case stemmed from Alioto s request for assistance when he met with Saxbe in Washington a week ago. The informants said. Since then. Saxbe has called for a report on the Zebra Case with a View toward stepping in under the Federal Law which makes it a crime to conspire to turn to Fri Page 9 sues selectee for location of decorations new Christmas decorations which were recently purchased from a Waco firm have arrived in Childress and two have been mounted one at City Hall the other in the 200 Block of main Street for viewing by the Public a contributions Are requested to help pay for the decorations willing to Trade for Rogers life the eritrean liberation front a group of ethiopian rebels who kidnapped William Bill Rogers of Addis Ababa. Ethiopia son of Paul Rogers and brother of Charles Rogers both of Childress have offered to negotiate the release of Bill Rogers and four other men who were captured with him it has been Learned by the Childress Index a the rebels sent a message to Tennee. In Ethiopia via an underground newspaper offering to make some kind of a Charles Rogers said the kidnappers apparently will release the five men providing the ethiopian government will release several political prisoners. A was far As we have Learned the ethiopian government has indicated that it is willing to negotiate on such terms a Rogers said Bill Rogers who is assistant Nixon work termed As he said the administration now feels inflation for the year will lie about 7 per cent an increase of 1 per cent Over earlier estimates. Prices of gasoline and electricity will continue climbing but not As quickly As Thev did in the first Quarter. Stein told the Senate House economic subcommittee on consumer economics. Rov l. Ash. Director of the office of management and budget revealed a Sharp dispute in the administration. Meanwhile another of the incredible Milwaukee a former Treasury Secretary John b Connally told Wisconsin republicans Friday night that president has done a an incredible amount of Good for the nation quot and to a quit feeling sorry about watergate. Connally was the keynote speaker at a $100 a plate dinner attended by about 800 persons Many of them turn to work Page 9 to the general manager of the ethiopian exploration for Tennee Oil corp. In Addis a aha. And four other Tennee employees were captured March 26 after their helicopter was forced Down by a heavy rain and Hail storm in a Remote area of Ethiopia. Charles Rogers told the Childress Index that the territory in which the men Are being held captive resembles an area such As the grand Canyon in some parts. A it is apparently very desolate and there is no vegetation according to information we have received Charles Rogers said. The five kidnapped Oil company officials Are being Well treated and Are in Good condition according to reports received in Childress from the Houston office of Tennee. It had previously been indicated. And now apparently is True that the kidnapping plot was political since no Money was demanded. When the kidnapping of cured. The five men were searching for possible Oil site locations in Ethiopia when their helicopter was forced Down by the storm and destroyed he fire about 45 Miles Northwest of Massaway on the red sea. The helicopter was scheduled to land at pre arranged Sites guarded by army patrols in the Rocky canyons and mountains Northwest of Massaway where the five chopper to touch Down. The helicopter a French manufactured Louett took off from Asmara and landed at three of the pre arranged locations beef Ore it encountered the storm. An army patrol at the fourth Tum to willing Page 9 by Frank Cormier associated press writer Washington a battling for his political life. President Nixon was hound for a Campus appearance in Oklahoma tonight As a top aide suggested resignation might eventually he considered if it would help the country. As a mounting chorus of congressional republicans called on Nixon to consider stepping aside because of his watergate problems the president a a wife. Pat. Relayed word through an assistant Friday that a she feels its too had the Republican leadership is coming out and saying these things because its harmful to the she also said she feels her husband a will not resign should t resign and has never considered resigning a White House staff chief Alexander m. Haig or. Said in an interview he sees nothing now to prompt a Nixon resignation. But he acknowledged the president might consider that unprecedented step a if he though that served the Best interests of the american people quot the situation in Washington prompted White House press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler to Call the new York times Friday and Issue a Strong denial that Nixon would resign. A the City of Washington is full of rumours. All that have been presented to me today Are false and the one that Heads the list is the one that says president Nixon intends to resign. The times quoted Ziegler As saying. Quot his attitude is one of determination that he will not he driven out of office by Rumor speculation excessive charges or Hopr Ocris quot the times further quoted Ziegler As saving. Continuing a travel studded personal Campaign to enlist Public support. Nixon was to Fly to Oklahoma to address evening commencement exercises at Oklahoma state University a football stadium in Stillwater a recent student poll indicated about half the Campus opposed the presidential visit. University authorities said they would bar hostile placards from the stadium. Nixon a Hope of gaining the initiative in his fight against possible impeachment received another serious blow Friday when conservative Republican sen. Milton Young of North Dakota Long a Nixon Stalwart urged that he turn Over the presidency to vice president Gerald r. Ford until the impeachment question is resolved. Under the 25th amendment to the Constitution. Young said Nixon later could reclaim the presidency should the House vote against impeachment or the Senate acquit him after a formal trial. Ford met with Nixon for an hour Friday morning and. At a later news conference al Buffalo. . Said a i certainly could infer from everything he told me quot that resignation is not being considered. Haig was asked if he could fors Jeanv circumstances under which the president might resign he replied a i think the Only thing that would tempt resignation on the part of the president would be if be thought that served the Best interests of the american people. A at this juncture i done to see anything on the horizon which would meet that criteria. Admittedly that a a subjective View on my part and i think it is one of the president shares very Tum to Nixon Page 9 Council has and we would appreciate that those contributions be sent in to us As soon As said Ronnie Leach chairman of the track promotions committee of the Childress chamber of Commerce. The chamber also released a list of main and Commerce Street business firms in front of which Are special Utility poles on w hich the decorations will be mounted this list is As follows main Street Childress county farm Bureau. Tiny puff. Lemens. Watkins Christy a. I Oso shop. Whites. Norris hardware. Riley to Wakefield turn to Sites Page 9 Greenbelt water big Agenda purchases go up tuesday night 4 / al. 1pnnneilmon consumption of water in the City of Childress jumped nearly 3.000.000 Gallons in april of this year compared to april of 1973, according to figures released by James l. Kuhn general manager of the Greenbelt municipal and Industrial water authority from which the City purchases All of its water. Total purchased in april was 27.586.000 Gallons last year the purchases totalled 24.601,000. Childress remains the largest single user of the cities in the Greenbelt by a wide margin. Consumption of Greenbelt City faces change More tapes sought Washington apr the House judiciary committee is expected to subpoena another White House tape next week despite president Nixon s announced intention to turn Over no More watergate material. Committee sources said Friday that a subpoena probably will be issued for the tape of a pre watergate White House meeting in an Effort to see if Nixon had Advance knowledge of the plan to Bug democratic Headquarters. Chief committee counsel John Doar said he would request a subpoena at the committees next business session. The april 4, 1972 meeting involved Nixon his former chief of staff. H r. Haldeman and former atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell. It took place four Days after Nixon a re election Campaign aides had approved a plan for electronic surveillance of the democrats according to testimony by Jeb Stuart Magruder. An official of the re election committee. Nixon has denied knowing in Advance of the watergate break in. Nixon lawyer James d st. Clair said this week that no More w watergate material would be delivered chairman Peter a Rodino jr., d n.j., said a Day would be set aside next week for the committee to act on such business As the issuance of the subpoena. Checks with committee members indicate there would be Little opposition to issuing it the committee resumes closed hearings on tuesday in its inquiry into possible grounds for impeachment. If a majority of the House votes to impeach Nixon a two thirds majority would then be needed in the Senate to convict. In other watergate developments watergate burglar g. Gordon Lidov was found guilty of contempt of Congress for refusing to be sworn in or to testify before a House committee last year. U s District judge John h. Pratt suspended a six month sentence noting other convictions against Lidov. Another convicted watergate conspirator e. Howard Hunt denied that he tried to blackmail president Nixon. Hunt said his requests for $120,000 from the Tum to More Page 9 in just a few More Days saturday. May 18, main and Commerce streets in the downtown Section of Childress w ill closely resemble Guerrero blvd. The main Boulevard through downtown Nuevo Laredo. Mexico. It is on Guerrero that anything on Earth May be purchased it is the Street on courses Lobo of tiered Here Clarendon College will offer off Campus courses for credit this summer in Childress beginning june 5. The courses offered will be freshman English 113. English composition and Reading and English 213. Survey of English literature the English 113 class will meet from 6 . To 7 55 monday through thursday and the English 213 class will meet from 8 . To 9 55 . Both classes will meet in room 122 at Childress High school registration will be held at 6 . On the first night of classes in room 122. A in order to offer the courses there must be a minimum of 12 students in each said Phil Barefield chs Counselor courses will he completed july 10. And after the first six w weeks of instruction the second semester of each course will be offered ending August 13. Courses will he taught by Ronnie null chairman of the department of English at Clarendon College. The tuition and fees for each course will he $60, plus Cost of required text books which will la available for Purchase at the time of registration. Lasses will observe july 4 As a Holiday. For additional information Call Barefield. 937-2531. W hich businessmen merchants and individuals sell their wares to the Public. And. It is on Guerrero that the people of Nuevo Ija redo Purchase practically everything they need items including food. Drink. Household furnishings housewares clothing and one thousand other useable items. So. On May 18. Childress and area residents w ill be Able to do the same As the Trade promotion committee of the Childress chamber of Commerce sponsors the first annual a trades Day Celebration Here. There is going to be something for everyone As downtown Childress will be one huge store a if you want to Purchase something you can get into the act. And if you want to sell something you can get into that act too a said Ronnie Leach chairman of the Trade promotion committee. Main and Commerce streets from Avenue a to Avenue c will be blocked off and merchants will display merchandise on sidewalks in front of their Tum to City Page 9 water showed increases by All of the member cities. Fastest growing user of Greenbelt water is the red River authority which is not a member of the Greenbelt but purchases its water for Rural areas. Red River has a contract with Greenbelt which has approximately five years to go Tum to Greenbelt Page 9 Inman Elam on seminar panel a panel consisting of John Inman and James Elam will answer questions regarding the fair labor Standard act during a special seminar at 7 30 . Thursday in the hospitality room of West Texas utilities. Persons desiring information Are urged to attend. The fair 1 Abor stand act went into effect Mav 1 hazing is violation of Law ugh observes Hospital week Childress general Hospital has joined the nations More than 7,000 hospitals in the National Hospital week Celebration slated for today through saturday to Honor the three million persons employed in health care institutions across the country. National Hospital week which is sponsored by the american Hospital association will be observed under the them a your Hospital a caring Community. Your health. Our common con students of the Childress Independent school District and their parents Are reminded that a a hazing in any form is a violation of the Laws of the state of Texas and the rules and regulations of the Childress Independent school District. The reminder comes from Jack Martin superintendent of schools. The penalty for the act of hazing As stated in the Texas education code is a a any student of any state supported educational institution of this state who shall commit the offence of hazing shall be find not less than $25.00 nor More than $250.00 or shall be confined in jail not less than ten Days nor More than three months or a student May be suspended from school for three Days by the principal or for the remainder of the semester by action of the school Board. A students in the Childress schools have been Bery cooperative this year and have conducted themselves in a manner in which the people of this Community can justly be proud school officials do not expect any problem with this matter of hazing and will appreciate the usual Fine cooperation of the students and their parents a Martin said. Childress City councilmen will plow through at least 19 items on the official Agenda set for the regular City Council meeting at 7 . Tuesday in Council Chambers. Expected to highlight the meeting will be changing the hours at the new sanitary Landfill selecting a mayor pro tem. And discussing direct distance dealing for Childress. Also on the Agenda a loading zone for Frisbie Flowers More channels and reduced rates from Cable com Stop and go lights on third Street new wage and hour Laws order fittings for ave 1. Paving project. Change Bradshaw manufacturing lease to Dura link manufacturing co., discuss Public hearing on june 13. Firemen a convention permission to sell the old fire department ambulance discuss Buffalo appoint or. J j Westenburg As health officer Bills municipal inspectors workshops at Pampa re bid on overlay at the Airport a new radio system for the City and county and the code report. Iiimmiiiiiiitiitiiiim1 briefs Library consultant to be Here miss Linda Schexnaydre of Austin. Consultant for the department of developing libraries. Texas state Library will he in Childress wednesday to meet with the Childress Public Library Board. Degree work work in the master Mason degree is scheduled for 7 30 . Tuesday in the masonic Hall members Are urged to attend Here monday Terry Clements representative of the Vernon social Security office will be at the courthouse in Childress at 10 . Monday. He will take applications for social Security. Installed a copying machine has been installed in the Childress Post office As a convenience to the Public. Cemetery fund contributions for the cemetery improvement fund have been received from Clara Mote $5 in memory of Ansul Mote and $5 in memory of j t. Case Yand mrs. Mildred Jones $5 in memory of Roy Jones and $5 in memory of Stelton Jones and from Vivian t. Shackelford of Altadena calif., $5 in memory of the William Arthur Shackerford family

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