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Chicago West Side Vindicator Newspaper Archives Mar 28 1891, Page 4

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Chicago West Side Vindicator (Newspaper) - March 28, 1891, Chicago, Illinois It % it by a vindicator. Toston a abdbhb8 ios mkt Street Oak Park. Linola. . A. Ujj. s2.0� ppr Unm irn in Ailak Nch. a March 28, 1891. Tab a Noviero omd Ltd Aton is published every saturday and ont Rod in Llie in a v Wood inst a Fulce a Seco tul class Motter. Subscription prion $2.00 por annul in Advance William Tallevi publisher Ami Pran Nitor. The West bids vindicator is published every saturday at <70 went Madison Street. >rloaf>2 u4> Imp adv nor a Tell amp in Halley publisher and proprietor. Respectable . The bicycle is probably the greatest missionary of oar Day in that it lots the people bid Tho Remote places in the country and Tho naked Ness ill those wide space in our Large Oitis. By a special assessment notice in this work s Issue it a ill be noticed that. Harlem Baa entered on Tho work of or Ninno improvement in Earnest by provi Iling for Tho building of a Brick to Tutu sewer. Lut Tuu Good work go of. The Oak Park vindicator 1� num shed a very saturday. At Lus Street. Oak i Erk. At �T�2.00 per annul and entered in the Onk i irk pos Tollice an second class matter. William Halle publisher and proprietor. The aug bits Vine Cal a is published every saturday at annul Ami entered in1 the Austin Poa Tollice a second Doss matter. William Halli v. Pull Siili a Anil to rent a furnished int room to two gentlemen. Apply lit Mil Mou Ominee Street. Oak Park in pols. A Vav Antip. A Turnt Clai it i it Karl for Petwal housework. Small family., he Erlicht Waites Jolt apply lit 127 a Liellie Avenue Oak Park. F lost. Stolen or starved a an Irish better the under will please return to 11. Elhiu n Mil Oil. Melrose Antl receive Rowan. Foit rent. In House. Just Lin a Anil Jackson St Rui a a t com in. Tim room Wotli Kitchen Ami two i ii aut Rev Etc. And Loozl v Leet. Laird Iti ont h. Apply to Street. Harlem. . That splendid now no fair at the Corner of Delon to Lio Lonjo Lnig to . Of Deli. Ift or Rte Winf not Hay windows Dattili loom Aru e Hedri oms Witler closets tinny to tfx Nier with a Vard Anil soft water. Kent for it per air. O. Let Ehu Vij Madison Possession rive i May 1. Anted a a Kottl. Is runt Quot Lioy to deliver a Rio a it m i Alk a ill unit ii Lily to we to Pali Lutos West Madison a t.chlean.,. I or Trio Ronith read addle Lorsa. A kind Kent be und . quo Tarar r k. Simmons 44� Lake St. I of boil Furin hordes i Lull at re Quill was co s. I user Hoil Rte Nick Elaud. 111. H0t-bkoba8liiik for. Sale at �24 Lombard Avenue Hildui Lahd ill. A i icky cows a Youn Anil full blooded two years of life for Sale. Apply to 1. Quill. Des plaques Avenue Alid twelfth Street Nuar to Mia Quot Quot Quot Quot a Quot 1tu is Iron urn limit met i 1 Corner of la Pirvey and streets. Kids Elaud. the pre noises. Viiu Oil Kent Corner Leo Jill it four blocks irom Lla to i Erk St Teliin c. A n. W. 11. Jt., none Ronnii Frame House in a Ood order. Prise. . The Rizii i , 0�llttt-m Marrisa Street. Harlem. Alibi Zim Mutman wanted to lease fora year or torni of Vars with Vic Privily of Kutchan Lek a Good 12 of 14 Boom House. Please Irive Desor Letlon the of ground distance from station and terms. Address c. W. Llu led a Post Willce Box 5.v.�o. Chicago. Cicello still keep Tho Lej i of Hor Dang Ter the Twenty eighth Ward in voters to former Ime Reger Torch 2019, and Tho latter 1�k�, i advil Nango of 30. Tho total Oto of Lii Cicero now if United would to 4, 100. Just.,think of it. You old settlers. Tin Cicero Republican primaries Miiko Pince on Boudny next for Tho Choice to delegates to oui Inlo town officers it Tho conf cation the following Day to particulars of which will be found elsewhere. To hear of Tio serious opposition Only for Tho a a flies of Touti Clooj. Tho oppose within will Nike no Nomizu Anions unless Ibero should Lio trickery of porno Tinct. Quot go a Quot Quot Rock uni Uig has to to watched Chi Italy let publicans Oro dissatisfied with the Noin Nalion of Jar. Dior Leo for ame Mun for Tho Twenty eighth War Ife kid la . Dteca8ltlfliil. Go we a Lui her Tain 6f St Lucre s Deli Coralic supporters a Havn similar disposition with toward to Tho nomination of Mccarthy. Tho result a that a Good Deal of Hak been going on during the week Amona the malcontents of both parties with the design of bringing out an Independent candidate. To ii. So sort est and most striking obituary notice we have Soeu for some time conies from a Kansas paper which impressively says Quot John to ufos it of Wamego will never bnc6 up nip Citret Rayne urn ctr Utar i is lit this a n of the lion fungo shows Tho extreme caution of la Quot reporter. The last three words indicate shift hts lipid Renny irs Mnira a its 1 n Quot Regan re Quot Hie positive Xii Ressiey of opinion and Raiher doubted the possibility of Lohn Jones being Able to avoid another circular saw in the next world. , Ullh land the moral and literary so a cation at this Young. Home seekers should is Inre to look Ovet on Nome Rons Rodvan ago before buying or locating in other quarters. Hon. Carter Harrison Independent democratic candidate for mayor of Chicago had a grand ovation in Central music Hall on tuesday evening. He Hab been holding meetings of supporters in different quarters of Tho City during Tho week i feel wis mc6lv<sd"6yjiry whore with popular a claim. Uhf a a Ciceron of a a tit thorough system of permanent drainage fur the whole tonn in now assured. Be tutorial a at ask \ Quot a Quot Sample copies of the \ pm to Stoit nor jul milk to Uiato a a f la injun if a. Map become Hubric Ribera. It it our in Mir the vindicator in it Kainitz of our Reni Lorti every shirt his Murilio trillion fail. Central 1 Paiik precinct put 111 new it tit Nib i Hin Valr to hit it. Tili la a to re gis tar jul Litty a wan Quot a Large gain. Tue Twenty eighth Ward delegates to the a a pm a were a. V. Brown Emery Quot Varno and �"wbiir1 -. A i. Istir Fay to Quot a a Quot Tusl Rawji Iju we bins Aro advertised for constructing a system of Sowers in Brighton Park Ami extending to nil Tho streets in that Village but of course by special assessment. The tabulated list of voters by Tho election commissioners shows that the Twenty eighth Ward has Lih j Regis lored voters und the whole City of Chicago l .w.om. Or. Hanson of Oak i Aik along with or. Joseph Donner Bergor tav6 had the purchasing Tho right of Way for the Southern suburban Branch of the Northern l Cilie it. It. It was a lucrative commission. We have to request our respected correspondents in Tho Dis a Reify villages to hereafter avoid personal mention of a trivial character in heir items As our space is too limited for the publication of matter that Are not news or of no ii Ito rest to on readers generally. in an Tho Burlington will in Largo its suburban train service by extending All trains running to Civile to lifers file. Two additional trains will lie put on each a Way Between Chicago and Downer s a Rove. All of the trains will be run on faster time. In order to make these improvements additional tracks and interlocking switches will be put in. This work would have been completed some time since if the weather bad not been so Bull. A we predicted in our last Issue the Pein sciatic for the Twenty eighth Ward was very warmly contested lie Tecu the three feuding aspirants. The due was Sliu however by Frank Mccarthy. In Centra la Park the vote was As follows Mccarthy l t j. , Williams i0. /oigler.t. In Mon Laid. Williams Mccarthy Lucas 17. Zeigler 1. Toni for Mccarthy 1n7. Williams lit. Lucas 117, s. Brighton a took no pint in to election. The Little Republic of Uruguay has Moro news papers in proportion to its people than Nuy country j11 tile Globe. The City of Montevideo if capital has More daily Ngwu pipers loin Neaily twice As Manj Quot and three Lanieu As Many As the City of new York. In Buenos Ayres there Are Foti Recai or fifteen Dally papers a in rec number of weeklies and several monthly periodicals of High literary character and. Large . There is scarcely i town of any it Brazil Chili or Tho Argentine Republic without its daily paper and to same May be Kudo of Central aug Erie and the countries along the Spanish main. Quot Gath Quot a tremendous work lies before the United states in settling in i proper manner the Tiht half bottled space Between Ohio and the Plains. The next slip in the a american race must be localizing itself. We hav merely scratched to ground and got drops out of it and built such wretched farm improvements Thov the bub Urban people have rushed into the towns for christianity s Salij. Tho Railroad system ir.-. Tjai probably Boon overdone in this noun try and the Road system has not been done St All. In All countries but ours Coram Nical on is easy at All times of the year from Quot Quot one Village to another but the United a Buntos Hub in but Forf i empties made a High or .b.ejli,jitead3vvaiuu . Re of feb. Lican candidate for mayor of Chi Cigol at a meeting of tile electors of Tjio fifth Ward on wednesday evening rebuked those who Are dragging religion into politics As follows now Yontl Emesi Joist one thing More 1 have Boon attacked in another direction. I Don t propose to say much about it. If any of von get Lumen Dout know what it is i a fill not Teu Jou. If you do know and you no americans Yon will vote for me no int i claim of in american citizen ocl aim whether i belong to any Church or no Church , or a norwegian that so Long As i have sworn Idle Iauco to to stars and stripes i have the right to stand for any office applause Anil no mail the right to Challenge Uio to Caius ii of my religion. To say that Boca Uso of this religion i shall to forbidden to accept Public office or that been line perhaps 1 am not As Good As or. Murdoch is to Lupolt -4hh Tufti la at Iii Iii tier the issues involved in this win Ipaige lire for you to consider carefully. It Ais experienced business men concede Tho fact that Tho legitimate newspaper is by great Odds the Best advertising medium in convention co and permanency. All other methods Are inadequate and ephemeral and in comparison with the rates charged by Ordinary journals they Are expo Sive. Patrons of the Fence Board and barn display advertising Rome times delude themselves with the belief that a Gau Dily coloured and fantastic display of word if upon some Street Corner or conspicuous Board at a country Cross roads will attract Tho attention of passers and con Iune its Good off Loeb so Long As it remains impervious to the weather Aak. However. The. A herring Farmer who May drive past the sign a half Iloria times per week and ten to one if he . Remember Tho common Placa Sigun let none his impression of Tho name or Bua ideas of the Adver Tibor. A a a tie daily newspaper is unquestionably a splendid medium and the continued and Liberal patronage Quot of leading and responsible firms is Tho Best possible. Evidence of Tho appreciation by merchants of. This Inot Hoil of tarts Var n Well week in paper with a circulation of 2,00 1 Onil upwards and advertisers always secure the Best Roo nuts. To daily paper is like the Towel used in the morning Elution so used once and thrown aside while the Quot weekly is conned Over Iead nud reread by1 to entire family until every Lino arid Sentones is impressed permanently upon the Mill of Tho i Olu Lur. It is for. This reason that we urge upon our readers patrons nud the Public generally the efficiency of the vindicator As a medium through which business Quot men can reach and impress their customers. Our rates Are exceedingly reasonable our circulation Largo and mainly in the text Story naturally tributary to the Points from which our Issue is Mado. A in addition to Tho Well set Aud hat Somo and attractive advertisements with which to adorn our columns to have the Host of miscellaneous matter a orig front not a that fullest , editorial matter upon Livo subjects whether a of Litiola or other Wiber a a cd Hiese the mgr make the vindicator a Welcome visitor to every household. These Points being conceded it is Noj Samkoff Ltd a Quot Thord b tit 5tik Over tit -000 readers the vindicate in can of fits Quot Toniu fulfil every Promise made to its advertising supporters. Houses and hardly a Day passes that there Are not from u he of dozen to n Lipzen a it in. Hilts i a i found. Proper Vanq too ral Unble to build thereon a cheap class of residences but capitalists could find profitable investment for their Means in Tho erection of hats and if Oak Park continues to fill up As rapidly As it Lias in the past six months there will to no question a to renters Quot for Many months to come perhaps years. The location of the world s columbian fair in Chicago will bring in a varied class of citizens to All portions of Tho City but a principally to Tho growing suburban towns and Oak Park should to prepared to Tako care of its full share. It is True that on town is largely composed of Thrifty and Well to do business men a goodly proportion of have establishments in Chi Eiloo who own their Homes yet an industrious class of mechanics who Aro compelled to rent for awhile Are desirable As citizens and should meet with every bios sible encouragement. Gov. Feifer has issued his annual proc. Lamarion calling upon he people of the state to observe april july As Quot Arbor the planting of Trees is a Public benefaction and although Oak Pirk Aud adjacent towns Are Well covered with Shade and ornamental Trees there is plenty of room for Tubre. In Kansas find some other Western states. Arbor Day is taken advantage of by the children and teachers of the common schools for setting out Trees about Tho school grounds and the stale is fast becoming dotted Over with Lugani Lieut grounds pleasantly ornamented with luxuriant foliage. In Germany and some other Continental countries it is a recognized custom for citizens who pass along the highways eating fruit of any kind to stoop and Plant Tho seed. It May to a peach Stone or a Heivry Pil but the proverb they repeat or have in Quot on of afters planted Trees to Shade our Heads and wow j follow by fur Drishing Sonde for coming generations. It would be a Good plan for americans to adopt this custom i jail especially to observe Arbor Day by Phit iting a tree for each member of the several families of the passed tar out Fuli sewer of sir Lilc two main sewers andean intercepting Quot Blick sow or. The fit Oak Park Piro department Ortler de the Juno Canso settled. An adjourned meeting of the Quot Cicoro town Board was held last saturday opening. Trustees Watt Moore Maclean Wood Aud Snow were pregent. President Lyman trustee Oliphant Blid mr., Bond were absent on account Ottini Knoss also True tee a utters. On motion of colonel Watts assented to trustee Moore presided and trustee Maclean Afi Tod As clerk. The first matter to re live the attention of the Board was the awarding of damages in the Case of . Jennie a. June of Bellov Idore 111., who wits injured in Otic Park by a defective sidewalk in 1880. They judiciary Ommittee that Tho Olair for damages could be settled for $000. The report waa accompanied by an affidavit from . June s attending physician showing the Juii Tiao Oft a of him also n communication from the town attorney Stati gift that Tho amount of the loom Promise reached was about the average sum allowed by the courts la slim a in Sueh cow eur a a it to Iep Pitrof Thoj a licit by a mat Quot committee recommending a settlement at to 1 Quot a Shioo and by Korolu Tiomi of trusted Watta that amount was awarded to . June. The demands of the Oak Park Pire de Partai ent were then supplied by a Resolution of trustee Wood authorizing the town superintendent to Purchase the following one Jozci Hobo spanner one Thalf dozen Ping Wren Libb. Non la Elf dozen inn Snir one dozen rubber Coats one dozen rubber by Bap j5state.b.b8tlies8. Cicero transfers. Austin it it 31 and a 1� a Loker b b add jail 11. 0 it pc ii Brodd to a Jern Berc. Harrison St and. Its b 4. It 5, b 3. By h17. Is sept 10, go. E t Noonan to j Flannagan. It us b 1 and it to b 3, Samo Sopt 10, 10. Same to b Colvern. It la b 1. Same Hept 10, of same to h if Mol i Tor. It u and <3, h i sumo Hupt 10, 00. Samo to b l a Marsh. It ls.tol�. By 1 33, an. 83,30, b 8 and it 13 and j4, 27 and As b 4, a ame sept 10, Illi Santri to a in Linen 3,800 800 1,010 340 �09 Jeffi Warren pm. It 16, b 4. Borden s add do a Ltd. J d Borden l c Harding. It 8. B 3, same Deo 30, 90. A same to so Tate. Our Morton pm it 39 and 30, b 13, h l amp i co s Odd March 7. Hawthorne l a i co to h 15 Wilson. 800 Oak pm. It 4. B 10, Wilson s add m Aro h i e r Baker to e h havens.,. 050 Oak Elk. Ltd a. It sub of it 1 teas b s. Chao Harald add sept 19, 90. J 0 Meder Mott to it j kearney.460 it 17, by a a but i to 28, b 1 and it a to 28, b a. Same Jan 4. S Powers to Samo. 380 Morton pm it 8, Kosub of b 13 and 14 nov 28, 00. C e Patterson to j Priestman. 360 8 t sub. It 07. Of it 14 to 19, n it 10, 30,13 do 1, 00. S s Starritt to w a Robort son. Warron pm it 22, b 3, Borden s Odd feb t 28 j u Borden to n-8-Marglnt�trrrt 875 Oak pm it 10 and it 17, h8, Molzohn life w b add Jan 31. Caswell amp wot More to la grimm.8s7 Hawtho Ruo it 13, b 39 March 0, j Poter a son to b Nelsoni. 400 Chollot a 1st div. It 14 to 17, b 20. Of b 13 to 28, nov 32, 39,13 feb 23, o few Otto to a a re mss. A. Aust Nellle. It 140, b 11, Austin s add Deo 24, 80. J life m Marshall to b w 11 o won. 700 same Marok 14, 01. B w Bowen to h b Martin Chicago amuse Iritz no Al to splendid showing made in our real estate Transfer column the past few weeks is but one of the Leei deity Eticy uniting features attending the growth and development it the Beautiful suburban towns and additions of the West Side. Building keeps Evou Pace with the Sale of lots while the general improvements such As the Extension of Streetcar lines Anil the development of water Aud Gas plants Are t ully up to the de Mauds of the hour. A glance a the real estate transfers in the columns of real estate papers indicates fully that Tho Thrifty Anil desirable Owtis of Cicoro and proviso Are forging ahead with vigorous strides and attracting attention from shrewd investors Aud seekers for to Best localities for Homes notwithstanding the fact that the Spring Boom has hardly begun Aud there is no question but what these suburbs of the great Metropolis of thew St Are destined to be the Choice stud Arisen erotic Borders of Tho City. Already the Beveral towns Onil villages Here have attained a enviable reputation As Tho seats of Flo and Well sustained churches excellent schools und Good libraries As Well As of Many other institutions and adjuncts of civilization Ivsich contribute to Tho pleas Keill a state and building notes. William Strippelman has plans for j52 Reutt. To he a Mutl Ulli. The Quot building at the Corner of Fulton and Peoria streets for the Fulton Street wholesale company. He has planned a three Story and basement store and Flat building 4nt70-fe6tv ttrco�ti�00 irtij5is-Srecteil on Albany Avenue and Madison Street. Tiff pin e. Ulbar Rycaj j1tr a Jaq i p8 of Cal Iblis the title for other parties jus Sis in the Northwest a Jcarter of the Southwest Sofir terhof Section 22, Ciceris for $1-3,051. This tract of it ing at the month West Corner of West sixteenth and West forty eighth streets lies immediately opposite the Grant locomotive properly adjoining Tho group of building on Tho Southwest. The property has., already been subdivided and will be offered for Sale in a Short time by a Well known firm in the City. It will receive the Benefit of All the transportation features outlined for Tho locomotive Horlib project and in fld Iliyn has the Western Ludiana Belt line on its Eastern Bordor. There is every indication of very materially increased activity in the Vicinity of Tho Stickney tract. Persons who Are acquainted with what is going on in that direction Are inclined to Tho belief that Tho Public will be surprised one of these Days when it is brought to a full realization of the developments. This will have a corresponding Ell act on neighbouring holdings. It is stated that soveral manufactures have selected _ Sites Luijt West of the Belt line Aud South i superintendent Quot of sixth third Street. Tho work on the buildings for the Anderson pressed Brick company is. Moving along rapidly. The magnitude of some of the structures has attracted considerable attention one of the buildings being Over 1,000 feet Long. The Baptist Church in Oak Park is to be greatly improved and enlarged. Architect William j. Van Kenryu has made plans calling for a 43x50 Udd Tiou and the mixing of the present Structure with a new basement. The heating will be by furnaces and Sienna. There will be appropriate Interior decorations and coloured Glass. There will be rooms in the basement for classes study Kitchen Aud other purposes. The seating capacity will be.-1 100. Cost $15, 100. Or. Vankeuren is also designing a two Story a Tore and Flat building for William Goelitz at Oak Park to Cost $10,000 a two Story and cellar Frame residence for m. Naves at Oak Park 29x50 feet with mantel and Furnace heat to Cost $4,000 a dwelling in Austin for i. P. Juno two Story Frame 30x52 Fea with Furnace heat and modern conveniences Cost $-1,500, and a Frame Story and Flat building in Oak Park for ii. C. Hanson two stories and cellar 25x42 feet. Mrs. F. P. Elliott will build a pretty suburban Home in Oak Park from plans by architect w. A. Arnold. It will to of Wood on Stone Fum Latsiou Lovoi feet and two stories basement and attic. Cost about $9,000. Wesley a. Arnold has plans for to two Story residence 45x02 feet at Oak Park. Lames l. Meriam has drawing for modern Flat building to be erect. On Flournoy Street near Kedzie Avenue for Frank Buchanan. Size 45x3s feet three stories. Estimated Cost $8,Noil. Cup air two Dokun shoulder strut by Loo feet of two Inch rope 300 feet of Hose one axe one half dozen Hose patches one singlet be for Hose cart Aud Chain attachment two buckets for Hook and ladder. Tha amount of the Purchase in limited to $"400. This Resolution was unanimously adopted. A Resolution offered by trustee Snow requires Deposit of $50 on the opening of a Street to Lay sower or water pipe Couett Matthi omit Eek amp seas bbl jets amp sol Ift 98. Good condition a Vixen found was referred to the the recommend a Tiu that an ordinance be prepared to Thot effect. In the Case of failure to Comly with the same the amount so deposited would revert to the town Treasury and the Street repaired out of the amount. A Quot Pett Tiou was tee lived from several property owners asking that Tho ordinance Pas soil at the last meeting for the widening of Madison Street to 120 feet be repealed and that the Street be made Only eighty feet wide which it was urged would to a sufficient Width for All. Fhe needs of the town Slid protesting against the condemnation of property far n greater Width. On behalf of the property holders or. W. H. Wood who was present said that the petitioners wore willing to rive Laough of their land to Mio the Rit Reet eighty Effot wide. Or. Thomas Tali Al Tell by take of the Der inability of pm Fitzig the Street a uniform Width from the fity limits. The matter Wab Laid Oyer until the a regular Nieting to night when it is Eigert de that the Quot Oak Avenue improvement will olso be reported on by Frio Spectra com Mitten having the matter under sons Filer. Action. By Resolution of trustee show the town attorney was instructed to withdraw from the Courta assessment Roll no. 247 for Tho improvement of Central Avenue in Austin at dump the Estin Rato and making a new assessment. The most important be Biness of the idn8lhm-then-Acteajipiitt, Long perplexing drainage problem wits solved and a great Boon conferred upon the town. Sinan a a Ytem of Brick sewers which Are calculated to Supply adequate drainage for the entire territory providing a or in outfall Brick sewer on Ridgel fetid av6nu� and two main Sowers tributary thereto also a outfall sewer in Central Avenue and intercepting Brick Bewer South of Aud parallel to the Chicago Madison and Northern Railroad right of Way from Central Avenue to Oak Park avenge. The total estimated Cost of the outfall Bewer in Ridgeland Avenue North of Madison and in Lake and Lombard avenues is $220,779.05. The total estimated Cost on outfall sewer in control Avenue and intercepting sewer from Central Avonzo to Oak Park Avenue $159,507.00. These estimate were approved and the work ordered. The contrasts awarded at the last meeting for Street improvement in Austin As reported in the vindicator last week were by Resolution of trustee Snow ordered to to reconsidered for re figuring. This matter will probably come it up for adjustment to night. By Resolution of trustee Moore the town a was instructed to build work on the. Bridges at Austin Avenue and 20th Street Ogilven Avenue and Carroll Avenue la Vergne Avenue and Ogdon Avenue. The Oak Park avenge improvement was again referred to the special committee on the Boulevard matter to be reported on at the regular meeting to night. Estimate on the North Grova Avenue improvement from Chicago Avenue to Cedar Street for Graveling and curbing was approved the total estimate being $1,558. The Board then Al journey. The meeting to night is the last one until after the coming election _ july 17, 90. In Youns to a w Ohlson. N�ynn1d� bib. It i Baw m. Fir 59, a March 2. W c Reynolds to s in Talon. Oak pm it 2, b 1, Central sub Marcut 12. F hunted to b m Purvis. Robinson at land Assn it 1 and 4, b 4. New a 4, 39, 13 april 7. D Cruse to m a Nelmevor-,.,. A. Hawthorne it 3, o 35 oct 7, w. Or Kes Isact Ai to f Ruof Laffma. Cheviot s 1st div it 23 and 24. B 24. Of b 13 to 28, new m 32, 39, 13 pol 20. Of Wisie try South Lold Toland. It 171 March 2. La Smith to h n Johnston. Warren Lik. It 1, b 2, Bordon Sadil March 2. J u Borden to t j Mannix. It 9, b 2, Brae March 2. Same to e f catty Quot. Morton i kit 13. B 3 March 11. F j t Padner to 8 Quot Kerr. Grose 2d Oas pm add it 30 and 33, b of Auk 6, 89. S e Gross to m a Halpon. Cheviot s 1st div it 35, b 2 i of b 13 to 2s, new it a 32. 39.13 feb 2s. C f White Tobe reome -. Or. Harlom it it o and a resume l to o ind 93 and 24, 1 7. Kettles Rene s add Fob 13. D c Corley to s e Furbeck. Hawthorne it i and 7. B 9 Fob 13. A c Mcclure of to r 9 Landis. S t sub it 1 1, it is 39,1 1 March 25. O e Muench to h m Erlio Hor. Cheviot s 1st div it 9, b 23. Of b 13 to 28. N-wiia2i3.jai. March 25. C f White to w g . S t sub it 7, sub it 127, n it 16. 39, 13 Fob 20i h 11 Truske Brod to m e Sage log same aug 2ti, till a Khyla to same Cheviot s 1st div. It 6, b 28. Of b 13 to 28, new m. 32, 39. 13 Jan 17. C f White to Goa Stock. Hooker s bub it 8, b i no u. Sir quoth 5, 39, 13 april 21, 00. A j trailer b to a Natl son. Annton it it 1, b 0, Johnston or s add feb 18. A f e Ballard to o e Crozolor. Laver no it 67 and is 18 March 11. C ,�fll.45rtx.tfl.smauhblfi Austin it 66. Rudolph amp co 3 add nov 1, 90., c Rudolph to j Anderson. Harlem s to frit i. B0. R r add March 7. J Burmester to b Delmers. So old Ireland. It 143 and 114, 18. 30,13 Jan 15, 90. L v Smith to j j Armstrong a a a mat Rezaj a. Jla., Clyde 1st div tt2i b Ivy March 4j d Fredericksen to c Presel. Gross Oak pm sub. It 4k. B 25, 19 39. 13 july 27, 89. 8 h Grohs to m Sheat. It 47, b 25, same nov 2, �9. Samo to same.&Quot., ,. Aust Nellle it 111, Harmon s sub i b 13, Austin s 2d add feb 23. G w Donnas to a a Sirom to. u Iii. A Quot Mil log 13. 90 a c Waller to o Donahue a Laverne it 24 and e kit 25. B 3 Keefe a bub Selt a 30, 30. 13 March 16. A Johan 999 300 t3� 5,200 2,600 350 1,260 1,260 760 800 800 it275 son to f l Malmstedt. -300 1.19p-0,280 a 600 2,350 chlo Aco opera on a. Tho most successful season fiver known in the history of chlo ago theatricals is a bout drawing u a ones Tai Slipper Quot that great a airy spectacle which has delighted audiences of both Beeb and All Ages in every Large City on the american continent will be withdrawn from the stage of the Ohio ago Oporto House on thursday night March 06, after having completed in that theater a series of engagements which Ara absolutely without parallel. The Crystal Slipper will have. Played in Chicago alone 317 times which . theatrical entertainment in the Cit i in that time it has played to receipts which have been simply prodigious the average for its entire run being Over $9,000 a on sunday night March 29, Alexander Hermann the great and Only magician of the present period Vili begin a Short engagement of one week at the Ohio ago opera House ending sunday night the 6th of april. Or. Hermann s slight of hand and hib wonderful tricks of every character and description Are too Well known to require my Bur in Ltd Diton to�?�11-these Herman brings with him a a Well equipped company who will give a series of Clever specialities of their own during the performance. In addition to himself and All these people he will produce with elaborate effects a new illusion scene called Quot Stro Boika Quot this will be the last and Only ehg Gomont that Hermann will play in Chicago this year. ------It�n�Jibnlifrb-or-mcylclwr1rthonterr. Perhaps it would have been better to have Iid the. A Spirlon Ope Hng Quot the Leid of Quot reopening Quot but Mcvickery is such an old and popular land Mark that the inclination is to preserve the continuity of institutions whish have successively Arisen Phoenix like from the ashes the new my ticket , Hiya Ever. Is an. Entirely new creation in decoration and Interior arrangement and the successor of the Quot enterprising proprietor who gae Quot Bis Quot name to this first Elass Temple of amusement and instruction in Kepi oven Pace with the Onward March of modern improvement and invention a the new scenery is elegant the drop curtain is a work of Art Whitlo the proscenium opening is spacious and handsomely decorated with mythological designs and memorial tributes t�4ha. Presiding geniuses of Musior Art air old the body of the theater is it keeping with the Quot stage and scenery Tho seating capacity has Quot been increased and the facilities for Entrance and exit greatly improved. The management has succeeded in making the Structure As near firs proof As human ingenuity can approach. Next monday night Tho Quot new theater will be reopened by the most distinguished dramatic organization in America Tho Jefferson Florence comedy company with the popular and fascinating comedy Quot the rivals Quot Sheridan s humorous masterpiece. The old friends of Mcvicker a will Floett to boo this go in and to show their gratification Over Tho reopening of Tho Puoplo s favorite place of amusement. The piece will be continued during the balance of the week and an Opportunity be Given to suburban residents to see the play by thib Standard Lei Ming the risk of a first night s Jam. West Chi ago villagers will be duly represented during the in a auditorium crowded and fashionable audiences have greeted Theodore Thomas s orchestra assisted by the Graat Tenor Italo Campanini at the auditorium this week. About sixty persons Are engaged in the orchestra and to lovers of file music those Thomas nights flan rom Imit or .ra.saioiiiraullb, Matilda Peter que of Oak Fark Banda big a. Trouble a Altha Liopo. V the ree Identa of Oak Park Aye no four blocks North of. Lake Street were startled last sunday noon by the a Bright and pretty Young swede girl named Matilda Iete Raon had committed suicide by hanging in the cellar of her employer s boo nor. R. H. Hinnegan it no. 443 Oak Park Avenue while the of amp Toily were tit tending Church. Subb Equart in it Obi Gacioh proved the . Day Forenoon Quot Coroner m. P. Barrett came a out from Tho City at Tho request of or. -Hennegan,and-held-aninque8t7th6"followt ing named gentlemen serving a jurors on the Case Fred Parrott g. G. Mayo c. A Lyon a. Bedord l. Morency and a Goelitz. A or. And . Hennegan wore the principal witnesses and from their statements Tho Quot Gbo Reir Quot the follow Quot ing facts miss Tillie Peterson has been living with them for seven years and by her Sweet and Quot sunny disposition neatness and efficiency a a housekeeper As Welfar infallible reliability and honesty she such a Lipold upon their affections that Quot Friey Quot looked Quot upon Hor much in fhe Light of it daughter. She was born in Sweeden and came to ame Rioa but a Little Over a year before she began living with . Hennegan. About two years ago she Many Wuh a Johng an. Who rebles with his Mother in Piol Roso and being exceedingly affectionate., she gave him her entire heart and wealth of Mardenly love. Up to last Christmas her by waa Bright to bar ehg mar Kaa been made known to their friends and Tillio had dope much in the Way of sowing Etc., in preparation for their marriage. Sometime during the holidays a loud came Over her Tonnu Bial horizon the Young couple had a Oon Troverso Over some gossip repeated by friends and when a question of veracity arose Iier Lover took sides against her and Hor Bister Ond the breach Between them became so wide that the Young Man wrote a Quot Lottei Aii tiling the engagement at the first Tillie did not outwardly show evidence of boing deeply Hurt but Ber intimate friends observed a change and a tendency to Lis prudency which of late had been in a creasing. About a week previous to her successful Effort to end her troubles. Bhe visited to sister . Bickford in Highland and going to a close room opened the gab get and but for timely discovery she would Havo suffocated herself their. Lust sunday my ruling miss Peterson arose As Bunal did the Houf Liwok find Quot appeared cheerful. Or. And . Hennegan went to Church about 10 o clock and to their kindly goodbye she gave a pleasant reply. After a their departure sometime she was seen at a window by one of the neighbors but upon returning train the services or. And . Hennegan saw Ijo thin g of her in the lower rooms and received no reply to their Calls. Thei Quot House a was hastily searched by or. Hennegan finally to his consternation he discovered her body hanging to the stringers of the Fie or above in the cellar by u Small rope taken from a Hammock. She was at once taken Down and though there was a faint flutter of the heart and slight sings of Vej she could not be recess stated and. Her spirit had la pm fron the cares and troubles of life. The Coroner s jury brought in a verdict in accordance with thebe fact i. A Quot that she came to her death by hanging through her Labouring the funeral of the unfortunate girl toot place on tuesday and wis largely attended by Neihbors and friends who esteemed her in life for her Many excellent qualities and loveable disposition. A a 660 250 830 220 300 225 800 500 17,170 72,000 3.000 2,800 1.000 proposed . In revs have been completed for connecting link Between the new Northern Pacific depot grand contras and the Chicago and Northern Pacific Calumet terminal at Blue Island. The object sought ill building the proposed links is to enable Tho Baltimore amp Ohio to run their trains into the Central depot. The work is expected to be taken in hand at once and completed some time in May. A Junction is to be made with the pan handle near seven to ninth Street so As to enable the Chicago Central to use the pan handle tracks North to where they meet Tho Chi ago and Northern Pao Filc Belt Lino Noar Douglas ? estate and built Tnp journal i Cicero l re Muriot. The Republican Central committee of Cicero township has issued a fall for Oak a Cussie be held on monday March 30, to 1 elect delegates to attend Tho Republican i convention to be held in Library Hall in . It in Tias in the i it Ca is. of the safety on Clil a Iloh and Tralich. I Oil lamps have Quot been ordered out of All pics senior baggage express and mail cars of the Chicago a Northwestern Quot Road. Light will hereafter be furnished by the i Piu Tseh Gas system. This Light Hab been used in Europe for soveral years Anil in the pin sch Burner gives about five times of much Light As Oil. Its greatest Merit however is its safety. In Cuse of an Accident it Austin March 31 at 1 o clock p. M.,to nominate candidates for president of the town supervisor ass Bessor collector town clerk Anil one fiust go for four years. The assignment of delegates is As follows c lode 1st precinct 5 delegates Austin id precinct 8 Austin 3d precinct 10 Ridgeland. 4th precinct 4 Oak Park 8th precinct. 10 Oak Park 6th precinct 10. A the judges and clerks and caucus places will be As follows 1st precinct judges d. It. Eil Gerly ind f. A. Knapp clerk ii. A. Roome meeting at police station from 5 to 8 . 2d precinct judges Amos Shepherd and George h. Parks clerk Walter Mathews meeting Corner of Central . A cum monks to f j rely Hama. Oak Park a no Oor of 95th at 80 acres dated March 21. R l Ware to j j Law Dericott. .,7. 59,000 proviso transfers. Gross Dale it 18 and 111. B 48, Gross 1st add dec 27, 89. 8 b Orous to f mar Cinkowski. Gross Dale it 21 and 22. B 66. Gross and add Juno 7, 90. Same to w a Mcfarland. Gross Dale. It 8 and 9, b 92, groan 3d add feb 24. Same to a Mccoy. It i3, b 73, same feti2�. Same Tojean it 31 and 32, b so same Jan 28. Same to f Walt her. It. 34, b 73, same March 3. Same to h a Doherty. Melrose it 34 and 35. B Lor. Fob 18. H p Nichols to a to Steenbuck. Melrose it 4 and 5, b 67 feb 23. Est of 8 r Haven to j h Gold. Harlem it n Haase s add 13. 39. 12 March 17. W Haaso to w g Conrath. 62-83-100 acres w Vibo a Sec 21. 39. 12. Dated dec 22. 90. F Schultz to t w Sprague. South first St be Cor of ninth a. May Wood 3 elks to Railroad dated March 20, o w Norton it Al to Norton Bros. .100.000 Riverside transfers. Riverside. 60 acres on Thor to ninth St cast of ninth a june 2, 70. H f bus sell to c h Lawrence. 40,000 Riverside it 804. B 11, div 3 March 16. H w is a f Holly stereo w h Barnum. 9,250 West thirty ninth St. New Cor first a. Go acres of k 36, 39,12 of West Ldhl acres Jan 10. C a Lawrence to h w Wassus. Riverside 2d div. It 329, b 7 feb 14. M e Bell to w e and item. Riverside. It 9, b a 1st div. It 203. B 3, 2d div it 311. B 4. 2d div. It w9 b a it. 3d div aug 2. Peoples Bank of Minneapolis to my Bryant. Leydet transfers. Turner pm it 6 and 6, b quote Quot March 10. A f to a f Kolze. Robinson reservation 4 acres in b Sec t Quot a 17. 90. M amp j it White to c m White. 200 West Side transfers. St Lawrence a ids it s of a Lxiv fourth St w of 26h22m it dated March 11. C p amp j v d Westfall to o Mantellini. 1,300 Central Park a 09 it n of 8 teen Ali by. E f. 25x124 it. Dated March 19 w t Cush Init to a r Tomlin. a. 207 it n of division St. Of 25x125 it dated feb 24, 1 0. Gross a Moore to m d Harman a. California a. 132 it s of Folk St w f. 2fi 6x 124 it. Dated March 20. Of Maui shorty to m j o a 50 it s of fifteenth St. E of 225x 125 it dated March 10. A 8 Trade to f h Trade Homan a. 17a it r of fifteenth St. 0 of 50x til it dated March 16. G a Trude to a s Trude. California a. 5.1 it s of Polk w of 26jx 124 it. Dated March 21. J h Bowman to t Heln. W Van Buren by bet Homan and Spauld Jiuu ays s f60xino it dated feb 23. O e Malm . Hat Livorno a 82 it n of North w of 88 it. With it 16 and 27 same my. Dated Jan 24. Estate of w b Orr ten to j h Heuer. 13,250 Hawthorne a 170 to n of Forth w of 181 it. With 50 it adj on Sheffield dated Jan 24. F o Jones it Al to name. Harvard no. 3ii.-> it w of St Phillips n of 175x122 it. Dated Jan 13. A g Mocor Inick to a Mcintosh. Same property dated Jan 10. P g Nesbitt to a my irit09\i in 1,200 sacrament a a. Dec it a of Fillmore St. W f t 60x120 it dated March 10. James Kari Cade to a Bowman. Crawford a. Bet North and Brocken Roldao w f. 911x725 it. Dated March 2. R Ansley to j n Maou. W Washington St. 1 y to w of 40th. S i 25x 180 it. Dated Jan 18. R Smith to 8 tall or.j./. Lots 12 to 19. Blk 1. Montrose dated March 7. F. H Gary to i e Shambo Uigh. Western a blvd bet 42d and 43d its e of 37 Ifni it. Dated feb 14. Quot a tipping to n and c Perreault. New subdivisions. Sacramento a. New Cor of Harvard by 124 it to it Dale a Gobel. Cycle of Magalea Falls. Paul Philipoteaux a great painting of Niagara palls in now on exhibition in the Toni dub or War by in a a by Awber firs my of Paris to Long Drew Large crowds. It has been viewed by the editor of this paper to the palls Are familiar and who pronounces it a wonder True to nature and Well Worth seeing. Mio picnic grounds. 1,000 1,075 1,800 g,000 1,600 1,800 1,875 10,700 1,200 2,660 1,300 1.500 2,800 2,100 Franklin l Ork to have a race track and a Hall Field. Lovers of out of door diversions will be gratified to Loam that the work of arranging general amusement grounds convenient to Chi ago is progressing under the direction of l. Franklin at a Point near the suburban terminus of the Chi ago amp Northern Pacific Railroad whore it intersects with the Chicago Milwaukee amp St. Paul railway. Or. Franklin proposes that the people who attend his free excursions the coming season shall have the use of the Best picnic facilities within easy reach of the City. He hat selected an inviting stretch of Woodland within the Borders of Franklin Park As the nucleus of the amusement Center. Under the big Trees brings Are to be placed together with apparatus for All sorts of popular athletic exercises. There will be Bui Tuble accommodations for base Ball Lawn Tennis and other favorite game a encircling the Grove a thoroughly equipped race course is to be Laid out and a grand stand Anil the Bunal accompaniments of a ii by class speeding track provided for the dancers a smooth and spacious platform with uni no and taste fill band quarters will be built. In connection with the project a Large and substantial Pavilion has already been built convenient to the Grove As a recourse in the event of showers. The regulations for the maintenance of order and decorum will be sensible and ample and Tho numerous assemblages at the Franklin Park picnic grounds during the coming season of outdoor amusements Promise to be exceptionally enjoyable. Wathor fora not lot april. Quot Eov Ira picks the noted weather Prophet of St. Louis whose predictions Are received with great Confidence in the far ,ibakei.ihfi_ialiqbihg.,.metcorologi6al. Forecast for Aphel Quot Clear frosty weather will follow the storms of the let and 2nd, until on and about the 5th, it will turn warmer with cloudiness and Rains. The 9th to 12th is shown in calender As next storm period april Rains scattering Hail storms with Snow in the North May be expected. Frost and cold will follow. April showers will gather Linto wider and heavier storm about the 16th and 17th. The 22qd, 23d and 24th Are regular storm Day i which some Active rain and Hail storms will occur. A very warm atmosphere Wilh restless electric Clouds May admonish of possible danger. In the North Snow need not Surprise followed by the regular fall of temperature perhaps. To freezing. There Are reasons to expect very Active reactionary storms on and about Tho 28th and 29th. Space forbids explanation. April ends Cool to the Moon enters its third Quarter on april 2, enters the dark of the i Good on the 8th, new Moon on the 15th, and full Moon on the 24th. It is impossible for tire to communicate a. -----------------------0from the Gas burners to the can the Light a and Morgan avenues Between 4 and u ., has been Putin the St. Paul limited trains 3d,precinct, judges e. J. Unit enema and. And As fast As Tho cars can be equipped will Howard Robertson clerk. J. Quot or freon i be substituted for Oil of the Denver limited meeting at town Hall Between 4 and j and other trains including the suburban a p mgt Tath Pree Iol Juge u. Jv1&Quot service. A Gas Plant to Supply the cars has ment and Geo. Emp clerk id orig been erected at Kinzie and Ada Street. W. engine Bouse Dorridge Tho Pintsch system has been adopted by Laud Between 5 and 7 p. Bin precinct the German Imperial railway services on judge. Samuel and Geo. A. Ovelt Sjoo passenger coaches. Monday Woodbury clerk Willis b. Tie Rick meet tie Del teen of the Northwestern Rood in Quot ing it water work Offit. _ Vito a number of friends to take dinner Quot with them of tie St. Paul limited in a special Cir to observe the Workings of till now Light. The results were satisfactory the Gas is carried under each car in reservoirs Ami is pronounced by experts to be non explosive. Happy hoosiers. We. Timmous postmaster of Idaville ind., writes Quot electric bitters has done More for me than All other medicines combined for that bail reeling arising from kidney and liver John Leslie Farmer and Stockman of Shine place says Quot i find electric bitters to be the Best kid Ney and liver Medicine and it has made me feel a now my a. J. W. Gardner hardware merchant of the same town says electric bitters is just the thing for a Man who is All run Down and Don Wei Ether Ond floor Between 6 and -7 p. M oth precinct judges Gordon Ripley mul w. P Kinann clerk . Voght Moeling ats incl House. Marion Street Oak Park be he lives or Dies he found new strength tween 5 and.7 n m by direction of Petar Good appetite and Felt 3.1st like he had a Mcl Orfald Fred e. Pearsall by Lee on Ife. Only my a ,9t l. Acc Iaan of Tho committee. I Letts Diug , Oak Park. Letter list the following is a list of unclaimed letters in the Oak Park Post office up to March 23,1891 l. Astor . H. H. Austin Christ. Pillar Johann Hummer miss Julia Hanna Johnson 3 r. C. Johnson Henry Peck Delos Hull p. Ii. Ito Marrable Tescue. Mrs. Michael curtain Plainfield Iii., makes Tho statement that she caught cold which settled on her lungs she was treated for a month by her family physio Iao but grew Wofse. He told her sue was a hopeless victim of consumption and that there was no Medicine that could cure her. Her druggist suggested or. King s now discovery for consumption she bought a bottle and to Hor Delight found herself benefited f rom first Dobe. Sho continued its use and after taking ten bottles found Hersel sound and Well no Ltd does her own housework and is As Well As she Ever was.4-Freo trial bottles of this great discovery at l. Lov Ett s drug store Oak Park and other druggists. Littge bottles 50c and $1. A two hours strike. Yardmaster Mcnery of the passenger Yards of the Northwestern discharged a Union switchman named Crowe monday afternoon and the act being reported to the officers of his Union they made a request to have him reinstated which was ignored. At 6.30 p. All the switchman in Tho Yards in Chicago Montrose Western Avenue Wood Street South Branch and at the West Chi ago shops quit work and passenger and freight trains came to a standstill As soon As they reached these limits. Engineers firemen and other trainmen declined to switches and for a couple of hours All traffic was a topped. A a a. A committee finally called on the officers of the company and demanded Tho discharge of the obnoxious Yardmaster who they claimed had three times previously worked As a non Union Man. After some Parley Mcl Nerv Quot was discharged and at 8i30 Tbs a men resumed work. It a Donth of Philip Hoilund Ftp another old settler of Cook county has / joined the immortal caravan that moves to realms above Quot another sturdy Pioneer has departed from the scenes of his Early struggles and triumphs. Last Friday March 20, after but a few Days sickness Philip Bohlander aged 55, who resided about three Miles West of May Wood in proviso township died of paralysis and his funeral services took place on saturday March 22, from his late Home the services being conducted by the pastor of the lutheran Church of Elmhurst. Or. Philip Bohlander was born in Germany and came to this country in 1842 with his parents and has resided Here Ever since. He has been and honoured citizen and has held a number of positions of importance and responsibility and was township clerk at the Date of his death. He leaves a widow and twelve children All of reside in this Vicinity. The sons Are promo sent and Rose noted business men and a Large Circle of friends Aud acquaintances sympathize with the family in their bereavement. Curious facts about easter. Boston journal the fact that easter Falls on a very Early Date this year March 29 has caused a Quot Friend of facts and figures Quot to collect some curious statistics. In 1883 he says easter fell of March 25, and it will Only once again this Century a namely in 1894, fall of so Early a Date. In three following centuries it will occur Only eight times of i the same Date namely in 1951, 2035, 2046, 2057, 2103, 2114, 2125, and 2198. The earliest Date on which easter Oan fall is on March 22, and this Only in Case the Moon is fall Quot on Quot March 2, who this Date happens to fall on a saturday. This combination of circumstances in a it 1033 1761. And 1817, and will happen again in 1990, 20i6, and 2144, while during the three following centuries it is not once Quot on the books Quot at this Early Date. On the other hand easter never Falls later than april 25 thib was the Case in it .1666, 1734, and 1886, and will Only happen onco in the next Century namely 1943. A relic of the Conquest of Mexico. Some weeks a go the Chicago daily papers contained sensational reports of the finding of the Quot Iron hand Quot of Tonti the Brave lieutenant of Cortez in the Conquest of Mexico near starved Rook in this Tate but the Story proved a canard invented Bya country reporter. Relics of the spun so Conquest Are not wanting however Aud or. R. A. Lackey of Oak Park possesses one of Peculiar interest. It is an ancient dilapidated rust eaten and delayed specimen of. The Flintlock horse pistols with which Gortez troopers were Armada or. Lacked Moured it by Purchase from the mexican finder in 1887, while or a visit to that country and the Greaser Quot from he bought it asserted that he found it Twenty feet beneath the surface in a District through a which the conquerer a passed when Enro Ute to the capital gift. It is a decided Conri oily aside of rope its historic associations a arid. Vouha -1. A cum. A a Tiff jul be Ymir Quot e .iu.-. A

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