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Chicago West Side Vindicator (Newspaper) - March 24, 1894, Chicago, Illinois Vol Xii no. 12. We. Ii Alley editor Aid , ill saturday Marcia 24,1894. I 93.00 m Ymir in and 3o. Per copy. They Are now with to Leila records All hands High up. The candid Fulcs and who they Are. A Large number of were filed. Petitions Dull times brings Thorn droves. Out in Clear records and personal fitness Only considered. Party nominations mat de ignored in some cases. Republicans have a Strong West Side ticket which Good hard honest work will elect. Publio expense fund is entirely exhausted. Chief clerk tailor tells where it went. Col. Addison Ballard petition publican candidate be a Fob Alderman in the second Ward. His grand record now published for the first time. South town politics disseminated. A spicy budget of political news. West town Republican ticket. l. Monaghan m. Horn . A. Blodgett e. Ehick80n James l. Monn ban was a Deputy Coroner Tudor Henry l. Hertz. He was a candidate for a West town office once before but was Defeated. He was formerly an officer of the switchman s Union. He lives in the ninth Ward. Jacob m. Horn is vice president of Tho Horn Bros manufacturing company on Superior Street. He has never held office. He lives in the sixteenth Ward. Maj. E. A. Blodgett was for Many years a member of the state Board of equalization from the third congressional District Bat was Defeated for re election in 1892 he is now purchasing agent for the West Chicago Street Railroad company. Frederick e. Erickson is a clerk in the county clerk s office. He was born in Milwaukee Twenty seven years ago of norwegian parentage but has lived in Chicago since he was three years old. Result of Harrison s assassination. When asked for an explanation of the deficit in the election commissioner s budget by a vindicator representative he said that it was All due to the assassination of mayor Harrison and the consequent special registration nud election. When asked what was going to be done about it he said that the Only thing he saw was for Tho election Board to go on with the elections and unit for the Money a others had to do when there was no Money to pay the Bills. Meantime the commissioners Are going ahead on Tho basis of about $102,643 for the coming election and where the men who do the work Are going to get their Money 1b a matter of apparent indifference to the authorities. Judge Scales will certify the warrants and the comptroller will let the printers and the Mon who rent the polling places Call for their Money As the contractors have become accustomed to do. How the commissioners manage to spend More than $100,000 for one election is explained by the following table prepared by the chief clerk of he Board judges Throe in each of 8ns precincts. $21.130 clerks two to Tho precinct.11>,3m polling places at $15 each Spring elections.�.��8 polling places at $13 each fall of Cottons 13,188 printing delivery and storage of Booths Eton a Quot a by Lary of advertising.1,000 Portage suspect notiens.3, ballots oto.6.000 handling ballot boxes .1,090 stationery. expenses.2.0�0 a deduction of $12,188 �8 to be made from this table the duplication of the rent of polling places for the Spring and fall elections. The expenses in the office in the City Hall Cost in 18 2 $46,000, nud in 1893 $54,000. It will be less this year than in either of the years named. Council Cut the estimates. Quot that is a statement of what it costs for an said chief clerk Taylor Quot and the Council knew it very Well when it Cut our appropriation in half. But that is Nono of on affair for the Law is very explicit and says that the Bills must to paid. This is the Section of Tho Law on which we Are Content to rest Quot All expense incurred by said Board of election commissioners shall be paid by such City. Such salaries and expenditures Are to be auditor by the county judge and such salaries shall be paid by the county treasurer non the warrant of such county judge out of any Money in the county Treasury not otherwise appropriated and such expenditures shall be paid by the City treasurer non the warrant of Sach county judge out of any Money in the City Treasury not otherwise appropriated. It shall be the duty of the governing authorities of such counties and cities respectively to make provision for the prompt payment of such salaries and expenses As the Case May the comptroller says that the Law is very explicit and Plain and that there is no trouble except that the election Board has about so�,000 of last year s debts to be paid out of a total appropriation for this year of $75,000. He does not know How it is to be done. West town democratic ticket. j. 80anlan it Crane collector.alve8 m. Hofmann Biniak Mortimer j. Saulan the candidate for assessor lives in the ninth Ward. He was the chief Deputy in assessor Ryan s office last year. Frank kill rain who was nominated for supervisor was clerk of the West town last year. Albert Hofmans whose nomination for the collector ship was the biggest Surprise of the Day is said to be a Gorman american and is n member of the Hofmann brewing company. Joh Biniak is a swede and is at present a clerk in cite treasurer Bransfield s office. Every candidate for election to any City office next month is now fairly before the people together with Bis record. By this he must stand or fall. In Many Dabes party nominations will and should be ignored and the Best Man selected. There Are both republicans and democrats offering themselves who Are unworthy of receiving honest suffrage while the same thing May be said of 6ome Independent candidates. Voters May Well investigate carefully before going to the polls and select Only those men upon whom no suspicion or taint rests. According to the figures Given by the election commissioners and comptroller Ackerman there is a tangle in the affairs of the Board and before this year of registrations and elections is Over the fund will be exhausted. The City Council Eppro printed $75,000 for election expenses during the fiscal year it now appears that there Are outstanding and unpaid election Bills amounting to More than $60,000 on Coo not of the november and december elections which will have to be paid out of this year s appropriation and by simple arithmetic it appears that there remains for Tho Spring and fall elections and for the general registration next fall Only $6,000. And that will probably be eaten up when the pay Rolls for the last two weeks Are paid. Chief clerk Taylor and attorney Bovle of the election Board say that it is nothing to them As the Law requires the election expenses to be paid whether there is an appropriation or not and that it in the affair of the City where the Money comes from. On the other band the comptroller says that the figures Given Are Correct and that the Law is accurately quoted Quot but Quot he adds Quot they will have a hard time finding any Money in the City Treasury which is not a otherwise appropriated at least this or. Ackerman added that Tho general fund was a hopeless resort As the Money therein was for the most part spoken for in Advance and he could see no Way out of the difficulty. In the tenth Ward a very Large petition was filed asking Charles c. Schumacher to make an Independent contest for Aldeiri amp a and be has consented. Or. Schumacher s democratic opponent secured his nomination through methods exceedingly questionable nud of the two men Sohn Macher should be elected without a Shadow of d but. The republicans ought to support him to a Man because they can entertain no Hope whatever of the Bue cubs of their candidate. In Many of the wards the registration last tuesday was quite Large this being especially True in the first Ward where those distinguished and prominent democrats Alderman Coughlin and the hons. Solomon Van Praag and William Skakel reside. My what a Epe Taole to gaze upon our presbyterian Baptist methodist and other like friends Shonting for such men As these in a political Canvas of the Twenty nine aldermen nominated by the democrats not less than nine Are dispensers of grog. Those Are Coughlin deist Rohde Slepieka o Connor a Honey Powers Donahue and Ruddy. This is a rather Large proportion. It is the experience of the City that the Grogger keep Era make the worst aldermen. They Are a demoralizing element in the Council As they Are in the body politic and whenever it is possible they should be Tribune. The efforts of a few disgruntled candidates on the West Side to create a division in Republican ranks will not win. A first class ticket has been nominated which is worthy of support by every Loyal citizen. There is not a Man on it whose name should be scratched at the polls. E. W. Stanwood is undoubtedly the strongest Man who could have been nominated for Alderman by the republicans of the thirteenth Ward. He will be elected by a goodly majority. In the nineteenth Ward the honest citizens irrespective of party Are uniting and organizing to defeat Aid. Powers whose record in the Council has been without any redeeming features. The Good citizens of the Ward it appears have United in support of James d. Casey a Young lawyer who was born in the Ward and who has an excellent reputation. Or. Casey proposes to make a vigorous canvass and to show up Powers Council record thoroughly. Though a Democrat he is supported by the leading republicans of the Ward and it is believed he will receive the endorsement of the Republican organization. There has been some talk of nominating q. J. Chott in opposition to Powers buttts the Ward is democratic in the proportion of three to one this would Only result in insuring the election of Powers by withdrawing respectable support from or. Cabey. No one will advise or. Chott therefore to Mako the race unions to desires the re election of Powers. A Republican cannot possibly win in the Ward unless the demo ratio vote is divided among three or More candidates and pretty evenly divided. That has been the experience of Tho past. The Republican organization cannot lend itself to the indirect support of Powors by setting up or. Chott to be knocked Down. The Wise and proper of Norse to pursue is to support the candidate who can defeat Powers. It is probable that the Republican organizations will act on , and that Powers therefore will be retired. Frank Lawlor authorizes the statement that he at no time annoy imbed himself a candidate for West town assessor or asked for the votes of delegates to that convention. To the demands of those who requested that he allow his name to be used he replied that non one condition would to consent to make Tho race and that would be by the convention tendering him the nomination. There was a Row Over Tho primary in the ninth. Tho bohemians wanted representation among the judges of Tho primary. Instead they trere promised a representation among the delegates. They were Givon eight out of Twenty. There was Only one primary in this Ward. There was a protest from the seventeenth Ward against the nomination of Maurice o Connor. A. M. Skeff Lugton charged with false registration in the late mayoralty election was arraigned on the third Case filed against him before Justice Lyon this week. The Case was continued to March 25. There is a Well defined Rumor afloat that the administration is none too Well pleased Over the Way the West town democratic delegates made no their ticket yesterday. In the heat of Battle week last and when Loeffler the administration candidate needed but a few votes to win the twelfth Ward gave its solid vote Twenty eight in All to Mortimer Scanlan and the latter won. Again when Considine the next administration candidate needed help the twelfth warders went Over entirely to Kil Ceniu and he won. Working for or. Hopkins and holding important position Secretary in the building commissioner s office was or. James to Andrews of the twelfth Ward who until last week was a candidate against Loeffler for the assessor ship. Last night to Andrews resigned and it is said that More resignations will be asked for. When questioned about the matter or. Hopkins Only said Quot i know nothing of any factional fights and wish to say that i am with the ticket nominated from top to j. J. Dab Mann the disreputable who proposes to break into the Council again on the demo ratio ticket in the sixteenth Ward precipitated a riot last saturday that resulted in bloodshed and bruises and stopped just Short of murder from the timely arrival of Tho police. A Large number of republicans bad met at the House of their candidate for Alderman John Schermann near the Corner of Noble and Bradley streets at 7 o clock that night to celebrate his nomination and just at thib time a crowd of several Hundred poles headed by dab Mann Stanley Kunz and Peter Kiolbassa who had just Como from the democratic primaries marched Down Noble a treat four abreast and charged on Tho peaceable Republican gathering. The fight Tagud for several mint cd until a patrol Wagon of policemen from the a Sou Street station drove up and quelled the Dis Ald. Daniel Ackerman renominated. As we predicted in our last Issue Alderman Daniel Ackerman was renominated at the Republican primaries on thursday last notwithstanding the disgraceful Quot skulduggery Quot of some of his opponents for the Twenty eighth Ward. A Man who formerly was or. Ackerman s Friend and whom or. A. Has befriended on Many an occasion did everything within his Power to subvert his defeat and brought out or. Rankin who was also his Friend against him. Or. R. Abide by the result of the primaries and retired gracefully from the Field. Then the artful dodgers the hero of the stuffed ballot Box in Central Park two years ago resorted to another scheme and got up a petition for a Well known Republican Medico of Central Park who is better known for his Gal entries than for his Public spirit or Good citizenship to draw Republican votes from him. The Medico is fool enough to be flattered by this and proposes to run As an Independent Republican with about As much Chance of Success As an Apache Indian. The object however is to defeat Ackerman and throw the election to the Democrat. Even in this dastardly desire we Are confident the tricksters will be confounded and Uncle Dan triumphantly elected. Nal disgrace to the Republican party of that Section. The vindicator cannot and will not support him. Horan s record As a politician is too Well known to require dissection in these columns. We have no hesitancy whatever in advising on Republican friends to scratch Bis name when voting. Far Batter elect an honest dam oort than a dishonest Republican. The inter Ocean truthfully says Quot the second Ward was carried in every precinct by delegates pledged to the to nomination of Alderman Horan a Man wholly unfit for the office and who ought to to Defeated at the polls. An Independent candidate should be put in the Field and every nerve strained to elect him. But even if the result should be the election of the demo ratio candidate that would to bettor than another term of Horan. When Finch a candidate is put Forward the duty of every Good citizen is too Plain for hesitation. Tho second Ward ought to Send to Tho Council men of brains and character who will ropes ont work for and promote the Best interests of the the Herald notes among the prominent democrats who attended Tho South town convention Alderman Coughlin Quot Bath House John Quot William Fitzgerald sol Van Praag and others equally noted. The same paper also says Quot John j. Coughlin Wab renominated last night by Tho democratic convention of the first Ward. The convention was in session Only a few minutes As Twig delegates were in a hurry to get away and attend a prize from whom All decent people of whatever party will earnestly Pray for a speedy deliverance. Quot prominent democrats lord where do such men As mayor Hopkins and his associates come in at in the South town the republicans by petition have made a capital selection in naming col. Addison Ballard for Alderman in the second Ward he is an old resident an uncompromising Republican an honest upright business Man and one who will protect the Peoples interests at All times from jobbing and Boodle schemes. To can be elected Over Dan Horan if the better Elemont of the party will put its shoulder to the wheel and vote. The election of col. Addison Ballard petition Republican candidate in the second Ward should to accomplished by All Means. The party can not afford to Saddle such a Man As Dan Horan. Urbance. Dahlmans s Quot pull Quot with the police was Strong enough to prevent the arrest of himself or any other of the rioters under him. The democrats have made no nominations in the eleventh twelfth Twenty seventh thirty first and thirty second wards and probably will make none hoping that with no Aldermani fight on the republicans will not get out to vote for their town tickets. The character of the Republican nominees promises a distinct improvement in the general average of intelligence and honesty in the Council but As much can not be said for the Quality of their democratic competitors. Some wards have More than one Independent candidate. The following wards have each two Independent candidates 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 17th, 24th, 29th, while the 10th Ward has no less seven independents. A. H. Watson a plumber from the North end of the eleventh Ward has been nominated to succeed George b. Swift who absolutely refused another term in the Council. The democrats of the eleventh Ward hive decided that they will not put up any candidate us the Ward is overwhelmingly Republican and do not wish to bring out any too much opposition to the demo ratio town ticket. This oiroum9tance and the fast that he is the regular nominee insures Watson s election. Joseph a. Lammers has been nominated by the republicans for Alderman in the 15th Ward. One of the surprising things about the nomination of Aldert Uuie candidates is the presence of so Many people s party nominees. The populists will have a candidate for the City Council in every Ward. One of their leaders is Ebenezer Wakely whose lot appearance in political circles was when be ran for mayor on the tree Silver ticket at the special election in december. John Onlin filed a petition on Friday As an Independent candidate for Alderman from the nineteenth Ward. Or. Donlin is a Young Man who was born and roared in the Ward and is strongly endorsed by business men of that District. The Aldermani candidates. The following Are the Aldermani candidates for the West Side wards including independents and socialistic labor seventh Ward John a. Cooke rep. Moses Barnott Idem. A Edward Hebner Henry Schroeder ind. Peter Karp Peoples. Eighth Ward rep. Frank Slepicka Rem. Jacob Stainer we. P. Gavey ind. Eighth Ward j. Martin Kralovec rep., Frederick Rohde dem. Adolph Sabath i. E Dankowski ind. P. J. Flynn peo pies. Tenth Ward Fred. C. Engel rep. William Farley dem. Chases Helke Robert j. Ryder ind. Herman Lelivelt Peoples. Eleventh Ward Alex. H. Watson. Rep. P. A. Ruhl Peoples. Twelfth Ward Conrad Kahler rep. F. C. Peck dem. P. W. Jennings Peoples. Thirteenth Ward Edward w. Stanwood. Re. William t. Maypole dem. H. C. Goodrich Peoples. Fourteenth Ward James Keats rep. Geo. Leininger dem. Herman h. Vogt ind. P. J. Grimes Peoples. Fifteenth Ward Joseph a. Lammers rep. John b. Palish dem. Charles a. Carson Peoples. Sixteenth Ward John Steru Iuliu rep. John j. Dab Mann dem. James Charen gel Peoples. Seventeenth Ward Albert Oberndorf rep. M. M. O Connor dem. Charles j. Cullen Thomas Johnson ind. William Mantle Peoples. Eighteenth Ward Albert Glade rep. We. F. Mahoney dem. Henry Prell ind. George Rudy Peoples. Nineteenth Ward John a. Bell rep. John Powers dem. John Donlin ind. John Clark. Peoples. Twenty seventh Ward Herman Butler rep. August Blenkle ind. R. Berg Peoples. Twenty eighth Ward d. A. Ackerman John b. Sage rep. John Begane dem. Franklin Britain Peoples. The following Albo have entered As independents fifteenth Ward William j. King Michael f. Bowler. Tenth Charles f. 8chumacher. Twenty seventh d. B. Fonda. Thirty first Charles Vail. Thirty fourth b. 0. Charlston. There Are four socialistic labor candidates in the following wards eighth Joseph Roubik. Ninth Joseph Richter. Tenth Frank Masek. Twentieth Wilhelm a. Boening. South Side department. Col. Addison Ballard West Side news. Gathered from All the Ccu ters. Brighton and Vicinity. Dexter Burke regular Republican candidate for Alderman from the eighth Ward has been withdrawn and the name of Jacob Stainer Independent substituted. Or. Stainer who is a Bohemian business Man made an excellent record As a member of the Board of county commissioners and his nomination it is thought will greatly strengthen the Republican town ticket the chances for Bis election Are considered decidedly democrats have attempted a smart trick in the web town their candidate for supervisor is the present democratic town clerk. Saturday afternoon and sunday was spent by some of the party workers in preparing a petition in behalf of an Independent ticket headed by or e f. A Rennacker for assessor or. Rennacker was one of the candidates of the twelfth Ward for assessor on the Republican ticket. It was thought he would allow the use of Bis name As an Independent candidate in order to express dissatisfaction with the treatment accorded him in the party convention but the petition in Bis behalf is largely signed by democrats its purpose is to withdraw votes from the Republican candidates. It is believed or Rennacker will not permit himself to be used in that Way and that he will withdraw his name from the so called Independent ticket he should Conie out under his own name and declare himself unequivocally on this matter Republican candidate by petition for Alderman of second Ward. Colonel Ballard was born in Warren county Ohio in november 1822, of Hixine Quaker parents Bis father also being an old Lino whig. Fundamentally to has never changed his mind religiously or politically. He first came to Chicago in March 1813, from Cincinnati Ohio to Peru Illinois by Steamboat and on foot from Peru to Chicago a Robt of the time Over Boot top in water As the whole country that Spring was a vast sea of water. He did not stay Long at that time in Chicago but made his any around Tho head of the Lake on foot to Michigan City and to la Porte Indiana where he first came into the West in 1841, and it was there he Learned the Carpenter Trade. At that time 1843 from the foot of Monroe Street to Michigan City there was not a House in sight from the water s Edge As he hoofed it along the Sand Beach not daring to leave the water s Edge and go Back into the wilderness for fear of getting lost. He was a Good roustabout. All around Carpenter and contractor for those times. Up to 1819 he went to California As a builder in Aud around Sacramento and in the mines in and around Hauntown now Placerville. Returning Back in 1851, he built the tee Garten Giouro and some other Brick blocks at Laporte Indiana that still stand. He came to Chicago permanently in 1853, and Learned the lumber business with Wilcox Lyon amp co., whose Yard was then the farthest South of any Yard in the City Between Congress and Harrison streets. In 1855 be bought an interest in a ssh door and Blind factory and planing Mill on Congress and Market Street South of Van Breu. He continued off and on in that business till 1861, when he went into the lumber business strictly being on Market and Monroe streets where j. V. Farwell amp co s wholesale store now stands. He remained in that business and on that Block till the great fire of 1871, when All of his lumber Yard and All the buildings he had on Wabash Avenue and Monroe Street Aud where the Eden Maxee now stands went up in smoke including All the Home insurance companies that he wan insured in aggregating about $75,000. Not realizing that he had lost anything be mortgaged the land and built up and about that time the great Panio of 1872 73 settled Down Opall of Chicago s enterprises and it was much worse than the fire for it was longer doing its work and put Many of Chicago s Best men in bankruptcy or in their Graves. Or. Ballard built up All of his land and then sacrificed it to get out of debt. He went Back to the lumber business in 1874 of Market Street where the Wisconsin depot now stands was a hard worker and made it go. He was elected Alderman of the second Ward with the Reform Council of 1876. To Drew the Short term with his colleague Jacob Rosenberg. A was elected two other terms of two years each. He retired from Active business in 1887, was nominated by the Republican party for county commissioner in 1891, serving one year. His record in that Board is behind him look it Over for yourselves. He has very reluctantly allowed his name to be placed on the Republican ticket by petition As a candidate for Alderman of the second Ward at the coming Spring election. Having permitted his name to go before the Publio he expects to be ejected by a Large majority. He says he Don t go to the coun cil As a Spectator nor a manipulator he is going there in self defense to protect himself and his household morally physically and financially believing that whatever will be Good for Bim under such legislation will be Good for other american citizens even a free Trade Democrat. The nomination of such a Man As Alderman Horan in the second Ward is an Eter John Bigane imagines himself already Alderman. A Willie Honkomp is nor listing Johnny Baker As Salesman for the vindicator in Brighton Park. A it is about time to turn on the water in the Fountain at the Brighton Park Triangle. A John Larney has put in a new set of Wagon Scales on Archer Avenue opposite his place of business. A everybody wore the Green on saturday. Some of the More fortunate gentle men and ladies bed oked themselves with specimens of the genuine Shamrock imported from the Emerald Isle. A John Bigane carried the demo ratio caucus last Friday afternoon by 205 votes against 82 for John Sheehy. The race will now to a three cornered Oun Between ack Erman Bigane and or. , the Independent Republican candidate of the North end of the Ward. A officer o Neill arrested Frederick Roberts last thursday night for stealing a ten gallon Keg of port Vyine from John Rolston s Saloon. Roberts sneaked Tho Keg from the Saloon while a crowd of Alderman Acker Man s friends were celebrating their Victory at the primaries. He will be held for the criminal court. A a dozen or fifteen men and boys including Martin Foley Joseph nine we. Sodergren David Welch Archibald Bailey John Bailey we. A Noesky Martin Murphy Louis Nelson Joseph Bisbach August Hilb Tony Highland were before Justice Glennon last week thursday charged with stealing Hay from Stook Yard cars. Several of them were fined $15 and costs. Some of the younger Fellows were fined $1.00 each Aud the fines were suspended. A John Gallagher who worked for Henry m. Me Eban. Left Brighton Park sunday March 11, and had not been heard from up to a few Days ago. The circumstances Are such to cause uneasiness to his wife and Mother. Quot Jack Quot was a popular Young Man Here and it is to be hoped that no ill Fortune has befallen Bim. A James w. Me Eban the popular grocer and meat Man at the Corner of Archer Avenue and thirty eighth Street is enjoying his usual excellent patronage. As a Sample of the Quality of his goods and the reasonableness of his prices it is noted that he Sells the celebrated jumbo Quot flour at Only $3.75 a barrel. All other first class brands of goods at proportionally Low rates. A a Tho Brighton Park athletic club scored big Success at its first grand Ball at Baker s Hall on the St. Patrick s night. The attendance was larger even than at its masquerade Given january 27. Thompson s orchestra furnished the music and the Brighton Park Relief and Aid society provided an elegant supper and thereby netted a handsome sum for its charitable enterprises. The athletic club is Active and progressive and begins to occupy a Placo in Brighton Park affairs. A James Cunningham Aud Frank Myers met officer Nugent of the Brighton Park station one Day last week upon his Beut near the Corner of Kedzie Avenue and thirty eighth a treat. The two opened a fusillade of blackguard ism Aud insult at the policeman and the officer placed them under arrest whereupon Cunningham assaulted the policeman and being a powerful Man was getting the better of the fray. Officer Nugent availed himself of his revolver and shot Cunningham in the leg. Myers Here pitched in and dealt Nugent a wretched blow knocking the officer senseless. Myers Ihen snatched the gun and fired at the prostrate policeman but missed his aim. The gun contained but one Cartridge and the toughs started to run. A citizen seeing the fracas summoned the police patrol and the it two men were pursued and overtaken by officers Caton Aud Murphy. Cunningham Wain held for the criminal court in $1,500 Bond and Myers in �1,000 Bond. The police claim that the men Are notorious characters Myers an sex convict and Cunningham a member of the Mortelle and Magrath Park. A undertaking attended to Day or night by James Marshall 3083 Weet Lake Street Between forty first and forty second at. A Charles Duhamel is to open n plumbing shop at 2072 Lake Street. A Charles Myers is building a Blacksmith shop on forty third Street in the rear of Martin Loftus Saloon. A mrs. Malcomb formerly of of Endrai Park is visiting at mrs. Hard son Park Avenue. A the monthly meeting of the Oak Park division of the y. P. S. C. E. Was held at Central Park congregational Church on thursday evening. A mrs. Parmlee gave a reception to Ber sunday school class last week Friday evening at her Home on Park Avenne. A the congregational people cleared Bont $50 from their Moody quartet entertainment. This Wiful help swell the new Church fund. A Central Park houses will soon be renumbered preparatory to the Extension of the free delivery system to this part of the City. A some of Tho sporting men of Central Park Are ready to bet that or. Sage will not get 50 votes in the first sixth and tenth precincts. Humboldt Park is visiting her Mother mrs. W. O. Parmlee of Park Avenue. A miss Eberlein of Oak Glen 111., is cashier at Rugen s. Of. Engen opened a meat Market in connection with hib grocery. Or. Rugen has the neatest and Best equipped Market Wost of Western Avenue. A a Ralph Johnson the irrepressible representative of the flei6chman yeast company talks of joining the Coxey peace army about March 25th. His Many friends Wager that he will be the Apollo of the army. A the Adams Street m. E. Church people bold an easter Sale on saturday evening for the Benefit of their various Church enterprises. A John Hudson and miss Maggie Conley of St. Louis Avenue Are to be married at St. Matthew s Church sunday March 25th. A the Garfield pleasure club s dance at Rebmann s Hall on St. Patrick s night was attended by to Large a number of people that the room was crowded. A Jolly time was enjoyed by All. A Rev. Haskin the successful pastor of the congregational Church at Fortieth place and Park Avenue is raising a fund with which to build a new and larger Church. It is with pleasure we announce that he is proving a valuable a financier As a divine and in a Short time ground will be broken for the new edifice. A miss Elizabeth b. Hayes died Friday March 9tb, of peritonitis at the Home of her sister mrs. H. Mcgee. Of Paik Avenue. The interment Wos at Woodstock 111. A or. And mrs. Zellner of 2266 Fulton Street mourn the loss of their Only child a Lovely Little girl of eight months who died suddenly on sunday March 18th. The fax a neral took place on wednesday the remains being conveyed to Concordia under the undertaker James Marshall. 2083 West Luke Street. A we regret to record the sudden death of Little Thomas Hansen of 4307 Monroe Street aged two years and three months who died on monday after Only a few hours illness. The interment took place on tuesday at Forest Home under the direction of undertaker James Marshall. A the Republican convention held on Friday resulted in a split. The Rankin men withdrew owing to an obnoxious ruling made by chairman Bippus and made their nomination in Todd s plumbing shop putting or. Sage in the Field. The regular convention named or. Ackerman. A the residence of e. F. Gauss assistant City librarian on Washington Boulevard was burglarized last saturday morning about 4 o clock. The burglar entered or. And mrs. Gauss room and fired a shot that barely missed mrs. Gauss. The intruder made his escape with four Gold watches a Large bundle of clothing and a Small bum of Money. The police were attracted by the shot and soon after arrested a Man who was running away from the scene. Some property was found in Bis Possession and other circumstances were suspicious. He was taken to Street station. The arrest was made by officer . A Best hard Coal $6.75 per ton. C. P. Patrick 4 Abbott Block Austin. A Reynolds Bros Are building a House on Ohio Street. Pm. F. Millspaugh is erecting a Fine two Story residence on Indiana Street. A Call and Bee mrs. Naylor s easter cards and novelties Corner West forty eighth and Hubbard streets. Quot a a Fortune avails the individual who devises an economical method of extracting glue from Moreland mud. A Quot Katie Dean the Little bag poker Quot was played to a Large audience at Fischer s Hall on wednesday and thursday evenings. A Rev. J. Olsen has received a Call to become pastor of the lutheran Church in Morgan county Tenn. He has it under consideration. A or. Owen of Wisconsin is visiting his sister mrs. Millspaugh while in the pity undergoing medical treatment. A or Sanderson the grocer has built a Large addition to the rear of his store building. A about twelve couple of the friends of miss Martha Clayton tendered her a Surprise at her Home on Kinzie Street last Friday evening March 16. The Young lady was presented with a number of useful Ana valuable gifts. A Max Karbane reopened his store with a new Stock of Good. He will do a merchant tailoring business also and has an exceptionally Fine line of a clothes of the latest Spring and summer styles at prices that defy Competition. A one of the finest of recent entertain a buts is promised Moreland people at Fischer s Hall thursday evening March 29. The occasion being a complimentary concert to Edward Oglesby the famous coloured baritone. Charles Hafkemeyer has the preparations in charge. A miss Phillips Corner forty eighth and Hubbard Street spent two weeks in the City making up pattern hats for the Spring Trade. She is prepared to furnish the ladies of Moreland with the latest millinery novelties easter hats and bonnets a specially. She will be pleased to see All of her old customers. A More lumber is coming into town today than Over before. Building is Boom my Aud Quot More people Are a a a King Homes than there Are Bouses to accommodate. A headly Larson is the Prond father of a a bouncing baby boy. A or. And mrs. Clark of 2438 Ohio Street. Were surprised by their friends at their hone last saturday night. Doo cig was the chief pleasure of the evening. Continued on Elott Page

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