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Chicago West Side Vindicator Newspaper Archives Jul 13 1895, Page 4

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Chicago West Side Vindicator (Newspaper) - July 13, 1895, Chicago, Illinois The vindicator. July 12. 1895 we Jitiam Halisky. Editor Ami proprietor �3.00 Pur non Iii in rail Vince in Atohi i cuts of this Quot vindicator Quot print in and i Ulm Lish it it a Ooin Pany. For a considerable Timo i have con to i it Liitt Lelh formation of a joint Stock company for printing Ami publishing Tho various editions of lir vindicator newspaper Ami such other newspapers mid works and Ilo Inifi such Job printing Jih Milit he desirable and profitable. My object in this is to make my various enterprises More successful by associating with me men of capital and business capacity As Well As to relieve myself of the Reat Strain on both mind and body consequent on the activity necessary for progressively carrying on work of so arduous a nature. The Hajje is highly competitive and to be successful in any of magnitude an association of capital and Effort is necessary. Besides i am a rowing old and must bring to an end the intense tax that i have endured for the past twelve and Lii ind Anil body in Ca l of a Success. Publisher intervals editor also Ai agent i half years of both making the Al Lii i have been not Only and proprietor but. Solicitor advert a sing collector and Foreman. I Feci that the make the Ciangi outlined. Cicero no doubt next changed in her municipal from a town to an inde interviewer reporter time has now Collie to proposed and Here Spring will to organization pendent City ller population is increasing so rapidly Lier interests Are becoming so Many and so important and her wants so numerous the it a weekly newspaper will no longer fulfil her requirements and no doubt she will demand the publication of a daily newspaper for news and advertising. The City advertising alone a will go a Long Way towards guaranteeing the Success of such a publication. Another fact in this connection is that the great department stores of Chicago will not advertise in weekly papers but will in daily papers. A daily paper can be carried on in a manner to avoid Tho vast expenditures of the Chicago press and still be successful. A Job printing Otico can be made profitable by securing the town printing now and heretofore done in hic ago. I propose to make he capital Stock of tie Emu it and .->,11111�, in shares of $1 111 each. If this i propose to take one half myself. It is not necessary Ilia this Stock should be All subscribed editor enl Noten mid comento. It is no longer Lyman Avenue nor forty eighth Street but forty eighth Avenue Ili Mondamin now. I e p it k s k n t at i v k Mill of tile seventh District received a number of Cook county votes at the election for speaker in Springfield on tuesday last. _ Ano Tishk Reform Resolution by trustee Gunthorp increasing the salary of file Leirwyn water works Engineer from 75 to $1110 per month. Truly Leirwyn is to the front. Tine people Are still waiting to Bear the report of president Pierce s expert accountants on the town of Cicero books. It looks now As it something is being Eon celled by the present Hoard. A commissioner from Washington named a Heiskell Lias been examining into the condition of the Cook county ail and declares it to be in a deplorable condition especially As to the matter of food. Tilki k will be an election the coining fall for the members of the canal or sanitary Hoard. It is said the present Cormuss Ionek will All be candidates for re election. Mosaics those Alderman Carter Arthur Dixon .1. C. Harden and s. T. A under soil Are spoken of. _ the Butcher the Baker the grocer policemen firemen official Sand labourers of the town of Cicero Aro nursing their Wrath to keep it warm for the Benefit of the individual members of the town Hoard. Not a Dollar has been paid out by he present Quot Reform Quot treasurer to any employee of the town while the funds Are accumulating to the credit of his Bank account and the interest grab. There is a limit in the extent to which a joke can be carried and it is unequivocally asserted by the people first above mentioned that this joke of the reformers is being carried to far. Tho wish that another election could be held soon. I la Eric is rejoicing among the anti corporation Republican papers at the election of Lepro tentative Cochran As speaker of the Illinois House and at the rebuke administered to minority representative crafts by governor Altgeld for his corporation proclivities. Tic silents on and near the Washington Boulevard in Austin and Oak Park thank the vindicator for its Victory in obtaining the Little sprinkling of water the Street has had and Hope that it will use its influence on the town Hoard so that it May understand the importance of keeping this driveway thorough sprinkled. Complaint is made to the vindicator that the Cicero town Hoard favors certain contractors by paying them Tho full amounts of their contracts on completion of their work while others Are compelled to leave a percentage in the town Treasury for one year. This is favouritism of tin worst kind. Uror Kinward Dover of Cook county has been charged by some South water Street merchants who wanted a change in the game Laws with demanding Money for his services in aiding them. This is declared by Republican As a or. I it yer who is a Gross charge and foundation. Utterly without at once nor that it should up at once Only As it May All paid needed that the per cent a Al More. Lie 1� 1 have no doubt whatever Stock can lie made to pay 10 profit it May be a Good de the business in its present hampered condition is doing better than this. With better materials and facilities a division of labor in Coli event hands and ability to take advantage of All opportunities there can be no limit set to what May be done. I desire h it Rafter to online my own efforts exclusively to editing the paper and leaving the care of the other departments to competent persons who May Veconi Quot stockholders in the concern. It is not necessary Beri details with regard to the present. But simply Sta it tirely sati factory. No we of its class enjoys a better patronage but it a it even quadrupled. Ali is satisfactory but it inde Init h by i Joseph i a Man John or snoek j. Mack Hen Snow and Harry cordon gave Bonds in judge Tuthill s court monday in ten charges of keeping gambling houses. These charges Are contained in the indictments recently returned in connection with the Hawthorne race track. John lir Enock signed All the Bonds amounting to 10,0110. Lie scheduled 50,000 Worth of property. What has become of the citizen s committee on fire Protection that held so Many Public meetings in Austin before the Spring election the Hoard of trustees at that time had a Survey made and plans drawn for police and lire alarms which embraced the whole town of Cicero. Col. J. W. Hennett was prominent in that movement but has not been heard from since on the subject. Are the members of that committee still alive Hon. Matt w. Ransom United states minister to Mexico now on leave of absence is in Washington. Lie says of that country Quot it is surprising to know How Large the american interest is in Mexico. I suppose that there Are from 200,000,000 to �00,000.000 of american capital invested in the Republic. All of the railroads except the one from Vera Cruz to the City of Mexico were built by american Money while great smelting works factories and other improvements have been inaugurated by americans. It naturally follows that the United states minister has a Good Many matters to constantly claim his attention but the mexican it government is disposed to be very Friendly with this country and the work of the minister is made As pleasant As Fiji res show that the assessments for taxes in Chicago Are less now than they were Twenty Livo years ago. The figures of Twenty live years ago and thereabout in which there was an approximation to the True values were obtained under an assessment system very different from that now in use. There was a commissioner of taxes for the whole City appointed by the mayor. He was selected for his knowledge of real estate values and his books were open to Public inspection. Tho assessments at this time were fairly honest. Hut As soon As the absurd system of town assessors was introduced there was a rapid falling Oil in the assessed valuation As a whole together with great irregularities Between individuals and Between the different parts of the City. The assessment system in Chicago Lias been an litter farce Ever since that time. Of Ciciro school Jand. School trustees have m a Lepan i Bave his the circa Money give to it Fohl Dalie ing. An Alie diaper in or Appice of Ilei in i dip Chi spent Oli institution-., allowed to View Pap i it a my i Chi Iii pm l i 1 t o i but this Iii i go. Tha Pel to in the i a. E b. To go into business at that it is in Quot a paper Vert Ising doubled circular Ion too in be extended the circulation a lit Leaf hands v incr a can in ice 11 Rei Wattem p i depend oui in a Nuu Imti i be new. H nit i is it a if Erat. On it in Terr is Terest. To. Wiil Lam. Lould l 1 Culi Are freq Blic out. Enu Chi Lile the . Be to Odeile a inv i i is. A kids the Succi it of Public Livecc e i editor Lumi Quot a Ang f Tho is wasted s. Even is and liter iry newspaper i.-. An Elk Cicil e first consists Etc Nelll Lilit y. Of All other a and Lille. T be eau in the Humboldt Park edition of this week s West Side vindicator will be found an Able article from the pen of or. Stone our local editor on the growth and the Humboldt Park District of Chicago which embraces Large portions of the fourteenth and fifteenth wards. It would sur i ise a visitor to observe the improvements that have been made in a very few years and the growth of population As Well. The article is Well Worth Reading. There is an important Reform movement on foot among the republicans of Chicago to purify the party Anil throw overboard the Quot Bosses Quot that have been controlling it for corrupt purposes heretofore. Tin vindicator wishes the movement every Success. At a meeting of club. Of the fourteenth and fifteenth wards held on wednesday evening. I St mayor Swift was endorsed by Resolution and the West sum v i n i a Roi adopted As their official paper. The metropolitan elevated Kail was Coniam has a ked permission from the Cicero town Hoard to build to fiftieth Street two blocks West of their present terminus. As this Extension is evidently meant for the accommodation Otilie Rahv a company and not Lor the people of Cicero the Hoard should refuse the request. No rights should be Eil t hat do not provide for the building of at one mile of Road with the need Xiv stations at Robinson and enral a venues. Hale the Cicero succeeded in making a valuable Sale of eighteen acres of their school lands now leased to the Pacific Railroad company. Negotiations Havo been under Way for some time and on monday last judge Jenkins in the United states circuit court gave permission to receiver a. Lawrence Hopkins of the Chicago Northern Pacific Railroad to Purchase from the school trustees of the town of Cicero a right of Way at a Cost of80,000. Ten years ago the a rent Western railway company leased from the school trustees 14s acres of land at an annual rental of it per cent on a valuation of400an acre. The lease was subject to a revaluation at the end of every ten years. The property is now valued at 5,000 an acre. The receiver in his petition to the court sets Forth the Transfer of the original lease to Tho Chicago amp Northern Pacific Railroad and says a ill the property is not required for the use of the Road and that the trustees Are willing to sell �1 right of Way 150 feet wide aggregating eighteen acres for 80,000. Tho receiver recommended the Purchase which was ordered by the court. This is a most excellent Salo for the school trustees of Cicero As they not Only get a Good Price for Tho eighteen acres but secure the running of streets which has been greatly desired through the rest of the Iso acre tract thus greatly enhancing its value and that of the adjoining property As there is not a Street now open there for a whole mile. It Ceplon of grand army for Lundn at Humboldt Park. A company of sri mls consisting mostly of mom Bors of Winfield Scott Post no. 445, grand army of Republic and their families gathered at Tho Homo of their Friend and Comrade Jap Tain Thomas Marker of 87. I Washtenaw Avenue last wednesday evening. A More enjoyable evening has not Boon spent by any company of friends at any time or place during Tho season. Or. And mrs. Harker and miss Murray know precisely what to do to make matters agreeable and joyous for a company of friends and nothing was left undone on this occasion that could contribute to such an end. Tho Beautiful grounds around the House were adorned with chinese lanterns and other appropriate and tasteful paraphernalia and reminded one of fairy land. Winfield Scott Post has a drum corps that is unexcelled by any in Tho land its reputation having gone out through All Tho country and Tho martial music discoursed in Tho open air by this incomparable band at Comrado maker s last wednesday evening delighted not Only the company assembled but Tho inhabitants of the surrounding neighbourhood. Tho vocal and instrumental music in doors was of a High Grade and of a most captivating character and was greatly relished by the entire company. Tho army stories told were Good exciting and All True the conversation was mini ated and appreciative and Tho cup of enjoyment was full and overflowing. Ice Cream and cake were served in Rich Ell Sion and of a most delicious order by Tho worthy Host and hostess. Thoro was but one Little dispute to mar Tho Harmony of Tho occasion and that was As to whether col. A. Higgins ate three or four dishes of ice Cream. A committee was appointed to investigate and report their findings on this intricate question. Those present were Post commander Mattern wife and two daughters Comrade Ayers and wife and Nephew William Herger Comrade hair wife and daughter l ast commander capt. O Connors and wife major Bauer and Niece miss Anda Prillman and past commander co. A. C. Higgins. Tho company dispersed near the Midnight hour each expressing himself and herself As never having spent a More joyous evening and wishing each Tho other Ami especially wishing Good kind and generous Comrade and his estimable family peace Prosperity happiness and length of Days. Burr Assed by via tit of nieaii.-, crash red by Imi Mudi labor. 1 be to . Learn interview sure As the agent of the Shoultz Bave ii eans to eni worthy reporter his work Quot by wild Eil t Eive Iho Sand it of i saved to the people of Cicero la1 Mort i tune and make Copie. Ile in Quot .1 Trust lat and faithfully t rut Blu ii a v Dine. Many Inore old Ais would have been even ill the town even 1 Han the com of the paper to the commit it had the Public Given the editor of Llie vindicator a support that would have relieved him of the Drudgery alleluia i on a local paper and enabled Bini to put his time to better use in their behalf. That there will be others to take an interest in the Success of the paper he bides myself is a potent reason Tor putting the business in Tho hands of a joint Stock company. I have entrusted the formation of the company to the care of or. John d. Vandercook a gentleman Well known to the citizens of Cicero and Many outside of it and Trust he will have such immediate Success that the company can be organized in a few weeks and put into operation. A respectfully Quot William 11 Alle v. Publisher and proprietor Austin Oak Park proviso and West Side Quot indicators. Quot p. communications to either or. Lalley or or. Vandercook. . S Victoria Ami called la of a new one. It seems Era opinion among the tha t the coi serv at i ves i Jority in the new House. T the elections take place the Tho get for London Vav ill be lie Day. Class Toile has i it Mied manifesto in which lie claims i Quot Ireland. In the infant him dissolved her he election o lie the my ones have a Nia he first of saturday in on Monti Short is ice How Ever. The Irish members keep up their disgusting Wrangle and do everything they can to prejudice tin tile King Ash people. Air cause with it Aper on Quot life says the Isidor to say the hic ago building on says the Host in in Isican Edward at the athletic clubs he takes Oce several Nice tilings about club. The athletic club Michigan a Emie is i equipped of All the club houses in the country of a like nature and a composite of them All Quot it is impossible to Over Praise its Richness and completeness of appointments. The Liston Providence Detroit. Denver Ami new York athletic clubs All have line Eirv club houses but the Chicago club easily leads them certainly after this decided Praise its members can do better Handspring Ami lower More records. The Chicago athletic club has 2,0 10 members who pay a fee of �0 a year each and is Quot supported mostly by merchants it has a Erv Fine building with a spacious swim mag Pond on the first floor. Lum served to members in and place May be engaged i is Thev crafts it has often amazed us How a potty trading fetching and carrying politician like Clayton la crafts could Ever obtain the Ascendancy he has in Illinois politics. But that he has achieved Eminence and Fortune in his party there is no denying. We knew that to was shrewd for his own Benefit wily subservient and unscrupulous in attaining his end sends always apart from the Public welfare but could not account for his leadership Only on the ground that the parly desired such a Leader and that they did was evident always by his promotion to positions of Honor and profit. It is useless for a party to put Forth a claim for pub lie Confidence when its leaders Are Only Bast self seekers and according to a press interview with Coventon Altgeld the first democratic governor of Illinois in Many years this is All the claim that lion. Clayton la crafts has on the democratic party and that he is Only in the legislature to Subserve the interests of corporations and himself. Or. Crafts represents in the legislature the District in which the vindicator is published. He is the minority representative of the seventh District which is strongly Republican. This District has also a Republican state senator in or. John Humphrey and two Republican representatives in messes. Muir and Thiele. Or. Crafts has always managed to secure his own election by preventing a second Democrat from altering tin yield. And by soliciting cajoling and promising credulous democrats. Being a corporation cats Paw he has influence with the numerous corporations from whom he seeks and secures favors for men who need jobs and gets a Good name for himself among workingmen in this Way. But us a politician crafts is perfidious and will do or say anything to serve himself. That he in untruthful and unreliable is but too Well established. Crafts is our townsman and his interference in Home affairs was always baneful. Only for him there would not be to Day a local Republican party in Cicero. It became necessary to Lynn it to keep him from inter meddling in town matters. When the corporations need any dirty work done they Are sure to hire crafts for the Job. As he is always believed to be capable of doing anything desirable to accomplish the purpose they have in View. Now that crafts has been rebuked and discredited by the Bead of his party in the state Quot we think the local democracy should take warning and secure a better Man hereafter or they May have no minority representative at All. It is due to themselves As a party As Good citizens As honorable men that they should now throw this Huc stering charlatan this Man steeped to the lips in dishonest legislation overboard and maintain their Honor As partisans As Well As citizens. Rightful place for her last Days and Sho Onjo Yod Tho unique sooner the health Fol water and the Hind friends to Tho very list. She gradually gave up Tho hypo of returning Homo and after one of her most painful nights calmly asked Tho doctor Quot in this Tho end Quot two Days later Bho had a slight Shock Notor which Nho could Oon Torso but Little. On Tho morning of Only 4th, while Tho National Emblem wore flying and a band of Masio was ranging Tho friends gathered a round her Bod As she Sank Down into Tho army of death. She was looking intently upward and one said to her Quot do Yon see to Mother Quot yes Quot she answered Boobly. Quot do you know to who is it Quot and with a surprisingly Clear Vieo Nho answered Quot his name in a Fow moments later mrs. Budlong asked Hor Quot do you see Fathor and Flora a grand Dang Tor who died Throe years ago or Havn t Thoy got a Toyota Quot with Sora Effort she replied this wits Hor last word and soon after Sho joined Iho Circle above. Hor remains Woro immediately taken to Oak Park where funeral services wore held sunday july 7th. A remarkable Foat Ivro of Tho funeral was Tho pure while dresses of Tho daughters and grand daughters. Tho services boomed like a Triumph of Joy in Faith. Sho had lived Tho four score and three years and in Tho excellent Sermon by Rev. T. It. Strobridge and mrs. Pooley for Tho w. F. M. 8.and chaplain c. C. , for the Miebi Ontaiy society her going was depicted Only As a faithful toward passing from labor to Reward. She was buried beside her husband at Forest Homo cemetery Whilo a Largo you Coburgo of friends Sang Quot while i draw this Al a tint breath when Niv eyes Ali Al close in death. When i Rutto to world unknown. And behold Thoo on thy thrown Rock Quot to arcs Clott Tor me let to Aldo myself m an ominous political Outlook. J perhaps no portion of the City of Chicago has Boon so closely under Quot gang Quot Rule in politics As that of the fourteenth and fifteenth wards. Hut it bids fair to emancipate itself and take a prominent if not a leading position in political Reform. Last tuesday evening at a meeting of the Humboldt Republican club of Tho fourteenth Ward held in Loremer s Vilall il0- il2 North California Avenue we listened to rousing speeches made in favor of civil service Reform and endorsing mayor Swift s administration. On wednesday evening a similar meeting was held in Tho fifteenth Ward by Tho people s regular Republican club and such enthusiasm As was evinced Here is even rare to behold in Tho actual canvass of a heated Campaign. Scores of prominent men stood up and confessed that they could no longer submit to the machine Rule in politics and went Forward to Tho Secretary s desk and enrolled to Weir names upon Tho club roster. Following these two meetings on Friday evening Tho Young men s Republican club of the fourteenth Ward met at119 West division Street where Tho same enthusiasm prevailed and a Largo ill crease of membership ensued. These clubs Havo a portend that is Well worthy of consideration. They Point to honest Earnest efforts to obtain political Reform and should be a warning o the Quot gang Quot politicians to keep Quot hands off Quot from mayor Swift s Reform administration. All these clubs Are intense supporters of Swift and Tho mayor will not Hick for men of High business character ability and moral strength to defend him and uphold his Good work so Long As these Republican clubs continue holding such rousing meetings. And if Uliey do a is we feel Suro they will it Means death to Tho gangster element in Republican politics in the fourteenth and fifteenth wards and Tho dawning of a better and brighter Era in politics in Chi go. Death of mils. A Tell and 15it Smith of Oak i Paiik. Mrs. Adeline m. Smith widow of Philander Smith who identified him Rolf with Oak Park Twenty five years ago nude Okonn Active part in the development of thu place died at Eureka Springs Arkansas on july a Ltd. Mrp. Smith was a i Sjo Dunt of Miles standi Tih and Hail Many of his characteristics such us for guess Delarmi ution and upright Oas of character. She was a daughter of Simon Meacham who was a Doit on in the congregational Church at , n. V., for fifty years. Mrs. Smith was married in 1843, and settled in Lorraine n. Y., from which she moved to Adams n. Y., in 1850, and afterwards to it Park in 187�. Two chd ire died in in Flincy and there survive her two daughters mrs. John Budlong of Rock Ford Iii., Ami mrs. We. E. Blackstone of Oak l Ark. She was converted in the congregational Church and afterwards with her husband joined the methodist episcopal Church where Sho always continued to be a f it hut member. She had a quiet and us Demon Stative nature and Yot she entered into Relfi Youh life wit i great Dovo Tiou. Although frail in health and often a great Heuft re she Wuh Ever ready to embrace All opportunities for social and especially Roli Giofu gatherings. Sho was a great Lover of Cump Inlet Mph and being fond of music always joined in singing gospel hymns with great Fervour up to Wilhau a few Days of her death. She was a faithful stewardess and spent most of the Timo of Tho thirteen Yoars of her widowhood in carefully disposing of most of her own Means and the estate which her h Island left Tofor benevolent and charitable purposes. She has left As enduring monuments of her Pailun trophy and Christian Faithf ulness schools institutes colleges hospitals Mission ships Chu Rohos Melu tents Village chappels Industrial Homes and Dtta Cones Homes in various countries including Japan China India Africa and her own land bos Idos numerous gifts of a smaller character. She gave Tho pipe Organ to her own Church in Oak Purk besides Largo contributions to the Church building und parsonage. Her contributions were not confined to her own Church but were Given to other denominations such As the y. My. A., Etc. Though apparently feeble she survived Luany serious attacks of sickness and lust april though Sull ering with heart disease and i Ufa amatory rheumatism Bho determined to a comply her daughter mrs. Blaek Broue. Who was dangerously ill to Eureka Springs Arkansas. It proved to to a de iia it Village Hoard. A special meeting of Tho Harlom Village Board was held saturday evening All the trustees being present and president horde in the Ohair. Tho Call for the meeting was Road stating its object to be for the purpose of allowing Tho estimate on sewer District no. 10 approving the Bond and contract of the Needham water amp Well company for canvassing the votes of Tho special election for police magistrate to receive Tho report from the electrical Engineer and to pay off Bills a motion to reconsider the vote by which Tho contract was let to the Needham water amp Well company the week before was carried. An estimate of Robert e. Williamb the Engineer in favor of Nelson amp Cleary for $4,007.33 was reak Aud referred to Tho committee on drainage. The Bill of or. W. T. Gri amp thas Engineer on laying of water Mains to the amount of $50, was in id Aud referred to the committee on fire and water. The report of w. C. Fuchs the electrical Engineer on Dynamo tests was read. It showed the Dynamo Cumo up to the specifications in All the principal Points hot there were some minor features the it needed correction. The report was adopted. A the report of the committee on drainage recommended the estimate of Robert e. Wlliams on the Nelson amp Cleary work be allowed and paid. The report was adopted. The report of the committee on fire and water Recco Monding the Bill of w. F. Griffith be approved and paid was adopted. The clerk web instructed to open Tho returns from the special election for police magistrate Aud read the result. Of motion the Board then proceeded to canvass Tho vote. The following Resolution offered by trustee Schumacher and seconded by trustee Strunk. Was adopted whereas it appears upon Tho canvass of the returns of the special election in the Village of Ilar Lem held on the 6th Day of july 1895, for the election of police magistrate to fill a vacancy in said office that Joseph f. Klim Raer received 202 votes for said office and Frederick j. Lango received a vote of 89 votes for said office be it therefore resolved that Joseph f. Klimmer having received the greatest number of votes for Tho office of police magistrate of the Village of Harlem to fill a vacancy be and he is hereby declared duly elected to said off Loo. The committee of the whole then had a talk with the several bidders for the now Well and instructed them to put in new bids. I when the Board wan again called to order the committee of the whole reported it had received two Biks Ank submitted them to the Board. Tho clerk was then instructed to open the bids and Reod them. The two bids were from the Needham water amp Well company and from w. H. Gray amp Bro. These were referred to the committee of the whole. The committee of the whole reported the bid of w. H. Gray amp Bro. The Best Aud lowest bid and recommended that said proposition to accepted subject to a Bond in Tho sum of $2,500, to be approved by the president and Board of to Quot Stees and Oona Iliond Ouw h. Gray amp Bro. a written contract with conditions to be satisfactory to the president and Board of trustees within Beven Days from Date. The report was adopted the Board then adjourned. It meets again in regular Bession Saturn a evening july 13th. The King s daughters the quarterly meeting of the Quot Margaret Bottine Union of circles of the King s daughters and sons Quot of Cook county was held at the Scoville Institute in 0�li Park wednesday afternoon delegates being present from All the circles in the county. The opening exercises were on Tho subject Quot what does it Aiea to be one of the a King s daughters Quot the report of the press committee from the Silver Crosb Mainz due the Organ of the International order on Points in regard to the work throughout the country particularly in regard to Flower Mission and tenement House worn proved deeply interesting. Tho principal topic of discussion was the Quot shut in Quot work talk by or. Julia m. Orr the local superintendent of this work of the needs of the work. This was followed by a general discussion and sketches of the work in different a Loose. A Well prepared paper by the state Secretary mrs. We. H. Wait on the Quot Art of doing Quot proved of More than Ordinary interest. A statement of the plans for a lunch club in the City in con nation with the Headquarters for the order by mrs. Good win county Secretary followed. She made an Appeal for furnishings dishes books Etc. The location of the lunch room is on Clark and Jackson streets and is to be opened about August 1st. The meeting voted to use the Money in the Treasury for the Purchase of Silver for the lunch club the question of supplying ice water in summer and hot Coffee in Winter for the men on the elevated roads wus brought up and the plans now in buc Cebul operation in Berlin und now York were evidenced practical in this matter the next meeting will to held three months from last wednesday time and place yet to be fixed. Give him a Sheet of paper to would leave a note under Tho door for mrs. Dressen. It is supposed that Whilo to was thus engaging mrs. Wilcox in conversation an accomplice effected an Entrance by Way of Tho front door and went through Tho Flat. Everything was thoroughly ransacked Tho contents of Tho Bureau drawers and trunks being scattered Over Tho floor the search having Ovi Dontly Boon met Ido for Money Only. The fire at Oak l Ark. The depot of the Standard Oil company at this place burned to the ground monday night at 10 15 o clock. The Blaze was hot while it lasted but Lomo of Tho Chicago papers greatly exaggerated it in their accounts of Tho fro. Tho Quot record Quot Oor loss indent evidently had not fully recovered from the effects of col Brating Tho fourth. To say Quot the Fira spread to the Frank Ellis lumber company Yards on the East. After a heavy fight by Tho combined companies Tho fire in the Yard was brought under the facts Aro that there was no Firo it All in this Yard and Tho lumber was not Ovon scorched. The deeds of reckless daring of certain firemen in making their Way through the flies to remove Tho Cap from the boiler of heated Oil to prevent an explosion was exciting to read about but it had no truth in it. To learn from a gentleman in the employ of Tho Standard Oil company that their los is about $1,500, and not in Unrod. Twenty five barrels of kerosene and gasoline and about three Hundred empty barrels Wero destroyed. The big Iron boiler contained about fifty barrels of Koro Sene which is not injured. It is thought the Firo originated from some loitering train huh Glamis at Ridgeland. Theft s Ive burglar has been getting in his work around Ridgeland and Tho residence of Hirem Combs at 242 North Cuy Ler Avenue is Tutje latest to to entered. This was done sunday night after the storm. Entrance was effected through one of Tho front windows the catch to which was broken off by Means of a Jimmy. There seemed to have been Little overhauling of furniture Etc., on the lower floor but upstairs every drawer Box. And receptacle of any kind thai ransacked and the contents strewn broadcast Over the floor. All the articles of ladies wearing apparel were left where it had Boen hauled out the burglars evidently not caring much for that but they removed All or. Coombs clothing. There was no Silver or Money in the House Hough the burglars tested two spoons and finding they were not Silver left them on the floor. They broke open a child s Bank which contained a Small amount of Money. Or. Coombs family is summering at Gray s Lake and before leaving All the silverware was moved to a Safe place. The burglars evidently knew the family were away for the summer. 11elk1s of the late Mhz. Smith. William e Blackstone has in Hia Possession a number of very interesting gifts that were presented to Tho late mrs. Philander Smith by admiring and grateful friends in different parts of the world. One is an elegant chinese umbrella. It is made of silk and in beautifully cmdr girded with chinese figures. This gift was made after the medi id missionary in charge of the Hospital she had founded had proved to the satisfaction of John chinaman that the Quot Melican Man Quot was a Success in relieving pain and checking disease. Another gift is a chinese quilt said to be 250 years old. Another is a crazy quilt made by her lady friends in Oak Park Aud Tho names of Tho donors Aro Oither painted or embroidered on the quilt. It is a genuine work of Art. The photographs of the institutions she founded in different parts of the world make quite n collection. On her last birthday mrs. Smith received eighty letters of congratulation from friends in the different foreign hands that Aro enjoy aug her benefactions. Sievert Nui trials. Or. Charles f. Drechsler the furniture dealer and undertaker at Oak Paak and miss Sophy Sievert were married wednes Day evening of this week in St. John s lutheran Church in Harlem. The groomsmen were Martin drechsler the Groom s brother Chris Steinhaus John Brauden Boch and John Seivert. The Bride s brother. The bridesmaids were miss Aunie Sivert sister to the Bride miss Ida drechsler sister to the Groom miss Mamie prie6b and miss Laura Amling. After the marriage ceremony was por performed the co Dipiny adjourned to a Reco Tiou Given at the Home of the Bride s Mother on Ontario Street. Music was furnished for the occasion by prof. Spoon Leader of Chicago. Both of the contracting parties have a Largo number of relatives and friends Here and a Hundred or More guests wore present. The Young couple will reside in rooms Over or. Drechsler s store. Their Many friends wish them much s p1�ec1jncts.Oak Park. On enl Tito Rio by Ohn Roh and Othor interesting hot Man or a we a a with some to Hunt Neon in an Kle fiant Hub Urban town. Oak i Aioli. Liu Hilary some Timo monday afternoon sneak thieves Effe oled an Entrance to one of Tho Payson Al its on South Grove Avenue occupied by or. William Dressen and made away with Twenty or Twenty five dollars Worth of articles consisting of Small pieces of jewelry Railroad tickets Money and some Small keepsakes. No one was at Home that Day in the building but mrs. Wilcox who live in Tho South upper Al it. About 3 o clock a Well dressed gentlemanly appearing Young Mau called and asked if mrs. Dressen was not at Home. Upon being informed that she was out to seemed very much disappointed. His anxious manner caused mrs. Wilcox to think him an intimate Friend of the family Aud Bho offer9d to deliver any Mossage to desired to leave with Hor. He Thon said if she would meeting of the fifteenth Ward people s a publican club. The fifteenth Ward people s a publican club held a meeting last wednesday evening july to. 1s95, at Brewster s Hall president Campbell presiding there was a great Ileal of routine business transacted the main features being the adoption of anew Constitution and by Laws. There was an article in these by Laws that did not meet with the approval of the members pertaining to the regular amount of dues to be paid by each person joining the club. Or. Ward then made a motion to do away with this article at the same time stating that they did not want to compel any one to give Money to their club adding that plenty donations would he received from persons interested in a movement for cleaner and better politics Ami then with the exception of the aforesaid article the Constitution and a Laws were adopted As read. While the by Laws were being read it seemed As if there were some gentlemen present the people thought were getting a Little bit too Forward in assuming the privilege of thinking for themselves Anil this has been the cry of the Quot gang Quot politicians at All times but thanks to the Talent of the club there were plenty present that could def nil the step taken by the club and they became so eloquent that these objectors at last concluded to join hands with the pioneers for Peoples politics and affixed thu in signatures to the roster of the club which caused great applause. Our space is hardly Large enough to reproduce All the speeches made by the members of the club but we will say that Jones Banner Man Ward , Williams and Many others made orations and All of them ended with a plea to Cut Loose from the gang and show the Public at Large that in the future they will have a voice in selecting candidates to be voted for at the coming elections and not allow a state of affairs As �11 former years a that they As intelligent voters should not allow a few men to do All the primary election work. The club also appointed a committee on picnics to Confer with the committees from the clubs of the fourteenth Ward. A vote of thanks was tendered to we. Linnerman for his Good service to the club he being instrumental in having them receive recognition at the hands of the present administration. There was also a Resolution adopted in dorm a the present City administration nothing further appearing motion to adjourn prevailed. A the Oak Park wheelman will soon have a lantern Parade which is intended to make a very pleasant evening s diversion. Their new club House,113 Wisconsin Street is now in neat order and furnished. Wheelman Aud women Aro Welcome visitors. Luck Len s Arctic is Salvo is Tho Best Salve in the world for All cuts bruises sores ulcers suit Rheum fever sores Teller chapped hands chilblains corns and All skin eruptions and positively cures piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or Money refunded. For Sale by l. M. Lovett Oak Purk and r. H. Traill Austin. Price 25c per Box. A Czi Rand Cru Ianaro grand wheels. Pm is. Bartlett in in Wisconsin to Spondin Tho summer. A Poison for Tho debt roution of All in soot of Barclay s. A a miss Aura Hetiso is visiting Friend at Horbort Mich. A Fanoy Spring Ohio Onset Tho Cro Amory t 34 Lake Street. A cd. C. Horrick had goo to new York on a business trip. A Poison and Sticky Fly paper at Barclay s. A George Olmstead of Colorado Springs spent sunday Here. A overalls and jumpers at Tho Enterprise. A a Frank h. Juno left for a visit to Massachusetts last tuesday. A plating Ohl Oridea and Many other disinfectants at Barclay s. A or. And mrs. A oort and family Aro of a two weeks trip around the lakes. A watch for Tho next week s guessing contest it Tho Long Grove Creamery 134 Lake Street. A a Yobbo Baldwin and family Aro in Wisconsin to spend Tho Mouth of july. A Munyon s remedies still at the front full line at Barclay s. A a mrs. Shufeldt and daughter Aro visiting. Mrs. S s. Daughter in Richmond Iii. A buy Phoenix by Onclo easiest running. A a. E. Brown is in the e is on a business trip Aud will to absent about three weeks. A fancy Dairy butter 18 cents per Pound at 134 Lake Street. Telephone no. 60. A or. And mrs. B. Harris residing on Maple Avenue left for a visit in Boston last saturday. A miss Nellie Kettle strings returned wednesday from a week s Outing at Channel Lake. A mrs. G. Hewitt of South Grovo Avenue has gone to South Vernon vt., for a two months visit. A All Linen gloss towelling 5 cents per Yard monday at the Euter Price. A Rev. F. Ii. Rowley who is spending a. Few Days at Green Lake Wisconsin will return saturday. A or. And mrs. Thos. H. Gale and miss Ethel Robista left last monday for port Huron to spend the summer. A hot weather amp Wash a backs underwear and shirt waists at the a mis8 Knapp of Pease court went to the Christian Endeavor convention at Bob ton last monday. A White Marseille j quilt at 81.00 and $1.60, manday at the Linter prise. A Rev. Thos r. Stowbridge and family of Auburn Park Iii., attended the funeral of mrs Smith on last sunday. A fresh pressed chickens at the Long Grove Creamery 134 Lake Street. Telephone no. 60. A a vacant property and houses for Sale in Oak Park River Forest and Ridgeland by Thos. H. Gale 84 Lasalle Street. Quot a a now Cement sidewalk has Boen Laid along the West Side and up to the main Entrance of the methodist Church. A Don t forget the Long Grovo Creamery for fresh killed poultry and Good butter and egg i. 134 Lake Street. Telephone no. 60. A a or. Morris who resides on Maple Avenue is spending a few Days at Green Lake Wisconsin. He will return saturday. A for prescription work and pure drugs go to the West end pharmacy As they have the Best equipped prescription store in Oak Park a a the methodist sunday school will have a picnic in the near future but the management has not yet decided upon the exact Date. A the easiest running bicycle the Phoenix at c. J. Schoening a opposite c. Amp n. W. Station Oak Park. A Alice the ten year old daughter of j. H. Mcgay died of diphtheria on sunday morning. Inter meet took place at Forest Home cemetery. A Large Huck damask and turkish towels 25 cents monday at the Enterprise. A Rev. C. C. Mccabe d. D., of new York was in Oak Park Over sunday and made a Short address at the funeral of the late mrs. Smith. Call up Telephone no. 32, or write to Zimmerman amp Roath for quotations on Hay and feed. One months trial will convince you that Money can be saved. A miss Bessie Cook abiding on Wisconsin Avenue with a company of i Nile Wootis friends has gone abroad and will spend the summer touring through England Scotland Italy and France. A Don t forget one of those elegant nut Coffee cakes will be Given away every thursday afternoon for each �5 xxx Blue labels saved from my loaves. Albert Burgess successor to Geo. Nordenholt Oak Park. A Hon. John Budlong and family of Rockford Iii., attended the funeral or mrs. Budlong s Mother last sunday. Tho family will remain in Oik Park a few Days visiting the family of or. W. A Black Stone. A fresh cottage choose and eggs at the Long Grove Creamery 134 Lake Street Telephone no. 60. A a a Par y consisting of Misa Denzer of fond do Lac wis., miss Embrie of India Dia miss Ida Morris of 217 Maple Avenue and miss Jennie Wilcox of South Grovo Avenue left for a six weeks trip through Colorado. A lunch and picnic supplies at the Long Creamery 134 Lake Street. Telephone co. A Rev. Or. Hurlbut and family will spend three Zoelia at Lake Genva but he will return each week and preach sunday morning at the Church. His subject next sunday morning will be Quot Al Essaides from a hair Dresser and chiropodists mrs Crook announce a that she will Call on ladies at their Homes or receive them at her residence 403 Willow Avenue Corner Washington Boulevard Austin. Terms As reasonable a at Oak Park office. Hairdressing manicuring Aud chiropodist. A the wife of Robert Wade died july fifth at his Homo on Elizabeth Street Aud was buried july eighth at Forest Gilomo cemetery. Tho funeral services were conducted by Rev. Or. Andrews at the Episko Pul Church. She was about forty years of age and leaves five children. A ladies Gendron bicycle 20 pounds $85.00, at c. J. Schoening a opposite c. Amp n. W. Station Oak Park. A list of unclaimed letters in Oak Park Post office to july 8. 1895 Brown mrs. G. Buchler miss m. Fippinger Fred Gerber Bertha Giersbach Theresa Greene Lillian Hardy Jay Heiser mrs. Lorett Lehman mrs Lee Mary g. Miller mrs. J. I o Oleir Peter Perry mrs. O. A. Rotor we. Willie. A. F. Carleton mrs. Durrstein Loa m. Dillon miss m. M. Finerty Pat Jones Louie Kuehn Elsie Mack Roy o Hara Peter Runkle w. M Smith or. . Wilson c. C. W Tibou w. Giles l postmaster. A for rheumatic Aud kidney affections Ozo Nate Lithium water is now the leading remedy and is prescribed with most satisfactory results by prominent physicians in Oak Park Aud Chicago

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