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Chicago West Side Vindicator Newspaper Archives Apr 18 1891, Page 1

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Chicago West Side Vindicator (Newspaper) - April 18, 1891, Chicago, Illinois Row it Cor. 39th Street and Western Avenue Illinois a . Her flour peed Etc. Of Beth Buttes and egos take and so -btr.,-Central Park ill Quot a a a ,. Aim oops . T it it a i it it 7 f a it Quot i i1 i1. In a i a a tin lev 4si 1 Quot 1be axe in Croc cries my is Keisli annoy cars in Jan and bulk 4043w��t l Keal Park Chicago Hijji. Orders Del Ivory in to All parts the pm by . L. Matson _ Painter and , 828 Blaino Hoid Brighton Park Koshoot fully Nolt Olts Tho Patronalo Tho peo Pic Brighton and Viln Tyr its Quot , notary Public and conyi5ya j a jews 3800 Hart a Bright Fiti Park Leal papers drawn and Wille pro Bat a. Aghili amp Zoll s mean a pfc bb1q�oiton Pauk ill. Tho cheap out Market outdo Tho so Ock Yarr tic i Jajio amp a . Live a a trial. Brighton Wilmet. 8867 Are he pave. nit a Kip 1131 Lako Street Central Park Poa Toffle carries a full line to dry to ooh so Meehan bros., l5esirc to inform the Public that pre3-\vith-i a i a meats consisting roasts steaks shops t Ether with fish and oysters it is the Ory m i Bot Ali Dmato Ruoh amp rss Enoa at a no her majesty s Stato recept a Ona. A a i 1, in this Chicago Wutti 800,000 inhabit it appeals to merchants and business Tor advertising patronage and supp features that Aro Keg Ardad Waltl it did favor by Amor can lading who go to Call upon. The Quimn. A entertaining accounts reach Ino from London says Quot a new York world. A a i writer Concor Ninfer Tjio two i Rawling Hoor Sand Tho participation Dainef leans everybody to l i1 i Long Doliny in reaching Tho Pasalic delay partly owing course to Tho crowd and partly to the fact that Tho doom were not opened by Tho Queen s orders until two clock in Tho afternoon. It was be Cassaty however Tobo in line Long before that time in order to to Noar the doors when opened and a a a Tiv Grimy Proso ii it Onat Rahr Trio first Day according to one authority was fortunately both Fine and warm to advertisements will be solicited from East Side Busin a amp i uses. Is it contains the news the Western suburbs paper that put la is proceedings t�6 a Ity Colli a gives the real estate transfers i. A. A a a a a a i it is Withall in with fascinating continued stories department for the Youngpo Complete Quot news the week both general and local. Quot m it. If.1 id the i l i Lff ated but very Little the no Essai inconvenience and annoy Aneo entailed i by Trio Queen b action. It is contended Yovu so Flint English women Anil presumably american women Quot should not he compelled to await her majesty s pleasure for Ove r an hour in the Broad Daylight in n state Sci nudity to to Starod at and Cratl Vised by t i refuse it c d to Quot to Quot to Raitt Btij Tho Barbaric sight a number half clothed ladies waiting to pay their respects to . Even the most . Stint a adherents Tho divine right Kings cannot find a plausible excuse for Stich outrageous do Fianco elementary principles Good taste and enjoy being cheated. Now York snout who dolls fit in Una a tremendously overcharged. When a by Siblo Young Man who hoi Given a dinner to three his friends in a private Quot room a fashionable restaurant received a Bill for Tho rep amp St amounting to a Hundred dollars to paid it says Tho new Yorac sup with Tho remark that to did not belong to that order Young snobs that enjoyed being cheated and should Tanto Good care to go else whore for his banquets in Tho future. Speaking the matter so no friends late Elva you Man Soldi. I a a Alt Tough that restaurant is first class in its equipment and serves its Patron in Tho most perfect style yet it is not Farr that reason it u. A Favorito with the very swell Young men Tho town. C Adley and his friends haunt the place because they Are charged enormous prices there for what Thoy tire served a tirade is Nett Tilly it Largo element Rich unil vulgar men in now Volc Tho Oadley stamp and if they subscription Price per annul $2.00.&Quot rates advertising a per single column. Irilli display a Elf str cents Quot per column Inch per year to 2.00 local business notices in Reading matter one cent per. A each suf Seq a Floc info fiction same Balf age Nee Wadi if write ups ten cents per line. single for Ditori Here is a Highfil a Colo Rcd description bold Tho Oarr lager in Lino and the women in them who were waiting to kiss the Haid the Queen. It is taken abm. It Ujj Timsak jmi�iioftu6n� . Ona. Lovely and innocent looking slender Creaturo waa calmly Reading a a yellow backed French novel As if Sho inns in ctr Lett thei Eby Sho would it Giro a sult Ablo tone for the court in Aptt Thor car rage a far Lily party four including a papa disguised As a generic a Wio were All wedged in so tightly a that they looked As if they would have to to taken out witly a Fork were Nisi by engaged in discussing a slight lunch Sandwi Ehos and a i Akrc containing sonic liquid which went Down very quickly. Quot in a third a ferocious looking Virago was in a with two Young , Whit the irow was about it was hard to say. Incr be stipulations were however so very furious awl Eno Mouri Mouth so comic that at last Inqui Slu prices for things Thoy imag no Lioy Are getting second class goods. Yer will hear a Yonng Duilo boast How lie pays us Dollar a Lopicc Fiir Liis cig irs and two dollars for a bit Dulc. La it is in those private dinners that thu swell snob revels. He goes and gives an order for a dinner for four is eight people As the ease May let Job course lie is to have carte Blancho in getting up the repast in handsome style and thinks 110 my re about it. This Din Ner is delicious you May to sure and All the guests Aro delighted. Now if the restaurant Ite oper were to hand in an any a Micro near re Asopa blk Lilit the snob would rather doubt Tho Quality that dinner so it is necessary to charge him three four times Wipt it is really Worth lie is offensively Rich and lie pays Tho excessive Bill with a great deaf Pride. He Lias disposed two Hundred three Hundred Dollar in one meal and that is his idea splendid living. Tucio Are Tho Moil that fix tile prices at tie Ultra Fasli Ion a bloc Reata grunts nne a it a up. Tips along who Isu t inside Money but might afford to lie just n lilo bit cheated lie is barred from doing the elegant in modest Way because there Are any number snobs ready to rooms at a higher rate some causes failing the id Raam i . Should to cud. A a a Tho latest statistics show that Blind a Ness is u10 inc Taso in Trio a noted Tatos says . Cru Onang in Tho epoch this increase n now York state is at a Tributa Blo to Tho fail Taro carrying 00% Tho Law which requires midwives to re a port to the hoards health nil cases off Blenn Orrheta in now born children Ini hot the Law is o.,dead letter which a a great pity because in Tho Asylum for Tho Bli tid Thero arc More people who have become Blind from Quot pc Vitta boor Noj it Lect Ltd when Infante Tuliau a Finx. Fatty. Other cause. This purulent Inion Mindr Tion the infant s euros which is so often neglected by the poor is bad for Everyl it a by in , Bavinh . Die idely in it Cylous ctr tract err children should not lie admitted Tei a schools if they have my contagion disease Tho eve. In detect which to fair i t Eta not Ahvah Ike sgt pin far my Unglo. Gray it. Ular Litis contain an Infelt Titus Sorc a air no just us children in. The pvt Liq. I shools Are Requin Iii to Slung acct Fin. Cate vaccination Lief re they can gain admission so should children. Likewise to re a Lri a l to it a Rove imtj&9.__ condition their Quot Eye s is not such Asi to eni Langer Tho eyes their Little comrades. I have already examined a whole school and some children have been discharged my recommend a Nten Ruut Atill Fml Tri. Absent thums sir until it Crotis Are Ixion far sighted rom remain so throughout life Tho sight others woo Mes Normal and still others become near sighted. Americans As a class Are not so near righted As peole older civilizations. Tilt Prii Saiia Are i ult a it must let Fri Leitle a aug a Lii incan Jasia. . Besides imitation there Are other social into Pencos which Lead to suicide denote by Tho general a Tern civilization ,.\v la. Thor it Ltd a can ii View. Suli Killin g is pm the Tler mans Are the most car Sigli cd people probably because they a study the Nissl and with the poorest Light there Are at let est very few Normal eyes we Are All is either near sighed far sighted. Coop by Ludness is at times to genital in which ease it is incurable but color a in Ducois in life. And then it yields to treatment. Sta Vilics i juju that Ulm a it it a per cent All men Are color Blind but Oliv 2 per cent nil women. Too great care can not be exercised Iti the Marine service and Quot in the Railroad service not to employ the color Blind for their inability to distinguish Green from Ivd a mses them to confound the danger signal with Quot the safety signal to the great danger that travelling Public. Conquering the Congo. Remarkably uni ill Mii raid mans Lomarr l Onta through that Itu Clon. A every a Lite in the Congo St Uto is a emar Knoblo Kyu Vitt off Ziegler bros., bottlers Northwestern brewing co s celebrated Beer. Orner mid Kynzie Strots. Owca to. All Dors promptly attended to. Telen Louo 7u81i. Export Pilsner extra Pale and Geum no Bohemian malt born. . E. D. Kan0use. E. M. I sods. Drs. A amp nouse so son Home Patio physicians and surgeons 118 forty eighth St., Moreland. Chicago. A met Mumm my to Mem mme Moreland Oil co., feral Slilla the Best oils and gasoline for loss than you Are now paying Lor Tho Interior 160 fro Toat at 10 Octav Peritalo Gas Ohne 7-t-flrotcat___________ deodorized 11 Ceil to per Gal. Oil amp gasoline Stover Repi Urel. Moi Slang Oil 003ipany, r Box a Quot Mobe Jand Iii. M la Sias Firsti livery stable a and. Undertaking establishment �755 Aucher av., Brighton Park Chicago. Inthe Patof Tieland it to thus we Cau Livo if to Only Koiv Obero to find the fat. This May be done by Kostag directly to Parmley s t Landau and carriages furnished Fob weddings concerts. Balls reals it j. Fun re they furnish hearses and carriages for fun x reals and also Hare All the duties Goa noted with the Buai mss in Tho Best manner and most reasonable terms. P. Hallie As inst Rance agent in Lasalle St., Chicago ill. Beswence�?153 North Peoria St. Risks solicited in Central Park and Vicinity Moreland. The new Market is located 18th St near Indiana where will be found All the choicest cuts steaks chops roast Boll inc pieces and Evely Thler in Trio Ai oat line that 18 Good foe the inner Man. A full line fresh fish oysters game Etc., in season. Ira h. Parmley. J. Dunfee amp co., the sch is to to Wood car it and werther strips 104-10� Praia Kellii so Cor. Washington Chicago. Fhct0ru04-2i2 s cuito St. Telephone to 1894, Stab 1873., est ciliates Given. By an ohes.95 Wisconsin St., Milwaukee 2u North Broadway St. Louis 702 waln4t St., Kansas City 382 St. Peter St. St. Paul. Chas. W. Salisbury notary Public fire and insurance broker. Will furnish Board rates Dwel Unbe barns s Tooks memo handle and household furl. Ture. Drop Aii Octal to Box 12, Congro a and West fort Elf Fath streets Afan . , m 1. A ring Mutis by ooh a Van l in work tur in. , by Dir Multi a Notilia i i Natii. Hul ii a c4j1 to Unali us Lini v to Nini Troni to 1.illa i Iii Turi our Kulli St it. A a us in lit ii i Ilii Jamel ii. V Illi uni at Simili. Rits Lineal i it Virti Iii Toni Kiln Iii la i Trio Wirk. Ali Uiki Ormi May Fluth he a biome see i Leaai a Union 89uabe.lt y. 248 state St.,Quot Chicago publisher and. Proprietor Don t be a Mark by wearing poor clothes. Because this Young lady does not Wear de. L. Huntley Deco s clothing Quot she is not built that Way Quot its no excuse for you your friends not wearing it. Remember when you want Good clothes made to measure ready made ask your dealer for our make. Has t it a a then Send for cloth samples free self measurement Blanks fashion plate tape measure postage six cents. We Are wholesale sailors and world wide benefactors. De. L. Huntley amp co lock Box 667, Chicago ill miss Beach s Curling fluid keeps Tho hair from Devon to fourteen Days. Too Obitts a bottle by express Shah is conts., hair curled with it at parlor 30,78 state. St., overt Krancus confectionary Quot miss m. Dickey. Prof. A. Henshel s schools for dancing and deportment. West Side Academe Union Park Hall no. 617 Aid 510 w. Madison St. North is e Academy s South Hall no. 29 n. Clark St. Ftfe pays for 11 blots 3 Stylen und Juu use Ilze Crayon with Fallt Farrao $ a pays for 14 Cable net in 3 Stylen. A i us All we ask rave us a troll. »33 w. Mails in St. Cd Clafto. Removal pianos have removed to the new Kimball building 243-253 Wabash a. Near Jackson. This paper 13 m Chicago and i tax tur Poffi Ufa a. N. Kellogg newspaper go. My Cuti lie no niirxf.1t line work Nilly mul i , Liy Ruthir a i. Vurlin Silil a Uli in Belr own Iii i a in n1 Vir i Lirajr live. All _ inn run tin ill. A Erk. Ealy to Irani. We . W. Urt i i. No . Upu Cau Ilont. Your Peru i nil Mir Linn to Iii. Work. Tiu i to Nell re by new Liri in a vol Iii rail i Quot Verr . It Luei Are per ii us a Fri in into Voll Irr week and upwanl., Anil Mure Latiera Little experience we can Forniti y Oli Itie Ein. Anil teach you a Lukk. No ii once to Citi Liln bar. Full fax Kkt. I Lille a a �., Illus to a Lime. Our new is solid Lolly Warchul .wortlisloo.. Mieir watch in the. World l timekeeper. It Varro a Teri theory -.gub-Dolo hum Loir a Elm. Doth Hadlaa a Lynva i Tea who Rorm Limo it equal value. Off re soft la Ach locality Cam recur. On tree Roetther lamp a it. Pm a. a re a Lipoma firm thu Alt Multa in Aldahla Iaan hold torn a a a and Ihu it tra an Rapaut. A my All Aap Naa after you know All. If you would ilk free to Poier with our Laic a Ilea. Thea i ample a. Wel. Nanri Ilo la n Kbuor what we Bend you loth a a Tho Calls your. -i0m about Yms a m a a a a a Java Quot in in e Plimen to cry by Rai. The Center attract she to Hsy a Rte dior Lia Rangno and contented Quot herself with attempting to Wither Tho Crowl by a glance much to their enjoy mint. Quot Iti a fourth Carina do two elderly ladies. Were us cop pretended to be and paid no attention to Small boys who exhorted them to change Here for us cling Ain Palisse and added the cheering Intelli re 8ee that the lady in the next Carriage As list and a lit at a fifth us really Beautiful Erea Turu was holding a levee Radii hirers at her open windows in spite the Ivi Iid. One lad a had Brou fruit a nurse and a. Baby with Here whether with the View administering surreptitious nourishment to the latter Oriot did not transpire. Another was so overcome by the heat the Strung scent Lowers Anil possibly the in Ovi Ous Lune thai she fainted and had. To be taken ignominiously Home in a huddled a Sweet temper Sho must have been in when she recovered to find that after All Tho trouble mid expense to which she had gone her weakness her greediness both had done her completely out the Reward her labors. Meanwhile the crowd in the mall amused themselves by chatting the life guardsmen who were Rangy a two and two along the Road As if waiting for a new a woman a wit. Another grand lady whose death is announced was the Duchess i Ihloff. A8jtt.irl.Sho. Was the intimate Friend Eugenie in fact the Empress and she were As to recollect near Akin. Walking in the Garden Tho Palace one Day who should heave in Siglet but marshal Malakoff notoriously the roughest and rudest Man in All the French service. Quot a Gli there. Is that Bear again quoth the Cypress with a shudder Genuino horror but Lief Young companion said nothing. Ti10 marshal approaching and bowing to the ladies Besought t be younger one to Honor him with the Rose she had just plucked. Quot certainly 1 wih give it to you Quot answered the girl sweetly Quot but How can a Rose please you who live Only for Tai ii fals Quot this answer completely Star ered Iema it shul in an other moment the was hopelessly and wildly in love with that girl and it is to his credit that he prosecuted the Campaign so diligently that n year later the a Beautiful Young creature became his wife. Speaking the episode in the Guf a in Maia Kolf used to say Quot i thought i was Uard Tojio quor but in that ease Par Bleu 1 surrendered at the very first two vory i Fri Iota tie in. Two varieties precious stones Liao grown rapidly More Preibus within the last few months. One is the olivine a Green Chrys Odolite much in Vogue for the formation Lizard scorpion and Bug brooches in general. Though the Valuo each Stone is comparatively Small it is Diuble what it Wals a year ago and As it is often As Beautiful in color is an Emerald is bound to still Here Aso. The Turquoise Tho other hand was not cheap a year Nib and is getting to set an enormous Prico upon itself. Tie most Ordinary Little Tor Iju olso that you would pop into the Lilwid a Silver Wiakis ring costs the Manun inc Turing jeweler a Welve dollars to Florteen dollars while As for flawless one Tho size a Good fat Grain co it can Valuo itself at any Anjo unt from 1 Blaty dollars to a Liu died Delias vat margin to to Shade Blue .va-Riv,1�-i- nj1. S a at tie rare among Lii Dham Means it rugs among Tho nations most advanced in culture and refinement with Aller eeness exactly proportional to their mental develop Livent. It is Quot said that Home knew nothing this curse ill after the establish intent lie . It was lieu the i unman legions had carried. Their Eagle triumphantly through the world ail brought Back the luxury in the spoil Europe Asia and Africa that life in the the rival Eity i Quot an to be Quot weary Sty e. Hat and Unpi i 1 Orav the a ermans who Are the proof Audi St thinkers and the most cultivated people Are also the most suicidal race in Europe. Franco comes next England third Italy and Hungary fourth while 011 the other Spain the most backward european nations in culture Portugal Corsica and l Al Matia rank the lowest ill the suicidal Peale. Of the different regions the same country the North and Northeast France outrank in culture Aid in suicide the Center and Southwest Tho North Anil Center Italy outrank the South and the islands and a Xiomy which in its schools and general culture surpasses the rest a Ermany surpasses it also in the mini tier its. Suicides. Lii Short so universally does the Rule hold that the the tendency to self killing May almost be regarded 11s an Index to a people s civilization. Where blondes abound. Sho la More a i a Luct it Tho entry Almu Cut la. The blonde if Sho is to be found ill tiny numbers must be looked for outside the hut Ionti Metropolis. The fair faced and Light haired american woman Uda is Rothro Piru Ruluf the villages Anil the country than the Eastern cities where population is densest says the Pouh. There Are blonde girls in abundance the bide new York where Tho a ermans congregate there Are some too Murray Hill aristocratic lineage and in Harlem where Many swedes live there tire numbers Light wait Vil girls 1 Lurf Alto Gettier they form a not Para Lively Small percentage the in Hab it fats. The real stronghold Quot the j blonde is ill the West and Northwest. There the Many blondes in Minnesota and the Dakota-., the offspring scandinavian parents and they abound in Nebraska and in Southern Jui Nois where Large colonies ionic is have settled. There Are multitudes fair haired girls in Eastern Pennsylvania the. Daughters Tho Pennsylvania dutch and in l Ela a i to in Kentucky in Baltimore and in Philadelphia they arc not rare. Hut very generally �11 the East and especially in the Large cities Brunette women greatly outnumber tie b Vondus As they do in fact the world Over. 1 a a Torii Utia in Italy. R it is estimated that there Are always fifty thousand americans in Italy Aud that there Are now about ten times As Many italians in this country. Nearly Quot All the americans in Italy Are Well off and nearly All Tho italians who Homo to to is country Aro in poverty. In lost cases the Quot americans who go to Italy Briend a few Wooks Oigt months there while Tho italians who come to the United states expect to stay Here. The americans in Italy spend their Amonoy Tho italians in the United states earn Money . A a pm Region. Tho 1 Ore spreading All Over to. Itchy i Arol. _ natives. Xia Ritj towns near a Little South Tho Cong to numbering from ten thousand to Over thirty thousand. People Are invite Jig missionaries to Settle among them. In november lost say the i Hie ago Post tie Pioneer a Little Iii aint in the service the con go Aiololo Mission Starti d from Stanley h ool her first trip up the River. Three months had been a hot in to Lii very arduous work transporting Tho Steamer to Stanley Pool. The Mission stations the is to serve Are already established ill till Region which Vav us first visited about live years ago by cum Feu and von Francois who found there an enormous number cannibals. And Many fierce dwarfs who gave them hat tie nearly every Inch the Way. Thesa same regions Are now welcoming Tho White missionaries. At the present rata Progress in less than ten years Oliero will not 1>l a District any importance Between Stanley Pool and Stanley Falls which will not be Ocee piece by Soma missionary society. Or. Lanssen the governor general the Congo state who recently returned to Brussels reports Progress in All respects. Lie says the liubtifn1 sacrifices and tribal wars Are diminishing in number. Many natives wish to learn useful industries from the Europe ant Fields Are cultivated All sides and Many Brick houses Are building. On the Kassai River where a few years ago Wissmann had to Force his Way by using arms Jaussen was received wit i tenth str Sia Stie Friendship by crowds natives who Besought him to stray with them . I the other hand when t in Europe aids have not yet l Rei Tje title appeared us the upper Homami Tho natives still appear hostile Ai d a Irish without bringing the provisions Tho Liin says it Wilnot be Long before in these regions. Al Vij Quot the Whites will be received Ilia Friendly manner. Colouring the hair. ,1 i an old 1 i who it any 11� any it h it from lip hey to in Hundred Utill Twenty. There is an old fellow whom i met in my walks a Boul town who has carried to ail extra Nie the attempt to djs Guise his natural App Carnnie and the consequence is Luw it is i 1 11 i Ninilee t i be writes Laverner in the Hoston i Ost. The main trouble is to till How venerable he is he May be eighty and he May be one Hundred and Twenty for All his looks indicate. I have Tometi flies noticed that a decidedly Youthful appear i uce hns been Given to a Quot Nan by his relinquishing his hair Dye und coming out in the White Che Valure which is most becoming to him. This was me Case with the late Lester Wallitch who however persisted in wearing his Mustachio Black As if to emphasize this a is Tho natural color his Beard. Since Gray hair has become the fashion Thero is iss resort to dyes than formerly but i suppose the witticism still holds Good for Many peo Obj that they a Miro Gray hairs Oil every Only bub themselves Tittle at Titmouse s experience in Quot ten thousand a year Quot with the use hair Dye ought to be Road by every person who As ambitious making a i Simso by these Means and even Taroc import Quot Tant would be the perusal some chem goal to oat Iio Trio poisonous loot minerals which outer into such . And yet with Tho in lost knowledge Quot its Effie sanity makes Rainy por mjg a Tetard Tel flt Hazard a amp to to a Yta full Ftp Quot Quot if a full 4 v a a

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