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Chicago Tribune Newspaper Archives Oct 31 1970, Page 1

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Chicago Tribune (Newspaper) - October 31, 1970, Chicago, IllinoisChicago Tribune t h p. To u j n a c r. Dpi tit or Lien. To to sports a a a a final to american paper for american the worlds a a a greatest newspaper 124th year so. 301 a s i97q Chicago Tribune saturday october 31, 1970 n 7 sections in protest blk vote t Russia rejects plea to remove Suez missiles by William Fulton i United Nauru corresponded a Flo try pm my i new York. Ocl 30-the soviet Union tonight rejected the United states demand for a rectification Quot or removal of missiles from tha forbidden wooo along the Sun canal Between egyptian and israeli forces. Soviet Delegate Jacob Malik called once More in a speech before the United nations general Assembly for Israel immediate withdrawal from Arab lands occupied in the 1937 War. His Tough words dashed Hopes for Early resumption of negotiations. Quot the Way to lasting peace is withdrawal of Israel Quot Malik said. Quot otherwise there can be no peace in the Middle East. Rectification is nothing but rewarding Israel with Arab territories. Israel is conducting a _ policy of plunder and mass ter ror against the Arab Popula he lashed out at the Quot forces of imperialism the United states and item Lional Zion jul ism he also rejected of a pending u. Resolution Call ing for conditions that would restore Confidence so that talks could be a cloned under v. Auspices. Ifo. In to by can you have Between a victim huh pfc and an aggressor Quot he asked. Molik also interpreted a Basic Resolution adopted by the before tie United a atoms. U. A Security Council in 1967 As requiring israeli withdrawal were being built up along the of a first condition. Israel and Suer. The u. See the Mold too u Mohammed Hassan Elzay a Quot package arrangement Quot a Ltee to a a cd a a . Which would bring Jab Boun-1 to sin a Quot option Tot j wow using sue Obod and surrender darks Freedom of navigation and other provisions into Force ,.mratd e,.farrl it at the Mao time. Jordan Ria inn the u. Hod Eban blast speech Quot subjected Quot itself to israeli Quot Israel i not impressed by blackmail Quot when it gave Uriel the torrent of invective by so a a million in Aid. He claimed Viet and Arab Abba a Jas Eban israeli foreign minister. A a id after the speech a the Fretee hits Tum cease fire was grossly violated French ambassador Jacques and the military balance Kis Tusko Moriat said the Eban maintained. Peace talks had stalled because another Resolution pending his country and Britain were before the Assembly stresses not consulted on the arrange Israel withdrawal. resold meats to sell the u. Plan parochial Aid gains u. Help a Jacob a. Malik speaking Tion was offered by 18 afro asian states and Yugoslavia. U. Delegate Charles w. Yost served notice last no Ghl his government opposes in separate talks Between the hostile parties and ambassador Gunnar v. Jarring special u. N. Envoy began in an gust under a u. Formula for negotiations during a cease fire. However the talks collapsed when Israel charged missiles should have been submitted to the big four for its approval. The big four includes the u. S., soviet Union Britain and France. Prime minister golds Meir of Israel called on Assembly president Edvard ils Bro of Norway to plead for his support i in obtaining permission for 77 Jows in Moscow to leave the soviet Union and Migrate to ind. I Washington. Ocl 30-the Federal government asked tic United states supreme court today to uphold a Pennsylvania Law providing state fund for financially pressed parochial schools. In a Friend of tic court Bruf filed by the Justice department the government argued that the Pennsylvania Law furthers the Federal policy of improving the Quality of education. The Brief cites president Nison s statement last March that non Public schools Are an important part of the nation s educational establishment and that in school system should have a monopoly Over education. Court to hear Challenge the High court already has agreed to boar a Challenge to the Pennsylvania Law by negro jewish and civil Liberty organisations which contend the statute violates the 1st and tue amendments to the Constitution similar Laws have been enacted in other Stales with Large Catholic populations. The government la its Brief agreed with the ruling by a three judge Federal District a court last year that the Laws safeguards were sufficient to it assure it did not have the effect of Farthering religion. The Pennsylvania Law s provision for salary reimbursements. The government said was limited to mathematics modern language and physical science Quot which do not Leod themselves to religious further safeguard noted furthermore t b e government said the state avoided religious overtones in these subjects by excluding for instance health instruct Jon and sex education from physical education and latin classical a Crew and greek from language instruction. The Pennsylvania Law also reimburses religious schools for the Cost of secular books and materials. The govt of a Maui Percsi Donl Nixon stresses Point during his television speech from Anaheim cal., in which he attacked use of violence in notion. Turn Ojiri the president wails for applause to subside after making his nationwide to speech in the Anaheim convention Center. Said such reimbursement had already been upheld by the High court. In concluding its argument the government faced squarely the assertion that such Aid promotes religious Diqui Vencus and makes religion a subject of political controversy. Weather inside. N. Y. Police seek teachers murderer fun Tuom qua it inti new York. Oct. 30�?police sought a tall Bushy hatred White Man today As the chief suspect in the slaying yesterday of a College Friend of mrs. Julie Nixon Eisenhower who taught at a private school attended by Caroline Kennedy. The victim. Patrice Leary. 22, had come Here from her Home in Okoboji. A. But month to take a Job at the exclusive Brevity school. She was stabbed repeatedly with a Kitchen knife beaten with a Hammer and choked in ibo West Side Manhattan apartment she was sharing with two other Young women the Blade of the knife Wai found lodged in her Chest theory on killing police believe that the killer followed her into her apartment when she left the door unlocked because her hands were loaded with groceries. A nol Gubor said a Busby Baird White Man about 5 feet it inches Tail weighing about 170 pounds and in his Early Patrice Leary twenties had entered the building about 2-13, about is minutes before the estimated time miss Leary died. The 3183-a-Raonth apartment is near Riverside Park known to residents u Quot Needle Park Quot because it is frequented by drug addicts. Two men were taken in for questioning Early in the investigation. Witnesses failed to acc Onira either. Detectives mean Jet carrying 49 is hijacked to Havana Vatu toay. Oct Ost 31. It Chicago and Vicinity mostly Cloudy today Chance of a few so to High a the Low Middle 50� partly Cloudy fat Flat Tow. Upper is Westerly winds 5 to 12 m. P. H. Tomorrow Clouds oct High. Its. 50v us it Oil Moi i a us a hmm of it a a it tort. Mirth mph cml my tar a a flit. 49 Lbw. I if pm. Miami. Oct. A ctr a National airlines san Francisco bound dc-8 Jet with 49 passenger aboard was hijacked to Cuba shortly after taking off from Miami International Airport tonight. It was reported too a us Ltd a have landed safely in Havana Ike a a a Short time later. Of w Ohki � Tutti Iasi Attr a National spokesman said <l1 flight 43, headed Lor Tampa. New Orleans Houston and san Francisco had taken off at 10 45 p. M. And radioed the Miami control Tower 20 minutes later that u was being diverted to Cuba. National said the Pilot of the big Jet copt. Carl Greenwood was being hijacked to Cuba for the third time in his career. Support those who Back me president asks by Aldo Beckman in mud Tai Wnm to Rel woj Anaheim. Cal oct. A president Nixon said tonight that the Quot time has come to draw lira line Quot Between those candidates who talk for and work for Law and order All the time and those who Are for Law and order Only two months before the election. In a political rally for California candidates held in convention Hall Here Nixon said the Best Way to Amer demonstrators and Rock throw eni is to vote tuesday in support of people who will support the president. Attivo Nixon promised a Quot gloves off speech Quot directed at the Antiwar. Demonstrators who tossed eggs and rocks at his limousine last night As be left the san Jose auditorium following a political rally there his speech Here tonight was basically the one he has been delivering to political rallies thru out nation during the last two week. His first mention of the incident last night came four minutes before the end of his 20-Minuto address. Quot it is time to answer those who have Given this distorted View of America a said Nixon. Quot it to time for the silent majority to stand up and be counted and the Way to answer them is to go to the polls and issues More important Nixon Wnm obviously Moro concerned in detailing what he considers the Bce tissue for him than he was m exploiting the san Jose incident. His speech a expected to be his Only major Campaign this fall carried television. He talked about what he has done to reduce casualties in Viet Nam and assured his listeners that the War which found 550.000 american troops in Viet Nam when he took office now to ending be might be a hippie was Back at Tow door. There were several scuffles Between police and youths with Long hair who tried to get in. The speech was taped and put on nationwide television by the Republican National committee. Nixon s helicopter which earned him and my. Nixon Here from their san com enc Home. Landed within an enclosure of buildings just outside convention Hall so there was no Opportunity for Antiwar demonstrators to get within View of the president. Signs dotted the Flag waving crowd reminding television viewers of the ugly incident in san Jose. Signs for Nixon Quot this is not san said a we re for Nixon not rocks Quot read another. Quot san in t All one said while others said Quot rocks Are no Good Quot und Quot violence in t our Nixon in discussing recent bombing incidents quoted from an editorial in a Madison wis., he walked about winning the newspaper printed shortly peace negotiating with Russia after a bomb rocked the from strength and not weak University of Wisconsin Cam Ness and told How most of the pus there. Those who condone major issues in the Senate arc or fail to speak out sharply determined by a a majority of against such incidents have As much blood on their hands As do tic bombers themselves the editorial said. 0 about 500 pay last ret Post to Gorge Jayne wealthy i Vernas horseman As investigation into his slaying turns to business dealings and possible crime Syndicate connections. Story on Page 2. 0 democratic precinct Captain and Turco others indicted on charges of conspiring to commit Voto fraud in March 17 primary. Details on Pago 3. 0 Joseph Germano director of largest steel workers Union District tolls members Stool Industry will be tired nest year. See Page 5. 0 see business Section for details on agreement to sell time life broadcast. Inc television and radio properties to Mcgraw Hill for $80.1 millions. 0 Northwestern s wildcats Hope for the upset of the Yoer today when Thoy meet Ohio state buckeyes at Columbus. Congress delay told and he recited How the Congress co troied by the democrats took 13 months to seed Bis proposed ant crime Quot violence not justified Quot we must recognise that Send i proposed Mumme imply because the cause Hap legislation to the White House. To be peace does not White House aides said tic president pared his speech i tonight because of the Limita-1 tons imposed by the Purchase of television time. However Gerald r. Warren Deputy press Secretary said Nixon would make More specific re Marla concerning the incident last night at an Airport rally in Phoenix. Ant. Pens to be peace justify the use of Nixon said. But cautioned Nixon As lie Lias in almost every speech in recent Days. Quot we must keep this in perspective. A the idea that these few arc in the majority today or will be the Leaden of tomorrow is not Nixon pleaded with Voten log a. To new tuns Van Ujj Muir. My Agnew to make to vote plea Here with 6 on g. 0. P. Slate few h my oct. M. My Tom atm. It mar not met Oij Mytr. In. Jujj nr9 a rom we. Mem ref. 4 a m. 43 fat it. My. 9i 4 for. Fac 43. Ice w. A a a a Ltd a a a of. A Tio cd Tiv Mav we Tenn a Rajamin 5 . Non a a no in it his a. M m win a re a a itar. 4 t. A 4 a rte i min h it Tartt n my lit by George Tagge 11. Woods candidate Cor county that Chicago registration has fighting voter apathy As Well a a a Bernard Ca-1 declined from 1,734.03 to 1.547, re-1 publicans today will Tapo a one Benjamin s hour television program Here features Astro guide. Bridge by Goren classified ads crossword Pune drone music movie it editorials. Sluard Edwards. How to keep Well Sec. A Sec. In. P. 21 Sec. A Sec. A. P. U see. In Page 12 Page 12 Page 12 continued on Png 2. Col. 6 political lockout Page 4 religion new notes. Page is to and radio. Sec. In. P. 2� m uni Venity pall Page 2 word game see. In. P. 21 your Horoscope Sec. A. P. Ii comic cartoons Page Sec. A. P. Ii if tart. J j in 71 finl Natl i 1j Fiji fat of in a Oil 1w� x i i u step. X s to Imell in i tto Mimm .1 it to it obituaries Loce for assessor. County Crk Edward j. Barrett and Stanley t. Kusper chairman of the Chicago Board election commissioners with vice president Agnew for showing on win to at 6 30 p. M election eve a monday. I Agnew will share a round 0_ a a table How with mix g. 0. P. M i Quot �o5an candidates for the state ticket Normal turnout to the election there will be sen. Ralph Tyler report that Absentee Smith with whom Agnew apr 20 geared near Belleville pc Star Cettl less thee m tic 1966 Day county treasurer de. Noo presidential election Mund j. Kubarski nominee Ltd a it vote for state treasurer and Al a y mail and in the election Board Page running for a third term of Ilion. Shierson Abs co m state superintendent of pub-1 Volin a a 1x00 a Tay. Tomorrow. _ Send representatives and sen tonight crowd of m to Washington who will 14,000 persons including 5,000 a Nabke he q c s lr�,2,?2 programs be pledged in in where i Codd hear but not. D presidential Cam see the president was care fully screened by police and Ushers. Anyone who looked no Pait Isao Appeal altho indicating that the Republican candidates arc the Best Choice he avoided an i outright partisan Appeal to vote for All republicans. No one was seriously Hurt in the mice at san Jose last i Nicht Altro a television camera i of Wax Riding in an open c behind the presi a Funi a was struck in the stomach by a Rock the site of a ��5l the Rock bloodied one _. I Finger or the cameraman. Dave Chicago registration tort see no Wco d Nat Kyu la m 1 casting co., and knocked the suburban Absentee balloting. A iad oot of him Kuchard i Republican shouting . The mob g. O. P Leader take some Comfort from the decrease in state superintendent in instruction. The Cook county slate will be represented by sheriff Joseph could be about 30 per cent off when final figures Are in. But this would relate to the fact county chairman ordered a weekend Blits by Ward and township Leaden in behalf of tic county Tickel he sent them telegrams saying an Afi out drive can assure Quot Complete mayor Daley yesterday demanded extra Effort for assessor p. J. Cull tim and Alan j. Dixon. Democratic minority whip in the Illinois Senate who continued on Page 2, Eui. I stoned not Only Nixon s limousine but also secret service agents helping police protect him and three buses carrying newsmen and while House guests. Sen. George Murphy ir., , who Wax in use pc i Dent n car with Nixon and gov. Ronald Reagan said that some of the rocks that bit the president s car Quot must have been As big As half a

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