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Chicago Tribune Newspaper Archives May 7 1972, Page 1

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Chicago Tribune (Newspaper) - May 7, 1972, Chicago, IllinoisF Hirano Tribune the w o r l d 8 n d a a t r a t Yrure Cadd greatest newspaper Tom you test t a a to Ctm to ii Man Yuchu sunday May 7, 1972 a a a a final 30e&Quot"m0c column one inside a Black High school Quot whatever you choose to believe about an Alf Black he a a school you la find someone there to affirm it and someone to deny follow Ridgely Hunt As he walks the corridors of Chicago s Wendell Phillips High school. the flock on Rush Street his "church1 is a Stuffy apartment. His congregation the lonely people who wander Rush Street at night. Quot i m not hero to push Rofi Gion As such at these people. God knows they have enough problems a look at father Bruce Wheeler and his work in arts amp fun.1 the fight for Liberty leasing Quot the current goings on at Liberty leasing co. Would make a Good scenario for a hit television drama except that critics might judge tho production too Leonard Wiener views proxy Battlo with several unusual twists. In Unser and his winged Chariot Quot the nose resembles an anti at eos. It has More wings than a bucket of Fried Chicken. Wings on tho front. Wings on the Side. A Wing on thai s Bob Markus describing the car with which Al Unser Hopes to win an unprecedented third consecutive indy 500 race. For More see the old Romance still lives Quot it does t matter that it s in Northwestern Illinois you d swear Rhet Butler could walk out of one of the old mansions any writes Mary Daniels. Her Story is one of the great vacation ideas in the Parent game our child care editor. Joan Beck has created a ont Cheesie a game Mcm and dad can realty appreciate. To get in on tho fun Seo la Kostylo. Indexation sex prom see. A p 6 Arif a Fusee. Book work Sec. 9 Biff inc .sri?.1 comic. A a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a so cd i 2 Colum see. I a p. S cum Cronl 1 in to Sec. 7 editorial see. I a. P. 4 How to keep Well. See. 14 i Cotylo. See. 5 wfl�xi4no Sec metro Sec. 10 Sec. I a. 14 scope Pace 28 sports Sec lower ticker Page 7 travel set. 6 seize cops f i drugs May have seen Slayer Mother of knife victim by none Irr Nolte and Ronald Yates a i. A tho Mother of Gloria Kirkpatrick an id yesterday the May Havo seen the killer a week before her daughter was stabbed to a Colin Friday. Min Kirkpatrick. 25. Was stain in front of the Marina Cinema Heaters which aha managed. She also lived in tho Marina City Complex. Quot to had Juat come out of the Marina cily apartment Complex on state 1300 k state is when this Well dressed Middle aged Man about 45 or to walked by and spoke to Gloria mrs. Chester Kirkpatrick said. Turns her bark Quot Gloria turned her Back on the Man and walked away i remember this distinctly because i remarked to her that what Alio did was not very polite. Quot Gloria just kind of shuddered and said i can t stand to Tot Man mom and to kept on walking. Quot when 1 asked her who lie was. She said something Vogue Liko be had something to do with the cleaning of the theater. Incident slips mind or. Kirkpatrick reached in her Homo in Ottawa 100 Miles Southwest of Chicago. Mid Abe was not sure if she could Ido Naify tho Man Ogain. Quot i woke up inst night and remembered the incident for the Flint Lime since Gloria Vul kilted it Hod just slipped my mind until now Quot he told a reporter. According to police min Kirkpatrick was Slabbed Olno times in the Chest ence a the Groin and three times in the right Arm. The weapon apparently was a Largo Butcher Kolte. Gloria Kirkpatrick in 1970 several witnesses told police that shortly before the stabbing they had seen min Kirkpatrick talking to a Well dressed my ddts aged Man in front of her office near the Heaters. The Man was described As 40 to 50 years old 140 to 150 pounds dark haired and wearing a dark suit collapses to lobby moment later miss Kirkpatrick ran a creaming from her office into tho lobby crying please help Roe. Help. Help Quot and she collapsed. Several persons in the lobby tried to help her. She died As an ambulance rushed her to Henrolla Hospital. Mrs. Kirkpatrick and her husband Chester a chemical Engineer for the Marbon division of Borg Warner in Ottawa described Ihetu daughter 01 likable and without any enemies. Quot she was cute Lovely and full of Ulfo a i Don t know anybody who did t like her except maybe for a Orno of the kids she May have fired from tho theater for being habitually late to work Quot or. Kirkpatrick uld. The Kirkpatrick have two other daughters. Ose la 29. Married and living in Pennsylvania. The other 14, Uvea with them at 454 Pearl Street Ottawa. The family Hotd Gloria had been res teas in Ottawa and wanted to work in Chicago. Moved from South Quot we Hod moved to Ottawa from South Carolina Quot Kirkpatrick said Quot that was about five year Gloria was born in Harrisburg. A. Went to High school in Willow Grove in. And graduated from Pierian business Cottec in Harrisburg in 1164. She worked As a guide at the new York world s fair in 1065 and attended tho University of South Carolina or a year until the Amity moved to Ogunwo. Miss Kirkpatrick bras employed As a Secretary for Bertrand Goldberg associates. The company that designed the twin Marina City towers before taking the Job As manager of the three theater Complex about two years ago. Took night course before that she look Acme night courses in Arl at Northwestern Una Var atty and taught swimming at the Evanston y. W. C. A., to Mother said. Police continued their investigation yesterday checking miss Kirkpatrick s apartment and her address books and interviewing acquaintances. According to sgt. Richard Sandburg a men Avenue homicide detective police believe the Al line May have been a business associate or a casual acquaintance. Quot she we a Beautiful looking girls always dressed in a miniskirt never wont out much tho Quot said Ben Smith manager of a liquor store in the Complex who often talked with Olsi Fitzpatrick. Quot a real Nice Riva Ridge wins Derby Riva Ridge crosses the finish line to win the 98th Derby at Churchill Downs yesterday. Details in sports. By Jerky cr1.mm1ns a squad of undercover Agente from tho slate s attorney s office the Illinois Bureau of investigation 1bu, and the Chicago police department has been conducting a secret probe of policemen reportedly involved in narc Tica traffic. Dubbed the a squad far drug the unit has reportedly been instrumental in the arrests of five Chicago policemen and one in agent in the last nine months. But the undercover work has been so carefully shielded from the Public go a that four of Uia six arrests tuve never been publicized. Silence in Contrail this silence is in marked Contrail to the noise engendered by the far reaching and Well known probe of police corruption currently being conducted by the United states attorney s off co in Chicago. On at least one occasion agents from the a squad went inside tho Fillmore District station 4001 w. Fillmore St. 0 search a policeman s locker for illegal narcotics. They did t find ony Only an unregistered gun investigators told tits. To Nune. One of the arrested policemen fell into the laps of the a squad when to was hospitalized for an alleged overdose of pc a hallucinogenic drug. 4 policemen indicted four of the policemen have been indicted and two costs arc currently being investigated by the Cook county grand jury with indictments expected soon. When questioned about tho existence of tho undercover unit Jack Schroetter or. First ass Stone mate s attorney refused to divulge tho number of Man involved or even tho name of tho Man in charge. Quot ail i can aay is that a amp the men surface in the course of criminal trials i continued on Page 2. Col. 1 Springfield nursing Home bums 9 dead 33 injured 11y John Elmer Ichimi Timm Pittsl Mol Springfield Iii May 6-Nlne per sons wore killed and 31 injured Here in a Lito which swept a two Story nursing Home on tha City s East Side Early today. Springfield mayor William Telford described the tragedy at the Carver convalescent Center of perhaps the worst in the City history. Nearly All of the patients Ware elderly welfare recipients including some released from state mental institutions according to tho owner. Or. Franklin Yoder state Public health director said a March 30 inspection of the Home showed Quot several a Cal clan pcs that constituted a fire Hazard Quot but that a Folte up inspection last thursday indicated that Quot most major deficiencies had been question of inspection a Public health inspector noted that no inspection had been conducted by the state fire marshal s office since pc Brunory. 1971. The lire marshal s office had inspected tho Concrete Block Structure yesterday but that report was not immediately a Allahl. Anthony Caruso Springfield fire chief said the cause of the Blaze was not car town. To noid it May Havo started in a serving room on the second floor of the building. Two of the injured portions were admitted to Ibe Burn unit of memorial Hospital one in serious condition. Others were treated for smoke inhalation and minor injuries at memorial and so John s Hospital. They were held thare pending Ploe Emont in new Caro facilities by us department of Public Aid. Norman Richter. Sangamon county Coroner said tho names of the dead will to withhold until tomorrow pending notification of relatives. The Carver convalescent Confer is classified a on intermediate Core Homo by the Public health department. It is located about a mile cast of tho Capitol. 90g on welfare or. Byron Weisblum. N Springfield and owner of the facility said he has operated the Homo Slanco 1��. He said about 50 per cent of his patients Are Public Aid recipient some a closed from Jacksonville state Hospital and the facility for the mentally retarded at Lincoln. Two nurses aides were on duty of the Home when tha fire broke out. Quot the aides in there wore hysterical. I heard scream and that s what woke me up Quot said a next door neighbor mrs. Dorothy Jones. Quot a woke up Blore the urn trucks got there and people were running All Over my front she said. Quot they were crying and shaking. Some patients could t stand a Strong wind spread the flames thru the building according to Ono neighbor list of problems or. Yoder said the Home now has a one year provisional la Reno from his department which was issued inst August. The facility waa in the process of changing Over from an intermediate care Center the a sheltered care Homo under a four year program to be completed in 1973. Yoder listed Dofi Clances found in the March 30 visit As including personnel not trained in the use of fire extinguish continued on Page 3. Col. 5 in search of space safety Industry fleeing decaying West Side by David Young during tha Estt Rlou the manager of one West Sido factory near tho scene of much of the looting and burning was bombarded cot with Molotov cocktail but Voth phone Calls from frantic executives in his firm East coast headquarter. Quot i think tho trouble really scared them Quot he said. To immediately ordered Ida Plant closed at ibo r was never threatened and kept a careful Eye on conditions before reopening tho following week. Suddenly. Relocation tho panic and the phone Calls from the East coast gradually subsided. Even the memory of tho rioting seemed to dim during the passing years Tito Plant continued to show a lie Althy profit and company officials continued do clop Long its aggressive Community relations program considered by Many to be u Model program. Unexpectedly one Day last a Ummer the Plant manager picked up tho Tele Why Oro some companies moving from Chicago to tho suburbs which sections of tho City tro preferred by incoming industries Why do some areas have dil Cully attracting Industry this is the first of a series at article which attempts 0 answer these and similar questions. Bono to answer a Call from corporate Headquarters and wus Curtly told to Start leaking for a Alto in Suburbia. Within the next few Yore to Plant s nearly 1� employees. 4 per cent of whom belong to minority groups and two thirds of whom Uve in Chicago will Havo to Start commuting to tho now factory in Suburbia if Thoy wont to keep their jobs. Tho factory City officials lament was too profitable. Its owner wanted to expand and Suburbia was chosen As to Sito Prim Orlly because it was impossible to expand the existing Plant. In Many ways tho Rol Ocafon of to factory to tho suburb Type pics the prob Lem of Industry in Chicago especially on Ilio West Side end Ockasi Nauy in other areas of tha City. Idiots May be Factor altho there Lias Novar been a study to determine just what effect Lisa 1&3 riots Hod on the flight of Industry from tho City there is evidence to indicate that Nome High Crimo areas of tho City including those hit use hardest in tax rioting aro also the ones which Havo to most difficulty stopping Industry from fleeing to tho suburbs. Chicago lost 00 firms and 70,000 jobs a Clureen a too and 1065 in the inner third of tho City. Lillo this exodus Tun Slanco been brought under control thru out most of tho City it continues with a Lyllo abatement in tho Dingy cry my Ridden and decaying weal Side neighbourhoods. Industries in Chicago aro still moving 0 tho suburb but new industries moving into tho City and existing industries expanding to increase production have for the last Locado More than made up for tho loss. Industrial employment in Chicago has increased in All but two of the lost 10 years and Monny Unk into Industrial development in Chicago More than tripled Between i960 and 1070. A Mont area stabilized Quot since 1pm, we be been in an equilibrium position Quot said Michael j. Stoken Deputy director of tho mayor s committee for economic am cultural development. Quot tho flight is now confined to a few areas and i Beso Are the areas into which now Industry will not move Aehl Charles Wilson vice president for area development of the giant Continental Illinois National Bank do Trust co. Of cd logo. Lie wus referring primarily to Turco West Sido neighbourhood so Law Nanto Garfield Park Ond to near weat Side. While Industrial employment in Chicago increased 14 por cent during the a i decode it decreased by 7,512 jobs on tho West Side to Only area of tho cily to show a loss Wilson said. According to a formula produced by Samo one in Washington that loss of 7,512 Industrial Job on the wet Sec meant that 2 0 retail businesses folded 4,550 persons employed in no manufacturing businesses lost their jobs and retail talks there declined 133.1 million. Elbow Hora in cd logo tho Industrial picture i Somo whal brighter Industrial employment on the North Side or the Central part of the City and on the South Side showed substantial increases during tho decade. A project funded by the Commerce a continued on Page 3, col. 1 the weather Chicago and Vicinity Cloudy end much cooler wit i Chance of a few showers today High. In Middle is partly Cloudy and quite Cool tonight Low around 40 northeasterly wind 13 o 22 to. P. H. Tomorrow partly sunny Ami Cool High. 55 to co. Mop and other reports on Page 2d

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