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Chicago Tribune Newspaper Archives Mar 10 1974, Page 1

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Chicago Tribune (Newspaper) - March 10, 1974, Chicago, IllinoisAlly a not Well Down on the farm Page 25 a fresh look at weddings and marriage lifestyle. Jack Nicholson film hero of cynics cult arts amp sunday March 10, 1974 san Francisco. March s kidnapped newspaper heiress Patricia meant. 29. Speaking to her parents today tor the first time in 17 Days on a tape tent to a san Francisco radio station a Aid Quot no one is concerned about to any making critical remarks about the food for the poor distribution program Sot up by her father newspaper owner Randolph meant to try to win her free Dom. The cold it sounds As if most of the food is of poor the first Quarter hour of the half hour Long tape was spoken by a woman member of the liberation army the revolutionary group that kidnapped miss lion St from a Berkeley apartment feb. 4. In a tirade against hear a a 82 million food program which the s. L. A. Has demanded to increased by $4 million Moro in Freer food the woman speaker sold Quot the Ilear i corp. And Hearst have not compiled with our re qy.1 alls Hearst speaking in a plaintive voice compared to her More self con fid int tone in earlier messages said to realize a Row that it s the Fri that Wana to murder me. I could have been out of Here by tue s. L. A. Message said ass hears a safety was linked to two of their members now being held on murder charges in san Quentin prison and demanded that they to allowed to bold a continued on Page 6. Col a probes get Fri memos on spying by Harry Kelly coh a 7rj- win Washington. March 3-Coogre-fiional investigators have Federal Bureau of investigation memos indicating that at least part of a secret Domestic intelligence plan was still in operation months so Lar president Nixon said he called it off. The Chicago Tribune Lias Learned. The internal Fri memos from the fall of is70 gave approval for the Fri recruitment of teen age informants for the first time and for a a discreet investigations of Black student organizations on College campuses. Several congressional committee have been investigating Domestic surveillance unit or the Nixon administration a a a toe House judiciary committee has disclosed that the to called Huston plan for a Domestic intelligence operation is one of the area being investigated in its impeachment inquiry. The plan named for Tom Huston a presidential assistant who wrote the proposal urged the us of wiretaps surveillance mail covers and burglaries against those considered to be Domestic subversives. In a 7/iay 22 statement in which Nixon tried to explain watergate ramifications tho president acknowledged to. Hod approved the Huston plan on july is 1970, a a response to what he said was a need for a greatly improved Domestic operation. But Nixon Caid the plan was abandoned Only five Days later because of former Fri director j. Edgar Hoover s opposition. One of the Luvion plan recommendations was Quot present restriction should be relaxed to permit expanded coverage of violence prone campuses and student related Huston noted that Quot the Fri does not currently recruit any Campus sources among individuals below 21 years of age. This dramatically reduces the pools from which sources May to drawn. Or. Hoover is afraid of n Young student Lur facing in the prese As an Fri continued on Page 2, eel. I Natalie Wood Tinseltown a sweethearts 7o millions of their fans. Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner Are America s favorite sweethearts. Tribune writer Norma Leo Browning Calls them Quot two of Hollywood a prettiest years ago they were married but Ihen they got divorced of married to other people got divorced again and finally remarried. This time they Hope it Sticks their Story is in the report on City a schools Chicago s Public schools Are plagued with problems. They Are the subject of much political rhetoric. But How do education scholars View the problems a six part special report on Chicago s school crisis written by or Mark m. Knig., professor of education in history at tho University of Cal a Cago begins today in 3 rapists View their crime rape is probably the dirtiest word known to women and it is the i As test growing violent prime in tho nation. Women have begun banding together to bring changes in the Law and More help Lor the victims. To find out Why a rapist commits his crime the Tribune interviewed three convicted rapists in Joliet prison. The Story is on Page 32.cars got a rest. But we did t the question was. In Light of the gasoline shortage How Well can a suburban Middle class lamely function without a car Peter Negronida night City editor and Nis Wile. Jane decl Dod to find out for one week their two cars stayed in the garage of their Evanston Home. It was an Eye opening Experiment that the Negronida family does no to want to repeal. Their Story is on Pago 4. Ray hah cad St. Johns Village Board president and mayor in front of strip mining operation. Strange things Happe Coal firm c Stop consolidation s mining operations Nince the company cured latino tho Village limits late last summer. Consolidation. Which own ii acres of the villages wit West Comer innit that it has every right to mine 1u acreage. So far it bus successfully out mane Vered the Village in every step of the fight and continue digging and blasting every Day. The nine Man Village Board tried to Stop consolidation by passing an ordinance prohibiting mining in the Village. Console Antian countered the Oral nonce simply by do annoying rom the Village the 125 acre it wanted to mine with a continued on Page 16. Col. I which blew out the Pilot lights on the store broke tight fixtures and knocked their television out of service by snapping the tubes. It got so Tad. They sold that whenever the wind Moira at night they can to sleep in their bedroom. Tho repeated blasts loosened the nails in the House Frame raising the roof and dropping the floor so that the room wails lie a Banshee when the wind blows Quot of. That noise Quot mrs. Bunge said shuddering. Quot you just can t explain that Noire to other people a Lex of rack a Rick a rack a. It get to poppin and a crackle so loud we have to move out of the room and sleep on the bungee and the other 250 resident of St. Johns have been trying to by William Mullen Otoe Trowt no St. Johns iu., March 0-strange things started happening in Marly Bunge s House last year when tho consolidation Coal co. Moved into this tiny Village and started strip mining for Coal. At one Point late in autumn the company Loa tory High scoop shovel was by Bunge s estimation. 6� feet away from hta 72-year-old two Story Frame Bouse gouging a Trench 80 feet deep for a Cool rein. Bunge 68, a retired school bus Driver said he could put up with tho whirring and scraping of the monstrous machine hut the periodic blasts of explosives set off to loosen the Rock was something cite. There was. For instance the time last oct. 6 when he sat Down at the Kitchen table for i supper Bunge said a that was some shot it knocked my Fork out of one Bond and my knife out of the olb 01, there was tins Lime right after mrs. Bunge Hoa pm put up her fancy 518-a-Roll fabric backed wallpaper in her living room. A blast came reverberating out of the mine she said and pc cd the new wallpaper right off tho Wall. And there were other blasts too numerous to mention the bungee arts it fun. Auto Mart. Book world. Business so it classified Index Sec. Columns. Comics. Editorials. Salt Homes Leisure living. Job guide. Lifestyle a. Magazine. Obituaries. Perspective. Real estate. Sports to. Travel. To week. Dota cd Index on Page 2 by Alan Merridew depositors worried by rum on of financial trouble mobbed tha Unity Sav tags association yesterday and withdrew Moro tbs a ii million while state banking officials stood on desks and shouted Quot this is a Fine tho association at 4242 n. Harlem av., Norridge Lias assets of �330 million and is one of the largest such organizations in tho a ate. Association officials said that Quot malicious Rumora Quot started a run on tho Hank Friday and denied there was trouble of any kind. Saul a. Bass. Association president. Showed up at opening time inst Cray with All employees. To ordered col fee served to the hundreds of customers and said Quot we to pleased to pay out to our customers if they want to withdraw their money.4 Bass estimated that More than 51.2$ million was withdrawn yesterday by mid afternoon when the fast customer the boy was kidnapped wednesday while on his Way Home from school. I was released unharmed 33 hours later in Secaucus n. J., after his father Michael 33, paid a $50.000 random to railed thru Loans from friends. The Ransom a not been recovered. Thou charged with violation of Federal kidnapping statutes Ore Eligio Fernanda 19 i brother sorbello 17 Ricardo r. Ottiero. 17 Wii Iredo Alvarez 10, All of Union City n. The Fern a a brother lived together and Tuero and Alvarez were roommates if convicted they face up to life jail terms. Toe Fri said the first real break in the Case came from a Quot confidential the informant notified agents of a conversation be overheard concerning the abduction. But the Quie Tases of the arrests was credited to Young Calzad Ilia who apparently had remained As Cool a his thru out use ordeal. A a Plumi we of Jersey City. March 9 Federal agents arrested a fifth person tonight and wore a arching for More in Ibe kidnapping of 6-Ycar-old John Canad ill lost wednesday. Maria Margaret Marida 17, a arrested at her Home Here and charged with conspiring to violate Federal kid Naping statutes. The Federal Bureau of investigation said that other Quot Are believed to to involved in the kidnapping in do that an extensive invest Gatlon is under Way to apprehend All earlier the Fri Lead arrested four Young cuban men in Tow kidnapping. The four men who had been in the United states five years or Lew were charged with conspiring to Kidnap and hold the col Sadula Bay who is tie son of a cuban immigrant now living in the new York suburb of Dix Hills. Authorities said there appeared to be no political motive behind the abduction. Waiting in line was served and the Asso citation closed for the Day. Many of the cuito Roe or. Told reporters . That they did not really believe use rumours but As one Man said Quot i done to v jux Bolavo they re in trouble but in a going s la to take it out just in a a to Albert pick iii Illinois savings and s Ysac \ ton , and John sumo tier. In Pav i Ruport Vicry agent o the Federal Home 1 loan Bank Board m up on . S a every half to. A cured the a to Hwy j#�?�8 pm toy. Tier or one or is a a emr pcs. Knmk�3s pm h twi l h tilt Ruu Oman y t. I age mint of this association a and he cautioned them ii it or careful with Money who they carried out us door. He said a woman Tod in ivi robbed Friday night. K4jtm Ger. Sch Tosser echoed pick comments. T 5 Nisi said that Deposit up la $20.0w were. Bios Amke fully insured. Quot if there was a problem we would t we we min be Here be shouted. Quot the doer Richard Tuero m led away after continued on Page if. Col. S arraignment in Chicago and Vicinity partly Cloudy sunday High in mid to upper 40�. Continued Cloudy sunday night Low. In mid to upper 305 winds 6 to 15 m. P b. From the North. Monday Piru Cloudy with Dianer of rain High to tid to upper 40s. Map and other reports on Page 35

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