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Chicago Tribune Newspaper Archives Dec 19 1970, Page 1

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Chicago Tribune (Newspaper) - December 19, 1970, Chicago, IllinoisChicago Tribune a pub Wool n q r. Orig act m p a c o a Oro sports a a a a final the american paper Lor americans the world s greatest newspaper 124th year no. 153 ��1870 Chicago Tribune saturday december 19, 1970 6 4 sections Juc 600 flee in nuclear test dust rises 8,000 it. Over site Mercury nov., dec. 181 Ipp about 600 workers were hurriedly evacuated from the nation s Nevada nuclear Leal site today after a Low yield underground nuclear test shot spewed a radioactive dust plume 1.000 feet into tho air. An atomic Energy commission spokesman said. The spokesman said the level of radioactivity traced beyond the test Sites boundaries was Well within permissible Levels for humans. He said the workers hired by firms under contract to the dec were being made to take what he described As Quot Nom Inal precautions such As showering. Changing clothes and washing their cars and tracks. Test Wren thyroids some of the workers he Ltd were undergoing tests with a Dlo Active detectors passed Over their us raid glands to see if radioactivity was present in their systems. He said there was no immediate report on whether such was the Case. It was the highest number of persons reported exposed to a a diction at the Nevada test site since underground testing began hero in 1k3. The dec said a radioactive air mass a Ras moving a a North and Northeast very slowly Quot but that radioactive Levels were Quot dropping very the dec said six aircraft. Including two helicopters from nearby Nellis air Force base were racing the radioactive air Mas nearest Towa to Miles away no towns in the immediate area of the lest site were study raps tfx plan As Blunder by defense chiefs to Ftp a Tun Ftp in no Francis Higbee left tells Tribune reporter Phr William Kelly who with police went to the James Coates tvs got $85 Worth of heroin and St. Regis hotel where High cd was staying. The i want to talk to somebody while i shoot Tribune traced the Call which Higbee made to the Higbee was photographed by Tribune photog Tribune Tower. Addict asks reporter to listen Over phone As he tries suicide by James Coates Francis Higbee. Whose friends a when he had them a called him Roy. Phoned tic two one last night because he wanted to talk to someone while he killed himself with heroin. Thanks to an Alert Telephone operator and the Chicago Polica department Higbee did t die. But he did Teu Bis Story. A does at a ume. Quot you do the j months but added he really listening and i la do the did no to have any idea of ume. He said. A a was kinds warm when 1 while the reporter listened got to the 33-year-old drug addict. He told of supporting his Tell a tale filled with Seu pity habit by obtaining Money from and violence another reporter the welfare department and Roaald Yate called the Sefc using h to buy Hercio which he phone company explained tha diluted and sold to other and situation and asked for help diets. Night supervisor mrs. Roberta Barnart. 30, began the difficult procedure of tracing the Call. In 3s minutes she called Back to report Higbee was calling from room 513 of the St. Regis hotel. S10 n. Clark so Higbee called the Taia Urc reported evacuated the closest City desk and told a reporter own is Alamo with about How the got us Worth of herein residents. 10 Miles North. And i want to talk to Loeb cd a dec spokesman refused a while i shoot up. To s a Good i to say if it was possible the Story because in a going to radioactive air mass would shoot up ail the Way. In a Gouig crass the United states Bun to o. D. Taka an Over dose. Sub talking of phone Darle. J i when police broke into the such on occurrence. If u room. Higbee was still talking happened Woad violate the Higbee then refused to Tell to it reporter. 1963 above ground nuclear test where he was calling from and Higbee t conversation related ban treaty signed by the United begged the reporter to talk to a life of waste violence and stale. Russia and other a him while he com mixed sin ride selfishness he said he had Lions. By injecting heroin into Hiarm i been in Chicago for about two the radiation Wai the second Quot a reported in tour underground nuclear Tat shot Here since wednesday when minor spillage from one text Rose 400 to 300 feet above ground and was1 confined to within the test shot site. The dec said about 300 of the 600 workers evacuated from the teat site s northeastern continued on Page to. Col. 3t Sells dope on Street Quot for �5 i can buy a spoonful and rut u into 31 dimes doses setting foe $10 each i Quot he said. Quot then i go out on the Street and turn some unsuspecting Nincompoop onto dope i be turned on a lot of Guys in my Lime including a few in Chicago. Quot one thing i want you to write tho is that in be never Given dope to a kid. But i be killed a whole hell of a lot of people who Are 21.&Quot As he talked Higbee often democrats slate Bertrand Marcin to run on City ticket f picture an ppr a John c. Marcin 60, City clerk since 1933. Was slated for another term yesterday after i r e b e i democrats pressured i a fifth term for mayor Daley see the editorial Page what Flor my Yor Diky lnt0 bkkin5 do Quot re t0 say but the hard Core Chin Etc dict on his decision to run another democratic vote in recent1 mar Manuto i Btl Kuspert a principal political sponsor and a Man with enough West Side Power of his own to remain Independent of the Daley Roa Satu Woad. A a cd via it. Ins Chicago and Vicinity Stoody today with fog. Chance of Drax ulc changing to reeling Drenle before ending in afternoon High. 30� partly Man. Daley had wanted to Fin the Poat with Stanley t. Kusper 33. Chairman of the Chicago Board of election commissioners. The mayor s decision was opposed elections. Revolt by Martous Kusper an ambitious Young politician has been chairman of the election Board since 19�. Having been its chief attorney Cloudy tonight Low. 30 to 35. _ a. Roo a i Ritner Wax i ,0 Yobu a a a Mummy tomorrow. Of two a Quot a udi. I fib. V to 15. Ilu soft a Mil clout by if Aik Dot it or Sliwin flurry it tart our. Tif tax Mhoo 1ft Tom Jyh rlo6>, wimp by Ifft Ilmi us. A Foft is a. I la 23 . . Rani 6ft�mtf min. A it noun Tiv i it. It. La ,1ft a 41 Fly tit tuft. St 4ft a. 4 9ft it. M of tit 44 hot it ii 4#�?� it. 44 ii it. It. If 1 9ft it. �4 it pm. 9� or. D i lift 99, of tit i. A m a Foft 44 of tit. 4 4 it it .-�9 1ft it 99 94 m. It it a a 14-14 4 it it. 94.x j a i and that Marcin did not deserve to be dumped from the ticket. Black is named the democrats also Coso for the office of Day treasurer Joseph g. Bertrand or. 39, a banker who would be the first Black to hold a major Day office if elected. Daley was nominated by acclamation for a fifth term As mayor thursday. His decision Loran Kusper was based on considerations of tho future and the unwritten Law in die democratic party which punishes thou who All to deliver the vote. He intends to replace Many of the party s aging office holders with younger men before he retire from Public Iff. Marcin. 3sth Ward dam i socratic committee nun failed Marcin. Be is a polls Amer toa. Daley a Choice of Kusper had the backings of George w. Dunne county Board president. Aid Thomas a Keane lift and other powerful party Tod re after the decision become Public late thursday a a Volt was started by Aid. Vito j forgot Charlie Brown s 61ft.anp Only 6 shopping Days left Tajii Jwj tsars Panullo argued with Daley All Day yesterday contending that his protege was needed in the key election Board Post and that there was no successor to Kusper in View. He also complained that Kusper would have to take a salary Cut from 128.000 to $15j 00 a year if he switched jobs. Support or manuf of a move increased i rout the Day As committeemen and party rank and file Loyal to Marcin argued for his retention. Daley gives la finally. In a closed door meeting of the site makers in the Sherman House. Daley gave in and agreed to Marin a Salang. In a Public statement after the session he stressed the need or party Unity in the forthcoming election and praised Marcin As a Man a a whose loyalty has never been a Quot i have always admired his ability Quot Daley said. Quot he has ran in office without one taint of suspicion or Marcin said be was Quot glad to ran with mayor Daley again Quot Coop aged of Page 3. Col a would fall asleep Hen re awake and complain that his Cipres was burning him As he lie on or shabby army cot supplied in his room. Asked if he was concerned about causing a ire in the crowded hotel he said. Quot i would really like to take every Man in this place with me a Herala is my death Quot he told of his 14 Brothers and Sisters and his life on a Quot dirt poor Iowa farm near for. Madison he spoke harshly of his father lovingly of his Mother. Quot when qty a died nine years ago. I went to Yew York and shot up the first time. I diet nine years ago. Too. This heroin is my soon his talk became rambling. Then sporadic. He has just awakened from another Date and launched into a course by course description of Quot my last meal Quot when police Brcic into his hotel room and placed him under Crest. Found of army cot Yates and photographer William Kelly who accompanied found him lying on the army cot be had de on the floor by the cot i was a Towel bloodied when he j slashed a Hole in his Arm to drop the drug into hit veins. A crop was slashed Over the veins of his forearms. A bottle of cheap wine sat nearby. As they entered be screamed at the reporter Quot you traced my Call. Of. Damn patrolmen Al Puhr and Rich wash1ngton. Dec. Ii Tri Senate inv Esli a gators ended an eight year study of that rouble plagued tfx in Lill warplane today by accusing former Deputy defense Secretary Roswell l. Gilpatric of Quot flagrant conflict of interest Quot in the contract award to general it dynamics corp. He and other High Pentagon officials of the Early 1960s. Led by defense Secretary Robert s. A Mcnamara were charged with compounding Quot management blunders on tfx by Deliby Rale attempts to deceive Congress and the Public about their mistakes. Quot the tfx program has been a said sen. John l Mcclellan a. Ark in a Senate up Coli to present the voluminous report of his Senate permanent investigations subcommittee. The subcommittee said Gilpatric. Now a lawyer in new York City Quot obviously should have disqualified himself from taking any part in the decision Quot to award the tfx contract to general dynamics because of his prior connections with the company a Oul tide Legal Counselor Gilpatric said in new York that before he catered the Pentagon he was an Quot outside Quot Legal Counselor to the company on nonmilitary matters and that atty. Gen. Robert k. Fen Oedy a office had expressed the Opi Uoo in 1063 that there was no conflict of interest. Quot the record shows unequivocally that he deliberately attempted to mislead the subcommittee regarding his relationship with general dynamic corp. At it existed before he accepted appointment a Deputy Secretary. The report said gel Patna. �4. Served at the Pentagon from 19 1 until 1064. Record can Rifkien postilion a the record make Clear the fact that he was a top level policy Counselor to general dynamics for 3�?~ years immediately before i appointment and that he Wai a de Facto member of the company a Board of directors Quot he subcommittee said. Quot tho record shows that he participated in the tfx award proceedings and that he advised Secretary Mcnamara to give the contract to general dynamics. Belatedly he admitted these facts under Cross examination by the subcommittee after the staff had discovered the True to Scull Gilpatric it also accused former Navy Secretary Fred Korth of impropriety Quot and charged that former air Force Secretary Eugene Zuckert had written an inaccurate memorandum attempting to justify general dynamics selection Over the Boeing co. Which had submitted a lower bad. Pentagon selection boards and military expert recommended Boeing on four occasions. The panel said but this unanimous advice was overruled by Mcnamara. Gilpatric. Korish and Zue Kort with no paper work no documentation and no special staff Effort called capricious Mcnamara s efforts at reaching the decision it said Quot can at Best be described As capricious lacking in depth and without factual Mcnamara who left the Pentagon in Lato ims to become president of the world Bank a cured to common on the report. Altogether the of Ali has been involved in 15 crashes three of them in Southeast Asia and in numerous groundings More than 3� of tho planet which can Fly As fast As 2.000 mile per hour Hava been completed and lid arc operational performing principally As fighter bomber. Mcclellan said original plans called for building 1.726 f lits at a Cost of billion. But he said the program will end in l$7� with Only m8 planes costing at least v 9 billion or $14.7 million apiece. Convicted in Holdup arrest provides new Hope to prisoner of three years by Philip a Puto Chicago Avenue police station. Police to the Chicago Avenue District said he was charged with disorderly conduct features Alro guide see. A. P. 9 Bridge. Page ii classified and. Sec. A crossword panic. Sec. 3. P. Ii drama mask movies. Sec. I the possibility that the wrong by United states commissioner Man has been spending three James t. Balog is James years in prison arose yester Duke Basic. 36. Identified by a Day when Federal officials Genu a a former member of charged a former member of a ring headed by Williami Syndicate robbery ring with Pqul a daddan0,in. Pfel eth 196sbolcupoi a wet Sake dictate Figur Ltd a 3r. Arrest and look him to the a savings and ton association ted is Home the Man behind bars la p. Fioramonti. 29. Who Al 1737 w �04lhsl by agents of waa convicted of the robbery Federal Bureau of Nirce years ago vesti Gatiso who charged him the Man charged yesterday with being the gunman in the robbery of the Silver Leaf savings and Loon. 5.143 w. Fee Madison St. Sprat \ Quot we Are overjoyed that the a truth of this Case might now be brought to said Flora a Mootis i father John who has a Ftp a a spent More than $3,000 m editorials. Page Willard Edwards. Page How to keep Itei Jato or hrs notes. Page to and radio. Page is University poll. Page 3 word game. Page ii your Horoscope. Sec. 3. P. Ii cartoons conk Page. Sec. 3.p. Ii Bue la no my tip l i Ltd re. S i my mum. 1 1 no i 1 ii to Man a i sri my s s so. A am i soft 1 1 i 11 a ii a ii. T to i i obituaries h Page 16 James Flora month in 1966 the elder fat Nooci said he will ask his son s attorney., Arthur Zimmerman to file a petition for a Pardon or conviction hearing with the Illinois attorney Cenchat i office Quot i feel that Iacre s a Chance said fior Annuli s Wile. Leeval 25. Quot after waiting three and half year you cel that there a no Hope. I m so excited. I m almost t nervous or. Fiora Manu is aim James i Duke i liable in 106a destitute after paying Legal expenses and Hospital fees. She incurred when a to suffered a nervous breakdown after her husband s imprisonment. She relic on welfare payment to help support herself and her 3-year-old daughter in their apartment in suburban Berkeley. The arrest of Basile and tho i continued of Poge 7. Col. 2

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