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Chicago Tribune Newspaper Archives Aug 4 1957, Page 1

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Chicago Tribune (Newspaper) - August 4, 1957, Chicago, IllinoisA irs Cut or a it to birth Day a Chicago Laid out by canal luf Veyo much of hit plat survive a in . Page 3�?� aim to Bemak Woftle Morol at a moment a Maraca a Oil rail gloss Ond Wolda Ina Taco a Oil chaff Tafa. Toca Megois Iaan Wim pan american games Chicago gets 19s9 Western Hemi it sphere event encompassing 12 sports. Sports Section diet to keep you cools or. Von Dalian Falli Bow a Haap up Anargy Wilbea in hot Woof Star. Tha Mogo Ilnam War reporter jumps in a from Chute jump into Africa to Scull ride across Elbe Tab uric Man covered world War in. Page 1 the aah re Tea pm per in ant Tut Smy Ray Utah vim the world s greatest newspaper , im7 founded Jurt 10 1047 f City a a Nal volume Xvi to. Til a a ,c5��.�?�?T?? tit aug ust i. 1557 k Price to knt Bill called dead storm kills 2, batters City 10,000 to March today As legion state Parley ends Tel Chang our youth Mimmia it a a to Imus m we Quincy member named new commander Oratte fact the it links am tries la Gisoti ended ism Dayi of Hec. Tic Buiu teu aerie it with e kit Tien of my Irsom i % 11 Oist Kio Tell m4 Klui in Oren to hell end than prep std tar a urdu ltd Bret Beur it Rob Dawn Mabl. Ran Tbs Lico mum kit Rall Artimi Purmot it lbs Illino i Oglor. Tlinr�?1 p. M. Ion it. At of Blair la a from on urto �?�., my rih in Mukhi Nan run Pul a Mowins a mme a a Omlah of to my a Wrai. to 9lh m. Part Ipanis to in Numond Curbera irom Ualifi role Rio pop pc anti Firtman Nail Unal Cwan and Othef a la iffy Jimlu. A bout 2,000 rot men of the 40 end a tooted and Cun std us in War Down slate at Law ii by to Laron Tim Lod Boa car and Calopie it that Witni up and Down and ways to Well a Forward. There Wero about so units but they sounded be Nanny Mote Becaum of Geordi Bow Dcasio i b r a goods pokers gun a. Lods winding up the group s our Day 33ib annual Conven Una. Tai big Parade. Including 10,000 Marchen. Repei Couig 1 100 Legi Oft posts is t i be led by the new state Conad to. Ani Bony Badamo. 02. Of ltd it Day. And he new Atakor Vico commander a1 Coar. Is. E Kankakee. March far polka ecu mated that the a Rede will draw 240.000 spec High links Laud cd Ofchar me Bare o the 40 and a r arched along wearing peasant costumes remia scant of Rural France some carried on the Radil Koto Al Blob of not of the 40 and f la clod tag a Lew rubber knit Proi Nideng rom Bair Heads or Faux Ali a Landing from Ribeir foreheads. The Parade lasted Little More than an hour. The 40 and a Mil the led today 1.45 Inch rain in 90 minutes hits traffic Economy drive fades More on each Roll Call a a Waltch a to a i m a Mai . Aug. So Congress hat Dene More is King than arting of a Roomy How psf and Ike w0n10. K. Ii Martin says killed by changes i fico Omar in torn Mcnol. More thin u i of it ill Senate prop Omu Bre Fht to Rolt Cill Volt a ingot inf Chanett to a h a a Aii Eri new cur is m. A a of 60 House and Sensie Roll a a. Hoods basements a Isri Tiu Day. There were in it Cortes and underpasses tit a comi soy Ort storm in 74 Houn Hil the Chanso rpt it soon pm tint two Demhi. Lerinc Down term wi1� my Ftp nodding Atrom tin to a drop Omen and Otic menu to tide a kor. Nighta Legitt Ithon dood for Trodo Tny again ii 91 de Festl some of the 19 a Klonie were lost in Coofer Eorms be limn Ibe two branches of Congrtta. The batting average on to Onny was Only 980 a non Ariun Survey Elriam loony a test the Aei tiie s a a aped Rivil tights bin. My rep in a a a w mar i o or. Lun st t 0 p or it ter cooler jeans full of Cash Isiora thirty hands and drum by la new grand chef de Gore and bugs corps Wui Vuk Forl to Alto was elected yester Ait Bolen with Numero Miv a a h or. John 0. Nah Flo Ste carrying pretty str Siw. Of Monmouth prod not of and of fire Micka and a Bounty medical newer to Masle Ivo. J92 b on Page to Doc key. Today s Parade sell step oif at 1 p. In. From Ontario st. South by pm Ziad a cortex Here s Good am for All Poder fans. The Pritt on the new a Cuttle Pooler up lie no 199 it t t 3,0 0 0 1 a Al i �1 Here s your to dissolve blood clots i in re i 11 y 10 Spiric up a King s be Nark Brig Triy painted Jalo pies driven by Down cot turned member of it 40 and. I. The a fico fun make re a a a a ?~7�?o brio i. I Loop crowds get a be vow a it a a a pm Ley. And other dig of today s big is adv when Coal lobed of Psge 3. Eol a a War brings close shaves to the Bearov prize and Bonus total soars to $13.200by Ruy now Ian the Kwh or a Story or kid a tvs paper Man Loio a to regt Pocta it places wort Ever it anger. Or Tow si2jooo laut Dib Fermi. Than to boat cooler Quot Man tar to pm a of mind a the Betti of 2. In win mph to of Pirn Fth a in behind isl title n tomorrow a to Firne. The and Ike whiskers which scientists test material causing several fires. The two storm vat Limvere killed when lightning Alrick b tree girder which they bad taken sheiler on the South Shore country dub Golf court near Cedar Lake Lod they we James or. 20. Of in w. Detroth a. A Calumet sky Sod Charles crime 94, of 239 w. Oak i. Golf fun. Ind. Both Leofi Avera for the k. L Dupont de Nemours company of East Chi can whose Emp it vim holding a Golf Loum meat Al the club. Two in ecord Down two other Persona under fihe tree were knocked to the i ground by the Boll they Are pvt Gerald s father. Jama or. Tupe Rutsor of maintenance for the company and c. B Mitchell of Limmag. Ill tit cat rezoned 99 under paws no Adid and it bus trint Pentilon Par Alviad i eighty four mocks of the a out Side were dark for two hours . A a a Dreu Llod Fly truck u. Root rid Fri a a a i a a ltd a Quot a a tents at the Kane Boualy Syrl May wipe out a cuts supplementary approx pad uni m the second Sci Iloa Eliot Isth Congre May wipe out most of the economies voted at ills Esalon. When Congre gets around to re tiring cuts it hat rude at this scion. It is pot Siulc Hal All economies win evaporate. The 90 lest vote did not include Rolt cons on regular Spirop Fiailoa Blyn which Congre la required to Pesa annual or or on Buis that a tier led but did not Grant Money for certain acid Villot. These Bills affect spending indirectly. In Folk Wing the general Patti developed Over the years the Bouse was More Economy minded than the mute. Congressmen voted for Economy 13 out of 27 of Tribl of. All a our recur re we met turf Hurr been in Jerk re i vhf in error Flag a a lae vew no run. Conn. Aug 9 i b e y said. If Plasmin is in runs off. End a pm two Yale Awn tests rejected into the blood Stream deflate our earned it for him is j o h n Hall Thompson. 48. Millry editor of Tab thu xxx now. E o n h a t correspondent u world War ii and Korea. He Parac Buthod into afr a As the frat correspondent Lomaka a combat jump and round an enemy Quot who lend wine instead of bullets by spitting tanks he jumped again into Sld a the to Lunf Wau if hike to anew a Emma no Fla of men and women the Mork in if a Diloria a be few rms no the trl Bane. His of a fhe of m of or Meg a a my Foik on tar mho Ifft think a be into Rettino tin Eor Roj bulled a for Way a Hora on bit Lihty Itti ult on Hitler cur opt. A Rodo Loco Mously. In i racing Mill Crova inc Clit River to dint on urd inti. Of it m by. Smashed his ribs and Vodka Gas Bod a knee and found cultural fair in st. Charles were blown Ever but no one was loj ured. Drive is blocked the storm Breut 1.45 inches of ram Al Midway air port in an hour and a half. Is Ronesi covered the Elly. The temperature Leq 12 degrees to 74 Between 11 a m. And noon by 7 p. A. The 24 hour total was 1.99 inches. Traffic 00 portly to of s. Lake Shore or. We stepped when water Rose More than a fool port Niiles. While seniors approved Only 8 of 29 Economy chances. It Beau the big set Shes the Senate slashed 1.9 billion Doit an from the housing program. U Cut the untied stains infer Rattien Agency funds by 18 million douse. However the Senate rejected efforts to Cut More Hun a halt Billon dolls i from both foreign Aid sad defense Funda la be Bouse 919 Milu Eoa were Cut from the defense budget. Tit House also to fused to Start a 14 of Loo Dollar Federal flood inert no program. But to Bouse voted 200 a duo Douan in raises for postal workers and approved for Shiv Schwon Quot of co Grcia three no Kummu Tatton of of Tau wac dec lira Al to be named jul in in Lerv Teri Llinat or. Euen Hower Reu Rdv he Schnau vers it Wint Chr Bill a completely unworkable. Me was said to be tar eng his weight Holmly Agal nit Bouse acceptance of d Mirtia told a reporter a the Bill is sol Ectro Iahlo Leut and dofl1 hunk it s a it cd Tabu to a Tarot ii of House Hope for 98 Assur he Orcsi a a prob Amr dead lock Vrbich would put be a see Osti la neat a or. The three administer alien Leaden screed that As the Nailer Stamiti. Or. Few now or would rather pair in Hill Al All iban to accept be Senate s inset on of the jury trial amender it Cal la a Mea univ which ii Ati Rady had stripped of but Bonty to a Foric Cut Vii Nabti in re Crai some Gnu a demo lir leaders voiced privately hut the Don t want i a sets Bill this year. They Conte Tuluii the Khen Horr admin Irelien la at Alung afro he pm to Tarry inc Isiu Over into 1858rkcl on year ngut la Jaa uart ror steer Martin called the Wanic Bill in its present Onmi a Devoo Cralle bit and Ais Ted we wont Lake it in the feet i d is Likel to Cook out of the Senate to foreseeing a pets ble deadlock Over efforts to rom promm Dii Terence univ err. Ported today that tests on of a human As Toon i a riot cocky Little Friend at the tar Hao Tir Bathe in which Amer correspondent to reach them 50 tin upon dollars for sewage a in Eure. Not new. Too v e a a a on. With the runs Una the Al rate the fire department re Tupou human patients arc being is discovered the Ete should Home go alter him made with a substance they Diane let and inc Teod return Beum win Dpi solve Bawd to Normal within a few Haon doll or. Imine and or. Of Kumin the Lesla which follow to of had a Pratt pm in purifying Cessnu Eipert Menti with Ani it Hamm. Which b derived Mau. Are taking place at the from he inter Chon of two other easy Mea ptas Minigen and Trepto Kibbon. Be Nataa teak material u an inactive extracted from Cate Heert attack by the flow of blood by Fon oing a a Quot i a iffy Kim wow. I is in a . W Fttie yet of it in it Airai id up to Beer run. T. Tuu Phi Bikit Tsa str Ocoll Lodita m the hindi Caine it of Stu Pirk it Motilal Lutt u Busato. N. Y. A clot ski Ortr k a Lone you a fool of it Kal a Tinct by Carat Naod Cuta Art Irti Naly a of crop a. Tyty Tim. Cam fought desperately in it it a front against Gentian Una j u a t a a a a vent the Octan War spitting Dii Tanct away. I a 1�?T Almutt got shot he under by boat at if own men for Bis Pami it was hit Swanky fur what s the Tutje of oct Quot have that Yon deny have we. 1 3.000 is about Alt due to fuse soon hour plus 80 minutes on a if 4s4 Mun num . A a a. Irl med Parka Quot id decided hmm i jail. Him called easy red. It Wasll was going to be warm in a a by a a a a a with i War for once Quot a Hub almost a Tatj have doot on part Viiu Pui ies it Fla amp i to Raaon that by is a Oitt to Loit that it blood of Patrica it a be timed him a Bullet. Ced Ouer of Komi Moon by Dlf ant Llma upon u to i tub Mil the Only Rihl to not tic Liet 2 rib f16 Apfl flirts i tit unit or non a Warnot repo Mocatta Lod cont nned in Page 9. Eal a dem Crau. 2 to 1. In a poet of floor moves to unit fed the weather m vast. Air it a. In it Cal a coding the eve me 0. 0. P. voted and fora Pumm. It n e c d a answer to the new puerile that Rio i comp Lauona. Problem m Serif Keatien the subs Nee with which or. Danul l Kolloc and or. Jareb r. Putman Are Gorki of to an in Lyme called Pfuntn. Or. Kline it Asae cuu prof cd a or of it Yale and or Fishman to a Rouse re As Siclait to . Judt Fng from us Tsika o Cape Romenta with be Teru. The Proem Anau because trept Kinam contains ionic Ouie rials which lower the Safdy of blood to the heart Mukades. Lower blood pressure. And canal Chi a and lever. The Yale seen Tau. While falling be achieve 1o0 per cent Purul Caln of pus Nua. Aay they Beiert they have been Able be remove enough of the Texie mat Tiala to War Page a Lumen from Tribune correspond Unis i. Pkt re Page pt3.p.8 All danger and death for Quot the 2 t had a Remir ail ago and Vicinity fair and Cool today High near 88. Lower near Lake Low la Nigel. Near 88 North be no Hraet a Inda. 18 to 18 m. P. B Soney and plea Saul Lori Orrow. A Wooi. Ran a min m the Senate Vars ii sad the More cd roping cd a Nisi a Uon Epona orid Hiu pasv4 i ltd the House. Marlin Uidl Quot in Tecka to me m Iha Shiv Bill la dead for this ass on that will put the we be Civ for �0 per cent of the aeon omy Trovei and admit 33 on Page 4. Col 4 news to Radle programs heme Sod Garden 112.000 la ail yours. Bobus in 8u80 what s More you could pick up a 10 per cent Bonus of another 81.200 by lurking in the Only right answer on a Wadi add postcard or the Back outer travel Sod be Sorli tide of an envelope of Post end Lise. Making a total of 119 Joo if Jou arc new to this Wacky word game Tad the rules before Pat Yang it and remember hut Yoa u get another crack at that 112.000 pan 9 pans pan 2 Momenta As Well. Kewu one of the gods Ihen of Harry 2etu for to Biej. An amerkan Quot of Facer Quot who existed Only on paper but who Rose Onmi est. So if a my a. M a fit pm amp a. Of Ftp m9i mar Amati a a is Nemato . A a a. To a a a .-t4 m a a 3n in Mimi of to a it in. A tax m a 1 la Jymm a a part kit Iuni to Brut Matt cola pan i pm pan Oil a new jaad to Sim Proudy recalls a one one ltd tit Noat ski mat if All of proct. The Conpton waa bom on Chi crat Swar up air stat of i Heater. A of my a fan 7 a Actium set lao Pili. G a Cafora North Sua Tea ton of a Cofia mtg Tuaoi and a former a scrod i rarer. He Wai Hiu of Albie Alt Dafies cd Cate ltd m Ermston pm bloc ii a a i a in. A i Yew fwd i a. In temp a i i�--.14 .y4 Wco m up. A pm to a or a e a of a a b 4 a 8�8i� a nem pm 4 Costak Metka Oft values i in m 4 Al of of Tom a a my Muu a u m a % t m w so a my lbs of a a a a. Pm f a ii my Tofu a Imam Fra Fnu. Prow la loan Troia i Tju aim stat Tam March As past 4 Cut Lati a Pac i Eal in Quot snuff bottle Rell Nitro a iof any cd Rve hot fat Sla Alry Seamer engine 7syesfm baby buggy to i a i Mem Mirno a by ibo a of Tim it 4#di> i chem Shiv tit hmm. To to wet Miwa Ati a by i a 9�?4 lha tuba a m pro a Meta Ihaza to Kim Nikiti it mph Omo Adt Trima m of a $9% a or hug a Iimori. A it tag a Tom Muotoe Jabo Afy a co co agree yes for a Papfy Shell the chief Ami five i pkg adv Ien Are Aid to Hart Ivel or. Etas Home the the mba the May Pau 7y mid Whf a rep Itier not m empty Beff for prozac Tim of to tag Righta hut a til him iting govt Nimau in Civo meal lit other Kidi i Sou Tetra Mouton Bau a it Atcy Leokum in the by a today an4 in. Rii Neli d. Cd toll it Torton Afier Vard that or expect a a Star Tala with a Rani Pfuhl Tima Partapi to adne iday a Mother. Up in new there Haa been do Fili busier 00 thu Wir aug my uhf a Kone a a Pla fined it our Muon Sto. It tue Markl fit who break tuned Wuh or. Hatbob mfg. Told a Panett a Hope the both a to adj the

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