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Chicago South End Reporter (Newspaper) - September 24, 1972, Chicago, Illinois Page 4 South end reporter. Sunday september 24,1972 commentary abolish the Coroner system in perspective the race after Munich a unique aspect of the coming election is that both opposing candidates for one of the offices to be voted on by Cook county residents urge its abolishment. We refer to the office of county Coroner. It has been under attack for years As being outmoded and unnecessary. Finally it is being put up to the voters and in november they will have a Chance to decide whether or not it should be done away with. We agree with the candidates and urge a vote to abolish the office. The office is responsible for determining the cause of death when a physician is not present and to i panel a jury to determine if foul play has been involved. The haphazard method of selecting the jurors has been widely criticized As have their verdicts in Many cases. Actually the system is redundant. The jury a verdict has no Legal standing and if the investigating authorities feel that a crime has been committed the prosecutor can and must present the same evidence to a grand jury. So Why have two sets of jurors hear the evidence when one will do the verdict of the coroners jury might be an influencing Factor but that is about All. And considering that this influence has often been in the wrong direction it would be Well to be rid of it. It would be much better to have a medical examiner who has the necessary professional training. It is fortunate that the present Coroner is a physician but there is nothing in the Law to guarantee that this would always be the Case. Much better to make sure that we have a qualified physician to determine the cause of death and effective Law enforcement agencies to carry on from there when necessary. If the vote to abolish the Coroner system wins the Man elected As the last Coroner of Cook county will have the task of setting up the medical examiner system to take his place. We suggest that voters Mark their ballot to abolish and make their Choice Between the two candidates on the basis of which one will establish the most effective and efficient medical examiner system. That a the Way the candidates want it and the Way we think the Public will Best be served. Signs Point toward mass transit action gov. Richard b. Ogilvie pledged in a talk to a group of newspaper publishers and editors the other Day that if he wins re election he will put formation of a mass transit District to serve the entire Chicago metropolitan area High on his list of priority projects. This is Welcome news and we would Hope that Dan Walker Ogilvie a opponent takes a similar View on the urgency of improving Public transportation facilities throughout the area. Actually events seem to be moving in that direction. All of the companies presently engaged in providing transportation Are complaining that they Are losing Money and that they must either go out of business or increase rates. At the same time commuters Are banding together to preserve what Little service they Are getting. The problem is bound to come to a head and inasmuch As a regional system is the most logical its formation should follow. Events will dictate this course of action but As always the path will be smoother and quicker with the cooperation of government. Tile most recent example pointing up the problem is the Battle being waged Between the Gulf Mobile and Ohio Railroad which serves several Southwest suburbs and its commuters. Claiming that it is losing Money the pm and o wants to discontinue some trains. Village governments of the towns affected and commuters As a group Are vigorously opposing the action. Him Maiio lax lips q in be been operating a dog Kennel att a sideline for several years. How Long do i have to make Money at it before the irs presumes it to be a business and not a la a a he a a an activity is considered a business if it is entered into and carried on in Good Faith for the purpose of making a profit. A taxpayer is presumed to be engaged in an activity for profit unless established to the contrary by the irs if in any two out of five consecutive years there is a profit. The application of the presumption May be suspended if the taxpayer elects until there Are 5 consecutive tax years in existence from the time he first entered into the activity. Special rules and different time periods apply to taxpayers engaged in an activity involving horses. Q is it True that a student can be exempted from income tax withholding a yes. Students and other individuals Are exempt from withholding if they did not Ewe any tax last year expect to owe none in 1972 Ami have filed a withholding exemption certificate form w�?4e with their employer. However if tax has already been withheld this year the taxpayer must file a tax return next year to have it refunded. The Railroad says there Are not enough commuters to make service worthwhile and the commuters counter that the Railroad has done nothing to advertise its existence or encourage use of its facilities. Both Are probably right. The railroads Are really not interested in commuter service and too Many commuters want the Railroad Only As a stand by for bad weather Days. The argument is not new. Its been going on since the beginning of commuter railroads. Urban growth however has made the controversy acute. There Are enough influential voices on both Side to bring the Issue to a head. The sooner the better. Sad but Rue Leaf raking is or soon will be a very popular if not enjoyable weekend occupation for Home dwellers. There was a time when burning the leaves was a part of the ritual. Perhaps the most pleasant part As it afforded a Chance to lean on the Rake Exchange a Little gossip with the neighbors and enjoy the pungent Aroma As the smoke wafted its Way Over the neighbourhood. But that was before there was a House on every lot and pollution was a major National concern. And As pleasant a sign of fall As the odor May have been Well have to admit All too often the burning was done in a careless manner and instead of gentle wisps of smoke Curling up from the Leaf pile there were dense Black Clouds that dirtied up the adjoining premises. Often the blazes got out of hand posing an outright danger and keeping fire department Busy. And so today in most communities Leaf burning is outlawed. Violators Are subject to a Fine. In some communities Leaf collecting machines make scheduled runs through the streets to pick up leaves at the curb. In most however the recommendation is to bag your leaves so they can be picked up with the trash. Stuffing leaves in a plastic bag can be an awkward Job even though the plastic bag makers have tried to do their bit to help in providing forms to hold the bags open. Nevertheless it is the neatest and cleanest Way to dispose of leaves in this Day and age and we urge residents to heed the appeals of their local officials to a bag your leaves a so this annual fall cleanup can be completed expeditiously and efficiently. If you want to enjoy the smoke you can still have a picnic in the Forest preserve. By Alex r. Seith chairman Chicago Council on foreign relations a at about 5 a.m., palestinian commandos climb the Fence of the olympic Village occupy the quarters of the israeli team and take that could have been nearly any newspaper report on the tragedy that began on the morning of sept. 5 in Munich Germany. Instead it was a chilling prediction written in february 1972, seven months before the actual event. The author was Georg Sieber a police psychologist specially retained by Munich authorities a year ago to give advice on the attitudes and possible actions of people who might disrupt the olympics. Sieber dramatized his finding by preparing a a scenarios which like a movie script described exactly what and How the a a actors would do. Warning that real actors might plan a commando raid he said a capture of teams from countries in areas of conflict is an attractive Opportunity for guerrilla and resistance groups wanting to display themselves demand Ransom or other advantages and to turn the games into a political a too unrealistic he was told by police officials who summarily dismissed his forebodings. A Small disturbances were possible a they said but a a catastrophe simply could not in retrospect the nonchalance of these authorities seems incredible. Did they think these a a scenarios were just fanciful musings Why did no to they realize that if one German psychologist could see the games As an a a Opportunity for palestinian commandos the same Prospect would surely be obvious to someone among the desperate terrorists whose lives Are consumed with furthering their a a cause by any Means these questions and More Are now reverberating across Germany. A was it avoidable asks the cover of last weeks Der Spiegel Germany a leading news Magazine. A who is to blame demand newspapers like Hamburg a die Welt and Munich a Sud Deutsche Zeitung. Munich police chief Manfred Schreiber need pm. Peace pipe All smoke our a a d Fri in g on let amp / fuss Ujj by Patricia c. Thompson certified graph analyst a lady from Mokena Illinois writes to say that she has three pre school children and very Little spare time. However her sixty year old Mother who lives alone about three blocks away Calls her several times a Day to ask her to drive Over to do Little things for her that she is unable to do because of a painful arthritic condition in her hands. She May want the daughter to come and open a can for her so she can have lunch or change a Light bulb so she can read or whatever. The older woman is so grateful for everything her daughter does that the daughter cannot bring herself to refuse. As a result she either has to have someone come in to stay with the children or take them with her. Since it happens three or four times a Day at least it does become quite a chore. She sends her mothers handwriting for analysis and asks for suggestions in working out a solution to this growing problem. She loves her Mother and does not want to be unreasonable. The daughter is going to have to be much More reasonable toward herself and her own family and she is going to have to insist that Mother be More reasonable As Well. It appears Mother is having difficulty cutting the proverbial apron strings. The finals on her words that Rise above the tops of the other letters indicate mothers insatiable desire for Atten lion. At any Cost. Among other traits the strokes that indicate a Good imagination would provide her with endless reasons and ruses for summoning her daughter. She is very easily offended and accustomed to getting her own Way and when the daughter finds it difficult to drop everything and attend to a toilers a needs undoubtedly mothers a a Hurt can be Felt three blocks away. Thus the daughter continues to spoil her Mother by making herself available for non emergencies on a round the clock basis. Mothers handwriting demonstrates that while she is generous and giving in one sense she consistently puts her own needs and desires before those of others for she is very self entered. There is however no evidence of stupidity so she can be reached with reason if she so desires. Since much Independence of thought is shown in the handwriting altering her lifestyle May not be particularly appealing to her. But perhaps if she would make a list of the chores she would like her daughter to do for her and have the daughter cd them once or twice a week instead of several times a Day it would be a far More workable arrangement. For whatever it is Worth though Mother May have arthritis in her hands from time to time she did not have it at the time she wrote the above specimen for it would show up in the handwriting. It would then seem that if she is occasionally free of the ailment and is otherwise reasonably healthy she might be Able to walk those three blocks in Nice sunny Days Ami see what she can do to help her weary daughter. Questions and answers from Melrose Park Why do my t Crossings follow the t Stem so frequently i have tried to change it but i can to. Answer such t Crossings indicate a blistering temper. From Hinsdale what do very very tall upper strokes mean answer vanity. Readers who Are interested in graph analysis Are invited to write to the address below for More information about the subject or to learn How a personal analysis May be obtained. The approximate age and the sex of the writer As Well As a self addressed envelope should accompany All inquiries mrs. Patricia c. Thompson p o. Box477-dept.e Oak Lawn Illinois 60454 admits knowing a months before that a Israel was risk no. I at the olympics a but says a higher authorities prevented better Security. The search for who to blame is becoming Germany a no. I political Issue because in just eight weeks there will be a National election to decide whether Germany a Leader for the next four years will be the present Chancellor Willy Brandt or the opposition candidate Rainer Barzel. Until the olympic Nightmare the key Issue had been Brandts bold new a most Politiko Eastern policy of signing treaties to renounce Long standing German claims to a Eastern territories in Poland and Czechoslovakia and to guarantee that Germany a present Borders would not be changed by Force. Brandt knew this policy was politically risky because All his predecessors had beguiled German voters with the false Hope that what Hitler had lost in world War ii could be promptly regained. And he was right. While receiving the Nobel prize for peace and winning acclaim abroad he was castigated at Home As a the Chancellor of the sell out and a a Traiter to German National but Brandt wants to serve the interests of Germany and the West in ways his critics refuse to understand. His is to launch a diplomatic offensive that will finally break the Kremlin a Iron hold Over the a a captive nations of Eastern Europe. The first step he believes is to show East europeans that they need not fear Germany. When the soviets invaded Hungary in 1956 and Czechoslovakia in 1968, their loudest excuse was that these countries had to be a a protected from potential aggression by Germany. And with the German governments of those years still making Legal claim to a a lost Eastern territories the Kremlin a excuse was believable to some East europeans. Now with the treaties As proof of Germany a peaceful intentions Brandt is ready to begin undermining Moscow a control. If he wins the november election East europeans will see his Victory As a mandate for change. If he loses they will think Germany has repudiated its Man of peace and wants to return to cold War hostility. Because voters tend to blame the a a inst for anything that goes wrong the tragedy at the olympics could turn Brandts prospects for Victory into defeat. If so the terrorists who brought death toll israeli athletes could also bring an end to the Best Hope in a generation for the people of East Europe to emerge from the shadows of the Kremlin. Harry Homcy Ood comments news analyst for wait radio president Nixon and sen. George Mcgovern have now fairly Well outlined the issues and where they stand in each of the major areas. The one Issue where the two men Are widely apart is the Vietnam War. Or. Nixon says he will keep up the bombing and the blockade of North Vietnam a harbours until there is Progress on the negotiating front. Sen. Mcgovern says he would end the War at once. His first action he says if elected would be to end . Support of president Thieu of South Vietnam. But sen. Mcgovern would not withdraw All . Forces from Indochina until All american prisoners of War Are returned. In foreign policy the two men Are not very far apart at All. Both advocate negotiations and control. Sen. Mcgovern approves of president Nixon strip to peking but he would go farther and extend diplomatic recognition to China. Both men support Israel in the Middle East conflict. Neither has said anything about latin american policy. In economics or. Nixon will continue wage and Price controls until inflation is under control. Sen. Mcgovern would end the controls in favor of voluntary guidelines. Or. Nixon May have the stronger Case Here. Voluntary guidelines have never worked very Well. Bot ii candidates say that welfare is a mess and needs Reform. Their Reform programs Are not very far apart. President Nixon would set a guaranteed animal income of Between $1,600 and $3,600, depending on need and circumstance with a Basic $2,400 a year for a family of four with no income. Sen. Mcgovern proposes an annual income of $4,000 in Cash and food Stamps for a family of four. President Nixon is in favor of More defense spending and the development of new offensive weapons systems so he can negotiate with the soviet Union from a position of strength. Sen. Mcgovern says he will Cut $10 billion a year for three years by eliminating waste and duplication and that his cuts would not Hurt . Security. Both men Are in favor of a Volunteer . The Vietnam War foreign policy economics detente spending and welfare Reform Are the five most important issues of the Campaign. There is As this Brief summary shows a considerable difference Between the philosophies of president Nixon and senator Mcgovern on some issues a similarity on others. But there is enough of a difference so that each Man can fairly say there is a viable Choice Between the men and their philosophies but there is enough similarity to say that neither Man is very Radical even Liberal. Copyright 1972, wait radio. Harry Homewood a news reports and news analyses Are heard during morning and afternoon drive times on wait Moo radio

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