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Chicago South End Reporter Newspaper Archives Mar 10 1974, Page 1

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Chicago South End Reporter (Newspaper) - March 10, 1974, Chicago, Illinois Daniel Martin a Man for All seasons min Story inflow serving the Community for 78 years vol. 80 no. 136 South end reporter an economist publication sunday March to 1974 21 pages in two sections delivered to your door every wednesday and sunday 55c per month newsstand copy 15 Call 264 2323 lot want ads charge pressure in try to Edge out candidates picnic Ai hic Flower show a picnic Woods area with tables and japanese Garden Flower arranging exhibits will highlight this years Flower show at the Mccormick place 23rd and lakefront March 23 to 31. For the first time visitors of the show May bring their own lunch and relax in the Woods. Japanese Flower arranging will be exhibited continuously each Day of the show. For information on visitors and special photographers hours Call 782-0282. By William m. Collins a candidate for state representative in the 30th District recently charged that a pressure tactics Are being used in a last ditch Effort to convince her to get out of the race before the March 19 primary election. Leona Black one of eight candidates running in the 30th, pointed to a press statement released by the citizens to elect Andrew Tucker another leading Black candidate in the race As one part of a plan designed to discourage the other three Black candidates from actively pursuing nomination. The text of the statement read a the citizens to elect Andrew Tucker has sent today february 28 to the following people congressman Ralph Metcalfe or. Edwin a a Bill Berry reverend Jesse Jackson state senator Richard Newhouse or. James Dawkins of the Rose Moor Community association or. La Palmer or. Julian t. Nettles by or. Phil Smith or. Raymond Lee and reverend Lawrence r. Jackson a Telegram requesting their participation in an impartial committee to screen democratic candidates for state representative in the 30th legislative District. There Are four minority candidates in the primary race. The committee has been asked to designate one of the four As the Best most sincere candidate and to ask the others to unite behind that candidate. A the need for such action arises from the fact that recent canvasses in the 30th District indicate that the minority vote will be so divided that both the incumbent candidates will top the primary voting once again assuring that a substantial part of the population on the Southside and South of 87th Street will remain unrepresented in Springfield. It is our Contention that All of the campaigns Are not being waged to promote the election of a Black official in the District and Are in fact being perpetuated to continue the manipulation of Blacks by the same Power Structure which has denied minority representation in the status quo. A we find that situation appalling and unacceptable. Our interest is to set a new political trend in the District. We feel so strongly about the need to replace at least one of the incumbents that we offer the following suggestion a once the impartial committee has evaluated the candidates to include information about the source of the organizational backing of each it should decide which one is Best tomes on the outside the Scanlan . Will meet wednesday March 13, in the Assembly Hall for the first night meeting of the year. The meeting will be called to order at 7 00 . By mrs. Shirley Roper . President. Or. Donald Tursman principal will be present to Welcome All parents and refreshments served in the lunchroom by mrs. Margaret Houston publicity chairman. Pullman the 1920�?Ts a Man for All school seasons a this is the word of we hear we respond to these words at every mass. But what do they mean really practically the Longwood cenacle invites you to explore the answer to deepen your sense of these words. The weekend March 15-17, will address itself to hearing and believing god Speaks because he chooses to speak in our lives now. To make his word scripture More meaningful and understandable please accept the cenacle invitation. For information and reservations Call 445-6700 or write 11600 s. Longwood drive Chicago Illinois 60643. Students from Fenger and Carver High schools will be participating in the area a mathematics Day tuesday March 12, sponsored by the area a department of curriculum services and area a mathematics department chairmen of the Chicago Board of education. Over too students in All Are participating add will act As teachers for a Day in area elementary schools. The theme for the Day is the a metric system and All persons involved will end the Day with a banquet at the Beverly Woods restaurant at 5 30 . The Beverly Art Center i 2153 w. 11 Ltd St., will present the film a Julius Caesars on tuesday March 12 at 8 .j Coffee and discussion Are included in the ticket Price of $1.50. By Mario Manzardo author historian when we were kids in Pullman Back in the 1920�?Ts, there were Many grown ups around who touched our lives in one Way or another. Looking Vack Over that Long distance of 50 years a few people loom up above the others. These Pullma nites stand out primarily because of certain Fine and unusual qualities they had that can still be vividly remembered. Such a person was Daniel Martin the principal of the George m. Pullman and Edgar a. Poe Grade schools. He was a Stern but just Man one who had his lighter moments and above All a perfect gentleman. Mother thought the world of him because he showed no annoyance no impatience when she would talk to him in her Laboured fractured English on those occasions when parents attended assemblies or were summoned to school Over some child s behavioural problem. In our Case this was rare because my brother Battista my sister Flora and i Seldom got into a scrap even if we were not exactly Model students. Dan Martin began teaching in Pullman at the old Union school in the Middle 1880�?Ts. Aware of the Young Many a administrative abilities the town Council of Hyde Park Pullman Village soon made him director of the educational facilities in Pullman and North Pullman. It must be remembered that when the area of Pullman incorporated it became a part of the original Village of Hyde Park which extended South from around 43rd Street along the . Tracks taking in several isolated settlements Between the Prairie the Woods and the swamps and terminating on the West Shore of Lake Calumet. Or. Martin became a controversial figure when the Cook county director of education tried to remove him from his position and the entire area of Pullman came to his support. In 1889 after Hyde Park and Pullman were annexed to the City of Chicago he was made the principal of the Pullman area schools by the Chicago Board of education. Prior to that time a bitter struggle had developed Over the Issue of annexation. George m. Pullman and his management group resisted the move fearing loss of favored tax status and other anticipated disadvantages to the corporation that also was the Only landlord in Pullman. However most Pullman shop workers who were the tenants somewhat fed up with the paternalism of Pullman and yearning for a degree of self government looked Forward to the Opportunity of expressing themselves on the Issue in the Spring referendum of that year. The Village of Hyde Park Pullman overwhelmingly voted for annexation. Soon the Pullman corporation discovered that the new conditions did them Litte harm the favored tax status of their properties valued at the rate of vacant land continued. The mayor of Chicago John p. Hopkins former paymaster at the Pullman shops and a resident of the area opposed the whole tax Structure in Pullman. A split developed Between him and George Pullman. This lasted through the years that followed during the historic Pullman strike of 1894 and continued until both men disappeared from the stage of history. According to one source during that entire period though expressing some misgivings Dan Martin remained a staunch partisan of George m. Pullman. Another chronicler however states that during the tragic strike Martins sympathies were with the workers. He thought or. Pullman wanted to come to terms with them but pullmans business associate Down town especially the Railroad magnates insisted on maintaining a hard line and Pullman acquiesced. Dan Martin became very disappointed with his hero however pullmans death three years later saddened him immensely. But this is Only a prelude compared with the Heartbreak he had six years later. In 1903 tragedy struck the Martin family. His two teen age sons George and Robert were among the victims who perished in the Iroquois theater fire. Let me quote from an account written by Robert j. Casey a Chicago journalist a on december 30, 1903, some 596 people most of them women and children were killed by a Flash fire in the Iroquois theater. It was afternoon. They were watching a Christmas program. The Asbestos curtain work. Flames from the floodlight leaped to a mass of scenery. Somebody opened a stage door. The draft from this source sent a blazing gust out Over the audience. The lights went out. Iron Gates across stairways from the galleries were locked. So were outlets to the fire escapes. Exit doors swung inwards instead of outwards so that when the crowd of screaming children piled up against them they did not swing at All. There have been few such disasters in the history of the United or. Martin never got Over this great sorrow however after a Long period of bereavement he returned to his duties. In 1907 the Union school was abandoned and the children moved into the Brand new George Mortimer Pullman school at 113th Street and Forrestville Avenue. The work connected with this operation restored some of Dan Martins old spirit. He was happiest when pattern Ding to his administrative duties. He enjoyed visiting classrooms and listening to children recite he especially liked to attend the singing sessions of the upper grades at Pullman. Sometimes he would sit at the piano in the music room and entertain us kids with Stephen Fosters a Beautiful dreamer. Miss Whitney the music teacher was very talented and had composed our school song a sail on o Pullman which began something like this a to Pullman is the boat we love we find it Strong and True. A and ends a sail on o Pullman Over the Waters Blue. With flying sail our port we Hail reaching our Harbor Home a or. Martins Strong baritone voice would often join us in that melodic song his face beaming with pleasure. As i remember him in the Early 1920�?Ts, he was a Man about six feet tall with White hair a big but not Bulky Frame and a face that reminded me of the movie actor Lewis Stone during that period when he played the warm judge Hardy role in the Mickey Rooney Quot Andy Hardy movies. Martin loved poetry the earlier american poets in particular Longfellow Whittier Whitman. I remember once in 8th Grade he stood in front of our class and recited with great emotion Walt Whitman so to Captain my captains that poetic lament on the tragic death of Abraham Lincoln. It brought tears to kids eyes. Most boys referred to him without malice As a old Doc Yak because he reminded them of the comic strip character in Hearst a Herald examiner. If i remember correctly Doc Yak in the funnies was not a Buffoon in the same sense As Barney Google Happy Hulligan or or. Jiggs. This humanized a a Yak clothed in an impeccable dress suit always tried to maintain his dignity in the face of Many humorous situations. Kids not aware of the tragedy in Martins life thought he was too stiff and somber but some of us saw him loosen up at times. Given the right occasion he would enjoy a Good afternoon Assembly program or some repartee with a teachers or even a student. His face would then relax into a benign smile. As i stated in the beginning Daniel Martin was a Stern Man when it came to physical punishment. Most of the time when one or two misbehaved All he did was raise his stentorian voice in a few Well chosen words no cussing mind you and order would be restored. But occasionally he would go further. Let me illustrate i done to recall exactly but it must have been when we were in the sixth or seventh Grade. Two boys in my room had scheduled a grudge fight after school in Back of Schroeder a dry goods store across the Street from Pullman school. In a sure it was Over a trifling matter you know How kids blow these things up. One was a Short wiry italian boy named a a Dino and the other a husky slovak kid we called a a stash. After school at least too boys formed a ring around them in the empty lot i was one of them. Some girls gathered and watched from across the Street. Stash began circling around holding his fists in front of him but Dino like a Bantam rooster closed in his flaying fists hitting stash on the face and shoulders. Stash was so surprised that he fell backwards. Dino was waiting for him to stand up shouting such things As a take it like a Man a when from behind the excited Circle around the combatants emerged the tall figure of Daniel Martin. He grabbed Dino by the Collar and began shaking the a a stuffing out of him. Stash saw a Chance to escape and darted behind some of the boys forming the Circle but or. Martin was faster. His other Strong Arm reached out and soon he also had stash by the Collar. He Shook them both violently for a minute or so then he commanded a everybody go Home. The show is Over a holding each by an ear he marched them Back to the school and his office where in a sure the verbal Sparks flew for at least half an hour. Let no one say that Daniel Martin allowed things to get out of hand truants and mischief makers Seldom escaped his Wrath. But Many of us remember him mostly As a gentle big Man with a very sad face a Man who loved children. Represent Community interests. All other candidates should then publicly withdraw and throw their personal and organizational support behind the committees selection. Unless a unified minority vote can be mustered we will lose yet another Chance for fair representation. A we the citizens to elect Andrew Tucker pledge publicly to abide by the committees selection and give that person our full mrs. Black who says she was not consulted about the formation of the committee feels it is an eleventh hour push to Stampede the Black Community away from the other minority candidates. A since this came from another candidate i wondered How they could ask this at the time a she said. A any withdrawal should have been done before december 22, not two weeks before the election. A i also think its significant that the Tucker Camp decided who would be on the committee a she continued a the citizens for Tucker sent this statement to my Home. They did not Contact me or attempt to clarify she also alleges that Tucker a organization has tried to discourage her from running before this statement was released. A subsequent to that a she said a a gentleman from the Tucker Camp came to my Heuse on a sunday and asked me what it was that i really wanted and Why i Wasny to willing to get out of the race. A i told him i have a commitment to the people and i have my integrity. I told him i Wasny to interested in anything they could offer. In a interested in doing a Job for the people. A the asked me what i wanted a she added a and i Felt insulted. I can to be bought if that a what he meant. If i could have been bought i have stayed in Bernard Carey a Campaign. If i could have been bought i probably be Here today. A a in a staying in the race a she concluded. A a my interest is in people All types of people whether they be Black White Brown or yellow. I want to do what i can to t help these people and help the com. Unity in which i As of press time or. Tucker could not be reached for . Barnes to speak at Gro state representative Eugene m. Barnes d-29th will address the next meeting of greater Roseland organizations health care and Hospital task Force announced mrs Janice Smith task Force chairperson. The meeting will be wednesday March 13, at 7 30 ., at the Gro office 144 e. 113th St. Any resident of greater Roseland 95th St. South to the City limits who wishes to work actively for improved health care is Welcome to join the task Force mus. Smith said. Additional information can be bad by calling Gro at 995-1172. Roseland Hospital holds Jubilee dinner dance a Golden Jubilee dinner dance on March 13 will Lead off 50th anniversary events for Roseland Community Hospital. The Celebration will also include an anniversary dinner for Hospital employees at the end of March and Hospital Tours by invitation for Community groups. Golden Jubilee brochures and Lapel pins will be Given to Roseland a patients and visitors throughout March. Souvenirs including old photos nursing school yearbooks and newspaper clippings will be., on display in the Hospital lobby during the same time. Invitations Are already mailed for the dinner dance which will be held in the Martinique restaurant Evergreen Park. A some of Roseland hospitals Early doctors will be guests of Honor and will be Given special recognition along with others who have contributed to the hospitals Success. Administrator Arthur Lsherwood will speak briefly on plans for the future. Col. Frank Wittosch vice president of the Board of trustees Roseland Community Hospital association will be master of ceremonies. Prime rib dinner will be served at 7 00 . After the program guests will dance to music by Jan Cook and his orchestra. Roseland Community Hospital founded by a group of Community residents opened formally on March 8, 1924. The first patient was admitted to Days later. In its first half Century the Hospital has grown from too to 200 Beds and has greatly expanded its Laboratory pharmacy x Ray emergency and food service departments. Most of this expansion was paid for by Money raised in the Community. Roseland Hospital operated a nursing school until 1970, graduating 555 students Over the years. Although one of the smaller hospitals in the Chicago area Roseland is among the leading providers of emergency room care. It is also equipped with some of the latest Laboratory and nuclear Medicine devices and maintains an intensive care unit for the critically ill

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