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Chicago Livestock World (Newspaper) - September 29, 1903, Chicago, Illinois2chicago Uve Stock woj Tod. Tuesday september 29, 1903 it Chick too Iti Tonii t-3l��i Gavm. By a Aluwee. Amp Baum company Ashleigh c. Halliwell. Pres anti editor. Will f. Bau Art trove. And Gen. Marr. Robert Bubb a pral Mimitz of staff in Ciuc v a. Hort Nan. J. E. Poole f. H. Baum. P. N. To i1� theor Ginal daily of a re he news papers subscriptions i . Quot my months a a most is a a Ink Monti 14.00 2.00 a �0 i Mon. Ani it ?., 1 Mot. Tirui isobats .5 1.00 Hycie 13 and 13 Exchange aye., uuian3 j t Zirli icing Buls nce Thone a a Yards 957. Rej stored a is ail Rhu Quot Stock world a ttys a a september 2. 1903 Many City children arc truants because physically unable to endure the Strain of school. They Are chased by truant officers and brought to the bar of Quot Justice because they Are unable to main Tain their places in an overheated or under heated room where la Kcf ventilation sets them wild and where there Ore present in the person of the teacher the very elements of human character which they ought never to . Vet. E. Toast. A Chance to us. 1�. Bolton thinks the new Independent packing co., can work on the old packers the same game the banners did at Wichita on the Grain combination. In that Case the Farmers erected an elevator at that Point with a competent judge of Grain and Grain values in charge. Whenever the Trust elevator people offered to buy Grain above the Market so As to get it away from the Farmers elevator the owner sold it and turned into the Farmers elevator company half of what he got Over and above a fair Market Price this gave the Farmer Man a Chance to Quot fight the combination with the latter a Awn Money. When the combination tried the opposite tactics and offered less than the actual value of the Grain based on Grain values of the world the Grain went to the Farmers elevator. All right. The idea has worked out in the Grain business to a certain extent. Can it be As easily worked in live Stock now that or. Bolton is a member of the directory he can at least have a Chance to Demon Strate a few things to Wens who were born in Missouri and a need to be a a a pipe talk. Tin a. Gates the famous speculative plunger is Back from new York and under the influence of a Long Black mexican Che Root gave vent to the following utterances As his a a smoke progressed first Inch the average Wall Street operator has no judgment. I would sooner take a cowboys tip on the Stock Market any Day in the year. Second Inch crimes Are committed every Day in Wall Street for which you would shoot a Man Down West of the Missouri River. And the Coroner would Render a verdict of justifiable homicide too. Third Inch this has Assn a Rich Man s panic. The Small stockholders have their Heads As a Rule but the Rich have had to sell Good stocks to protect bad investments. Fourth Inch the credit of Chicago Banks is the Best in the world. New York Banks come second and new York financiers admit it. Fifth Inch if organized labor keeps up its fight with capital it will find itself out of a Job. There is More or less truth in the above assertions especially in the part relating to the kind of people who try to rip the country up the Back by manipulating things on Wall Street. Even big speculative plungers sometimes like children and fools Tell the truth. Beef cattle Light. Dairy interests Cuta wide Swath at the Illinois state fair this year. Cracks of beef herds there hut two Hundred cattle shown thought Quot Quality is nut lacking. J. E. Worse than gambling. Danville Man played the Grain Market and lost. He then tried to make his agent stand his loss claiming that it was gambling. If prices had gone his Way it have been gambling. We to not wish to be understood assaying a word in favor of gambling but we do say that if a Man gambles he ought not to do the still More degenerating thing of playing the baby act to make somebody else Bear the Burden of his Folly and bad judgement. The silage Experiment. Send us sketches. A he live Stock world wants More illustrations of useful and Handy devices now in use on the Many thousands of farms of its readers. If Yon have any Handy. Vice in Stock feeding or in general farm work make a sketch of it or describe it plainly and what it is for Send it to us and we will take pleasure in giving it room in our columns. Let All help along in this interesting and instructive department of the paper. By our staff correspondent Poole . Iii. A i i 29.�?numerically in. Display old l to if rattle at the Ili is state fair this year is nothing to. Long considered. It is one in the Best exhibits of the four or in beef Breeds Ever made in the Stales. In Les i. M. Forbes nil thus. Clark will be required to e Oil Tho the rats sad demerits of the re winners earlier in the season. Tie iii sense. Of the a. H. Curtice a i Mero films from Kentucky adds a i to the. Wylte fire Rompell the Competition i Hereford a Between i he cracks of these some strike talk. Kansas City. Omaha. Chicago. And other packing House men threaten strike. More pay and better hours. Meat Cultera also Strong in their demand that Only Union men he employed. To it i Mill non . To. A a. S. Van a latin and son Fowler. Ifo. Smith Rochester. Iii. A i. A Hunter found. Iii. Fine lot of shorthorn. 11, it. Hanna the Well known Ohio shorthorn breeder is Here and a spirit i Ole St is looked for. The other having representatives in the Rio it Are those of _ i. .1. Us Wornall and son. Liberty to. F. W. Rowell. Delphi. Ind. Front a. Harding. A Naresha. Avis a Quot i mas and Stevenson. . 111. .1. K. Alexander. Edinburg. 111. Karnes and Davis. . 111. Few a Blacks but. They re Good. Angus rings arc Small hut Merit is -. The herds represented of f. Ii. Gardner . Iii. A. A. Mchenry. Denison. La 1 ii. Kerrick. Bloomington iii. I. T. Strubinger. Pittsfield. Iii. Galloway men on hand Fin Galloway herds Are installed. Tinioso of the Mitroo Knic farm. Fort Avoyne in i. .1. K. Bales. Stockport. La. Thro red pol herds. A in i lied pol herds competing Are to j. Iii. Practically nothing has been proven bulb the Mumford silage Experiment at the fun farms in Mclean county iii., except the Urgen necessity of More investigation along the same line. The dressing test was in favor of the silage fed steers a suggestive fact considering that they Wei taken to new York for Slaughter but actually proof he nothing. A silage from the beef makers standpoint is still an Experiment and not enough Light has been thrown on its value to justify the erection of expensive silos and Purchase of machinery. Feeding Shock Corn is a much simpler method and unless silo advocate can a a show the Corn Belt Farmer lie is not skely to abandon methods now in Vogue. There can however be no question that silage will have a permanent place in connection with the feed lot of the future and the problem is one the Experiment stations not Only of Illinois but of Wisconsin Iowa Minnesota Missouri and even the Corn growing trans Missouri states should Endeavor to solve by Active cooperation. Valued Praise. A bit of arithmetic. By Alfred Knight. A a the teacher says that 2 and 2 make a but somehow that example i can to do for when i put Down 2 and then 2 More if never Falls to make Iuit 22. A from Fiir trac it news for october incidentally it is not so Many years ago that 40,000 cattle was a pretty fair full week a run. Or Law Bros. To Odare Lluc. Ohio. Ii. Crowder ted sons. Bethany -.1� Wiggins. . Iii. 1�u in Oll men Are Well satisfied with tiv on�?T8 work and report that the is making satisfy Aenoi a Progress. Supt. Prather explains. A a Al u natural for Illinois to got a in ill show of beef said supt. J. F. A a a rather. Quot the owner who has been travelling the circuit since the i show and has failed to get a Yii try of the . Is naturally anxious to Home by the time we open he. 1-1 0 result is that we get Ivy by few Ltd it tile hut they Are the Pic of the herds shown earlier in the . In one i Spacet it is an and Vam Xiv in another a detriment. It bsh i-.,s us a Nihi atorious show Milter limited i exhibit a Surprise. The display of Dairy Caitie is decidedly larger than that of the beef h--.-,-ils and India ates a the strenuous ill i by Dairy interest is pursuing Quot mrs As hard. To catch a weasel Usi jute As those remarked a i id surveyed tue Wimsey. Oum soy. Ayrshire. Dutch us a a Host stir and Brown Swiss a a excellence. Quot they re out for Kansas is sending out dispatches to the effect that Corn is moulding in the Shock in that state. Kansas May be relied upon to. Wield a bullish influence at the proper time. Guess the Chap who say Chicago is a a hobble Dehoyo a a Cross Between a country town and a City is right but nobody can say its just like any other town. Not Many other towns can give one 2,000,-000 neighbors to gossip with either. Jew to Bally not one of the live Stock worlds la Fly tens of thousands of readers knows As Well As we do that the paper is not As Good a it might be not As Good As we intend it shall be. When men like l. N. Jjo Nham the noted Ohio hog breeder says a the live Stock world is the Best paper of its kind and is improving right along a it helps. It does not swell us up or in the least degree hide from us the fact that the paper can be and must be made a great Deal better. The Crumb of Comfort that we get from or. Bonham s generous words is that it a is improving right the Denver record Stockman prints a picture of four cattle Sellers and buyers a discussing the they Are leaning upon canes on a Street Corner and there is no sight. Is that the kind of a live Stock Market Denver is John w. Gates of a a by to a million Fame arrived in Chicago yesterday and said that the Wall Street slump is a Rich Many a panic. We have no grudge against Rich men but still entertain a lurking Hope that John w. Knows whereof he Speaks. It is a pretty Safe proposition that a record breaking run of cattle is a Money loser to the Selling interest. It not Only forces a decline in prices on the Day of arrival but it clogs the channels of outlet so that at least a week of moderate supplies is necessary before Normal conditions can be brought about. Chicago live Stock world order Burea and business directory Farmer my Tiutin and their Famolle will find the following Chr a convenient ready reference of reliable Chicago la rms. For y t Ion not found in t ill directory addres Mah okie or Zhuk Al tilt Cago gaily mob Stock world and receive quilt k in in v agents. Centennial program. 71 Day. Sept. 29�?evening, the Eon a it inti in Parade showing Chicago a i i Quot Ami commercial Progress. Al in bks Day. Sept. 30 Stock Yards a Lay i morning. Yanis open to Visi or.-. 30 a. In. To 4 p. A afternoon sports at Lincoln Park Lagoon ova Ning. $20.000 fireworks display. Lake front reception by d. A. B.,. Memorial Hall. Tji la ii Day. Oct. 1 a afternoon. A Nimsic sports at Lincoln Park old so tiers reunion at memorial Hall evening banquet to mayors of leading cities civic mass meeting in the auditorium. 4 there it Are ominous rpm lungs in the packing House labor world. The near Advent of Winter Avith the Avnell Street Stock Market in a panic looks like a bad tiny to press such an Issue but that is another question. The packers and their men Are facing each other in Battle array. That Flthe question that interests the Public. Prospects for a labor War in every meat packing Center of the country became More threatening last night when the employees in the Stock Yards at Rel chg. Kansas City and South Omaha decided to refuse to Compromise on their wage and hour demands. By n unanimous vote the Chicago members of the amalgamated meat cutters and Butcher aah workmen rejected the proposition of the packers offering the desired concessions if the men would a increase the Dally amount of work assigned to the cattle butchers. Then the men ordered their representatives to insist on the original demands. From reports received late last night at tile local Union Headquarters tin employees to Kansas City and South Omaha took the same course. Telegrams received earlier from East St. Louis and St. Joseph to. A High informed president m. Donnelly or the Union that the men in those cities would vote against a Compromise. What the workers demand. Now that the men have refused to Compromise their officers will to Ike arrangements to meet the representatives of the packers tomorrow and deliver their ultimatum. In it they will declare that a wage increase of about 10 per cent must he granted and a uniform nine hour Day established throughout the entire year. In return for these concessions the Union will Promise to bring an end to desultory and 111 advised strikes. At the meetings last night the men did not discuss the a closed their officers informed them that the packers must go ant it if they expect to have the Union maintain absolute peace. The organization now controls Over 96 per cent of the total num her of Emp loves and its members believe that rather than precipitate a labor War the packers will surrender. The workers refused the Compromise on the grounds that it Means a 10 per cent increase in the daily allotment of work and will deprive about 5 per cent of the men of employment. The speakers asserted that the Union cannot afford to sacrifice any of its members and that a general strike would to preferable. Officers prepare for War. Now that the Compromise has been refused the representatives of the men will begin to prepare for trouble. President Donnelly and the other members of the executive Hoard of the Union Are unwilling to enter into a struggle but declare that Thev will lie forced to do so if the demands of the men Are not granted. They say that the employees in. Every meat Centor an worked up Over the Issue and will not tolerate delay. 4. a ii he forced to give us what we said one of the International officers last night. A their representative. Henry Krueger told us three weeks ago that if we would guarantee peace the wage and hour question was of minor importance. Aare have shown that we Are willing and ready to keep our men at work. It looks As if the packers must Grant us what we ask. As for the a closed shop we Are not worrying. If they done to concede it we will Force them to. For it has become absolutely necessary to insure the safety of our or wanted a Velv Young Man or woman to take for tint daily live Stock worn.�. There is plenty of Money to to male a. Ninion a d parti ill a camera8 Ano 8upplie9. 4x5 pocket Poco. A camera Rantil and Quot a a in Plutin. Co. 31 e. And smut. Easy payment Homes. In you want a Home on monthly a am kits of 50 cents each White to he labourer so Industrial development company. They . Suit you. Address e. Thompson warn. Dixon. Ill. acres Saskatchewan Choice for cattle and War at ti1m.it new Railroad $�1.50 per acre Cash terms cheap excursions. Avens wanted. Write for maps. Scasp-uaxa1i1ax . 1t2 waa Lukton Street cd leak. Mention lire Stock world. State fair gossip. Flotsam and jetsam gathered in live Stock circles at Springfield iii., this week. Springfield. Sept. 29.�?the weather Man is in sympathy with the Illinois state fair but Chicago is proving n Strong counter attraction. Tjit it has been an unfortunate season for Agri cult to Mil exhibitions will admit of no dispute. Every proceeding event Lias been water logged and now the Glare of red fire at Chicago commemoration alike of the Phoenix act of the Metropolis and its phenomenal inception in the swamps surrounding the upper end of Lake Michigan detracts from popular interest in the Agrihal event so dear to lie civic heart of the state capital. Live Stock is again the Magnet of the show for its Industrial Side is not inspiring. The great american hog is. However Here in All his glory. What Iowa did at Des Moines arid Minnesota at Ham line has been eclipsed. Illinois May be called Dibonto defend is supremacy in porn a Fly matters but it never fears defeat in a its ohm ii Peculiar sphere. The beef and Dairy cattle display Are referred to elsewhere. Horse breeders have eclipsed All Furtner efforts and the Equine exhibit is without a flaw. A Illinois ought to have a display of Shep than has beet mustered her but extenuating Are not difficult of discernment. Such has been the do nand for registered sheep during the past year that flocks have been depleted to a Point where an adequate representation could not he made. The. Weakness of the ovine exhibit is an indication of the Prosperity of the business. None of the beef cattle breeders i have talked with take a pessimistic View of the situation. They coincide in the opinion that the Boomer Lias been eliminated leaving the Field Elear to the hottest breeder who is in the business to stay and is Content with conserva to Lve methods. A the Boomer did us considerable harm a . C. Norton of Iowa �?T9jlit results will be e. Mitchell manager of col. Casey a Herd of shorthorn is Here looking on. His Herd was not fitted for the show ring this season but lie i finishing some fat steers for the Chicago arid Kansas City shows. A a a a a when i can Market my calf crop at ton average of $12� i am Caid j. F. Prather the shorthorn Man. A the lowest Price at which i Ever had to let it go was $110 and at that i Iliade if red Rankin is on hand with a very creditable la play by the Illinois College of agriculture at Urbana. An interesting feature is a lot of sugar beets of this years crop. The Corn display effectively Demon Bates th9 supremacy of Illinois in the con Belt. The wealth of in Stadon White Ami yellow ears is a Gladsome sight ror nil stove the Man who has been betting on 50 cent Corn. A a a a Quot obey Harris of Harris. Mo., has sons of his crack White faces Herst lie is More enthusiastic on Hereford matters than on the Corn crop of Missouri which to says will not be More than halt that of 1902. The National association of live Stock exhibitors meets at the hotel wednesday night. If one or More hens Are on the nest nothing regarding its color has yet been detected. Exhibitors Are All complaining audibly Over Railroad delinquency hut see no remedy admitting that the capacity of the several lines is overtaxed. Andrew boo so. Exhibit red polls left co Darllie Ohio last Friday and were Union tied a to today. Quot Weston Hoep men whose gaze this May reach will realize that they Are not the Only sufferers. Central Illinois has the a Jit Cep feeding mania. Assistant supt. Denby of the beef Breed department at the state fair tells me that Maco Upin county Bankers will not lend Money on feeding cattle but. Pass the Lucre Over the counter without hesitation when sheep Are the collateral. Trial shipments of Range Stock sent Down from Chicago Hare Luen sold before they could be taken fro Tho cars. A. E. Skinner is superintendent of the most prosperous live Stock department at the fair that of Swine. De Grey s. D. Land Sells front $2.50 3 6.00 per acre. Crops Are Good this year. Hay is plentiful. Cattle Are in fair condition but not As Good As some years owing to the heavy rainfall this season. Henry Baa dec segtj2l of Miller a Scase cling go for Quot work Llene it the government print shop Are to he it Ltd Immi. . Sept. 2 a As a result of critic isms of Thyl list of charges Marie Liy the government Pri Hilmu office for the printing and ,lading done in that institution fur tin various departments of the government Public Printer in Allier has announced the appointment of a Eom Nii Iiene to revise i hese charges. The of the excessive charges mad. By the government were an out pro iii of the discussion Over the ease of William a. Miller the assistant Foreman of the Hookahi Idery against Olio so retention the bookbinders Union i waging a fight. Lit connection with the complaints against the schedule of charges the Public Printer Loirs out that no profit Over has been expert of for that kind of work and that i government merely charges Eust Kicos and then adds Jit per rent to cover tile administrate it a expense of Nett productive Walior such As messengers doorkeeper , in a Church. T.11� a Fosse. Avis. Sept. 20.�?during Early morning communion service at the German la Unrau Church just As the in Opie wore gathering for worship Herman los a no. A Painter entered the Climi a air Lifite his wife and her his , and then turned the weapon upon himself inflicting a wound which will prove fatal. The Volitan May live. The pastor had just entered the when the shooting resulted. A a a a Ijar labor St lk.1 at Chicago . 2d a because amp i ,fti., Ijr-�u3yhich Lias the contract for to lug in make at thirty Lii Iuli it in Al employed members of a Lal i ii fit of which is not by the Chicago federation of Lathor tin entire City Silay in Bor Force a. Total of Iso Meni new Dawn shovels picks Ami trowels lying up the work Nim tie Shiuh Side depends for pure drinking Wynier. , my wife hits Letot my bed Ami Hoard. I therefore will not be responsible for any debts contracted by her. T. J. Miller. Medical. Or. Williams free museum of Anatomy 298 state Street Chicago. Oppt Mue hot sri Cooper i a for men Only 10.857 Wax ficus is f Lio Winji every Rrt of tie Boily in i Akit ourt a aliens. Late psf la every . A Mcmo Ere i. L a t Misa Leo Lii. The Ursos toll i Llou of anatomical Sura in America. Open every Day from 9 a. M. To 10 . Diseases of men. Nervous debility Strolo tire. Varicocele blood Poison and All disease and weaknesses of men due to. Cubit i inheritance excels or the resulto specific disease cured under Guy ranted consultation free Attlio or by . Or. Sweany amp co a a state St., Cit Leago. I a sire Cly it for stomach Worms la Lamb $5 pay for Medicine to cure Loolam a. I guarantee a Quick cure or no pay. G. U. Both will. . Me. Milner arrived i ,uti. Loii Dii to. Sept. 2�. Milner the British High commissioner of South Africa Baa arrived Here from Carls nil. Anil i a rentier Balfour is expected to Murk , today to Confer with Sim. Cheap lands Loo Stod on the Yazoo a missis sift Valley b. In Tho famous Yazoo Valley Al miamis Sippio specially adapted to the raising of Cotton Corn cattle and hods. Soil richest amp world write for pwn Phleta and map Chicago ill. Educational. Balata Send for catalogue. Musical College 4� e. Randolph Street. Fountain pens. Never drops. Never skits. Adj Atabelo food. Of Iiara a Steed. Maui Todd it souk Fiton Pep Bari Mii state treat. Farm lands. Canadian land. Kansas and Nebraska. Own a farm be Independent the Union 1�?Tm-Lllc i. R. Co. La Allaug Choice far a Latida in Kanaka Ami at a5.il a per acre. In tract to Holt purchaser. Terms within Raeh of nil a tenth Waali Liala Neu ten Yeara. For particulars. Or write. W. F. Shilton a atari act. To Dearborn St. Chicago. Iii. Farm and f Ock Fence. 5ve manufacture the Anchor Fence and for farm Piir Paea it in Tho heat Fence a Earth. Write a for enia Ideue. Indiana Ancho Fence co. South hell. In i. Help wanted. We have positions �rsbiwbr58l2sislvhome study. We to give tho�.,.�."respond once school. Tile machinery. Í?i1jr�9lb �, i i Quot a a Vator. Simple durable. Civic Inta �2� is. Vol t a piles cured by pile Tum but Dong Chat Rajjo for run lurid Al Naples of perfect poll Al cure. Pvt i Nover fallow when Ualei no Corjon you want to be cured Dout Yong cd phy8ician3. Or. J. P. Bennet specialist in diseases of mfg a e. Van Buren St. Sir hour 9 a. M. To 8 p. M. Sim Jaya. .1 a a a produce commission. Rheumatism. I have a surf. Cure for Rheum new. to Callol in in. A a give a Caturi. Catl Montola for ii Ltd i ton. In Rici per bottle sinti. F.lr4-r1� c. .1. Ttarwoon.3ii� cottage i Mac tru8ses. M00 Reward is offered by til t7 Parker american Lem Long expert la tin rapture for any Case where his act Cal a. Truax Falla to retain. Those. Who Are Sai Fitin �.1 till Dnn Seroua Alf Itlan Shouble ii a off co the Stato St. Or. Parker Liaa a url Seq reit. 8. For trusses a Losic a Toul no a. L,r,4i company state and Van Buren streets. We extend a Hearty Welcome to visiting friends of Chicago during the Centennial Celebration. It is our desire that you make free use of our rest rooms with writing and Reading facilities checking rooms Telephone and Telegraph service you Are invited to attend the daily concerts in our recital Hall we want you to be at Home Here and enjoy the store in full. For the fall and Winter of 1903 we have collected full stocks in All lines of merchandise carefully selected rightly bought and reasonably priced which we earnestly request you to inspect during the Centennial week. Watch papers for special bargains each Day. Supply your Winter needs and make your visit a profitable one. Commission merchants. John Miller established 1805 h. W. Scmitt John Miller amp co. Commission merchants Green. Salted hides. Dry hides. Sheep skins Goat skins. Deer skins. Wool. Tallow. Prs a Mako prompt returns and realize full Market pries. Correspondence solicit write for Price list tags Etc. Commission in Small lots3 percent. Car lots a l to 131. 123, 125, 127. 129 and 131 my Ohlsoh Street. Chicago. Ill for Tab Sale i of Cable addresses Brewster London Clarendon Liverpool tie Liam Bristo telegraphic , London Ranche Birkenhead Duel my did aim p0els. Brewster. Ramsden amp Duckham livestock a a i dead meat salesmen London Liverpool my a i Chester Birkenhead Bristol. Head of floes a Westsmith fled la i Woodside ferry Birkenhead. Bankers messes. W. Amp j. Blk Gerstoff i-01 Don and Birkenhead. For draft and other Flea Nolan arrangements App Job l. Doud National live Stock Bank Chicago. Liberal advances in 1110 consignments. Freight negotiations promptly attended to. It Taffy Roth iii in it to Aramm Aaan a my a a a 2j j. L. Oxley amp c0.,Mohr 6tmrai coils Sjol mar cuts a yet 6ns, poultry eggs. Etc. Hibernia to a St ship a. Baal Al Beesle Hight or Mossaad flirt retards 00 North �oepfer30n 8t
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