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Chicago Livestock World (Newspaper) - September 4, 1907, Chicago, IllinoisChicago live Stock world we1jine5dat, settember 4, 1807. A a it a hit ago a sch a Tali Quot ski or the editorial management of Ashl Figini c. . Pro Ami mgr. Robert Nebr. Vico pro. James e. Poole. Seow a. Frank i ,. Moo we. Trout. Robert ill it. Lit. .1. V. Pott a. Al c. Be1.si1aw, l Solil Mon. It i pit of is at is. Daily time year,.it.tofl six months2.00 a a three months. Quot one month .50 i Tirui Ikua edition. 1 iii. Will Lor ton us nil fire Sample Copio. Most Liberal inducements Are offers to Verj a no. To help us inc roast Trio circulation of Trio 1.1 pc Slock world. Mon. And to fins. 1 yr.?1. 0 Mux. And th1jiis i mis. Mox. so s. A thursday Elution. 1 i. A . At it Picacio Posto kick As second class matter. Ivo ild building. Exp Liaise a. Union Slock yds., Chicago a in lid it. 857. Faille address a a Stockpot old a Chicago. Wednesday september 4, 1907. >vitciii1�cr came in lint . its Lio get Liat it will play Trio sumo Way. The milk Irussi threatens to raise the Quot Price of milk Cven Trio Mici ohcs Wain Moro Money. It is now up to september to do the Best it can for Kim Corn. hot Day will be a boost. Andrew Carnegie ivs Biol a into an european Magazine in an article tolling what a line Man the emperor of Germany is. The Kaiser has t reciprocated. The rights of the people is against the grinding corporations Ore rapidly being established. A woman in Wisconsin called Ilie. Bell Cord and stopped a train Joo Ause her poodle had Fuik ii out of a window. The railroads must protect the poodles or take the Emi sequences. A the traditional and elusive a Man under the bed Quot for a Loni old maids and timid spinsters have been looking for years was discovered in new York City. Two Young women round him. And when the police Cai Iio in response to a Telephone hurry Call they found the mail beaten into a Jelly. They said the beating the girls gave him was something Fiji the retail Buller Chalers in Kansas City at least some of them affect to lie. Greatly imposed upon and harshly treated because tie author hos insist that a Pound shall Vigh out at sixteen ounces. This is ail outrageous innovation and Btij Nils the ancient right of usage and custom and while depriving the dealer of or Dit gives the customer value for his iii Ticy. Punishment for land frauds. Food for thought sat acid for a t Stolt world Maudara lawyers and soldiers Are the devils physicians. Everything might be Well if there was no a a but added to it. Liberty is from god liberties from the Devil. Honor the old instruct the Young consult the Wise and Bear with the foolish. Every beginning is difficult As said the thief on stealing an Anvil to commence with. Too Wise is stupid. Years teach More than books. Art is Long life Short judgment difficult Opportunity transient. A. For where god built a Church there the Devil would also build a proverbs. To me that More Concrete buildings have not while it would be sheer Folly from a commercial standpoint for contractors to put up defective buildings nevertheless the Public welfare demands adequate supervision to guard against disaster in the future. The result of the experiments by Federal authorities with Concrete will to a waited with interest and should claim Trio attention of City officials and contractors. A United stats District judge info Usfo Riidu Luis sentence two of the men connected with Western land frauds to ten years imprisonment in jail with an accompanying Fin of . The news of this penalty will be received with in Kansas now. And the business is Rushing us. Too. This motor cars in the country. In a spirit of self defense Farmers Ore buying automobiles. This is one reason. Another is that they have Llic Numey and want to spend it in a Way to get some of the comforts out of life. They do not like to see the City ites making a Streak of dust through the country and monopolizing the roads. Some years ago the Farmer could go to town with a old Moll Quot and fairly go to seep driving Thi old Mare but let a snorting Uio Hove in sight around a Bend and a old Moll Quot proceeds to climb a tree. Farmers arc getting autos themselves which do not rare at other autos and the horses Are left at Home. Thus again the old horse is humiliated. Out in Kansas where they never do things by halves banners Are rapidly getting the automobile Lin bit. A Kansas paper says a those Kansas Farmers they re trying to buy out the motor car a motor car dealer was talking. Quot Many persons think this is a a Josh a this talk about How Many motor cars Are being bought by tie Kansas Farmers hut its solid fact. The Farmer in the dry Kansas Region Bas begun to realize that a Light runabout costing from $ 1.200 to $1,500 is just the tiling for him on the farm. A has t time to fool around with the old time horse and buggy any longer. When he wants to go to town to wants to get there in a Titt Rry. And then they have the Money to buy tie cars. A motor car to one of the prosperous Kansas Farmers represents no More Cash investment now than a horse and buggy used to. A these Kansas Farmers arc making us almost forget our City Trade. About two to girds of our cars Are being sold everywhere. The frauds have continued for a Long time. Ito monent men have Leen connected with to Ltd to and powerful influences have Active to protect those who have la i a accused of in some instances the guilty have been permitted to go free in Oulu a cases to licit five been Small lines and a penalty in the shape of imprisonment. Where Large amounts of Money Are involved s a of exploiting lauds a Small Fine or imprisonment for a or. Two have had no terrors but a ten years is a iii rent. That is a real penalty. A few eases will Clear up the situation wonderfully. 11 the spirit gets abroad to punish the big offenders there a i a to More care taken. Kvin if the imprisonment an fining of men r. Present but a Small part of the punishment which should be meted out there will be with the action of tie court in making who i e severe. There Lias been too much leniency in the . Quot. Spirit of the press. If yet it a Are trying to keep too Many cows to the Aero it is due to your own poor management. To not do it it never pays if you have the cattle and feel that it is impossible to sell them at an advantage this season use soiling crops to supplement the pasture grass. Some of the Best thu Drymen. Lind it advisable to depend entirety upon tin a crops. They can often be harvested and fed with loss expense than that necessary to keep the Stock in the Kluball s Dairy Farmer. There is Letoie involved in buying land for a Home than tip car at first sight. The selection of a Home by the Farmer is very Likely to affect his whole subsequent life and to of his children Inanc Bialiy. Morally and socially. The future of the family turns on so in ,it a Nutter of tie i Ute Liose. Of a farm for a Homo. A we Allee s la uti mar. We hop it will never become necessary Fot american women to . As Field hands but it is to their credit time they can Rise to Cim a genomes and save the Day tend a Dii i Cuttles. The Story is that unable to obtain men Eno Agi. For the Harvest Fields Marinette county Wisconsin Farmers wive hired wont n in their places. Crops were beg i aug to Ripen and no help Loti old be obtained to ill. M then one Farmer to to a women. The tit was so to Yueh of a. Success that others followed suit. And All the Young women who would take a Jot. Tvs quickly licked up. They a said to do just As god work is the former a farm Hau and there is much less shirking among them. Of course they did Pacific Rural. Year the factory has allotted 100 Caps to be sold by us. And eighty of those cars Are gone already. The other Twenty Are supposed to last until april. And right now the banners Are Selling their crops and preparing to buy motor cars. The season for Farmers is just about beginning. Within two weeks they la have me tearing my hair to think of ways to Supply them with cars. Quot it has been Only within the last year that the Kansas Farmers have become affected with the motor car the dealer continued Quot before that tie Bankers and the merchant were the ones who bought them machines. Now the Farmers a re buying Inore than the Bankers and Mer chants. Yard and Garden improvements writ Tatt for the Lina Stock world by a Robar Quot Babb nothing makes a place More pleasing to the Eye Linn neatness and order displayed in a Hundred different ways and As a Rule neatness and order Are Only synonymous and express the same idea As Good up and Good cultivation that will result i the Best possible results in the Garden and on the farm. A a a the Garden that i.-. Growing weeds As Well As vegetables or Flowers is not doing its Best in production nor is it pleasing to look upon of if the weeds Are not preventing the growth of some crop now they May to ripening seed to the detriment of a future crop. A a f the Home lot or pasture is growing a lot of weeds Here and there try to Lind time to Cut them with scythe or machine before they Ripen seed. If there Are Many weeds Iti the pasture they exhaust the moisture in the so do and so very materially. Interfere with the growth of Trio grass at a time when pasture is in demand it is not an uncommon thing to see pasture grown up to weeds to a greater or less extent. Mowing fur two or three years will work a great cure in most a the Fence rows should not be allowed to grow Only weeds either. We Are fast coming to thu Lime when we will need to cultivate More carefully All of our ground and the Fence Row will have to be made to produce its share. Some of the smaller or Dwarf growing fruit Trees could easily be made to take the place of tie weeds and Brush that have been making our Fence rows and roadsides unsightly. A a a under the head of neatness and order can easily come the care of the Garden and farm tools. No Gardener can afford to let his tools lie around to rust and decay. There is a vast difference Between working with a Good Sharp Bright Hoe and a Rusty one and when it comes to the cultivator either hand or horse there is even More difference. If convenient places Are provided to keep the Garden and farm tools there is not liable to be any trouble about keeping them put away. It you Haven t a Little shed real Handy to Garden where All the tools can to kept dry and ready to Trio hand try to Provido jibe Anil you will have Bright tools to work with. A a a a Secretary of agriculture Wilson says that at the present rate our forests will he about All destroyed in ten years. Such a prediction should Call attention to tie possibilities is a business venture of tree planting. In tie Eastern states some abandoned farms there planted pome years ago to Pines and Are now giving returns to the owners in the Way of Trees taken out in the process of thinning. Looking into the near future we see a very Large profit in this venture that is a certainty. Looking around us Are there not some cheap poor lands that could be planted to Catalpa or Cedar for Fence posts hundreds of ventures along this line have proven actual successes beyond the largest Hopes of the planter. A a a a if Spring found us too Busy to Plant a Strawberry bed maybe the present is not so filled but to can find time to do this work. To be sure it is in easier matter to Start a bed in Spring but if the soil is Well prepared and tie Best of care Given there is no reason Why the very Best results cannot be obtained from fall planting. Or. Henry one of the leading growers of strawberries for the new. York Market is a Strong believer in fall planting and he has the reputation of furnishing tie finest berries that go to that Market. A a a if you have celery planted and the season is dry. Try mulching with some Well rotted manure. When it Rains the Best part of the manure will be washed Down to the roots of the celery and the mulch will go a Long Way toward keeping the soil my isl. National debt decreases $13,008,772 i King August. Total is now $881,�>2.�82�?receipts and expenditures show surplus of $3,58s.i�i. Washington d. A. Sept. 4.�? the monthly statement of the Public debt shows that at the close of business aug. 31 the debt less Cash in the Treasury aggregated $ss1,692,382, a decrease for the month of $3,008,772. The comparative statement of the government receipts and expenditures shows that for the month of August. 1907, the total receipts were $58,226.281 and the expenditures $54,-637,790, which leaves a surplus of $3,-588.491. The monthly circulation statement issued by Trio comptroller of the currency shows that at the close of business aug. 31 last Trio Tull circulation of National Bank notes was $604,056,-321, which is an increase for the year of $34,204,018 and in increase for the month of $660,486. The circulation based on United states Bonds amounted to. $556,945,-917, an increase for the year of $32,-$560.727, and an increase for the month of $1,922,627. Building with Concrete. Of very Section of thl country be interested in out a ii a is p. I a in Force a Concrete construct inn being mad by the of the 1 tilted states geological Survey Emu to nth unite Lal. a it Washington. 5lml Pritti Biily for the of the government officials the us will be published for the once of a acid a -Iurpe-.ors. The department officials sound a of War ii a run a circular recently issued daring that the science of Concrete construct pm is thoroughly settled and that the grf test care should a taken in tie us. Or the material. Much attention has be i attracted to this form of construction by happenings. Not Only has the collapse of several buildings of this Type of construction developed spa oblation As to its commercial value but it Luis been recommended As a substitute for the tinder Box hotel and packing House inspection. Existing conditions in Small meat packing houses bordering upon those which caused a storm of indignation against the packers a year ago is now hinted at by acting Secretary of agriculture w. M. Hays in the course of a conversation. A a the Public Bas no adequate Protection against the Small Packer who is doing a purely state business Quot said assistant Secretary Hays. A local meat inspection by which i mean the inspection is open to the same objections is were contained in the uprising of a year or two ago. Quot the Legislatures of the various states must be brought to realize tie situation and pass Laws which will give Cle quate Protection to the Public. A they must pass Laws for local inspection As stringent As the Federal Laws and modelled As far As possible upon those the situation in some of the states is such that some Small packers have been forced to give up All of their interstate business and do a wholly intrastate business in t to meet the Competition of local rivals. The firm which does interstate business even though it be Only a Small part of its whole business must submit to the fullest of cattle All products and sanitary con ii i ins. A the firm doing a purely local business and which docs not sell across the lines of its own state faces Only tie local inspection. In Many instances this is so poor that it fails entirely to protect against the use of diseased cattle and the Sale of unwholesome meat products. Quot the firm a in i rating under local inspection can therefore undersell tie other firm to a marked degree and this department has seen a number of instances of Small packers giving their hit i site business in order to escape Federal in up Colon. And thus be Able to meet local the situation demands drastic measures from state Legislatures. According to acting secret Ury Hays. Federal meat inspection is proving All that we expected of it. The Prat Ileal exemption of local plants which sell wholly within the boundaries of the state from adequate inspection is Elf led to be a source of danger to Many communities. Many states have not kept Pace with the de a loom in of Hie meat packing Industry and the state Laws arc entirely useless As far As a careful and sanitary inspection is concerned. The department of agriculture Hopes to be Able through various channels of jul lofty and recommendation to secure the passage of state Laws which will put local inspections on a basis with Federal inspection., and give Protection to the purchaser from a local packing against the use of diseased animals or the Sale of unwholesome food products. 1 delay in Alton s Bath. War on 2-cent fare. A Vislay it yourself a Flat Over c of time. Money and damage from us �?z.,. Roo frite it is made in one two and three ply a it Irv one ply weighs 35 la per so. Two ply we a a a three ply weighs 55 la per a 43 5b costs less wears Lon a if ifs roof rite it s the right roof Cement Caps and nails for application inside each it contains 216 so. It and lays two squares 200 b Day for Price and mention the live Stock world a inv the Lehon company 1234 West 43d Street Chica summer buildings whose rapid destruction by ii greatly increased the fire losses this summer. Expert r. L. Humphrey it of tie Federal Dep convinced that this Type of building has not Ines Huv. Rum a is .11-1, Yon a failure and asserts that carelessness was v<-?, the collapse of nearly every building last year tits alarming statement is also made by the expert. A from Liat i have seen of other Concrete buildings in process of construction. I am satisfied that the same Are being repeated and that further collapses will surely a a no a unless the officials of the cities take the quest a in hand now. This danger of careless construction con r chickens of . I no Clovein of Oldfield having unexpectedly conic into 0. Fortune through a Lucky strike set up a country Home near Fhi Eago when she lived in style. One Day Quot while she was show lug some of her old time friends about the place they to the poultry Yard. Quot Avi iat Beautiful chickens Quot the. Visitor exclaimed. Quot All prize fowls Quot laughingly explained the hostess. Quot do they Lay every Day was the next question. A ooh they could of was the reply a but in our postponement of immunity attributed to attitude of judge Landis. The immunity Bath in which the Chicago and Alton Railroad was to have been immersed by the government yesterday has been postponed for at least three weeks. On motion of District attorney Sims in judge Landis court the special grand jury called to investigate the the Railroad was Given a further recess until sept. 24. Mystery envelops the cause for tie government s sudden it tack but the opinion of Many lawyers is that the figure of judge Landis loomed up forbidding by in tie path. The Jurist has been Mendu singly silent since his reception of news of the immunity agreement. He has Given no intimation that he would acquiesce in the proceedings planned by the government and it is believed the delay was asked to place the matter Lielot e him in a Inore favourable Light. It is hoped by the government off Iota is that the Case will be dismissed permanently on sept. 24. Fear that judge Landis might have temporarily ignored the immunity agreement is said to have actuated to Fie government officials. By ordering the grand jury to take up tie matter judge Landis would have placed the matter directly up to the attorney general or president Loose Volt who then could exercise their official functions to dismiss the indictments or Pardon such persons As might to convicted. Foreign Grain situation. Russian reports from Russia regarding the yields of wheat at a. On the whole disappointing and deliveries Are very Small. Shippers advices Are very bullish indicating a very poor wheal crop. United kingdom reports Are coining in that the Cereal crops arc improving indicating about average yields of variable Quality. France crop indications Are generally maintained. Germany a the weather is now rather better but the main part of the wheat crop is still uncut red. The Outlook for the potato crop is very poor. Hungary there Are free deliveries owing to the tightness of Money. Roumania Rains Are needed for blowing. Belgium Hollands the drops a Are fair. Spain offerings Are Light and Good imports Are expected Asia minor a the Outlook for the crops is poor a to middling. The european visible shows an increase of 4,424,000 by Nebraska roads ask for time Lincoln neb., amp ept. 4.�?attorneys for the Burlington Union Pacific Missouri Pacific and Northwestern railroads appeared before the state railway commission yesterday and de Mundon two months time to prepare evidence Lor the hearing on the Grain rates which were pro Mulga to a by tote commission two weeks ago. These rates Cut the former schedules 13 per Cebu. The attorneys asserted that each Road will make an extended showing at Trio hearing requiring the expenditure of thousands of dollars for experts. The roads will be revalued and the earnings and expenses compiled. Attorney Edson Rich of the Union Pacific estimated that it will take three months for the commission to hear the testimony after it is gathered. As two of Trio. Commissioners Are at their Homes to attend primary elections no action will be taken on the Railroad request for several Days. Minnesota judge asked to bar state from enforcing Low passenger. St. Paul minn., sept. 4.�?the preliminary a it Kirmish in the great Legal Battle by the Minnesota railroads to prevent the state from enforcing a 2-cent passenger rate Law the commodity rates authorized by the legislature and the merchandise charges ordered by the Railroad commission began Here yesterday when judge William Loc Liren in the United states District court heard argument on behalf of the roads in support of their demand for a temporary injunction pending the decision of the main Issue. Some time ago attorney general e. T. Young entered a motion for the dismissal of the suit As against him on the ground that the action was in fact against the state and hence against the constitutional provision exempting the state from being sued without its consent. This motion judge Lochren refused. On this hearing it devolves upon tie roads to make out a Prima Facie Case. Affidavits were presented to show the court that the merits of the Case Are such that they have a reasonable probability of winning the judge will determine whether the Prima Facie Case is Strong enough to entitle them to the injunction. The important question of the right of the state to regulate rates on traffic purely within the state involved in these cases is tie same question As that now being fought out in other states. Attorney general Young submitted his demurrer to the several complaints of the railroads without argument and asked for an immediate ruling by the court. Judge Lochren denied the request. A i have not read them Quot said judge Lochran Quot and i would not care to pass on such an important matter without hearing some of the Points at or. Young argued that. If the states demurrer were sustained that a Tould end the Case. This caused Tudge Lochren to take notice and addressing or. Young lie asked him if he meant that if the demurrer were overruled that it would Settle the matter at Issue. A yes i do for the present at any rate a said or. Young in reply. Iowa Corn deceiving. A an Auto trip through Carroll Sac and Ida counties in Iowa and a thorough examination of Only the Best looking Fields in these counties have satisfied me that there is something the matter with the Corn a says e. F. Leland of Ware Leland. A these Are Banner Corn counties and the Fields really look Well from the Road but on going into the Fields and taking the husks off the ears we found almost without exception every ear imperfect. Every ear Ive examined was in life milk and Only one or two were dented so it will take a month More of favourable weather to mature the Corn land even with favourable weather the crop will be Short. If we had been looking for bad Corn we could have found quantities of it but we Only went into the Best looking Fields. The counties named Are almost entirely Bare of old diseased a worn out weak debit rated men brought Hack to to Weir a old self a or invigorated and developed to Liat constitutes a a a real . Ipod Gus. Whatever ten it cause of nervous Del Willty. Its effects arc lir Talon and weakness of the new Ous system Trio urinary tract attic organs the prostate a Colnul and spermatic waste of vitality varicocele weakness a it is tie loss of lire s vitality hint makes weak nervous sluggish despondent. Embarrassed men whether old or Young who Lack ambition strength tend nil that Ink of a Man feel so different where he is Able to enjoy tie Manly Power which fits him for All the duties and pleasures of life. V if despairing men who Havo tried everything . . M a Cai company and Institute specialists a weak men Medicine Quot and Simitar fakes could talk to the Many who Are so thankful to me for tanking them proud of thu in existence for rejuvenating their Manly Power and making them Quot whole in every particular they would certainly Sec me tit once and get tie Benefit of so much that medical science affords them through a skilled scientific specialist. I guarantee Money you pay me refunded on demand unless you Are entirely cured and satisfied by giving you my guarantee certificate to return every Dollar you Pacino. Free consultation examination. Call or write for information before taking treatment As Yon will find my charges lower anti treatment quicker and better than elsewhere. Address or Call on or. I. W. Hod Gens 74-76 e. Adams St., Between state and Dearborn opposite tie fair Chicago 111. Beef production a new Book of Over 200 pages by Herbert w. Mumford. Prof. Of animal husbandry univ easily of Illinois professor Mumford is recognized As the leading authority on the feeding of beef cattle. His Book is packed from cover to cover with practical facts and suggestions that will save the cattle feeder Many times the Cost of the Book. Price $1.50, postage prepaid. Address live Stock woj alld Union Stock Yards. Chicago ill. Fronts nearly every City in the country and it is a i Niiro Che position it is not necessary for them to do cow kills herself. Sheboygan. Mich. Sept. 4. Cow belonging to will North caretaker of the i he a i i Organ Quot country club links tried to Brassie shot at a Fly on its lie i mid impaled its Ilioof 011 a Horn. The . Was Foit nil dead from exhaustion. Special offer greatest. Daily the Chicago daily live Stock world one year a to a a Cash in Advance to Quot prof. Mumford a cloth b found copy 1 Ca of a beef production \ in of $4.50 both together for $3.00 fill out and mail at once with Post office or express Money order. Publishers Chicago live Stock world world building u. S. Yards Chicago. For $3.00 us so of enclosed please Send As per your special offer a cloth bound copy of prof. Mumford so beef production Quot and extend subscript Quot tion to the daily live Stock world to the following address r. F. D., yours truly agent farming Lan ��l7 i an Acnik to 80 to my a la Tes lion Southwest a i Washington furniture Foi nature off re fixtures a a St. 1.0us to w s Rair purchases at the. Iff a Aak for catalogue no. A t wrecking . Physicians. Or. J. R. Mint specialist in Nick arg of 48 e. Vax in i so flours . . Feint a Road and breaking the famous Fra ii r Tai Colt and general no Tor catalogue l. W. 8. Aurora. 111. Alao i Wold refrigerators and i Scales. Premium Scales of the tidal Scales at nil it of a Trona. Prices . Chicago scale co. Mention the live a a to 8heep dip. A a Camo dip Quot for a ii , ligation Malta one bv.ln j x dipping tank with time. Labor and Row Rion. Stock remedy Codor v. Butchers amp packers h. A. Horn p. S. Co., hta. Solo agents Cream he ter r Ber sausage filler. I a. It. Mention the live st0c business c0lle students. Had later fro business College have holding and m Bible and Best Zilpo it and Ntc-1-caiitll� a a the country. a a a Anil general business Ltd catalogue today. Dan a business collpm1-. I. Cream Sepa rat 6harples&Quot tubular teat write for separator co., West Chicago. I. Ear labels and b Shlifs worm Lett labels $1.00 per my a Quot. Animal a $1.00 a \ Ders la Pkt a $1 a a $1.50 per Quan. Paint poultry f All Rood fun rant a Burn amp co. a wanted male wanted a i Trade won Dorul a weeks completes 1- instruction. Positions in tins or five ent ulog. My it a. A to in Leash Aventi armours blood Alt or Fri Itile Quot Quot South to l Well hopi Ltd l a from Verylh a. Pm al to. Mali Quot ii liars Fenn i 11&Quot Enri Lytic on a a a Quot want a la Rel la von not a add Martin Vafi Lilb 11 s. I Illinois 200 acres Fine slate of cd i a i Viand Colin it tact barns to Cir. It barns Etc. Oil it to acres grass Pasiuta Faith watered a f these Furnum a. In a cold Nowill Canadian Lan Canadian Kajm Katch Ewaa a a Rue
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