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Chicago Livestock World Newspaper Archives Mar 12 1914, Page 2

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Chicago Livestock World (Newspaper) - March 12, 1914, Chicago, IllinoisA Chicago live Stock world thursday March 12, 1914 the Chicago live Stock world published daily except sunday by Ashleigh c. and manager. E. c. A. 8. Mccracke Secretary p. O. i. H. 8. John8tonepurabrada and Hora a e. W. writer a. M. Caldwell Champaign e. H. Jack80n, Jefferaon e. A Silliman Colo 4. V. Cotta Crawford Villa t. F. B. 8otham.contributing editor subscription Rater Hon. And thurs., 1 or Elm _ twice a week. A mob. One Quot month Quot a thursday edition 1 Wretta for terms and in Sample capita. Meat Liberal inducement Ara offered to everyone to help to it a circulation of to sick world. A Vars Nir a i a a a a a a z three months. Pm nov a i atm a some Day we will learn that it is just As important for us to see that the child of somebody else is Given an education a it it is that our own should be trained. The Law that we should love our neighbor is not a sunday school Goody Goody platitude. It has Teeth and claws. We must keep All the children in school All the time or we must pay the penalty. We must train the other family a boy if for self Crane. Vhene Varda 857. Cabla add Eta a Stock world Quot Chicago 12, 1913. At intervals the Stocker Market gets a Little too Gay right it it a tie heels of february comes the new pig crop. Argentina appears to be Long on Corn and Short on live Stock. Takes considerable optimism to be a com Trade Bull Tiu Seda is. No matter what kind they Are All cattle get a Price bump periodically. Most of us do More worrying about the dog tax than the income tax. Moving Day in the country is not a decadent institution he and Means. Effective sanitary measures will prove effective n controlling hog cholera. What the hog Market seems to need is a better Ash outlet for the product. Silage has scored in another feeding test in Indiana. But that is always the inevitable result. Missouri is complaining of hog killing dogs As if cholera was not effective. About All that is necessary to make a Success of the hog business is to keep the Herd healthy. An impression is gaining ground that Cash demand for Corn ultimately determines the Price. In the a nit cd states Defiance Handicap it is a close tussle Between Huerta Villa and Carranza. 1 i. Is the season when Kansas and Nebraska Are a Suhaily successful in promoting wheat crop scares. Premier Asquith s denatured Home Rule Bill for Ireland is designed to take some of the stir a a out of t Lster. As the income tax is to yield 100 millions the pork barrel brigade Down at Washington is doing a Joy stunt. John d. Has never tasted liquor never had time in fact being constantly Busy boosting the Price of Oil and gasoline. Provision stocks would not look so Bulky if the South would get Busy and buy its usual Spring jag of hog product. Those pull Alo rumours about improved Cash Corn demand have an encouraging sound if they arc not Mercle rumours. Brazil has a revolution which May warrant Murdo Mckenzie in letting the cattle business alone Long enough to squelch it. Food for thought even Only i have been watching the careers of Young men in the City for 30 years and i find that the chief difference Between the successful men and the failures lies in the single element of staying Cuyler. He also that is Slothful in his work is brother to him that is a great 18 9. In figuring How heavy beef stocks arc do not Overlook beef Scarcity. Later advices from Laredo tex., Are to the effect that the Texas rangers did not Cross into Mexico to recover Vergaras body. And if they did that the mexicans can to prove it. It is not Likely the brazilian revolution will interrupt the manufacture of brazilian diamonds in the american Glass factories. The Balkan War did not affect the turkish cig Aret Market. San Francisco meat retailers have decided not to sell liver because wholesale Cost is 15 cents per Pound. Hereabouts 25 cents is the retail charge and that ought to yield a decent profit. About the least desirable importation this country could make would be the foot and Mouth disease. The last outbreak in new England Cost a pretty Penny. The experience of great Britain ought to be a warning. Value of Straw As fertilizer. A Large amount of Straw is shipped from a county in Missouri to a nearby payer and Straw Board factory. This Straw brings the Farmer about 50 cents per ton. A county agent recently found a pile of about 1,000 tons at Sikeston ready for shipment. He computes that As a fertilizer this Straw is Worth $2.50 per ton in addition to its value As a Means of adding organic matter to the soil. He is making a Campaign of the county in an attempt to show the i advisability of the Farmers Selling their Straw and urging its More extensive use As bedding in stables and feed lots. Straw used As a top dressing on fall wheat has been found to practically insure a Good stand of Clover on lands where Clover is otherwise grown with great difficulty. Plenty of Argentine Corn. That there will be plenty of Argentine com coming this Way right along is obvious. The area in that Grain has been materially increased and will spread Over More ground it is easy Money to the Argentine grower and what is More it comes Quick while making beef is a slower process. Two parcels of Argentine Corn were bought by new York yesterday at 65vic for june shipment and another for july shipment at the same time. There is also said to have been two cargoes bought to go to the Gulf. In figuring on the future of the Corn Market Argentina must be reckoned with and the Only Way out is to raise More live Stock. The time is at hand when feeding Corn will be More profitable than hauling it to the elevator. When an american from Elpaso crosses into Juarez and tails to return it is generally Safe to Sav he been . Some of these Fine Days Railroad Bonds will not sell As readily even Bond buyers have an interest in legitimate expenditure of the Money raised in Thi a manner. Nothing selfish about the democrats. They did t a Ven put thu donkeys on the free list. An imported me was assessed ten per cent and Valorme at Phil Idelphia the other Day. A shoe company paymaster in St. Louis was held in and robbed of $10,000 last week. And it is sus a Elcied the ultimate consumer swill have to foot the till. Seed Corn qualifications. Every Corn grower should now spend a Day or More getting his seed Corti entirely ready for planting. The present work consists of discarding undesirable ears germination testing rubbing classifying the cars shelling and testing the accuracy of drop of the Corn planter. The Quality and productiveness of the seed Supply can now be improved by discarding the poorer ears and the poorer kernels. The seed Corn should now be a a As dry As a Bone a and among the ears that appeared desirable last fall some undesirable ones will now be found. Discard any that have discoloured kernels or cob or that have a dead appearance. Discard any that Are Light in weight and any with undesirable kernels such As Small size very Sharp beaks germs of poor development and appearance Etc. A 11 the cars retained should show Good development and maturity be heavy for their size and contain solid vigorous looking kernels of fairly uniform size and shape. These desirable ears should new be tested to determine whether All the. Kernels will grow. King Victor Emmanuel and emperor William will meet at Venice March 24, when the emperor through on the Way to his Villa on the Island of Corfu. Austrian geographers support or. Felix Koenig in the controversy with Ernest Shackleton Over the plans for the rival austrian and Liritis Antarctic expeditions this year. Russia has accepted the invitation of the United states to participate in the naval review in Hampton roads in 1915 in Celebration of the opening of the Panama canal the bubonic plague in Cuba is under control. All suspected cases have proved negative the Only real Case having been that of the spaniard Francisco Fernandez. Is the Champion of the hawaiian baseball league and made a successful tour of this country last year. A signal code Hook which would enable its possessor to decipher Tho most confidential signals sent in War time has disappeared from u Liritis battleship at Sheerness. The training ship Wellesley one of the last of England s old time wooden War ships was burned in Shields Harbor. Tho British Cruiser Berwick left St. Lucia hurriedly presumably for Bra met to protect British interests. Kodak co. Loses suit involve inc millions. A decision upholding the Patent claims of Rev. Hannibal d. Goodwin Amateur photographer and chemist against the Eastman Kodak company of Rochester n. A a a involving millions of dollars in royalties was handed Down by the United states circuit court of appeals in new York confirming the opinion that judge r. Hazel of Buffalo gave some time in of. The decision says Quot Rev. H. 1>. Goodwin is undoubtedly the inventor and entitled to All the benefits of the Basic patents on photographic or. Goodwin died More than is years ago a poor Man. The profits of the Eastman Kodak company on the disputed Patent have been estimated to run into the millions. If Tho decision is not overruled by the supreme court or. Goodwin s widow and two children who Are living in Brooklyn will be entitled to Back royalties for the whole period during which i the Eastman company has according to the decision been infringing on the Patent. Millionaire to Pound Rock. Five Days at hard labor on the City Rock pile was the sentence for speeding Given to w. C. Baker millionaire and club member by judge a h. Stevenson in the municipal court at Portland Ore. Barker had pleaded guilty in expectation of a Fine. Farm lands Arkansas lan08. Farm and Orchard land $10 per acre Martin Gauldin 239 railway Exchange bldg. Alabama land8. Nor acres land near Mobile suitable for Batman Orange pecans Stock raising situated tin two railroads. Address vinegar heir lumber co., vinegar Bend Ala. Farms for Sale. Eighty acres Price county. To �00, terms Given. Improved farms. Mcquary county. Iii. And Southern la 40-acre Trieu upper Peninsula Mich. 1100 each 10 per month. Agents wanted. Phone Franklin l5k Clover land farms co., h7 chamber of Commerce bldg. Chicago in. Sporting. Willie Ritchie lightweight to Liam Pron of the world is billed fur a scheduled ton rounds with and Wolgast the Michigan Wildcat in Milwaukee this evening. Confirmation of reports that the fed Earl league officials were working on a scheme to organize two minor leagues to provide berths fur players cast Oil by the Parent organization was made by John m. Ward business manager of the Brooklyn Federal league club. Farmers children at u. Of i. I of the parents o 3,663 students it tending the University of Illinois exclusive of the number at Tho College of physicians and surgeons in Chicago ,898 Are Farmers. Sixteen fathers Are following some other form of agricultural pursuits. Railroaders Send 93 children to the state University while unskilled Labory is Send 92 to the state University. Florida lands. New plan. $2.50 weekly or $10.00 monthly for a few years secures s borne and an income Inge Nolua Boom 413 it. Dearborn Ulfig. Chicago. Minnesota lands. Lasso a suicide. Domestic. Secretary i Riili Speaks for inuit Ive and referendum before Maryland Egi Ciatur. Liou Aire. And Harry Scott of Nan fran i Cisco on their attempt to penetrate the Arctic seas Lias been by the i nun Francisco liar pilots association. Henry is gel. Hea Dof department a Ore Ente prison in new York and Boston and partner Are indicted on Bree county As mob of depositors learn to Tor to Lien. Bond holders charge fraud in Ailis-2baliner.sa Putty reorganization file he new Yorke in a action. A wholesale desertions from Oil Ifor Lia u Quot jobless army Quot follow cutting off of food Supply. President advises referendum to end Michigan cupper mine strike. Goaded by an article in the federa a Onist official Organ of the american federation of labor Duncan Mcdon old announced his intention of elaborating on charges lie recently made against Samuel bumpers. A temporary injunction agans enforcement of Iowa s sterilization Law gag granted by the United states ourt on petition of Rudolph Davis a Oviet. Or. Herman Seiner a physician of new York who confessed that he had acquired the opium habit while trying a cure patients addicted to the drug egg fined 300 and sent to jail for ten lays for manufacturing opium without 3 License. The Schooner yacht adventuress Ted by John Borden the Chicago my a. M. Williams coloured a attorney of Springfield 111., Lias completed plans for the building of a. 6&,000 theater and hotel for. Negroes. Washington. United states rushes two More regiments to mexican bolder. Opposition to redemption repeal appears fruitless in House us debate on a Unal dolls question nears. House subcommittee frames Trad commission Bill on Wilson s suggestion. Hill introduced in the House to have All states adopt Grain standards. President avoided Trade War by recommending change in Panama Bill. House passes Mann Bremner Bill creating Bureau of labor safety. Collective bargaining conciliation and arbitration As Means of adjusting differences lie tween employer and employee will be considered at the first formal hearing in Washington of the commission on Industrial relations on widay april 6. A new regulation has been issued by Secretary Mcadoo extending to june so 1914, the waiver contained in a former decision for the filling in of certificates of the numbers of the Bond a Roor Tiona. Foreign. Thirty six Chicago members of coins manufacturers association i Quet guests at Hufenus Aires. Feu of Nuffer Guelte bombs keeps american tourists away from London. Norwegian missionary slain when 500 brigands sweep Down on chinese City of lao to Kow. The German american commercial Union has entered a protest through the United states embassy to the German government against the imposition of the new a a War tax a on incomes of american residents in Germany. George. Corey of new Jersey John g. Brody of Alaska and a Lin Tow Kochu a chinese merchant of new York representing american capitalists in peking have asked to Quot be allowed to establish a novel City comprising Trade schools and Industrial enterprises and the exhibition of american manufactures. The emigration Bureau at Rome hag issued a decree that steamship companies Selling tickets to would be emigrants must reimburse them for their expenses from their native Homes to the port of embarkation and return when they Are refused permission a it Board vessels owing to american restrictions. Speaking at the annual dinner of the association of Chambers of Commerce at London Walter Hines Page the american ambassador assured the diners that the United states has no intention of interfering with British investments in Central Ray Chapman shortstop of the Cleveland american league baseball team broke a Bone in his right leg just above the Unkle while sliding into a Bese. A Lasso twirled out into Lake Michigan at Chicago figured in the spectacular Rescue of Robert Mooney 64 a years old who tried to drown himself i at e. Washington St. In desperation because he could not get a Job. The rope was thrown out among the inc cakes by Ensign 1. R. James of the Illinois naval reserves just As the Man was sinking for the last time. Cim improved firms South Minnesota or of Wesalo. For terms and prices writ More Hurt g Atchison land co., Mankato Mina mi880uri lands. The Sacramento wolves won from the White sox regulars 4 to 2. The White sox seconds walloped los Angeles is to. John. Evers deposed manager of the Chicago Culis last night received a Check for 25,000 As a Bonus Tor signing a contract with the Boston nationals. Bill Sweeney for years the famous hit and run Man of the Boston braves will play second base for the cubs this season. Fifteen chinese baseball players and their manager arrived in san Francisco from Honolulu on the first leg of a seven months tour which will take the team Over the country. The team 0 acres Wayne county to a i mile county scat 1 mile to school is Milt to Church 40 acres in cultivation my acre More to be made tuls ble. Balance Timber sol ims Turp. Frame House log barn All other out building to Cesry 4 Good up runs. Plenty of fruit tree. Good free rang. Good title and ant act. Price 2s.00 per acre. Roy Maxwell. Wllliam Svall. To. A automobiles Foa Choice ski bargains i i a i sub Lubker. l a Suu Leli Maxwell to to Vries a lure pm a in a a la a Chicago i Uki Mot 1 1503 f to in i. I r Sale my cattle met for a of prank Laws,is"1 a i boilers Andt i in.-, a �5v and lit by a a. Ato Heater tanks to it a i.-, capacity Genii or company Roo a a a Quot Quot Quot to is a Ajohn Walt lilting. St. ,"j1 tym Nta. Can or guaranteed. 1\ a �?5h? Jersey for Otlmor ski mkt la aired by Model. ,. A i. Wants to b. F. So i a it. Is savers a engravings of. Eczema pm a Rio or it hint prof. J. Blanchard skin specialist. 3811 co tug Grove ave., Chicago will help Yoa eke diagnose your skin Drosas slow a also state How the do Seabee will act a also state How the do Seabee will act and disappear under the car of Blanc hard a Ecter a lotion. How Many can do thai write for symptom Oldenk to fill oat. Sold at drug stores. Farms write for my free list of Well improved farms in Ann county. My Sauri. For talc. Many Good bargain. W. A. Parsley Brookfield. To. Michigan land8. 79 Aires Best Oley Loam slightly Diing 14 a Miles from Detroit 3 Miles to Stone Ruad. Plenty Good water. Can t be hooded. Well fenced tiled and drained to Mcirby River. 7-Ruum House. . A ton silo aft output Ding. Lit per a. A it Down balance s per cent. Owner p. Ii. Lever ens i Forest ave., engravings of Hall tones j1, Iff a Fisk �.li�, Bian a Quot tvs intr inn St., i. I , ski or. Pratt. Face m or specialists for -�5 Cor stat a state hotel hotels. Hog Oiler. A a to mfg my a Luth a. Ash u of business with a sat Ira and let the Boga do i ins Oil d b i a k. Detroit. Mich. J and let the Chivdo Ihen a sly r 5&Quot a Power a a i for sai.e�?80-at re farm. Good House and other bul Dluge so acres under cultivation balance Wood lot All level one mile from r. It. Station Sis Miles to co. Seat Good heavy Gravelly soil Greta triable and lock Elm Timber a Small payment Down and easy terms for balance and cheap at 12,400. M. My Takken rapid City Michigan .180 a. Of lick Rahlin property. land Good i soil and water. 17 a. Of Timber Large House and horses for Sale. James. Mcl ii Imp Blue front it aisle 4175-77 Emerald a phone Yards a a head if ii. By. Al Clover oar Quot purity Brand a of Rad Clover. Timothy. Alfalfa Layke and other farm seed average nearly Law per cent Pur. All guaranteed to som severest Tau of your Stato agr College. We have the Best cleaning Plant in Iowa and for More than a years our semis have Leen the Standard of purity. Buy our Hardy Northern needs. The Adams seed company. Decorah. Iowa. Bos l pm pure mousses.12. H. 2 Emy a Nib a a a a a Brand of Gaia. Guaranteed pure Cane molasses. Cut 9>&� a a Quot 9ft Kan a Gallons. . Lenn it Lyra ate Factor Money Bock if not sat lotto after tl1 f a barrel. Order a jct. Wattles a company bom m a pure Money Litchfield. Michigan Roomy buildings for All in is of Slocik. An Ideal duly or Stock term <2v= Miles l a it a i Trad from huge liar Marti and in Ike Gol i will co out a Launwell. Mph. I. To make Quick sine it gered n mho Low Price of $45 per acre. Addre. F. Ii. 4hirienter. R a. No. 2. Otsego Mich. For Sale extra Fine half Section in tit Laud Good soil suitable for Grain or Stock farm. Creek across Corner slum easy terms. Circular free. J. E. Merritt. Manistee Mich. Notice Xot k Vil. Montana lands. Montana Stock acres flu imy Iii lilo us. Plenty water whiter and Kun Nurr also Vij ii std of inn a Jan with the i Laue. Write for particular. Uni Finkh. Mildred Mont. Miscellaneous. If you fail to find it or. Writ thin department Well find it for you. Agent wanted. Diana Wisconsin. Colorado and Wyoming to handle our Luie of Speciall a fur Ford Cara i eluding Boston Ford starters i Ord special Shock absorber tire saving jacks seat covers and Demountable Rima Aak for Supply co. 2021-23 mid Faigan a. Chicago. Accountant and auditor. Attorney at Law. A Yards. Specially live Slock claims. Auto bought sold and exchanged automobile tie 1t interested in saving Money on urls Send for our clearance Salt bulletin. Ante tire Salas co. 1mc-m Chicago. Baths. Wolfe a famous system of Baths Tor indies and gentlemen under personal Sperr Letlon of h p. Wolfe formerly of weal Baden Springs. Ind. 104 w. Monroe. Chicago. Book old and new and bookbinding. Spa Claus a Lowiec Tang get in to a nah a a Midland credit adjustment company. By for. Dearborn a. W. Monra. St. Nei on Bros. Cutlery and grinding a baser grinding our specially shaving materials. Etc. 308 w. Madisonsr. Phone main 388$. Moil urdu is receive prompt attention. Detective agencies. Birman detective Agency a civil and criminal charges r As Franklin 3�70 1207 chamber of coins rce. Chicago. Disinfectant is u8ed by leading Stockt men. On Gallan tip Stu paid. $.h. Ultra Callona freight a Felt ids Zenner Dusl fool ant Cem Ladoyett ave. Detroit. Mich. Diamond watch and jewelry. John Bommers. 62 w. Madison St. Chi Cage manufacturing jeweler and am watches. R pair work for the Trade and Tbs Public. Ref., Kenwood Bank. Draa making 8cheolt. Private school dressmaking. Cutting fitting on Owa garments aft. And eve. Classes Tec Leasen. 017 Wash Langton blvd. West 3470. Embo Linara and undertaker. Frank h. Ketcham. Ends taker. Carriages iras Tal Gad Tama Astner. To in. Halsted Street employment Agency. Swedish National employment by Rama Orbella Myhrman proprietor. 14 n. Daa Rhora St. Chicago Iii. Tel. Central 283k beat help always on hand for City and country. Grain elevator builder. Burrell engineering a const. Co. It Ulm of Oralo elevators lit Webster bldg., Chicago. When ans Utino advertise. Men by mention tu1s Papuk hag cholera remedy. At first sign of sickness in you hard write or wire for a 13.48 full quart of c. A n. Cholera remedy it prevents and cures m l Newsham. 73� Toet it. U. S. Yes. Chicago. He to Najand stable supplies. O Ann supplies a full line it Ion prices. Rue bring called for and delivered. Tel. Wrentt North �511. M. France 587,i s. Halsted St. Chicago jewelry watch a Eto. Ark Yolk going to buy land if so get a copy of hit farm and real estate journal first. It Iyub lauds advertised in it from nearly every plate in the Union. So that you can Dud just what you arc looking for. It Rcw Ches �7.8,10 readers Esh Issue. Send 10 cents for three month trial subscription. It will be stopped at the end of three months if you Don t and real estate journal. Tiuch lot a. Mississippi lands. Central Mississippi ,--00 u. Stock and Grain farm for Sale at the per Here. Fine healthy neighbourhood. Other farms routing from 27 to 230. No. Inks. Year round Wisn Turah. A Stock Paradise. Also line imitations in world s a much Yukuo data from or to ii. When Federal government takes Over levee system will l Worth 2500 per acre in few Youts. Sure conservative speculation. Write or come. Now i ,.St time for Lii it .h.vvn, s. P. Set Al . Mhz to Civ. Miss. The 1, View a Luis a torn from lit,.it, a a clerk St. As i ind to have Spring Burin or. I lt.,v a. To get head of Eity suitable Tor i in. ,. A Llis ill foul. Alro Hie t horses Whdeh be in. Teg. Trial Piten. To i Money . Lilt a Okli. For Salem am mares. F00 to 1.� Lent i. Re. A a heavy a Refl Rush Ami l.e a so very Low. On Bis or a n hones. Harnesses or All , p. 01.fi a pos. 2033 Wuhu do ave. h horses and Mark. A Loutit. A a to t Yeats weight. So to a a a and harness i Ai k Tuu co. �42 w. My Damn St. A a a a w Western ave. And Chicago Way on hand is to d3 a and mules to a acct it purposes. 131�� w. a Lincoln pai1k Tea mix Lave for Sulu 15 Liones ,1. T,.�rrt a tees to suit. Suit i Anderson �57 net it Lar t it cml Texas land8. Reliable place to buy on sell Dia. Mood. Jewelry Bric a Brac Silver Antiques sch,? appraised bought or sold. John s. Townsend. Art jeweler. 1515 Wabash a. Live Stock insurance. . either of three of the teat i in roved St a or general crop forms in East Texas to. and 2.100 acres Price a in per acre Gansl As $30 per Sere Illinois farms terms if Ler ired average annual rainfall 50 inches always sufficient. J. If. . 81? ave., Chicago. 111. Investments. Investment Oil and i Sal Cien log is Quot a Quot a i 250.08ll.ou. a. La ,. . In Kirk your Myk Stock wi1ii.e in a Quot transit. So the Hinnir new. Inti leu a inti .St pm urls of . Write for Bogusl Home ins. Co. 1743 ins. Sex. Bldg. Chaco a meter ambulance. A not or ambulance-11. D. Ludlow 411 e. Forty seventh St Tel. Oak. 1274. Aul 74m1 motor truck. For real bargains in guaranteed motor trucks Call a 2437-3� Michigan a. Optician. Newcomb optical co., 34 e. Monroe examination of Eye free. 39 years Istven no vial Atten a uti Icelon Iuar unteed. Texa8 school lands. Opening -l.tmt0.txa acres coming on Market. 1.50 to $5.00 per a Civ 25c per a Era Cash balance forty years Advance information and map. 25c. Champion realty company. Tupler. Tex., Box 55. Safes direct flit 3 i a prices 220.00 up. I t i Alt co. 173 w. Jackson do Wisconsin lands. Wisconsin lands a yfieij3 county Cut Over lands lit Jarguz or Small tracts easy terms. Suitable for Dairy Hay. Fruit and Gen of olkv1. Quot a Jay fled investment assn., h. Mon a is company. Agents 78 wast Tira Filiar. Ated Success a Era no punctures. No alow leaks be 1 a Row. Puncture. Company of Zuj Nob. Ii a. Chicago Ilu Lam Xiuji by. A maoaz1nk Givi nil tub Ftp to in re a t4> the land to Ituna Tiomi Tho Viii Illus rial Ion i cab if for a Hutiu. Or Asun inv stun it of buying Kotsid Furni lauds a a tit nuts Khimji u tier anal me loan Olough Ami nil Par a it lil runs Lloyd m. Skinner t a kid Inoru land &?Tu., 181 skin mor Gagai. Or build your own Why pay rent. 0 Money to buy of Oulu your own Over $3.a�.�0 loaned. Not a Mumei a a by Barcli Asling one or Solis .j?.?1. I ural using con truely you can own it our out Home Quot nil Quot. Monthly payment less thin rent. For ii a 31.000 you pay 17.50 per month on principal percent interest on yearly heat a and one hair years to repay lung to to own n . Opportunity to own a Horn, part ulars. Write or rail on l ti7vite,? company Mio american Trust bid., Chicago. Rheumatism cured. Use Julo it Ulm a and All Inoa Mintory 50.- fury guaranteed. Jules c. Gamier Xuy co. 3128 cottage Grove Chicago and Grain country. Write us for lists of farms and prices. Canadian guaranty Trust co Branden Man. J5il Analy have Youn soil Umes fsr it Las pm Star is. M w. Silva War. Silverware of All kinds Wirwa in. Block Yara visit -�1 of Trow old a a tisk Cotter Ossite a his is 8af. Safes a snap a Sorar its amp ass Sucila burning Branda. Efe. A. Butenh Ojibe co. 131 n. Fifth Chicago. Be Otey or Tara to air read a True a a deformity App Rota. Rupture corrected expert Truro a Dis in. The Wolfern co. On Wanette. La. Consult your own write Lor official fact changing location ii will give you u. 8. Cent you Bow you can verify to to land to sell Wise association. 2u Caswell bldg. Boo Ity. Lands f. M. Re immigration agents for tfonimisstontr.w"4q great Northern hotel. Phone Harrison 7104. Buy a farm in Manitoba at the Chicago International fat Stock Hows for 1913 and 1913 Manitoba steers won the grand championship. It s a great Stock so tit a year a pure show Tom umm�1gu&of 400.4w raw to my a to new Sfa is &b2b�or�ousbx�eer Jerd miam Percy an it Eluh it "tbsposrih41itiasaadopertaalt the Guadiana West Ara so Laval whoa Thorn which nut to _ Tot clan that Peop jew we from Ootton to thoe opotry we Jet Sassu to mind l Luss Towd lots rate sad a Jay inc. Safes. Seed Cor we have u Liminie yellow Dalit a it Al and a if Tion test sold Only a i pm i i a i t vol Ali Filer. Way amp haibgr0ve m h. Nil placed on it it a toll Quot i r a a i tic of a i Quot i a f. He Lii by i i a a a a 1 Brt-,1 .1 in 95 p a Quot i >1 Ami Kin i a a we Linn Quot bunker.1 ,. Gated seed. Writ a. Jaco Uwon i a. Amusements. To amp a Al dark and Madison Nucup Kats. Englewood a All this a Jip be Bow Dwayla re Fri Perm a a Folly the Cracker to Ino a Kun a l Luu
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