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Chicago Livestock World Newspaper Archives Dec 5 1916, Page 3

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Chicago Livestock World (Newspaper) - December 5, 1916, Chicago, IllinoisChicago Uve Stock world. Tuesday december 5, 1916 a in Sun Hus Robert b. Quot of a a Ujj National #s23sls� it tha on Flaat outstanding a l. I. Tha decrease of lion Othor apoe Ioa. _ a _ amuse ent Sam Sidman lion ship is won by Irvine a Alfred de Bree Eyck remarkable Equine display in the belgian stallion 6 years old and Over sixteen entries greeted the judges. The Competition was very keen. Alfred de Bree Eyck climaxed a seasons winnings by annexing the Blue ribbon. He is the property of Chas. Irvine. Ankeny Iowa. His Quality and exceptionally clean underpinning won for Over the equally massive Dis Tingue crouches entry. The judges deliberated Long Between the two and the decision was greeted with loud approval from the ringside. Bel Aldere exhibited by Crawford b Griffin Newton Iowa ranged third and Boron e. Leroy Pelletier s entry from Pontiac mich., stood fourth. Fifth prize went to Domino Bell Chestnut among the 4-year-old belgian stallion class Crouch 4k son took first second and fourth on Bonnat de Hamai Diamond and the first two winners were of similar Type but Bonnat won on Quality. Chas. Irvins took third on Cannon and Fox 2d de Turnes d. K. Roth s entry won fifth Money. Irvine a Roan Irvine Dale Jean won Over Irvin Dale s Rowdy in the class of a year old belgian stallions. The decision rested largely on action. Justification and innovation from crouches stables ranked third and fourth. And big show a line of sixteen belgian stallions that extended almost the full length of the Arena competed in the 2-year-old class. The judges worked Long and patiently to pick the winners. King a Crouch entry was finally crowned with first honors. With the famous International chorus first Choice would be As Good As name in any other show but Here he had to be Content with second place. He hails from Finch stables at Joliet 111. Id Gene the entry of h. Lefebure amp sons Fairfax Iowa was third and Romer and Camille of Crouch Fame fourth and fifth. Dashing a ii Dainty 74 i name Irli a crouches Light Bay. Ind Gale took Premier honors in the aged belgian Mare class. Jeanette de Bruges another Crouch entry was second. We. Damsels the Only All girl show notes from the sidelines in town its burlesque Star and Garter theatre Midi Ion and a stated Street. All hah item Street cars pass the door real Classy burlesque Stock week big girl show new Bee Tom to a tug pretty Fiiris-35 letter Allen Leo Hoyt babe la tour prices 25, 35, 6 78a. No he Thor the but Burle quo show in the City a Mamet theater a a Dieon Street near Hal std a Felt King permitted. Ttoe Dally real burlesque a the Sunshine girls prices too. , Man theatre neare8t burlesque theatre ,/�?zt0 a Tock show. Chica00�?T8 biggest girly show week Al Doneoan 8 the Darlings of Paris Shew with a parisian Plover pari8ian Doli impress theatre hated new 63rd vaudeville 10-�?20�?30 treat car Tekse Jrae the the Deer Crownover Hudson Iowa won third prize and Finch bros., Joliet 111., and c. G. Good Ogden Iowa won fourth and fifth. Only two entries appeared in the 4-year-old Brood Marc class. Irvine s Fadette won easily Over Urano shown by Crouch. Crouch was the Only exhibitor of a year old belgian mares. Jumet won Over Jacqueline in a rather easy fashion in this class. The belgian 2-Yeor-old Mare class was represented by seven contestants of very uniform Quality. Crownover a sorrel sista was awarded first prize. Salome Rosetta and Lauretta stable mates were second third and fourth. Crouches Demoi Selta took fifth Money. Beauty a clean sweep brushed aside Competition and won first among the mares 1 year old and under 2. Finch Broa Joliet i1l, exhibited her. Second and fifth went to Crownover on Paramount Sola and Paramount det saut third to Chas. Irvine on Jupiter a Belle fourth to Crouch on Nelly. The Gold medal for three belgian Ibl Tor. Mares the property of one exhib�., went to j. Crouch 4k son the winners being Jeanette de Bruges indigo the and Jumell the Reserve ribbon also went to the Lafayette stables there being but two entries to the class. In the Dase of five belgian stallions May age the property of one exhibitor the Gold medal offered again went to Crouch. Chas. Irvine a quintet got the Reserve ribbon. The fight for Champ Longship among the stallions quickly narrowed itself to Alfred de Bree Eyck the first prize aged wonder and Crouch s King the 2-year-old Winner. The Quality and style of the aged Winner was too much for the younger contestant and the plaudits of the crowd generally went to the older horse As he won. While King was temporarily dethroned he had not a few ringside supporters and with another year or two a growth they May yet see Coronation. By h. E. Mccarthy. This years International is a veritable Happy Homecoming of stockmen. Men have gathered from the provinces of Canada to Texas and from new Jersey and Massachusetts to Utah and California. Three years without such a gathering As the great show of this a rear affords has made the renewal of Fellowship especially enjoyable to nil the Good and successful men gathered to participate in the How As official judge exhibitor or Spectator. The show of belgians was an endorsement of the ability of american Farmers to produce draft horses of remarkable excellence. Classes of younger animals were filled consistently with splendid homered youngsters. In the final lineup an Iowa grown filly was made Champion in the Mare classes. Tbs Resane on stallions was placed upon a splendid growth two year old produced in Illinois. Horsemen at the ringside and in the Arena were encouraged and filled with Hope and determination. They will go Home to be better feeders and better breeders. The Quality of All entries of horses on the ground is a source of Many pleasing comments. Man after Man has remarked upon the Freedom from bandages As is noted in the stalls. One Man stated that not one Bandage is needed this year on puffed Hocka and stocked limbs where ten have been used at the shows of several years ago. The judges of the belgians who opened the grand exhibit set a High Standard of Quality and action combined with other essentials of draft horse characteristics. Doubtless the other Breeds will be judged with equal skill and Universal satisfaction. The show of fat Young Beeves by the boys and girls from the farms of the Combest was a very pleasant curtain Raiser for the Day and served As an Eye opener for hundreds of spectators. Tomt youngsters in their teens Ano even below that age could fit and bring out animals with a finish and Bloom equal to that of Many of the entries shown by experienced men was almost a Marvel to Many. This display meant More than a Mere exhibit of cattle it is a part of a real genuine movement to keep the boys and girls on the farm and will doubtless accomplish More toward that end than a thousand lectures upon the subject. Chicago and outside live Imago ant Stock facts and figures outside cattle receipts. Today s estimated cattle receipts at six outside markets with comparative totals in round numbers. Week dec. S. Ago. Kan. City. 10,000 10,800 9,�00 6.600 2,400 2,200 2,500 Omaha. 1,000 it Louis. 7.000 8t Joseph. 2.000 Sioux City. 2,000 St Paul. 2,600 1916. 12,100 6.900 8,700 3.400 8,800 8,200 1814. 18.000 6,000 4,600 1,500 2,000 2,200 totals.31,600 34,100 34,100 28,200 Chicago 8,000 7,640 6,829 5,307 totals.39,600 41,740 40,419 33,607 today a Oate report. Can of live Stock reported at the c. N. A. .183 Milwaukee 309 Burlington 160 Rock Island. 80 Al Western. 31 c. B. 116 c. A Alton. 8 m. Central�?140 Santa f a. 20 Wabash .12 goo line. 25 Monon. .10 others. .60 total Tim National half a near a qty ��7., Telephone a a Bibl starting sunday matinee dec.10 �wing8-15c, 28e, so 60s, to. Matinees�?1,000 seats at 2 third Street Wentworth 27 25c Arthur c. Aiston presents Mabelle Estelle in the Gull he could t buy the Best Crook play of the Day Gayety theatre formal the Felly week commencing sunday matinee desomber 3 8tate St near Harrison the Home of Harrison 6342 real burlesque smoking. Permitted Tho theatre you always attend Stock Quot once again burlesque with the Finger girls 40 trouble destroyer Pam a by Man Rouw 40 Chicago live Stock movement receipts at of Blaso Stock Yards Tor december and for till to Date with Compart sons 1 16. 1918. Cattle. ,1st calves. 8,716 Hoge .117,114 sheep. Horn it a. ,167 cars. 4,871 a tear 1916. Lulf. M.h7 2.164,101 2,087.400 my of. 466,964 966.671 46,661 9.217.144 6.12�. 76.61, 4.010,016 9.911.1 Quot Quot 111.149 1�mti 2.171 4.419 6.271 t,4tl 1.410 247.116 916,701 shipment from Chicary Block Tarde Fot december end for 1016 to Date with com portion follow 1610. 1911. 1016. Lull. 6,1171 �61,112 341.761 171 11.161 cattle calves Bose. Sheep horses cars. 10,214 627. 27,260. 7,662. 1,160 620 24.611 1.171,161 769,649 4.41� 1.461 166,164 >11 62,171 hogs at Chicago. Kansas City. Omaha. St. Louts. St. Joseph. Sioux City. St Paul. Indianapolis Cleveland. Buffalo. Pittsburgh eleven today. 42,000. 16,000. 16,000. 14,000. 13,000. 10,000. 14,000. 20,000. 2,500 5,800. 2,000 markets. We ago. 1911. 42,100 4700 29,800 19,700 22,200 10,100 20,600 18,100 18,800 12,100 16,000 8,00� 16,000 17,800 26,700 16,800 4,300 4,000 4,600 14,000 2,500 3,000 totals 165,000 215,000 162,000 thus far this week. Same period last week. Same period year ago. 326.000 406.000 400.000 total 1916 to Date. Same period 1916 same period 1914 33.430.000 34,377,000 21,197,000 receipts and shipment8. Chicago Stock Yard receipts and shipments follow receipts. cattle. Civ. Hogs sheep. Tues., 33th. Wed. 29th thurs., 30th frl., let. Sat., 2d mon., 4th. Eat today. Week so far week ago. Year ago. 2 years ago bogs. �2.0� �2,687 44,366 14,758 56.201 42,000 98.201 119.19� 120,000 55,957 16,788 12,271 17,61 3,281 80,101 15,000 46,203 44,083 46,166 63,504 shipments. cattle. Civ. Hoge. Sheep. Tuco., 28th. Wed., 29th thurs., 30th frl., 1st sat., 2d Mon 4th. Just. Today. A week so for week ago. Year ago. 2 years ago 200 How Armour makes your food Supply certain a Rmour service to Consumers is Many sided. Felt to keep a a a w was Vive in evil Quiri Sio 10 Musij a a Tsuu. Selection of top Quality at the source of Supply skilled preparation evolved from a half Century a experience scientific utilization of by products. Century a experience. Sep prices at True value Levels these Are All of highest importance to you in your daily living. Yet far from least in the service that Armour gives you is a steady and continuous Supply of the worlds Best. And this is made possible through armours great system of refrigerator cars As vital to your welfare As the refrigerator that keeps foods fresh in your own Home. Food to you. And it Means further that no car shortage can Ever raise the Price of meat that prices Are solely dependent on the Law of natural Supply and National demand. Think what this Means. Suppose Armour were today in the position of the Coal mine operators and there were no suitable cars available. Your table would be radically changed the Staples which a lifetime of use has brought you to regard As necessities of life would be Cut off. The user of meats and meat products or of fish fruits vegetables and other foods scientifically marketed by Armour cannot help but be reminded three times each Day who it was made such variety in foods possible everywhere and in every season. In a twinkling you would be Back to the Days of your Grandfather forced to live upon such foods As your own Community might be Able to produce. If you lived in a great City you would even face famine for obviously no cattle could be raised there. And with this constant reminder there must logically grow up in the mind of every thoughtful Householder a desire to make it possible for Armour to Render still greater service. And the prices you would have to pay if you will Only Stop to consider it you will realize to fortunate it is for you that the late Philip d. Armour perfected the travelling refrigerator. More and More As one grasps the True inwardness of the Armour policy does it become apparent that this wonderful organization is virtually a Public institution and the National bulwark of safety in Quality Price value and assured delivery of foods. For it Means that so Long As conditions warrant Armour maintaining a Supply of travelling refrigerators nothing Short of a Complete tie up of the railroads themselves can Ever Stop the delivery of your thus you will understand that when you demand Armour foods you Are not Only buying Tho Best you can possibly obtain today but you also Are lending your influence to the maintenance of fair prices and values for the future. 1&em2 a Ali i it Armour company Chicago 1-1012 the above is one of a series of advertisements now appearing in metropolitan newspapers As a part of the Armour Campaign to bring consumer and producer closer. Stock show visitors will be cordially welcomed at the Armour Plant receipts at 8ix markets. Following Ore today a receipts at Elx markets with combined total and comparison chlo ago. Kan. City. Omaha. St. Louia. St. Joseph. Sioux City. Cattle. Hoga. Sheep. $.000 48,000 16,000 10.000 16,000 10,000 1,000 16,000 23,000 7,m0 14.000 3,000 3,000 1s.0m 3,000 3,000 10,000 2,000 total. 37,000 111,000 55.000 week age. 39.000 103,000 62,000 year ago. 37,000 108,000 56,000 week so tar 102,000 217,000 122.000 week ago. 91.000 290,000 109.000 year ago. 116,000 248,000 114,000 1916 to Date.7.992,000 20,307,000 10,293.000 year ago. .4.831,000 17,166,000 9,816,000 my698,060 16,180.000 11,888,000 tomorrows estimate. Estimated number of car reported for wedge Day dec. 6, on three leading roads with estimated receipts and actual arrivals of Stock a week and a mrs a a dec. 6. We. Ago. 1916. Cara. >0 cattlo24,000 11,156 13,668 Hoge 60.000 �i.m1 48.831 sheep .28,000 12,313 19,008 Burlington report 880. Northwestern 290 and Milwaukee Road 212 oar for wednesday dec. 0. A week ago the estimated Cor total of 953 under ran 14� care 804 arriving on the three roads. Here ii Force a wednesday. Dec. 6. Estimated. Apt query. A Fop what a osteopathy a a the Art of manipulating Bone my son. A then is an Osteopath a minstrel end Manfu a a Baltimore american. Colonial now twice daily a including sundays at 2i10 and 8i10 p. M. Symphony orchestra of 50 and 40 voices or. Griffith s fret and Only pro Quetien 8inoe a the birth the annual meeting of the per Dieron society of Amerta held lost night at the Congress hotel wan attended by a tremendous crowd of breeder from All parts of the United states and Canada. Three Hundred and four members were represented in the Roll fall approximately 4,000 More by proxy and a great Many others present came in after the Roll fall was taken. President White in opening address reviewed in a comprehensive Way the healthy condition of the per Dieron Trade. He Laid stress on the fact that the elimination of importations had led american breeders to give bettor care to weanling yearlings and two year Olds and that dealers i purchasing Percheron in this country at earlier Agee than had been the custom had themselves been surprised at the splendid outcome of their american bred Colts when Given the same care and Attenson they had formerly Given imported horses. He also called attention to the Fea of 3100 for registration of horses imported after july 1, 1116, stating that this had been passed by the Board of directors in the belief that it was for the beat interests of american breeder in that it was calculated to discourage the importation of poorer horses. Or. Whit then briefly reviewed the litigation pending against the per Dieren society. He stated that the Case involved the right of a recording Asso Olauson to control its registration in such a manner a to protect the purity of the Breed that the principle involved woe a vital on. Affecting every record association in the United states and every breeder of pure bred live Stock and that for this reason the officers Felt that the Case should be fought through until decided by the supreme court of the state of Illinois. Subsequently the breeders present adopted a Resolution of Confidence in the officers and directors especially relative to their position in Tho Latigu Tion referred to. The was passed with but one dissenting vote that one being from the attorney representing the suite against the society. Secretary Dinsmore to annual report stated that 9,044 registrations Hod been made during the year an increase of 614 per cent Over the preceding year. One Hundred and forty imported horses were recorded but Only 69 of these were brought Over during the past year. Of the total registrations 2.014 were registered from Illinois and 1,712 from Iowa so that these two states contributed 41.8 per cent of the grand total. Ohio came third with 747 registrations Kansas fourth with 653 and Nebraska fifth with 466 Regist nations. Eight Hundred and forty seven new members were added during the year and the membership is now in excess of 8,00� breeders. Transfer certificates issued during the year totalled 9,467, an increase of 81 per., Illinois and Iowa Lead in number of Par Charon purchased and most of the horses bought in these two states were bought within their own Borders. Montano at the other extreme purchased 65 per sent of her Percheron from other states. In the election of four directors for the ens tag three year. C. F. Curtiss of Iowa w. S. Dunham of Quinol and i u. L. Burdick of North Dakota were elected to succeed themselves and Arthur Colgrove of Girard kans., was elected to succeed John l Delancey of Minnesota who was not a candidate for re election. The income of the society for the year was reported As 853.287.10. And the Normal expenditures As $46.697.01. Extraordinary expenditures due to the Spe Olal litigation amounted to $16,989.87. F. B. White was re elected a president u. L. Burdick was elected vice president and c. M. Jones treasurer. Wayne Dinsmore continues of Secretary. President white1 was elected to represent the per Dieron soot Ety on the National society of record associations. Sib mme 10 whips zeus Ulii Imph in company with or. J. A. 8poor, chairman of the Board of directors of the Union Stock Yard co., or. Walter Webb of new York enjoyed the wonderful display of live Stoak. Or. Webb is a Young Roan deeply interested in the development of Uva Stock farming. He was especially interested in the remarkable showing made by Amerton bred horses and other live Stock. Minor mention ship your Hay and Straw to Walters bros., 75 Board of Trade. . M. Helm Sac county. Iowa had one Load of hogs on mondays Market Lawrence Newlin Crawford county hi., was Here on monday s Market with two loads of cattle. H. M. Lakin marketed one Load of hogs from Hamilton county. Iowa on monday s Market Roy Hart Clay county Iowa was Here monday with one Load of hogs. Bert Hart Clay county Iowa was on monday s Market with one Load of Stock. John h. Witt Winneshiek county Iowa was represented on mondays Market with one Load of cattle. O. Olson Kossuth county Iowa had one Load of hogs on mondays Market. A. M. Luason marketed one loud of hogs from Winnebago county Iowa on mondays Market. Judges e. R. Gentry and Felix Gehr Man finished their work with the car lot Swine show and placed awards of follows class for 350 lbs or Over honors .&Quot.sk5 a went to Geo. Runkle of Industry lit on 440-lb berkshires which were also made gland champions of the show capturing As Well the $150 put up by the Berkshire association. In 200 to 2601b class t. E. Burner. Augusta Quot 111., got first with a Load of berkshires and Mose Weinberg of Rushville took second with a car of Poland Chunas. The Kansas agricultural College was third with Duroc. In the 150 to 200-ib class f. J. Pierce amp son Huntsville iii., won first with a car of Poland Chunas George Phillips Green Valley 111., second with Chester Whites and a. R. Hamilton Augusta iii., third with a car of Hampshire site a Meiji Mill at the annual meeting of the per Dieron society of America directors were elected As follows u. L. Burdick Williston n. D. W. F. Dunham. Wayne 111. Prof. C. F. Curtiss Iowa 6tate College and Arthur Lowry. Manhattan kans. The directors will at a Luter Date select the officers for next year. Secretary Wayne Dine More a report of the business of the year made a very Gratifying showing. Interest to american bred Percheron has Besa enormously stimulated by the intelligent and energetic efforts of the society. I tug n to Sci Chicago Hay Market ii Aye demand Good and offerings Light. Market firm. Choice Timothy $17.60@18.60 no. 1. 1�@17 no 2. $14 g>15 no. 3, $13@14. Kansas Oklahoma and Missouri Prairie Choice $14.50� 15 no. 1, $13@14 no. 2, $12@12.60. Clover $11.50@12.50. Illinois Indiana and Wisconsin feeding Prairie $10011. Parking $606.66. Alfalfa. $13.50016. Straw Rye. $10.60011.50 oat $1 �3.601 wheat �-$0.om�. A the opening of the 1916 International Quot said w. 8. Corsa a reminded one of the release of a vast flood of pent up Waters. The cessation of the show for two years seemed to emphasize it. The outpouring of the people and the manifestation of interest in advanced live Stock husbandry is astonishing and Gratifying. Weather forecast for canst for the period ending wednesday dec. 6. At 7 p. In., As Given out by the United states weather Bureau Illinois Missouri Wisconsin and Quot Iowa fair tonight and wednesday slightly cooler tonight a it Minnesota North Dakota South a m a a a a Kota and k is is fair tonight and wednesday not much change. 7nlinmdifu Fri i a inn Lewko Nna to Nebraska fair tonight and wednesday somewhat warmer in West to night Montana and Wyoming a partly Cloudy and warmer tonight with probably rain or Snow in what a Yei a note Guker Jear. A ably. Ninor Snow a tvs go
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