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Chicago Livestock World Newspaper Archives Apr 5 1906, Page 2

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Chicago Livestock World (Newspaper) - April 5, 1906, Chicago, IllinoisCd Kwof if four of Ower club. Lire Stock world boys and girls arc incited to write and ask and Aniver questions. Letters to the editor and i member of the four Leaf j c toilet club. Jamestown. no 9 years o<1 and go to school just across the Road a every Day. I have no Brothers Sisters. I have a Canary. 1 Call Bobby and a White cat and a Black dog. Jun. Stratford am 9 years old and weigh 75 grounds. I go to school nearly every Day. And am in the fifth Reader. My papa has s6 sheep. 10 horses. 23 cattle and 26 hogs. I have two Sisters and us Many Brothers. Clark Cottino tox. Batter Creek. have dark Hilr. Bine eyes and am a Farmer boy living on a farm of 200 acres. We Are feeding two ear loads of cattle and one of hogs. We read the live Stock world and Alt like it. Minnie pet Terpen How Are you getting along i will come Over on sunday. U. H. Iowa City. am 7 years old. My teacher s name is Katherine Barry 1 Only missed school two Days last Winter. I have nine Little red pigs and two Little Black calves also a dog his name is Dewey and three cats. Arthur Green. Oxford. school is not out Usu in june. 1 will Send a Riddle what is the difference Between a Cut and a comma 1 Hope somebody will answer it. 1 Send a Little drawing. Louis rom ret. Battle Creek. has 120 head of cattle 60 hogs. C horses and 2 mules. Papa is going to ship pretty soon. I am 13 years old. My height is 4 feet 7 inches. 1 have a mile and a half to go to school. The answer to Quot be Deliahh second conundrum is a when it is the answer to a a Bedella a Quot third conundrum is a the Blind beggar was a woman. Hermina 1 Versen. Time. Lorenzo Bundner. 1 know the answer to one of your riddles it is when u and 1 Are 1 will Send a conundrum what is everybody doing at the same time oll1k Llan Nant. Chula have 6 horses 2 mules. 1 Colt 24 cattle. 3 calves and 60 hogs., Elsie Glinin the answer to your Riddle is Quot one. The dead Oliree fourths of a Cross a Circle Complete. 2, Semi circles a perpendicular moot next a Triangle stands on its two feet. 2 Semi circles and a Circle Complete. Veda Van Horne. Cambridge 111.�?i am 10 years old. 1 have one sister. 1 live in Lliel country. Ii Miles from town. We have a team of ponies their names arc Billy and Daisy. We have to go half a mile after the mail. Myrtle Simonton. Marshalltown. will Send a conundrum what is that which has never been Felt seen nor heard never existed and still has a name. Zola Winslow. Oasis 7 years old. My pets Are Throe cats called twinkle Star and baby Dot. I have a Pony Colt named Tolx. We live on a farm. I go to school. I visited Niy grandma this vacation. Eva m. Thompson. Ransom 111.�?i am 11 years old and live on a farm of 160 acres. My father Lias a car of cattle. 60 hogs and 18 horses. Our school was out March 30. Your Friend. Ida c. Phelan. About my ago write to me my address is Lena 111. R. No. 4. I am going to guess at the members of the Clover club 1 believe there Are 1.00�. Mary Sisson. Polty Good guess As far As it goes Mary Lull As we have nearly 5,000 who have joined the club you see you have a another guess coming a the club is growing faster than Ever . 1 v Newark n. am s years old a Man had 12 sons and each of his sons had 30 Black men and �0 while daughters i hey died every Day. Yet were immortal i will Send the answer next time t write. Please Send my badge. Chester Broun. Bluff City. 111.�?there Are not Many cattle feeding Here this Winter. There Are some hogs on feed. My father is feeding about three carloads of cattle and about 150 hogs. There Are not Many sheep Here. Land is Selling from $150 0 200 an Are. I go to school every Day. My teachers name is Carrie t. Whitson. We take the live Stock world and think it is o. K. James Shaw . Pittsfield. am 8 years old. My papa has nine horses. 42 cattle and 60 hogs. Marie Ducey. Who can guess Iny age what three poets co Gid you think of while watching a House Burn Down a Edna Council. Lyons am 8 years old and go to school every Day my teachers name is miss i. May me Dallam. I Hope i will sell is in print. A it Torr t. 3wn1 a pc 11 i Asi Polk. Browning,4io a i live on a faint two and if from town. I have one More a seek. Of school we Are going to Hawk a program the last teachers name is Sylvester Darr. A herm1a Cotter. live in Chicago but it is almost As Nice As the real country where we live of we have 3�,g acres with a Hill 4 deep Ravine and lots of big Trees. I like to watch the squirrels and Birds. Who knows this Riddle Quot Chicago Milwaukee. St. Louis st. Paul if you spell that in four letters ill give you a Gold Ashleigh Drake h Alli Well. Molina a am 13 years old. I will apr Lucr some of the riddles Della Andrews is a a Broom a Harry s. Slater s is a four ducks a Howard Brecht s is a when the Hen is i will Sejd one. What relation is a i loaf of bread to a steam engine i bargain advertising rates. Nave Yon something to sell it will to let people know about it. In our classified column you can advertise your land anything else you want to sell at the rate of one cent a word for the first time and Hale a cent a Worix each time after hat. No order for less Tuliau is .00 can be accepted. Write out what Yon want to say count the words and multiply that by the number of times won want to have it Upit car and Send it along today. Address the live Stock world Chicago Iii. Off reliable of rats Cotton said real Grask Edt done to Waits Money on inferior a i the Best. Alw�0� nb3� l5 b3%th�?T,1. T01> hour now boo vat on feeding f w in a a a re a a it it a v Al it i s up it pub. I prime Cotton seed a Russ . Ship us your empty Bago. We the highest Turku e. C. Letts a co. 121 la Salle Streip Tomt is All the answers i know and most of these conundrums were found in feb. 15 paper. 1 am 12 years old weigh 100 pounds and am about 5 feet tall. Now please girls write to me. Because i am lonesome because All the neighbors live far away and i like fun. If i see this in print i will surely write again and ill answer All letters cheerfully. Next time i will Sand some riddles. Martha a. Z12llmer. Drawings by four Leaf Clover club Clapper. is feeding two loads of cattle and has Over a Hundred head of hogs. 1 am going to school and Haven t missed but two Days. 1 have a sister 8 years old and a Little brother 1 year old. Ormond Lee Hoar. Stillwell. am 8 years old and like to go to school. Pain is feeding 27 head of calves. Woja have three horses. I have 11 Pelsy two calves three pigs five cats and one dog. I will close with a Riddle a six Peara hanging High six men came Riding by each took a Pear and loft five hang tug Pearl Andrews. Nugent. am 14 years old and have dark eyes rather dark hair and am 5 feet 7 inches tall. I weigh 118 lbs. I have five Brothers and one baby steers pull Gillis dog cart. Twelve year old Flora Roberts startled the residents of Quaker farms a few Miles from Derby. Conn., by driving a pair of steers hitched to a dog cart the harness was made of ropes and straps. There were no bits in the anime is Mouths. For months the girl has been training tie yearlings on her fathers farm and at a word from her they will Trot walk. In a ring in one of her father s lots she Puls the steers through Many tricks performed by circus horses. Altoona was 12 years old the 17th of March. Ray Nicola i will write to you. I wish some of the girls and boys would write to me. I will answer them All. I help my papa drive cattle. How Many of you boys help your Papas i will answer your Riddle. Chas. Raymond Sample the answer is p. G. Without tie Eye. I will close for this time. Frank Morgan. Rockwell City am 12 years old and live on a 317-acre farm. Papa shipped a Carload of hogs to Chicago this Winter and is feeding some cattle now. I have one brother and two Sisters. I go to school every Day. I like to read the letters. Hazel har Fehler the answer to your Riddle i will Send one twelve sister All of my Brothers Are a Ohio. Win Sena one a weave younger than 1. 1 would like for some pears hanging High 12 men came of tie four Leaf Clover club to please Riding by. Each took a Pear and left 11 write to me. Ill answer All loners 1 receive. Rhoda Hollingsworth. A Goodell am 7 years old. I have a Little brother 2 years of age. Named Presley. For. A. Pet we have a Little Spaniel named Teddy. I live in the country near both my grandmas. My grandpa has a Large Park with some Deer and wild geese in it. Shirley gk1�ogs. Beresford a i like the Clover club and like to read the letters from All. I any 11 years old and am in the fourth Grade. My papa is feeding 28 cattle and 100 hogs. We have 12 horses. We live on the farm. In a what place Are two Heads better than one when is a dog most like a human being Robert Duncan. Beresford s. am 7 years old and go to school. My teacher s name is Margaret Kennedy. I have one brother and one sister their names Are Robert and Eva. We have a Pony a dog. A cat and eight rabbits some White with Pink eyes and Are very cute. I will Send a Little drawing and say Good Rye. Ruby Duncan. Kanawha Law my papa has 70 head of cattle on feed. Ave have 320 acres. I have a Pony named Topsy she has two spotted Colts. I go to school and am in the fourth Grade. I am 4 feel 0 inches tall and 11. Years old. My teacher s name is miss drum. Elry c. Gousley. Marteno 111.�?i have a Little engine that can pull 125 pounds a Wagon a cart a cat and a dog named brine. 1 to link that Leo Ahsert Lias a Good idea. Aaron l15sage. Hanging there. Lee Swaney. Pleasantville. am years old. I have a Little sister three years old her name is Audra. I take music lessons on the piano we have a Telephone,.and Freo mail delivery,.,we have a farm of 235 acres and a mile from town. Papa has but seven head of horses he rents his ground All out and does no to farm any. He has been buying two loads of Black cattle. Lola Galvin. Ray. 111.�?i am 10 years old. Papa has taken the live Stock Avold for some Timo. I have two cats and pig the cats names Are puss and Dick. 1 live on a farm of 107 acres. To just moved on it two weeks ago and think it is Fine. I have one sister named Beulah. Ave go 1% Miles to school. I will Send a drawing. Ethel Rose. Apple Bias 111.�?As nobody guessed my Uge i will Tell you just i 3. Ave have a Telephone and a. F. D. Our ring is two Long and two Short. Aah hat can go Down a Chimney Down but can to go up a Chimney up leg. G. Meckling s. will soon be. Ave Are having awful cold Weathi Herc now. Next aah wednesday evening i am going to a Basket social. Avont some of the four Leaf Clover club members come and go with me have five Sisters and one brother. My oldest sister is going to the lutheran Normal school in Sioux Falls s. D. I have been Reading the Little letters a Long time and think they Aro getting More interesting All the time. Wish some of the members would write to me. Tillie m. Larson. Rossville 111.�?i have never seen any letters from this Section of the country so i thought i would rite you one. I am 10 years old and my birthday is on the 15th of november. I have one brother and three Sisters. My brother and two of my Sisters Are married. My father takes the live Slock world and thinks it a Fine paper. He says no Farmer should be without it. The answer to Gertrude dierkers Riddle is a because it is farthest from the Catherine Smith the answer to your Riddle is a a Joe Albright. Dow City weather Here is somewhat colder than it has been a we have had Fine weather nearly All inter there is some Snow on the ground but not very much. I am not going to school any More i quit quite while ago. Our school will be out in two weeks. The county is going to have a spelling contest and our township is trying for the first prize it is a Gold watch. My brother came out third. I have been visiting my aunt at Schleswig. I was there about three weeks and i had a very Nice time. They take the live Stock world too. I got two pretty Valentines but did not Send any. One of my Brothers joined the club too and he wont give up the paper to any of the rest of us folks until he reads All the letters. He had a letter in the paper inst week. There is a roller skating rink in Dow City and it is quite an amusement both for Young and old. Have Learned to skate and like it very much although i get a Good Many Falls. The band plays sometimes and they skate to the music. Have not heard from any of my correspondents for quite a while. Your faithful member m. R. A. Thaavv1lle, am 12 years old and have dark hair and weigh 67 lbs. My. Teacher s name is a. O. Sayler. Ave had a Box sociable and made s22. And got an Organ. Ave have a piano and 1 am to take music lessons this summer. Avi Lias four eyes and can to see Catherine Smith. Rio. think the letters in the live Stock world Are very Nice. I am 11 years of age. Who can guess my weight our school will begin april 9. My studies Are arithmetic Reading spelling geography history language and writing and i ant going to take physiology this Spring. Tie answer to Jim Edmondson s conundrum is we have a Telephone and an Organ and Ray sister and i arc going to take music lessons. Ellen Jane Hughes. Cory Don. am in the fifth Grade my teachers name is miss Lohr. I am 4 feet 8 inches tall and 10 years old. Can anyone guess my weight i will answer two riddles Tom Bailey your Riddle is a a thrashing and Maybell k. Wilson yours is a fall tie difference in the i will give a Riddle Bent like a Rainbow Teeth like a cat guess All of your life and you can to guess that wishing the club Success. Harry. Your drawing was Good but ought to have been in Ink Geneseo 111.�?i am 12 years old. I have four Sisters. There is something on tie House ten men went up to throw it Down and they and one Man. Went up and threw it Down what runs and runs and never gets to the door As round As an Apple As Steep As a cup and All the Kings and horses can to pull it up a Man Rode Over the Bridge and yet he walked Arhat has ten eyes and can to see there is an Iron House upon the Hill there Are 20 Little niggers in it there Are no doors nor no windows in it Liow can they get out Clara Redman. Pansy Blossom Angela Rohret cat ing Birds Helen Heffron Bird scroll and dog Margartha Christophersen work Earnest Miller Turkey Ethel Birds drinking from tub Ida Phelan Hicks Deer Hannah Peterson boy girl feed ii a Birds Pauline Halliwell and girl fishing Myrtle Symonton elephant by Jessie strike boy feed girl a Ritang Bertha Schuppe. Laura. 111.�?i think the letters Are very interesting. I am 8 years old. I have two Sisters Mildred and Mabel both younger than t. Aah a live on a farm of 180 acres. Papa has 12 horses 80 head of hogs and 15 head of cattle. For pets we have a Little dog and a Kitty. I go to Sci Oil every Day. I have a half mile to go. Our teacher s name is Rosa Douglas. Aah a have 20 scholars. I wish some of the boys and girls would write to me. I will be sure to answer them. I think the drawings Are Nice and will try to Send in something sometime. Goodbye. Everett Bitner. La am 13 years old and live on a farm of 240 acres. I have three Sisters Maggie Hazel Irma also a 3-year-old Colt. I live 1% Miles from school am in the seventh Grade. Papa is feeding a Carload of cattle and co hogs. Catherine Smith s Riddle is a a Edna Younghian a old liens Lay the longest when they Tom Baily your Riddle is a a thrashing achy is a Wise Man like a pin Elza Mecum. Beresford s. .km,�8 years old. I have. To it to Sisters and one Bratli my brother is going to High school at Canton. I go to school every Day there Are 15 scholars in our school. My bisters names Are Blanche and Elsie and my brother a name is Roy. Gladys Parke. Glen Haas in answer to Pineridge Canary a questions Are 1�? a july 4, 1770 2�?�?ofeb. 22, 1732�?� 3�? �?o2.784,677 Square Miles a 4�?�?omt. Everest is 29,002 it answer to some of Lowren Flinne a questions Are a Ohio a i think the answer to Floyd hurdles question is a take the Goose Over come Bock and take the Corn Over bring the Goose Back take the Fox Over and come Back and take the Goose How Many Quot letters a a words a a verses a a a chapters and a a books a has the Bible Lena Kaufman. Have a brother and a sister their names Are Asa and Oftle. Wishing the club Success. Miriam Johnson. Perry am 11 years old and live on a farm of 400 acres. My father feeds Many cattle and hogs. My Brothers ship cattle and hogs nearly every to Chicago. I went to California last december and spent a bout six weeks there and had a line . am 11 year old and have been going to school nearly All the time. Papa shipped a Load of cattle to Chicago in january and is feeding another Load now. We have about 60 head of hogs. I bought six hogs and one calf of papa from the Money Quot which i earned trapping this Winter. Ave a not have school now. It snowed about 10 inches Here saturday night. I have four Sisters and four Brothers their names Are Rosa Alary Bernice Willie Lawrence. Alice Lora and Cit Arles. Ave live seven Miles from the closest town and one mile from school. The name of our school is Fairview. I would like to join your club. Enclosed find a 2-cent stamp for which please Send me a badge Horatio. Livingston. Red Lake 8. am 12 years old. I am in the fifth Reader. My teachers name is miss Lizzie Claudy. Ave live on a ranch. Ave have Over 200 head of cattle and had Over 100 pigs and All our pigs died with a disease. Ave have 105 head of cattle to ship. Ave have 2,000 acres of land. J will Send a drawing. Bertha Taylor. Lena. am 14 years old. I have dark hair and eyes. I am 5 feet 8 inches Tali and weigh about 100 lbs. I have one sister. Iris 10 years of age. I attend school every Day. I live just across the Road from the school House. My teacher is miss Ethel aah ales of Ainslow. This is her second term at Goose neck Ridge. What is it of which we have two every year two new Jeff week andr Ano every Day i would like to have clue Rita a Belleville am 12 years old and am in the seventh Grade. The answer to Nova cannons conundrum is a because they want to hear the hymns Helms a tranche Bel Ckel so a Ashen it is ajar a Jar a Nannice raders Quot life because we All have to give it Harry. Slaters a a Bernard shears a none re Hazel Browne a a Era Reis Lnger a Lawren Flynn the dogs name is i wish some of the Clove rites would Send me a Post card and i would return it. I will close with some conundrums a a a achy is an Oyster Stew like the fourth of july Quot a Why is the chinaman the greatest curiosity on Earth a Charles Wilson. Brimfield 111.�?papa has 11 horses. We milk three cows and have 35 head of hogs. I am 12 years old my birthday is the 18th of june and am in the eighth Grade have six studies. Ethel Reed. Pasadena has been a Long time since i have written to the 4-Leaf Clover club so i thought i would write. I am 12 years old and am in the sixth Grade of the Mckinley school. We live on a lot 66x150 feet. We have two horses and a Little Colt about one month old. Aah a have 15 chickens and one Little Bantam Hen on nine eggs which she Laid herself. We have two rabbits and four pigeons also a dog named Ponto. Ashleigh Chamberlain. Midland City. 111.�?this is my first letter to the club. I heard my cousins talk about the club and i thought i would write. I am 12 years old and go to school almost every Day. I did not go Friday because it was raining. My brother and i walk 1% Miles. Aly brother set name is Carl Smith he is 8 years old. My teach Eros name is miss Nellie m. Hocker. There Are 14 scholars in the school. I like to read the letters of the club. Cecyle n. Smith. Ave Chester 111.�?i read the let ters in the live Stock world. I think they Are All right my teachers name is a. C. Campbell. I am 14 years old. I have Blue eyes dark hair and fair complexion. I have two Sisters their names Are Pearl and Lois have a Colt her name is allude. Papa shipped his cattle a Short time ago have a a phone and free mail de livery. The weather is very cold at present. 1 have not had a Sleigh ride this Winter. Arhat is the longest word in the English language i will put it in Ray letter next time. With Best wishes to All i will close. If i am Welcome i will write again j. Russell Mclaughlin. Micah think the letters Are very interesting. I am in sixth Grade. I am 12 years old and have Black eyes and dark hair. I weigh about g5 lbs and am 4 feet 5 inches tall. 1 live on a farm of 265 acres. Papa is feeding 300 head of hogs and 90 head of cattle and 32 head horses. The answer to Henry Slat Eros Riddle is a four the answer to Florence suters is a a negro Riding on a Bay horse with a Kettle on his answer to Raymond Fletcher a is a an old Partridge with six Young ones going through the carcass of a dead lion. I will close by sending some conundrums what is nearest a dog not to be a dog Arhat is the difference Between a Bald headed Man and a Raister Ethlyne Godman. Elkhart 111.�?it has been snowing very hard Here today. Papa is feeding two carloads of cattle and about 60 hogs. To thinks the paper is just Fine for the Market have a pet dog. We live on a farm of 820 acres. I have Light hair and Blue eyes. I am 5 feet 2 inches tall. I am in the seventh Grade at school Atlantic have been receiving your letters in tie live Stock world since Spring and anxiously look Forward for the thursday paper for i like to read the letters that the girls and boys write and study the answers to the conundrums. I have found answers to several of them. Ashen get the paper i write them Down in my composition Book and then in the next paper i look for the answers. These Are the ones i found i think Bertha love Glass is a a negro a and Harry Slater s is four ducks Ray Fitzpatrick a is a Money a by Ulm a Church Illus is a a Silver Quot orm Swarttz a Lse a a Rio am 11 years of age. Our school is out and we will have four weeks of vacation. I have six studies. I have one sister and two Brothers. I will come again if i May. Ellen Jane Hughes. Amp ome big ranches. The enormous profits that can be gained from farming will probably break up the big ranches in this part of the country. The land is becoming too valuable for pasturage says w. E. Curtis in record Herald. The largest ranch remaining in the United states belongs to the Farwell family of Chicago and their associates. It covers five counties in the Panhandle of Texas. John a. Farwell Charles b. Farwell Abner Taylor and a. C. Babcock of Chicago built a for Texas some years ago which Cost them $3,-000,000, and received in payment 3,-000,000 acres of land which is now known As the x. I. T. Ranch. Colonel c. C. Slaughter owns the largest individual ranch North of the Rio grande�?1,400,000 acres on the staked Plains of Western Texas. There Are however several much larger spots of land belonging to single owners on the Southern Side of that River. Colonel Slaughter is a son of Captain in general Sam Houston a army and in the Early �?T50a, drove ninety two head of Louisiana cattle across the state of Texas and bought a ranch which spreads Over 1,875 Square Miles. Charles goodnight has a ranch thirty Miles Square in the Panhandle. Mrs. Adair owns one nearly As Large in the same neighbourhood. The largest ranches in Southern Texas Are the st. Gertrude which covers 1,250,000 acres and the la Para which has 800.000. They were taken up about the same time shortly after the mexican War by Captain Mifflin Kennedy a Mississippi Steamboat Man and Richard King Liis Pilot whte did Good service during that struggle. Both added to their holdings afterwards until they became the most important land owners in the United states. When Captain King died a few years ago he left the property to his widow and it has since been managed by his son in Law Robert j. Kleberg while Cap Tain Kennedy a son John Kennedy is now the owner and manager of the la Para. He has 40,000 pure bred cattle fenced in with 560 Miles of wire Fence and cared for by 300 mexican ranchers. He usually ships about ten thousand fat steers to Market every season. Us. Seed co a fully tented seed Coin grown in the world a famous . We Ara the growers of the world a Champion far of a in it a t Conover Trio Chicago comm Silon my for Wodo nit a,.r 1 Quot it Abi Uzi a Ell com at rate to plead you. Send for samples and Cate Quot a Ross amp Ferrel. Will tilt mention thu Uve Stock Wolly it classified advertisements read Mem. Write for free booklets. If done to find that. You want write almanacs. Write us for our Fra almanac which in cent for a 1-ecnt Eta Tnp to cover Pottage. Stude Hakr Bro. Mfg. Co., dept. To South . 8uilding material. Etc. 100,000,000 feet thoroughly seasoned lumber from the Avold a fair at st. Louis bought by us. Bend us your lumber Bills for our estimate. Ask for catalogue no. 572. Chicago House wrecking co., Chicago. Butcher8 a packers 8upplie3 h. A. Born p. 8. Co., Bra. Chical sole agents. Cream Binder flour the world 3e�t. Is usage filler spices owing a to. Clothing at the yard8. Trunk Valise men a and boys clothing hat Caps collars neckwear and leather goods. Better and cheaper than Down town. Ask tour commission Man about us. Olson clothing co. 837-841 Root by opposite the Ross hotel Chicago. Eastern Colorado land8. I own and control 40,001 acres Prai re lands in Cheyenne and Lincoln counties Colorado. Price. 5.00 to 17.00 per Acra. Special Price made in wholesale tracts. Address w. J. Orchart Mankato Minn. Cotton seed meal and cake. Eagle Brand Cotton seed meal has been tried by the big cattle feeders and been found satisfactory. Manufactured and sold by Roberts. Ruffin co., Memphis Tenn. Corn planter Black Hawk Corn plaster the original and first successful Edge drop com planter made. Sold All Over the world. Over 40.000 now in use. We actually do what other planters Are claimed to do. Manufactured by the d. M. Sechler Carriage co., Moline 111. Cream separators. 6harple8�?T tubular separators Ara Best by test write for catalogue no. 209. Sharpies separator co., Westchester pa., Toronto can., Chicago. Iii. Ear labels and Button sheep dips worm remedies Etc. Labels 41-00 per-100 up. Milk Oil dip for All animals 41.00 per Gall. Summers worm powders 7-lb Pkt 81.00. Tox Allne worm cure it.50 per quart. Tattoo markers branding paint poultry supplies dipping tanks Etc. All goods guaranteed. Catalogue free. F. S. Burch amp co., 177 Illinois st. Chicago. Educational. Any you no Man woman contemplating taking a business course of instruction in Bryant amp Stratton a business College of Chicago. Should write to tho advertising department of the live Stock world because you May save some Money on your tuition. Free b00k8. Kol Sulphur scores again at american Royal show. Exclusive disinfectant manufactured by Geo. Moore Supply co. Originator of dip and dipping tanks for Alvo Stock. Send for Book. It is free. 1414 West 14th st. Kansas City to. A Camo dip Quot prevents hog cholera. Preferred for hogs sheep cattle. Our new trap tank captivate a. Armstrong k. Munson Des Moines ia., 2d and grand a. Write for our free Book on hog sheep and cattle dipping. It tells just what Yon want to know on this subject. Marshall of co. Bos 45, Marshalltown la. Free a veterinary adviser a a Chicken Chat Quot and a a piggies writs for these Fres booklets. Zenner disinfectant co., 42 Bates st Detroit. Mich. Minnesota lands. For Salei,.� water county. Mini .-., a a a a a a a has Timber , to a �?z.,v a a will sell in one Emma terms. Address a. A Minn. Nursery. 10 Apple treks , 4grapevines Best Hardy Mil ,l1 Norway Spruce at sl.00. Cousin nurseries. Union it a two pleating. Pleating All kinds rut in Button. Send for Prelec in the Goldman pleating co., list. Phy8iciams. . J. P. Bernet. Specialist in diseases of 1 48 e. Van Burn is hours 9a.m.to 8 . Sundays,3a-api Road and breaking Ca the famous fra7ikr carts 1 ul0 Colts and general use Are Unen uak 1 for catalogue l. W. S. 1 Aurora 111. Also 371 Wuhan refrigerators and fix till h. A. Born p. S. Co. Ste. Headquarter for ant 1 8tock ranches sacrifice if sold at of kit Railroad station at Coni a. Pii 48x98, basement under All. Lion horse Bam Etc. Watered by splendid Hay. Grass and to Vail .d. 110,000, easy terms. i. Lands when there me such Here in a sure crop country. It e to Octa .1. K. Ill la 171 Washington e t. Seed Corn. First class seer Corn Shipp d 11 approval. Special rat on on id Hus still catalogue and prices write Ruosi amp petrel ragout a. Scales. Hows Hall bearing scale. 5-ton pm Alwil steel Frame compound i am special Catalogna write Lowe stale , c he Premium Seales of the world. Ofa is at All Block shows and exam maa i reasonable. Information free. i co. Chicago. 111. 8tocks and Bonds. 140.000 capital Stock for fail shares of ii each. Nov in a in mule and Stock ran Entine. Neb. Tills st a ii pm i1 from 15 to 20 per cent will hear a a a it Olga ton Chicago and Atli a late a commercial agencies. Por pm a a a in Al write to be. A. Sul to 28. Is via f Stock Yards savings Bank we Issue certificates and intern a a Ings deposits As follows i per rest of. 2v4 per cent on 4 months. I a i months deposits the Stock Tot 3 Bank. 4170 South Ilal sted st. 5. Prex 3. A. Spoor. Mee Prex. A a Gerald. Cashier. we manufacture and f you Quot Van supplies. Write for Catalon a. Book. Central Telephone amp wet a and Lucas av., st. Louis. To. Send your name for free Booklet. A the care of Moore chemical a mfg. Co., 1514 Geneseo st Kansas City to. Fences wire. Buy Fence direct from factory made at Best galvanized steel wire. Continuous stay. 19 Days free trial. We freight. Advance Fence co., 4900 old st pearls it gasoline engines. High Grade engines for All purposes a a portable. Pumping irrigating stationary. Write for general catalogue. Waterloo motor works. Waterloo Iowa. A new grass. The new Teneriffe Canary Grasa seems to be attracting a great Deal of attention throughout the country and believing that our subscribers would be interested in testing this new candidate for Public favor we have made arrangements with the introduces to Send a Small Sample of the seed free to any of our readers who desire it. A postal card request addressed to the Iowa seed co., Des Moines ia., is sufficient providing you mention this paper and they will also Send directions for culture and a copy of their Large illustrated seed catalogue. It is claimed that Teneriffe Canary grass has produced Over $60 Worth of seed per acre besides an excellent Hay crop and we believe that it will All Farmers to give it a trial. A the seeds that yield Are sold by Field a is no lie. We really wish every Reader of the live Stock world would Send to Henry Field Box 41, Shenandoah ia., and get a free copy of his seed Book. A postal card May save you a Good Many dollars. Be sure to but on a Box 41�?� that is the number . Field has set aside for the live Stock world rent and we want him to know that a your Folkar a stand a by the paper Don t we special Price on our . P. Gasoline farm engine All Complete on skids ready to run Only 4125. Witte gasoline engine co. 7 amp canal st Chicago. Help wanted male. Young men for firemen and Btu men on railways High wages Quick promotion experience unnecessary firemen get 4100, become engineers brakeman get 475, become conductors hundreds of Good positions now open. Call write nearest office for full particulars today. National railway training assn., Paxton Block Omaha neb., Ridge baud Long Kansas City to. Hay presses. Horse and engine Power presses-3 sizes 14x18, 10x18, and 17x22. Write for catalogues. David Bradley mfg. Co., Bradley 111., d. S. A. Hide8. Cow hide profit. If you Havo a horse cow. Calf Mula dog hide done to sell it but get a blogger profit on it after it is Mado up into a manufactured article such As a Robe a fur coat a pair of mittens anything. Send your raw hides and furs to us. Northwestern bobs a tanning co., Stout if you have the hide of a steer horse dog you want tanned for Robe write for Price list and circular. First class work guaranteed. Reference first National Bank of Chicago. Edwatd v. Engle Halstod and North Branch sts., Chicago. Lumber�?door8�?windows. From Tbs manufacturer direct to the con Sumer at wholesale prices. Write for our delivered prices on House and barn Billa. Send Lik dumber cps a u. Yartmgo. Virginia and Wisconsin land for sale.-100 Nice Nice towns Good soil 1 i Ter 45 to 4> ? wit a a he a a the Denning wire Cedar rapids Iowa iimb1 of wind Mills write at once. S. Beeman a m18c e l l ane0u s. Tumour blood Nib cures scours write for Chica Armour fertilizer voila for Colorado lands to Rita Jurj Council Bluffs a j g for Southern Lantohi-99 Dearborn st. Win a 225 Dearborn for Nebr was Colorado a for chess st a
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