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Chicago Illinois Issue Newspaper Archives May 11 1906, Page 9

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Chicago Illinois Issue (Newspaper) - May 11, 1906, Chicago, Illinois The Illinois Issue Dixon mayor assaults minister executive uses fists in chastising reverend critic of official record mayor Edwards of Dixon has come before the people of the state As a chastised of people and especially ministers who advocate Law and order. The Rev. J. P. Newton pastor of the Peoples Church at Dixon had written an article which did not suit the mayor. Passing through the John Dixon Park or. Newton was hailed by mayor Edwards who left his own porch and ran across the Street to the Edge of the Park. Excusing himself or. Newton turned Back to answer the executive. Just across the Street from Edwards residence the two men met. With the words a what did you mean by that article you wrote a or. Edwards aimed a blow at or. Newton. The latter seized the mayors arms. Threatening to kill the reverend gentleman the mayor struggled to free himself. During the struggle or. Newton received a Light blow on the forehead cutting a Small Gash. The readers of the Issue will want to know the contents of the article that so aroused the mayor and we there fore print it in full a towing to the Rush and crowding of duties i have neglected somewhat my series of articles and especially what i had in mind to say of the dealings of the ministers with the mayor. It is a Story briefly told and one that All our citizens will be pleased to know. A of course there Are Many things nothing dishonourable to anyone which cannot be told without violation of personal Confidence and that is a thing i have no wish to do. But the facts in the matter As Well As the motive and spirit of it All and also the results ought to be made known in the interest of a perfect understanding of men and events. A it was not unknown to us that the mayor aspired to a state office and our Effort All along was to be Frank with him and careful for him so Ais not to do anything that would in any Way mar his honorable and High ambition. To that end and with that feeling we decided to take his Honor into full Confidence in the matter of getting a secret Man to ferret out Law violations in the City. Among those of us who knew the mayor there was no objection to this plan but As All will testify a most emphatic endorsement of it As the fair and Square thing to do. Naturally the pastors who were new to the City and who did not know the mayor could not say one Way or the other but they hastened to fall in with the suggestion when we told them what manner of Man we believed the mayor to be and of our absolute Confidence in him. A in this spirit we went to his Honor and told him freely and frankly what we had done and what we intended to do assuring him that we had Confidence in him and that we wanted him to feel that we were working with him and not against him and that we were trying to help him and not to Hurt him. He seemed to approve our plan of get Ting a secret Many indeed i think he said that he had some thoughts of doing that himself and promised to do All within his Power to further our undertaking to Success. He was deeply appreciative of our Confidence in him As a Man and As a Public official. A was to the stand the mayor took or rather his failure to take a stand i for one and i think i speak for the other ministers was disappointed. I do not impugn his integrity his motive or his character. I know that the whole affair put him in a close and hard place and i also know that he tried to do what he thought was Best for ally himself included. I do not chide him for a few mistakes or what seemed to me to be mistakes in this or that or the other detail. In the same position i am sure that i would have made More errors than he did for i have capacity in that direction. Nor do i complain because he did not accomplish impossible things that were foolish. But we had every right and reason to expect that he would take a firm and decided stand one Way or the other. A of course i know that his temper ment leads him to Trust More to tact than to More direct methods and his training As a teacher and As a superintendent of teachers and pupils has schooled him in the use of diplomacy. In this there is nothing to censure and everything to Admire. To do a thing by indirection and strategy is much better than to go at it with Hammer and tongs. A but there comes a time in the life of a Man when the die is cast and he must take a firm stand and let it be known where he is. I wanted the mayor to take such a stand and i Felt sure that on a Plain Issue of Law and order he would stand on the right Side. I say it most reluctantly and with deep regret that he did not come up to my reasonable expectation. A now hear a proof of this when the Case of the Bank Saloon came up the mayor requested the Council to revoke the License. But in the Kennedy Case he made no such request. He did say that he wanted the matter settled that night and settled right but he did not say which Way was right or what ought to be done. I went away deeply disappointed that the mayor sat on the Fence in an attitude of judicial Calm instead of acting the part of a Leader. I Felt then and i feel now that he let pass one of the Best opportunities he will Ever have. A and yet perhaps it is not too late now for his Honor to let the whole Community know for once and All the time in a Way to dispel any Shadow of doubt by act As Well As by word where lie stands on this matter. For example when the Kennedy Case comes up before the City Council again if it Ever does it will be an Opportunity for file major to make his wants and wishes known. A it seems to me that considering his position and character As a Many to say nothing of his aspirations there is but one stand for the mayor to take. The men who line up on the other Side of so Plain an Issue of Law enforcement must be either Law Breakers friends of Law Breakers or men who do not care at All whether the Law is enforced or not. I do not think of any other kind of Man who could stand on that Side if the liquor men take that stand they give us to know that they Are deliberately set against the Law and order and the enforcement of Law and that they do not mean to obey the Law if they can help it. It is Well for us to know that that is the View they take. A the mayor tells us that he has issued orders to the chief of police repeatedly that the Laws be enforced. The men of the police Force say that they Are awaiting orders. There seems to be a hitch somewhere and the fingers All Point to the chief of police. I do not wish to seem unreasonable. I stood by and defended the chief of police in the Public press during one of the hot campaigns some years ago. I believed in him and Felt that he had been accused unjustly. But if it be True that he will not cannot or does not do his duty he ought to be removed in favor of a Man who will do his duty. It is time for the people of this City to know what is the matter and who is to blame. A assuring the mayor and chief of police that All we want under the Blue sky in this matter 4s to know where they stand As regards enforcing the Law and then to see and know that they do actually enforce Aye help them do it if need be assuring them of this i also assure them of my kindest regards. A Joseph for the above article the mayor of Dixon threatened to kill the writer. Now then what will the decent element of Dixon do at the next City election nine merchants of Wyoming county w. Va., have been fined for Selling an easy one a speak every Day to someone who you know is your Superior a said Edward Everett Hale. An easy duty. If your wife is not at Home say something to the City journal. And still they drink it i it most of the aforesaid 391,641 barrels did not contain real i whisky but variously proportioned mixtures of Terre haute and Peoria spirits prune juice raw beef soap Green Tea and other ingredients sorrowfully included by lord Bryon under the i generic designation of and bottles Indianapolis i ind. A Ltd it

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