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Chicago Illinois Issue Newspaper Archives Mar 30 1906, Page 7

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Chicago Illinois Issue (Newspaper) - March 30, 1906, Chicago, Illinois The Illinois Issue 5 thugs and tramps her sunday brawls and lawlessness her sunday court trials and jails her sunday poorhouse and asylums. My what a loss lost the sunday crime Mill lost the privilege of increasing taxes and extending the franchise to crime. Lost the privilege of losing a million a year by saloons. Awful poor St. Louis and so the a a champions goes on with its Little Wail a tiny bit of sorry. This is what it says a St. Louis is paying dearly for its sunday closing. Comptroller j. Y. Player in his third quarterly report for the fiscal year of 1905-6, says a a a the falling off in the receipts from dram shop licenses continues with unabated regularity. In my last quarterly report i estimated that the decrease in Revenue from this source would approximate $60,000. From present indications the decrease will More nearly approximate $100,000.�?T a this does not include All the loss such As the loss of rent to property owners the Money spent in nearby towns and elsewhere. Surely governor Folk has been a Faker and a dismal failure with his Reform. Stop does anyone hear of governor Folk now a governor Hanly of Indiana estimates that it Cost the state of Indiana last year $100,000 simply to pay the turnkey and to Supply the Board of men in the county jails under the charge of of the a a champions Sheds tears for the town with a a a lid the a Champion of fair play is again out with a Bushel of sympathy for St. Louis. It is so sorry that the liquor traffic is not allowed to pay $100,000 into the Treasury of St. Louis and so get permission to ruin seven Days out of the week the manhood of that City. Just think of it St. Louis loses by sunday closing a whole Hundred thousand dollars. Poor St. Louis what a loss in addition to this she loses her sunday drunks her sunday crime her sunday debauchery her sunday desecration her sunday police expense her Sunda the crime of License by p. A. Baker general superintendent of the anti Saloon league. The policy of licensing the liquor traffic in this country is a colossal crime. It is one method of securing Revenue to build and support our governmental machinery. It is an easy method. It is Safe Safe for the politician. The legislator turns to it because the traffic is vile and unpopular. It keeps him in favor with the tax dodging Well to do and the Saloon keeper dare not object lest a worse calamity overtake him. Hence As the increased extravagance and graft in government cry for More Revenue the legislator turns to this easy victims easy because it is immoral and therefore illegal and shears it yet again. A few Good people foolishly talk about this License plan As a lessening the evils of the traffic by increasing its burdens which in fact Only sets the ingenuity of the Vendor at work to devise new Means for robbing his debauched patrons. No License has Ever been made High enough to a Lessen the evils of the traffic. We invite the attention of the a doubting Thomases to the cities and states where the License is High and compare them with other cities and states. In every place in this country where the evils Are lessened it is the result of the prohibitory feature of a restrictive Law whether it be in states that have a High or Low License. I spent a couple of Days and nights recently in a Vermont Village of considerably less than three thousand inhabitants. It had four saloons. Three of them paid a License fee of $1,100 each and the fourth which was a bottle House paid $1,250 License. I have not seen More drunkenness and lawlessness in any town of the same size with twice that number of saloons. The keeper of the hotel at which i stopped Over the Sabbath was a keeper of one of these saloons and the devices to which this Man and his clerks resorted to sell liquor on the Sabbath amounted almost to real Genius. Sleep was practically impossible on saturday night owing to the brawling drunkenness about the place. The town is Small and the surrounding country is sparsely settled and the proprietors of these grog shops work incessantly to make sales. The License system lays the Burden of Revenue upon those less Able to Bear it As in the Vermont Village referred to. Four fifths of the patrons of these saloons were Labouring men a Granite and Marble cutters. Those who had families were taking the very necessities from their wives and children and pouring them into the Treasury of the Village and state and in addition making possible a Lazy living for the Law breaker who sold them liquor. What a spectacle it is for the City and state to collect Revenue from the weakness and wickedness of the More ignorant and depraved of their citizenship the schoolhouses we erect the streets we pave and the waterworks we build with this Money that drips with the very hearts blood of the helpless will be looked upon by coming generations As a Monument of the nations chief sin and shame the cruelty of a half civilized people. A woe to him that build eth a town with blood and establish eth a City by we Are told that this traffic should Aid in bearing the burdens of its own ravages. How can it do this How can it Bear the burdens of the father and Mother when the son is brought Home drunk or stabbed or shot or worse still himself a murderer How can it Bear the burdens of the wife when her husband who at the altar plighted the sacred vows that made them one has become cruel Soden and in brute and in whom every tender word look and act has been effaced How can it Bear the burdens of childhood starved Frozen unschooled and unloved robbed of a fair Chance in the race of life How can a few worse than tainted dollars help Bear the burdens of these stricken ones a to a exclaims the High taxis a that is it is not sentiment. It is relentless cruel awful truth. A Well a says another a the License builds and maintains asylums and yes and it fills them too. But where is the Burden bearing in it there is not much Comfort to the wife whose husband has been slain by bandits to know that his executioners saved her any doctors Bills and paid funeral expenses. Nor does it Comfort the friends of the insane who were made so by drink to know that the state which has taken the victims Money in a form of Revenue pays Back a part of it in looking after his wrecked life but even arguing As a cold blooded dollars and cents proposition it does not Bear one Quarter of the Burden it creates. The traffic shortens life weakens its victims and lessens their efficiency while they live it creates paupers and Breeds criminals it impoverishes the nation in manhood and morals wherever it touches it it is a private upon the High seas of Commerce which lives by Harpoon ing every honorable business and leaves in its train a fearful exhibition of withered and spoiled Beauty. The most unjust feature of the whole License system is that it compels millions of people to be partakers of the ill gotten License blood Money who do not want to be partakers of it. They Are forced by governmental policies to teach their children to be sober while they Are schooling them in a building every Brick of which is marked with the saloons tribute and they Are taught by teachers who Are compelled to receive a part of their pay from it. The Church itself is forced to teach patriotism for and loyalty to a government which every hour of the Day violates the holiest sentiments it preaches. What is the remedy let the men and women of America who Are unwilling participators in this crime lift their voices and spare not for the most Radical repression and the speediest ultimate suppression of the beverage traffic in intoxicating liquors. Columbus o

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