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Chicago Heights Chicago Heights Star Newspaper Archives Jan 8 1967, Page 1

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Chicago Heights Star (Newspaper) - January 8, 1967, Chicago Heights, Illinois Christmas doll May be dangerous officials warn District last to act of High Board to discuss pc link monday the Homewood Flossmoor High school Board of education is expected to discuss monday night whether it will support action to affiliate with the Bloom or Thornton Junior High school districts. Board president Earl c. Johnson jr., said he Hopes the Board a will come to some consensus soon As to i what it will recommend to the Community in regard to joining a Junior College District. Homewood Flossmoor lies geographically about Halfway Between Thornton and Bloo see Page ib-6 Chicago Heights Star Skyline 5-6161 6fith year 58 pages five sections Skyline 5-6161 sunday january 8. 1967 ten cents per single copy a no 81 $2,000 Reward Lone gunman robs Driver of mail bags a Lone gunman robbed a mail collector of six bags of letters Bloom Junior College program Pun my Junior colleges. The Only for Mally expressed sentiment on i the Board has been in favor of a single Junior College District for the South suburban area. % a however a single Junior wednesday night near Parnell i College District does not seem and 17th streets in Chicago Likely in the immediate future Heights. 1 and the h f Board is now faced a to our knowledge there was with choosing Between the two no value involved in the letters. I schools if it is to Quot affiliate with it was merely a pickup of mail a Junior College District. In the residential areas of East last week the Rich township Chicago Heights and s us Vil j High school and Crete Monee Lage reported Melvin Vin districts supported petition love assistant Chicago hights gathering action to obtain state postmaster approval for an election to join a Reward of $2,000 is being of tile Bloom Junior College Dis feed for information leading to strict. Baby is reluctant to Star the arrest and conviction of the Thornton fractional and Bre person or persons responsible men Bave similar action for the robbery Vinlove said. 110 j0jn be Thornton Junior col. N. Lege District. The mail collector. Steven Hannagan 19, of 311 Nokomis Ltha a leaves he am a Park Forest told police that he a a Quot ,50ulh a Urban High school districts without some was getting Back into his Post office jeep when a Man a Rica Tion that it will affiliate preached the vehicle. With a Junior College. Hannagan thought the Man. to give him a letter Huta a in link f the robber pulled a revolver and entered the jeep. The gunman ordered Hannagan to drive West on 16th Street to Center Avenue then make a left turn onto Center. At 17th Street the Bandit who wore a Black leather coat and a b ack hat ordered Hannagan to drive eat on 17th Street and turn into an Alley running along Parnell to 17th Street. 1965 state Laws require thai High school districts not affiliated with a Junior College District must pay a Large portion of the tuition of District students who attend a Junior College. This has caused financial problems for a number of Dis riots Many of which have had to divert Money needed for the High school educational pro amidst the Glare of lights and Whir of the cameras a a baby made her television debut Friday. The 90 Pound lioness cub which was purchased by a Crete cocktail lounge owner who grew tired of having his establishment burglarized was filmed by television Crews while her owner James Bennett talked with interviewer Johnny Erp of a May television in Chicago. Public attention was first drawn to a a baby in a Story in the Star december 29 since then she has been photographed by three Chicago newspapers and has received National coverage by United press International. Being a female a a baby turned out to be a temperamental television Star. First she remained in a hallway at the rear of the lounge watching the cameramen coyly. She failed to move toward the cameras. After much coaxing with a can of dog food Bennett a brought the lion under the lights in front of a Pool table in the lounge and the interview began. A sudden movement by a lighting technician however and she was gone again. Before the interview was completed a a baby had consumed two cans of food and was being chided by Erp for . A a she keeps showing the Back of her head a an exasperated cameraman said this necessitated a third can of food and a retake with the lioness lying at Erps feet while the animal ate nonchalantly at the dog food. Bennett told the television people for Channel 5 that he will get rid of a a baby Only if ordered to do so by a court. Bennett was summoned Bennett coaxes a a baby toward the to cameras thursday to appear in court for a maintaining and keeping upon the premises a wild and dangerous beast in the form of a Large and partially grown he is scheduled to appear in the 12th judicial court of will county january 24. A i will explain to the court that the lion is no More dangerous than a German Shepherd continued on Page 4 teenage smoking and the Law by Margaret Anderson i secret of its opposition to to Legal for persons under 18 to teenager to have his Mother or i schools provide such instruct it is against state Law for acco a rets Between the Ages of parents try to shift their operate them. The roller got out of the Kram a w tuition of the jul ass Emp Lovel Thror he sex Nile be , Levy responsibility on this. A Park bit parents who oppose mail bags out the thief then or the it in oven a xes an school cigarettes on lands used for Forest police Hie Wil. Ai l their children smoking complain Man tags oui. In i n districts within the College Dis Piff pc purposes or in any pub Hamby said. A they even blame that the Young people still Are father come Down and get their Tion and recognize the Law con own dered Hannagan.,a straight to the Post office and to it Are absolved of this re ii place 0f business. Done to Stop because someone will Sponski Biliie. It is also against state Law be following you a us. Pf0? Daiil. P f a for anyone to provide cigarettes the police chief said when his men see a minor smoking they warn the person he is breaking the Law and confiscate Hannagan no iced a ins Quot before Maki,n8 a parked West on 17th Street with As to what it will recommend its parking tights on As he drove Community away. He told police it May have been a 1960 Oldsmobile a we Haven really had a police said they checked the 8��d heart to heart talk with area but falling Snow covered the citizens committee headed stores for Selling cigarettes to Able to get cigarettes their one such Mother said her a in Lri fun Aaron Spitzer director of 14-year-old son told her he was his cigarettes. But Hamby feels have to do a lot of tour search j a a a persons Quot Between seven and Public and professional educable to Purchase cigarettes Al trea Cally tis a a few to . Ii re Tion american cancer society s several places on the Park for or a parental control. Is although at least one school his 3uv la i i a a von to Aii on Tow Styk o Liu in Nae Milf in in a inac Kerning teenage smoking by prohibiting it on school property for the most part enforcement comes about by asking faculty members to step into washrooms when they have a expect 30 men to enrol Bloom Community College will be the site of a four week police training Institute which will begin february 20. College Board members thursday approved participation in the program. It is expected to Cost the school nothing. Chicago Heights police chief Mark Orlick will be director. The Institute is under supervision of the Illinois local governmental Law enforcement officers training Board. It is one of Many which have been or will be offered through the state and the course is standardized. Explaining the Institute before the College Board Mervin g. Of Melia executive director of the training Board predicted that the Institute will enrol about 30 men from suburban Chicago. Most of the teaching Load will be taken by police officers who have had instruction experience he said. The College will provide classroom space on the first floor of Wallace House unless other space opens before the Institute does. College instructors will teach the social studies aspects of the curriculum. Trainees will eat at the High school cafeteria. The College will charge $125 per Man tuition which will be paid by the communities that Send them. The communities in turn can recover half of this for each policeman who completes training. Third in a series most of the tracks. Postal Nuth continued on Page 4 basketball win creates problem at Bloom College Bloom Community colleges. Basketball Success has put the i by or. Robert Marschner a Johnson added. Marschner former member. ,.and president of the Home Lof whether children under Sev an n Ait Henri a i pm tar tint Wood Flossmoor Board headed an and hoc study committee named to discuss the possibility of forming a single Junior College District composed of seven High school districts with Bloom 18 years old or to allow j persons to use ones premises a for the purpose of indulging in the use of these statutes were passed by the Illinois general Asse rn-1 he huh Bly in 1907 and they Are the Hli Nois division said it police subject of a number of ques enfold the est Plaza and that in one Case How can you enforce a Law relies mostly on the Honor sys one Hundred sixty hours the operator of the business i prohibiting something that is tem. Of Classwork will be offered five establishment helped him get generally acceptable to the pub that schools newspaper i a it is a week. Cigarettes when the machine he a Hamby asked. However hinted editorially on courses will include search failed to work properly. My St educators agree that october 21 that the Honor svs seizure a Vij a rights Crimi she s us Lier son also told her teena8ers have to decide for tem seemed to work better. A. Of ,.mi? to smoking statutes some places on the Plaza sold themselves whether or not to and the air in washrooms be would by Load cigarettes to minors who show-1 smelled cleaner a Ter he Prin ions including the obvious one Jim a notes stating Quot the Quot cigarettes iof research linking cancer and Cipal warned there would be no and that wont solve the prob were for their parents. . A i Day uness in Are authorized under this Law to smoke. Enl Ether most police officials regard smoking among teenager Hamby said notes whether responsibility to provide in Ingn the building stopped and police in most South suburb forged or legitimate did not Slas a n he she Al 5afeter,a were left ban communities ask business make the Sale of cigarettes Tor _. I is cluttered. Is to keep cigarette machines minors Legal out of the Way to discourage a a you re still furnishing Cigar the state of Illinois takes this position in its school code \ handful of schools in As a matter of education and minors from purchasing cigarettes to that person with or Squires that students by a a Nois however have Given school on the spot although a Small spot. Be United into a single school. This committee composed of parental control not a matter Given instruction concerning a the nature of alcoholic drinks the. College basketball team i Quot vet from to seven brought Home a foot and a half Marble and Metal trophy As champions of the Thornton Holiday tourney. Since its the colleges first trophy there a no place to put it. The Marker thursday rested on a desk in the College office. A a very significant problem a said one viewer facetiously. Take Over $500 irettes. Vending machine com without the note a Hamby said for the Law the american can panties also provide decals for a most businessmen in be talked a her society which makes no i their machines stating it is ii to say their policy is to Tell the on the a Buman system a districts lacked unanimity As to whether a single Junior College District should be formed at this time and urged High school districts to begin alternative arrangements. The committees final report has just reached the Board. Johnson said and members continued on Page 4 gunmen bind custodians loot of High Safe police reported no sound leads saturday in the search for three gunmen who invaded Homewood Flossmoor High school Early Friday bound two custodians and looted a school Safe of More than $500. Flossmoor police said the bandits used an acetylene Torch taken from the school s Industrial education department to carve out the combination on the Safe stuffed the Money in a Brown leather briefcase also stolen from the school then fled North on ked Zie Avenue in one custodians . That getaway Auto was abandoned almost immediately. Police said the men apparently switched to another Auto they had parked near 186th Street and Kedzie Avenue in Homewood. A a a neither of the custodians 43 and 51 years old was Hurt. Police withheld their names at the request of school officials. The gunmen each armed with i calibre automatic pistols and wearing handkerchief masks were in the school about two hours from i to 3 . The two custodians freed themselves from their Bonds within half an hour after the robbers left and called police. Flossmoor police investigators said the men apparently gained entry to the school located at Flossmoor Road and Kedzie Avenue by slashing a four foot Slit in the fabric Wall of the gym Annex on the East Side of the Plant. They then removed the pins from the connecting door to the main gymnasium. They forced one of the night custodians to Lead them to the continued on Page 4 up on attempts to police smoking in the buildings and instead have set aside specific places on school ground As a smoking in one Case the area was James Hannum Legal adviser in the Cook county superintendent of schools office said no specific reference to. Cigarettes is made in the code in a Snoke were ban but school authorities agreed to the boiler room that tobacco is included in the this permissive attitude is in term Sharp contrast to a generation All South suburban High ago when smoking by teenagers involved an element of daring and it was not unusual for Medure vehicle and traffic Law traffic control and Accident investigation techniques of obtaining physical evidence court testimonies statements reports firearms training first Aid handling of juvenile officers Law of evidence and physical training Orlick who had responsibility for a similar program in Detroit mich., before coming to Illinois in 1960, said that the Content of the two was very much alike. This Institute is intended to train policemen. The Chicago Heights chief voiced Hope that new Mach officers to be announced newly elected officers and Board members of the manufacturers association of Chicago Heights will be announced at the associations both annual dinner meeting january outside the door of the school the program would Spur and cafeteria. In another students banned command training or even a two year Junior College police training program. A Chicago Heights will Send six men to school and Park Forest plans to Send four Orlick said. Others will come from As churches to take a stand on it far away As Glen Ellyn and continued on Page 4 j continued on Page 4 three Day event Bloom drama festival opens thursday night. Bloom s three Day a festival of plays opens thurs Chi it at 0 ,3 country a an j runs through saturday. Time for All three is the new s ate scheduled to 8.15 . Be announced by Gilfry Ward Obi neg for the festival Are the f Reshman soph president of Amsco division of Omore division the Junior self dogs paid income tax a Honey a two year old great Dane owned by a Glenwood family would be a potential millionaire. Her great litter of is pups was born on new years eve a in time to have been claimed As exemptions on 1966 income tax forms. Unfortunately for her Ibex corporation chairman of n or division and the drama the nominating committee and class of Bloom Junior College. A past president of the Assoc a each of the three evenings Tion will consist of president three one act plays will be Crevice president treasurer and seated. Two directors. The new officials will share scheduled for thursday is responsibility with five Holdover by Tad Mosel directors for guiding the Asso presented by the Junior senior elation in 1967. Division a the lottery a by Brainerd Duffield from a Story another feature of the by Shirley Jackson presented meeting will be presentation of by the freshman Sophomore i the associations 1966 a citizen vision and a the marriage pro of the year Quot award for out-1 postal a by Anton Chekov also standing service to the com by the freshman Sophomore disunity. The nomination period vision. For the award will close tues fridays three one actors Are Day. A the Bald Soprano a by eur guest speaker at the annual Gene Ionescu presented by the dinner will be Virgil b. Day Junior senior division a him vice president of management prompts repeated from 9ndddc j jut Siaa odday Page ia-15 1c-6 Ian Abbie an slats amusements books of the week classified advertising business directory 1c-7-15 editorials ia-14 especially for women. 2a-3 5 the hot Corner ic-1 King Arthur s court2a-9 obituaries.jb-5 the outlet a-14 sports. .1c-1-5 owners or. And mrs. John Crane of 839 Hest 187th Street the internal Revenue service makes development and employee rein thursday and a Joan and the j sunday Stritto Nede 1a-7 no allowance for dogs a or for dog food. I continued on Page 4 continued on Page 4

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