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Chicago Farmers Wife Newspaper Archives Sep 1 1934, Page 1

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Chicago Farmers Wife (Newspaper) - September 1, 1934, Chicago, IllinoisL i september 19 34 volume Xxxvii number 9 a whither comes whiteness walking Quot a of Ort Lilg ran to meet me Ivi across a purple Hill for i awakened Early when everything was still. Her eyes were Blue ass ies and Cloud Gold was her hair her voice the songs of Many Birds she lifted in a prayer she was Garmen Ted in Light her Hose were cobweb lace lil e the Bloom of the wild Rose were the blushes of her face. Her feet were jewelled with Dew she danced away from me and threw a Flower fragrant Hiss so hauntingly. I am in love with morning. I shall arise before the Day that i May Greet her coming Ere she has danced away. A mrs. Walter Livesey. She carries on your hearts will be warmed As you read this letter from a member of the Farmers wife family dear Good cheer club of the Farmers wife before my sister died she told us that if she should not get Well again we should Send $.100 of her Money to the Good cheer dub to be used to care for some poor crippled child. Find enclosed a Check for $100. Hoping and trusting that this will be used for the Benefit of some unfortunate boy or girl 1 am yours truly a. /<., Ohio. The Good cheer club accepts the Trust a and will soon find a child for whom the gift will mean Rescue from a life of disfigurement or helplessness. Thus the bequest will carry on the kindness and Good will of the life that has passed into another life. Let us add that Small gifts to our fund for crippled children Are also needed. When they Are combined they too do great Good. In this Issue of the Farmer s wife we present the first of two articles on Rural Young people by or. Streeter Page 11. It deals with their present Day restlessness because of the general economic situation. They Are not rebellious in any sense but they do wonder what the future holds for them and sometimes they Are uneasy about the years ahead. The second article will Tell what Young people Are doing for themselves. You will be inspired to learn How resourceful they Are. The Farmers wife Tlle Magazine for farm women Webb publishing company St. Paul minn., a. H. Harmon and h. C. Klein publishers Dan a. Wallace directing editor f. W. Beckman managing editor. Field editors Bess a Rowe Grace Farrington Gray Orinne Johnson w. H. Kircher Miriam j. Williams Carroll p. Streeter Art editor Eleanor c. Lewisa word to youth Vit have every sympathy with the Young people of today who feel that the times have1 broken Down their plans to get More education to earn Money to enter upon careers in agriculture or other Fields of labor to get a reasonable measure of enjoyment out of life. They., deserve every Opportunity to develop their abilities a a to use them. But we do not believe that Fate has a special grudge against them. They Are suffer Fig to greater hardship than their elders. Very Likely youths problems weigh More heavily upon fathers and mothers than they do upon sons and daughters. Moreover father and Mother carry a double Load their own and their children s. Youth should not be unduly sorry for itself. There is nothing new in the situation that Young people of today face in their struggle to fit themselves for a suitable place in the world and to find that place. Every generation of boys and girls has faced a similar fight. Father and Mother will Tell you that Ike Good things of life do not come without struggle and on the whole it is Well that this is True. Struggle brings strength of mind and character As Long As it is not a struggle without Hope. Youth s struggle to make a place for itself is never without Hope because the world of tomorrow belongs to them and to nobody else. It just naturally happens that they must take Possession and nothing can prevent it. Our word to youth is that though there Are difficulties and discouragements in the Way there is no reason to lose Hope. Keep yourselves clean and fit physically mentally and morally maintain courage and Faith in yourselves and keep fighting for what you want. You la school problem Volar school District has a difficult problem on its hands unless it is a rare exception among school districts. It is a Money problem not enough Money to give you the kind of teaching and school equipment that you want for your children. The failure of taxation to provide the usual income for your schools is responsible for their plight. Always in the past there was a reasonable income from your local taxes and a Little state Aid to keep your school going in a reasonably efficient basis. If you needed to borrow Money for new buildings the districts credit was Good. But now there is Little Cash in the Treasury and Little Opportunity to borrow. The former commissioner of education for the United states Geo. F. Zook explained in part the causes of the trouble when he said Quot the real estate tax for decades the basis of All local taxation has All but broken Down. Many of the newer forms of taxes can be levied successfully Only by units no smaller than states. The Federal government has dipped into forms of taxation formerly reserved or largely reserved to the states As for example income taxes inheritance taxes and sales there is consequently no Way at hand for local districts to improve their income. This remedy is suggested by the commissioner Quot taxes collected on a state wide basis and distributed to local districts according to their needs must replace a considerable part of local taxation and Small school units must be replaced by larger More economical and More effective that presents the problem and a remedy in a nutshell. It will be the part of Wisdom for school patrons to weigh these things and give their influence toward securing a remedy in the state legislative sessions this coming the Farmer gets i when a City Dweller pays a Dollar for milk How much a a of that Dollar goes to the Farmer who produced it less than half of it. It that is the answer found of Wisconsin in a study of milk marketing Over a period of fourteen years in Twenty two cities in Wisconsin and other states. The figures show that in the past eleven years the Farmer got on the average about 47 cents of the consumer a Dollar and the distributor 53 cents. But in the past three years the Farmers share has been less than that he suffers More when milk prices fall than the dealer does. The Wisconsin study gives further evidence of the fact that there Are too Many dealers distributing. How May Farmers get a fairer share of what the consumer pays for milk Only through cooperation never by standing alone As individual Long time View to a letter from the Good Man of Quot Sunrise farm Quot we a find a bit of Homespun philosophy that we want to pass on to our readers because it May have something in it of value to them. Quot things have been a lot better with us Quot he writes Quot but within our own experience of forty some years of farming they have also been worse. The re is this difference Between this and other tight times never before has the government undertaken to do so Nany things for us banners. Maybe they wont All work but at any rate the government is trying. Quot but the thing that helps us most is to take a Long time View of farming not just a Short time present Day View a 1 we feel confident that in the Long run farming will con. Tine to offer As it always has the kind of work we want to do the life we want to live and a fair Opportunity to get a reasonable measure of satisfaction out of living. We Are perplexed at times we Are put to it to manage our. Farming More skilfully than Ever before but we Haven t lost Faith. Our Long time View keeps up our moguls see the Light Money talks. That old saying is again proving True in the results that have so far followed the National movement to quit patronizing motion picture shows until the movie Industry provides pictures that Are decent and in Good taste. Apparently the leaders of the Industry Are turning around in their tracks and a hot footing Quot it toward respectability As fast As they can. They easily withstood verbal onslaughts for Many years but financial onslaught is a something else it is too bad that the movie Industry cannot be controlled by men who give More weight to considerations of decency and Good taste than of merely making Money. But if it cannot then the fight for what is decent must be made by attacking the pocketbooks of the magnates the publishers do not accept advertisements without satisfactory proof of the reliability of the advertiser. We guarantee our subscribers against loss through actual fraud on the part of an advertiser provided the subscriber mentions the farm Era Swine when writing to the advertiser and complaint is made to us within 20 Days of occurrence of the facts constituting the complaint. But we do not guarantee against loss occasioned by honest insolvency or bankruptcy of an advertiser. Subscription prices five Cara for $l.00 2j cents per year extra in St. Paul $1.00 per year extra in Canada because of Tariff and postage 75 cents per year extra in All other foreign countries. When writing about change of address please give both old and new Post office addresses and sign your name As it appears Onad Dressly Bei. Published monthly. Copyright 1934, Webb pub. Co., member . Entered at the Post office at St. Paul Minnesota As second class matter under the act of March 3, 1879
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