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Chicago Farmers Wife Newspaper Archives May 1 1935, Page 1

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Chicago Farmers Wife (Newspaper) - May 1, 1935, Chicago, IllinoisVolume xxxvi11 number five Farmers wife Magazine win by publishing company st. Paul minn., a. H. Harmon and h. C. Klein publishers f. W. Beckman managing editor. Field editors Bess m. Rowe Orinne Johnson Grace Farrington Gray w. H. Kircher Miriam j. Williams Carroll p. Streeter Art editor Eleanor c. Lewis May 193 5 my Mother by Grace Noll Crowell there was a wholesome Beauty incr toil. I Well recall the dear old Home Sweet ways when she an ardent Lover of the soil moved with keen Delight among the Days. The Sun was up no earlier than she. She loved the Dawn the sparkling morning air she loved White Clouds she loved each blowing tree and All the Little things that took her care the Small and helpless things the fluffs of Gold that peeped about her feet and begged for food a sickly Lamb a Small pig wet and cold a Turkey Hen with its Young dabbled Brood and All her household with its Quick demands fruit to be gathered Cream to be skimmed and churned a thousand things awaiting her deft hands and yet How swiftly cheerily she turned these tasks off one by one and found the hours for neighbourliness and kindly sympathy for books and pictures and her Garden s Flowers for rest and gracious hospitality. I Hope somewhere in heaven she has found a few familiar earthy friends like these the wind and Sun a bit of fragrant ground things to be loved and Flowers perhaps and Trees. Look them Over before you read any farther please take a look at the names of the editors printed at the top of this Page. Many of you know them to be persons of distinction in their different Fields but others May not so let us repeat that they Are writers and specialists of consequence. They have rare training and experience for their work. To begin with each editor has a background of Rural life and each one understands it thoroughly. Each one has had special education for her or his kind of work. Each one has had Broad Contact with Rural folks Over a Good Many years some As Extension specialists and some in other work. Each one is an authority As to subject matter each one has a Fine sympathy for Rural life and so it is also True that each one has the highest respect and esteem of leaders in Rural life activities. These editors travel Many thousands of Miles each year to learn what Rural folks Are doing and what is Likely to interest them and be useful to them. Before Long we plan to Tell the Story of each one of your editors. You la like them and have increased Confidence in them As you learn More about fairest colors dressed Quot among Ike changing months May stands confessed the sweetest and in fairest colors of put to a vote of farm folks that sentiment of the a poet would be upheld by a Large majority. Of course every month has its special charms even the last month of waiting for Winter to go and the Promise of Spring to come a but May Marks the time in the year when there is More than Mere Promise in Garden Field and Forest. In May Quot the Golden line is drawn Between Winter and there is a substance to the Hopes that come with May this particular year that could not always be found in them in the years just gone by. Generally the Farmer s situation is much better. The Best evidence says that it will continue to grow better still. He can feel solid ground under his feet again. He is encouraged to plan and to work because there is increased Hope for Reward for his needless calamity if we were to Tell you that a great calamity had caused the death of 5,000 children and done injury to 60,000 More you would be shocked. If we told you further that these deaths and injuries were needless you would be horrified. Exactly those dreadful things did happen in the United states in 1934�?not in one catastrophe but in the needless death through the year of 5,000 children and the serious sickness of More than 60,000 other children due to the preventable disease of diphtheria. A terrible thing is diphtheria taking a terrible toll and yet we need not have it. Medical science has found the Way to prevent it by the easy and harmless method of immunization. This treatment works. Many cities and communities which have provided for general immunization of children have actually stamped out the disease and report not a single Case of it in 1934. You can make sure that your own children will not get diphtheria by arranging with your doctor to immunize them. But better still put it up to your Parent teacher association or to your club to get behind a Campaign to provide for the immunization of All the children in your Community. The month of May is a Good time to do it because it is child health month and throughout the United states similar campaigns will be under we stay out of War of Europe goes to War again will the United states 1 be Able to stay out of the struggle for the past dozen years or so that has been a theoretical question about which folks in general worried very Little. But it is More than theoretical just now. Recent events in Europe have Given it a fearful reality. Jealousies rivalries ambitions for Power Long time hatreds suspicions secret scheming loss of Faith have grown and have strained relations among the nations of Europe to a Point where some very simple unfriendly act might bring a break. And standing armies of More than three and a half million men Are waiting to move rapidly if such a break should come. Seventeen million More men Are ready to be mobilized quickly if need comes. Munitions plants everywhere Are working at feverish Speed to equip such fighting forces. Distinguished men who Are competent observers Are saying that War May come now or in a year or two or in five years but they seem agreed that War will come out of the present situation unless something unusual happens to prevent it. Germany s disclosure that it has been training armies and equipping them in spite of the Versailles treaty made the situation very serious. Generally Germany is blamed for breaking Faith Germany answers a what did you expect of us when we were surrounded by armed millions pointing their guns our Way Quot but of greater concern to us is the question of what we will be Able to do about it. I f War comes and we insist on Selling munitions transporting wheat and other food stuffs As Well As textiles and maintaining other Commerce on the seas even with Neutral nations we May find our selves again where we were in 1917, and pressure would be heavy to Force us into the War. If we Are to stay out of any War that May come in Europe then pressure against having any part in it must be exerted even now. We do not want War. Let us not be As europeans have been resigned to the theory that War is lungs and a loud voice Long years ago an old neighbor used co say Quot there a several Kincus of folks you d better be a bit s vicious about. One of pm is the Windy Man. He a the Feller with leather lungs and a loud voice who thinks that Hollerin makes right. Generally though he a got More noise than sense. Sometimes he a downright and that we contend is just As Good advice today As it was Bells out of tune mothers and daughters fathers and sons when they get crosswise then trouble comes that Jingle popped out after the editor had read a number of letters from mothers complaining about daughters and daughters complaining about mothers. Occasionally fathers and sons write in the same Way. Almost always the letters read about like this a daughter Mary grieves me deeply. She won t mind me she says horrid things to me she thinks she a smarter than i am and says so. She should be spanked but she s too old for that. What shall i do we re Drifting Quot Mother in t fair to me. She thinks that girls today ought to act like they did in her Day. She wants to Boss me As to where 1 go what i Wear what i do and so i done to have a very Happy time. I Don t enjoy my Home who is wrong and what s to be done about it both Are wrong no doubt but who was first in error not unlikely Mother was Way Back when daughter was a wee slip of a girl. Some Little thing was said or done that started them on ways apart. Mothers can do something about it by an intelligent study of the problem. They will find it helpful to get the experience of other mothers perhaps a meeting or two of their homemakers clubs might be devoted to the subject under Good leadership. Women a clubs have paid attention to everything else cooking sewing and the like Why should t they give time to the equally important questions of family relationships the publishers do not accept advertisements without satisfactory proof of the reliability of the advertiser. We guarantee our subscribers against loss through actual fraud on the part of an advertiser provided the subscriber mentions the Farmers wife when writing to the advertiser and complaint is made to us within 20 Days of occurrence of the facts constituting the complaint. But we do not guarantee against loss occasioned by honest insolvency or bankruptcy of an advertiser. Subscription prices five years for $1.00 25 cents per year extra in st. Paul $1.00 per year extra in Canada because of Tariff and postage 75 cents per year extra in All other foreign countries. When writing about change of address please give both old and new Post office addresses and sign your name As it appears on address Label. Published monthly. Copyright 1934, Webb pub. Co., member audit Bureau of circulation entered at the Post office at st. Paul Minnesota As second Dass matter under the act of March 3,1879
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