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Chicago Farmers Wife Newspaper Archives May 1 1918, Page 1

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Chicago Farmers Wife (Newspaper) - May 1, 1918, Chicago, IllinoisT. _ a t. A Bawab map a woman a farm journal volume Twenty number twelve St. Paul minn., May 19181a plea to canner when you cold pack fruits and vegetables follow the directions exactly. There is no other Way Grace Viall Gray my desk come each morning letters from our food conservationists who Are fighting behind the. Battle lines at Home saving the food for the country and the country s cause. Heretofore the letters that have come to me have been seeking Light and information on Quot How to can by this new method advocated by the government a a but now i am extremely sorry to say that the tune has changed and some women Are crying Quot the cold pack method is no Good my fruits and vegetables Are All spoiling. What shall i do Quot the doing part is past and gone but we can Lay by our experience just As the English have done for future use. We need not make the same mistakes this summer we made last summer. First of All let me assure you that the cold pack method is a sure Safe and efficient method. It is not the method that is wrong it is the teaching or the actual Canning that is wrong. If you have followed the instructions carefully then your products will keep until kingdom come. Let me quote from a letter i just received a there is great complaint Here from women who Are losing fruit and vegetables canned by the new process. What do you think about All of the government Bulle. Tins on Canning do you hear any com a plaints something must be wrong when so Many women Are losing their canned goods and they never or rarely lost a Jar with the old i could weep Over that letter. My pet child cold pack Canning is being blamed for things it never did what do i think of the government bulletins i think they Are wonderfully Clear beautifully concise and a very ready help in time of. Trouble. Do i hear complaints i hear them from san Francisco to new York. Quot something mu9t be wrong a yes certainly something must be wrong but it is pot the cold pack method. Being merely a housewife a student of Home economics in former Days perhaps you will have More Faith in me than if i were a government official pleading his own cause. I have no a to grind. During last summer when every one was Canning and talking Canning and every Lucy Mary and Jane in the country was teaching what they called a cold pack Canning a i predicted just what has happened spoiled products and blame for the cold pack method. You Are probably growing impatient and saying a Well if the method is All a right what a the matter with our finished products Quot. I shall try to discuss All the possibilities that cause failure when a method is suddenly made popular or becomes a fad. Is it not Odd when you think about it that altho cold pack Canning has been preached for years no government official was Ever assured a crowd until this year and formerly try As we might it was hard work to publish anything in the magazines about this new departure in Canning every one was afraid of it because it was new and different. Suddenly last Spring it burst thru All these Clouds of doubt and came into its own amid much clamor. You were an outcast if you were not Canning by the cold pack. Posters screamed at you Tell Jing you every Day at such a time you could hear lectures by mrs. Such and so on the cold pack method. No one had Ever heard of her before but that mattered Little. We All dropped our immediate work and rushed to hear this woman discourse on the cold pack. This is where i believe we made our biggest mistakes in teaching what is a scientific accurate procedure. Formerly almost no one demonstrated she thinks she has cold dipped it sufficiently she wonders just what time she started the canner no Bhe was not sure whether the water was boiling but she thinks it was then she forgets what time the product should come off the fire. Even if she Learned the method under an efficient teacher she still May have been careless in the Steps about which the demonstrator the wrong directions with dire result a is there not some Way to Stop this whole Sale teaching of a reliable method five years ago when thru the. Efforts off the Illinois federation of womb no a clubs a or. O. H. Benson came to Illinois i with a a few others heard for the first time gospel of cold pack Canning. We weres in school with him for a week. By qty it year since then we have canned with Grcar a Success. A you could not persuade us to to the old method of Canning. Kettle method and the three Day proc mini we Long ago discarded. We can Del pious soups asparagus Corn peas Beans Maui Ifil Flowers All the vegetables that were hard a to keep by the old methods we never i have a can spoil. We have Cut our labor. A our time and our table expenses in two amp a since we Learned cold pack. We Hanefe kept our products from year to year to see r if they would keep and we find products put up five years ago Are just As Good As the Day they went into the jars. The actual demonstrating of cold pack a Canning is easy. The difficult part is answering everyday problem which con nov in Ltd i it in front the housewife economics and Bac cd ii us a a a i qts Quot a j a a a due of a Jiju. I Riis Fey a a cars preserved. Fourteen year old Dorothy May Wood 13 a club member proud of her Canning trophies this method except the government officials who had worked out and studied most diligently All the Quot ins and outs of the method. This past summer new demonstrators sprang up Over night just like mushrooms. The morning paper blossomed Forth each Day with new speakers and new announcements. It was appalling it was distressing to those who realized what this sudden Avalanche upon the innocent Public of ill fitted poorly trained demonstrators would involve it was just As Tho the colleges had opened their Gates and poured Forth All their freshmen saying a you Are fully was particular. She must follow rules. When you Are teaching anyone you must assume that your Pupil is totally ignorant about the subject in hand. You must assume she has never canned before. You May amuse the older housewives by this simple directness but in every audience there is always a newcomer in household efficiency always a Bride or an equally ignorant person every step must be explained and reason Given for so doing repetition May be monotonous but it is necessary. This is what the inexperienced cold pack Demon sary to answer the tons that will Arisi ii women and method so entirely a. Our mothers and i their is much easier to teach tils new method to girls than to their mothers. It is very hard to make old House keep. Over and there is where we find one Ovid pfc obstacles. These experienced Hou Sefc Ampf Jers hear one lecture on cold pack Home and can using a Little of the Turere a information but Many of their ideas and then wonder Why their pro Dussol a do not look like the demonstrators another pitfall for enthusiastic Cann Ersnt a was their favorite magazines. There we asst Quot Quot a not a single woman a Magazine that dict a not print some information and give some a a a a a ideas and receipts about cold pack a Annii a of Jjo Cav it a mama Asmaa aha 4-�?~-v-. A the Beverly Camp Home demonstration club of Knox county Tennessee makes an All Day Outing of Canning Day equipped to go Forth and from coast to coast we were flooded with freshmen cold packers and behold the results complaints about the method the teaching was wrong and consequently the results Are poor. Cold pack Canning to be successful must be done carefully and by the clock. Woman s tendency when in the Kitchen is to do things by guess. She guesses the product has been blanched Long enough Strator does not realize and emphasize. Experienced demonstrators never hesitate to say Quot i done to know a when confronted with a personal experience question or problem beyond their experience. This summer i sat horrified to hear Young Well meaning women answer practical questions at random. They Quot bluffed in their Good american style and a got away with it but left a wrong impression with the questioner who went Home and followed last summer. Some magazines were tru d to the cold pack method and followed to accurate governor i it to ports others took Mon themselves to invent pack method All the a a a u. Their readers Havir. A in their favorite a did As they were to the Are now writing to r a a h the cold pack met wrong and All thei v. Is lost. Those of us what canned for years and the cold pack a Neth client had to Fig department stores Ever cans and Rubic a i were sold. Merchants took advantage of the Canning wave and brought Forth from their basements old rubbers defective Glass jars and Metal tops. Inventors took advantage of this sudden fad and flooded the Market with mechanisms claimed to lighten cold pack Canning whereas they injured it. The unsuspecting women eager to do their share lugged Home useless canners and poorly constructed can lifters and helped fill the pockets of these inventors. The husbands were indulgent and one smilingly told me a my wife a crazy about this Canning. Every can of peas she put up Cost her ninety another said a a a a a my wife was going to a Canning Bee with 11 defective Page
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